Guan Eng secretly supports Hudud, claims Nabi Bux


Independent candidate in Bukit Gelugor Mohamed Nabi Bux Mohd Nabi Sathar showing proof he is a PAS member at a campaign walkabout this morning at the Taman Tun Sardon market in Penang. — TRP pic by Azrol Ali

Source: The Rakyat Post

Bukit Gelugor by-election independent candidate Mohamed Nabi Bux Mohd Nabi Sathar said he is ready to face the music by PAS disciplinary board for defying orders for him not to contest in the parliamentary seat.

On Friday, PAS information chief Datuk Mahfuz Omar was reported as saying that Nabi Bux might face the music from the party’s disciplinary board if indeed he was a genuine PAS member as claimed.

“I’m ready to face the music — I have no fear as many PAS members are with me in my course to fight for hudud and in ensuring people know what hudud is all about.

“I’m not saying hudud should be implemented straight away in Penang, but by 2020. By then, I might not even be around to see it happen anyway,”he said after visiting the Taman Tun Sardon Market.

Asked whether he agreed that it was “suicidal risk” campaigning for the implementation of hudud in Penang, especially in Bukit Gelugor, a non-Malay dominated area, he shrugged it off and reiterated that he wanted to ensure people understood the beauty of hudud.

On whether he would support his opponent, Ramkarpal Singh Deo of DAP, as urged by Mahfuz, Nabi Bux said it did not make sense for him to support his rival. Continue reading

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PKR, DAP the Biggest Election Cheat!

PKR-nibongtebalSource: Just Read!

Recently, about 500 Pakatan Rakyat supporters staged a peaceful protest at Dataran Merdeka in remembrance of last year’s general election which saw the opposition failed to wrest Putrajaya.

Opposition leaders including DAP national adviser Lim Kit Siang and national organising secretary Anthony Loke, as well as their ‘fallen heroes’ such as Bentong candidate Wong Tack and Semenyih hopeful S. Arutchelvan were among the speakers at the event.

They accused BN of cheating votes… again and again. They will ride on it until the next general election – three or four years from now – without assessing and admitting their own dirty game.

DAP and PKR are the biggest cheat. Compared to Umno, MCA and any other BN components, DAP and PKR (and also PAS) did not only fail to conduct their own party election in a fairly manner but also cheated their members of so many issues.

Umno and MCA never had major problems in party poll but for PKR and DAP, vote rigging is a big game.

Lim Kit Siang had forgotten how the DAP poll last year was marred with ‘cheats and lies’ and it took the ROS to nullify it before a fresh election was held. Even that, there are still complaints that the second polling was also a cheat. Continue reading

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Hudud: Don’t just talk, prove it, MCA dares DAP

chai-kim-sen-500x320Source: The Malaysian Times

If DAP is sincere in opposing the hudud law, the party should immediately deliver a protest memorandum to PAS to urge them to drop their attempts at implementing the controversial law, said MCA publicity bureau chief Datuk Chai Kim Sen.

Chai asked: “Will DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng formally inform PAS that DAP is firmly opposed towards their hudud law?

“Will PAS then also give up their insistence in implementing hudud law in order to respect DAP and the non-Muslims?”

“So far, we have only seen DAP claiming that they will fight against hudud law in the media.

“This seems to be nothing more than a political tactic, with no real action being taken, or discussion being held in the issue.

“If Lim was really sincere in his claim of being opposed to hudud, then why did PAS Central Committee member Nasrudin Hassan say that PAS has not received any official complaint from DAP over this issue? Is DAP really against hudud?” asked Chai.

Besides that, Chai noted that PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang had also said that there was no agreement in Pakatan which prevented them from implementing hudud law. Continue reading

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PKR man will not back off on RM2 million suit against PAS president

mole-Shamsul-Mat-Amin-Hadi-AwangSource: The Mole

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) candidate for the Bukit Besi state seat Mohd Shamsul Mat Amin said he will pursue his defamation suit against Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

Speaking to The Mole on Tuesday, Mohd Shamsul said: “I will not budge from my decision on this lawsuit.”

“As I have spoken many times before, this is done to uphold my credibility as well as to clear my name and family’s reputation,” he said.

On Monday, Sinar Harian reported the High Court set May 18 for case management on Abdul Hadi’s application to set aside the default judgment against him.

Commenting on this, Mohd Shamsul said: “I do not mind. The defendant has the legal right to do so.”

He also added that judging from Abdul Hadi’s response on this issue, it is clear that both parties are willing to proceed with the court case.

“I just wish people as well as party leadership understand that this case has nothing to do with PKR or Pas.”

“This is my personal decision alone and I do not intend to gain any political mileage out of this,” he said. Continue reading

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Anwar Should Read This!

anwar-RMSource: Just Read!

No citizen in this nation has ever been ruthlessly attacking the government locally and also internationally – except Anwar Ibrahim. While the government is trying its best to solve the mystery of MH370, Anwar Ibrahim has launched an international onslaught on Malaysia’s prestige and repute in disgraceful ways.

Unashamedly, Anwar is persistently using international media to hurl baseless criticisms at the leaders about the manner in which they are executing the search and rescue (SAR) operations and taking advantage of the media exposure to criticise governance issues with the obvious intention of riding on the MH370 wave to gain political mileage whilst discrediting the government for all and sundry to see.

Concerned Malaysians have expressed outrage at the way in which Anwar is stooping to a new low in his below the belt attacks. He is sickly when behind bars but when free; he has superman energy to execute his agenda to spread his venom and hatred for purposes of destroying this country, which our government is diligently trying to develop for all.

It is common knowledge that the Pakatan Rakyat propaganda of hatred has had a negative influence on the outlook of many Malaysians. At such a time, we must question why Anwar is on this hate campaign. Instead of slamming and cursing the government, Malaysians must realise how Anwar is disgracing the country in the statements he makes in interviews with international television and print media.

Few would realize that even as the government is stepping up efforts to find MH370, Anwar is intensifying his Hate Malaysia campaign because no leader has ever spoken to as many international media in such a negative fashion and at such a high intensity.

Here are snippets of what he has been doing traipsing and globetrotting for his hidden agenda. Before you start cursing the government to defend Anwar, watch every single broadcast as I have done. Think – why did Anwar speak to international media and not local media? Continue reading

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Fire and Steel in Anwar’s Ambition and Desperation


The Trio – Anwar, Wan Azizah and Mohd Azmin

Source: The Scribe – A. Kadir Jasin

What is happening in the People’s Justice Party (PKR) today reminds me of the song “Torn Between Two Lovers” above and the 1979 TV movie of the same name that it inspired.

The party’s Ketua Umum (General Leader), (Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim is torn between his loyal wife, (Datin Seri) Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, and his loyal aide, Mohd Azmin Ali.

Like Diane (Lee Remick), the woman in the movie, who was torn between her husband and her lover, Anwar is torn between Dr Wan Azizah and Mohd Azmin.

But whereas Diane’ s love of the two men was a private affair, Anwar’s torment is public and political.

Dr Wan Azizah is the PKR President and Mohd Azmin is her deputy. But events in the party has locked the three of them in what The Star newspaper dubbed “a game of throne” – after the TV series of the same title based on the work of US writer George R.R. Martin.

In this developing drama, Anwar is torn between the two of them. The antagonist in the drama is the Menteri Besar of Selangor, (Tan Sri) Abdul Khalid Ibrahim. He is Mohd Azmin’s mortal enemy, but somebody Anwar could not conveniently get rid off.

So, to avoid Mohd Azmin challenging Dr Wan Azizah in the upcoming PKR election, he has to challenge his wife and, hopefully, win the post. Continue reading

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MH370: ‘Pro-Pakatan netizens have disgraced the nation’

Source: FMT News

A BN lawmaker rebukes online pro-opposition groups for mocking the nation over the MH370 tragedy.

fb-twitterBarisan Nasional’s Simpang Renggam MP Liang Teck Meng today said online pro-Pakatan Rakyat groups have disgraced Malaysia by circulating photos and comments that made people view the government in a negative light over the MH370 tragedy.

He said some pro-Pakatan groups on Facebook, such as one called “We Fully Support PKR DAP”, have purposely quoted angry statements by media from China and well-known Chinese actors, and twisted it to attack the government.

In one example, he said, an image showed Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak at the MH370 press conference venue, with the caption: “China families shouted: Malaysia government is lying, BN is murderer!”.

The image also carries a cross-line “putting all Malaysians in disgrace”.

Another image dared Najib to use the Sedition Act against Chinese media which ran critical reports of Malaysia’s search and rescue operations. The third one challenged Najib to repeat the sentence: “Apa lagi Cina Mau ? (What more does the Chinese want)”.

Liang said he is disappointed that Pakatan supporters have resorted to use dirty tactic to “criticise, humiliate and disgrace the nation” when it is faced with a major crisis.

“It’s time to look at humility aspect rather than playing politics.

“Pakatan leaders should advise their online supporters to stop insulting and bashing Malaysia,” he said.

He said some of these netizens have distorted the Chinese media statements in their images.

“Malaysians should be rational rather than adding fuel to the tragedy,” he said.

According to media reports, angry families of the Chinese passengers who boarded the plane that went missing on March 8 have called the Malaysian government, military and Malaysia Airlines as “executioners” and “murderers”.

They staged a protest outside the Malaysian embassy in Beijing a day after Najib announced that MH370 has crashed into the southern Indian Ocean.

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Where is ‘Kajang move’ heading without Anwar?

THE_KAJANG_MOVE_050214_TMINAJJUA_03_540_360_100-540x320Source: The Malaysian Times

The Kajang state assembly seat was vacated to pave way for the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) defacto head Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to become the next Selangor Menteri Besar.

Thus the “Kajang Move” strategy was launched to boost Anwar’s political career but on March 7, Anwar was stopped on his tracks when the Court of Appeal found him guilty of sodomy and handed him a five year jail sentence.

The law barred Anwar from contesting and PKR conveniently found a replacement, his wife Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail who is now locked in a straight fight with Barisan Nasional’s (BN) Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun on the March 23 by-election. Dr Wan Azizah is also the PKR president.

With the campaign going on full swing, the Kajang constituents and political observers have started voicing their sceptism over the ‘Kajang Move’, as it was very much of Anwar’s personal crusade and everything else secondary.

A constituent who went by the name of Wong, 52, described the ‘Kajang Move’ could prove to be counterproductive to PKR with many seeing Dr Wan Azizah continuing her husband’s personal agenda and not the people’s agenda. Continue reading

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