Khalid says Azmin can ‘FO’

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The rift between Khalid Ibrahim and Azmin Ali widens as both traded barbs over Selangor and PKR leadership, latest when the mentri besar said that the PKR deputy president lacks the ‘kind of leadership values’ to lead.

A few weeks ago, Azmin lamented Khalid by saying the MB is a ‘lousy politician‘ for not having the quality as a leader.

Azmin Ali has yet to show the kind of leadership skills needed to lead PKR in the event Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim leaves politics, according to Selangor Mentri BesarTan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

Khalid, whose bitter rivalry with the PKR deputy president is well known, said that a “true leader” must have integrity and command a high level of trust among party members. When asked whether Azmin had these qualities and the ability to lead the party, Khalid replied with a curt “not yet.”

“All leaders need to be more than what they are now… if you get to that level then people will look upon you as a leader to follow,” he told The Malay Mail Online in an exclusive interview.

Khalid said PKR should instead develop a proper succession plan for a future beyond Anwar, adding that the party has younger, capable candidates who could be groomed to take over the top leadership.

“We should develop a succession plan for our party to be in the forefront of the Malaysian political arena.

“PKR has the quality and quantity, we have not dried up on younger leadership,” Khalid added, naming PKR vice president Nurul Izzah Anwar, party strategist Rafizi Ramli and Machang Bubuk state assemblyman Lee Khai Loon as potential leaders.
PKR has to train its leaders to be guided by principle, he said.

“We are a reform party. We have to make sure our strategy and commitment will not be questioned.”

The bickering is worrying Anwar Ibrahim who will contest in Kajang by-election on March 23 as it will have some negative impacts on his chances to win.

Although many felt Pakatan Rakyat is the favorite, Anwar has persuaded both of them to bury the hatchet and work together for the sake of the party.

However, it looks like Khalid and Azmin will never shake hands!

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Selangor – The Gold Mine

So much about DAP talking about ketuanan Melayu. Here we have non other than Lim Guan Eng himself  “kow towing” to his boss aka Captain Belakang Kira.

Anwar is best remembered as the Education Minister who suppressed Chinese education and triggered the Operasi Lalang in 1987.

Hopefully the Chinese would not have short memory. Anwar is just power crazy and wants to forcibly oust the Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim who has done fairly well.

His agenda is not to save Selangor. What is there to safeguard Selangor when Khalid has been doing a remarkable job.

Being the richest state in the country, Anwar is setting his eyes on the gold mine. And what do people do with a gold mine. They dig for gold.




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Tony Pua let his guard down in crusade against Najib’s 1MDB?

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COMMENT: Is DAP’s PJ Utara MP Tony Pua running out of steam or ideas on national issues?

For two days in a row, Pua has been harping on the “controversial” management of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s multi-billion ringgit 1MDB.

It’s clear, from Pua’s two postings in Malaysia Chronicle, his comments were only based on media reports, specifically TheEdge Financial Daily.

Most of the details “exposed” by the media are not secrets if one cares to study in detail 1MDB’s annual reports.

However, to insinuate corruption and hanky-panky in 1MDB is another matter altogether.

Pua, in his apparent haste for political fame, is treading on dangerous ground and putting his reputation and career at risk. For his sake, Pua had better be prepared with evidence to support his insinuations of corrupt practice by Najib and 1MDB.

Malaysia Chronicle, on Feb 19, posted Pua’s article titled “1MDB NAJIB’S WATERLOO? Sudden shock resignation of external auditors triggers alarm bells”.

Pua wrote that his checks with the Companies Commission of Malaysia showed that as of Feb 19, 1MDB had yet to file its accounts for the financial year ended March 2013. The last available accounts were dated March 31,2012.

“It is both shocking and suspicious that a multi-billion ringgit entity 100% owned by the Ministry of Finance has failed to produce its audited financial statements after nearly a year,” he said. Continue reading

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Anwar’s Mistakes Led to Ops Lalang

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Anwar Ibrahim yesterday denied his involvement in Operasi Lalang 1987 by blaming his boss at that time Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the person responsible for issuing directive to the police to haul up the protesters.

However, the former prime minister today took a jibe at his former deputy by saying Anwar also played a key role in the operation.

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (pic) said today that Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim also played a key role in Operasi Lalang of 1987.

The operation witnessed the Internal Security Act being invoked to detain 108 political leaders and activists without trial.  Anwar was the deputy prime minister then.

Denying Anwar’s allegation that he (Dr Mahathir) was fully responsible for Operasi Lalang, Dr Mahathir said: “As a member of the cabinet, he (Anwar) should also take responsibility. Unless he had said, ‘I’m resigning from the cabinet because I don’t agree.’

“He never said such things. He agreed, supported everything including the ISA.”

Dr Mahathir also described the opposition leader as a master of deception and not a ideal thinker and that his party (PKR) was a party on “Anwarism”, set up solely to fulfill his (Anwar’s) ambitions.

The former prime minister said Anwar had also portrayed himself as a human who could not do wrong or sin in his path towards his personal interest and political career. Continue reading

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Stop the Lies

tnb wDAP fanboy and anti-BN blogger Anil Netto makes a few simplistic comments on the recent electricity tariffs in his blog recently. (read it here…)

As usual, these bias political bloggers disguised as neutral commentators make it a point to write as much falsities as possible to make their point.

Let’s get things straight. All consumers using less than 300 kWh are not affected by the new tariff rates. Especially those in the lifeline band category – that is, domestic consumers who consume 1 – 200 kWh per month – who enjoy a rate of 21.8sen/kWh. A rate which has not been raised since 1997. This covers about 3.25 million users. For those who use below 91kWh a month (i.e. if their monthly electricity bill is below RM20), electricity is free. They don’t have to pay a sen.

Anil uses an example of where those whose electricity bills come to more than RM 200 will see an increase of 17% instead of the announced 14.9%. First of all, the 14.9% is an average calculation. There are many bands when it comes to electricity usage and calculations.

With the tariff review, the bands have been reduced from 9 to 5 bands.

The new revised tariff also gives consumers the opportunity to determine/decide their consumption rate and how much they pay by adopting energy efficiency and energy conservation measures.

Many question the need for the tariff revision. We must understand that it was not an option. With rising global fuel costs (fuel makes up 82% of the tariff), is was no longer sustainable for the government to continue subsidising these increasing fuel prices.

In the same blog piece, Anil states that we are paying the price for all years of huge profits for the IPPs under lopsided concession agreements – which were at the expense of TNB. Continue reading

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MB at All Cost


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Too Early to Ask for Kajang’s Gratitude

Anwar-Ibrahim-KajangSource: Free Malaysia Today

Voters need a rep who works for them, whether or not he is a world class leader

I’m currently unrepresented in the Selangor state assembly, thanks to Lee Chin Cheh, who has given up his seat in the hope that voters will allow his party boss to occupy it.

I must confess to being a little thrilled by the thought that my decision at the Kajang ballot box might make a difference to Anwar Ibrahim’s political future.

I haven’t decided whom to give my “X” to. And PKR deputy president Azmin Ali had better think again if he thought he could win me over with his call for “gratitude” from Kajang folk because a “world class leader” had decided to represent them.

I’m not at all bothered whether the candidate is world class or not, as long as his intention in seeking election in Kajang is tied strongly to his concern for my interests as a citizen.

If he can convince me of that, then I’ll be willing to disregard allegations that he is using me and my neighbours as a springboard to the Menteri Besar’s office from where, it seems, he will be in the proper position to resolve his party’s internal problems.

There’s yet another reason why I find Azmin’s plea offensive. The call for gratitude is too reminiscent of Barisan Nasional’s condescending attitude. We are all tired of hearing BN leaders tell us to be grateful to them for doing what they are paid to do, and we don’t want to hear the same from other parties seeking our support.

Excuse me, Azmin, there are 38,965 voters in Kajang and not all of them are thumb-sucking toddlers in awe of Anwar just because you say he belongs “not just to Kajang or Selangor or even Malaysia, but to the world”. Continue reading

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