Desperate Pakatan Unleashes Cybertroopers To Attack TMJ

TMJ has a right to express his personal opinion about Tun Mahathir.

His highness’ view of Mahathir is similar to the view of his father, the Sultan of Johor.

However, supporters of Pakatan and Mahathir will not be happy and claim that the palace should not be interfering in politics.

But when TMJ had reprimanded certain UMNO leaders in the past, these same Pakatan supporters would applaud him and will say he is not interfering in politics and has a right to voice his personal opinion.

Right now, Pakatan is reeling from TMJ’s frank personal opinion and it will certainly affect Pakatan negatively.

The only possible option that Pakatan supporters and their machinery can do is to mobilize them to leave negative comments on TMJ’s post – hoping to use their own comments as an excuse that TMJ’s views are not acceptable.

Those who would be the hardcore supporters of Pakatan and Mahathir and does not reflect the general public – especially in Johor where many have benefited from the rapid development in that state and holds a high regard for the Johor royalty.

On TMJ’s post, there are already 18,000 shares and 25,000 likes – compared to about 12,000 comments.

Many of these comments would also come from other states or from the urban strongholds of Pakatan too – thus will have little effect and tells little about the actual sentiments in Johor over TMJ’s comments.

MalaysiaKini’s BM article which republished TMJ’s statement in full had also received 15,000 shares too.

People normally share articles if they agree with that view – thus the high number of shares in less than a day will be worrying for Pakatan.

So, the best that Pakatan can do in reply to TMJ’s opinion is to put up a brave front and point to some negative comments.

Unfortunately for Pakatan, as the Sarawak elections in 2016 as well as the twin by-elections showed, social media comments from Pakatan is not a good indicator of who will win the elections.


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Always A Racist!

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Tengku Mahkota Johor Speaks Up!

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Just my personal opinion Johorean

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you. I would like to take this opportunity to send a message and express my views to the beloved people of Johor. I’m giving my advice and sharing my views not as a politician, but rather a message from my heart as a young prince serving his people. My loyalty is to my Sultan, the state of Johor and to my fellow Johorean. HM The Sultan of Johor and I have shared our views and initiatives for what is best for the state of Johor in the future. All aspects have been taken into consideration which not only covers the governance of Johor, but also the blueprint to make Johor an economic powerhouse in this country. Along with this, we’ve also addressed issues to tackle extremism as well as upgrading the educational system and healthcare.

With the political senario that is currently happening in our country, regardless whether or not it’s the ruling government or the opposition, the people must be smart in evaluating what is best for our state and country. Currently, the people are only hearing what the politicians are saying through their speeches or reading articles circulating on social media. The ones who know the real situation is HM The Sultan of Johor and myself. We know their secrets and agendas. Everyone is well aware that when a politician wants something, they will make sweet promises. I am not a politician but I too have my own agenda, and my agenda is to ensure the sovereignty and the welfare of the state of Johor.

Everyone knows that UMNO was formed in Johor. In a Johor’s state palace to be exact. I know the people are discouraged by the leadership of the country and I understand. In my view, UMNO needs to have more assets than liabilities. It means UMNO needs to revamp the way it governs, change the way it thinks and it’s policy. One important factor in my opinion is the current party’s hierarchy system. We need more assets in the form of young talents who are ready to serve the country and share their knowledge and replace the old guards with those who have these potential.

I will never forget those who damaged UMNO. The forerunner who gave birth to cronyism, those who gave birth to corruption and proxies, those who wanted to strip away the power of the royal institution and those who attempted to disband our beloved Johor Military Force (JMF). Do not question the sovereignty of Johor. We have been established since 1885. In the early days of the formation of Malaysia, the central government learnt protocols, adopted the structure of governance as well as the constitution from us. We were the first state to have our very own constitution and has been a model to other countries. We should not blame the whole organisation or party because of one problematic individual.

I won’t forget the year 1992. Back then I was a small and naughty kid in school. My teachers will say, “Do not play a fool, you are royalty, if I were to report you to Mahathir, you are done for “. Same goes for the story of Private Adam, where my late grandfather, Almarhum Sultan Iskandar was not given a chance to defend himself. Back then we did not have the luxury of the internet and all media were controled by the government.

The media reported that Private Adam apparently “ran amok” when he got news that his brother was murdered by the Sultan of Johor. Private Adam did not have a brother and only a sister who perished in a fire at home when she was 2. Last year I met an individual from Kedah who told me that he met with Private Adam who told him how he was forced for 10 straight days in a dark cell by policeman and confess that the Sultan of Johor had killed his brother. This is how low the highest government’s leadership then is willing to go to have absolute power in this nation. Continue reading

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