Bent on only One God and only theirs rule supreme

One can’t help it but to feel that PAS is adamant in pushing through its Islamic principles or faith in its administration, whether or not the non-Muslims like it.

While one can argue that the Hudud laws, if implemented will not be applied to non-Muslims, how are we going to be so sure that policies or regulations cannot change to suit the Taliban style rule of the Islamist party.

Once PAS comes to power, of course with the help of its coalition cronies, being DAP and PKR, they would helm the ship and steer the course according to its whims and fancies.

Already there are signs that the Pakatan coalition is heading nowhere in coming up with a consensus with regards to the Hudud laws. The DAP could cry until the cows come back but will PAS listen to them.

DAP has also been brushed aside by its big brother in the coalition. Either you accept our way or you can say “bye bye” to the coalition. That is in the words of PAS leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat who was quoted as saying that the DAP could bid “bye bye” and leave the coalition if it disagreed with PAS’ stand.

If one were to observe, there are already “indicators” of such Islamic principles being forced upon non-Muslims, even before Putrajaya is anywhere near in sight for Pakatan Rakyat.

To those who have a rather short memory, please allow me to conjure up some of the things that they have done.

PAS has banned rock concerts, the big sweep lottery, the selling of beer in Kelantan and has restricted women swimming alongside with men.

Women in Kelantan have also been told not to wear sexy outfits, lipstick or high heels, and just last year men have also been told to cover up.

In September last year, the traditional “Tomoi” boxers have been ordered to ditch their skimpy shorts and good-luck talismans.

The boxers are now required to wear trunks that reach below the knees, and must not carry any talismans, despite the good-luck charms’ popularity.

“Tomoi” boxing is a form of unarmed martial art similar to the popular “Muay Thai” boxing in Thailand.

AFP quoted Kelantan exco in charge of sports Abdul Fattah Mahmood as saying: “We want them to follow Islamic rules. We want to promote good values and Islam will be used as the basis for these guidelines.”

He says the women audience at such boxing matches may feel embarrassed.

To put it bluntly, why not ban women from watching such match altogether?

These curbs on the freedom of the people may well be the tip of the iceberg of many other ideologies or restrictions that will be imposed on non-Muslims as well.

It will not be surprising that Hudud, which PAS said is only applicable to Muslims, will be extended to other races eventually.

Let us wait and see if they will turn back the clock and bulldoze their ideals on others when they are in control of the ship and made the Captain.

Will we see the end days of justification, consensus and tolerance and more restrictions imposed on us?

Time will only tell.

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