About Us


This portal, www.stopthelies.com is dedicated to exposing the lies, half truths and spins to Malaysians by the mainstream media and the alternative media. This is put together by Malaysians who have enough of the slant put up by the media.

If the mainstream is pro-Barisan Nasional, we are equally sick and tired of alternative media like Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider and the Malaysian Chronicle.

Not a day passes by without bickering from both sides of the political divide. Although there should be check and balances, overdoing it is one thing but spinning stories out of context and deviating from its true meaning is an outrageous derailment to journalism ethics.

We all know that the majority of newspapers are owned by Barisan  Nasional component parties. Not many however are aware that Malaysiakini started off with funds from George Soros – the man who tried to destroy the Malaysian economy.  The slant of Malaysiakini is well known. We will also expose that Malaysian Chronicle is run by supporters of PKR vice-president Tian Chua.

We want to provide Malaysians with real balanced news. We will expose the wrongs of both sides. Malaysians can judge whether we are telling the truth and credible. We know that in the run up to the general election, there will be many issues and so-called scandals. Malaysians cannot differentiate who is telling the truth anymore. They do not know who and what to believe.

This website makes no apologies if the contents are regarded as offensive and crude, at times. This is simply because we are sick and tired of the crap that has been pushed down the people’s throats. We are sick of politicians from Barisan Nasional and the Pakatan Rakyat who tried to pass themselves off as righteous, principled and honest people when many are not.

No one contributing to this portal is paid. If the video and contents are seemed amateurish, that is simply because we cannot afford to pay anyone for professional production job. We have no godfathers from Putrajaya and New York to pay us. We do not know the Prime Minister or Jewish lobbyists in Wall Street.

But we are serving advance notices to politicians, power brokers and media heroes – that they can expect to be exposed. Their money trail will be exposed. We welcome leads and tips from all sides. We will carry news items from both sides if we think it is the truth. We will provide the links for you to judge.

Another thing, there is too much politicking by politicians. Stop the bickering in the newspapers or even in the news portal and get back to serious work.

The rakyat expects them to serve them – but not in lip service only. Ensure the drains are not clogged, the rubbish is collected on time, they street lights are lit up to deter crime, there are no profiteering by traders, etc etc.

To the politicians who bungle up or failed to live up to their pledges – we will be there to expose your lies and empty promises.