Penang MCA Youth Chief quits – Ong Tee Keat at work?

Eng Hiap Boon & Ong Tee Keat

The Penang MCA Youth chief Eng Hiap Boon has announced his decision to quit the party but we all know he is a strong ally of former MCA president Ong Tee Keat.

He is merely a pawn used by Tee Keat, the madcap, temperamental and unpredictable politician.

Tee Keat is applying pressure on Chua Soi Lek because he wants to retain his Pandan parliamentary seat at all cost.

The talk is that there is still no commitment from Chua who has the right to make recommendations to Najib Tun Razak, as the Barisan Nasional chairman.

Ultimately, Najib has the final say.

There has been no announcement with regards to candidacy, so the premature action by Eng Hiap Boon, an obnoxious insurance salesman– and by extension the action of Tee Keat – is out of sync.

Tee Keat has also acted rashly by joining the Angkatan Amanah Merdeka comprising has-been politicians like Tengku Razaleigh and Kadir Sheikh Fadzir.

This group of has-beens, who does not seem to understand when to quit, is attempting to project itself as “a third force” in an attempt to hold on to their seats or try to gets seats.

They want to exert pressure on the PM and their respective party bosses.

Failing to do so, they will try to make a pact with  Pakatan Rakyat.

DAP’s Teresa Kok naively walked into a meeting with Tee Keat, which the latter conveniently “leaked”  to the Chinese media claiming he was being wooed by Pakatan.

In reality, he was sending a subtle message to the BN. The fact is that this desperado would do anything including sleeping with the enemies of the BN to hold on to his seat.

The point is that there are rules and ethics to follow. Tee Keat was handed the MCA presidency on a silver platter but he screwed it up.

His predecessors – Ong Ka Ting and Chan Kong Choy – endorsed him but he ended up screwing them.  That’s Tee Keat for you.

He has literally antagonized everyone in the MCA and split the MCA until Chua Soi Lek was voted as president.

Chua has put the party together again.

Does Eng Hiap Boon’s resignation make any difference?

It would not make the MCA look good but for sure he makes no difference.

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72 Responses to Penang MCA Youth Chief quits – Ong Tee Keat at work?

  1. Shirly says:

    MCA has no guts to fight for the Chinese rights. IN 54 years UMNO has done alot for themselves – the creation of bumiputras (no such thing under the Federal Constitution)with all the rights given to the bumis under NEP such as APs , 100% of GLC CEOs are bumis, 90% of senior govt officials, army and police are bumis, and 30% of Chinese owned biz shares must be given to bumis before listing, you can name it the bumis want it! MCA can never fight to stop all these. MCA are happy with 4 junior minister posts with Minister of Transport not fully in-charge of transportation. Chinese independent schools have to fun themeselves day in day out. Chinese primary schools have more than 60 students a class. Chinese contributed to at least 70% of tax revenue but enjoy little of the national allocations. Chinese are so used to it by now,don’t count on our votes in this GE. Don’t threaten us that MCA will withdraw from the govt if it perform worst than the last GE!

    • Aidil Yunus says:

      Shirly please ask yourself why 90% (according to you as I am not sure where you pluck your statistic from) Senior Government Servants are Bumi? Why don’t you get JPA stat on how many Chinese applied to work for government, the police and the army? Then you can form your own conclusion better still if you can get statistic from twenty years ago. I hope you are not one of those cybertroopers with similar case like Theresa who purposely concealed the fact she was with KTAR so that it can support her claim that MCA has done nothing for Chinese community.
      As for GLCs let’s start seeing the other side of non GLCs. If DAP is all about equality why not study the trend of employment of non glc and let see why only certain races are employed? Then let’s talk about meritrocacy shall we. Wow do you monitor this portal on 24hours around the clock at your center??

      • Aidil Yunus says:

        MCA supporters here please do a favor by listing ten best MCA’s initiatives according to you. So that all these claims by DAP goons that MCA done nothing for the betterment of the Chinese community is actually a malicious intent by DAP. It is scary that you yet to rule you already denying contribution from your opponent. I can understand if you are being critical but denying all together is an act of no decency

        • Anonymous says:

          why should we thank MCA for the TAR college, the very existence of TAR college is a result of mca failure to ensure fair and equitable education oppourtunities for all malaysian regardless race, they kept an eerie silence on umno excesses and abuses, in the process their leaders and the well connected were rewarded with positions and sub -contract. in simple term they betray the community that they claimed to respresent for self benefit.

          • Aidil Yunus says:

            Don’t make allegations without solid facts. Is that what the troopers are tought at troopers camp?? If you can give me five valid points to support what you say anon than it will be better. So please state the valid points based on facts and figures ya.

          • Aidil Yunus says:

            By the way pantauan is really around the clock ha? I was testing to see how fast you guys responded… Wow two minutes that is fast!!

      • KL Tan of Pg. says:

        Adil Yunus you are an UMNO/BN dog .? Allalah shall punish you for your sins ……… dog.

      • Anonymous says:

        A malay like you should comment on Umno’s ills.

      • 小米 says:

        Aiyah! Statistics got tell or not the high number of non-bumis kena reject when apply for civil servant jobs?

    • Sara says:

      Ur a Damn liar shirely! Govt hve been giving in to the of the chinese at the expense of smk school! What more you want! Y not u just migrate kor china n see wethear you get you want… Learn to appreciate n dont be anrrogrant ! Dont u dnare threaten the govt with ur vote! Remember the chinese ism only 29 percent in malaysia

  2. Wait a second says:

    Good Riddance! MCA is bigger than these fellas

    • Anonymous says:

      It is good for them to realise the rot in MCA….better late than never.
      However, the wanita MCA still ironically whole heartedly support the ‘morally corrupt’ MCA!!! What a 1Funny Malaysia scenario. So MCA youth, now is the time to pool resources to fight umNO in order to gain a Better Malaysia for all Malaysians.

      • Funny that you would want to mention Wanita MCA. Means that your momma is also one of those “Malaysia for all Malaysians” papa and son party. Or you’re of the Teo Nie Ching gender. Know where I’m coming from?

      • along says:

        yes….ABU ..anybody but UMNgok

      • Jaw says:

        It is better late than never for OTK to pick up his marbles and run for a viable playground to play his marbles ( “guli ” , in Malay jargon). If he stays too long dithering and wavering, he will miss the train and will have to take a bullock -cart for his political journey.Time is running out; and there is no time to waste.Can he bring the same guts as he had when he prised open the PKFZ Pandora box with an Auditors’ Report and let the worms crawl out?

        The time is now, Ong Tee Keat! The Bell tolls for those who hesitate, wait and survey the scene. No time to waste sight-seeing! Is Amanah ( Trust ) the right playground to play his “guli” ? Sadly, with due respect to Ku LI, who has the right credentials undoubtedly to be PM , you cannot play guli with him, because there is no groundswell of support at the moment.Will Kuli create a tsunami that will shake up UMNO ?You don’t hear tremours and earthquakes to make you shiver and wet your pants! What about KITA ( US ) ? No horse hooves!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why now ? The ship was sunk years ago, even the rats would have swam to safety. MCA is history now, and will probably not recover in the foreseeable future. So what now for those who have just quit? For now – just prepare to cast your votes for the parties that willl take us to the future.

    I simply cannot wait for the next GE if anything to see MCA trounced into submission like Gerakan was whacked silly in Penang in GE12. I dare them to put candidates in Chinese majority constituencies and show the people how much MCA means to the Chinese. They will lose their deposits and retire quietly in some brothel to lick their wounds. Shameful that some were made backdoor ministers which shows that they are now next to nothing as a political party.

    • @shirly

      It is not a threat nor a demand that they withdraw from the Govt. If they do not have the support of the Chinese what purpose would they serve in the Govt?

      @Anonymous 2.55pm

      “I simply cannot wait for the next GE if anything to see MCA trounced into submission like Gerakan was whacked silly in Penang in GE12”

      And then what?

      “I dare them to put candidates in Chinese majority constituencies and show the people how much MCA means to the Chinese”

      Put on a small thinking cap for goodness sake. Please also dare your papa and son party, the DAP, to put a Chinese candidate in a predominant Malay constituency, a proposition which the BN will be entirely comfortable to do so.

      To paraphrase, put a Malay candidate in Kepong on a DAP ticket and let’s see who gets trounced. How about it?

  4. Mah Hua Man says:

    Its a laugh when Pakatan Rakyat supporters talk abt morality issue. CSL at least has the honesty and guts to admit wrong, paid for his mistakes and moved on. With Anwar Ibrahim, he keeps denying its him. Besides who was screwing a China Doll? So dont talk about morality issue lah. Pls dont talk cock here.

    • 猫兄 says:





  5. Kartun says:

    This Eng Hiap Boon is a nobody lah. He is just playing to OTK’s tune.

  6. Otak Tak Center says:

      Politicians always quarrel, all claim they are doing in the interest of the people and not their own selfishness.

  7. Blog owner,

    Dropped by for some comments. All the best!

    Thank you

  8. Benjamin says:

    OTK screwed everyone. He failed as a MCA president and indeed the worst in history. Yet this fella thinked that he is damned good. News in Kopitiam always complained that he appointed Only his Hainan Clan to important place. You all can check.
    Nothing wrong to quit and joint other party. Next the Johor MCA by CJM followers. So what. As a responsible member one should always willing to served. Once you’re a leader and other follow. But when you are no more a leader then it’s time you be a good follower. OTK is burned to be a follower and not a leader. So better for him to toe the line or quit or retired. He built his legacy but hope he dont destroyed it.

    If a state youth leader in Penang retired but only bring 1 or 2 thousand follower then he better go and fly kite. Let him go. As he will regret like CJM but to save face got to be a dumb follower which is not suit his title as M’CA for Dep. President. Now he just follew Anwar tail like a dog. For what? He is already 60 plus and how many year can we still live. How to champion the people when even his owned wife got whacked. So sad.

    • Anonymous says:

      OTK, please don’t stand with 1 foot on MCA and 1 foot independent/PKR becoz it seems you are selfish and weighing economic benefits with political courage. You have to burn your bridge now and show the voters your political views. In that way, we will believe you. Don’t wait n see which grass is greener if you think you are different from CSL. Past MCA presidents basically turn into vultures, hyenas and crocodiles when they ascend the throne though your short stay probably did not allow this transformation so we hope you are not holding out to get back n continue this transformation. The choice is yours as you say nobody can decide your fate. We hope your courage is still fast and furious like before.

  9. Kantoi Anwar says:

    : Anwar kaki China Doll dan Patpong. Jangan cakap pasai hal moral lah. Ptui! Ptui!

  10. Observer says:

    What MCA has done for the Chinese and Country:
    1) Killed the Captain of the Ship to save UMNO Ministers
    2) Encouraged Corruption at all levels

  11. HD Video says:

       bro anwar, you are the  best. memang hebat,. china doll number one!

  12. Observer says:

    OTK will make a better opposition then ruling party. He has got guts as compared to other MCA Ministers. He should seriously think about joining the opposition party to fight corruption.

  13. Viagra King says:

     Ada pakai viagra kut? Agree 100pc, china doll, thai, russia, bapuk – semua bantai! Tak pilih kasih!

  14. Bollywood Fan says:

    Ramasamy accused of having a mistress while his assistant, the great Satees, gets into troublewith woman staff! Does anybody works at the DCM office at all?

  15. Dave Avran says:

    Eng Hiap Boon quitting is no biggie. To his utter horror, life still goes on.
    OTK, on the other hand is a dangerous mad scientist who’s desperate attempts
    to find a cure all scheme to hang on to his Pandan seat could just blow up in his face.
    Truth be told, his face will improve after the explosion.

  16. Hap Sap CSL says:

    MCA is already heading for extinction in the next GE. Only knows how to kowtow to their UMNO boss without a schred of dignity to the Chinese community they claimed to represent. Puit.

  17. Anak Tanjung Jati says:

    Tausah cerita panjang lah, DAP memang rasis parti. tausah cakap soal moral. Bro Anwar sudah kantoi lah. Nak tengok video berapa kali baru convince?  Sudah main kaw kaw sama china doll lah. Pakai otak sikit, itu pun video patpong belum keluar. Kita tengok nanti siapa hebat, siapa moral. Ini macai ong tee kiat nak keluar, keluar lah, kita tetap lawan PR, lawan DAP, lawan pkr, lawan PAs. Hidup BN!

  18. Anti BN/UMNO says:

    Hidup BN/UMNO untuk Mencuri, Menipu, Merompak dan Menghisap Darah Rakyat buat selama-lama nya. Jenis manusia tak malu dan bangsat. Tak boleh hidup di atas bumi kalau tak melakukan kerja sial dan tersumpah itu.

    Cowgate, Submarine cannot dive, Patrol Boat can fly cost a whooping billion ringgit. Orang lain beli berapa juta aje. Tapi Zahid hentam wang Negara berbillion, and Menteri Ugama menyangak wang Zakat. Sekarang buat FGV untuk orang asing korek isi perut semua warga Felda sampai terkeluar habis, Isa Samad dan bangsat-bangsat lain yang kaya raya. Warga Felda akan merana menanggung hutang sampai ka akhir hayat. Ini lah Kerja BN/UMNO untuk mentahkadarah hak rakyaat. Bangsat punya syaitan bermuka manusia.

    Menteri Ugama BN/UMNO kalau berceramah, mulut penuh berbuih dengan haram itu dan haram ini, sekarang dah tersumbat dengan kerja sial, apa nak di kato, den oi. Dalam Tentera dulu, bintang berderet di atas bahu, berlagak macam Malikat, walhal perangai macam syaitan songlap wang Zakat. Apa punya BN/UMNO Menteri Ugama macam ini.

    Di cadangkan kepada Menteri Ugama BN/UMNO. letak jawatan dengan cepat untuk selamatkan maruah anak isteri, adalah tindakan yang paling bijak dan tepat sekali.

    ABU semua pada PRU13 nanti.

    • Darlyn Azlinda says:

      What a loughing statement. Mulut orang PAS lagi berbuih2 mengkafir dan fitnah orang. DAP saya tak tahu la. Tak penah pegi. but bile tgk video, what a damn racist to lable another human as a metallic black!

      And please, bykkan membaca pasal ekonomi jugak ok. You totally a laughing stock! Jangan jadi bodoh sombong. Tu la jadi bila asik bace sebelah pihak punya story. Dah kena brainwash. Pity.

    • MFA says:

      PAS pun sama gak ngan BN

    • MFA says:

      pas pun sama gak

    • MFA says:

      PKR pun sama gak. Anwar sampai sekarang tak angkat sumpah wallahi, wabillahi, watallahi yang dia tak liwat. Orang islam ni jahat mcm mana pun takut nak sumpah atas quran. Aku tak tuduh dia buat, tapi gaya dia berdolak dalik kejap kata nak sumpah depan quran kejap kata tak perlu menceritakan seribu satu rahsia pasal diri dia…Semua politician sama je kau bagi kuasa semua sama je. Semua pelakon and sandiwara. Jadi tak payahlah beria sangat.

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  20. Fei Xiong says:

    It’s time for MCA to shut down and its members move over to opposition political parties. Race based parties have no place in Malaysia and that means UMNO as well. MCA is racist, UMNO is ultra -racist and the Barisan is one big grouping dominated by the largest chauvinist Malay party in the country. Don’t fool the Chinese by remaining in the Barisan – get out or get now or get lost after the next election.

    • Darlyn Azlinda says:

      What happen when a chinese man lable a human as metallic black? tu lagi DAMN racist. wake up!

    • OsBon says:

      We need to embrace change that’s for sure ! Whether BN can change to meet people’s expectation or they are continuing with business as usual, the final judgement will be the people.

      We have to demand for change as what we are experiencing right now is far from righteous rule. We cannot have cases of corruptions reported by many with MACC being very slow or even no action just because these people are from the ruling party.

      Whereas on the other end of the stick MACC acts super fast when reports against the opposition were lodged. These wanton abuse of justice cannot be seen to carry on and the people are indeed waiting and wanting to look for changes soon.

  21. crocket says:

    dalam 54 thn baru seorang kena label metallic black tu DAMN racist! yg duk tengking pendatang, yg duk jerit darah cina akan mengalir tu apa nama? awak la wake up! betui la yg di tulis sdr subky. memang tak blh nak debat dgn org berbangsa umno ni.
    Faizul, memang btui yg kau sebut. memang ada bangsa baru dah. Dulu No 1 MElayu. No 2 Cina. 3 India 4 Dan lain lain. skrg ni No 1 Umno No 2 Melayu and saya ni tak tau la. No 5 agaknya.

  22. Sara says:

    Dap has been a racist since Adam. Ive been reading the roket n hve seen how racist dap are! Bn is the only poltical party that is not racist… Fair to all! But u knowlah some of this chinese can never be happy coz they are veryyyy greedy n dont know how to bersyukur!

    • KL Tan of Pg. says:

      This person Sara do no understand what is democrazy and what is racist practice by UMNO anf its ally Perkasa. Non-Muslim rights are protected by the Malaysia Constitution but manipulated by UMNO extremist for their own benefits. Agong is to protect our rights under the constitution but due to unknown reason the King have also failed to act against the religious extremist of strong UMNO? We don’t understand his reason for failing to act fairly and firmly against the ruling party, UMNO.

  23. Zollo says:

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    Volkswagen on Thursday announced that it is cutting the price of the redesigned 2012 Passat by $7,180 (RM22,760) versus the 2010 Passat, thus undercutting the base 2011 Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

    The base 2012 Volkswagen Passat 2.5L starts at $20,765 (RM65,825) compared to $27,945 (RM88,585) for the 2010 Passat.

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    VW offers a choice of three engines in the Passat, including a four-cylinder turbodiesel that is expected to deliver 43 mpg on the highway, the company said in a statement. The Passat with the 2.0-liter TDI starts at $26,765 (RM84,845), including shipping..

    VW is providing FREE scheduled maintenance for three years or 36,000 miles..

    PEOPLE, you can drool or salivate. But I think we should be getting angry. What does this mean? It means that we are silly enough to tolerate paying FOUR TIMES the prices for basic goods and services compared to others.

    US $ 50, Aussie $ 50 or even Sing $ 50 can buy you 1 week of groceries in their supermart. Here RM 50 buys you at most 2 days worth of groceries…Betul betul Bodoh Punya Malaysians who keep voting BN.

    A 2.5 Litre super duper Volkswagen Passat is now selling in the United States for RM 65,825 ONLY. That is less than the price of a Proton Waja in Malaysia.

    Folks, they also throw in FREE scheduled maintenance for three years or 36,000 miles.

    The Camry sells for RM66,000 and the Honda Accord 2.4 sells for RM69,000 in the US. Here in Malaysia the Volkswagen Passat 2.0 (NOT the 2.5) sells in excess of RM245,000. This is FOUR TIMES the price they pay in the United States ..

    Their cost of living is much higher. Their land costs are higher than Malaysia, rents are higher than Malaysia, salaries and labour costs are higher than Malaysia, transport and logistics costs are higher than Malaysia, yet they can sell the same car FOUR TIMES cheaper than we suffer here in Malaysia.

    Ini tak masuk akal langsung. .

    Why are we willing to suffer paying FOUR TIMES the price for cars? Because we are silly. We are not a clever people. We tolerate silliness. WE tolerate the bankrupt AP regime where cronies get APs to import cars which send the prices of cars to the sky. We tolerate silly duties and taxes all of which are levied to protect a domestic car industry that is becoming increasingly NOT viable – day by day.

    It is becoming more ridiculous. .

    Kepada sahabat-sahabat yang tak faham niaga, yang tak faham kira kos sara hidup dsbnya – here is some basic comparison..

    The Americans pay RM65,000 for a 2.5 Litre VW Passat – a marvel of “Made in Germany” best in class engineering. In Malaysia, you pay RM245,000 for the same car. But let’s forget about the VW Passat….

    In Malaysia, even if you buy a WAJA you pay about RM70,000. Sekarang cuba fikir ok, if the Americans pay ONLY RM65,000 for a VW Passat 2.5L, then how much do you think they will pay for a WAJA in their country? RM15,000? RM20,000? They will definitely NOT pay RM65,000 for a WAJA..

    If they pay RM20,000 for a WAJA, then they save RM45,000 already (COMPARED TO YOU THE MALAYSIAN CAR BUYER). So for the same car, we are paying much, much more than the Americans. FOUR TIMES MORE. We pay more but we get less. Why? Because we are BODOH!!

    Malaysians are willing to pay RM70,000 for a tin can car when for the same amount of money they can buy a VW Passat 2.5 Litre ‘Made in Germany’ car. .

  24. KL Tan of Pg. says:

    In reality MCA is NO longer relevent to the Malaysian Chinese community and should be dissolved as a political party and become NGO. In politics all MCA present and past Presidents are powerless when they deal with the corrupted UmNo. Worst still the national MCA leaders dare not make strong demand for for the Chinese as the Malaysia Constitution was being manipulated by UMNO and UMNO NGOs for their racist and corrupted act. It’s in the best interest that MCA members should join DAP to safeguard the Malaysian of all races, whereas MCA should become NGOs. All MCA Members and life Members should seriously consider this suggestion for the future of the Malaysian Chinese if MCA leaders are not selfish for their own benefit.

  25. Jack says:

    Now quit or not quit MCA has no meaning. Coz MCA has not much supporter anymore. Sure lose.

  26. MFA says:

    Why are the chinese feeling so bitter about the bumiputra issue? To all chinese community please ask yourselves these questions:
    1. If our forefathers (bumiputras) did not agree to allow your forefathers (chinese community) to become citizens before Merdeka, do you think that the chinese community as a whole would be able to fare better in China if they were not allowed to become citizens and were asked to return to China? The effect is for generations until the world ends. And yet you comlain of unfairness?
    2. You even say that 90% of senior govt officials, army and police are bumis. But do you really know how many chinese ever applied for a government position? Preciously little I suspect. Not much. I give you and example. It is compulsory for medical graduates to work for the government for certain number of years (i’m not sure the exact number of years) before they can resign and go for private practice. The majority who stayed are mostly bumiputra doctors. Where are all the chinese? If that is the case in government hospitals, then it is also the case in other government depatments. There just aren’t enough chinese applicants. If that is the case why do you guys get so agitated and even amazed that 90% of senior government post (as alleged by you) are held by bumiputras? Surely it is because the pool of talent available consists mostly of bumiputras. And yet you complain of unfairness?
    3. If you say that 90% of senior govt officials, army and police are bumis then how about senior post in the private sector? I do not know the exact figure. But you (chinese) and we (bumiputra) know that a very significant majority are chinese. And yet you complain endlessly. Why complain? You want to be the majority in public sector too? Is that it? It just shows that you are greedy. Bagi betis nak peha. And yet you complain of unfairness?
    4. How about other positions such as executives for newly grads in the private sector? I do not know the exact figure. But again you know and we know that a significant majority are still chinese. Why do I draw that conclusion? You can see from the amount of unemployed graduates. A significant majority are bumiputras. Why can’t they get jobs? You can say all these popular views such as they are ill equipped etc. I agree it is true. But there is one “silent” and subtle factor that is not mentioned, i.e., the majority of these companies are owned by chinese. There are some preferential treatment. Have you ever read the job advertisement in the newspapers? Have you notice this tagline “Mandarin is an advantage”. What does it mean? They don’t say it directly, but it means they are interested to employ chinese only. You can say that there are bumis that can speak mandarin. But again you know and we know that are only a handfull of Bumis that can speak Mandarin. The advantage is for you. And yet you complain of unfairness?
    5. How about the case of a Malay burning a church in Wangsa Maju and the case whereby some chinese teens throwing alcohol drinks at a Mosque (in Johor if I am not mistaken). I agree that the Malay should be punished by law because it is a criminal act. The guy has been punished. Then why no action has been taken against the chinese teens in Johor? The Malay people out of goodness of heart accepted the apology from the parents and the parents paid for the damages. But then again it is still a criminal act. Maybe not as bad as the burning of the church but still a criminal act. Why the police didn’t take action? Criminal act can still be taken even though damages has been paid. Why the double standard? And yet you complain of unfairness?
    6. You want One Malaysia, you want fairness for all but when we asked you to close your National Type School and adopt the Sekolah Kebangsaan concept for all you disagree. The government allowed you to continue and even fund some of the schools. Have you ever heard the government fund a Sekolah Pondok? And yet you complain of unfairness?

    You can complain all you want. But again its about give and take. We give you something you give something back in return. As far as I can see now we always give but you never give something back. And yet you complain of unfairness?

    • Anonymous says:

      Taken straight from the BTN textbook.

      • mfa says:

        Whatever. I have had enough of you chinese insulting the bumiputras. You feel insulted and angry when I wrote the comment right? How about the comments you chinese made about the bumiputras? You don’t think that we feel the same way? If you don’t like to be insulted then don’t ever insult others.

    • Jack says:

      I do not agree about the forefathers story. Please don’t ever talk about that to Chinese community. Surely you will lose all the votes.

      We are all Malaysians. We were born here and be here. Please uphold the 1Malaysia spirit.

      • mfa says:

        I don’t casre about the votes. I am apolitical. But if you insist on insulting the bumiputras I will not hesitate to insult back at you. In any case the story about the forefathers is not fictitious, it is what actually happen…whether impied or direct…

      • mfa says:

        If you don’t want us to speak like that to the chinese community then don’t ever insult the bumiputras. If you can agree with that I will definitely stop and hold truce with you.

  27. Peace for All says:

    Please makes Correction:
    “Chinese contributed to at least 70% of tax revenue…… but enjoy little of the national allocations. Chinese are so used to it by now,don’t count on our votes in this GE. Don’t threaten us that MCA will withdraw from the govt if it perform worst than the last GE!”

    Chinese community actually contributed less than 15% of tax revenue for Malaysia .Reality:Almost 90% tax revenues are underdeclared by Chinese community..More Tax avoided activity done by Chinese than Indian and other bumis. Most tax revenue come on Oil n Gas Co…not from Chinese community itself…LIFE with reality…Chinese community are good friends but Chinese Community must accept the truth….Malaysia revenue generated by 60% Malay Community as big spender and Malays are loyal customers to chinese businessman .Most of Malay are salary earner.

    FACT:corruption index for MALAYSIA HIGH due Chinese businessman were offered bribe due to make fast approval for activites especially on log activity,licence and permit to run business operation activies….and most receiver are low morale Malays…

    FACT:Chinese businessman always blames Malay Political Party if involved in big scandal either UMNO or PAS .DAP and MCA are bullet proof. e.g Log activities:Chinese businessman always give money to UMNO or PAS not to DAP or MCA.

    FACT:Tanah kubur komuniti Cina(bukan Islam) adalah lebih luas dari tanah kubur masyarakat ISLAM.

    • Karim says:

      Please do not write based on your emotions but without any sense of logic.

    • Peacemaker says:

      Please do not make emotional statements which would only make the situation worse, i.e. losing more and more votes to Pakatan.

      Are you Pakatan supporter sabotage here?

      • mfa says:

        I am apolitical. Neither a supporter of pakatan nor barisan. I am only flabbergasted at some of the comments posted that insulted my race. Why single out the bumiputras? I admit that my post is rather emotional but it is not emotion without any common sense like the one posted by some. I am only defending the rights of the bumiputras. If the chinese can wright something that is purely rude about the bumiputras, why can’t i?

    • mfa says:

      I agree with you. What you say is the other side of the coin.

      • Peace for All says:

        Hello KARIM…
        Sorry my comments are not come from emotional but came the facts and realties what happened to Malaysia today…????
        E.G you just observing the reality especially (grave land)..U know the reality…Penang (tanah kubur),Sungai Petani,Bukit Mertajam and other areas u making comparison with muslim ceremetaries…Is’t emotional…..???

        Second Chinese communities always says their are major and said 70% money are contribution for TAXES in Malaysia compare to Malay,Indian and etc without thorough explaination…just assumption…..

        My fact are based on my experiences for most 32 years as Malaysian…

        Chinese,Malay and other races must respect each to live in peace.
        I looks chinese demand more from government than bumiputras and indian communities…

  28. anakmelayu says:

    mfa..I salute you..nice comments…

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