Follow the money …

By Tony Yew – Every now and then, I get an invite to go back to school to learn and build applications from our friends in Malaysiakini.

Its not really too expensive, but its also not really affordable either.

However, the ‘media school’ that is being run by Malaysiakini seems to draw a particular crowd. According to a participant who got in touch with me, their courses are quite informative and helpful, but ultimately appeals only to their followers.

Let’s back track a little and see if you can understand how Malaysiakini has evolved from a ‘news portal’ to a media school.

2001 – Senior Editor YL Chong (Desi) resigned over a controversial RM188,000.00 deal between Mkini Dot Com and ‘Media Development

Loan Fund’ (MDLF)
Arising from that revelation (and denial by the manegement), it was later discovered that MDLF will emerge as 29% equity owners of Mkini Dot Com.

News Clipping of Desi’s resignation

Now, this may seem like just an ordinary business deal, after all, everyone was jumping on the bandwagon of Dot Com companies back then.

But did Mkini Dot Com’s Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran know about MDLF and what they stood for before that exercise? Surely, a suitor of such a deal would have been evaluated and if there should be any doubts, made clear in order to be absolutely sure, right?

MDLF has a mission statement and one of those lines read …a non profit investment fund that provides low-cost financing to independent news outlets in “countries with a history of media oppression”.

Another says “provide technical know-how to help journalists build their businesses around professional, responsible and quality journalism”

Nice. But here is the million dollar question. Who funds MDLF?

What do ya know? OSI – Open Society Institute is part of a group of financiers dishing out much required green backs to help these ‘oppressed media’ (Question:If media was indeed oppressed here in Malaysia, howlah can Malaysiakini survive all these while? And if quality journalism is what it inspires to achieve by helping journalists, then how could Malaysiakini publish completely false stories like this one?

OK. Lets forget about that for a moment and assume that I am making up all this. But how can anyone explain this?

In 1999, Mkini started with a grant of USD100,000.00K (RM385,000.00) from SEAPA (South East Asia Press Alliance) and a further deal to ‘develop open source software application’ for RM188,000.00 (with CAMP a technollgy division of MDLF). Mkini Dot Com received another RM1,300,000.00 from MDLF in 2002. All these in exchange for (presumably) a 29% equity.

All this information is from public domain, but what they did not tell you is that the source of funding are suspiciously the same.

My point? With all this start up and new media school that aims to empower ‘oppressed’ people, are they hoping for a Myanmar, Egypt, Thailand, Libya, Tunisia styled uprising?

I wouldn’t discount that.

Taken from MustStopThis

Read Part 2

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32 Responses to Follow the money …

  1. SAIFUL says:

    so freaking what the monies come from elsewhere?…untill the day i can read a mjor daily critisizing the rulling party of the day openly, or have investigative write ups that exposes the wrongs of the government and blow them out inthe open, instead of apple polishing or ‘kipas’ ( you can get those in Myanmar, Saudi, Syria, Iran and other ass backward Governments, by the bus loads), then you can say there is no control. fucking idiot!!! you wan my address- say so, we can go for teh tarik or full contact sparing, say the word chicken shit gaylord BN/UMNO ball lickers!!!

    • ray says:

      aiya butt-victim, all countries also have their rear admirer lickers …

      P.S. for your upgrade – most pro-BN blogs condemn UMNO members on a daily basis especially during Tun Sleepy Dol time.

    • Christy says:

      Miata — I never did either, until this woman brought it to my attention. I maybe thought of it as insucerity, but I’m starting to wonder if pride and insecurity might not be all that different.

  2. apai says:

    no problemlah dpt funding LOAN dr luar negeri. yg penting jgn sampai bunu altantuya, beli cincin RM77 juta dan lambakan maklumat media x berkualiti di internet menggunakan fund kerajaan dan penyamun2 hak rakyat msia.

    • Ahmad Nasir says:

      Aku rasa hang patut jadi detektif sebab hang tau segala hal….mengalahkan Johnny English dan James Bond pulak.

      • ray says:

        Che Ahmad, si dia ni lebih pada gaya mr bean atau pink panther lah. Komen pun macam rojak, campur Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Inggeris.

    • PASetan says:

      Ada bukti?!

      Main tuduh-tuduh tanpa bukti tu fitnah!

      Tok Guru Wali Selipar kau ajar kau fitnah orang ke?!

    • Captss says:

      Saudara ku apai. Ada garis yang besar antara gossip dan fakta. Sebelum cakap pastikan fakta tu betul. Majoriti tak semestinya betul kalau majoriti tu bukan pakar dalam hal tu. Contoh ; ada orang sakit perut, doktor cakap makan ubat ini dan itu. Tapi 1000 orang kampung, kenalan dan saudara2 cakap bagi makan buah limau baik la nanti. Kau nak percaya 1000 orang atau percaya doktor. Hal kecil ni pun kau dah buat aku tulis panjang lebar supaya kau faham. Harusnya mak bapak kau dah ajar hal ni dari kau kecil. Tapi takpe 5 minit aku habiskan untuk tulis ni aku rasa berharga untuk selamatkan orang islam dari bohongan DAP

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  4. ExDAP says:



  5. ray says:

    Waaahhh … so many organisations funded by foreign agents. This means one thing only … that Malaysia is a great nation that is a valuable ASSET.

    And that “political investors” are scrambling over themselves to “own” this blessed country. Although US “investors” are upfront about sponsoring these anti-government agencies to overthrow an elected government, perhaps concerned rakyat should look at the quiet vested-interest party, most likely a neighbour with the most PROFIT to gain if Malaysia is in US “hands”.

    • Anony says:

      We are like gorgeous but inncent chick sunbathing in kain pelikat by the sea, and spotted by the kuay low sailors.
      So the sailors engaged locals to win and own her.


  6. Mangkuk says:

    They’re Opposition no more. They’re Malaysia enemies. This is not politic this is a plot by a traitor.

    • Anony says:

      Suspect that they would be happy if the country fall to the ground, so that they can easily wrest control….
      That’s why it seems that they keep on picturing bad scenarios although the numbers say otherwise.
      Keep on saying the numbers are inflated, bluff onelah.

      Also recall when cheap kedai runcit is launched, they harped on the quality of product lah till govt has to be on the defensive and prove otherwise.
      Good opposition would congratulate or suggest a better alternative for rakyat to fight inflation.


      • Anony says:

        Add: Wrest control as in fishing for and winning more votes…

        • Anony says:

          When the country is down, they may have a better chance to get more votes(in the absence of servicing well first)

          Don’t they have so many mechanism to brain wash the gullible rakyat?
          Thru the net,
          Thru their own newspaper
          Thru the ceramah
          Thru the once in while public gaffe, creating some free publicity for them
          But have they or do they serve better at the minimum in the states won?
          What is worrying is that they may spew unjustified hate all over and this may be damaging for everybody in the long run.

  7. Lim Lynn says:

    Molotov Mitchell leads recitation: ‘I do not belong to the government’
    WND TV Video The DNC freak show Use Jesuit college search
    Established in 1789, Georgetown is the nation’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit University.
    Malaysiakini is supporting Jesuit Freemason Labor/Liberty/Democrat/Socialist/Communist/Anarchist
    Anwar Ibrahim PKR similar to Barack Obama Democrat Party in America because they are funded by George Soros Open Society. Both homosexual and Freemason.
    Barack Obama support Radical Muslim Al Qaeda and don’t believe in GOD just voted by 2/3 majority Democrat National Convention.
    Revelations 2:12-17 Adolf Hitler move Pergamon Altar from Pergamos Greece [Greek Emperor] woship to Germany for dictatorship worship Zeus=Satan Pergamum: The Seat of Satan. Then, Barack Obama use the design for 2008 Election stage. It’s getting freakier as 2012 DNC he had his sand sculpture.
    George W Bush Skull Bones Adolf Hitler fled Germany and survived in Argentina Thule Society aka German Brotherhood of Death Maltese Cross Teutonic Knight.
    Anwar Ibrahim ask supporters to raise new flag similar to Indonesia and Singapore Red depict Socialism Pink code use by Socialist Republic.

  8. Tony says:

    Can hardly believe anything said by BN supporters. All bunch of crooks. Must kick BN out this time.

    • Pegawai says:

      I think how is the time we bury PR once and for all. They are biggest scum malaysian ever seen. F@$& them all especially lim dynasty corporate group. Really dont understand why did anyone give vote to them. Useless ppl…take advantage by maka a lot of hatred argument…talk c&$@ only but not work.

  9. Din says:

    Aiya… We the rakyat is the boss ma.. So BN supporters go tell your Najib they will get 5 year off. PR supporters go tell Anwar they can also take 5 years off. No need any government from PR or BN. We hire people like how we hire people to manage companies. If they are not up to job. Just fire them. Got corruption we put them to court with appropriate evidence. There is no need for election. We will hire people that is top in each respective field to run the show. What is so hard? All we need is for you both sides to tell each other they are not relevant. Najib and Anwar can go shake hands as we don’t want both of them.

  10. eow says:

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  11. Saiun J says:

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    So much better than the tadika-level leel of insult hurling that 99% of the other comments are devoted to.

    I think Malaysians have an average mental age of about 11…max.


    Stupid asshole..shut up..go lick najib ball

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  16. Stupidity has no bounds says:

    Tun Mahathir said he believes that the Opposition will be greatly helped by Indian and Chinese votes in the upcoming general election, reported the Spore Straits Times.

    But the stupid paper quoted fellow stupid the Star etc report with the heading: Mahathir says Malaysia’s Opposition banking on non-Malay votes –

    Stupidity has no bounds. It goes even across the Causeway.

  17. Hah, "Hadi is an infidel .." says:

    Hadi is an infidel and a traitor to boot, says Dr Mahathir – The Malaysian Insight

    Dr Mahathir delivers another stinging attack against Hadi for supporting Najib.

    Tun today continued to blame Hadi for supporting Najib. He had called Umno a party of infidels but was now working with Umno, and this made Hadi an infidel, too.

    “The person abusing Islam is Hadi. He said the government is an infidel government; he said that if you die fighting the government, you will gain.

    “Najib is a kafir, according to PAS. But you see, he (Hadi) is going to help this kafir. (And) He (Hadi) has said that if you work with kafir, you become kafir,” Dr Mahathir said at his office in Putrajaya.

    He said Hadi was leading his party to contest in the next general election despite knowing full well that it would lose, because Hadi wished to split votes for the opposition to “help Najib win”… That is his intention, and that is not very Islamic.”

    “In Malay we call (such a person) ‘pengkhianat’ (traitor) because that is what he is. I mean, he is going to go in and contest when he knows very well he is going to lose …

    He said although PAS might stand to “win a few seats”, PAS had no chance of winning if it were to contest on its own in the general election.

    “He (Hadi) may win a few seats, (but) you know that when PAS contested as PAS, without joining any coalition, they never won more than 11 seats. Once they won only one seat, on their own.

    Alamak, PAS once won only 1 seat? Aiyoyo.

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