Of Profanity and Vulgarity

First it was the Penang CM Lim Guan Eng calling Consumers Association of Penang head S.M. Mohd Idris an old man.

No excuse for that even he was trying to wriggle his way out of that predicament by saying that his remark should be read in the whole context of the sentence.

By calling a person old would mean nothing than to imply that the person has outlived his purpose, their judgment is questionable, and that their age belies their capability.

Mohd Idris was merely asking Guan Eng why Penangites were not consulted or given a clearer picture of the mega projects in the state. Certainly he does not deserve to be called an old man for asking that question.

Now we have the Penang Wanita MCA chief Tan Cheng Liang being branded lao geh boh or old hen by Pakatan members and supporters.

She was one of the invited speakers at a All-Women Forum held in Penang recently. The event to discuss gender equality was interrupted by the audience, some who were Pakatan members.

Other than calling her an old hen, some also threatened to hit her and the participants who posed questions to Pakatan leaders during the forum.

The name calling has gone too far and is hitting below the belt. Derogatory terms like lao geh boh can also mean an old prostitute.

Political differences and political discourse are part and parcel of the democratic process in a country but when it goes beyond the line of decorum, it is ugly, abusive and insulting.

When such hurting words are used on a woman, it even leaves much to be desired on those who resort to such lowest form of immorality in politics.

Calling someone bastard, prostitute or cursing ones family should not be tolerated by either side of the political divide.

But apparently it is in the culture of Pakatan leaders who find pride and glory in resorting to name calling.

DAP’s Central Publicity and Political Education Director Hew Kuan Yau can probably beat anyone hands down with his record.

He has called journalists from the Chinese press “prostitutes” especially those from the small towns.

Hew also called MCA President Chua Soi Lek “soh hai” (literally translated as stupid cunt) and “ham ka charn” (Cantonese to condemn a person’s entire family to perish) during the DAP’s 45th anniversary dinner on Oct 13, 2011.

In contrast, Chua merely responded by saying that it was up to the people to decide whether they wanted a government that focused on using foul words, personal attacks and empty promises; or one that seriously tried to resolve issues faced by the people.

Hew who is also the DAP national election publicity bureau head had also branded Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen a “nightclub mummy”.

Then we have the Perak DAP secretary Nga Kor Ming calling Mentri Besar Dr Zambry Abd Kadir a “metallic black person.”

Immediately after branding Zamry a “metallic black”, this little racist scum remarked that Zambry was a “haram jadah’ which means an illegimate child or to put it bluntly – a bastard.

The brand of politics that the Opposition is adopting today smacks of profanity and vulgarity to the highest level.

Where are we heading?

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70 Responses to Of Profanity and Vulgarity

  1. Anonymas says:

    The ‘metallic black’ was the biggest straw of all. I fell out of my seat after watching that video recording of that ‘ceramah’.

    • Wani says:

      What about the MB who calls reportes ‘stupid’?

      Mana nilai-nilai murni di BN?

      • Richards says:

        The MB who called reporter ‘stupid’ is stupid even though he was provoked with stupid questions.

        What about the PKR Anwar Ibrahim who told reporters to ‘shut up’ and refused to answer questions specifically?

        Mana nilai2 murni Pakatan? depan ke belakang ke?

        So if you want to raise up something, don’t be hypocrite or prejudice as if DAP PKR PAS do no wrong while BN do all wrong.

        So what is your take on DAP calling MB a “hitam metalik” and a “haramjadah”? I m sure you will choose not to ask mana nilai2 murni Pakatan? because of your sheer hypocracy, like the core DAP racist kiasus.

        • Anonymous says:

          BN is beyond ANY doubt an utterly corrupt and authoritarian regime. If allowed to continue wielding political power as the government. You can be absolutely certain the first thing on its agenda is to further reinforce their deathgrip on all nascent notions of democratic freedoms and human rights. BN will, if necessary, detain all Pakatan Rakyat leaders who refuse to toe the BN line and clamp down on what little freedom exists in cyberspace. While Myanmar moves forward towards greater openness, Malaysia will become more dangerous and politically retarded than Zimbabwe.

          A Pakatan Rakyat federal government will have no choice but to keep its promise to overhaul and rehabilitate dysfunctional institutions like PDRM and the Judiciary, abolish oppressive laws, and restore the mass media’s credibility. When we no longer live under the shadow of fear, when we can speak our minds openly without being hit with the Sedition Act, when we can march (if necessary) to protest any form of injustice without getting teargassed, watercannoned and beaten up by uniformed thugs… we the people will no longer be cowed by an arrogant government that resorts to legal and extralegal violence to maintain its power. At long last, we shall be a united people free to reclaim our thwarted destiny as a nation of boundless promise.

          • ray says:

            Anonymous @March 21, 2012 at 6:23 pm must be a katak bawah temurung guan eng. He is so suaku he keeps spinning old fairytales written by sifu guan eng.

            Malaysia has been ranked by the Global Peace Index (GPI)’s 2011 report as the 19th safest country in the world, and the safest country in the Southeast Asia (SEA) region. Singapore is ranked 24th in the world. http://www.visionofhumanity.org/gpi-data/#/2011/scor

            As for Press Freedom, Malaysia is ranked at #122 against 1st world Singapore at #135. http://en.rsf.org/press-freedom-index-2011-2012,1043.html

            P.S. Mountain tortoise, you should read CURRENT news more, it makes you less easy for brainwashing by guan eng.

          • Lokman says:

            It’s strange that a president could veto to retain a tainted leader against the wishes (voices) of the majority. This is not the practice in a democracy, it is an authoritarian dictatorship. There is no trace of Najib’s political transformation in the retention of Shahrizat as a woman leader of UMNO/BN. And Shahrizat so dull that she could not even see or sense that she is no longer wanted by the grass root supporters. Hers is a self destructive tendency, not good for herself and bad for her party. Good luck to UMNO with the Cow Girl holding on to power and carrying a badly tainted image for the party/for UMNO women with the endorsement of the party president.

          • Sinario says:

            As long as Sharizat able to prove her strength to amass the blind royalty from the sea of
            red supporters desperated needed by BeEnd government to stay in power, our leader of 1 Msia is willing to forgo against his prinsip and integrity in exchange for the sea of red votes to ensure positive winning in the coming GE.

            Our BeEnd is in fact sending the message of encouragement to his cronies of the privilege few without the feel of regret or remose esp. those who know to grease rhe walk in the power of corridor.

            Our Najikor can overrule the guidelines&priciples to throw his support for Sharizat to retain
            her wanitor post …. in the belief that her absence of her plcement would cost the BeEnd the jeopardy in securing more seat in the coming GE. . . . it a clear indication that there is this one powerful woman who could hold on Najikor’s ball. . .. we see the rising of woman’s power in controlling a man of weak leadership. . . congratulation to Sharizat, you won the close-door battle to protect your innocence ‘ cowgate’ affairs.

          • big dog says:

            In the NFC scandal-corruption case, only one person has been charged in court so far, the chairman of NFC. What about the other directors? What about the then-agricultural minister and his team who approved the project, the council or committee who was tasked to disburse and monitor the usage of the funds? It seems like the buck always stop just before the Fed Govt level. If the NFC management is negligent, how much more so are the govt ministers and council members who are suppose to safeguard the people’s money? Finally, now that the govt seeks a new company to take over the NFC project, thereby admitting NFC has failed, when will all those condos and properties be sold and its amount returned to the tax payers?

        • amekaw big bang boom says:

          MCA endorse CSL whereas the Chinese reject him. Not, MCA is like a dead fish, no respect, nobody wants.

          Now Wanita endorse their leader S..zat. So mackik-makcik love more their $250mil leader than the people hard earned money….

          So, do you all Malaysians still love BN? I doubt so. They are all becoming not Winnables…

          • yellow shirt uncle says:

            Come on MCA, why are you guys and gals so thick-skinned and stubborn? Why can’t you get the message that we don’t like you at all? Can’t you understand that you are no longer relevant in our lives; that you cannot do anything positive and concrete for us?

            I know you all are in MCA for business benefits and ministerial positions but where is your dignity? Don’t you have any left or you do not have any to start with? Even a beggar or a whore have more dignity than MCA, at least they do not pretend they are helping others. MCA, on the other hand, claimed they are helping the Chinese when the whole world knew they are helping no one else but themselves.

            There is a common Chinese saying, “Do you know how to write the word shame?”

            If you refuse to disband yourselves, perhaps we can do a big favor for you shameless fellows – we will bury you forever come the next election! What say you, Malaysians?

      • dugo says:

        Mana nilai2 murni di PAS, DAP?

        Anda baru lahir semalam kah Wani?

        • Anonymous says:

          All I can see is that there are only 3 issues facing BN.

          If BN really want to gain the support from all the Rakyat, they have to overcome the following 3 issues:

          Issue # 1: Corruption

          Issue # 2: Corruption

          Issue # 3: Corruption

          If BN can eradicate all the above 3 issues, I guarantee that ALL the Rakyat, even those who sokong PR, will give support for BN

      • Anonymas says:

        Don’t change the subject.

        Also, in TGNA’s famous words, “CELAKO CELAKO CELAKO CELAKO.”

        TGNA made a doa laknat to the PM, but PM even visited TGNA when he was sick. What??

    • chewal 2.0 says:

      This is the better site to tell the truth instead of spewing lies:


  2. belang says:

    That’s not only it. LGE has once had a spat with government officer whom he is referred to as Biawak, Nik Aziz on the other hand unable to take criticism and branded certain bloggers as celako. Leaders suppose to portray good image and humility but when we have this kind of leaders, who knows about what their followers are capable of.

    • Ciki says:

      Salleh, the husband of Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Jalil, and their 3 children were due to have attended the PAC inquiry on NFC on Tuesday. But they didn’t go and instead sent 2 lawyers and an administrative manager. Shahrizat’s husband and children are directors of NFCorp, the family-owned firm awarded the NFC cattle breeding project by the BN government in 2006. Their reason for not attending PAC’s inquiry seems to be that that Salleh has already been charged for CBT and as such they did not want to prejudice his case. Legal eagles however believe differently and have opined that the family was just making lame excuses.

      By refusing to attend, was this not the height of arrogance and open contempt for the people, to whom Shahrizat owes her political career and her family, their livelihood from the publicly-funded NFC project? Yet, despite making a big fuss about how she attended 3 Umrahs (Muslim pilgrimages) in 3 months, it is strange how Shahrizat could fail to understand this and show a greater sense of gratitude to the country and people who have fed her and hers all these years.

      • Anonymous says:

        I cannot understand the mentality of UMNO wanita. Here you see a woman who abused her position as a cabinet member, abused her trust, cheated the govt of RM250million, and they still want her to stay. Winnable candidate?

        • Otai Semangat 46 says:

          Mad cow disease at NFC is just as fatal as other diseases. Not only a certain group of people but the entire nation can be wiped off if the disease is not attended to swiftly. UMNO cannot force and belittle the intelligence of its members in both the men and women’s wings to accept corruption of its leaders as a norm and a form of survival to be a supreme race. The Malay community know better than that and how UMNO leaders had abused the affirmative policies meant to assist Bumiputra and enriched themselves in the name of race and religion.

        • big dog says:

          The lack of accountability and governance in the BN government’s handling of the NFC from its inception to its decline lays bare all its lies. The fact that the civil servants in the Treasury allowed this to happen also lays bare the lies of the Chief Secretary that they are professionals. The head in FELDA is a tainted man. FELDA settlers should take the NFC incident as a lesson before they allow themselves to be lead like a cow to the slaughter. Vote out the BN corrupt government next GE.

    • Kalanathan says:

      Why must we wait until we hit 55% of GDP? Do we wait until a pipe bursts before fixing a leaking tap?

      That is why it is scary to have leaders like Deputy Finance Minister Awang Adek Hussin running the country. At 55% of the national debt against GDP, Awang Adek still says that it is not critical yet.

      What a stupid brainless thing to say. Does the deputy finance minister take into consideration of the ability of the government to pay off its debt?
      Is he aware that a lot of ordinary people are struggling to make ends meet while there are callous top civil servants indulging themselves in expensive birthday parties, wedding engagement parties, snatching up millions worth of condominiums here and abroad and so on?

      With such a level of debt, what is the interest rate and how much are we repaying every year? What is the government’s plan in clearing all its debt? Has our finance minister thought about this?

  3. Calvin Sankaran says:

    Hi editor…where can I send articles to be published here ?

    • roy says:

      How much we pay our politicians? Let’s take a look at the following conversation:

      Nat: Why are u so bizi nowadays Joe?
      Joe: Working on a big project la.
      Nat: Wat project?
      Joe: Campaign for my wife to be head of Wanita NONO la.
      Nat: ??
      Joe: U see all Wanita NONO heads have very good “lubang”.
      Nat: Wat “lubang”?
      Joe: Let’s see one got Aye Pee lubang and the other got the Cow lubang.
      Nat: Remember to share if got “lubang”. Wat kind of”lubang” you have in mind?
      Joe: The “Cock Lubang”… I mean we get the Gomen to give me (the Husband) a project for 500million. I’ll call it the InterNasional FeedCock program.
      Nat: Why FeedCock?
      Joe: You see, this project have potential la… we can rear Cocks for food, we can shoot movies and call it Cock and Bull Stories..something like Toy Stories. We can also have talk shows “Talk Cock”; we can also organise sports la, u know “Fighting Cocks” instead of people fighting/boxing.
      Nat: Wow. Great project man.
      Joe: Initial funding for project 50million. My kids and my salaries as Chairman, CEO, CFO, … would be 10million a month as this is a big project.
      Nat: How about details of the project?
      Joe: I’ll consult Ar Jeep Gor Gor to work out the details…maybe get middle man and pay the fella 500million commission.

      • ray says:

        a classic sample of DAP psyche – filthy substance, sneaky means, no quality reasoning … pathetic

        • kamilia says:

          If Sharizat remains, wonder how will she campaigns for the coming GE? It looks stupid on her when she goes around telling the rakyat that BN is a fair and clean govt, or saying PR is only a self interest party, or PR can’t manage the country well, and whatnot. Really look silly on her.

      • dugo says:

        What cocklubang talkcock nonsense are you talking about, cockroy? U talking about DAP ultra kiasus cockroach? Or about yourself hypocorkroy?

        Must lelly lelly understand the topic of this article maa. Of Corkse u dun

        • Geletek says:

          How can they possibly ‘solve” the NFC scandal? By putting the scapegoats – Sharizat’s family in the dock? By imprisoning them? Does UMNO seriously think the Rakyat are stupid? What about Muhyiddin? How has he been able to skirt the NFC scandal? Najib is dreaming. What about Altantuya? Teoh Beng Hock? The purchase of AK’s energy assets at an overvalue? The sale of Proton to some dubious cronies of Mahathir? The electoral role, HINDRAF? I could go on and on. UMNO is banking on the historical short political memory of the Rakyat. They surely know that our memories have improved vastly since 2008. And from experience we know, that when UMNO comes out publicly and says the elections will be some time in the indeterminate future – you can bet that they will be calling it very soon – very soon indeed!

          Growth will be slower this year and next year…. if the economy worsen, and if the people who do not get the benefit of Beri Rasuah 1 Malaysia (BR1M) feel the pain, then BN will be gone in the history after next GE. Since barang prices are steadily on the rise, then the people will start to feel the pain since the average pay for the aged 25-35 y.o. workers in this country is estimated at RM3,000. With this amount of pay, the purse will be empty by the 15th day of the month. The other 15th day, the people will seek soft loans from banks, ceti or ah longs. Hence, more social problems occurance these days with a lot and a lot more of cases that we do not want to hear.

          • ray says:

            yawnnn …

            same OLD story, like a broken record

          • big dog says:

            Mahathir, Rafidah & senior Umno members are demanding for Shahrizat’s head, simply means, she and her family must be charged, but now the same Umno party members is hailing her as a heroine – for her great sacrifice, stealing $250 millions of the rakyat’s money???!!

            Every corrupt act by the corrupt in power is always hailed as righteous by Umno, while every good act of the opposition is twisted and condemned, usually playing the racist card to the hilt only to provoke hatred and arouse civil conflict solely for their own political survival.

  4. STL,

    Agree, Hew Kuan Yau is the most foul mouthed and despicable. Hxm kx chxxn is the most vile curse anyone can utter.

    Thank you

  5. Salleh says:

    This website is STUPID, just like MB Adnan!

  6. ray says:


    They also took the trouble to print their “enemies” faces and made it into a floor mat. They then GLEEFULLY stepped on the faces of these “enemies”.

    Such disgraceful cheap thrills are reflective of their substandard upbringing. Imagine if they rule Putrajaya, all things detestable, deplorable, contemptible, demeaning might be the daily routine. Na’uzubillah …

  7. chewal says:

    For oppositions to use such foul words in politic is not new. PAS has been doing that ages ago. Just go and listen to their ceramah…. you will surprise to hear the quality of the speakers.

    The best part of it is, they got paid for that.

    • bob bodot says:

      I would love to have the UMNO Wanita campaigning and calling at my house and I will tell these lembus not to bother,with such leadership by example. Similarly this also apply to MCA whose tainted President was caught with his pants down and lastly with a PM who failed to set-up a tribunal against the AG and former IGP,despite all the allegations by the former CCID and former FT CID chief…

  8. Musang says:

    Pity those residents in Pengerang, Johor.

    The RM20 billion Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (Rapid) would pollute the environment in Pengerang and will affect sea fishing activities which is the main source of income for the locals.

    Inikah projek BN yang tak dahulukan rakyat?


    • A.B.A.I says:

      Kerajaan bangunkan ekonomi kao marah.. 20 billion… bila rakyat takde kerja kao marah… kerajaan tak guna la… itu la… so u want gvmt to set up fish hub ke? can u give some idea and make proposal and make for a better malaysia???
      bangkang, bangkang, bangkang…

  9. Enjit enjit Lembu says:

    The prime minister’s outlandish attempt on Monday night to claim credit for Malaysia’s press freedom ranking is a shocking display of insensitivity to the deaths of at least two Indonesian journalists, and the violence against others which caused the rankings of their countries to fall, and Malaysia’s to rise.

    Plainly ignoring the facts contained in Reporters Sans Frontieres’ 2011-12 report, Najib Razak said: “Since I became prime minister, Malaysia has moved up nine places in the Reporters Without Borders press freedom index…”

    His brazen effrontery is sickening. The real reason for Malaysia’s better showing is plain: other countries’ ranking fell because of violence against journalists – Indonesia’s ranking plunged by 29 places, and that of India and Bangladesh also dropped.

  10. R-Truth says:

    The definition and expectation of M’sian on the word ‘Election’, somehow different, take few examples;

    To Umno members, this is a pesta duit, money is used for everything, from poster, mat rempit to paying for tol and travel expenses.

    To MCA, this is time to announce new relocated chinese school, fund allocation and ground breaking.

    To Gerakan, always penang, penang and penang, now no more penang, don’t know what to talk, but still penang, penang and penang. But already a spent force like a flaccid dick.

    To MIC, it is Sami takes what he wants to talk about, nothing specific..

    To the Chinese educationist, it is the season of asking, new school and more fund, more land, more teachers, more everything.

    To rural folks, time for makan free, minum free, money free and get your mini tar resurface.

    To the Urban folks, time to attend the ceramah-caramah, get a little bit of shouting, stress release, fun- fare like atmosphere.

    To the PR, it is a tiring season, many lost voice for ceramah day and night, more like a superstar…

    To the Bloggers, Election fans, it is party time…

    Only a hand full would like into the serious matters, policy staff, that is for the analyst to busy.

  11. Kikilala says:

    Frankly if Parliamentarians are not allowed by Pandikar to debate issues of public interest on slightest/flimsiest ground, please tell do we really need a Parliament or for that matter the Lower House Speaker? All of us might as well engage in coffee shop talk. That will definitely help to reduce our country’s burgeoning deficit!

    Nothing is sacred anymore under UMNO and BN…not the courts, not the civil service, not the police, not Parliament…nothing. We don’t know anymore who is the protector, who is the gangster, who is the enforcer of the law, who is the underworld kingpin, who is the law maker…under UMNO/BN, it is all a tangled web. Be afraid, be very, very afraid.

  12. 1Rakyat says:

    Ha ha !! At last Najib got himself cornered by RPK and Anwar for a Public Debate..hmmm, very smart of Anwar using RPK to instigate Najib, Najib fell for it and now he cannot avoid but to debate with Anwar. Now randy Najib shall be slowly stripped apart in Public for he’ll not have the luxury of his Team of speech writers to help him. Lets see what is Najib made of on his own steam, if there is any at all.

    Look who is the chicken now UMNO as YB DSAI has offered to take on RPK and the 1Malaysia PM Najib at one go.Any comment on your UMNO President, Mr.Khairy,leader of UMNO youth or the malay first, DPM Muhyuddin.Dont try to be a hero offering yourself as a candidate to replace your President as both of you are not party leaders yet..

    • Anonymas says:

      DSAI did zero things since he got out of jail, he only speaks loud. Malaysia progresses and time passes, but he is still butthurt from his 1998 imprisonment.

      Even his friends are all leaving him………except the PR supporters who are just blind sheep.

    • A.B.A.I says:

      pandai cakap tak semestinya betul bro… dia bercakap sahaja tapi tak buat kerja… kahkahkah…

  13. Fazil says:

    1) Would you allow robbers to come into your household and steal you blind, taking away not only your valuables but also take away your dignity?

    2) Is it acceptable that while you, your relatives and friends work hard and honestly to put food on the table, the political elite and their family members and cronies rape and plunder at will because they CAN?

    3) Would it be acceptable for the head of your household to make significant decisions on everything from education, to what investments to make and then absolve himself from any mistakes when things go wrong? (Hint: think of civil service salary flap, MAS-AirAsia swap)

    4) Would you like it if people with major baggage are influencing your father, grandfather or guardian? (Think Ibrahim Ali, Nallakaruppan, Zulkifli Nordin, Rahim Thamby Chik)

    5) What would you think of the wife of your neighbour who wears loud jewellery, insists on running the residents committee and insists on being treated like royalty and carries USD100,000 handbags even though her husband is a senior civil servant?

    6) Would it be acceptable for your children to forget about their religious principles, their values and everything they were taught and work with employers who believed that the ends justify the means?

    7) How would you feel if your prospects for the chairmanship of the residents committee has been dimmed by the sudden influx of foreign workers living in the area?

    8) Would you support any moves by your sons or daughters to support an organisation which personifies evil?

    9) Would you allow your children to take a loan for a fledgling business and then use the money to buy fancy cars and indulge in life of luxury?

    10) Would you allow your daughter to be married to an urbane, well-spoken man but with a cupboard full of skeletons, including unanswered questions about a murder?

    If the answer to all the questions is a NO, then you know what to do in the coming elections.

    • ray says:


      Would you vote for this man?

      On Oct 27, 1987, he was detained under the Internal Security Act and released unconditionally from the Kamunting Detention Centre on April 19, 1989.

      The same year saw him being charged in court with uttering seditious remarks in public and publishing false news in a pamplet. He was later convicted on both counts and fined a total of RM15,000.

      Following an appeal by the prosecution, the fines were converted to 18 months’ jail. He served the jail term from Aug 25, 1998 after the Federal Court dismissed his appeal.

      Following this, he lost his MP status and was barred from taking part in politics. Guan Eng was released from the Kajang prison on Aug 25, 1999 after a one-third remission.

  14. Ustaz Zain says:

    3 peribahasa yang cukup padan untuk keluarga Sharizat:-
    1. bapa borek, anak rintik
    2. bagaimana acuan begitulah kuihnya
    3. ketam mengajar anak berjalan lurus

  15. Linas says:

    Australia had set stringent conditions for storage of waste products from this Lynas plant, while Malaysia set lax conditions, so it wants to come here.

    Is the Barisan Nasional government so hard up for FDI that it quite literally has to prostitute Malaysia to the Lynas company for short term gain at the expense of the risk of long-term damage to our environment and risk to the livelihoods and health of our citizens?

    If that be the case, the BN government may want to consider legalising sexual prostitution instead, with licensed prostitute who have to undergo regular medical checkups and vaccinations to ensure they are free from sexually transmitted diseases.

    That would certainly bring in tourists and help our economy.

    Malaysia has already prostituted our cheap labour to foreign assembly plants – i.e. industrial prostitution.

    We’ve also prostituted our lower salary knowledge labour to foreign multinationals – i.e. cyber prostitution.

    We’ve prostituted our education institutions to foreign students – i.e. educational prosititution.

    And now the government is considering prostituting the health and wellbeing of our citizens.

    • Anonymas says:

      In Selangor, Ronnie Liu aka the Godfather endorses prostitution by opening bars and clubs.

      Now THAT’s literal prostitution.

      In the international arena, DSAI whores himself to the Neo-Conservatives and Zionist-backed organizations.

      That’s an even bigger prostitution.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Who cares whether you are over-sexual, bisexual, heterosexual, or even non-sexual.

    What we the rakyat want is to have able leadership and corrupt free administration for the nation and the people to attain progress, development and harmony – one that all Malaysians canenjoy without discrimination nor deprivation.

    What about those who had sex outside of matrimony? What about those who abandoned their wives for another woman? Or how about those being caught on video with sins of sexual predation?

    • Wait a second says:

      Then give your anus to Anwar la.

      Problem solved! Suka sama suka ma

    • Anonymas says:

      “Who cares whether you are over-sexual, bisexual, heterosexual, or even non-sexual.”

      PAS cares. All of the PMs since the first one were considered ‘unislamic’ just cause they don’t wear tudung. PAS youth cracks down gays, lesbos and deviants in a more destructive way than PEKIDA or JAKIM which involves shaming and accusation.

      But in this case, they shut their eyes and ears. Loolll

    • A.B.A.I says:

      anwar!!! not corrupted?? kahkahkah…

  17. amecow-cow says:

    Such is the sad state of affairs that we see in Malaysia today that leaders from the ruling party,UMNO cannot distinguish right from wrong.A soft-loan of RM250 million given to NFC whose family members happen to be the husband and children of Shahrizat,head of Wanita UMNO, was used for properties investment instead of rearing cattles and supplying beef to the local market. NFC scandal is beyond bangsa and agama,it is pure criminal breach of trust ie.CBT but the 8,000 Wanita Lembu just fail to see the issue.Another lembu said that our debt to GDP at 53% is still not critical and we have any 2% before the red-flag sign is on..I hope that the malays and bumiputeras will point their fingers at the right party when Malaysia goes bankrupt before 2019.

  18. 325Rakyat says:







    • Anonymas says:


    • HZ says:

      MCA must learn from the message of verbal disrespectfulness to Wee Ka Siong, it is loud and clear that the Chinese voters will deliver a hard knock to MCA/BN when GE13 arrives. The 325 rally is a warning to him. Whatever MCA is trying to do now, it is too late. CSL is doomed to fail even if he tries to stand as MP candidiate in Batu Pahat as many will not accept MCA’s stand in fighting for justices and fairness to their own race. More than 50 years of being bullied will not be tolerated further by the Chinese voters.

    • 改朝换代 says:



  19. Anonymous says:

    PDRM should conduct an independent and impartial investigation of the alleged fisticuffs between Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz’s son, his bodyguard and a security guards’ supervisor.

    We Malaysian are so blessed, as we got to watch dramas (live) all the time with the stars and co-starts we are so familiar with. The story lines are always go without fail about greed, exploitation of political gains thru manipulation of racial issues created, national safety and health declining policies, lop-sided media & publication control, partial judiciary, education etc…. and at the end of the story it is always “happy endings”, the criminals got away and live to act the same in series. BUT, we now have the cyber cinema where we could see thru their filthy souls and their dirty tricks with documentaries and narrations from ppl from the other end that can bring hope to Malaysia, aka PKR. We believe the ending of the story will be also a Happy one, but this time is for the Rakyat!

  20. f#ckyoo says:

    This article has malicious intent. LGE’s printed transcript actually shows he had referred to Idris as an old, respected man. The “old” was not a derogatory term but to imply the wisdom, experience and respect that age confers. The context is totally different from what UMNO and their sandal-lickers have tried to make us believe.

  21. The coolest calmest most collective person in the general public have time after time proven to be the most enraged psychotic power control driven blood lust wickedness risking to the point of harming their own country family and last but certainly if not least their own self. Well manners are important in effective communication but it’s next to last concerning the peace and just that was in the begin this journey of this planet we could only know live domestically destruction foreign to a God described in Holy Text as Love in no conjunction w/ a Co Conspiring plot for profit to the opposite Murder binary an apathy anti life x- (?) Ex ecute shows it’s ugly barbaric uncivilized life. To live in harmony before money the most used excuse to death stunting progress prosperity physically Stopping creativity called feisty by those who are doing are have plans of such unlawful acts impeding the purpose of this life’s pursuit of happiness for the lesser cynadol to no guide, code to conduct to analysis a direct attack and disregard to straineous hours of researched work accredited through those scale weigh most own platform of verifiable information to 30+ targeting success the roentgens to prosperity. I certainly don’t or even remotely claim to know solely the best in national defense up to E-3 training. Camflouged op anti surveillance strategies I’m sure are needed yet not to this own countrys citizens as we have known to be up most to fairly law abiding at the kinin with out harm of innocent civilians and their intellectual deprivement as a super power down to third world countries should have (Manchuria’s) mandates (enshrouding) as wisdom to knowledge action vs reaction pre evidencing to post process of elimination to give accountability that the general public must follow sticks and v stones may hurt my bones but assination of character totally out porportion divided against to Cheif Medical Practioners have concluded to healthy misleading real time through (Purgatives)cyber bullying excessive unwanted racism to bigotry prejudice of ethnicity peaceful religion no barring to the livelihood wages and penial incarcerating decilplanary actions. To Bogarde constitutional amendments the outlining structure on which free Americans both broke away from and founded this land on. Possibly a whole cabinet of US Dept governing a priority by The White House on the intruding of these privacies IN BOLD PRINT CLEAR AND EASILY UNDERSTOOD. The trust of such department making strict limits to these military reprimand that have abused the 9/11 anti terror tactics used to those known or un known suspects of hate violence perhaps language signaling flags. These basic principles of American Culture that I’ve ever known must be kept united in order to maintain any order.

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