Ass Hole of the Month!

February 2013 – CHUA JUI MENG
chuaminiHe calls himself a devoted Christian. To perpetuate that religious and holier than thou myth, every single sentence of his is punctuated with verses from the Bible. More incredibly, he would often pray by placing his hand on the shoulder or even the head of his listeners, as if he is the priest …Continue Reading
September 2012 – MANSOR OTHMAN
Our ‘asshole of the month’ is non-other Penang deputy CM Mansor Othman. He really fits into the bill for cocking up so many lies and gimmicks about what he had said about his ‘tokong’ boss Lim Guan Eng. Less than three days after sitting next to LGE during a rebuttal media conference which …Continue Reading
August 2012 – M. MANOHARAN
This man truly deserves this special award. In fact, this portal is giving him a GOLD MEDAL for being the asshole of the month. Hands down, he won. If there is an Olympics for assholes, he would win the top award. This is not the first time this DAP state assemblyman has put his dirty foot into his dirty …Continue Reading
What a liar Muhammad Nizar Jamaluddin has turned out to be. This PAS leader was caught red handed by Perak MB Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.Nizar has been telling voters that he was against the multi-billion ringgit iron ore distribution centre in Teluk Rubiah, Lumut. The scum had spoken at …Continue Reading
February 2012 – CHUA JUI MENG
Chua Jui Meng is our ass hole for March. He wins the title hands down for his sheer selfishness and over inflated ego. He is already 70-years-old but still harbour hopes of contesting a parliamentary seat in the coming general elections. The Johor PKR chairman used to spend his entire political life …Continue Reading
January 2012 – HEW KUAN YAU
He calls himself a Superman by wearing his trademark Superman T-shirt. He has created a name for himself for his brash, assertive and foul-mouthed remarks at ceramahs which the DAP supporters lapped up. He is their hero although he curses his political opponents, cursing their entire generations …Continue Reading
December 2011 – NGA KOR MING
We have decided to name this racist DAP Assemblyman Nga Kor Ming as the Ass Hole of The Month award early. He can spin and bullshit to his listeners what he had said but it was clear that he had cast a racial slur on the Perak MB Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir. Nga has been smearing …Continue Reading
November 2011 – HEW KUAN YAU
He regards himself as the Superman of the DAP, wearing his trademark Superman T-shirt at every ceramah but we think he should be wearing a Super F T-shirt instead because he loves to spew profanity, uses vulgarities, especially in Cantonese, in front of women and children…Continue Reading
October 2011 – LIM GUAN ENG
Recalcitrant, arrogant and a damn liar best sums up the character of Lim Guan Eng.It must have been a half-hearted apology when he merely called for a press conference to apologise to the Sultan of Johor and his subjects over disparaging remarks he had made about the state…Continue Reading
September 2011 – MAT SABU
First, stopthelies would like to apologise for the delay in naming our ass hole of the month. It was a clear choice but the Hari Raya holidays delayed our naming of the winner.We also wish to apologise that we had referred the deputy PAS president as a former chef. It was a wrong choice of reference, as one…Continue Reading
August 2011 – KOH TSU KOON
We have a tough time deciding whether it should be Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali or the wimpy Koh Tsu Koon. Ibrahim Ali was originally an obvious choice for offering a miserable and pathetic RM5,000 award to UiTM. The winner would be picked for nationalistic achievement…Continue Reading