Kwong Wah Reporter at Anti-Lynas Demo in Penang was a Participant, Not as a Newsman!

Kwong Wah Jit Poh reporter Adam Chew found himself becoming a news item instead of covering news. He was at the Speakers Corner in Penang attending the anti-Lynas protest when a scuffle broke out.

There was a commotion between pro-Lynas and anti-Lynas groups when Adam Chew ended up being walloped.

This portal does not condone any form of violence but participants who join demonstrations must know there are always elements of risks.

Those who are against the Lynas project must also accept that there are also those who are supportive. They have as much right to express their stand.

That is why pro-Lynas supporters are warned that they should not bring their children along as human shields. Even if that is not their intention, they should not bring them because protests are not picnics. There are elements of politics.

The scuffle that broke out in Penang is a clear example of why children should stay clear.

Back to Adam Chew. He was off duty and dressed in a green T-shirt – it clearly shows that he was a participant.

He was hardly objective. He is also known to be a hardcore supporter of the DAP.

In fact, Kwong Wah has openly pledged its allegiance to the DAP by devoting eight pages of pictures to the Lynas issue on Saturday including a page one with mostly pictures of DAP supporters.

There was even a centre spread of anti-Lynas pictures.

When pro-Lynas supporters blocked Lim Guan Eng’s car, Adam Chew was among those who tried to stop and challenged the pro-Lynas supporters.

He has also quickly blamed Umno when he has no evidence, basing his allegations on hearsay.

Our advice to Kwong Wah Jit Poh, the Penang-based newspaper, is to stay neutral and not take sides.

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110 Responses to Kwong Wah Reporter at Anti-Lynas Demo in Penang was a Participant, Not as a Newsman!

  1. 关丹​民 says:


    • Gabriel says:

      Kwong wah, china press, oriental daily – all mouth piece of DAP. They want Guan Eng to be the PM.

    • suara rakyat says:

      Uncouth behaviour, thuggery and violence were the modus operandi of a group hell-bent on disruption. Eyewitness accounts and video clips clearly show this group was not interested in rational discussion or debate but went all out to create a ruckus, exhibited bullying behaviour and were disrespectful, vulgar and violent. From the shouts of this group, it was clear to which political party they were being loyal.

      And glaringly noticeable is the apparent lack of police intervention, despite their presence, against those causing the ruckus. Instead, it is those who have gathered peacefully who are asked disperse.

      The inane excuses from the police and the lack of condemnation of this type of behaviour by members of the ruling party (for which these thugs are said to have affinity) show tacit approval, if not outright sanction, of thuggery against those who hold different views and are deemed a threat to the ruling party. It is simply irresponsible, dangerous and totally unacceptable.

      With the general election around the corner, a chance for change is once again possible. Incidents like this will help people decide how to cast their vote. As the story about this incident and accompanying video footage goes viral, fence-sitting Malaysians living locally and abroad will understand why they must help to bring about the change this country needs.

      • Undertaker for BN says:

        The unruthlyness of this groups has done no damage to its opponent but to its own.
        Hai, Perkasa, please thick carefully as responsible human beings of the tiny planet, do not contribute more of the bad karmic forces and influences to it. Eventually, you will be facing the effect of your own deeds.
        Rais should teach Perkasa ‘Nilai nilai Murni’!

    • 黄&青 says:


    • 青黄 says:


    • Selena Tay says:

      Recently, beginning from January this year, Umno has resorted to hooliganism by disrupting Pakatan Rakyat ceramah events. Events organised by certain NGOs have also come under attack.

      The list is as follows:

      1. ABU and Hindraf joint event held in a hall in Jalan Kebun, Klang;

      2. 15 student activists who wanted to voice their demands for academic freedom had to be escorted to safety by the police, also in Klang;

      3. Anwar Ibrahim’s ceramah in Felda Tun Ghafar in Alor Gajah, Malacca, was marred by scuffles between PKR and BN supporters;

      4. Anwar’s car’s windscreen was smashed by Umno hooligans when he went to Sembrong in Johor to give a ceramah;

      5. Himpunan Hijau 2.0 Rally in Penang attended by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng wherein two reporters of Kwong Wah Yit Poh were attacked by Umno hooligans who also hurled racist slurs and vulgarities at Lim;

      6. PKR Lembah Pantai Nurul Izzah’s ceramah in Felda Lepar Hilir I, Gambang, Pahang, wherein an Umno hooligan nearly punched her eyes.

      With the exception of the first incident listed above which happened on Jan 21, 2012, all the other incidents occurred last month. Even the Pakatan supporters who put up party flags prior to the ceramahs being held have been attacked.

      The common mode of disturbance and disruption by the Umno hooligans are:

      1. blaring loud music near Pakatan ceramahs;

      2. hurling stones, bottles and sticks at the audience or Pakatan leaders; and

      3. revving up their motorbikes to drown out the Pakatan ceramah speakers.

      Lately, however, they have resorted to injuring the Pakatan supporters who attend the ceramahs and attempting to injure the Pakatan leaders too.

      There is a Chinese saying that a person who is near death exhibits weird behaviour. Perhaps this is happening to Umno now as it senses its demise in the coming 13th general election. And this must be the reason why Umno has gone berserk. Their irrational behaviour has cemented them as the baddie of the Malaysian political scenario.

  2. R-Truth says:

    BN government has proven that they do not care about the people and the wishes of the people.

    They are only interested in approving projects where there is a lot of corrupt money involved and that is why despite all the protests, they still have to go on with the project since they have already taken their cut.

    I think all Malaysians should know by now that the only thing that we can do to stop the corruption and abuse of power is to kick BN out and put in place a government which will care about the people and their wishes.

    The government elected must take into consideration the people’s desires and needs, and not just bulldoze their way through everything.

    If BN insists on approving the Lynas project, then they should approve it to be built in Putrajaya. Why don’t they do that, since they said it’s safe?

    We can see that all BN cares about is money. They do not care one bit about the rakyat.

    We have to kick BN out and then hold Pakatan Rakyat to their promise to send back Lynas to Australia.

    • drMpower says:

      jesus christ
      what u are smoking, child?
      slowdown the weed, its killing ya (brain)

      okay so we got one EXPERT in nuclear saying it safe
      and he is among u guys
      guan eng doesnt know shite about nuclear, he doesnt have anything to prove apart form everything in life is politics
      and u, hiding behind this nickname, surely dont possess even the slightest knowledge about nuclear thing

      i am not BNs running dog but this is something blown out of proportion. simply because of politics. not about safety of rakyat.
      this never been anything about rakyat at all.

    • chewal says:

      are you for real ?
      are you that stupid ?


      Do you know what Lynas is about ? Do you prefer to listen to the facts from the expertise or to listen to the `half past six leaders’ and `mamat lulusan sastera’ ?

      If you choose to listen to the half past six leaders (Anwar, Zuraidah, etc) it is your fault to be ignorance.

    • jimmie says:

      what a jerk!!what about parti KENCING rakyat promises that been made during last general election…so pathetic!!

    • Lil Jim says:

      When is it going to be held ? Mamakthir says to wait till the last possible moment. Rosie says to wait till the last possible moment so that she can really get used to being First Lady. Pemandu says to have elections as early as possible as the global economic climate is uncertain.

      In the meantime, Ibrahim Katak is furiously demanding a seat. Khir Toyo’s boys are threatening to sabotage Noh Omar’s boys. Shahidan Kassim is trying to make a comeback in Perlis. Musang in Sabah is having his hands full trying to repel Shafie Apdal’s boys. Najib is holding his head in his hands…….

      • Jiwa Raga says:

        I tend to think Mahathir is a deeply insecure person, and perhaps being one of the earliest Malay doctor, he had spun such an entangled web to segregate races and created such a hegemonic mentality, especially among many educated Malays. Why the educated Malays are more susceptible to this lie? It is because they are following the footsteps of their so-called “successful” leaders. The UMNO cronies are their main (perhaps, only) role models of what a successful Malay mean. I don’t know, but I think if we keep sowing seeds of dissension, we are actually falling into the BN trap…and falling deeper in!

    • Gai says:

      I think the open style harassment by UMNO sponsored bad persons has a purpose in mind. It is aimed at creating a situation of chaos (they will increase the frequency and severity of it to reach a threshold point when chaos will reign). Then no elections will be held. Emergency might be declared under the guise of so-called “global economic uncertainty”. The when comes April 2013 when Parliament’s term comes to an end PM Najib will rule by using the power of the Agong with the consent of the Rulers. Political activities will be curtailed. In this I can see another May 13 of 1969 re-enactment in the making. The need for this on the part of PM Najib and even exPM Mahathir is pretty obvious: to protect from being exposed of all those things done which were not done transparently and which include Altantuya murder trial, Teh Beng Hock and the poor custom officer that felled down from the MACC building, MAS and Port Klang scandals, and of course the NFC-Cow-Condo current fantastic case. And I believe the recent BRIM$500. 00 payment has not been seen to be able to get the people to agree with what BN has wanted them to agree with, that is, that BN is rakyat friendly. The people at large and this include those who have received the BRIM that the $500. 00 per person means nothing compared with the losses by MAS of $8 billion, Port Klang fiasco of $12 billion, and the fact that now our national’s debt has soared to almost $500 billion. And that BN is not rakyat friendly despite the slogan of “People First, Performance Now”

      The people of Sarawak and Sabah and Kelantan, on the other hand, are lamenting the loss of their oil revenue and the fact that the development grants given are too insignificant compared to the massive earnings from exploitation of oil and gas from their shores. And worse Petronas itself now apparently has no money despite it has been operating and pumping oil since 1976 Petronas Act came into being. And despite that it has been paying mere 5 percent royalty to Sabah and Sarawak. And that has been denied to Kelantan.

      The people are also lamenting that even the 5 percent royalties to Sarawak they don’t see that monies translated into major development in rural areas. Where have the monies gone to? The poor rural roads, and the until today merely in the road to Kapit and Belaga and beyond has remain a dream only. The people are still relying on ferry services from/to Sibu and by logging roads to the interior beyond Kapit. That certainly does not testify any positively that the 5 percent oil royalties have been wisely spent or at all.

      On the other hand when we should have the 5 percent oil royalties to spend on development our timber resources, once Sarawak’s pride, is all but gone. This timber extraction has been claimed as being necessary for generating funds for development. In fact there is hardly any development to commensurate with the rapid losses of timber. We have lost much on this front as well. And the people in general are not happy, they are angry. The UMNO/BN knows about the people’s feelings alright.

      So with knowledge of the peoples are angry as being caused by all those losses which are indication of poor governance on the part of BN leaders, all these in turn are creating uncertainty in the mind of UMNO/BN over whether they could win the coming GE13. I think they are now rehearsing a Plan-B by deploying those thugs/gangsters at ceramahs of PR as a result of it.

      However the people of this country should not be deterred but keep faith that ultimately truth will prevail. It is said in the Bible that “anyone shall not be let free until he has paid the last farthing”, and that what has been kept under lid and known between the mere few will be made known to all by trumpets blowing from the rooftops. I think too that some leaders of this nation have been playing gods unto themselves because all this while BN has had it absolutely to themselves made possible by BN has had two-third majority in Parliament and in all States for far too long. They look upon the citizens as mere their subjects not worthy of being listened to or consulted. All of these is wrong and those who are guilty of that will pay for it.

      Meantime the people should pray to the Almighty, One and Only, that truth will prevail and this Nation will be saved from attempted ruination by greed of the few.

  3. Lynasanity says:

    BN govt never learns to avoid offending the people, the earth we are living in , etc all because of the fact that their only interest has always been what is in store for them in these projects. They are so used to this modes operandi that they do not ever think of any adversity from their corrupt actions. They are neck deep in corrupt and evil acts to be able to turn back. The people are left with no other option but to send umno to be a minority opposition party come GE13. The only way to reform umno is to ensure it fails miserably in GE13, so much so that not one supreme council, division and branch committee survives in elections, which will sweep them and the corrupt minded out to bring in fresh incorruptible minds into party leadership at all levels. This is the only option for true/ selfless umno lovers who we are all very sure are detesting their corrupt leaders. We urge earnest and umno lovers to vote their umno candidates out in GE13, their only option to reform umno.

    If Lynas is making billion of ringgit tax free profit from this plant every year, I wonder how much “illicit” money they are paying to our BN politicians and ministers. Maybe they will direct pay to these Malaysia corruptors’ overseas accounts, so no trace of illicit capital outflow here, plus totally risk free from corrupted act being exposed to the public compared to siphoning money thru national coffer. Seems like Malaysia corruptors have evolved and become more and more daring and greedy in taking national wealth nowadays.

    • chewal says:

      you are another moron that can’t even read and comprehend the technical issue in the lynas project.

      Stop being a fool. This is 2012, go home and read read read !

      • des says:

        Read what? Give facts lah, read? read? read? read what? You can’t even write more. I pity you.

        • chewal says:

          I ask you to go and read the details….. find the facts. Find the estimate radiation exposure, find the comparison with other radioactive material.

          Hint : the radiation exposure from eating one banana a day is much higher than the radiation exposed by lynas kuantan.

          • Neutral says:

            Facts are created by humans, you will not 100% sure that its true. If so, why would the aussie choose to build in malaysia rather than their own country which they can save billions of dolar. And they have big space of land to build

          • chewal says:


            You said facts are created by human so they are not 100% true but you believe in non-factual evidence rather than factual report? Haha, this is hilarious.

            Go and read why the ausie chose msia and not their place. Maybe you also can read why Intel chose malaysia or why sun power chose malaysia….

      • Anonymous says:

        The technical report is flawed!

        • chewal says:

          Say who? The moron from pkr? No wonder the hijau people is full of idiots.

        • edd says:

          hijau ppl only believe facts from internet/blogs..that’s all..

          “read blogs about mat salleh speaks in malay..”

          I am now an activist!

          I CAN JOIN HIJAU after i read all facts from blogs! #sarcasm

      • nyan cat says:

        You want technical details? Ok

        Lynas and its supporters claim the ore is not monazite ore which contains high levels of radioactive thorium, like what was done in Bukit Merah. But this source shows the mount weld mine ore is monazite:

        “Supergene, secondary monazite from the Mt. Weld carbonatite laterite, Western Australia; p. 67-70.”

        Lynas and government has no solution of how to process & dispose the waste byproduct radioactive thorium, other than leaving in at the site. Mitsubishi Chemical stored the waste in Bukit Merah, resulting in many health issues and deaths. Thats why people are so upset over this Lynas thing.

        • Edwards says:

          How many people died in Bukit Merah, how may were hospitalized? How many suffering long term effects till now? Can you please substantiate your claim and source for readers info?

        • Facts Please says:

          “Bahan mentah yang digunakan oleh Asian Rare Earth di Bukit Merah ialah bahan ‘Tin Mining Tailings’ yang mana mana ianya berbeza dengan yang digunakan oleh Lynas. Di mana ‘Tin Mining Tailings’ ianya 50 kali lebih tinggi tahap radiasinya”

          Saya terbaca kenyataan ini di blog Rezqeen Hill.

          Boleh kah anda sdr nyan cat mempertikaikannya? Saya juga menanti jawapan anda berhubung pertanyaan salah seorang commentator, iaitu berapa ramaikah “ramai yang mati” di Bukit Merah? Saya telah buat carian tetapi tidak menjumpai sumbernya.

          • Ramli says:

            To all EPF contributors in Malaysia who have attained 50 and 55 effectively to withdraw all your monies still with EPF. Demand your right to withdraw every single cents that you are eligible and legally entitled to. Dispose all your unit trust fund as well. Cash out now before your hard earned money disappear under our heavily indebted and most corrupted government.More than 50% of EPF money are currently floating somewhere and majority in dubious investments or in the form of unsecured loans to BN cronies. BN government ponzi schemes or scams are no longer tenable ramliCash out now before you are sorry!

        • Facts Please says:

          Selain itu, bolehkah sdr cat jelaskan samada standard piawaian keselamatan di Bukit Merah adalah sama atau memenuhi syarat sebagaimana di Lynas? Perbandingan ini perlu sebelum kita boleh menyamakan risiko radioaktif di kedua-dua kilang.

          Umpamanya, adakah sisa2 buangan di bukit merah dilupuskan mengikut peraturan, sebagaimana dituntut bagi Lynas?

      • jawal says:

        Tecnically both Tun Pirates on the same boat. Daim has reaped billions on Mahathir’s loot so why should he rat on his ex-boss and risk looking bad. Nobody’s gonna investigate the Tuns. Only when we change the government can this happen. But all the tauke Tuns have their exit strategies planned long time ago. All is well in Tun street.

        • Gempak says:

          There is something in what Mahathir said that is always left unsaid! What is unsaid is mostly the truth on what’s actually happening in the country that causes all the current social troubles! At best, what he said are half-truths and his actions are half-baked! When it comes to race-relations, Mahathir is the most insincere person living in Malaysia! He’ll put on a grand and magnanimous front promoting “a Malaysian race, a Bangsa Malaysia” but quietly at the back he would turn treasonous and import unqualified foreigners into the country to swell up and upset the original racial composition of the country! There are hundreds of similar insincere actions executed by this unscrupulous man while in office!

          Mahathir is a con-man of Indian origin! He conned the foreign press like what he had said above, he tried to con the world into believing he is anti-Israel while corresponding with them but what is worse, he is still conning the poor Malay rural folks into believing he is the anointed Malay-protector while using their support to fatten his family’s pockets! Mahathir is one person who had unshamedly and vigorously promoted division amongst the people and if you believe him as a Malaysian, your life as well as your future generations’ lifes will be screwed real bad by this unrepentant evil man!

    • deron says:

      Corrupt, oppressive, evil … Lather, rinse, repeat.
      Not everybody shares your worldview thankfully.

  4. Hmm says:


    See it on Youtube here:

  5. r0 says:

    “BN government has proven that they do not care about the people and the wishes of the people.” << so do you think all people support hijau? Stupid…

    • Benji says:

      Public perception of the police in Malaysia can be summed up as Corrupt, Incompetent and loyal to UMNO and not their uniform and certainly not the public who pay their salaries. High time they changed their act.

  6. OTAK TAK CENTER says:

    This Adam fella needs to have his head checked. How someone who covers an anti-Lynas protest dressed in green? What’s he trying to prove? Might as well wear a rocket T-shirt.

  7. Observer says:

    I think Malaysians have all gone crazy. GE must be held soon and settle all. We need to get on with our lives

  8. Think Green says:

    Was it an anti-Lynas protest or a pro-Pakatan Rakyat protest? Ambiga, why are you attending all anti-govt protest, same with Bar Council? Shame.

    • Hmm says:

      BN supporters are allergic to green because of PAS, so they cannot understand Himpunan Hijau!

      • b-town trustee! says:


        It should have been a peaceful rally with no political sentiments UNTIL…………..those political faggots with no concern about the environment crashed the party just to be ‘seen pursuing a cause’ (which is anti-govt)

        Would a pro-environment politician let anyone dig up all the sand in Selangor or threaten to destroy Kedah’s rain catchment areas to be logged? lolololol

        • Omar says:

          You sound like a Lynas trustee.

        • Sazali says:

          RM400 million a day of black money disappeared from Malaysia! IN ONE DAY! Based on the reported RM150 billion/year that vanished. According to the Washington-based financial watchdog Global Financial Integrity (GFI), in 2009 alone RM 150 billion (US$47 billion) in illicit money was illegally siphoned out of Malaysia. The latest GFI report, by economists Sarah Freitas and Dev Kar, who is a former senior economist at the International Monetary Fund, stressed that these illicit outflows are basically illicit transfers of the proceeds of bribery, theft, kickbacks and tax evasion.” In other words, it refers to corruption money or black money that is obtained illegally…… ENOUGH OF TAIB, ENOUGH OF UMNO, NOT ANOTHER DAY!

      • nyan cat says:

        The only green BN people like is the green of RM50 note

        • Edwards says:

          U made fun of yourself bloke. Where got green rm50 notes. Blue rm50 notes maa, surely pakatan hypocrites love the blue notes too maa.

          And about your accusations that “resulting in many health issues and deaths in Bukit Merah”, why havent you furnish the facts, figures and sources of your allegations?

          Or you now admit that you are lying thru your teeth and scull like most dap and pakatan kiasus? Give us the facts maa? Or, u finally found your green rm50 notes. Show us, or you damn liar?

    • Not a politician says:

      Ambiga should go back bar council to catch those corrupted lawyers first.

  9. Jolene says:

    Thanks for this exposure. I thought this Adam was an angel, how come Malaysiakini dont report this?

  10. b-town trustee! says:

    That flying kick, plus his appearance who looks like ‘Nameless’ from Fung Wan

    Future action movie star? Yep, future action movie star. WAAAACHAAAAAA!!1

  11. sicfallacy says:

    1. They (pro-anti-Lynas activists politicians) can bring this issue in the parliament, from the very beginning of the project proposal. But did they done that?

    2. If this safe, why not built in Putrajaya you ask? Well, why government did not built steel-mill factory in Putrajaya? Why not built hydroelectric dam, textile factory or even oil palm mill there? Is it because not safe?

    3. The product (rare earth elements) is safe, but what about the waste management? This is the one that really an issue here. Waste management. For those who are pro or anti-Lynas, please read and take advice from expertise, not politician.

    4. Why is it always come down to politics and political parties? Do really problems solved when BN continue to rule the government? Do there is no problem whatsoever if Pakatan win GE? The f man. We need government who know how to govern, and we need opposition who know what is the function of opposition in our democracy system.

    5. Either we will heading toward Big Brother, or Animal Farm ending.

    • Kenji says:

      You should also ask why BN must resort to using thugs and samseng.

      • chewal says:

        And you should ask why you always believe the lies from mkini, TMI and the likes.

        • Neutral says:

          and u my ask why u believe in your own source of information

          • chewal says:

            I always believe in factual report/information.
            The problems with PR politician is theyblame everything on BN/Umno without any substance and some people will blindly believe them.

            Mkini, TMI have been caught pants down sooo many times.

    • Not a politician says:

      If pakatan knows rare earth is so radioactive why they dont reveal it during the proposal time few years back? Why keep quiet until now suddenly so eagerly to reveal the so called facts and history?

      Their motive is not good. They don’t really want to help people to avoid radioactive but to trap the BN government into this issue and help itself to gain more votes.

  12. des says:

    There is no question of pro or anti-Lynas. There is no question of pro government or anti government.

    The question is simple: Are we Malaysians very poor to the extend that we have to put ourselves and our children at such risk? And how much is the money we Malaysians receive for approving Lynas operations? US 100 billions a year?

    Malaysians life worth more than US 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 billions.

  13. Anonymous says:

    BN now using violence to justify its means?

  14. tang says:

    Would you please STOP YOUR LIES, no violent is allow in any circumstances at all !!!! Be it Pro-Lynas or Anti-Lynas.

    • Xpkr says:

      This pro Dap anti lynas Adam fella clearly violent with his bruce lee flying kick, and he is a journalist too. Yet Lim Guan Eng showing sympathy only to him. Perception is, because he is a chinaman while the other side are malayman. Is he CM for all Penangites irrespective of race, party or religion, or just for chinese? Well, he did not show that at all. Damn hypocrite kiasus!

      Did LGE protest the rampant fellings of timber in Kedah? Oh, this is pakatan state, like the Bayan Mutiara and eSpice fiasco, they never do any wrong, they are saint.

    • Tebrau Boy says:

      Johoreans must remember that BN will build its nuclear plant in Johor if the Johoreans still give the support to BN!

      • Facts Please says:

        ” Tahukah kita bahawa Indonesia, Vietnam dan Bangladesh yang merupakan negara lebih miskin dari Malaysia telah pun merancang untuk memulakan projek ini dimana mereka bakal mengendalikan loji nuklear sendiri menjelang 2020.” sumber Rezqeen Hill

        Tidak semestinya di Johor. Yang penting adakah loji nuklir ini selamat menurut standard antarabangsa IAEA. Isu di sini ialah Lynas. Lynas bukan loji nuklir.

  15. andi says:

    look at that, another lier=LGE in the making…..your are reporter but you give sholin kick to other??? your are reporter but you trying to protect LGE, eeehhh are you reporter or bodyguard???

    when it comes to LGE double standard is everything….you can make wrong but if the worng for LGE it alwasy be a right and honorable thing????

    yet still want to blame umno for that????rally for green but LGE give speech of codemn to umno???in what sense of that is not provocation when you know that there are supporter and not supporter there……

    cheapskate person….you vandalise yet want to be hero then call other samseng..shame on you..

    wonder why press association dont take any action about this?? if every journalist can be like this pick side, become bodyguard involve in the rally any time they want you still said MALAYSIA lack of freedom????

    when you provoke people, people will react, when people react, they react to provocateurs.. learn that if you want to fight for green and peace asshole…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Good piece of writing! I support this: “Those who are against the Lynas project must also accept that there are also those who are supportive. They have as much right to express their stand.” Some people overreact on Lynas because they are unaware of the influnce of rare earth, radioactive materials are everywhere, it is on your phone and computer, x ray, taking aircraft…the effects from Lynas are far less serious than our daily exposure to radioactive materials.

  17. Edwards says:

    By Apanama2020:

    NOW! The (above) facts should be screaming on the faces of Pakatan Rakyat’s hypocrites. 

    Shin-Etsu (M) Sdn.Bhd, a rare earth magnet producing factory, is operating right under their nose in the Hicom Industrial Area in Shah Alam.

    Remarks: now mr nyan cat must let us know how many many MANY PEOPLE have died because of this rare earth thing, not only in Bukit Merah but also in Shah Alam.

    Err mr cat, heloooooo!

    Could we expect the Pakatan led Selangor state government to close down the factory which has been operating in this country for decades? 

    Lets watch the circus!

    p/s I’m sure Penang Chief Minister would be among the first to call for the Shin-Etsu rare earth magnet producing factory in Shah Alam to be closed down…immediately.

    • Not a politician says:

      Is that true? If true then gather fact and report in newspapers. But I worried Chinese newspapers reluctant to report it too. Coz this is against pakatan. Not good for anti BN.

  18. jawal says:

    Perkasa should INSTRUCT UMNO to ban internet altogether. There are tonnes of pictures, videos and articles that are “offensive” to them. All internet service providers should go to jail…..oh, what? No enough space in prison? Ok, it’s easier for Perkasa to live in caves or top of trees in the forest then. It’s closer to heaven for them.

    • watan says:

      When Umno/Perkasa provoke the crowd, it’s okay. But when Umno/Perkasa ‘fight back’, they quickly say the CM or the anti-Lynas protesters provoked them. Double standards indeed.

  19. kiasu says:

    HJ Hijau says:
    March 1, 2012 at 1:11 pm
    You must be reading too much Utusan.
    Shame on you.

    >>>This is typical DAP hypocrite kiasus’s comment. When asked for facts and sources, they run helter skelter without giving any concrete answer. Must be reading too much Rocket eh.

    • Raikonen says:

      There can never be true unity or good race relations when one can’t even sit down at a table for a meal together…Look at the coffee shops…Chinese at yr local corner lot kopitiam, Malays at their roadside mamak, how to foster relations? Religious extremism has played a role in dividing the various races.

  20. kiasu says:

    Shin-Etsu (M) Sdn.Bhd, a rare earth magnet producing factory, is operating right under DAP/PKR’s nose in the Hicom Industrial Area in Shah Alam

    Although the Shah Alam factory merely produces rare-earth magnets and is not a rare-earth refinery like the one planned near Kuantan, there are three steps in the rare earth element (REE) industry, and that supporting a factory that merely uses rare earth elements means supporting the entire process.

    “supporting a factory that uses rare earth elements MEANS SUPPORTING the entire process”

  21. bicara rakyat 2.0 says:

    Umno and its gangs can act and behave in uncivilised manner but others cannot crticise them. If they are criticised, then it’s considered provocation and they have the right to bash anyone up.

    • Anonymous says:

      Perkasa = Umno = thugs

      MCA = porn = sex VCD

    • Jasa Bakti says:

      Perkosa, please keep up what you are doing so that you continue to demonstrate to the Rakyat that you are nothing more than a bunch of moronic thugs with no values and no future,

  22. Anonymous says:





  23. Pingback: Blogger pro Umno, wartawan pro DAP masing-masing mencari pengaruh « Helen Ang

  24. Alberto says:

    Najib’s apology is just simply an admisions for the many wrongdoings done by UMNO, but it will also mean nothing much when he could not put real reforms and take appropiate actions against those who have pilfered, plundered, manipulated projects for self-interest and showed favoritism to cronies draining off national wealth and treasures. Start to act on those highly corrupted umnoputras, CMs/MBs, ex-PMs/ministers, suspiciously wealthy VVIPs, cronies and high ranking civil servants to show his sincererity in his apology or it would just indicate that this apology is just fishing for votes in this ugly tactic which most rakyat know too well.

  25. Metro Squad says:

    UMNO losing the peception War and trying to keep stirring racial sentiments….Kepp uploading the youtube of these murderous goons faces… by one we give Mat Kilau lesson…..never know what hit them 2-3 weeks later….especially their leaders….they can be SB, Pekida, ex-army elite…..they are old and have used by date. Only tough when in groups ….little whingers when in 2-3….pity those who hang out with them…. some of their place of abode also kena paint…kacau lagi lah!!

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