Two Wives Still Not Enough for PKR’s Ustaz Dr Badrul “Khalwat” Amin

Badrul & his second wife

You got to admire this guy. Dr Badrul Amin Basiron just got married last June. He has also produced seven children from the first wife but he still needs his 3am meeting.

We would have thought with his round-the-clock political work, this PKR supreme council member and Anwar Ibrahim’s key aide would be dead tired at 3am.

But obviously he must have been consuming too much Power Roots and other herbal concoctions.  His men are now saying its one big misunderstanding. The woman had turned up to seek counseling from our beloved and pious Ustaz at 3am because of marital problems she was facing.

Yes, we believe him.  We believe him, just like the other brain-less Pakatan Rakyat super zombies, who believed it was not Anwar having sex with that China Doll caught on video.

Happy Family?

OK, so our Ustaz made himself available at 3am to meet someone’s wife but we have been informed that there was a drama and commotion at Swiss Hotel in Kuantan when the husband and his son showed up at the hotel.

The husband, it seemed, confronted our super holy Badrul before the Jabatan Agama Islam Pahang officials came into the picture. We said “it seemed” because new versions of the incident has kept popping up.

If indeed the angry husband showed up first, Badrul – the PKR Sabak Bernam leader – could get away scot free. Technical grounds, we assumed but he can’t blame on Umno-BN now. Still, it’s better wait for more details because everyone is giving too many contradicting details.

Scene of the Crime - Swiss Garden Hotel, Kuantan, Pahang

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18 Responses to Two Wives Still Not Enough for PKR’s Ustaz Dr Badrul “Khalwat” Amin

  1. aljuburit says:

    perut dia tak sama macam perut saya

    • Anonymous says:

      The fanatic followers of Pakatan Rakyat will take it very negatively against this news. They will definitely think, as always, this is “kerja jahat” UMNO since Mahathir era. Let’s think positive about all these “type” of incidence…Mat Sabu, then Badrul Amin……as you are the famous political figure and also seen to be a pious man……why did you expose yourself to this kind of situation? Mat Sabu was caught at Hotel Perdana room. The reason given is because the women sent medicine to him. Isn’t better for him to meet the women at the lobby and handed over the medicine? or if he is so sick, get the hotel personnel / bell boy to deliver the medicine.
      Ustaz Badrul Amin case was caught at 3am…I’m not sure how and whereabouts at the Swiss Garden Resort as the facts wasn’t clear yet. Nevertheless, being an ustaz, although he is trying to help. He should just met the lady at the lobby with so many people…..if in the hotel room, regardless whether they are clothed properly….it is still a “khalwat”.

    • Dugo says:

      Ana nampak kopiah macam saya punya, baju melayu macam saya punya, muka pun macam muka saya, tapi itu bukan saya….

      ….sebab ana tidak nampak kotte saya berapa panjang daa

  2. Anonymas says:

    Man…….what a TIGER. Rowwrrr.

    Needs 2 more though.

  3. Ustazah ajijah says:

    a professional cunt licker indeed!!

    To blame UMNO for his endless lust ???

  4. Rabbit says:

    Aku nak belajar dengan ostat ni… petua nak bagi ‘kaunseling’ bini orang jam 3 pagi.

  5. Ccscsc says:

    Dear asshole owner of this blog…people who live in glass houses should not throw stones…if you need translation, go look it up.

    • izad says:

      political hypocrites regardless of their political affiliation should be exposed for their would do the peoples good if these hypocrites were to exit the political scene…

    • Ustazah ajijah says:

      that a was say!.
      now a day bullet proof is no news.
      we can throw anything even fused a bomb, nice indeed if an asshole like you happened to be in that house.
      What say you, asshole?

    • b-town trustee! says:

      So it means that we can’t berate our neighbor’s dog for shitting up our garden just because our kitten is doing the same?

      Bro, lu double standard. Salah tetap salah!!

  6. Dupa says:

    Lawa sial seken wife dia, gua pon nak

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wonder why those who bark at this blog repeatedly visit and make nasty comments.
    Ccscsc, please if you don’t like what is posted, you have the right NOT to visit. Open up your blog, write what you want, criticise to your fullest satisfaction, blame UMNO for everything and show a litle bit of manners and and see how many visitots you can garner…..

    WE are all stupid, you should have provided the translation unless you too, like the PR supporters parrot everything without ever knowing what it means. Please enlighten us with you….throw stones…..

    For your info, the guy caught for khalwat has foul-mouthed others of religious background… and yes, people in glass houses shouldn’t……….payment is cash terms these days….

    Have a good day to all you foul mouth commenters.. and to the rest, have a blessed day ahead

  8. sabarih says:

    eventho i disrespect pkr, i dont believe this new, I also dont believe this’s umno wrongdoing. I just cnt believed badrul amin helped his friend (he knew the wife & husband long ago) @3am in morning alone. as ustaz he sud know the fitnah is everywhere.

    • b-town trustee! says:

      It’s reported that Ustaz here has been with the wife for 3 days! She ran away from home.

      But seriously, can’t he just hand the wife to a woman PKR rep? Cause it’s womens problem (as reported). Why’d she go to him?

  9. kunyit & galangal says:

    hmmm helping a friend out at 3am? very believable (if you hadn’t realised I’m being sarcastic)

  10. rusty blade says:

    badrul amin layakah dipanggil ustaz lagi setelah apa yg berlaku. Rumah tk cukup bilek ke sampai pergi hotel. cakap tk serupa bikin. dont behave like an angel. the truth you re …….. rusty …

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