Lim Guan Eng’s Fistful of Sand

It is laughable that the great LGE is trying to explain out of his poor performance in the Debate of the Century, explaining in the Chinese papers today that he could have K.0-ed CSL in 5 minutes if he had wanted too. But he used his “ holding back” strategy that worked better because the claps were louder when he did that.

When someone is knocked out on the ground, the only thing he can use to defend his last breath is throwing a fistful of sand at the enemy’s eyes.

Meanwhile, CSL is still preening his feathers perched on a shady tree – staying a safe distance away from that down and out guy with a handful of sand. Silently savouring his victory.

STL has procured some insider info which would bust the myth of a perfect politician – pretender champion of the so-called Chinese supreme race. The race that demands everything and yet says others are unfair to them. DAP’s popularity and fame rides on that now, unleashed and unabashed Chinese chauvinism.

The sequence of events to prove that DAP is an empty shell.

LGE and DAP are right, they never should have accepted the debate. MCA was merely riding on their popularity (for the above reasons, mind you).

Myth 1: LGE wanted to debate
ASLI conferences are all conducted in English for as long as it has existed. The organizers, including the sponsors all assumed the sessions be in English. LGE’s office, after having received the invitation to a debate tried to get out. They thought of a clever plan to pick CSl’s weakest points ( so they thought). i.e. of all the languages, Mandarin is CSL’s weakest language being an English educated man. They thought if they put him on national TV, it would also make CSl run away.

CSL was undeterred. DAP panicked. No, LGE didn’t want to debate with CSL.

Myth 2 : LGE doesn’t lie.
LGE then said the title was changed. Untrue. He lied to Malaysiakini. As it turns out, ASLI came out at a press conference to say he accepted the title in black and white. “ Will a 2 party system become a 2 race system”.

What has NOT been agreed upon by all parties was the EXACT title in Chinese. The title was NOT changed.

Myth 3: LGE has good aides
The downfall of  LGE eventually will be because of Ng Aik Wei, his political secretary. The reason why he was replaced with Antony Loke is because Ng rejected all the registration by DAP members who called into ASLI. He told the organisers that they could ONLY accept HIS list of people. No one else.

His actions caused an internal disagreement among the various states within the party. Tan Kok Wai’s name list was allegedly rejected by Ng. DAP members were furious and extremely unhappy with CM’s office.

Then, he demanded to have 300 seats. He also refused to register the names. The organisers could not oblige this request for security reasons and he threatened them saying “I don’t know what will happen”. This was picked up by the media and LGE quickly had to do damage control and replaced him with a more level headed person like Anthony Loke.

LGE lied and said Ng’s daughter was sick with a severe sore throat and he had to take time off.

Myth 4: LGE plays fair and MCA doesn’t
In order to get out of the debate, LGE even had the audacity to request for Ong Tee Keat as the moderator. Knowing full well that OTK is no buddy of CSL and that his presence will detract CSl’s focus on LGE. When told by the organizer that they wanted a neutral person, DAP requested for Tan Ah Chai from the Selangor Chinese Assembly hall, which is known to be very pro-opposition.

MCA didn’t make a fuss, and accepted.

Myth 5: DAP were not allowed seats and not allowed access to the mic.
Ng demanded for 300 seats but eventually, both sides agreed that DAP will be given 200 and MCA 200. The rest are guests, public and dignitaries. Since, he wanted FULL control of the registration, many DAP members could not be registered directly under ASLI. It had to go through LGE’s office.

As the efficiency of the Penang government hangs on the performance of LGE’s office, this will show you how disorganised DAP Penang is.

Only half of the DAP members managed to get themselves registered under the CM’s office for reasons unknown to outsiders. On the day of the debate, another 100-200 DAP members turned up impromptu and unannounced. The organisers could not let them in as they were unregistered so they made a ruckus and mess of the lobby waiting area. They boo-ed and cheered like hooligans.

So, whose fault that DAP couldn’t get to the mic?  Why didn’t they get themselves for organized to enter into the hall like all other decent human beings did inside?


By now, what started out as an insignificant conference has now blown out of proportion in the Chinese media, so DAP was trapped in their own devices. DAP tried to wrangle out but MCA refused to let go its neck. DAP was drawn closer and closer into the den, and had no way of retracting without losing face.

And to top it off, he read from the text, did badly on national TV ( which he requested in the first place) and said that he wants it in BM and English ( when he wanted to change to Mandarin in the first place). His half past six English is nothing to shout about, either. BM lagi teruk.

Good luck to you, LGE. If you can’t win on CSL’s worst, you think you can win on his better??

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8 Responses to Lim Guan Eng’s Fistful of Sand

  1. b-town trustee! says:

    Gotta hand it to CSL, he did own LGE through and through. No excuses.

  2. Alfagta says:

    Till today LGE still talk to the press about the debate not favor to him, real kiasu……..

  3. gundu singh says:

    Debate pun kalah…what do you expect kalau lawan on bed. That old man had shown his prowess, lge should lose big time. His dick is smaller than his big mouth, i think.

  4. While your blog makes clear on so many Pakatan dangers, the part where you go ‘The race that demands everything and yet says others are unfair to them.’, isn’t very fair. Most Chinese expect :

    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

    ;and little else. The above UNHCR based and anti-Asabiya aspects of Islam cannot be defined as everything? BTW, I’d say Ronnie Liu’s fistful of sand has been well nigh forgotten at this point . . .

  5. Apex says:

    Hello CSL

    You often talk about power-sharing in the government. If it were so, what was the necessity for MCA cabinet ministers, together with other non-Malay ministers, to send a memorandum to Abdullah Badawi? When Umno took offence, MCA ministers ran for cover and then went on bended knee, apologising profusely and begging for forgiveness! So much for power-sharing in BN. Lim Keng Yaik once said that “the coalition partners were beggars”. This is the truth. So, Soi Lek, do not kid yourself.

    Very often, important government policy decisions have been announced at Umno Supreme Council meetings. Isn’t it true that what the Umno Supreme Council decides, the Cabinet approves and Parliament rubber stamps?

  6. 道德 says:

    馬華黨員, 下药袭奶

  7. danial says:

    Understood your (chinese) expectations as below:
    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution

    If this (Malaysia) is an Apartheid country, none of the Chinese can earn a living here, what more being the HIGHEST INCOME EARNER (read: rich) in this country. None of the Chinese can own lands, business, properties like they do now;

    To which “religious persecution” or “religious supremacy” are you referring? Less you forget, Christians (assuming that that is your religion) constitutes a mere 20% in this country, Buddhism, Sikhism are the minorities, and doesn’t this country recognize these religions by allowing them to practice their faith freely? And which case are you referring as “religious persecution”?

    Less you (the chinese) forget, to Malays, “equality” is when the Malays are able to afford big bungalows, expensive high end condos, go to international/private schools, buy big expensive cars, seek medical treatments in privates hospitals like most chinese could easily do. What is “equal” to Chinese, might not be “equal” to Malays.

    It is not “equality” that the Chinese or the Malays should seek, but an peaceful and harmonious environment where everyone can have the opportunity to accomplish and realize their dreams.

    Though it is best if all and everybody can compete fairly, we must not forget that the bottom 40% who earns less than RM3000 a month are mostly Malays. Less we solve this problem together, having a “fair” and “equal” policy will not bring the greater good for nation building.

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