Promises are meant to be broken, by Lim Guan Eng

Lies, deception and perception – these are the “hallmark” of Dap today under the leadership of Lim Guan Eng.

A classic example is the controversial sale of the 41.5ha land in Bayan Mutiara in Penang which was purportedly sold through negotiated tender for RM1.072bil.

There are now arguments that it was a negotiated tender and not an open tender which the Guan Eng administration has claimed.

If at all it was a negotiated tender, then it brings to question the promise by Guan Eng, (soon after the 2008 general election) that all future projects that are above RM50,000 would undergo an open tender system.

He had then said that the tenders would be opened for public viewing and there would be a two-week window period for public objections.

As far as the Bayan Mutiara project is concerned, Penangites can’t recall any public viewing at all. What has happened to the promise that Penang’s administration would be guided by the principles of Competency, Accountability and Transparency (CAT).

If at all such a viewing is held, at least the people can have their voices heard. They would have a platform to voice their grouses.

Certainly massive development will take place on the massive 41 hectare site and certainly there will be massive disruption to traffic conditions and certainly the people will be affected.

However with all these potential problems confronting the people, Guan Eng has not come out in the open to clarify point by point on the various questions that is lingering in the minds of the people, especially among Penangites with regards to the Bayan Mutiara issue.

Until today, he had not been able to produce a comprehensive plan for the road dispersal system in Penang to solve the traffic woes and yet with the stroke of his pen has created an even higher density for the Bayan Baru folks which is within the Bayan Mutiara vicinity.

And yet today, we see massive mega projects taking shape in the heart of Batu Ferringhi (towering super condos and luxury bungalows), Teluk Bahang (the approval of a 44-acre RM120mil theme park project) and in the pipeline a RM800 million one-stop centre in Jelutong which is already confronted with unresolved traffic congestion.

These projects will certainly contribute to the already unresolved congestion. We will also see cost of living in Penang going up with all the mega projects taking place.

Since Penang has not built a single low-cost unit after the 2008 elections, the land in Bayan Mutiara could have been put to better use by building affordable homes for the people.

This is not the first time that Guan Eng has gone back on his words. Again soon after the 2008 elections, he made another pledge.

He said that all elected representatives in Penang will not be allowed to apply for any state land nor have any dealings in land matters. He said that was the commitment to the people.

What bullshit. Now after ruling the state for 3 years, bit by bit, we see his pledges now becoming mere decorative words just to make good reading.

Either Guan Eng has Alzheimer’s or that he thinks that Penangites have short memory and that he thinks he can take them for a ride and can pull through such “stunts” one after another.

Promises are meant to be broken by Guan Eng. Just last year a piece of land of about 1 hectare at Jalan Song Ban Kheng in mainland Penang was leased to Padang Lalang assemblyman Tan Cheong Heng, who is from DAP, for a good 80 per cent discount.

Apparently the land was earmarked for a flood alleviation project but the agenda of the Penang government is such that its own cronies come first, then the people come second as compared to the Barisan Nasional’s 1Malaysia agenda of the People First.

Its “bolih land” now in Penang where everything goes. Developers first, People last.

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38 Responses to Promises are meant to be broken, by Lim Guan Eng

  1. Ccscsc says:

    You dumno fuckers are terrified of him aren’t you? Good. Piss in your pants asshole.

    • chewal says:

      You ahguan beng moron are terrified by the revelation after revalation on your half past six leaders, aren’t you? Shut the fuck up idiots.

      • heng huat says:

        Lim Guan Eng , you need not have to prove that you are a gentleman and a clean person. Most Penangites know that you are truly sincere and honest just like your father and Karpal Singh. When ever an allegation is made by people especially from UMNO, MCA or Gerakan, you can simply ignore them. We know that the accusers are not sincere and most probably themselves are rotten to the core. For cases as clear as a morning sky like PKFZ, NFC and submarines kick backs, there was not a whisper from them -UMNO, MCA, MIC and GERAKAN. Anyway, those two UMNO fellas will not resign even though you have proven your case. For those two, the stakes are too high to give up and of course they are not gentlemen enough to honour their words which never exist in BN!!!

        Umno guys have rotten egg on their faces! Did they expect LGE to do what they normally do in all the “NEGOTIATED TENDERS ” they do with all the GLC’s and Other Malaysian Companies friendly to them. The list is so long, we may need many pages. Defence Ministry purchases, Highway for West Coast, MRT, etc, etc. This is one area Umno cannot question PR as they will be roasted by the public. So Umno better beware when they cannot even justify NFC abuse. The meaning of Open Tender was never in BN vocabulary.

        • Farid says:

          Get used to it!

          As long as UMNO Baru is in power, only the select few will enjoy the wealth of this country!

          So to all Malaysians, NEP or no NEP, the majority of Malaysians will not see any improvement!

    • Ah Beng says:

      You fellows are really dumb dumb ….as blind as a bat and believing what Guan Eng says. If he says cow dung is delicious and I know you will be dumb enough to believe him.

      • 选好政府 says:


    • Abu Bakar says:

      Cescsc we are not terrified of him but we are fascinated by your stupidity to see through all the perception, deception and lies. The twisting of facts and all. Wake up from your slumber and be real

    • Zeus says:

      It’s simply amazing that one after another, MCA “leaders” seem to crawl out of the woodwork and make fool of themselves with all sort of pathetic statements and actions. Are these all the so-called “electable” leaders that MCA can produce? No wonder the Chinese are abandoning them like a sinking ship. My advise to them is that look at yourself and your Umno master before you criticize the opposition. Don’t simply make idiotic statements just to score brownie points.

  2. Shirley says:

    The debate exposed the zero plan that Pakatan or rather DAP has if they take over Putrajaya.
    Guan Eng had evaded Chua Soi Lek’s question on what Pakatan will do with regards to socio economic development for the country and programmes to bring about high income for the government.
    Since there are no plans, Guan Eng evaded the question and instead went about saying about how much the state had saved and all. To run a country is not as simple as running a state. Though there are plus points in Penang, there are also weaknesses. So let us not go about shouting about Penang as an example.

    • Ayup says:

      Can you explain why a lucrative RM2.2 billion highway contract in Perak was awarded to companies linked to former Chief Justice Tun Zaki Azmi and Umno lawyer Datuk Hafarizam Harun – two key figures in the Perak constitutional crisis of 2009?

      BN must explain if the deal was a gift for their help in toppling PR in the northern state, as claimed by RPK?

      Was there any open tender?

      • Hasri says:

        I am sure you don’t care about the RM250millions as long as the cow can stay in the condo. Probably you did not even pay tax or probably to benefited from BN’s cronyism. There are many capable companies that qualify to build highways and Emrail is not one of them. They have no experience building highways. Pesona Metro is the front runner, yet the contract is “negotiated” to Emrail. Your concern about diverting traffic from LDP is unfounded if the contract can be awarded to a better qualify company via open tender.

      • Atai says:

        Umno lawyers moonlighting as RM billion highway contractors? How fitting for Umno with its reputation as a contractors party. This seals it then for Umno-BN in GE13.

      • R-Truth says:

        How is building a double tracking railway considered having the same experience or track record as building a highway? If this is not a open tender how do we know there is really “stiff competition”?

        Shahrizat and Rafidah Aziz also claimed that they did not participate in the decision making of NFC and AP’s but the BN government was the one giving out the ‘money’. No matter what Zaki or Hafarizam may claim, most of us know that they a will be rewarded for their work in snatching and giving the Perak government to BN.

        Must be a case of “U help me and I help U”
        Apa lagi?

    • Felicia says:

      MCA should stop harassing the rakyat with immature and incoherent people like Jessie, Allen and Chai. We are suffering enough under the present circumstances. Just crawl into your holes and close the door behind you.

  3. Abu Bakar says:

    We have had enough of the traffic jams. Our patience r running out. Each time I am stuck in a jam, it reminds me of what DAP has failed to deliver after the 2008 elections.
    I cant wait to express my disatisfaction this coming elections.

  4. ray says:

    PRU12 results stunned the PR more than other segments of society. They were caught off guard and unprepared to govern the states they won.

    But after the “tsunami”, they began having grand dreams. It was Paklah and sil’s gift to them. Till today, they are scrambling to come to terms with each of the 3 parties manifesto. Contradictions of the highest order rule the coalition but they managed to avoid “washing their dirty linen in public”.

    LGE is just following his sifu’s instructions but the people of Penang better be aware and monitor exactly what is going on before “nasi menjadi bubur”.

    CAT is just an acronym to lull the voters into fantasy land. Live the wise saying that “Curiosity will kill the CAT”.

    • Xiao B says:

      are now desperate and can only resort to lies and threats to cling on to power. Don’t we see the MSM are their handy tools used shamelessly to mislead and bluff the voters.The latest example is Sin Chew Daily now follows the footsteps of Utusan and Star in its lopsided coverage and extremely biased reporting manner.This happened on its 19.2.12 publication.What Hiew Kuan Yau commented about some journalists behaved like prostitutes was after all not untrue.

    • Seng Hing says:

      Can Penang Umno Chairman Datuk Zainal Abidin Osman and Kota Belud MP Datuk Abdul Rahman Datuk Dahlan immediately retire from politics now that the Penang PR state government has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Bayan Mutiara sale was done by open competitive tender?

      We are awaiting for LGE’s planning to make Penang the no.1 state in Malaysia in every aspect and to unite all Penangnite, which BN has so far rule by division and fear.

      Lies can never touch honour. We have a better Penang now.
      The people stand with you. We voted you in, we will keep you there.
      Though UMNO, Gerakan and BN act shamelessly. We, the People decide.
      They are like stray tom cats hissing in the rain. Like Ms. Tow Truck.

      We Penangnites can see what LGE had done for Penang in such a short period. Keep up the good work and do not worry about those sore losers. Please ensure you put up a stronger & more dynamic team in the coming PRU 13 to bring Penang to greater success in all sectors.

  5. Ah guan beng says:

    1 word says it all …………. LIAR …. lah

    • Saz says:

      MsTowTruck ranted at the debate, televised nation-wide. In the old days, this would have been forgotten in about a week. Who remembers what is televised a week ago? But today, the same tirade gets captured on video, posted, blogged about, condemned, viralled-out and IT STAYS IN CYBER SPACE FOR ALL ETERNITY. Some day, MsTowTruck’s kids will get to see how stupidly mummy acted, simply by surfing cyberspace. Little TowTruckers will also get to read what joe public said of their mummy. Umno-BN can no longer tell lies, spin and hoodwink with impunity. Umno-BN are dinosaurs in cyberspace, lumbering imbeciles, tripping-up all over the place.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well done Penangites, next GE, DAP will take you all for another ride to ooh la la fantasy land. After all what does he care, he is NOT from Penang and if he turns Penang from jewel to shitbags, people like Ccscsc will still say, DAP isa the best and LGE was sent from heaven…..

    Guys you know what to do……your choice, your lives and your well being….BN is bad for you….(thats what everyone says…..). When DAP rules again, not only will there be CAT, there will also be DOGS and PIGS…..and more as long as the moron is in charge

    • Steven Sim says:

      Selaku Ahli Majlis Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT) di Pulau Pinang, saya berasa amat kecewa dengan kenyataan Penyelaras Kawasan Parlimen Selayang dari MCA, Jessie Ooi berikut:

      1. PBT di Pulau Pinang telah menaikkan cukai pintu ataupun cukai kadaran selepas 8 Mac 2008, dan

      2. Pekerja PBT Pulau Pinang telah menunda kereta yang parkir secara haram selepas jam 10.30pm

      Beliau telah mengeluarkan kenyataan tersebut semasa sesi soal jawab program debat antara Setiausaha Agung DAP, Saudara Lim Guan Eng dengan Presiden MCA, Dr. Chua Soi Lek pada 18 Februari 2012 yang diadakan di Hotel Berjaya di Kuala Lumpur.

      Kenyataan pertama adalah tidak benar sama sekali, PBT di Pulau Pinang tidak menaikkan cukai kadaran sejak 8 Mac 2008. Ini merupakan fitnah yang telah menjadi budaya Barisan Nasional.

      Kenyataan kedua amat dikesali kerana Ooi telah mempersenda serta mengecam pekerja PBT terutamanya penguatkuasa PBT yang diberi mandat oleh undang-undang mengenakan tindakan ke atas kereta yang parkir secara haram. Jika kenyataan beliau benar, maka ini secara tidak langsung mengiktirafkan budaya kerja PBT di Pulau Pinang di bawah Pakatan Rakyat yang tidak mengenal penat berkhidmat untuk keselesaan dan keselamatan rakyat. Ooi bukan sahaja tidak menghormati peranan dan sumbangan pekerja awam di PBT malah memberi gambaran seolah-olah undang-undang tidak perlu dipatuhi selepas waktu kerja. Ini jelas menunjukkan MCA serta pemimpin MCA seperti Ooi tidak menghormati kedaulatan undang-undang dan menghalalkan perlanggaran undang-undang PBT pada waktu malam.
      Jessie Ooi sebagai seorang pemimpin MCA dan pegawai penyelaras kawasan Parlimen Selayang lantikkan Kerajaan Pusat telah menunjukkan kejahilan beliau tentang kerja-kerja PBT. Justeru, Ooi patut memohon maaf secara terbuka kepada PBT di Pulau Pinang iaitu, Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai dan Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang serta seluruh staff dan Ahli Majlisnya atas kenyataan beliau tersebut.

      Steven Sim
      Ahli Majlis Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai (MPSP)

      • 选好政府 says:

        马华青年专才局主任蔡智勇指“黄糩璊即使有差错,也没有​必要再追究下去”的谈话,不但暴露马华不仅沒贯彻道歉文化,甚至​连做错了也不敢承认,这叫马华如何取信於民? “回溯过去,行动党领袖稍即使失言後道歉,都会遭马华追击。如今​,事实已证明黄糩璊发表误导性的言论了,马华又怎麽说?马华是要​包庇,亦或这原本就是马华毫无政治原则的作风?” 无论黄糩璊在其声明中如何狡辩其词,甚至无法举出何时何地出自她​口中的实例,人民心中都有一把尺作出衡量。

    • Ti Beng says:

      Ms Tow Truck thought she was pleasing her MCA president and to attract his attention by ridiculing and belittling LGE and DAP. Unfortunately, she was too stupid to realize that not only she made a clown of herself and the party she represented but also she was actually ridiculing and undermining millions of audiences sitting in front of TV. As such, a hornet nest is stirred into a public wrath. A straight forward antidote for her to minimize and gradually resolve the situation is so simple. A timely public apology with no reservation from her would have just relaxed and defused the situation.

  7. 兴华 says:

    Chua admitted to his illicit sexual behaviour in 2008. Does that mean that anyone who admits to committing a crime covered by the Penal Code can be forgiven and need not be charged? If former deputy prime minister and current opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim can be charged, why not Chua?

  8. Latiff says:

    Dr.Mahathir is duly worried should Najib accept the challenge for a debate and the it is simple to analyse his motive that Malaysians are not at that level like America. His statement that Malaysians are not matured to debate in public is an insult to ALL MALAYSIANS. He should do better to retire for good by keeping his filthy mouth shut. Doesn’t he realize that he is no more relevant irrespective of what he has to say. He only thought of himself as a good orator and nobody can reach that level of debate. WE are of the opinion that Najib will be roasted over many issues should he take up the challenge with Anwar. The fear of losing due to bad government policies.

    • Samad says:

      Dr M claimed that Malaysians are not mature enough for debates. So why did every years Umno held the Umno general assembly to debate about the national issue among the members? Are they alien? Are the Umno leaders smart enough to talk about national issue but Rakyat has no wisdom to discuss about national issues.

      Ridiculous statement! Dr M tried to stop freedom of speach. He hope all the Malaysia is dumb enough so that Umno can manupulate the issues. Got loss old man…

    • chewal says:

      hehe…. Anwar Ibrahim can’t even show his face in front of Ummi Afilda and Dato’ Eskay.

      and you think he can stand Najib ? hahaha…. dream on. I bet he will chicken out to Turky embassy…

  9. Anonymous says:

    巫统 有 沙丽扎 公寓牛事件。。
    马华有 黄燕燕 180万 facebook..
    民政有 陈莲花 叫网民在facebook种菜。说不起价,隔天就起价。

    马华培养出 拖车姐, 泼妇骂街, 误导人民.
    民政 培养出 公平姐, 叫华人认命。


    和巫统 say no
    和马华 say no
    和民政 say no
    和国大 say no
    和人联 say no
    和国政 say bye bye


  10. Robert says:

    robert ng · 1 hour ago

    A prominent Umno lawyer confirmed today that a company controlled by him, and in which the wife of former Chief Justice Tun Zaki Azmi is director, was awarded a lucrative RM2.2 billion contract to build the Kinrara-Damansara Expressway (Kidex).

    But Datuk Hafarizam Harun told The Malaysian Insider that any suggestion of a deal struck because of his role in the Perak constitutional crisis in 2009 was “tainted with mala fide (bad faith) and intended to bring me and Tun Zaki into public odium, scandal and disrepute.”


    • Cheap Minister says:

      Ya right, we are supposed we should take whatever reported by MalaysianInsider, a portal that is financed by Pakatan for the sole aim of spreading lies about BN, as Biblical Truth….

      Malaysian Insider is a site where there is zero journalistic credibility, a real parasitic organization that plays Dr Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda chief, for Pakatan.

  11. Ah guan beng says:

    Again 1 word sums it all …… LIAR …..

  12. Zenda says:

    We, the voters that want to see change of government,are so grateful to PKR and PAS to go rural esp Felda areas to educate the settlers.We really thank all of you for the sacrifice made so that the settlers won’t be cheated and deprive of their valuable land. WE WANT THE SETTLERS TO BE RICH SO THAT ALL OF US REGARDLESS OF RACES WILL ALSO BENEFIT AND not the other way round that only a few-their chosen ones benefit. Give them knowledge and with knowledge they have the power to do rightous thing.Do not be scare of their “EVIL” stones,sticks,firecreakers etc.- the more they do it the merrier it wil be, just like Jessie Ooi .

  13. Gempak says:

    Transkrip penuh perbahasan dlm BM :

    Beranikah DS Dr Chua dedahkan transkrip beliau?

  14. Amran says:

    It certainly looks like Malaysia is on the way towards achieving the status of a bankrupt nation. Yes, the acronym of BN already stands for Bankrupt Nation, so can this be taken as a sign of things to come?

    If the nation’s current debt standing at RM456 billion is added to the contingent liabilities of RM97 billion (off-balance sheet spending), we will have RM553 billion, which is more than 63% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Loan Act 1959 and the Government Funding Act 1983 stated that the public debt ratio must not exceed 55% of the GDP.

    Of course, if the contingent liabilities of RM97 billion are not added to the public debt of RM456 billion, then the latter amounts to 53.5% of the GDP which is just slightly below 55% – this, of course, lets the BN federal government off the hook instead of “breaking the law”.

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