ASS HOLE OF THE MONTH – DAP’s Political Prostitute Hew Kuan Yau

He calls himself a Superman by wearing his trademark Superman T-shirt. He has created a name for himself for his brash, assertive and foul-mouthed remarks at ceramahs which the DAP supporters lapped up.

He is their hero although he curses his political opponents, cursing their entire generations to be perished.

During the Sarawak election, the DAP Election Publicity Chief called SUPP politicians “orang utan” but this crude politician think it’s funny.

Now, Hew Kuan Yau calls journalists from the Chinese press “prostitutes” especially those from the small towns. Worse, party disciplinary chairman Tan Kok Wai also joined in to support this statement.

It seems Hew is upset that these small town reporters attend luncheons from both DAP and MCA! That’s their only crime!

He refuses to apologise out right except to say that he apologised for the controversy caused. What kind an apology is this? You are nothing but a political prostitute. It’s politicians like you who make Malaysians sick of politics. You talk about democracy but you cannot even conduct yourself in a decent manner.

What kind of message are you passing to the DAP members or worse, would you want your children to grow up to be as offensive like you. You are truly a dick head of the highest degree.

You are unbelievable. Superman wears his underwear outside but somebody should give some underwear to cover his big and dirty mouth.

He claims he has a Phd from Taiwan and we hope it is recognised. He also claimed that he used to be a public relations person. Yes, unbelievable.

Sorry, you are not a super hero. You are a super dick and super political prostitute!

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26 Responses to ASS HOLE OF THE MONTH – DAP’s Political Prostitute Hew Kuan Yau

  1. b-town trustee! says:

    Fighting for “free speech”, my ass. When journalists are trying to get equal news from both sources, he calls ’em prostitutes.

    So what are the other journalists who’s only loyal to his side then? ‘Mistresses’?

  2. Aidil Yunus says:

    Wow how come you guys peram stories lama lama?? Welcome back 🙂

    • Sheamus says:

      MCA– Master of Curi-curi Adultery, as exemplified by its snake-eyed president, CSL.

      • Moy says:

        The MCA supported Mahathir, a real half-past six PM, when the Constitution was amended to set up Syariah courts. This half-past six leader was later to say that he was lucky to get away with that amendment. The MCA cabinet ministers behaved once again like political eunuchs. Look at the problems this has created for non-Muslims in conversion cases. Soi Lek, have you heard of the Lina Joy case? Now some religious lunatics are claiming that the civil courts are subordinate to the Syariah courts! Why have you not had the courage to condemn such claims? Where in the world is the federal constitution subordinate to state enactments as in Malaysia?

        The MCA supported the NEP, which was successfully hijacked by the Umnoputras. Through Ali-Baba businesses, as argued by many scholars, Malaysian companies, GLCs and many others have caused a horrendous capital outflow at the expense of people’s welfare and a just distribution of economic wealth to the rakyat.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lots of wrong facts in your article.. for example, he is a PHD from University of Hongkong….. ranking much much higher than UM in Asia. Secondly, the terms he used in Chinese, is not “prostitute”. but “compensated dating” .. anyway he is right though if you make the direct translation.

    Just saying.

  4. Terry says:


  5. The Real Superman says:

    I am ashamed of this Hew bugger,. Superman is decent and polite. Hew has a dirty mouth. Ptui!

  6. Bumble Bee says:

    Sick, sick, sick bastard.

    • Jessie Ooi says:

      The unhappiness among non-Malay voters with race and religious controversies have centred on Umno and BN policies. Many MCA leaders have privately acknowledged the point that Chinese Malaysian voters are ultimately unhappy with Umno, not PAS. Fact is PAS has become increasingly irrelevant to how someone from the Chinese and non-Malay communities vote.

  7. Mohd Riduan says:

    Kurang ajar betul.

  8. Kucing Alim says:

    Many will remember that Tajuddin’s millions of MAS shares, I wonder how he came to possess that much, which was trading below RM4 in the market was bought over by Danaharta for about RM8 each! That happened during Mahathir’s rule. Somebody has to be held responsible and held accountable for that abuse of power and funds. In the absence of disclosure of the suits by Tajuddin and BN, can any lawyer or the Bar Council find a way to make the powers who have no right to hide behind confidentiality disclose the full terms of the settlement?

    • Hamidah says:

      With ministers involved in private enterprises is it any wonder that we have so many scandals related to the misuse of public funds. There is certainly a conflict of interests when it comes to ministers discharging their duties since they will use every vehicle within the govt. (be it the judiciary or the land office) to further their personal interests at the expense of the rakyat. In most developed countries, govt. officials are not allowed to engage in private enterprise once they take on the public office. Even in S’pore all ministers are bound by those rules. Only in corruption-ridden BN-ruled M’sia, are these rules flouted to ensure the ministers have their grubby, greasy hands in the rakyat’s honey-pot. While the PM was gleefully toting his ministers’ declaration of assets, I would like to see a declaration of taxes paid..just % will do. I’ll bet all of them are paying less taxes than most M’sians! Vote these blood-suckers out.

  9. dapsanity says:

    FACT, DAP has never threatened Islam. Although they are not Muslims themselves, I would trust them to protect Islam more so than the likes of Ibrahim Ali, Hasan Ali, and last but not least, our dear PM himself, all whom continuously use Islam for their own personal gain and political mileage.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Jessie Ooi snarls, foams at the mouth and screams: “You got so much money, how dare you tow cars away at 10.30 at night when there is so little traffic around ? How dare you increase assessment rates ?”

    Jessie Ooi must be getting turned on by constantly watching CSL’s video.

    • Du Lala says:

      MCA is setting a new benchmark for future debates and discussion in malaysia . Irrespective of the contents , by these attempts to defend Ooi , they are sending a message to all especially schools and universities that when they attend debates , they can raise their concerns by shouting , screaming and putting up finger ( don’t remember Ooi is using the middle one or not )at debaters . I hope all MCA parents will show this video to their children and teach them this is the right way to ask questions starting from Ooi , Tee and Chai and the title of the lesson “MCA way of asking questions “. MCA should walk the talk by screening this video though the STAR video ….I challenge them to have that honesty if they strongly adhere to their beliefs

  11. Apex says:

    The Deputy Minister of Education is from the MCA. I consider him as dead as a dodo in his job. What was he doing when the Islamo-fascists wrote the school history text books which contain so many irregularities? The Education Ministry is the most racist ministry of all. There are no non-Malay directors in any of its various divisions. There are no non-Malay Chief Education Officers in any state. There are 20 public universities and all VC’s are Malays. There are four deputy VCs in each university. Out of 80 deputy VCs, one may find one or two non-Malays. Within each university, most of the deans are Malays. For example, at USM, the ‘apex university’, there are 27 schools and only one dean is a non-Malay.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    tiga ulat dalam UMNO aka Ma (kutty) Jib(jibby) Bai (Taib)

  14. Anonymous says:

    Teng – No Lam Pa
    Chua – Tial tial feng – F*CK n Go
    Koh – Bo hood

  15. Stoptheblog says:

    Get your facts right before posting, asshole.

  16. Bitch says:

    “You are a super dick and super political prostitute!”

    For such a fat person, you can’t even see his dick when he puts on his superman underwear. I bet his dick is less than 2.5 inches long.

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