Secret anti-Karpal meeting between Ramasamy and supporters exposed!

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Dr Ramasamy who is facing disciplinary action from the party’s disciplinary committee is secretly traveling around the country, drumming up rebellion support in anticipation of any possible action against him. His enemy Karpal Singh is making sure he would be sacked.

In the mean time, we are able to expose that Ramasamy met his supporters in Negri Sembilan instigating them to leave DAP if the party leaders acted against him. He has prepared his supporters to walk out of the party.

His supporters have over the past 48 hours put up statements in support of Ramasamy in their blogs and tweets, in Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil, warning the leadership to face the wrath of his faction.

At these meetings, we have been told that he has launched personal attacks against Karpal Singh and called his supporter RSN Rayner, a “dog” of Karpal Singh who wants to be the DCM 2 of Penang.

The divide is clear as Karpal Singh has already pledged to support The Star newspaper which is facing a RM10million suit by Ramasamy. Karpal Singh has praised The Star for standing up against Ramasamy.

The feud is between Ramasamy and Karpal Singh but it looks like Ramasamy has made the newspaper a scapegoat.

He has to sue the newspaper to save his own skin but think he isn’t worth RM10million and he’s dreaming if he thinks he can get the money.

In fact, Ramasamy should be busy preparing his defence and eventual exit from the DAP because the knives are being sharpened against him in the party.

His open rebel could be the best reason for them to kick him out.

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13 Responses to Secret anti-Karpal meeting between Ramasamy and supporters exposed!

  1. Pro Karpal Singh says:

    Ramasamy should be sacked. The disciplinary committee must meet soon. What kind of a comrade would organise a demo against Karpal. Ramasamy is a bloody snake and should be killed. If he is allowed to grow, he will kill off Karpal. What has Ramasamy done for DAP? Karpal has dedicated his entire life for DAP.

    • argonite says:

      This is not how a democratic party should behave.
      LKS or his son must to put every one back in order
      The country needs a credible alternative
      DAP cannot behave like a Dynasty or Dictatorship.
      It must learn to accept dissent within its ranks for it to grow stronger
      The old must groom and make way for the new.
      Past sacrifices cannot be the reason for elders to reach priesthood status, never to be challenged by the masses.

      On another note, please refrain from making references to snake, black metallic or “smarter than they look”.
      DAP must evolve to be inclusive for all and not just chauvinistic to the chinese.

  2. Jamaluddin Hussein says:

    Syeok depa lawan. Lawan, lawan,

  3. Rokiah Yusuf says:

    Ramasamy memang hati busuk.

  4. DAP 007007 says:

    Ramasamy is just a parachuate politician, came from nowhere. became DCM, untested but now big snake, learning fast

  5. Anonymous says:

    itu karpal musti bagi lawan sama dia. tidak kalu dia akan kasi susah semua orang. karpal musti bertaubat.

  6. hmm says:

    If they lawan lawan among themselves, within party and even within the fragile group..then how to govern and provide the best for rakyat??

    And also can any service provider, serve its customer o rakyat better by just badmouthing its contender?


    • Islander says:

      Feel sorry for Dr Rama. An underdog fighting one of the most fearsome figures in Dap. No one is going to save him. No sympathy from the media as well, that’s what you get for sue sue sue!

  7. Cheap Minister says:

    Read this….

    Guan Eng had his usual bodyguard following him. However Ramasamy was accompanied by anonymous characters, whom, I am told, have underworld connections. It is mind boggling why the DCM is associating with these people.

    This proves that all DAP politicians are thugs. LGE certainly talks like one.

  8. Jessie Ooi says:

    Najib is using shahrizat to check mate Mahathir, Muhyiddin, Farklah, Khairy n other warlords that are not on his side,with Umno divided,he has a secret weapon n will use it during the Umno election,mark my words.He doesn’t think shit about what the rakyat thinks,that Pure Arrogance for you.

  9. Veena says:

    Losers, ramasamy is a great man, therefore he won with great majority again. The racist bastard who wrote than ramasamy walked with gangsters is accusing all indians of being gangsters!

    First, media attacked him because they knew weakening him will weaken indian support for DAP, as DAP is known to a highly racist movement.

  10. Veena says:

    He didnt come from nowhere as if you had read news you would have known he was DAP advisor since 1980s!

    He always had
    great respect for lKS, and lKS persuaded him to enter politics! If you people prefer uneducated morons to be politicians, so be it, but I prefer politicians who are highly educated like ramasamy!

  11. Veena says:

    Karpal is a bloody senile man who was the sole cause of PAS losing this election! His own sons are not on talking terms with him and one of his sons does nothing but drink!

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