Coming very, very soon – One Night in Bangkok

Will he still say it’s NOT him because the video is not in colour? Will he still say it’s NOT him because of his tummy? Will he still say it’s NOT him because of his beard or goatee or moustache?

Will he still say it’s NOT him because he has a back problem, a neck problem and too old to have sex?

Will he still say it’s NOT him because it’s a faked or doctored video? Will he still say it’s NOT him because it’s an impersonator?

YES, he will say all these again and there will be enough idiots who will believe him. They will also forget that in Sodomy 2, he first said at the time of the incident he was with his family/friends and busy tweeting.

Of course, it was later revealed at the time of the incident, he was at the apartment with Saiful. None of the idiots asked him about his earlier lie.

None of the idiots asked how his sperm ended up in Saiful’s anus, like some magic play, and none of them asked what the hell were they doing in someone’s apartment?

None of them will ask why he was so fearful of being grilled by the prosecutors or swear on the Quran.

The idiots will not admit why should a black and white video or a colour one makes any difference? And why is that NO one can produce the alleged Anwar lookalike.

It’s simple. Their hatred of the government is so strong they are prepared to put anyone, and anyone, to be in power.

Never mind the consequences to the country and themselves.

And in “One Night in Bangkok” the idiots would believe he wasn’t in Bangkok at the time of the alleged video recording. Sure, he was with his staff and family, and of course, he was busy tweeting.

And he would again, not show his passport and he would of course, NOT sue the Datuk Trio, as he would not resort to “such politics.” Sure, good luck Malaysia!

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  1. Ulmi Dara says:

    Ha Ha Ha.
    Umno is so desperate to stoop so low to have datuk T fabricating lies.
    They are afraid of DSAI!
    This website is spreading lies.
    Dosa besar!

    • Argonite says:

      Dear Dara Ching Chong,
      This is not about UMNO.
      This is about me the Rakyat, who do not want a leader that lies .
      A leader that lies about how he magically reduces the debt of his state.
      A leader that gets his wife to win tailoring contracts
      A leader that promises the Black Metallics in Buah Pala protection but instead got betrayed.
      A leader that grooms his son to take over the leadership of his party.
      These are signs of moral decay.
      The Rakyat must know.
      The truth must prevail!

      • Kenny says:

        Well said Argonite, I couldn’t have put it better!

        • Cow kaw says:

          Four UMNOPUTRAs, half a million in credit card expenses is chicken feed. n half a million of taxpayer’s hard-earned money for 4 members of the same Shahrizat family? Sounds like Scheherezade’s tales in the Arabian Nights. Only this is Shahrizat’s tale in broad daylight. Only Najib n UMNO can’t see the light. But the rakyat won’t make light of 250 million of Malaysians’ money. Plunder, pillage n scandal. That is UMNO for you.

          • Aidil Yunus says:

            Argonite, thumbs up. Stop the lies well said. As for NFC issues, the well read will be able to see through the spins by Pakatan. It doesn’t matter if LGE is a very dishonest leader (reducing debt and spice scandal) these people just don’t care. Atleast BN were up in arms and demand NFC issues to be clear and to make sure PR lies on it is exposed. But if it is PR everything is perfect even if there are things to questions don’t because they are just one damn perfect alliance.

          • Jellyman says:

            Aidil Yunus @1/2/12 and Argonite

            Betul betul betul
            Dema semua wolf in sheep’s clothing.
            Lagi jahat dan lagi rakus beb

            Tapi Aidil, when you say PR is a self deceiving alliance, it may not be true.
            Doesn’t “Pakat” means to conspire.
            Hence PR would be a self deceiving conspiracy would be more like it, not alliance.

      • Enough says:

        And you have leaders that continually steal from the rakyat
        Leaders that lied about association with a beauty despite pictures to prove otherwise and the beauty who ended blown to pieces
        Making others take the blame although the accused had no association with the victim and had no reason to remove the beauty from this earth
        Leaders who continually encouraged the dissension among the rakyat so that they can divide and rule
        Leaders who flip flop as and when it suits them
        Leaders who gave opened and veiled threats
        Leaders who have ‘legalised’ gangsters to cause havoc at ceramahs that are not pro them
        Leaders who sell the country by registering foreigners just to hold on to power
        The above are just the tip of the iceberg….it will take me forever to name

        • Hmm says:

          The easiest defense is to attack using the very same accusation/sin.

          And attack it is using the very same fact ie creating dissension,sell the country to the foreigners.

          If one were to note carefully this method is used in the latest protect Israel and PAS’ parasite issues

      • Joe Black says:

        The Truth?

        You Mean UMNO Truth?

        What is UMNO Truth?

        Its anothe Word for LIE

      • Roslan says:

        Umno is using Argonite to frighten the moderate malays into compliance and to keep the non malays in their place. What they want is total submission to Umno and their way of doing things. No dissent is tolerated from any quarters. They know they are playing a very dangerous game but what is more dangerous is that they think they can control the outcome by controlling these fringe groups. Islam is also misused by Umno in our foreign policies to counter the evil West and Jews. So what we get is a gomen on one hand projecting their full support of brotherhood of Islam in the international arena and “soft” treatment of islamic extremist elements domestically. Calling it arabisation or islamisation of malaysia and malays has become academic.

    • Jawal says:

      Yes, this website is full of lies and it depends on the readers to stop the lies.

      Just like Utusan!

    • Anonymous says:

      What about teh incident at Port Diskson hotel?

      Isa has the evidence to blackmail Jibby!

    • rico says:

      sorry for your twisted soul…

    • Dr. Dre says:

      In the 2010 Umno general assembly, all Najib’s big ideas were rejected and thwarted by Umno delegates.

      They were obviously mirroring the general objection to Najib’s adventurist ideas which were his alone and most probably, scripted by expensively paid consultants.

      His idea of 1Malaysia with the hazy notions of inclusiveness and outward readiness was immediately rejected by the delegates who insisted on a “Malay first” policy on everything.

      So what 1Malaysia is Najib talking about?

      Najib’s plans to transform the economy and especially that of the Malays through his NEM founded on hazy notions of affirmative policies based on free market economics and affirmative policies based on merits were met with howls from delegates who insisted on the continuation of NEP-like policies.

      In the end, Najib was left standing alone and could only muster his last trump card to claim high pedestal, and that is that he is the son of Tun Razak (second prime minister).

      No one can dispute that. Genetically he is, but culturally, he isn’t. Najib doesn’t have the leadership qualities of Tun Razak.

    • Abdullah ibnu Ubayy says:

      Only a munafik can behave like that. I was told that this munafik can screw a woman during the Ramadan, and at night, will go to mosque for tarawih. Can’t imagine a Muslim can do like that.

      Difficult to believe, isn’t it? Google lah the revelation from Nallakarupan, his former tennis buddy.

      Can’t imagine for us Muslims to elect a munafik to be next PM. God forbid.

    • truthseeker says:

      It is not fabricated. DSAI is not morally fit to be a leader. FULL STOP.

  2. Ustaz Zain says:

    Konspirasi fitnah video seks ini menunjukkan tindakan desperado Umno-BN terhadap Anwar bagi menggagalkan keupayaan Pakatan Rakyat, gabungan PAS,PKR dan DAP yang dijangka akan membuat kehadiran yang kuat dalam pilihanraya ke-13 ini.

    Umno-BN sedang diburui ketakutan dan kebimbangan untuk menghadapi pilihanraya akan datang dan bagi mengekalkan kuasa, Umno-BN akan menggunakan apa sahaja cara , tipu daya sehingga sanggup merencana fitnah , tindakan di luar tatasusila, tidak berakhlak, semata-mata untuk terus memerintah.

    Tindakan pembunuhan karekter Anwar mampu membendung kemaraan Pakatan Rakyat dalam pilihanraya akan datang, kerana Pakatan Rakyat tanpa Anwar, pada anggapan Umno-BN tidak mampu membuat kehadirannya dirasakan.

    Jika kes liwat siri kedua ini gagal untuk mengaitkan Anwar maka video seks yang mengaitkan Anwar dan didalangi oleh tiga orang datuk ,Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik, Shazryl Eskay Abdullah dan Shuib Lazim, Bendahari Perkasa , juga akan memakan tuan.

    Anwar keluar dari siri konspirasi fitnah ini lebih kuat dengan semangat juang lebih gigih dan kental, mendapat simpati rakyat terbanyak. Umno-BN kini terpaksa melakukan kawalan kerosakan yang dilakukan oleh kuncu-kuncu pemimpin tertinggi mereka. Adalah wajar dan tidak keterlaluan untuk mengatakan bahawa pendalangan video seks ini diketahui dan direstui oleh pimpinan tertinggi Umno-BN.

    Siapa yang tidak kenal dengan Rahim Thamby Chik, bekas Ketua Menteri Melaka dan seterusnya ramai yang mengetahui sejarahnya semasa dia memegang tampuk kuasa. Pendalangan ini adalah satu dendam politik yang tidak berkesudahan terhadap Anwar.

    Anwar berperanan menyebabkan karier politik Rahim tersungkur, rentetan dari kes Rahim dengan saorang gadis. Ketika itu karier politik Rahim dalam Umno sedang mendaki puncak dan sebagai Ketua Menteri Melaka, dia di antara pimpinan kerajaan negeri yang dikagumi Perdana Menteri (PM) ketika itu, Dr Mahathir Mohammad.

    Anwar kini sedang menghadapi mehnah akibat dari penyertaannya dalam Umno sehingga dia menjadi Timbalan Presiden Umno dan Timbalan Perdana Menteri (TPM), sebelum dia dipecat Mahathir kerana cuba mencabar kedudukan Mahathir sehinggalah timbul konspirasi siri kes liwat pertama.

    Semasa Anwar membuat keputusan untuk menyertai Umno banyak pihak menasihati Anwar supaya tidak menyertainya, tetapi Anwar tetap dengan pendiriannya setelah merujukkan perkara itu kepada beberapa pihak yang rapat dengannya termasuk dari luar negara.

    Walaupun perkara ini sudah menjadi sejarah, tetapi tidak salah untuk merenung sejarah. Anwar telah diingatkan bahawa dengan menyertai Umno, maka mau tidak mau , terpaksalah bergelumang dengan budaya kotor dan jijik dalam Umno. Jika kita tidak terlibat dengan budaya kotor dan jijik itu, paling kurang , terhidu juga bau kotor dan jijik itu. Inilah yang sedang menimpa Anwar sehingga sekarang.

    Tindakan konspirasi fitnah datuk T atau Trio Umno ini tidak diambil tindakan segera oleh pihak berkuasa. Anwar telah membuat laporan polis, tetapi kenapa pihak polis mengambil masa yang lama untuk bertindak. Kes ini mudah, tidak berbelit-belit. Pihak yang merancangnya telah pun membuat pengakuan.

    Selain siasatan terhadap individu yang memangil diri mereka sebagai datuk T,pihak polis juga sepatutnya mengambil tindakan terhadap siapa pemilik video seks itu dan penayangannya. Saksi-saksi terdiri dari para wartawan dan individu tertentu tentu telah dikenal pasti. Kenapa setakat ini tiada tindakan diambil.

    Pemilikan video seks atau lucah adalah satu kesalahan, apalagi jika ia ditayang untuk tontonan ramai. Kalau premis-premis menjual video lucah atau seks diserbu dan diambil tindakan kerana menyalahi undang-undang, kenapa pihak polis tidak bertindak menahan mereka yang terlibat memiliki video berkenaan dan penayangannya kepada umum.

    Rakyat sedang melihat gelagat pihak berkuasa. Bagaimana mereka akan menanggani kes ini. Kementerian Dalam Negeri yang begitu ghariah pada permulaan perkara ini didedahkan dan menggesa mereka yang dilibatkan supaya membuat laporan polis, kini membisu setelah Anwar yang dikaitkan dan menafikan penglibatan beliau membuat laporan polis.

    Apa akan jadi kepada datuk T yang memiliki dan menayangkan video berkenaan? Adakah pelaksanaan undang-undang negara ini berbeza mengikut individu. Kredibaliti pasukan polis sedang tercabar dan pihak polis dilihat dalam keadaan serba salah.

    Ketelusan pihak polis dalam melaksanakan siasatan sangat diharapkan oleh rakyat bagi membawa kes berprofil tinggi ini ke muka pengadilan. Budaya politik kotor dan menjijikkan ini perlu dihentikan. Bersainglah dalam medan pilihanraya melalui proses demokrasi yang sebenar dalam ruang lingkup padang permainan demokrasi yang setara, seimbang dan samarata.

    Kes konspirasi fitnah ini mampu melonjakkan kemarahan dan kebangkitan rakyat dan ia dikhuatiri permulaan kepada petanda yang boleh mencetus dan mengancam kesetabilan dan keselamatan negara, apabila rakyat bosan dengan tindak-tanduk ahli politik yang tidak bermoral dan rendah harga diri, akal dan hatibudinya.

    • kurap says:

      mu ni memang otak dah biul kerna dah terlalu lama kena liwat ngan brader anwar.

    • ray says:

      Tsk tsk tsk Ustaz Zain

      Anwar akan menggunakan apa sahaja cara , tipu daya sehingga sanggup merencana fitnah , tindakan di luar tatasusila, tidak berakhlak, semata-mata untuk ambil alih utk memerintah.

    • Mohmad Sah Mohmad Ali says:

      Hoi mamat!

      Berpijaklah di alam nyata! Buka telinga buka MINDA buka mata. Renung dan telitilah manusia yang you bela tu.

      Jangan jadi orang orang fasik………….

    • Argonite says:

      You forgot to start with Bismillah before you start your speech.

    • Sheikh Kamal says:

      Bloodyfool punya Pak Sheikh! Makan sorang-sorang.. Lain kali ajak sekali ana ye! Tak best lah kalau benda yang bagus ente makan sorang-sorang

    • Ustazah Ajijah says:

      Ustaz ??? Zain

      Ngajar apa kat sekolah Bro?

      Rahim Thamby Chik lu tau pulak komen……. ( walaupun satu ketul video, gambar yang boleh dijadikan bukti) Aku pun ada dengar kiasah dia , tapi mahkamah dah membebaskan, macam juga dengan gay tua kutuk pujaan kau tu)~ bebas tak bermasksud dia tak buat!!


      1. Orang yang berselindung dengan ayat ayat academician ni kadang kadang terpesona dengan angan angan nye sendiri. Kau bercakap tentang fitnah… dalam posting ni TERANG TERANG kau memfitnah Si Rahim dengan andaian kau tu. Kau nak ambik si LGE sikafir lahnat tu jadi saksi kau? Kau tak faham kandungan ayat alquran ke??
      2. Ini bukan tentang UMNO / PAS / DAP. Ini tentang PENENTANGAN si munafiqoon yang memperdaya golongan desprado / golongan kurang kemahiran untuk tactical thinking (lurus bendul) . In short KITA TAKMAHU ORANG YANG TIDAK BERMORAL SECARA TERANG TERANGAN ( i.e mcm public nudity) dan MEMPROMOSIKAN NYA kepada golongan majority yang masih sensible.
      3. Takpayah tulis panjang panjang kalau tak ada fact. Sama macam kes gay tua kutuk tu yang bersyarah didalam kandang tertuduh, menuduh segala galanya telah ditentukan. (sebab takut kena soal) In short : kalau kau benar benar Ustaz ~ berhentilah mengajar. Jelas kau bukan dari GOLONGAN ORANG YANG BERFIKIR ~ (cek balik dalam Al Quran… last sentence tu selalu dilulang ulang dalam Al Quran)


      • Haris says:

        Ustazah ada masuk OWC?

      • Hmm says:

        betul betul betul ustazah


        • Salbiah says:

          There is too much concentration of power: an oversized PM’s department which is effectively a cabinet within a cabinet; a PM who is also Finance Minister; and a Home Minister who is also PM’s cousin. There is also too much nepotism: 2nd PM and 6th PM (father and son); wife of 2nd PM and wife of 3rd PM are sisters. If Umno continues to rule: future PM could be son of 3rd PM; son of 4th PM or son-in-law of 5th PM! Are we short of talents outside these aristocratic families? With the penchant for enriching themselves, our natural resources are either depleted or depleting. What we need is a new team with the interests of our nation at heart; who would aim at maximizing efficiency at the lowest costs; so that we can change the course of our route towards national bankruptcy.

    • Jellyman says:

      Is the man is so above the law?

      Can he do anything and yet say, no I did not do that – it was a fabrication by the court, police, whoever.
      Can anybody then steal or do what he or she wants and when caught by police, fight the court by saying all you people are out to frame me

      Recall some motorist even challenged a speeding ticket but yet when produced a picture of the car speeding, did he not has to pay?. Unless of course the guy is loaded and started employing a creative Lawyer.

      Its all a game and its so sad to see rakyat falling for it

    • Chayalah says:

      kalu dah ada video
      kalu dah ada saksi
      kalu dah ada jam
      kalu dah mat salleh confirm video itu 99% genuine

      takkan tak chaya kot

      mungkin kena buat depan mata baru chaya kot.
      tapi tak juga nanti dia boleh kata itu pelakun sama muka, face and tummy transplant.

    • ALOYA says:

      Apa lagi saman la Trio tu, cakap berdegar2 pun tak guna

    • Shauki says:

      Berapa banyak lagi kes rasuah BN boleh diterima oleh rakyat Malaysia?

      1) Skandal rasuah Bekas Menteri Besar Selangor, Dato’ Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo :

      Tuduhan : Khir, 45, didakwa mendapatkan untuk diri dan isterinya, Zahrah Kechik, 45, dua lot tanah dan sebuah rumah di No. 8 & 10, Jalan Suasa 7/1L, daripada pengarah Ditamas Sdn Bhd, Shamsuddin Hayroni pada harga RM3.5 juta sedangkan ia dibeli oleh Ditmas pada 23 Disember 2004 dengan harga RM6.5 juta.

      Perbuatan itu didakwa dilakukan dalam keadaan Khir mengetahui bahawa Shamsuddin mempunyai hubungan dengan tugas rasminya sebagai Menteri Besar Selangor pada ketika itu.

      Dr Mohamad Khir, yang juga ADUN Sungai Panjang, didakwa melakukan kesalahan itu di kediaman rasmi Menteri Besar Selangor di Jalan Permata 7/1, Seksyen 7, di Shah Alam, pada 29 Mei 2007.

      Hukuman : Pada 23 Disember, Mahkamah menjatuhkan hukuman 12 bulan penjara berkuatkuasa serta-merta dan memerintahkan harta terbabit dilucut hak kepada kerajaan Malaysia

      2) Skandal komisen Kapal Selam membabitkan Perdana Menteri, Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak ketika menjadi Menteri Pertahanan, dengan Abdul Razak Baginda – Skandal Scorpene RM500 juta komisen

      Dakwaan : -Transaksi pembelian kapal selam Scorpene buatan Perancis itu oleh Malaysia dikatakan dicemari dengan penyelewengan melibatkan komisyen hampir RM500 juta kepada syarikat Perimekar Sdn Bhd.Ia juga dikatakan ada kaitan dengan pembunuhan ngeri model Mongolia, Altantuya Shaaribu.

      -Rundingan itu membabitkan pembelian sebuah Agosta dan dua kapal selam Scorpene kepada kerajaan Malaysia melalui satu kontrak bernilai RM4.3 bilion (1 bilion euro) yang dimeterai pada 2002 dengan DCNS, yang dahulunya dikenali sebagai DCN,
      sebuah syarikat membuat kapal yang bekerjasama dengan syarikat pembuat kapal perang Sepanyol, Thalès.

      Hukuman : Tiada pendakwaan dalam kes ini.

      3) Skandal PKFZ – Membabitkan bekas Menteri Pengangkutan, Dr Ling Liong Sik yang juga bekas Presiden MCA.

      Tuduhan : Pada 9 Julai 2010, Dr Ling didakwa atas satu tuduhan utama dan satu tuduhan pilihan menipu kerajaan Malaysia dengan mengelirukan Jemaah Menteri untuk memberikan persetujuan terhadap pembelian tanah di Pulau Indah.

      Beliau didakwa melakukan kedua-dua perbuatan itu antara 25 Sept 2002 dan 6 Nov 2002 di Tingkat 4, Pejabat Perdana Menteri, Bangunan Perdana Putra di Putrajaya.

      Mengikut pertuduhan utama, Dr Ling didakwa menipu Kabinet untuk mempersetujui pembelian tanah mengikut terma-terma yang dipersetujui antara Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB) dan Lembaga Pelabuhan Klang (LPK).

      Skandal PKFZ melibatkan banyak pihak seperti KDSB, LPK lain-lain disebabkan wujud penyelewengan sehingga kosnya melambung RM4.6 bilion.

      Hukuman : Masih dibicarakan

      4) Skandal-skandal Ketua Menteri Sarawak, Tan Sri Pehin, Abdul Taib Mahmud dan keluarga :

      Dakwaan : Dakwaan Taib Mahmud memiliki empayar perniagaan bernilai RM3 billion

      -Adik beradik Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud dan anak-anaknya akan memegang kepentingan 50 peratus sebanyak RM250 juta bersamaan USD80 juta

      -Tiga pengadu itu – John Brian Anthony, Ting Cek Ming dan Kung Chin Chin menggesa suruhanjaya itu menyiasat ‘empayar’ perniagaan Taib dan keluarganya yang didakwa bernilai ‘lebih RM3 bilion’ berdasarkan apa yang dilaporkan di blog termasuklah termasuk memiliki hotel mewah di Australia dan hartanah komersial di tapak utama di Kanada melalui cara yang disangsikan.

      -Pembabitan keluarga Taib dalam konglomerat terbesar negeri itu Cahaya Mata Sarawak.

      -Taib telah dikaitkan dalam skandal membabitkan sogokan RM32 juta yang dibayar oleh firma-firma perkapalan Jepun yang mengangkut balak dari negeri tersebut susulan daripada laporan daripada akhbar The Japan Times Online.

      -Dan antara yang terkini adalah pendedahan Sarawak Post yang mendakwa Ketua Menteri Sarawak, Tan Sri Taib Mahmud memperuntukkan RM1.8 Bilion kepada “orang yang tidak dikenali” pada tahun 2009.

      Hukuman : Tiada pendakwaan.

      5) Skandal Pusat Fidlot Negara (NFC) membabitkan Ketua Wanita

      Umno, Dato’ Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil berjumlah RM250 juta.

      Dakwaan : Menggunakan dana melalui NFC membeli satu unit kondominium mewah di Bangsar dengan bayaran berjumlah RM9.8 juta dan di Singapura bernilai kira-kira RM10 juta.

      -Untung RM600,000 melalui simpanan tetap (Fix Deposit)

      -Pegangan saham yang dimiliki ahli keluarganya termasuk suami, Dato’ Dr Mohammad Salleh Ismail (249,999 unit); anaknya, Wan Shahinur Izran Mohammad Salleh (250,000 unit) dan Wan Shahinur Izmir Mohammad Salleh (1 Unit) dalam NFC.

      – Pada 6 Mei 2009, NFC memindahkan RM116 juta daripada pinjaman ini ke dalam akaun deposit tetap milik NFC di Public Bank Berhad.

      – Sebanyak RM827,579 diguna untuk melancong ke luar negara pada tahun 2009 menggunakan NFC.

      -Suaminya, Dr Mohammad Salleh pula dikaitkan dengan dakwaan rasuah pihak berkuasa melalui orang tengah, Dato’ Shamsulbaharin.

      Hukuman : Sedang dalam siasatan SPRM

      6) Skandal bekas Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Muhammad Md
      Taib :

      Dakwaan : Pemilikan harta melampau. Tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa harta Muhammad Taib yang melampau bukan daripada gaji dan elaun sebagai Menteri Besar.

      -Dari kes beliau PP vs Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taid (Criminal Trial 45-28-98) yang diadili oleh Hakim Abdul Wahab Patail menyebut bahawa nilaian harta yang diisytihar Muhammad Taib ialah RM 30,831,306.15. Ini adalah harta yang dimaklumkan dalam kenyataan bersumpah beliau.

      -Harta pegangan beliau melebihi 74,500,000.00 juta ringgit tidak termasuk tanah dan pegangan saham beliau.
      -Muhammad Taib pernah ditahan di Australia kerana gagal mengistiharkan pegangan tunai melebihi 1,000,000.00 wang campuran mata wang asing.

      7) Skandal penggunaan wang zakat membabitkan, Menteri Di
      Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Dato’ Seri Jamil Khir Baharom, menteri yang menjaga hal ehwal agama Islam.

      Dakwaan : Bukti pertama pendedahan mengenai dokumen membabitkan Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (MAIWP) termasuk baucer bayaran bertarikh 29 April 2010 sebanyak RM32,150.00.

      – Bukti kedua merupakan surat Ketua Audit Negara, Tan Sri Dato’ Setia Ambrin Buang kepada Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kira-Kira Negara, Dato’ Seri Azmi Khalid yang mengesahkan RM63,650 wang zakat digunakan bagi membayar kos guaman MAIWP.

      Jumlah merangkumi bayaran pertama sebanyak RM31,500 pada 9 Februari 2010 dan RM32,150yang tercatat di dalam baucer tersebut.

      Bukti dalam dokumen itu termasuk tandatangan dari Setiausaha MAIWP, Datuk Che Mat Che Ali yang meluluskan wang zakat itu untuk dibayar kepada syarikat guaman Zainul Rijal Talha dan Amir bertarikh 28 Januari 2010.

      Jamil, Che Mat dan Ketua Pendakwa Syarie Wilayah Persekutuan Shamsuddin Hussain melantik syarikat itu bagi mewakili mereka dalam kes tuntutan qazaf bertujuan menghalang kes melibatkan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dibicarakan di Mahkamah Syariah

      Hukuman : Tiada pendakwaan.

      – Skandal membabitkan Setiausaha Politik bekas Menteri
      Kewangan II, Hasbie Satar (Tan Sri Mohammed Nor Yakcop) yang
      kini menjadi Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri.

      Setiausaha Politiknya, Hasbie Satar ditahan SPRM, di pangsapurinya di Teluk Air Tawar, Pulau Pinang, bersama penemuan wang tunai yang diikat mengikut nilai RM5, RM10, RM50 dan RM100 berjumlah kira-kira RM2 juta. Beliau dituduh mengikut Seksyen 4(1), Akta Pencegahan Pengubahan Wang Haram dan Pembiayaan Keganasan 2001.

      9) – Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan, Dato’ Seri Utama Haji

      Mohamad Bin Haji Hassan dikaitkan dakwaan mengirimkan wang
      secara haram ke luar Negara membabitkan RM10 juta ke London
      pada tahun 2008.

      10) – Ketua Menteri Melaka, Tan Sri Mohd Ali Rustam dikenakan

      tindakan disiplin oleh Lembaga Disiplin Umno berikutan rasuah wang dalam Pemilihan Umno.

      Turut dituduh ialah Ketua Pemuda Umno, Khairy Jamaluddin namun Khairy hanya diberikan amaran sahaja.Sementara siasatan mengenai dakwaan Ali Rustam mengamalkan
      politik wang bagi bertanding jawatan Timbalan Presiden Umno dalam pemilihan parti tahun 2010 telah ditutup SPRM.

      Paling besar, pemerintahan Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad banyak mencatatkan dakwaan kronisme dan rasuah.Berikut senarai yang sempat dicatatkan penulis :

      Skandal-skandal bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir MohammadMahathir menjadi Perdana Menteri paling lama dalam sejarah Malaysia selama 22 tahun.

      – RM1.8 billion di mana Mahathir sendiri yang meluluskan sendiri (bail-out) untuk syarikat Mirzan Mahathir, Konsortium Perkapalan Berhad/Diperdana. Membelanjakan RM836juta untuk membeli 11 kapal tangki dari KPB.

      – Pengambil-alihan syarikat perkapalan MISC (Malaysia International Shipping Corp.) pada Nov 1998 (62% ekuiti).

      – Untuk menyelamatkan DRB-Hicom (Proton) melibatkan perbelanjaan RM999.4 juta (27% ekuiti).

      – Berkali-kali digunakan (RM4 bilion) untuk menyelamatkan BBMB yang hampir bangkrap kerana hutang lapuk tidak berbayar tokoh-tokoh korporat.

      – Membeli Boeing 747 dari Pratt & Whitney pada Julai 1985, untuk disewakan kepada MAS dan menyelamatkan MAS daripada berhutang dengan Rolls-Royce.

      – Dipaksa membeli Menara Dayabumi pada Mac 1988 dengan harga 2 kali ganda dari harga pasaran dan dijadikan ibu pejabatnya sebelum berpindah ke Menara Berkembar Petronas.
      40% ekuiti Putrajaya Holdings untuk bina bandar Putrajaya dan projek MSC bernilai RM19 bilion.

      – Menteri Umno melakukan rasuah, disiasat BPR, cukup bukti tapi pendakwaan disisihkan. Dato’ Seri Rafidah Aziz melakukan 5 kesalahan mengagihkan saham-saham kepada menantunya Fazrin Anwar.

      – Mahathir telah menghalang pendakwaan ke atas Rafidah di mahkamah, Menurut laporan Jabatan Peguam Negara 14 Mac 1995, terdapat kes prima facie Rafidah telah melakukan rasuah.

      Perbuatan Mahathir menghalang proses undang-undang dijalankan dianggap sebagai satu kesalahan jenayah.

      – Mengamalkan kronisme dan nepotisme secara berleluasa dan berterusan dalam pemerintahan BN. Siapa kroni Mahathir : Ananda Krishnan (Binariang), William Chin (Lion Group), Hanif Omar (Genting), Francis Yeoh (YTL), Jefrey Chia (Sunway Group), Lim Kim Yew (Mines Resort), Vincent Tan (Berjaya, Sport Toto, Raleigh Bhd), Halim Saad (Renong, Faber Group, Park May, CAHB, UEM, Ho Hup), Tajuddin Ramli (MAS, TRI, Celcom), Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah (Land & General Bhd, Amway, RJ Reynolds), Mohamad Anwar
      Senawi (Landmarks Bhd), Abu Zahid (Perwaja, Maju), AP Arumugam, Lim Kok Wing, Hj Basir Ismail, Nordin Sopiee, Tengku Adnan, Shamsudin Abu Hassan, Ting Pek Khing (Ekran – Bakun), Eric Chia (Perwaja), Tan Sri Tiong (MEC), Dato’ Soh Chee Wen, Kadir Jasin (NSTP, MRCB, TV3, Malakof) dengan saham bernilai RM1.5 bilion. Ahmad Razali (Pengerusi Tabung Haji) ipar Mahathir. Anak-anak Mahathir mempunyai 218 buah syarikat sendirian berhad: Mokhzani (Pantai Holding Bhd, KL City Corp, THB, Tongkah Holding)(Tongkah Medivest Bhd dianugerahkan projek penswastaan ‘hospital support services’), Mirzan (KPB, Artwright Holding Bhd, Capetronic, Dataprep, Diperdana, KIG, Lion Corp, Transmile, Worldwide, Mamee-Double Decker, Sunway Building) dan
      Mukhriz (Ajiya Bhd, Reliance Pacific Bhd).

      -Renong Group diberi keuntungan secara mudah/percuma bila dianugerahkan tanah seluas 27,000 ekar di Gelang Patah, Johor. Harga jual tanah tersebut RM1.00/kaki persegi. Bila projek Link Kedua siap tanah itu dijual semula kepada kerajaan Umno dengan nilai RM10/kaki persegi.

      – Tan Sri Eric Chia yang menyebabkan kerugian Perwaja sebanyak RM2.985 bilion yang ada melibatkan kelulusan dan kepentingan Mahathir.

      – Daim Zainuddin menerima ratusan juta ringgit hasil agihan saham Resort World sepertimana laporan polis oleh Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim pada Julai 99.

      -Anwar melaporkan Daim melarikan sejumlah RM700 juta ke luar negara. Laporan polis DSAI yang mendedahkan 3 surat dari tiga tokoh korporat (Tajuddin, Wan Azmi, Halim Saad) membuktikan Daim terlibat dalam rasuah berbentuk wang dan saham.

      • Ustazah Ajijah says:

        DI CERITAKAN oleh teman persekolahan ayah kamu bahawa retusan kali ayah kamu bermastrubasi dan membazirkan benihnya ke lubang tandas atau kemana sahaja yang ia sempat sebelum “berkahwin” dan dan memperolehi KAMU (Shauki) the only son he have.


        can follow or not?? not a thing? no?

        • AhliPast says:

          Komen Ustazah Ajijah adalah komen peribadinya sahaja dan tidak mengambarkan pendirian Parti PAST.

          Walau macam mana pun, Ketua Umum telah mengeluarkan GAG ORDER untuk tidak menbincangkan mastubasi ayah Shauki dalam blog alternatif media!

      • Jane C says:

        Panjang benar post Shauki 1/2/12

        Copy and paste dari mana yeah?

      • wu di says:

        bla…bla…bla…..bukti satu pun xde…hanya persepsi dan fitnah…!nak tgok bukti betol mcm anwar kongkek china doll la weeiiii..itupun ko kata besi…..another anwar monkey….kah..kah..kah…

        last pages said anwar report pasal daim…kah..kah..kah…he still belives even no prooooooooooff…..kah..kah..kah…!wooooo sauki what proof du u have??…..plz help me… to us….plz….kah..kah..klah…

    • truthseeker says:

      It is not konspirasi – DSAI is a con.

  3. Video Mat King Leather says:

    It’s not desperation, it’s about the kind of person you want as your leader, as your PM. A person who constantly lie to himself, lie to his family, to his staff, lie to his supporters and certainly Malaysians.
    He is the type who dare not take responsibility for something he has done.
    He keeps denying its him, claiming fiction, fakes. If he has no basic accountability and transparency for his own doing, do u think we shd trust him for bigger things to the nation? u go figure out.

    • kana a/l teeraj says:

      Which would you prefer :
      1. A leader who fcuks around but does not steal yours and my money or
      2. A leader who supposedly doesn’t fcuk around but steals yours and my money
      Let me know

      • Parti Jahat says:

        are u sure he not steal ur money?

      • Argonite says:

        I do not want a leader that fcuks around with man or woman, support the human trafficking of Chinese woman, steals your money to build his bungalow in Segambut and also spends it for overseas trip
        Neither do I want a leader that has cronyism build in at the leadership level of the party with his son as the new leader, himself in special position, his son’s wife holding important post and starting to be a FLOP (First Lady Of Penang).

        • Drago says:

          CSL fcuk around and still be a BN leader.
          What say you?

          CSL morally corrupted, LLS $$$ly corrupted.
          MCA totally corrupted in every way!

          • ALOYA says:

            At least CSL have the balls to admitted it, step down and contest again. Anwar?

          • Hmm says:

            Very much true ALOYA

            A person must have balls to admit his wrong doing.
            Then come honestly clean, then people would respect.
            CSL is very much service oriented-it is a good trait.

            Not pusing pusing delay delay delay the court process(to push it to be later than election probably)

            By the way is the man service oriented?
            Apart from his time overseas meeting people. Who? Only he knows.

      • Ustazah Ajijah says:

        Are u SURE Kana?

        He is not Mahatma Ghandi lah. This guys can do multiple sins while fucking lah Bro.

        FYI , I was his HARD CORE supporter dulu lah. Remember PINK FORM? Siapa yang ajar buat kerja kerja KOTOR paa orang MELAYU? This bastard lah Kana.

      • kiasu says:


        I prefer the 3rd choice:-

        3. A leader who does’nt fuuck around and does’nt steal our money except your money(coz you proposed two dumb choices).

        And certainly my 3rd choice leader is not your Anuwar Ibrahim whom you acknowledges to fccuking around. And, oops please also know that when thisfccuker Anuwar was DPM and Finance Minister, he stole tonnes of monies thru his proxies’s Skim Kontraktor Kelas A Wibawa whom he single-handedly approved projects worth billions.

        Please also know that he once even called your community “pah ree yaa” uknowwatimean.

        • Musyi says:

          I trust the BN 1government…

          1) To be as corrupt as they always have been.
          2) To divide and rule the Malaysian people by continually using the race card
          3) To serve and reward only their croonies
          4) To make Malaysia poorer and poorer by owing money to lenders abroad.
          5) To continue to create double standards and making the law suit its croonies rather
          than trying to creat a fair society.
          6) To do everything in its power – including dirty politics – to allow the Malaysian people
          a chance to get the government they really want and support.
          7) To restrict freedom for the Malaysian people.

          • Chow9 says:

            Comment to post by Musyi 1/2/12

            1) To be as corrupt as they always have been. (chow9:: a) who is more corrupt? b)has not the black sheep been sentenced by your trusted court?)

            2) To divide and rule the Malaysian people by continually using the race card (chow9: race card has been used by the 2nd settlers for long long long time ago, behind closed doors among themselves. Majority of the 1st settlers whom are generous and compromising are oblivious to the undercurrent pushed by you guys, whom while cucuk cucuk are gathering all the opportunities and wealth which are aplenty in Malaysia. Now the attempt to turn the table around like some party does when the leader did something wrong)

            3) To serve and reward only their croonies (Chow9: yeah just like you guys, which is more evident-like instant family partnership)

            4) To make Malaysia poorer and poorer by owing money to lenders abroad.(Chow9: again another baseless rhetoric. Our reserve is increasing. Other countries are coming here to work up to the point of creating risk of social disorder)

            5) To continue to create double standards and making the law suit its croonies rather
            than trying to creat a fair society.(Chow9: Again another baseless rhetoric. Hasn’t your master been freed despite all the evidences? Did he not confidently bought flight tickets even before the decision?)

            6) To do everything in its power – including dirty politics – to allow the Malaysian people
            a chance to get the government they really want and support.(Chow9: If the rakyat is shitty, they will choose a shitty one, and realise 5 years later when everything gone wrong and it may be too late to undo all the damages)

            7) To restrict freedom for the Malaysian people.
            (Chow9: another baseless rhetoric. Has not the ISA been repealed? Have not people been free in expressing their deviated minds and beliefs up to the point of bordering on kurang ajar?)

        • Ahmad Sobri says:

          So where does Zaid goes from here? The DAP of course, inview of the mass exodus of Bangsa Melayu to a political party that had long been said to be anti Melayu and anti Islam, by UMNO!

          The fact is, if you do an overkill like what UMNO did to DAP and what MCA/MIC/GELAKAN are doing to PAS, the Rakyat will wake up and do the exact opposite! Just like how the Chinese are supporting PAS today!

          And what about the katak from Nibong Tebal? Where is he going now? Surely, he cannot go back to Gerakan, perhaps MCA? Wherever he goes, surely he is not a winnable candidate.

          Zaid Ibrahim dared not take the risk to join the DAP when he left UMNO, instead joined PKR, but, surely, with the new political landscape, the DAP looks a very attractive options for Bangsa Melayu! We hope, saudara Zaid Ibrahim will continue the just and honest struggles of the DAP! It is certainly not a racist organization, looking into its history of Malays contesting under the DAP banner, and many of them winning.

          Surely, DAP is the political party of choice for Malaysians of all walks of lives. Unlike the stinking UMNO/ MCA/GELAKAN/MIC which are all rotten to the core!

          And the biggest “… lari” of Malaysian politcs? MCA of course, with its latest wholesale sell out of the Chinese community, enticing old folks, infirmed Chinese, to attend the Perkasa Chinese new year open house where the total humiliation and insult of the community were carried out by PERKASA! MCA, truly shameless, will do just anything just to please its political masters, and surely, we all know Perkasa is now the boss of MCA?

          We hope Zaid Ibrahim, will come good in the DAP, and together with him will bring another couple of thousands of Malay members to DAP, making this political party, which truly deserves the support of all Malaysians after decades as being branded racists, anti Islam and anti Melayu!

          Selamatkan Malaysia!

      • truthseeker says:

        ask DSAI about the stacks of RM1,000 notes that went missing when he was the Finance Minister

    • Ccscsc says:

      Did he fuck and bomb and erase entry records? Answer that and shut the fuck up…

      • izad says:

        yes he fucked around but he did not bomb or erase entry record,neither did any bn leader we the way,do you have details on the bastard who fucked,bombed and erased entry record together with any documented evidences?i’ m sure we can make tonnes of money from it….

        • Ustazah Ajijah says:

          Agreed izad

          Ccscsc. Get the details. I”all arrange of u to see somebody. We will get million if not a billion. No?? Not fair? okay lor … u get 999,999 and just give me RM 1. takpa lah! I’m just a useless Malay ma!

          Why keep it to yrslf one??? Haiya… we Malaysian ma!!

          • Equal says:

            Bro ingat ……kena equal mahhhh macam di laungkan tepi jalan sekarang

            Kaum mana terutama di kampung yang tak cukup duit kena di naikkan bagi equal kaum lain yang kaya raya (naik VIOS masa 19 tahun)

        • kiasu says:

          hehehehe …..chuckle

        • Saliha says:

          Selepas PRU13 dan kemenangan Pakatan, semua yang berdosa (erase record, C4 manusia…) akan dihadap ke makamah! Mari sama-sama ABU!!!!

          Umno gigir sekarang!

  4. Mat Kilau says:

    Ya, ya, bukan dia. Serupa dia aje. Bodoh.

    • Os says:

      If Malaysians continue voting for BN, then Barang Naik harga will be the norm:
      – Rice (excuse Thai floods),
      – electricity (reduced subsidy of gas but maintain IPP);
      – water (cost of privatisation to feed UMNO/BN cronies);
      – highway toll (money spent on freebies);
      – flour and sugar (reduce subsidy);
      – fuel (higher prices in neighbouring country to reduce smuggling);
      – fish and other essentials (weak ringgit & higher import cost)
      and FINALLY the BIG ONE introduction of GST will trigger inflation.

      If you don’t believe continue voting BN and keep this as a reminder for comparison when the actual thing happen.

      • Hmm says:

        Mana ada naik bro?
        Ada pernah buat grocery shopping untuk family?
        (ke belum ada family dan belum bayar bil bil//buat budget lagi)

        Semua barang basic dalam control list dikawal
        Cubalah cakap terimakasih sikit

        yang naik saja mungkin barang empunya lain kot?

  5. A.B.A.I says:

    Asal . Bukan . Anwar . Ibrahim

  6. New Villager says:

    Sooner or later, he gets caught, but he gets caught over and over again.

  7. anon says:

    Orang yang taksub dengan peliwat dan penzina tu tak sedar dirinya terus kena tipu. Tak mahu langsung buka minda, sedangkan ramai kawan2 yang lain dah sedar. Cuba tengok video tu dan sacara ikhlas tanya diri anda, siapa yang dalam video tu. Wajarkah orang macam tu jadi PM kita?

    • Putaran says:

      1st generation semua dah cabut mungkin setelah nampak wajah sebenarnya.

      2nd generation muda sekarang sedang tertarik disebabkan daya tarikan sama yang dilalui 1st generation dulu.

      dan process itu akan berpusing pusing untuk 3rd generation etc.

      Sementara tu ada pihak pun nak piggy back dia tak kisah apa pun bentuk sebenarnya. Dan sama sama pun piggy back each other.

  8. ad says:

    mohonlah kpd Allah supaya ditunjukkan landasan yg benar, banyakkan memohon ampun, supaya dilorongkan jln yg lurus kpd orang orang yg sesat.
    maka tunjukkan jalan yg terbaik kpd kami dalam PRU13 ini. Amin.

    • Warni says:

      BN mengikut landasan yang penuh dengan najis korapsi.
      Insaflah wahai Umno sebelum disembahyngkan dalam PRU13!

      • Jane C says:

        kalau betul BN penuh korupsi, Malaysia dah sekarang macam 3rd world lah. Ada tak kamu semua nampak begitu? Cuba banding dengan negara lain

        Ini semua dasar tak berterima kasih
        Dah enjoy puas puas hasil dasar kerajaan, dema nak terima kasut pulak.

        Jangan begitu..nanti anak anak generasi sekarang ikut style terima kasut kat parents dia masa tua nanti.

  9. QPR says:


    • Anonymous says:

      White ang-pows were meant for MCA’s funeral and the ultimate demise of BN !

      Toong-Toong-Chiang… Hooray!!!

    • Curious CAT says:

      I just don’t understand MCA leaders. Perkasa criticises and humiliates the leaders of MCA in public without any restraints; and yet they still love to fraternise with them.

      First was the Selangor MCA leader, Teh Kim Poh, who demonstrated against the state government with Perkasa in Shah Alam, and now Collin Tiew.

      Haven’t MCA forgotten that Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali wanted to ‘teach MCA a lesson’ in the general election if MCA did not retract its remarks on hudud?

      Didn’t they call the MCA president, Chua Soi Lek, rude and clueless (with regard to hudud issue) and warn him to ‘watch his mouth’?

      Didn’t Ibrahim Ali say at a press conference in June 2010 that MCA Youth chief Wee Ka Siong was “rude and insolent” with regard to his statement urging the government to maintain the PSD (Public Service Department) scholarships?

      Is it the nature of MCA – that it loves to be abused?

      • Adele Yunus says:

        Perkasa envelope is white and BN envelope is also white, claims the Perkasa Secretary General and what is the difference,he demanded..MCA Kelana Jaya Division chief Ong Chong Swen claimed it is also diffirent with the BN logo on the white envelope..Syed Hasan,you have cow brain and anything from UMNO and 1Malaysia PM Najib is different from Perkasa.To MCA and BN parties,even UMNO fart smells like KFC while Perkasa Ibrahim Ali fart smells..of course,like smelly human fart lah..Bodoh macam Lembu…..

  10. Sabu Abu says:

    In the Past, the Umno/Bn Leaders Had Successfully Deceived the Rakyat,Particularly those living in the Heartland with the Intrigues of Big Financial/Complicated/Corporate Scandals Involving Billions in Ringgit being Committed by the Umno/Bn Culprits.

    Most Malaysians just Could Not Understand or Relate Dishonesty / Cheating to the Complexity of the Scandalous Corporate Dealings/Manipulations Then .

    NOW , the Man in the Street Rakyat /Malaysians can RELATE in Simple Money Terms to the Lembu/Cow in the NFC Scandal that has been EXPOSED for the Benefits of the Public.

    The Trust in Umno/Bn Government are Gone !

    It is ABU now !

    • Jellyman says:

      So disheartening to hear the devious opposition using whatever means to fish for votes by creating hatred.

      The cow thing. Hasn’t it been established that no misappropriation occurred as the scope of audit is not on the company but the overall project budget achievement? They twist and turn until gullible rakyat believe that the whole RM250m of “their” money is gone.

      Now the angpow thing with Perkasa. So simple yet they want to create any issue to push for the hatred cause.

      Lets see maybe if our PM went overseas on holiday also they might create some ruckus ie using rakyat’s money lah, running awaylah etc.

      Dear opposition, please serve us rakyat well first.
      Prove your mettle. Fish for votes by a good track record not by some in the air act and attack. Compete like a gentleman.

      There are suspects and tell-tale signs that you have a bigger “mouth and greed” than your so called enemy.

      It would seems that you are destroying the very foundation of our peaceful country and society for the greed of additional power.

      • Nani says:

        Same old trick by BN will no longer work.
        Jellyman still depending on old tactics to scare the middle malaysians.
        Please stay updated to the new world.

        • Anonymous says:

          yes. middle malaysia want change.
          ABU is the way to go!

        • Jellyman says:

          It is an universal belief and calling that a winner should win by a fair play by own good capacity(to serve well) for the good of all (rakyat).

          Hence how can this be an old trick off any shelf or outdated for that matter.
          Perhaps one can call it old, as this is basic universal rule which is as universally old as mankind or the world.
          Even religion which promotes peace and good for all
          calls for such a rule. Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah.

          Sometimes, we must sit back and see ourselves and all that in play around us in an objective “helicopter or third party view” ie to see the forest instead of the tree and use our basic common sense for a proper guidance as to who is wrong and who is right.

          • namza says:

            Well said Jellyman. Nani, PR must prove they are sincere and better than BN then, only then rakyat will vote for them. There’s no trick or scare tactics required coz the rakyat are matured to vote. Hopefully, they will see with their eyes and hear with their ear instead of listening to spins. Presently, BN may not be the best but better than PR. DAP has shown to be ultra racist in every thing they do to win chinese votes. They say pleasant things to the Malay & Indian voters to win them but do not fulfil their promises. Lesson learnt, it’s best to live with the devil you know.

  11. kopi cow cow says:

    If Shahrizat’s hubby Salleh did not give the money and authorize Shamsubahrin to negotiate and bride the police on his behalf, is there any logic Shamsubahrin, who is a none beneficiary of the 250 mil NFC cowgate scam would be so generously and voluntarily use own money to bribe the police for Salleh?

    How could Shamsubahrin cheat someone like Salleh, a professor and a PHD, who is many times smarter? Salleh could only sue Shamsubahrin in civil suit to demand return of payment for none performance or service undelivered. Salleh and his family are the one directly alleged to cheat and abuse the 250 mil cowgate scam and not Shamsubahrin. They should be the one charged for cheating. Someone very powerful on top is definitely conspiring and abusing the authority and position trying to divert the focus and attention from the public for a cover up. Shamsubahrin is a scapegoat and more scapegoats would appear. No surprise these scapegoats would face use of C4 on them to disappear and cowgate scam silenced and closed.

  12. Pemerhati says:

    Marilah kita bersama-sama berdoa agar sesiapa ketua negara kita (PM) bukanlah seorang peliwat dan penzina, yang mempunyai moral yang amat rendah. Semoga ALLAH SWT menyelamatkan negara kita daripa orang yang buruk seperti ini. Amin!!!!

    • Jati says:

      BN approved Lynas 2 operate 1 year, the radioactive from rare earth can last for 1.4 trillion year.

      Penny wise, £ foolish. U still support BN?

  13. namza says:

    Whatever it is, comes GE13, I wish there will be a party worth voting for! JATI will be an interesting option cos it aims to unite the Malays, Islam & Raja2 Melayu. BN for whatever its shortcomings, is still way better than PR. Having said that, both political parties has corrupt members. PR should fulfill all promises made and show rakyat they are capable to run the states better than BN but record shows PR still think they are the opposition. DAP has followed PAP methods of splitting the Malay populated areas to ensure each ADUN area are equal with their Chinese supporters. This would ensure DAP has a higher chance to win considering the split Malay voters. I seek all Malays to unite wholeheartedly irrespective of different party ideologies as long as the power remains with the Malays, Islam & Raja2 Melayu. BN has shown they are listening to the rakyat to improve though it is very slow process. I dread to see if PR wins in GE13.

  14. hamsup says:


  15. KHOO JET THIAM says:

    1) Mesti bela Keluarga Sharizat yang teraniaya dengan segala tohmahan & fitnah semata
    mata untuk membunuh karier politik beliau.
    2) Bekas MB Selangor kita Khir Toyo yang teraniaya dengan harga rumah RM 24 juta.
    Diharap tiada penyitaan harta yang tidak adil.
    3)Harus membela DS Rosmah yang sering dikaitkan dengan fitnah birkin bag (dimana
    beg palsu) tinggal di Hotel yang mencecah ratusan ribu (Dimana hanya USD 1,200)
    terdapat pemalsuan kastam form untuk cinsin berlian RM 24 juta, Kita boleh dapati
    semuanya diperbesarkan.
    4)Pihak pembangkang membesarkan isu kapal selam, kapal ronda & segala peralatan
    peralatan canggih. Malaysia seharus lebih advance dari Singapura

    • denise says:

      yeah betul.

      banyak conspirasi(berpakat) lah.

      hasrat dia orang ni satu saja untuk naik jadi tuan
      bukan dengan rakyat in mind tapi untuk menjatuhkan orang dengan apa cara pun(mostly tokok tambah/cooked up)

  16. Enjit Enjit Lembu says:

    1Malaysia can only begin when NEP is ended.
    Otherwise, only a slogan.

  17. R-Truth says:

    Ah Jib Gor says Perkasa is not linked to the government, but he does not say that Perkasa is not linked to UMNO. At the UMNO GA, he played the race card, then he told CSL and Koh Boh Hood not to worry – it was only party rhetorics.

    What transparency and open tender is he talking about ? Syed Mokhtar, Mamakthir’s favourite Malay, wins everything. Highway projects, defence contracts – these are all inflated through direct negotiation. Has any piratisation contract been awarded at a lower cost than original estimates ?

    • namza says:

      Perhaps you should ask LGE these same questions too? True, BN government has awarded many mega projects via direct nego basis causing inflated prices to Malay, Chinese & Indians contractors. The same should be said abt LGE & Anwar, different speech for different listeners to please all races. Perkasa is an independant organisation helmed by former Umno members. Don’t confuse yourself. Ibrahim Ali has said he was not aware that white envelopes are meant for funeral activities. I agree Ah Jib Gor is not the best but he is definitely much better than LGE and Anwar.

  18. Dayakputera says:

    Every EPF contributors must protest against the blatant abuse of EPF Fund by the UMNO controlled BN government. There are more than 600,000 poor household in Sarawak and Sabah alone and up to 5 million throughout the nation whose income do not qualify them to borrow from financial institutions to buy a house and UMNO is digging its hand deep into EPF coffer to assist 20,000 hardcore poor in the Federal Territory to own houses when the general election is looming.What about the other 5.5 million poor households in the country?

    We must take to the streets if the proposal is approved by the EPF board of directors, most of whom are handpicked men by Najib, including his brother Nasir from CIMB, when he became the PM

    • Hmm says:

      Is the loan only for Federal Territory?
      Isn’t it for whole of Malaysia?

      Per Sun on 31/1/11 “The money is to be channelled for an “easy financing scheme” for the sale of houses in National Economic Action Council’s People Housing Programme (PPR) and KL City Hall (DBKL) public housing.”

      Isn’t PPR programme nationwide?

      Isn’t doing something better than doing nothing (for the rakyat) but yak yak yak yak yak yak, stab stab stab stab stab, conjure conjure conjure whole years long even after winning some states.


    • namza says:

      Dayakputera, I agree with you. However, street protest is a No No cause it has only created unnecessary problems to other rakyat besides traffic jam, loss of business, etc. EPF contributors should voice their protest directly to EPF board via emails and their website.

    • Anonymous says:

      The BN government has shown that they do not care about the rakyat and keep coming up with scams every now and then to benefit their crony and steal more money from the rakyat. What happens to those who do not have a job, where will they go for healthcare. What about the poor and old age. The goverment wants us to pay 10% of our salary per month for this 1insurance ponzi scheme. According to what the goverment want to do is assign the patient to only 1 doctor and the patient will not be able to see another doctor. On top of that the patient will only be able to see the doctor 6 times a year. So imagine if you are earning RM2,000, RM200 will be deducted every month which total RM2,400, divide this by 6 times, it comes to RM400 per visit. This is madness. Even private hospitals charge less for each visit.

  19. YB Sivaji says:

    Pengambilan kakitangan awam masih tidak menunjukkan sebarang gajakan positif untuk kaum India di negara ini. Kaum India adalah antara golongan terpinggir dalam pembangunan dan kemajuan ekonomi negara. Sebilangan besar daripada kaum India masih berada di bawah garis kemiskinan dan tidak dapat bersaing kerana beberapa faktor . Satu daripada faktor utama ialah mereka tidak diberi peluang pekerjaan dalam sektor awam. Pada satu ketika dahulu ramai yang bekerja dalam sektor awam. Tetapi, mengikut peredaran masa bilangan pekerja dari kalangan orang-orang India semakin berkurangan. Sering kali, kita dapat melihat di Jabatan-jabatan dan agensi-agensi kerajaan tertentu langsung tidak mempunyai pekerja India. Kenapakah ini berlaku? Ini sudah semestinya akibat dasar diskriminasi yang diamalkan oleh kerajaan Barisan Nasional yang mempunyai agenda tersendiri. Barisan Nasional telah berjaya mengurangkan pengambilan pekerja-pekerja India secara strategik dalam tempoh 50 tahun sejak kemerdekaan.

    Pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO yang mempunyai semangat perkauman yang tebal telah menindas kaum India di negara ini. Perkara ini tidak boleh dinafikan oleh sesiapa pun termasuk pemimpin-pemimpin MIC. UMNO telah memperalatkan pemimpin-pemimpin MIC untuk menipu masyarakat India untuk kepentingan politik mereka. MIC merupakan satu parti yang tidak mempunyai tulang belakang dan sanggup mengadai maruah bangsa sendiri untuk kepentingan politik UMNO. MIC tidak mempunyai prinsip dalam perjuangan untuk masyarakat India yang terpinggir di negara ini. Dalam tempoh 50 tahun, bilangan pekerja-pekerja India di sektor awam telah berkurangan dengan begitu mendadak. Pimpinan MIC tidak mempertahankan kedudukan masyarakat India dalam mengkongsi kuih ekonomi negara ini. Mereka hanya memberi perhatian dalam memenuhi ‘kocek’ masing-masing.

    Apa gunanya MIC diberi jawatan Menteri Sumber Manusia? Tidak ada sebarang perubahan dalam pengambilan pekerja-pekerja baru dari kalangan masyarakat India ke dalam sektor awam negara ini. Sudah pasti jawatan Menteri Sumber Manusia itu adalah satu jawatan boneka yang tidak boleh membantu masyarakat India. Jawatan itu diberikan kepada MIC dengan muslihat mengkaburi kaum India di negara ini. Jawatan itu memberi harapan kepada masyarakat India bahawa banyak peluang pekerjaan sektor awam akan diberikan kepada orang-orang India. Akhirnya terbongkar juga bahawa Menteri Sumber Manusia hanya layak menjadi bahan hiasan dalam kabinet Malaysia. Segala janji-janji yang diberikan masih tidak ditunaikan lagi.

    Kalau benar MIC dan Barisan Nasional membantu masyarakat India dalam memberi peluang pekerjaan dalam sektor awam, maka 3 persoalan berikut perlu dijawap oleh mereka;

    Berapakah jumlah pekerja India yang berkhidmat dalam sektor awam pada masa ini?

    Berapakah peratus pekerja India dalam sektor awam dibandingkan dengan jumlah keseluruhan kakitangan sektor awam.

    Berapakah pengambilan pekerja baru dari kalangan kaum India di seluruh negara dan pecahan mengikut negeri pada tahun 2010, 2011 dam 2012.

    • Abdullah ibnu Ubayy says:

      YB Sivaji, balik Indialah

      India will become the next giant very soon.. Malaysia is already crowded lah with 2 million PATI, we hardly have enough space to breathe.

    • Ustazah Ajijah says:


      Sebelum jawab soalan kamu, tolong jawab ini soalan :-

      Ada 100 biji durian :

      Nak diberikan kepada kaum kaum berikut :-

      Pribumi 65, China 23 India dan lain-lain 12

      Mana kamu nak pilih :-

      1. 100 / 3
      2. Melayu 65/100, China 23/100, India dan lain lain 12/100

      TErima kasih

      • Adnan says:

        Ustazah Ajijah – ahli OWC yang sering buat bising pasal suami tak kasi seks yang cukup untuk memenuhi kepuasan dia?

  20. Steve says:

    The writer stressed “None of the idiots asked how his sperm ended up in Saiful’s anus, like some magic play”
    Well I say for that answer you got to ask the IO ASP Jude as he is the only one who has the answer for he has admitted that he had resealed the DNA package that was handed over to him SEALED by the GH.

  21. Hmm says:

    The Islamisation and Arabisation of the political and social landscape by UMNO has affected the dressing of Malay women. Within a generation nearly all the Malay women, who previously wore clothing suited for the tropical climate, were forced to cover themselves in this hot and humid climate in the garb meant for Arabs who live in a sunny and a sandy environment. This was achieved through religious indoctrination, coercion and peer pressure. The very few who resisted this attempt at covering up the Arabic /Islamic way were the spouses and children of the royalty, the ministers, top Malay public and private sector employees and some strong willed and well educated financially independent Malay women.

    • fact says:

      ask any indon contractors (whom covers their body in full fledged long sleeve shirt covering head and hairs) why do they wear such while working under the hot sun.

      And ask any tudung wearing ladies do they fare cooler under the hot sun?

      Surprisingly it is the best attire to wear under the hot sun.


  22. roy handoko says:

    allo malem sobat all

  23. Rei says:

    wow aku scroll smpi bawah….

  24. Rei says:

    aku scroll smpi bwah….

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