Anwar Ibrahim’s Chinese New Year Message

Thank you for continuing to support me. Thank you for believing me that I was not the adulterer in the steaming sex video with a China Doll.

I thought that my political career had come to an end and that I was finally caught with my pants down – but incredibly, thanks to the incredibly huge number of idiotic Malaysians – I managed to escape!

They actually bought my crappy excuse of my bulging tummy even though they have never seen me naked.  They actually believed that at my age, I could no longer function. I guess they have never heard of Viagra.

So, as you return home to the New Villages for the reunion dinner, please take the opportunity to attack the Barisan Nasional controlled media who claimed the person in the sex video was me.

Please tell your parents, friends and the new villagers, it was someone who impersonated me. That’s all.

We are one family, so there’s no way I would lie to you. Believe me, we will wrest Putrajaya. It will be mine, sorry, I mean, ours.

Please do not believe the lie that I took down the crosses in Christian mission schools when I was Education Minister.

It’s a lie in that stupid portal called I thought Raja Petra Kamaruddin was imaginative but that portal is worse.

It was Dr Mahathir Mohamad who forced me to take down the crosses.  I would have never done such a thing.

Look at me. Come on, look at me. I can be trusted, right?

Did someone accuse me of raising interest rates during the financial crisis when I was Finance Minister?

Come on, my boss was that Kutty. That Dr Mahathir. How could I have done that without Cabinet agreement? Blame Dr Mahathir.

Don’t believe the MCA lies that I wanted to kill off the Chinese schools by sending Malays to be headmasters. It’s a lie. You mean it’s recorded in the media? Don’t believe in the media.

As a principled, accountable and clean politician, I detest the politics of corruption.

The PKR will never buy politicians. This has to stop. As we usher the Year of the Dragon, I pledged that if I am the PM, we will change the system.  We will clean up Malaysia.

This I can promise you. Please do not believe in the Sept 16 plan of massive defections. I will never agree to such a thing.

It was Tian Chua’s fault. You would agree with me that man isn’t very stable. He was instrumental in pushing for that idea.

Please, please tell your friends as you “lou sang” that I can be trusted. No one else can be trusted. Do not believe in the propaganda of the MCA of the PAS’ hudud laws.

I will control them. Their leaders only have degrees in Islam. They have no knowledge in economics and modern management. They will be harmless.

The worse is Malaysia will just be like Kelantan. It’s okay. We can afford to slow them after so many years of hectic growth.

PAS will teach us how to prepare for the next world. Even the Christians believe that this world is only temporary. We will educate the Hindus and Taoists.

I do not want to talk too much. Please attend my ceramah for more.  But most important, I am sure you all trust me.

Of course, Lim Kit Siang can be Deputy Prime Minister.  Don’t worry, we win first.

Yes,  Sivarasah also can be DPM. Ambiga? Yes, she can be Woman DPM.

Jeffrey Kitingan? If he joins us, he will be East Malaysia DPM.  Kadir Sheikh Fadzir? He will be the chairman of MAS, of course.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! I believe this is a good year for me.  I am sorry, good year for US. The media always misquote me.

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98 Responses to Anwar Ibrahim’s Chinese New Year Message

  1. bzz says:

    Hahahahahahaha…. Cooolll!!!!!

    • Ahmad Sobri says:

      Nazri reportedly said that ministers and their immediate family members should not have to declare their assets to the public as this could place them in danger. Danger of what? Prosecution for corruption?

    • Saleem Bacik says:

      Anwar is suing Utusan over their meaningless accusation. How does one ‘legalise homosexuality’? A homosexual is homosexual by orientation, that is, he or she is attracted to members of the same sex. Homosexuality is not synonymous with sodomy as there are homosexuals who do not indulge in sodomy. Similarly there are heterosexuals who practise sodomy even though this is not very readily admitted or acknowledged. Anwar is at least showing a slightly more progressive position now by saying he would repeal section 377. Soon after he was acquitted of sodomy charges in 2004 he rather shamefully said he ‘endorsed’ the country’s laws on sodomy! It is perhaps poetic justice that he should be tried again under those archaic laws which he supported not so long ago. Now his position has changed but yet again he displays moral cowardice and intellectual backwardness.

      • Remy says:

        A case of consensual sodomy has no public interest just like Chua Soi Lek’s fellatio act. It is only pursued because the accused is Anwar Ibrahim. Anybody who thinks this case is not politically motivated need to have his head examined.

        • Moderation says:

          Happy CNY to all.

          To website owner

          To Opposition’s internet squad team and other individuals

          And to the believers of BN, whom would acknowledge despite its occasional human fumbles(commonlah for a big giant), but with its past proven deeds and contributions it is still the best choice to lead Malaysia in its present glory and protect the rakyat in all fairness and equality.

          These kind of things are not to be simply gambled away.

          Malaysia is for all the rakyat and not to fulfill the lifelong ambition/greed of a political bunch or a certain strata of society. They might not even know our names, for that matter. Even the upper echelons and senior ones have ran away after having seen the “truth” after a while in close proximity.


      • Zaki says:

        Dengki khianat angkara fitnah, Berbuat serong tuk dapatkan bukti, Kalau tak tilam dibawa ke mahkamah, Botol tuala pun boleh jadi. Jijik sekali mereka yang tega, Demi kuasa berbuat fitnah, Semua yang bohong diyakini benar, Menjadi bahan tertawa dunia. Rakyat Malaysia sedang digugat, Oleh fitnah yang melarat, Oleh mahkamah yang disekat, Oleh parti yang dah tenat.

        • Anonymous says:

          Dah tahu itu semua fitnah ciptaan Umno!

        • anti bohmau says:

          lol!! wow! wait till one of you or your relatives been raped or sodomized, then you’ll be crying for DNA samples for proving the wrongdoer who mightnot want to admit his wrongdoings. you can cry out loud about all the accusations of the slanderings rite now!! till your time comes??Allahuakbar!!

      • Arshad says:

        The feelings among the Malays for UMNO is ” UMNO Memang Tak Guna” and in terms of quality leadership we can equate their performance and quality to that of our national car, Proton. That shows how pathetic is UMNO now.

    • OsBon says:

      The Gerakan commercial on radio mentioned Penang had attracted RM40 billion in foreign direct investments (FDIs) from 1990 to 2008.

      In 2010 alone, the Penang Pakatan Rakyat government managed to attract RM12.2 billion in FDI, or a whopping 36 percent of the country’s total.

      Indeed, 2011 promises to be another record-breaking year for this northern state. PM Najib Razak should learn from Penang that when you run a clean government, investors will come.

    • Ferhad says:

      The game that Umno and Perkasa are playing, regardless of the outcome of the next general election, is a highly dangerous one which may forever tarnish Malaysia’s reputation as a moderate country. It will leave Najib in history as the prime minister who failed moderation.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Malaysian education system has been sliding down the slippery slope of reason to the point of non-education but one of indoctrination, rather like the communist/Marxist sort of ‘education’ of the 60s and 70s.

        BN sprinkles everything with a dash of racism and then packages it as the ‘official history’ for our poor kids to consume. Listening to how the BN leaders, people in positions of power (police chief, armed forces generals, etc) reason (if it be called that) on various subjects, it is clear they use their heart rather than their minds to think.

        This one fundamental weakness – the inability to reason and judge freely and also engage in genuine intellectual discourse – is what prevents Malaysians from reasoning intelligently.

        • anti bohmau says:

          as teachers, we do not teach our students like the politicians do in their speeches!! please stop defaming the teachers’ efforts & the education system when you do not even try to help out at school levels…without the teachers & education you’ve received from them, you’ll not even be where you are today!!!

      • Haslinda says:

        A few examples of BN piratization projects:

        – IPP power generation. Malaysia lost billions for generating excess electricity.

        – One-sided contract for highway concessionaires with Malaysians are always the losers.

        – PKFZ scandal. BN cronies, MCA and UMNO politicians had siphoned out at least RM5 billions.

        – Malaysia Airlines RM8 buy-back from UMNO cronies when MAS share price is RM3.50 and the company was losing money. 800 million taxpayers’ money wasted!

        – Rent-seeking tenders for KL MRT and KTM double track electrification incurred losses of billions on Malaysian taxpayers. Multiple total project cost with 30% is unnecessary top-up expenses paid by we rakyats.

        There are more piratization BN projects!

  2. yusoff abdul says:

    When I got Putrajaya..I mean we..we will get you all prime land for you to build your Cathederal, your Wat, your hindu temple..when you and all my gay friends can be wedded in bliss , in pomp and ceremony
    You will be able to drive without paying a single sen of toll on our superb highway and bridges
    Students who pass or fail dont have to pay back PTPTN loans. In fact loans will be made available to all to set up brothels and massage parlours and Chinese students, both man and women can work part time
    We will put in jail all those Malays, semi Malays and all associated with UMNO from top to bottom so that they will have a taste of what I sufferred
    Independent Power companies and esp Syed Mokhtar will be deported to Hydramaut Yemen so will Yeoh Tiong Lay who will be deported back to Hainan
    Ananda and Tony Fernandes will be made Senators for all their support albeit clandestinely to our struggle in the past
    Thats all for now I have more here but that will be oulined by my deputies later on…
    Oh yes, you all may burn crackers and fireworks to your hearts content this season and if you injure we will give you free medical aid and also take care of your funeral
    Kong Hee fatt Choy.. Xin Nien Kuei Le

    PM , Putrajaya, Malaysia

    • b-town trustee! says:

      I lol’d. Grreat parody

      But still, if DSAI catches wind of this we’re all gonna be sued our butts off!

      • Anonymous says:

        RM400 million a day of black money disappeared from Malaysia! Based on the reported RM150 billion/year that vanished. According to the Washington-based financial watchdog Global Financial Integrity (GFI), in 2009 alone RM 150 billion (US$47 billion) in illicit money was illegally siphoned out of Malaysia. The latest GFI report, by economists Sarah Freitas and Dev Kar, who is a former senior economist at the International Monetary Fund, stressed that these illicit outflows are basically illicit transfers of the proceeds of bribery, theft, kickbacks and tax evasion.” In other words, it refers to corruption money or black money that is obtained illegally…… ENOUGH OF TAIB, ENOUGH OF UMNO, NOT ANOTHER DAY!

    • Ahmad Sobri says:

      Please remember telling lies and cheating are against Islam.
      So speak the truth, UMNO has cheated before and is still cheating – and it is all for the sake of its big bosses and not the Malays. Malays will be much better off without UMNO!

      • Tee Beng says:

        The rakyat monies are simply wasted by the corrupted leaders, and who have no love for this country. They talk religion but they are nor religious, what they have is hatred and unrighteous way of leaving. Can we malaysians stop paying our income tax?

      • chewal says:

        Can you count how many times has anwar lied?

        You can start with HIV or Arsenic or the famous 16 September.

        Please count and tell me.

    • Asani says:

      Excuse me Malaysia, but I suspect there is a major global economic crisis looming. Both the IMF and the World Bank are warning that the global economy is in the danger zone. So would you please pull your heads out of the sand, or the boutiques of Sydney, or some irrelevant historical detail and start thinking about the future… The immediate future

    • Jeli jeli says:

      Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Umno have been reminded that Article 150 of the Federal Constitution empowers only the King to proclaim a state of emergency.
      If Umno loses in the 13th general election, Barisan Nasional chairman Najib Tun Razak may be left with one option, override all rules of the game and declare a state of emergency in accordance with Article 150 of the federal constitution to prevent the surrender of the political power to his adversaries.

      Although it is hardly considered proper.

      A government can only declare a state of emergency if there exists a genuine large scale threat to our national democratic political system, the state security, the country’s economic and financial system, public order and peace, racial harmony, the country’s transport and communications system and the likes such as from imminent attacks by saboteurs, destruction from natural calamities, people’s uprising, foreign military threats and war.
      The political power of a party or that of an individual leader being under threat by their political opponents does not justify the declaration of an emergency.

      Proclamation of state of emergency is a very serious matter because the declaration itself is an overriding law which superceedes all other laws of the country.

      Such kind of declaration will give the Prime Minister absolute power to deal with the threatening situation.

      As a rule, during such situation, the security forces are given more power to help bring the situation back to ‘normal’.

      It should be the last option when all other means have failed.

      One of the casualties that bear the brunt of this operation is definitely the 13th general election!

      Under such circumstances , democracy is as good as dead .

      King must consent

      As I have mentioned earlier there are three branches of a government – the executive, parliament (legislature) and judiciary.

      Though they have independent functions the executive is answerable to the parliament.

      This is confirmed by Article 43 1 (3) which states that the cabinet is collectively responsible to the parliament. This proves that the legislature is the supreme authority in the country .

      If the executive government cannot handle the threats to the nation as mentioned, then the PM must refer to the parliament first for approval to declare the state of emergency before bringing it to the attention of the King in accordance to Article 44.

      Article 44 states that the legislative authority of the federation shall be vested in a parliament which means all laws must go through the legislature for approval including the declaration of state of emergency.

      Hence the proclamation of state of emergency must go through the parliament who would either approve or otherwise, and then referred to the King for his consent in accordance with Article 150 which empowers only the King to proclaim a state of emergency.

      This Article does not mention the right of the PM to even advise the King on the matter. That right is the sole prerogative of the Agong.

      This is a third form of the check-and balance system of parliamentary democracy vis-a-vis constitutional monarchy.

      No government after parliament dissolved

      However once the parliament is dissolved giving way to the 13th GE there is technically no executive government existing.

      This is to the advantage of Najib who thinks he can use his caretaker role to declare a state of emergency and to pressure the King to get his consent.

      Even so, the PM still cannot force the King to agree if the latter finds there is no real need for a state of emergency.

      Article 39 states that the executive power of the federation is vested in the King .

      As head of state and federation, the King has every right to call for the parliament to convene and put to vote as to the need to declare a state of emergency, but in the absence of the parliament (if dissolved to give way for election) he can still decide on his own whether to give consent or reject it.

      This special power of the Agong is to ensure the PM does not abuse the power of the executive.

      If the King decides to reject the declaration, then it becomes null and void.

      March to palace, if you must

      Umno must not forget that our political system is a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy where the parliament is the supreme body and the position of the King is the head of the federation and state, both having powers in their own right.

      As the 13th GE gets underway, Najib may use the security laws to arrest a number of the Pakatan Rakyat candidates.

      The number of arrests will more than tally with the expected number of seats the Pakatan will likely win by a majority.

      Say if the Pakatan wins by a majority of 10 seats then Najib will swoop on the leaders numbering more than 10 persons to prevent them forming a majority government .

      If the candidates who win cannot attend the special parliament sitting then their absentee votes cannot be counted for the purpose of formation of government especially if the process of electing the PM has to go through the parliament according to Article 43 of the federal constitution.

      To prevent any uprising and consequential arrests, Najib may then apply the provision of Article 150 to declare a state of emergency.

      However if Najib still thinks he has the right to pressure the King to agree, then the opposition should march to the Istana to call for the King to reject such unlawful act.

      • Jellyman says:

        Sorry to note that all these are imaginary hypothesis.

        Maybe ultraman can come down and give us lunch if the shop closes.


    • anti bohmau says:

      nice one. bro!

  3. Ccscsc says:

    Sigh…you are one sick, dumb fuck….

    • name says:

      at least we know this is a parody, if you read opposition portals they want you to believe all the crazy shits do happened

    • b-town trustee! says:

      Sue us. Sue us like Anwar did to independent bloggers. COME AT ME BRO!

      • Anonymous says:

        Without UMNO’s clout bloggers like this site will not be so daring. That Zaid Hamidi even invited one the bloggers on the scorpene sub with LGE without LGEs knowledge or consent. Cannot control papagomo? MSM, Judiciary, AG, EC, PDRM, MACC, royalty, Multi-Media Commission, ROS, MAIS, JAIS, all AIS and even BNM and SC will jump against PR and the rakyat at the snap of umno fingers.

        • B-Town says:

          This blog isn’t written by an UMNO clout. It’s written by an MCA member who, ahem, clearly has the best command of English.

          • Helang says:

            Dalam isu panas NFC ini, tak mustahil Umno sedang all out ! Umno sedang berkerja keras demi nak menyelamatkan keluarga Datuk Shahrizat dan NFC. Paling penting nak menyelamatkan imej UMNO itu sendiri. Al maklum PRU ke-13 sudah hampir !! Pemimpin Umno tahu kesan isu NFC ini terhadap pilihanraya amatlah besar ! Kalau imej kerajaan tidak dibersihkan sudah pasti UMNOBN akan kalah !

        • anti bohmau says:

          wow! does our wit’s also controlled by umno? whoa!!!

  4. Christopher Linang says:

    pssst… if you happen to have another gorgeous China Doll, please call me privately.For your good deeds, please be assured, I promise you that I will recommend you for a Datukship or a Senator.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are basically UMNO heart and soul, sponsored, guided and protected by UMNO to achieve UMNO’s goal ie to demonise UMNO’s enemies, the PR, civil society groups and anyone that fights for justice and freedom whom and which UMNO hates.

      Dump UMNO and BN and a new Govt takes over Malaysia only then we can hope and dream of justice and democracy in Malaysia. Remember, when UMNO/BN has 2/3 majority in Parliament and controlled all the States in Malaysia, atrocities, corruptions and abuse of power were so pervasive and blatant. Even after losing their 2/3 majority in parliament after the March 2008 GE, their corrupt leaders like Taib Mahmud in Sarawak are untouchable. What more to say if they regain their 2/3 majority in the 13th GE, Malaysia will return to the dark ages again. So please stop and don’t vote for UMNO and the BN again in this 13th GE. Save Malaysia!!

      • Balan Moses says:

        A typical loser mentality, if going to lose, calling other people name, labelling other people UMNO etc. Aha.. grow up, old man!

      • Jellyman says:

        Heh heh
        here they come their interNet Platoon………..

      • ray says:

        ramblings of a bipolar-afflicted brain

      • Anonymous says:

        Without sincerity and political will from the top leadership, Perkasa has the tacit approval to do its worse in the light of the upcoming general elections to sow fear into the hearts of the Malay-Muslim community in order to protect the vote bank for Umno.

      • anti bohmau says:

        “after losing 2/3 majority in parliament after the March 2008 GE their corrupt leaders like Taib Mahmud in Sarawak are untouchable.”???????

        can you become a government after losing 2/3 MAJORITY? oh! come on!!!

        “dark ages” oh! double come on!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Chong says:


    • Telajak says:

      If Shahrizat as a member of the cabinet was involved in any of the meetings as part of the recommendation and award exercise, this will be deemed as a conflict of interest and her case will fall apart.

      Issues for the defence team will be how to apply to the court to declassify all the minutes and documents which will presumably be classified under Official Secret Acts.

      The process for a transparent tender:

      1. Invitation for expression of interest from potential bidders.

      2. Prequalification of bidders (with selection criteria similar to item 4).

      3. Tender process – tender document or request for proposal will include detailed breakdown of contract conditions, selection criteria and itemised breakdown of price build-up.

      4. Minimal selection criteria will include past project experience, management capability, past financial performance, cashflow and ability to bank roll project – no free lunch in real world except in Umno’s world.

      5. Submission of tender which will include tender deposit and performance bond.

      6. Tender board evaluation and cost comparisons – tender board members must be reputable, independent and with no conflict of interest. In big organisation, the procurement team is independent from the technical team doing technical evaluation.

      7. Price negotiation by procurement team on behalf of tender board.

      8. Recommendation and award.

      In China, corruption-related crimes have seriously impaired the interests of the country and the punishment meted out for ones who are found guilty of serious corruption is the death penalty.

      In view of the issues in Malaysia, we probably need to introduce the way China combat corruption. Robbers only rob thousands of ringgit but crooked politicians plunders millions and billions… so who are worse?

      • Agatha says:

        It seems to me that the Money God is showing its head all over. NFC mismanaged its funds and looks like it will be written off by the Govt. Now, Sharizat, out of the blue, sues PKR for supposedly defaming her position as a Minister in the Cabinet ( even though she was not elected by the people). And asking for RM100mill. compensation. Looks like the RM250Mill has been spent and need additional cash to continue.

        Sue the Opposition and make some money at the expense of tax payers money and time. What can we all say? JUst this: Get rid of the avaricious greedy crowd in the BN ( especially the top guns) ans save this country from going under – like Greece, etc.

      • majidee says:

        It looks like NFC is turning more and more into a total disaster by the day. UMNO deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin who awarded the project to Salleh’s NFCorp must also be investigated as to why he selected such an inexperienced person to manage a RM250 million fund.

        But the most important questions to ask are why is UMNO taking so long to solve the debacle; why is UMNO working so hard to distance itself from the fallout; and why is it trying to white wash the debacle even though it must know that such a move will leave a huge and ugly scar that can never heal or be hidden?

        Even if a private auditor is appointed by the government to probe into NFC, the people will be suspicious, given that the terms and reference of the audit may be skewed to favor certain UMNO parties.

      • Tulus & Telus says:

        Patriotic Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or political affiliation should unite as one to demand in a loud and clear voice for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the NFC/NFCorp “cattle condo” scandal.

        1) there is something very rotten about the RM336.64 million National Feedlot Centre (NFC)/National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) “cattle condo” scandal – what with a RM250 million soft loan at 2% interest to promote cattle production used to buy two units of luxury condominiums in Kuala Lumpur and another condominium in Singapore, purchase of land in Precinct 10 Putrajaya, close to a million ringgit expenditures on overseas trips and extraordinarily high salaries for the family members of Datuk Seri Shahrizat, Minister for Women, Family and Community Development.

        2) very high-level personalities are involved whether in the scandal or in the decision-making process resulting in the scandal, and that the personalities who must clear themselves include not only Shahrizat but also the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak who was then Chairman of the Cabinet Committee on High Impact Projects which approved the NFC project in 2006, Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who was then the Minister for Agriculture and Agro-Based Industries, Datuk Seri Nor Omar, current Minister for Agriculture and Agro-Based Industries, even the former Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah as well as the entire former Cabinet before the 12th General Elections on March 8, 2008.

        3) the initial reactions of the various authorities unanimously trying to avoid touching the NFC/NF Corp scandal with a “barge pole”, although the Auditor-General, Tan Sri Ambrin Buang signed off the Auditor-General’s Report 2010 on 8th July 2011 with copies sent to the various relevant authorities, including the Cabinet – which probably explains the irresponsible inactions for more than six months, the delayed presentation of the Auditor-General’s Report in Parliament on October 25 when it should have been tabled in Parliament more than three weeks earlier on the first day of the Budget Parliament on 3rd October; the initial five-month refusal of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate the scandal; the refusal of the Public Accounts Committee Chairman Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid to allow the PAC to conduct immediate and urgent investigations into the scandal although the PAC may cease to exist any time with the imminent dissolution of Parliament for the 13th General Elections and the continued refusal of the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister to agree to a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the scandal.

        4) latest efforts by various personalities in a “cover up” and to wriggle out of responsibility for the “cattle condo” scandal – whether by using semantics claiming that the Auditor-General had never used the word “mess” in his report (when the facts that have emerged reveal that it was more than a “mess” and was indeed a “terrible mess”) and that the Auditor-General had mixed up the two entities of NFC and NFCorp.

        All in all, the building block for a grand conspiracy to cover up the NFC/NFCorp “cattle condo” scandal. Such a conspiracy must not be allowed to succeed, as the NFC/NFCorp “cattle condo” scandal has become a symbol of the utter lack of seriousness of the Najib administration to combat corruption and head an accountable and transparent government, making nonsense of all the alphabet soup of GTP, NKRAs, MKRAs, etc as all propaganda with little real meaning.

  6. Argonite says:

    This is funny.

    • Calvin Sankaran says:

      In his pre-Chinese New Year walk-about in the Federal Territory on Friday, Datuk Seri Najib Razak claimed that Malaysia is the best place in the world to live in as it provided the “best value for money”.

      This is the strongest reason why Malaysia needs a change of federal power because the powers-of-the-day in UMNO and Barisan Nasional suffer from an incorrigible disease of denial complex in refusing the admit the failures of government and nation-building in the past few decades which have driven some two million of the best and brightest Malaysians to foreign lands for they could not get respect and recognition or able to hold their heads high as Malaysian citizens in their own homeland.

      If more evidence is needed to prove how cut-off the Barisan Nasional leadership has become from the aspirations of ordinary Malaysians, one need only refer to the message by the MCA President yesterday calling on the Chinese voters not to “experiment” in the next general elections as Barisan Nasional’s (BN) leadership has allowed the community to prosper.

      Just as the Malaysian economy has developed in the past few decades despite the misgovernance, corruption and abuses of power of the UMNO/BN leadership, the prosperity of the Chinese community had been achieved despite the failings of the Barisan Nasional leadership.

      There is nothing that the Malaysian people need thank the UMNO and Barisan Nasional leadership for as it is the reverse – Malaysians are entitled to blame the UMNO/BN leadership for the lost opportunities of Malaysia becoming a more developed, prosperous and competitive economy and a more united and harmonious nation because of its failures of leadership and governance.

      This is why a total change of power in Putrajaya is uppermost in the minds of more and more Malaysians and I call on the Malaysian Chinese to unite and rise as one dragon, together with all other Malaysians, to effect a change of power in Putrajaya in the next general elections to begin a new page of history celebrating the greatness of all Malaysians.

      • ray says:

        “I call on the Malaysian Chinese to unite and rise as one dragon” – reflects clear racist tendencies

      • Jellyman says:

        If a country’s so good, up to the point of being saluted on world wide basis, then why in the world can be it the strongest reason to change the driver?

        Reverse psychology?

        Ie why would a child thank the parents when it should be vice versa as it is the child whom will take care of the parents when old.

  7. Kenny says:

    Hahaha.. nice and hilarious

  8. Anonymas says:

    He’s going to forge a new era in Malaysia-PRC diplomatic relations.


  9. Darlyn Azlinda says:

    I say nothing on this, but just LMAO.

    • Tee Beng says:

      Supporting Najib’s fake Movement of the Moderates? What a joke. Gerakan instead should do us all a favor and ask Najib why is he promoting moderation but he himself contradicts himself during the UMNO GE and during the Pekida Assembly. HYPOCRISY AT THE HIGHEST!!

  10. Chong says:

    The power wannabes are just keeping on criticising and hoping the economy crumbles, people suffer, so that the rakyat will mutiny and any one no matter how bad they are will be voted up. Of course the person will be from the opposition for the lack of choice.

    If the more rakyat suffer, the better as they will be pushed up

    Same mentality happened in 2008, boosted by internet medium. Anybody who contested, with only some or nil zero experience in serving rakyat will be voted in.

    That’s the objective now which is to replicate the same sentiment/momentum.
    That’s why they are pushing in or painting bad scenarios, no matter how inflated or far fetched it is for people to swallow buta buta because if everybody says so and if repeated many times then it should be true.
    That’s where the internet media is important to them.

    That’s why no matter how good Malaysia has been to them presently, near past or 50 long years ago will not matter.

    They also are probably may be itching for Bersih 3 to push for similar momentum in Bersih 1.0 which gave them the juice in 2008. Believe they may go ahead although reform already in progress and for that purpose any flimsy excuse may be raised. Students against AUKU also may be being pushed in for standby purpose(2nd backup soldiers).

    It is so simple.
    Art of War

    To gather the people sympathy and votes, some commotion or hate campaign may be raised
    Choice 1 may be: internet hate campaign media
    2nd may be : Street walk(not walk for health)
    3rd may be: Corruption expose(real or unreal)
    4th may be: Sympathy vote by painting themselves as underdoglah, loserlah
    5th may be: Religion vote, be it Islam or Christian or any other religion
    6th may be: Anti-product or organisation campaign (new one). This is for focus purpose, no matter how absurd or unreal.
    7th may be : Personality/features attack.

    Notice it is not about the rakyats’ betterment
    That doesn’t matter because it is
    just a big grand play to gain power.

    • Mugabee says:

      BN must make clear at the outset that it will honour teh GE results and will gracefully bow out; and hand over power to PR! Using force like the Burmesejunta which seized power and locked up Aung San Suu Kyi and her comrades, will invite sanctions from US, UK and Australia; and that will be the ruin of the nation’s economy.Respect election results; or BN will lose its image overseas. President Obama and PM Cameron , among other Western nations will not keep quiet. Even UN Secretary-General Ban would voice his complaint at teh UN. So, all would be watching whether leaders’ actions meet their words.Trust is an important ingredient of honest leadership. Playing by the rules ona level- playing field will bring honour to the leaders and to the nation.To do otherwise is to incur condemnation and curses from within and without.

      • Argonite says:

        Dear Mugabe,
        Even if BN made it clear in the outset, would you then stop mocking them by saying it is a fake promise.
        Sometimes I think these PR morons just talk thru their asses.
        You guys got to show more intelligence lah

        • Chong says:

          Keep on saying that election is a farce hence need bersih when opposition have won 5 states. Moreover the incumbent govt did not adamantly asked for recount etc and also did not go to court to fight the EC verdict or to nullify the result(like what opposition did a few times).
          Is this part of strategy to create issue to paint a bad boy vs good/oppressed boy scenario.
          Is this that’s what is all about is it? To create whatever issues to gain the votes. But common sense would tell us that the first issue is about bread and butter,stability,wealth and health for rakyat, not about hammering the in the air , intangible issue or imagine present and future ghosts with rhetorics(with inflated facts/without hard facts).
          Please do tell what you can do for rakyat (and show it first).

          Even the MCA which have been helping the people on down to earth issues are being penalised. Some has even said that they will not help if the media does not cover the event. But be rest assured the people being helped by MCA would definitely not share the illogical views of the 3rd party criticisers whom are only out to gain political mileage on any external events especially the Samaritans one.

          For those young ones who did not experience 1997 downturn and the pain or insecurity before the outrageous and brave currency peg saved us, they may be too eager to believe anything and not be aware of the impending EURO giant wave or just wallowing in a false bravado. The young readers have not seen how shopping complexes were almost empty even on weekends, companies were devoid of any Bank’s credit limit to expand(credit crunch), sky high interests were killing businesses and how the neighbours rakyat as well as it’s govt crumbled in 1997. But mind you, to get out of any such similar wave again, Malaysia has to be strong and stable with experienced people with a proven track record at the helm.

          In addition, your parents present wealth, were sourced from such basic stability and cooperating platform with the praiseworthy hard work and perseverance.

          Why shoot ourselves in the foot for just some in-the-air issues raised by some in the greed to go to Putrajaya.
          What can they do for us and the next generation?
          What have they done or at least shown that they are capable of, at the very minimum walking the talk since the last election promises.

          One have to think to proceed, and not be manipulated by the Decepticons.

        • Anonymous says:

          I wish more ppl will say it right like Argonite did: PR supporters are like a bunch of morons sometimes. Sure BN supporters can be fanatical as well, but who is the one right now brandishing high morality and speak of ideals when their leaders and people are as two-faced as any other BN politician they hate. Look at all the PKR, DAP dan PAS leaders: they have all backpedalled and changed stance so many times (not to mention their share of corruption in Kelantan, Terengganu and Selangor, plus guys like Anwar and Mat Sabu with their sex scandals). Lets not go in detail, since anyone can just spend a few hours researching and get a historical perspective on this so-called ‘People’s Champion’ Pakatan. It is a marriage of convenience which will fall apart once they gain Putrajaya. No way they won’t be fighting for posts and cabinet positions. BN has always handled this particular aspect well. The Global Recession is already here, probably the worst Malaysia has to face. I don’t think these one-night stand coalition will have the experience and cohesiveness to manage the country. Don’t forget, Anwar as Finance Minister in late 90s was willing to plunge the economy into chaos just so he can create unrest like Indonesia and dethrone his own boss. This is the ruthlessness of Anwar that people have forgotten. Thank god Dr M had the guts to sack him and save the country. Reading accounts of the currency crisis in Mahathir’s autobiography – one cannot help feeling how close Malaysians came to being jobless and bankcrupt – because of one guy’s political aim to be PM.

      • ray says:

        whoah …

        so many rules like some UN long-winded preaching

        hey Malaysia, beware you are being watched (according to mugabe that is)

  11. Ros says:

    We are looking forward to teh RM100 miliion suit from Sharizat.
    She is making a bigger dent to BN’s falling reputation.

    • Ahmad Sobri says:

      Why sue when Shahrizat’s family had used nearly RM600,000 from the NFC project funds to pay for their credit card bills in 2009. Her husband and 3 children, all of whom sit on the NFC board, had used funds from the RM250 million cattle farming project to pay credit card bills averaging over RM10,000 per month each across the year.

      • Riz says:

        You can have all the facts, be it in favour of Shahrizat or not, the decision as to whether she is guilty or not lies in the hands of UMNO leadership, period and not with the judiciary. Funny thing is, after the court pass the judgement, the same leaders will say, “who says our judiciary is not fair?”. The best is, let it be, and we be the jury and cast our votes wisely in GE 13.

    • Kitty says:

      Shahrizat, are you also not going to sue the auditor-general and the PAC (public accounts committee) for blaming NFC’s failure in a number of key areas and taking into account that the company’s top management comprises your husband and three children?

      It is very difficult for Shahrizat to explain to the rakyat that even though her husband’s ‘qualifications’ was key in being awarded the NFC contract, but why should the remaining top three posts be held by her children.

      I am sure NFC would required top-notch professionals to manage such a project. I wonder if when searching for candidates for top management positions in NFC, a thorough and transparent recruitment process was in place.

  12. Ah Lek Gor says:

    A new mobile game on Apple’s official website, dubbed “Aku Jimat” has started attracting the interest of Malaysians as the main character appears similar to Rosmah Mansor, wife of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

    Created by Antartic Group, the mobile game which could be downloaded from the website was launched last December.

    The game specially designed for children aims to educate players on the importance of saving since childhood and features the main character which has a similar hair-do as Rosmah.

    The game can be downloaded at

    • Usop says:

      Jika sebelum ini, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor sering dikaitkan dengan barang perhiasan mahal dan mewah, sekarang ini semakin diperkatakan mengenai aplikasi permainan dalam Apple Store yang bertajuk “Aku Jimat” menyerupai dan memerli DS Rosmah.

      Permainan versi 1.1 Aku Jimat boleh didapati di App Store sejak 17 Januari lalu. Ia memaparkan watak kartun yang mirip Rosmah, termasuk gaya rambutnya. Permainan ini mengajak pengguna supaya ‘menyimpan wang’ untuk membolehkan mereka ‘membeli-belah’.

      Pengusaha permainan Antartica Group berkata, permainan ini adalah “untuk mendidik anak-anak kepentingan menabung” sejak kecil dan “lebih awal jika seseorang berjimat maka, lebih banyak yang dapat dikumpulkan”.

    • Jellyman says:

      Is it true or imagined that the oppositions have international partners or international arms?
      Any clear thinking persons can make their own conclusions.

      And think of the present and future impact after considering the past and present events on worldwide basis

      • Remy says:

        ROSMAH MANSOR likes to be introduced as the First Lady of Malaysia, but for Sydney fashion designer Carl Kapp, she is his first lady of shopping.

        The wife of the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, is known across Malaysia simply as FLOM (First Lady of Malaysia), and is Kapp’s biggest customer, having dropped an estimated $100,000 in his boutique ordering garments during a private holiday in Sydney a little more than a fortnight ago.

        ”She was absolutely gracious and very easy to deal with,” Kapp told PS this week, agreeing she was nothing like the woman often portrayed in Malaysian media for her allegedly extravagant lifestyle.

        In recent months, Mansor, who stayed with her husband in the $20,000-a-night penthouse at The Darling hotel, has been forced to deny reports she had bought a $US24 million diamond and a $US200,000-plus crocodile skin, bejewelled Hermes handbag. Kapp, who has a keen eye for such bags, having worked for Hermes, said he did not see any such handbag when he met her.

        What her critics in Malaysia will make of her Sydney shopping spree, first reported on local fashion blog Frockwriter, is yet to be determined.

        Kapp, who became suspicious of the identity of his mystery VIP customer when his Oxford Street store received a flurry of calls requesting valet parking for her limo, said he was being flown to Malaysia next month with a collection of ”toiles” for Mansor to try on before completing her massive order of 61 dresses, pants and tops.

        All made from the finest silk and in a variety of exotic colours and prints, Kapp said his new muse had ”a very good eye for colour and she likes a lot of prints”.

        Read more:

  13. Azmeer says:

    Dato Nazri, de facto law Minister, said that it was “dangerous ” to reveal the assets of Ministers. Of course, it is ” dangerous” to reveal assets that were obtained by illegal , corrupt means;for the taxpayers would be very mad that their hard-earned money was pocketed by Ministers. They would go after the Ministers and “hang ” them in public for all Malaysian voters to see. The suggestion that Ministers’s assets are revealed to the Prime Minister is absurd and illogical. Is a Prime Minister a saint and pure; and incorruptible? One MCA President once said in the heat of political battle with his Deputy that a fish gets rotten from the head. So, a rotten head makes the whole fish to rot! Has Nazri not heard that Prime Ministers and Presidents had gone to jail for corruption ? Look at the Middle East ! Some leaders are being charged for corruption; and others have been locked up in cells! One Tunisian vendor killed himself. One Indian man starved because of corruption in India.

    • Argonite says:

      Teoh Beng Hock died because of corruption also.
      I think the earlier suggestion to have heavy penalty on corruptors should be implemented. Opposition or Government must face this wrath.

  14. Calvin Sankaran says:

    In this beloved country of mine, Taxpayers are the biggest suckers! Why you asked? The following are just some of the answers :-

    1. The BN government treats Taxpayers money as their own. Nobody dares to question them or even bother to ask where it goes or how it’s used. Lately, BN has even started to put up banners saying – Project Barisan Nasional even though it’s not PARTY money!! It’s the Taxpayers money;

    2. The minority Taxpayers are made to bare the cost of subsidizing Non-Taxpayers up to the extend of giving away good money for unproductive purposes, such as the current RM500 cash assistance to household with monthly income below RM3,000;

    3. The NFC “soft loan” was a blatant misuse of Taxpayers money as it was NEVER given to the right cattle breeders, who till today remain poor. Imagine the government saying that they have no control over the utilisation once disbursement – what a load of crap; and 4. The “Saiful Sodomy” case is another waste of Taxpayers money. Too much!!!

    • Chong says:

      Some humble contribution to this beloved website to address the point raised by Mr Calvin, whom is assumed to be a taxpayer in the first place

      1. How come the faithful paying taxpayers money used to subsidize :-

      a) cheap govt hospitals and clinics- both kampung and bandar people can get treated for sickness without paying through their nose at private/specialised hospitals whom at the end of the day, after doing all that can be done with exorbitant charges, but still at their wits end will still refer to the patients to govt hospitals. Is is the question of how come the rich whom can easily afford private hospitals, pay for the inaffordability of others?

      b) fuel for the lower end cars hence private and public transportation for many years now. At RM1.90 per liter vs RM2.90 for the rich man’s car which reflect the real price. That’s a steep sum the rich people are giving to the low income earners. Is it fair? Maybe the rich taxpayers might as well be standing at petrol kiosk and giving away many Rm1 for free. Maybe Govt can allow it to balloon to RM2.9o and as a domino effect allow all other prices to go up as well.

      c) not to mention the KR1m. How come they can sell at breakeven or at loss level? There must be subsidy going on or the product are all fakes. (Heard before that there are also fake eggs-can one understand why make fake one which is more costlier that the real one). If not fake, then must be subsidy, pouring money to give to the those who cannot afford high end items. Is it a question of adil….the tax payers worked their butts off to fund the non workers(assuming that poor people do not work and forever laze in the house) . Is Malaysia a socialist country which tax the taxpayers close to 60% of salary? Or are we will be emulating USA who give monthly pay cheques for those without jobs?

      d) maybe before tax payers money is used to tar any kampung road, the govt needs to ask the taxpayers permission first. If the kampung is not friendly towards the cause of voting for “so long its others -no matter got track record or not, or no matter how busuk the hati or personal the intention, or do not support concurrent ruing by family members or buta buta leadership without being 1st voted in or if the country and its rakyat go to the dirt (never mind) so long its others” then the taxpayers may not consent.

      2. The fact the taxpayers pay less tax here than other growing countries is not good enough. Should the govt should cut tax to be lesser and let the underpriviliged in the country to rot.? Should the Govt should serve only the higher paying tax people. Are streets around bungalows should be more well lighted than kampungs?

      3. Also how come the rental of flats of KPKT with some located at prime locations are so cheap at around RM150 pm? Rental for a room in KL matter of fact are higher than RM150pm.
      Are taxpayers also funding these cheap rentals? . However, also despite some wanting to, also never paid rental for years due to inescapable and valid reason and govt has been too humanly soft to take actions to recover “our” money.
      Is it fair for taxpayers? Maybe, maybe on any select thanksgiving day, the occupants should thank taxpayers first, the govt second, if they decide to.
      Malaysia is indeed a “Help people” country….and is it a good sign for the taxpayers? Maybe taxpayers should be proud and get some thank you note

      4. Can one imagine if these subsidies are scrapped off?
      For sure inflation will go up firewire.
      Salary will not cope.
      Maybe the table can be turned and some or majority of Malaysians may need to go to neighbouring countries for work at the factories or household. (bekerja sambil makan angin trip).

      5. Believe that if Malaysians themselves are not even thankful for their current blessings now, millions of foreign workers here (whom will flood KL come CNY) will be thankful of the peace and opportunities here.

      • anti bohmau says:

        good one, Chong!

        pr pros think that ‘t’ll only be good if the money is put onto their laps!!!
        wonder whether PR would put up ‘Taxpayers’ Project’ if they were at helm!! or better still ‘Projek Duit Cukai Rakyat Bukan Kerajaan PR Punya’ every where if anwar were the PM!!????

        • Chong says:

          Thanks and regards anti bohmau

          If they were to helm the govt, don’t know what would happen to the govt or rakyats’ coffers.

  15. Seksibani says:

    Judging from Najib’s past behaviour, he goes with the flow, not someone who could stick to principles. Tracing his rise to become 6th PM, as son of 2nd PM, he never had to really fight to get to where he is now. When the going gets tough, he is likely to do anything to maintain his position, like dishing out goodies to the people or accommodating to demands (though not some are actually beyond his control which accounted for ‘flip-flops’). It would be nice if we could hold him to a promise that he would hand over power if and when Pakatan wins, but then again, if he could not be trusted, what good would that be? Will he be like Incredible Hulk, ‘Don’t make me angry… you won’t like it when I’m angry?’ A lot would depend on him and cousin if and when it happens. Let’s hope good sense would prevail.

    • Blueblack says:

      How about vice versa arrangement for the states controlled by Oppositions on the handover of power, if the case may be?

      Lets talk about documents.
      Office premise.
      And other tangibles.

      • Nasihat buat Khairy says:

        Khairy harus menjaga keahlian Umno yang berjuta orang itu yang semuanya Melayu. Elok kita memberikan input yang nyata dan jelas yang di antara lebih dari tiga juta keahlian Umno itu, lebih dari satu juta dari mereka telah memangkah simbol pembangkang di dalam pilihanraya yang lalu. Tindakan mereka itu serupalah seperti meninggalkan parti juga.

        Di Rembau itu sendiri Khairy perlu mengambil perhatian kerana tidak semua ahli-ahli dan pimpinan Umno di sana memberikan sokongan kepada beliau. Pengalaman selama 40 tahun dalam Umno itu memadai untuk saya membuat penilaian terhadap banyak bahagian Umno di mana-mana khususnya di Negeri Sembilan.

        Memang Umno ramai orang Melayu, malahan semuanya dari kaum Melayu. Tetapi kaum ini jugalah yang akan memberi masalah kepada Umno khususnya Khairy. Kalaulah pemimpin Umno seperti Khairy sedar, masalah Umno bukan ditimbulkan oleh pembangkang, tetapi oleh ahli-ahlinya sendiri.

        Maka Khairy elok tumpukan masa dan tenaga beliau untuk memulihkan kesatuan dalam Umno itu sendiri.

  16. Daryl says:

    What moderation is BN talking about?

    Wielding the keris at Umno gigs to display their violent intent and drive fear if their ketuanan Melayu were even questioned by ‘others’ and yet seek to extract national ‘loyalty’ from the ‘others’.

    Yet MCA can choose to ignore this and keep barking on the hudud issue?

    • rak_yat says:

      What’s wrong with the keris? It is on the Malaysian coat of arms (image google that) and is accepted as one of the symbols of Malaysia since its formation. Let’s not view it through our narrow, hypercritical viewpoints, interpreting other people’s action to fit our agenda. That Malaysia has survived and prospered for 54 years is an achievement, not least due to the spirit of our forefathers’ cooperation and compromise.

      • Silver says:

        Can’t you see Najib has 2 personality?
        In front of Umno people, he shoued like a mad man to instigate teh racial message. In front of non malays he suddenly become lemah lembut with Ah Gib Gor persona. Double headed snake is no honesty!

    • ray says:

      poor daryl – a victim of brainwashing propaganda. A word of advice – check all grandma and grandpa tales before believing every word they say coz you may end up being “used” for someone else’s agenda

  17. I really love reading these PR-huggers’ comments. They really could make me laugh. They sounded just like my nephew when his toys were taken away. Cry-babies….Wake up you all! Politicians are all the same either they are from the left or from the right. They just want your vote. Once they got it, there will be no guarantee that the same problems will not reoccur. They are the best actors/actresses. Just as their peers in Hollywood, they are just manipulating your sentiment/emotion. Go and read some book on politicians from the beginning of time until now. You guys will find similarities amongst them. There is a saying regarding politicians which goes like this, “trusting a politician is the same as building a house with mud. It will all be well when the sun shines but once it rains…..”. So, chill out OK!

    • ray says:


      the toughest task for citizens is to pick out the REAL leaders who must lead thru this snake-pit politics

    • RCZ says:

      I agree. I wish Opposition has better candidates. As it is now, they are PATHETIC. Their main job is witch-hunting and sue people. All talk, no action. Only fools would allow these jokers to take over the country.

      BN’s track record since Independence is acceptable. Not perfect but palatable. However, they are getting more corrupted and complacent. PM Najib must have the courage to do something to fix this.

      BN is lucky that Opposition is in a mess for PRU13.. but if they manage to sort themselves up in time for PRU14 by getting rid of the tarnished, the racists and the dinosours (Karpal, Kit Siang, Anwar, Nik Aziz, Hadi, Ronnie, Theresa, Eli Wong, Khalid, LGE, Hannah etc etc), they will take over Putrajaya.

      Personally, eventho I’m pro-BN, I will support competent candidates from PR. Unfortunately not many of them can be found! Most that are elected in 2008, instead of proving themselves .. ended up being sucked up in political witch-hunt game. Some are just plain incompetent. Do buck-up Opposition!

      • Jellyman says:

        Opposition strategies and ways just suck.
        It would seem that the more chaos and conflict among good people the better for them to fish for votes. They thrive on issues. Relook at 2008.

        It’s all about themselves, destroying others and not about the country.

        or the rakyat.

        Let’s talk about our bread and butter issues, in the face of the coming EURO wave and new world challenges.

  18. B-Town says:

    “It’s a lie. You mean it’s recorded in the media? Don’t believe in the media.”


  19. Anonymous says:

    The politics of hate and the PR urging of rakyat to blanket hate UMNO/BN is a dangerous game. PR prides itself as having high ideals but resort to inciting hatred so that there is left little room for Reason in people’s minds when they vote this GE 13. In history, Hate will always beget Hate. When I hear that a Malay mob had crashed into a Hindraf/ABU rally in Klang, I just think its tragic. I can’t say either one of them is right because I have seen how Hindraf does its campaigning – they spew a lot of hate as well. You cannot daily spin hate and expect no violent reaction will take place. But of course, History remains our best guide for telling the future. Just study what is happening and possible outcomes in GE 13 then draw parallels with historical events elsewhere in the world, and judge for yourself. See if PR winning GE 13 is really a good thing, or the start of our ruin for years to come. Whatever it is, the people will get the Government they deserve, I just think its tragic if misfortune falls upon Malaysia at a time the world economy is in serious crisis. And if PR does manage to win on their hate tactics, and BN becomes Opposition – God forbid the spate of witchhunting that will happen and how BN, as a well-oiled organisation with stable sources of funding, will choose to retaliate. The rakyat will suffer, financially and politically, in an ugly long war till GE-14.

    • Anon2 says:

      Tulah…….jangan melompat ke mulut yang lagi besar dan lagi dasyhat semata2 untuk membahagiakan lifelong ambition of some individual(s)

  20. Anonymous says:

    Jellyman I have to agree with you. There is a MAJOR global recession coming and no one is talking about it.

    Pakatan Rakyat does not care, they just want Putrajaya at all costs.

    And they are hoping the ABU hate tactics will make people forget the shaky marriage of convenience between PAS, DAP and PKR (which is a doomed alliance due to very divergent political ideologies. No way PAS’ Negara Islam ideals will gel with DAP, not in a thousand years).

    At least BN is showing it is trying to clean up its act, and see how in 50 years, we have never seen so many big names turning up at court: Khir Toyo, Chan Kong Choy and even Tun Ling himself. Soon it may even be NFC-related people.

    On the other hand, we have seen how PAS tries to cover up for Mat Sabu (sex scandal in mid 90s), and PKR tries to cover up for Anwar.

    When PR is in Putrajaya, will they risk their first term in office by prosecuting their own leaders present and former? I do not think so because things will be shaky and they need their warlords. They will not risk internal sabotage and need to present a perfect picture for the next election GE 14.

    Are Pakatan politicians and underlings – for decades left hungry and starving for power and funds – going to stay above nepotism, cronyism and corruption?

    I do not think so, simply because I have not heard any of PR leader criticise the REAL reasons for corruption: which is our own Malaysian people’s greed, materialism and morality.

    Pakatan is only interested to expose the corruption of BN so they can win votes.

    Not a single leader from PR talks about the corrupt morals of Malaysians in the first place that breeds corruption. Pakatan like BN, is made up of many Malaysians – and if you think those Reformasi-types, those morons you see shouting and screaming in the streets are not going to grab the tons of RM in Putrajaya – dream on.

  21. Kapp says:

    Several bloggers picked up the Sydney Morning Herald report that Rosmah had allegedly dropped an estimated RM325,000 in fashion designer Carl Kapp’s boutique during a private holiday a little more than a fortnight ago.

    The paper reported Kapp as telling its ‘Private Sydney’ section that Rosmah “was absolutely gracious and very easy to deal with”, adding that she was nothing like the woman often portrayed by the local media for her extravagant lifestyle.

    It was said that Kapp, who became suspicious of the identity of his mystery VIP customer when his Oxford Street store received a flurry of calls requesting valet parking for her limousine, said he was being flown to Malaysia next month with a collection of “toiles” for Rosmah to try on before completing her massive order of 61 dresses, pants, and tops.

  22. Hang Telajak says:

    Anwar Ibrahim was charged under section 377A which states that ‘Whoever voluntarily commits carnal intercourse against the order of nature shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 20 years, and shall also be liable to whipping”.

    He was charged to have carnal intercourse with Saiful Bukhari the complainant.

    But should the complainant be exempted from the charge when he was also a party to the commission of the crime under Section 377A? Of course not.

    Section 377A specifically states that ‘ whoever voluntarily commits carnal intercourse’.

    Indeed it can be construed that Saiful had consensual sex with Anwar if indeed the act took place. It definitely cannot be construed as rape because Anwar was not charged with rape nor did Saiful allude to any act by Anwar which involved force.

    Therefore why was Saiful not charged with the similar offence as Anwar?

    The fact that he was the complainant does not exempt Saiful from being charged under the section 377A. The only recourse to exemption by Saiful is to file a complaint that he was forcefully retained to perform.

    Had Saiful resorted to such a claim ,the complaint would uncertainly be unsustainable. Saiful’s physique and size would make it unimaginable for Anwar to forcefully perform any act not compliant with Saiful.

    The appeal by the AG can only elicit one outcome. Anwar will be found guilty either in the Court of Appeal or the Federal Court.

    The whole process of charging and convicting Anwar was already orchestrated the moment when Saiful had a clandestine meeting with Najib under the guise of discussing his scholastic future.

    Anwar’s case is in direct contrast with Razak Baginda’s case where it was already ordained by the executive that Razak would be acquitted without even his defence being called.

    Contrast both cases and you will have a fair idea why our judiciary and the AG’s Chambers cannot , for the moment be a transparent and independent institution.

    Not when there are unseen hands always guiding what the judiciary and the attorney general should do and should not do.

  23. majidee says:

    If Obedient Wives Club are potraying Prop Mohd as a sex icon, why no one is banning this assocation?

    Are the UMNO goons getting free service from the OWC female members that pride themselves as a prostitute and thus compromising the Muslim faith?

    • Chan King says:

      Rather than sex, sex, sex would rather talk about tangible stuff such as sugar and other cost etc.

      Govt says that more money is pumped in to retain the subsidy.
      Opposition say where got……matter of fact sugar price is cheaper!

      Maybe Govt next time should declare that sugar price is indeed lower, so that the opposition will say it is increasing.

      Watch out for fuel. Bound to increase with trouble in Arabs world. One country is stopping production.
      Come the time,maybe Govt should say fuel is getting cheaper, when it in actual fact it is going up so that the opposition may say the reverse

      Also construction and basic groceries cost as well.


  24. Khurafcuk says:

    Ibrahim Ali is a hypocrite of the highest order. What a condescending and patronising event.

    Why we give him the time of day is a mystery. He has called all non-Malays ‘pendatang’ in the past, and now he is giving Chinese old folks RM10 each. He talks about continuing the outdated NEP (New Economic Policy) and the 30 percent equity target – measured how, exactly?

    How much longer must the hard-working people in this country continue to subsidise those who by dint of their race and skin colour, sit back and take, take, take? They will never become self-sufficient even in another 50 years.

    The people at the top of the government obviously realise this (they must, don’t they?), but need to keep the divisions between the races to bolster their continuing but slipping hold on power. The time is coming for dramatic change – just wait and see!

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