Hard to give up Posts, Titles and of course, the RM 20,000!

Chow Kon Yeow, Teresa Kok & Dr. Ramasamy

Pakatan Rakyat leaders are fond of telling voters that the BN is filled with power crazy politicians but look who’s talking!

The DAP is filled with leaders who are Members of Parliament, state assemblymen and exco members all rolled in one.

It look as if that in the DAP there is such a terrible shortage of credible leaders that no one can contests these seats except themselves.

So we have Lim Guan Eng who is CM, state assemblyman and MP. It’s the same with Teresa Kok, Dr Ramasamy, Chow Kon Yeow, Lim Hock Seng and the list just goes on and on.

One lone voice who wants to put a stop to this nonsense is Karpal Singh but his recent call has been received with muted voices. Why should they want to listen to him? Why would they want to give up their allowances and perks.

An MP gets about RM13,000, the state assemblyman allowance is  RM6,000 and as state exco member, there’s an additional RM5,000. He also get a driver, a car and the utility bills in the houses are taken care of. State exco members also fly business class when they travel. If it’s outside Malaysia, they can opt for first class.

Guan Eng tells the press that he prefers to fly economy but “gets upgraded.” Come on, who upgraded you, MAS ah? If you have been traveling so much on economy class, you can’t possibly amass so many Enrich points to get upgraded into business class.

So stop all this con job and admit the economy class travelling is just a stunt. Yes, economy class when you travel to KL.

Add all these allowances together, they hover around RM20,000 and we haven’t even add in other travelling claims.

But it’s not just about the money? How can a single person effectively run a parliamentary, state constituencies and state matters? It’s one big bullshit that they can handle all the problems effectively.

Or is it that the DAP leaders gets away with these because all they need to do is to issue press statements to hentam the government and voters would regard them as sufficient?

And if voters need help, refer them to the MCA! In fact, the Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching even referred her mom to the MCA for medical help!

No wonder LGE now has two shoplots in Malacca and fixed deposits which adds up to a million ringgit. Sure, a million ringgit is no big deal these days but he is not that poor either, as he wishes to project.

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  1. Ah Beng says:

    When it comes to money, Opposition or not, they are all the same . Dont be naive la

    • B-Town says:

      I agree with this. Greed corrupts even the most saintly men

      • Omar Logik says:

        BN should also distribute free copies of Utusan Malaysia at that CNY celebration, especially back issues in which religious and racial issues were highlighted by Utusan. It would be good for Gerakan and MCA to take responsibility in distributing them.

      • Paramjit says:

        For many years, Penang BN made up of Gerakan and Umno have been taking Penangites for granted, sucking and milking public money (and you can’t do that without projects) costing xxx times above cost and have never been accountable.

        Gerakan had let Umno to make all the decisions and was happy to be the running dog, taking the leftovers and ignoring all other aspects of a fair and clean government.

        March 2008 woke Gerakan up, but it went into hibernation soon after. And now with the hoo-ha that it may be asked to lead Penang BN again, Gerakan starts to play its old records again.

        But are Penangites really that stupid? The GE13 results will prove that. Let’s wait and see.

        • Syakir says:

          Rent-seeking system for BN cronies costs us, rakyat at least RM20 billion each year!

          This is modus operandi, BN ministers got the contract allocation from rent-seeking system (meaning no open tender!), then pass down the projects to alibaba main contractors in returning for 5% kickback.

          Main contractors then pass down razor thin margin projects to Chinese sub-contractors after they squeezed out another 30% profit margin.

          In order to make 10-15% profit margin, sub-contractors have to use their initiatives like using substandard materials and methods, bribing the inspectors, etc. A huge pile of money actually go into ministers’ pockets and alibaba companies.

          The end results are “taufu” and over-budget public projects as you seen in every place.

    • Calvin Sankaran says:

      Whatever Anwar’s past and his dealings in Umno then should be put aside for now and he be given the benefit of doubt. The opposition should know its priority.

      First, kick out Umno-BN as the government, then try and steer the country back to health. The last thing Pakatan needs now is internal infighting.

      As the country moves ahead, Anwar is not going to be the only leader, the other younger and more visionary ones will come forward.

      There must be leadership renewals; otherwise we’ll just be like what we have been for the past 54 years.

      • Unemployed says:

        the country is not healthy meh??

        I wonder why there are flocks of people from Myanmar, Nepal, Indon coming here for this unhealthy country.

      • ray says:

        why fix something when it ain’t broke?

      • R-Truth says:

        Lim Guan Eng and his Penang government, and not Khalid Ibrahim and the Selangor government, represent the greatest threat to Najib and UMNO, and therefore every attempt must be launched to destroy it, impossible as this task may seem.

        In the immortal words of Cato the Elder, a Roman statesman, “Ceterum autem censeo, Carthaginem esse delendam.”

        Thus, to UMNO, in similar thinking, DAP in Penang must be destroyed …….. well, as much as is practically possible, given that an overwhelming majority of Penangites has rejected Gerakan and MCA parties as their political representatives.

        Hence we have witnessed the relentless waves of terrible fabrications against Lim’s government in general, and Lim GE in particular, even down to the shameful sleazy salacious lies about his teenage son. Those fabricators surely threw their religious God-fearing beliefs and values out of the windows.

        It has been anti-DAP carpet bombing all the way by both UMNO apparatus and affiliated bloggers (either sympathizing with UMNO or just being anti-DAP).

        They have used not C4 but ‘C3′, namely, the alleged evils of Lim GE’s Christianity, Chinese ethnicity and Charborkooi (devil women) DAP colleagues, where the lies cover:

        (a) Lim’s alleged Christian evangelism and proselytizing,

        (b) Lim’s alleged ultra Chinese ethnicity, thus making him anti-Melayu in his governing of Penang, and depriving Penang Malays of their due rights and privileges, and

        (c) by some bloggers spreading the net around the DAP wider than just Penang for the 3rd ‘C’, Charborkooi-ism, namely, the alleged evil DAP woman MPs & ADUNs in such personalities as Teo Nie Ching, Hannah Yeo, Teresa Kok, etc (who the bloggers take pains to point out, are not only Chinese Charborkoois but also the dreaded Christian evangelists).

        But why has there been such an identification of the Penang’s DAP as its principal foe and the unprincipled, unceasing, unscrupulous campaign of lies against a political party which UMNO once sneeringly dismissed as a kutu irritant and only a MCA/Gerakan’s problem?

        Is it because Lim’s Pakatan government in Penang is Chinese dominated? Or, has it been Lim’s C.A.T policy that’s embarrassing UMNO? Or, has either Koh TK or CSL, or both, been crying on Najib’s shoulders until the BN Chairman has to resort to the campaign to spare his shirt from those wet hot tears (and yucky, the discharges from runny noses, wakakaka)?

        No, but I reckon it’s DAP’s beachhead in the heartland that’s terrifying UMNO.

        Aspan Alias, Mohd Ariff Sabri (Sakmongkol AK47) and Hata Wahari have joined party VP Tunku Abdul Aziz and many other Malays in the DAP.

        The three new DAP members are high profile political/journalist personalities once affiliated with UMNO, where all are formidable communicators with the last being a former Utusan Malaysia journalist. This constitutes a DAP’s Normandy-like beachhead not just in UMNO’s membership, but more terrifying for UMNO, the heartland.

        Recently, a pro Pakatan (PKR?) blogger lamented on why Hata Wahari opted for DAP instead of PKR, but ’twas a rhetorical question it seemed because the same blogger evoked the possibility of Hata being put off by the PKR marginalization of Zaid Ibrahim. As Zaid had openly mulled prior to his decision, he did consider DAP but alas for him, opted for PKR instead.

        But that Hata Wahari, a former Utusan Malaysia journalist and the former president of the National Union of Jorunalists (NUJ), has joined DAP has sent chills down UMNO’s corporate spine. Hata’s decision will be a force multiplier for DAP’s voice of C.A.T and good governance in the heartland.

    • Charlie Chickedee says:

      Mr Wong Nai Chee (the PM’s new aide), you know very well that ‘face’ and ‘guanxi’ are important elements in Chinese culture.

      For your boss to be accepted as ‘Brother Ah Jib’, he has to shed the perception that he has a dual personality – ‘cakap tak serupa bikin’, ‘1Malaysia’, ‘people first, performance now’, ‘lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu’, etc.

      It’s very difficult for people to accept your boss as the friendly next-door neighbour, but at the same time a politician who can wield powerful influence like granting an appointment to somebody he doesn’t know for scholarships, for example.

  2. Shirly says:

    They portray themselves as champion of the people but are actually championing to enrich their pockets. They want to be popular cause being popular = having chance to contest more seats = more $$$$$

    • aizat says:

      Agree with you that your statement is very true for Umno cronies. We have seen the 2nd time Proton has been Piratised to DRB-Hicom. The first time was in 1995, for 28.5% stake, sold off to Petronas in 2000 once the venture became unprofitable in the aftermath of the 1998 financial crisis. Again taxpayer funds or GLCs to be employed again when DRB-Hicom tires of the venture one more time, according to the Apanama Piratisation model.

      • Max says:

        BN is rotten to the core. Those who have not indulged in corruptiion is a small minority. Those who are presently in power are equally dirty but they have the power to protect themselves. If you can have a corrupt leader to helm FELDA what does this say of the present leadership and their honest views on corruption. It is matter of not being caught and the bloggers must now focus on the big fish and not those who are out of office. We need a big clean up or else the nation is going to go down the tube with such unethical leaders and parties. The who BN gang from MIC to MCA and UMNO and other related parties all know how money is dished out for favours. No point showing you finger to others but look hard at the three that are pointing at you.

    • Omar Logik says:

      A highly biased and corruptible EC cannot be seen to be independent and not under the control of UMNO. All the talks about an independent EC by idiot like Nazri is making our blood boiling over. Armies, police personnels and election workers who needed to vote a day or two earlier, must be casting their votes in the open and witnessed by polling agents from both sides.

  3. Money Money Money says:

    Do they care abt old man Karpal/ Of course not, when it comes to $$$$$. Do you think these goons will give up RM20k???

    • Edwards says:

      and of course Karpal Singh doesn’t care about the 20K coz his legal firm are racking in $$$$$$$ monthly on legal fees. Nothing comes free mister, every case has money

  4. Hang Tuah says:

    LOL! I dun think they want people to know they earn so much, they like to be seen as “poor” ! OMG!

  5. Rashid Bakar says:

    Sama aje lah. pasai duit, depa pegang kuasa sampai mati. Demi rakyat? Ptui! Bodoh betoi orang DAP.

  6. Penang Ah Boy says:

    So what if they get RM20k???// BN gets RM200mil from Lembu Condo!

    • B-Town says:

      haha you’re jealous

    • Mosim says:

      DAP was suppose to be better, but in the end, they are also working their way up the corruption ladder at our expense!

      • Chink says:

        They are a bigger buaya…
        under still water

        Can’t the rakyat see the greedy big buaya eyes under the water?

        They haven’t done anything concrete even years after winning a few states. Yeah give cheap water but that’s not practical as somebody is losing big/getting the shorter end of the stick. Moreover it is not encouraging a jimat cermat attitude. Water is scarce and getting scarcer yet they purposely delay the link to Pahang arrangement for the sake of leveraging on their demand. End day rakyat lose. When that happens they’ll probably say its the central govt’s fault.

        All talk. All politic drama. All about scoring political browny points by attacking
        Never about rakyat’s betterment

        • mahua says:

          In US there are a lot of Asian immigrants (many of whom still can’t even speak proper English) having their son and daughter accepted into various state universities with scholarships due to their talent and academic achievement. In Malaysia the Higher Education Ministry and state uni don’t even bother to give you a reason of you being rejected (or give you some very odd course to study) if non-BUMI did well in study. I knew one non-BUMI girl whose father is one of MCA branch leader in Sabah got JPA scholarship to study the course she chose overseas. Thats why we shouldn’t vote MCA and Gerakan, not until government swapping begin.

    • kiasu says:

      Yeah, now they can only whack 20k becoz they are not the Fed Govt.

      Imaging if DAP form the Fed, they will not only be MP, Adun and Exco at one go, but will appoint themselves as Ministers, Advisors, GLC Board of Directors, suppliers of all Government uniforms (as highest bidders surely).

      Better still, since DAP hypocrites are still “poor” compared with BN, they will whallop not only the lembu and condo but the kandang lembu as well, lock stock and barrel.

      But at this moment, DAP racists could only built a 5 million 5-storey Flag Hill car-park fit only for Kancil and have they liberty of blaming that “most modern car park in the world” on a poor Malay architect, the postman, nurse, bus driver, etc. etc. everybody else except themselves.

      And of course DAP would scream that their party are not racist as proven by the Malay architect having the final authority over the Chinese CM Guang Eng on the approval of the kancil car park.

      Wait till they build the Underground Sea Tunnel. They will then blame the ikan todak if the tunnel leaks, just because the ikan todak happen to be an Indian curry fish.

      • roti boy says:

        Liow is a tongue twister while CSL has a tongue to tickle him, how can they be trusted? Dare MCA to name CSL to stand in Bagan and he would not be able to see the light of the day. Name Liow and he cannot be be there at all, deposit’s loss for him is a guarantee.

    • aizat says:

      Don’t forget RM600K or personal credit card debt of shahrizat family are paid using NFC fund!

  7. Silence is Golden says:

    DAP people are all saints, they are super clean. They will all go to heaven…. you must be just born. Ha! Ha!

  8. izad says:

    hahaha.no wonder the boys from our local uni seemed uninterested in their studies….

  9. B-Town says:

    Teresa Kok no longer looks sassy…man she’s grown old

  10. koteepanjangg says:

    DAP party sec , berapa allowence /gaji and perks apa pasal tak declare

    • R-Truth says:

      Right thinking Malays have woken up and are able to see and think for themselves. BN leaders can no longer portray DAP as a Chinese party as over the years a good number of Malays, Indians etc have joined the party. We have Ahmad Ton a DAP veteran leader from Johor who can easily confirm his 30 plus years membership with DAP. UMNO will not be able to play this card of fear anymore.

  11. Pak Tam says:

    bagi saya soal gaji/elaun ni asalkan “wajar & berbaloi” dgn tugas & t/jawab mrk …ok lah … yg perlu dipersoalkan mrk tu buat kerja ke tak? prestasi mcm mana? kalau nak banding berapa pula kadar gaji+elaun KM/MB, Wakil Rakyat negeri-negeri lain … berapa pula gaji+elaun Menteri-Menteri k’jaan 1M’sia [tak termasuk : derma/sumbangan yg masuk ke akuan peribadi, projek yg suami/isteri/ anak/ saudara-mara/ kengkawan/kroni dapat…ehem ehemmm !!!]

  12. forestgump says:

    U know I know lah….thats why that Indira Ghandi wannabe lawyer Ambigoat wants only the big fish to be caught while the small fish forgotten…

  13. Calvin Sankaran says:

    The high cost of living (no thanks to Barang Naik policies) is the main issue in the election rather than race or religion. That’s why the BN government is giving out RM500 to households earning below RM3,000 to sweeten the ground, while putting the nation into greater debt.

  14. RCZ says:

    “Or is it that the DAP leaders gets away with these because all they need to do is to issue press statements to hentam the government and voters would regard them as sufficient? And if voters need help, refer them to the MCA! In fact, the Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching even referred her mom to the MCA for medical help!”

    LOL! That is so true. Infact, that is the ONLY thing, the PR is good at. Or maybe add another one – SUE people who said bad things about them!

    I can imagine if ever PR took over Putrajaya… the first 3 years will be witch-hunting. The first half of 4th year only they will think of ways to steer the country. The 2nd half of 4th year, the infighting will start on who shd be the candidate in PRU14. The 5th year PRU14, by that time the rakyat already sick with their inaction and will kick them out.. and Malaysia lost another 5 precious years not unlike the Badawi’s 6 lost-years. *Sigh*

    • ray says:

      uh huh

      all throughout the 5 years foreign investors will pull out their money and neighbouring countries will overtake Malaysia

    • R-Truth says:

      UMNO is a racist party and so are MCA and MIC. Political parties should be democratic and allow all Malaysians to join.They should fight for all, not one particular race. But UMNO is special. They only fight to saveguard their own interest, the interedt of their cronies?

  15. Ccscsc says:

    Crock as usual…care to comment about Disneyland trips? Of course not…your balls will be hung by a tiny rope…..

    • aizat says:

      The sale of Proton to DRB-Hicom has added to misgivings within corporate circles that Syed Mokhtar’s business empire is controlling key assets in Bolehland : automotives, the postal service, power, sugar, rice, defence and financial services. is this a front by its master Tun apanama to control the nation’s wealth?

      • Omar Logik says:

        Khazanah’s sale of its 43 per cent stake in Proton to DRB-Hicom was a big mistake from the word go. And millions of ringgit have been lost in the process.

        First, we did not have the expertise or comparative advantage to produce cars. The anticipated technology transfer did not take place quickly enough.

        The opportunity costs have been tremendous:

        – the national car policy indirectly promoted the construction of lucrative tolled highways (and in the case of Penang, tolled bridges and tunnels) for concessionaires; ordinary motorists now carry the burden.

        – for a long time, public transport was neglected. We could have had fantastic modern rail, LRT and even tram systems. Instead the development of our train services drew to a screeching halt in the 1980s and today, the train service is reminiscent of the 1970s. And there was little incentive to introduce light rail or tram systems in urban areas outside KL nor was there much political will to introduce bus rapid transit (BRT) systems. In Penang, the ferry service was neglected and the terminal that collapsed on the mainland in the late 1980s was never rebuilt.

        – the promotion of the national car, along with easy car loans, led to increasing congestion on the roads, as more and more people relied on private motor vehicles.

        – the market was protected and higher import duties for other makes and little competition for Proton meant that Malaysians had to pay a much higher price for imported cars.

        – car loans grew to become a significant component of rising household debt.

        – the dependence on motor vehicles puts Malaysians at the mercy of higher oil prices.

        – the promotion of private motor vehicles is environmentally unsustainable.

        – huge investments are needed for road infrastructure, maintenance and widening – money which could have gone into improving our public transport infrastructure and rural transport networks in Sarawak and Sabah.

        – hundreds of millions of ringgit have been spent on government subsidies for Proton, investments in Lotus (including Formula One sponsorship), etc.

        For all this, one man is principally responsible. The national car policy was after all his pet project. And what a tremendous price we have paid.

        • ray says:


          you forgot to mention – infrastructure bring in billions in tourism dollars that help finance welfare for the rakyat

  16. “One lone voice who wants to put a stop to this nonsense is Karpal Singh but his recent call has been received with muted voices. Why should they want to listen to him? Why would they want to give up their allowances and perks”

    Karpal no time, fed up, give up, not winnable etc etc? “Anwar demands RM50m from Utusan over BBC report” http://bit.ly/xpM3CX

    “Edwin Lim Suren & Soh Advocates…” not Karpal and Son Advocates?

  17. roti boy says:

    Deputy Finance Minister Donald Lim said that the RM150 billion said to have flowed illicitly out of Malaysia in 2009 is “not a new issue” and measures are already being taken to plug the leak.

    Donald Lim indeed talked like a small boy. He failed the recognise the fact that the illiict outflow of funds over RM880 Billions happened many moons ago caused by the many abuses and corruptions under UMNO/BN. I cannot again understand why an MCA leader should answer for money that are allegedly taken out of this country mainly by their senior partners.

    If you dont open your trap door, Mr.Donald Lim,Vice President of MCA under a tainted President, Malaysians wont know that you are stupid.Otherwise, just like the Raja Katak of Perkasa,you are making yourself look more like clown than a Dep.Minister of Finance.

    What if his boss himself wanted to transfer say $500m from his various profitable ventures (such as the upcoming Boustead $9bil deal, or even from the previous Scorpene deal) to his favourite Swiss account? Would we expect Donald Duck to say ‘No, you can’t’? The money changers are a problem, but perhaps the UMNO fellas tranferring their ill-gotten billions are a bigger problem! Once UMNO loses in the election, the Pakatan government must quickly sought the help of the Swiss authorities to freeze their billions. Like Mubarak, Suharto or Marcos, we can almost guarantee that Najib, Mahashitto and families have amassed billions of dollars by now.

  18. Anonymous says:

    “No wonder LGE now has two shoplots in Malacca and fixed deposits which adds up to a million ringgit. Sure, a million ringgit is no big deal these days but he is not that poor either, as he wishes to project.”

    Where’s your reference to your claims?

  19. mahua says:

    Gerakan newbie Ceylyn Tay raised the hudud law requiring 4 witnesses for rape case, etc….these are still hypothetical situations at the moment. Has hudud been actively implemented anywhere in Malaysia? She is using FEAR TACTICS to coerce Chinese to vote MCA.

    Hello, Ceylyn Tay, rather than raising these hypothetical issues, you would at least earn some respect if you talked real sicknesses affecting the nation – the NFC cow scandal, corruptions, etc…she talked none of these. Thanks to her, confirmed, I will never vote MCA. Use your brain before you talk!

  20. frankie says:

    Thanks to MCA’s consultant, Najib now has a Facebook alter-ego ‘Ah Gib Gor’ with the aim of winning over young Chinese. This is just another instalment of the cool image he is trying to cultivate.

    Najib ignores the reality in Umno-governed Malaysia. He is wooing the Chinese but his party members still question the loyalty and patriotism of Malaysian Chinese. The PM’s newsletter, Utusan Malaysia, castigates and treats Malaysian Chinese as second-class citizens. Umno’s favourite subsidiary, Perkasa, threatens Chinese every now and then and labels Chinese as ungrateful. And Najib stays silent.

    So the Chinese should never believe in such public relations moves. They should embrace teh ABU movement instead.

    • Charlie Chickedee says:

      Isn’t Ah Jib Gor a politician?
      He sets up a website and asks people not to talk about politics.
      Get real, if you cannot accept the comments, just shut down the page.

  21. rahman tahir says:

    amanbr says

    if Msia is not enonomically healthy right now, there wont be so many Indons (in milllions), burmese, bangladeshis, thais etc, come to work here legally or illegally as PATI
    if pakatan is to rule Msia , a huge U-turn might happen, Msians will come to other lands far n near to find employments cause back home then is just like ‘kais pagi makan pagi..’

  22. Calvin Sankaran says:

    Datuk Lee Chong Wei as a sportsman, should stop associating himself with the big crooks of Umno and taint your image. He is being used, whether you like it or not.

    His hugging of Misbun Sidek is being used to reflect 1Malaysia when it was just a simple celebration of joy in victory between player and coach.

    His datukship was awarded under suspicious political circumstance too. When you publicly associate yourself with one political party, you automatically lose the potential market share made up of the opposing party’s fans.

    At one time that he constantly calls Rosmah every time he is about to play a game. If that’s not politics, pray tell us what it is then? Rosmah is no badminton coach as far as I know. Unless she is a bomoh who ensures he wins every time, calling the PM’s wife before every game (his words), and telling the world about it, is politics.

    Do not be used by evil politicians for their own interest. They will dump you like the rest when you are no use to them. Have your own principle.

    If not this is not politics, why don’t you ask the Penang CM to launch your book when he was the one who award you the datukship. After all, you are from Penang.

    Wake up, Chong Wei, just play your badminton.

    • ray says:

      Tsk tsk tsk calvin

      Chong Wei is celebrated for being a champion and bringing glory to Malaysia. He is not being used by anyone let alone Rosmah. Poor calvin is so negative that he suspects every move made by the FLOM.

      Nicole is also celebrated for glory to Malaysia thru squash.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think LCW will lose after this simply because he is with the evil women.. abu … mongolian ghost will ensure china player beat you n u will not win gold in london olympic … this is a curse from malaysian poor rakyat ..

    • Firdaus says:

      In short Chong Wei reveals ”Ah Jib.. gor promise me plenty money and become bumiputra”

    • Anonymous says:

      Lin Dan is a better player as he does not mix the game with politics.
      Also he has won the Olympic gold and World championship which LCW has failed to do so far.

  23. Karen Seah says:

    I was in Penang many years back and I found it a big mess. Ask anyone who is not from Penang and has visited the state before and after 308 (March 2008 GE). They cannot deny that things are looking better today compared to pre-308.

    You may claim to build a lot of infrastructure and such, but why do Penangites come in droves to work in Kuala Lumpur if it is as promising as what was claimed before? Nowadays, I notice a reversal of migration and that speaks a lot because people are voting with their feet.

    Isn’t it due to BN-led government that they revoked Penang’s free port status and later, instead of restoring it, they decided to gave Langkawi the duty-free status? Or why promote Kulim to draw high-tech investments away from Penang?

    They could have promoted Seberang Prai and make many high-tech industrial parks there because it makes good logistic sense, but why focus on Kulim and Langkawi (which neither can claim a great success even after so many years)?

    Similarly, why start the MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) in Cyberjaya instead of Penang (which naturally have been attracting many high-tech firms?).

    As a non-Penangite, I already sense the biasness of this BN-led federal government against Penang, treating it as a stepchild state. What have Gerakan do to fight for Penang? Has ‘begging’ as advocated by Teng did any good?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Please try this new mobile game on Apple’s official website, dubbed “Aku Jimat” that has started attracting the interest of Malaysians as the main character appears similar to Rosmah Mansor, wife of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

    Created by Antartic Group, the mobile game which could be downloaded from the website was launched last December.

    The game specially designed for children aims to educate players on the importance of saving since childhood and features the main character which has a similar hair-do as Rosmah.

    The game can be downloaded at http://itunes.apple.com/my/app/aku-jimat/id490098030?mt=8

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sebuah syarikat milik individu yang mempunyai pertalian rapat dengan Rosmah Mansor, isteri Perdana Menteri Najib Razak, dikatakan bakal diberi kontrak mewah
    membekalkan 400 unit bas untuk Program Khidmat Latihan Negara (PLKN).

    Bas-bas itu dikatakan akan dimport dari China dan dijangka memintas kepentingan pengusaha bas tempatan yang setia menampung keperluan pengangkutan peserta PLKN, sejak ia dilancarkan pada tahun 2004.

    Bas-bas itu dikatakan ditempah daripada syarikat Dong Feng di China dan akan dijual kepada kerajaan pada harga RM600,000 sebuah – hampir dua kali ganda berbanding harga asal.

    Difahamkan, Kementerian Kewangan yang diterajui oleh Najib mengarahkan Syarikat-syarikat Kaitan Kerajaan atau GLC untuk menyediakan dana kepada syarikat pembekal berkenaan untuk membawa masuk bas-bas terbabit dari China.

    Ini kerana syarikat pembekal yang dikaitkan dengan isteri Najib itu hanya mempunyai modal berbayar RM2 pada masa ini tetapi akan mengaut keuntungan puluhan juta ringgit.

    Bas 40 penumpang itu adalah mirip bas Syarikat Rangkaian Pengangkutan Integrasi Deras Sdn Bhd (RapidKL), yang beberapa ratus buah tersadai di Rawang dan Selayang.

    Sumber-sumber memberitahu Suara Keadilan bahawa kerajaan akan memanggil tender rasmi untuk kontrak itu pada hujung tahun ini untuk memberi gambaran bahawa urusniaga berkenaan dijalankan secara telus.

    Hakikatnya ialah segala keputusan mengenai kontrak itu sudahpun dibuat. Malah sebuah agensi perkapalan juga telah dikenalpasti oleh Kementerian Kewangan bagi menguruskan kerja-kerja logistik termasuk membawa masuk bas berkenaan dari China.

    Sumber itu memberitahu Suara Keadilan, dana bagi pembelian bas berkenaan oleh syarikat terbabit akan dibiayai oleh Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad (SPNB) atau lebih dikenali sebagai ‘Prasarana’.

    Sumber juga mendakwa, Prasarana telah ‘diarah’ oleh pihak atasan untuk menyediakan dana itu bagi membeli dan membekal bas berkenaan atas nama syarikat yang dikaitkan dengan Rosmah.

    Prasarana adalah syarikat di bawah Kementerian Kewangan yang didaftarkan pada 11 Ogos 1998 untuk mengambil alih projek-projek pengangkutan yang gagal, dengan kelulusan kerajaan.

    Syarikat itu dipertanggungjawabkan untuk menyediakan sistem pengangkutan di Lembah Klang dan Pulau Pinang dan mengambil alih bebrapa syarikat pengangkutan lain seperti Sistem Transit Ringan LRT, PUTRA dan juga STAR.

    Dalam pada itu, seeorang pengusaha pengangkutan yang berpengalaman dalam pembinaan bas berkata pemilihan bas buatan China menimbulkan banyak persoalan.

    Beliau yang enggan namanya disiarkan berkata, bas buatan China mempunyai banyak masalah teknikal selain tidak efisyen manakala kos penyenggarannya tinggi.

    “Kita boleh lihat sendiri apa yang berlaku kepada ratusan bas jenis sama milik Rapid KL yang tersadai hingga menjadi besi buruk di merata Lembah Kelang. Adakah kita mahu perkara yang sama berulang?” soal beliau.

    “Bagaimana pula keselamatan atau kesejahteraan anak -anak muda kita yang bakal dihantar ke kem-kem PKLN di seluruh negara menggunakan bas-bas ini?” tambahnya

  26. R-Truth says:

    A Malay minor was raped by the then chief minister of Malacca, an opposition leader stepped forward to expose and pursue the case on behalf of the vulnerable, in the end that very opposition leader landed himself in jail in the face of injustice. And he is Lim Guan Eng, the current DAP chief minister of Penang. What more needs to be said, Muhyiddin?! You are a shame to Johor, from a fellow Johorean here.

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