Politics of Instigation and Agitation – Anwar at his best!

Here we go again. Haven’t we seen this before? This is classic Anwar at work.

Those who are familiar with his style of politics would know he is a master of instigating the public into street protests, frenzy and riots.

This is a man who does not care about anything except himself.  Here is a man who spent his political career in Umno, enriching himself and enjoying the powers of a DPM but now project himself as a man of the people.

There are enough video evidence to show how he has mocked and belittled PAS and DAP but now he sleeps with them, convincing them that they will be in Putrajaya but of course, he will be the PM.

This is the former education minister who ordered the crosses to be removed from all Christian mission schools but today, there are plenty of churches who think he is the Messiah who will save them.

He was also the minister who wanted to put non-Chinese speaking headmasters in Chinese schools but the DAP has closed their eyes and ears, preferring to rewrite history, be selective in their memories and see him as their hope.

This the man who talks about morality by claiming all those sex tapes were doctored and that he isn’t the man in these videos.

There are of course enough idiots who believed this evil man.

Anwar talks about accountability and his hatred of corruption but we know that how many cronies he built up and the fortune he has amassed.

Maybe Azmin Ali want to take us on a tour of his garage and see how many Porsches he has.

In the run up to the January 9 court decision, he has been touring the country in his typical pre-emptive strikes to tell his listeners that he has been fixed up.

No, he is not a sodomist, No, he is not an adulterer. Sure, he is an imam muda, just like many brain-washed Pakatan Rakyat idiots would believe.

He has sent SMS, e-mails and flyers to the public instigating them to an uprising on Jan 9.

One does not need to be a psychologist to know what are the hidden messages behind all the posters and leaflets.

He is asking the public to revolt. He does not care about the consequences or public safety.

This portal urges the authorities not to fall into his trap. He wants the police to arrest the protestors and his accomplices – the western media and Malaysiakini – are only too eager to show the world that Malaysia is dictatorial.

Let his men go wild. The police should just stand and watch. Let’s see how far they can go.

Let’s see whether  those who support protests and demonstrations would still back him if things goes off tangent.

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133 Responses to Politics of Instigation and Agitation – Anwar at his best!

  1. Ex Anwarita says:

     He doesn’t give a shit about the rakyat. He doesn’t give 2 hoots about DAP and PAS. As far as he is concerned, he just want to be PM, like Tengku Razaleigh. He will use DAP and PAS and then fuck them off. If UMNO pardons him today, he will rejoin UMNO and give us a list of cock and bull stories why he needs to be back in UMNO. Malaysians are amazing. They believe all the shit produced by Pakatan Rakyat. Many regard them as intelligent and widely read.

    • Syahira says:

      All right-minded Malaysians must let not just leave this job to Anwar or other Pakatan politicians. It is time, we took upon ourselves to help to communicate to as many rural folks as possible so that they will be aware the kind of corrupted government we have and we need their help to change the government.

      The court of the rakyat, this time around, could either ratify or over-write the decision of the court of law. If the rakyat believe that Anwar is wrongly sentenced, it is the rakyat who shall decide whether Anwar really goes to jail or otherwise.

    • Ahmad Sobri says:

      There’s a dead cow decomposing in Umno’s living hall. The cops are out in the backlane pretending to search for the carcass. Who are they fooling? Certainly not the educated, urban electorate. This is Umno/PDRM’s sandiwara pulling wool over the eyes of the rural Malay voters. They have detained a ‘datuk’ and involved the name of ‘National Feedlot Corp.’ This gives the kampong folks the impression that the PDRM is taking ‘high-level’ action. Pathetic and disgraceful police force!

      • Adlin says:

        The corruption of UMNO government had become worse when Satan TDM become PM cum the finance minister. Where the highest most leader in charge of the monetary had lost control to the temptation of the pool of money in front of him. Since he was the highest body of the government, nobody can have the position to give him advices or warnings! His misbehave had set a very bad example to the whole government body and had caused the whole UMNO government body corrupted from head to tail and into its core! Rakyat must kick UMNO out from the government in order to save Malaysia from deteriorate further!

        • Chow says:

          Good imagination there.

          UMNO has led Malaysia to its present glory over the last 50 years. If really the head songlap the pool of money, Malaysia already koyak the first few years already lah.
          Where got logic.

          A salesman may bad bad mouth the competitor’s product which has been already presently used by consumer faithfully for many long years, just for the sole purpose of selling their new product which has no proven track record and also just for the reason to get their sales margin.
          Moreover their new product already got jammed up even during demo time.

        • Oo Thong says:

          The Anwar issue is just one of many poles of dissent confronting the nation, no matter how this trial goes there will be a knock-on effect that is bound to hurt sentiment towards the government!

    • 民主主义 says:




      • Translater says:

        Translated from google translate(Do chinks always openly speak their language in front of other non-chinese?)

        Democracy said

        networks Killthebill.org creative meetings creative on Saturday to rally against the “peaceful assembly bill,” and called on people to write to the state in balloons New Year’s wishes. The organization also pray 2012 will be the Malaysian year of freedom and without fear.

        Creative assembly networks Killthebill.org New Year message published today, said 2011 witnessed the rise of the civilian population to regain their rights and voice, the movement spread from the authoritarian Arab countries to Western capitalist democracies.

        As in Malaysia, people also come out the same day in 709, a total of five people in a clean and fair electoral alliance call to embark on the Kuala Lumpur 2.0 of the streets calling for democracy. In the process, they defied the police and the authority of the extreme right-wing organizations such as the Indigenous Organization (Perkasa) threats of violence.

        • Cheap Minister says:

          These idiots claim to be Malaysian First but behave Chinese First and Last, typical DAP tactics. They talk Malaysian First in English and BM but attack other races in Mandarin or in other Chinese dialects.

          The Kill the Bill movement is a joke, hardly 100 people turned up despite all the aggressive marketing campaign and the money thrown. Only die-hards like the long haired, foul mouthed joker of the national laureate, that senile Auntie and the usual Pakatan thugs turned up at KLCC. I think even a LGBT protest would have gathered more people.

          Basically Kill the Bill, Bersih 2.0 and the rest are made up of the same people with just different names. Pakatan goons and their machais in NGOs.

    • OsBon says:

      DSAI’s 18-stop campaign swing through several states ahead of the Jan 9 verdict in his sodomy trial is certain to play to overflow audiences, judging from the size of crowds that have attended his appearances on the ceramah circuit the last month or so.

      And now with police and protesters against the ‘Free Anwar Campaign’ at work in Kelantan and Sabah respectively, obtruding like flies at mealtimes, Anwar’s campaign swing is certain to generate the publicity and crowds that should keep it in the headlines.

      • Cheap Minister says:

        Hahaha, you must be living in a fantasy world. Look at the crowd attending these ceremahs, in some place he was talking to almost empty venues. In other places, to avoid embarrassing him DAP, PKR and PAS worked hard and paid to get people to attend.

    • Sorento says:

      Why didn’t Anwar save us all the grief and brought out his alibis and evidence to make a fool of his accusers.
      We don’t have time to fark around with the trial issue as there are other more important issues at hand, like the iskandar, the nfc, the kancil car park compex, the poor water supply in kelantan, the developments in europe…
      So Anwarinas please tell your idol to deal hisass shit quickly, decisively and convincingly so that we can move on with more important issues facing the nation.

      • Kancil says:

        Our friend may prolong the issue more and more till everybody get fed up

        How many times has he postponed the trial. 50?
        How many times has he tried to challenge/kick out the judges and witness.

        Interesting to see what trick he got up his sleeve this time round come 0901.

        • Sorento says:

          Hi Kancil,
          To me that’s the problem with Anuar Ibrahim.
          He can’t solve problems quickly and decisively.
          He skirts around issues and causes the problem to fester and deteriorate.
          He just can’t deliver!
          Not exactly leader of the nation material.
          More a ketua pemuda type that causes ruckus and noise.

    • WSJ says:

      In urging President Barack Obama to take a stand in democracy in the Muslim world, The Wall Street Journal today called Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s second sodomy case “flimsier” than the first.

      In its editorial piece, the US daily said Malaysian democracy could benefit from a sign that the US is not indifferent to Anwar’s legal ordeal or to the political system that has allowed it to continue. US interests could benefit as well, it said.

      “The current case is even flimsier than the last one. It is based mainly on the word of one accuser who, as it so happened, had met with then-deputy prime minister, now Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak days before the alleged incident.

      “Doctors at two hospitals could find no evidence of rape in the aftermath of the alleged incident. Nonetheless, political observers anticipate a guilty verdict,” WSJ said today.

      The verdict of Anwar’s trial will be delivered on Monday with a potential sentence involving years of jail time on sodomy charges.

      If found guilty, Anwar could spend up to 20 years behind bars but will escape the caning penalty as he is over 60. It would effectively spell the end of his political career and his chance to be prime minister.

      The former deputy prime minister first went through “this charade” in the late 1990s, when he fell out with then-Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad during the Asian financial crisis, was “savagely beaten” by police and ultimately sentenced to prison on sodomy and corruption charges.

      Anwar spent six years in prison before the sodomy charges were overturned by the country’s highest court in 2004, a year after Dr Mahathir had left office.

      He was again served with sodomy charges four years later after Umno lost its two-thirds majority in a general election and the opposition seemed close to assembling a parliamentary majority.

      “This is happening in the context of growing discontent among Malaysians with Umno’s ruling order, and Mr. Najib’s ambivalent attempts at political reform. But if that’s reminiscent of the unhappiness that presaged the Arab Spring, so too is the don’t-rock-the-boat attitude of the Obama Administration,” WSJ said today.

      The paper pointed out that Malaysia is supposedly a moderate Muslim country and a useful regional counterweight to China.

      “Failure to speak to the broader aspirations of ordinary people will only feed the suspicion that has festered for years that the United States pursues our own interests at their expense,” WSJ quoted Obama as saying, in May.

      “Mr. Anwar’s case gives the President a chance to show that he meant what he said,” WSJ said today.

    • Panorama says:

      The Sodomy2 trial is a joke and mockery which should not have happened in the first place. How could 64 yrs old DSAI forced on a young man of 26 years old! This is people power vicotry as a guilty sentence would send more protest votes to Pakatan. Anyway, Ibrahim Ali has already decided for BN’s next course of action – Federal Court. BN must be sensible not to waste the country resources anymore, and let the people decide in the GE.

  2. Darlyn Azlinda says:

    Let him be. I’m totally tired to listen/read anything about him. He’s actually a living Pinnochio who will never be a real human at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Day in, day our, we hear of abuse of funds, abuse of power, racial and religious discrimination by the present G and government servants employed by the G. Yet in most cases, the G don’t seem to care and choose to turn a blind eye.

      However, the most ironic point is, there are still Malaysians out there supporting this corrupt (self explanatory), arrogant (they think they are untouchables), disrespectful (abuse OUR funds without giving 2 hoots) and USELESS G. Come on please – WAKEUP Malaysia!

    • New Voter says:

      Whatever the outcome on Jan 9 – the pendulum will continue to swing in favour of PKR. It is almost certain that DSAI will be found guilty of some sort – the question is whether he will need to serve jail terms.

      Indeed, it is hope that 2012 will be the year we see real change and a watershed that makes a the beginning of a new beginning for our 54-year-old nation.

      • Gabriel says:

        I think you have a mental problem. The trial was in the open, Anwar & his lawyers had failed. I believe you are one of the “brain-washed Pakatan Rakyat idiots” as mentioned above. I would like to have a better government but not that stupid to vote for PR because of Anwar.

      • Anonymous says:

        Founder founded FELDA using Razak’s family fortunes, or was it government funds with Razak hijacking it for Malays under the nose of Tunku?

        If Najib cares about his father’s legacies, rightly or wrongly attributed, without a concern for his position in political interests, or financial one, why did he not honour his father’s promise? If Najib could ignore his father’s promise for opportunistic reasons why would he do the same thing claiming something as his father’s when it is not?

  3. drMpower says:

    this is a man who betrayed people who he called friends before.
    and those people are the ones who helped him throughout his years.
    not lightly help, but massively assisted and nurtured him!

    what makes u think he will not do the same to you?

    • hamsor says:

      Ahli Majlis Pimpinan Pusat PKR, Datuk Johari Abdul mendakwa Pengerusi Risda, Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik memujuknya supaya meninggalkan parti selepas menyaksikan tayangan video seks.

      Sepanjang penayangan video tersebut, katanya, Rahim yang merupakan bekas Ketua Menteri Melaka kerap mencelah dan membuat komen pendek yang memburukkan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

      Beliau yang juga ahli parlimen Sungai Petani menyatakan demikian dalam satu kenyataan yang dikeluarkan di sini, hari ini.

      Berikut adalah kenyataan beliau.

      Saya dihubungi oleh seorang kenalan yang sangat rapat bermula sejak 15 Mac 2011 untuk berjumpa dengannya mengenai sesuatu yang penting.

      Pada hari Isnin, 21 Mac 2011 lebih kurang jam 12.20 tengahari, saya mengesahkan bahawa saya ada ruang untuk bertemu beliau.

      Saya berjumpa dengannya di Hotel De Palma Ampang jam 4 petang hari itu, sebelum dibawa di dalam sebuah kereta yang lain.

      Kereta itu dipandu oleh dua orang yang saya tidak kenali.

      Saya dibawa ke Hotel Flamingo Ampang, seterusnya dibawa ke sebuah bilik junior suite.

      Saya bertemu Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik dan Dato’ Eskay Shazril Abdullah yang telah menunggu di dalam bilik tersebut. Saya turut disertai oleh kenalan saya tadi.

      Saya duduk di depan Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik sementara Dato’ Eskay Shazril Abdullah duduk di sebelah saya. Kenalan saya tadi duduk di atas katil di belakang di dalam bilik tersebut.

      Dato’ Eskay Shazril Abdullah mula bercakap dan mengatakan bahawa saya (“Johari Abdul”) adalah ahli Parlimen yang pertama akan menyaksikan tayangan video yang sedang mula dimainkan itu. Dia juga meminta pandangan saya mengenai Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

      Sepanjang tayangan video tersebut, Dato’ Eskay Shazril Abdullah menjadi suara latar menerangkan beberapa perkara.

      Contohnya, dia menyentuh bagaimana cara individu terbabit menanggalkan kondom selepas perlakuan berakhir mempunyai risiko air mani akan terpercik ke kawasan yang besar.

      Menurutnya, tabiat itulah yang menyebabkan Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim sering meninggalkan bahan bukti seperti yang berlaku dalam kes liwat pertama tahun 1998 dulu.

      Dia juga mendakwa bahawa dia selalu membawa Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim ke club house di mana berlakunya kejadian itu dan tempat-tempat lain di Thailand seolah-olah ini perkara yang kerap kali dibuat oleh Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

      Menurutnya, setiap kali dia membawa Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim ke tempat itu, bilik itulah (yang dirakamkan) yang digunakan Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim sementara dia (Dato’ Eskay) menggunakan bilik bersebelahan.

      Dalam percakapan seterusnya, dia menyatakan kebimbangan kononnya rakaman-rakaman video seperti itu telah dipunyai oleh pihak perisikan Thai.

      Sepanjang penayangan video tersebut, Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik kerap mencelah dan membuat komen pendek yang memburukkan Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

      Saya percaya beliau cuba meyakinkan saya bahawa Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim adalah seorang yang tidak bermoral dan tidak layak menjadi seorang pemimpin.

      Selepas penayangan video tersebut, Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik mula bercakap. Dia memujuk supaya saya meninggalkan KEADILAN dan Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

      Dia berjanji untuk bbawa saya berjumpa dengan Perdana Menteri, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik juga menyebut bahawa dia akan uruskan segala keperluan kewangan dan keselamatan saya.

      Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik juga cuba meyakinkan saya untuk membawa dan memujuk lebih ramai Ahli Parlimen KEADILAN berjumpanya, supaya dapat dipujuk keluar parti.

      Dia meminta saya mengepalai kumpulan Ahli-ahli Parlimen KEADILAN ini. Saya tidak memberikan komitmen, selain mendengar komen-komen yang dibuat.

      Selepas itu, saya keluar dan diiringi oleh kenalan rapat saya itu. Di dalam lif, saya memeluknya dan memberitahu beliau, bahawa setelah menonton keseluruhan video tersebut, saya yakin bahawa orang di dalam video itu bukanlah Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

      Saya berkeyakinan bahawa pelakon itu bukan Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim berlandaskan faktor berikut:

      1. Pada awal rakaman, terdapat seorang lelaki lain yang sedang menguruskan rakaman video pada ketika orang yang mirip Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim masuk ke dalam bilik. Sewajarnya orang itu (yang mirip Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim) sedar bahawa perlakuannya akan dirakam. Mustahil sesiapa yang waras akan melakukan adegan sedemikian kecuali dia diupah.

      2. Tempoh masa rakaman yang menunjukkan muka si pelaku adalah terlalu pendek. Ditambah dengan rakaman yang dibuat di dalam hitam putih; menyukarkan untuk betul-betul mengesahkan identiti si pelaku.

      3. Bahu si pelaku terlalu lebar dan tegap berbanding bahu Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

      4. Bahagian belakang si pelaku (punggung) juga berisi dan jelas berbeza dengan tubuh badan Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

      5. Di akhir adegan, si pelaku bangun dan tubuh badannya dirakam dengan jelas. Perutnya adalah buncit dan terlalu besar jika dibandingkan dengan perut Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

      6. Warna kulitnya adalah terlalu cerah dan hampir tidak dapat dibezakan dengan warna kulit wanita terlibat.

      Selepas itu, saya menyatakan kesediaan untuk membawa beberapa orang ahli Parlimen KEADILAN agar mereka juga dapat menonton video dan berjumpa dengan Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik.

      Saya dimaklumkan sessi tayangan seterusnya akan dibuat kepada ahli-ahli Parlimen KEADILAN pada jam 330 petang 22 Mac 2011.

      Kami hadir semalam di Hotel Flamingo Ampang dan menunggu hingga jam 530 petang, oleh kerana mereka telah sahkan bahawa perjumpaan akan berlaku. Walau bagaimana pun, perjumpaan itu dibatalkan oleh pihak mereka.

      Saya mengambil risiko membuat kenyataan ini di luar Dewan Rakyat kerana saya yakin bahawa episod terbaru ini adalah satu lagi rencana jahat untuk memfitnah Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

      • adam schandler says:

        No need of you to repeat lies from THE LIAR.

        You make a foll of yr self man. Every (almost) brain species including dog and pigs could analyse the clip. Learn a bit about digital photography. You will know it.

        • pak tam says:

          We all know tha sodomy 2 is a politically motivated trial. That Pakatan intends to organise a show of force at the announcement of the expected verdict, is indeed proper and I will hasten to say, a dereliction of their responsibilities if they do not do so. But, we’ll have to contend with the thugs and samsengs in blue. Now, with that Peaceful Assembly Law we will see exactly how the UMNOputras will employ that devious legislation!!!

      • Low 1 says:

        Good and lengthy attempt by hamsor

        But alas the video is besi and anybody can decide for themselves

        (question to ponder: Wonder how many non-family members have actually seen the man’s perut and buttock in original form (without clothes and belt) and can later vouch for comparison to the Movie)

      • Gabriel says:

        Apa masalah Tuan? Sampai sekarang jam Omega tak dapat di tunjukkan oleh Anwar & Jijah, so simple. Tuan boleh buat perkara yang mudah sahaja untuk pastikan siapa pelaku “Cina Doll” tu dengan membandingkan kemaluan sipelaku (unik sekali, bengkok) dgn Anwar. Suruh aje Jijah ambil gambar kemaluan Anwar, selesai masalah tak perlu memporak peranda kan Negara ni.

        • Amekaw says:

          Every country have idiots and stubborn headed citizens.
          Surely the faithful members of UMNO b can see clearly…that the party now is totally different from their forefathers.
          This is UMNO b…belonging to Mahathir..not Tunku Abdul Rahman.
          The Father of Independence…died ……not as a UMNO b party member.
          How ungrateful can UMNO b ordinary members be?
          Just like the real MCA…is gone..and Malaysian Chinese does not support that party at all.
          It’s the few thousand opportunists keeping the party alive with Najib appointing few back doors ministers and Senators.
          True Malaysian Chinese are shameful and ignoring MCA totally.

      • Wait a second says:

        I saw the video. The guy is lying.

    • Ali Sobri says:

      In the UMNO culture, everyone has a price and you can even secure a ‘Consultant’ to buy your way through to cover up your false deeds of corruption as in the case of NFC scandal. This highlights the rot and the levels to which the culture of corruption is rampant within the establishment. If a Minister for Religion can use zakat money to pay his legal fees what more do you need. The head is rotten and the rest is there for us to see and reflect upon. These people are all so confident because they know that they can buy people even from the highest levels. Look at the lifestyle and the riches of our politicians and you know for sure who are those loyal to this land and country. Let us stand up and be counted and ensure that all your friends are signed up to participate in the next elections.

  4. Mahkamah Bersidang says:

    Masuk penjara aje lah, apa nak di bincang lagi? Biak Azmin Lover Boy roboh penjara.

      • Gabriel says:

        Apa fakta yang membolahkan you kata Makamah Kangaru? Banyak duit & tenaga Negara telah di gunakan. Banyak pemerhati yang hadir, pakar dari luar negara juga hadir, liputan dibuat seluruh dunia, setiap transcript boleh diperolehi maka apa masalah you.

        I believe you are one of the “brain-washed Pakatan Rakyat idiots” as mentioned above. I would like to have a better government but not that stupid to vote for PR because of Anwar.

        Tak perlu memporak peranda kan Negara ni kerana si Dia.

  5. Rashid Borhan says:

    Hidup BN, hidup Umno!

  6. Hardcore PKR says:

      Don’t you guys get it? It’s not Anwar. We just hate BN. Understand!

    • Darlyn Azlinda says:

      So jgn la kompromi dengn Anwar. Get it?

      • Anonymous says:

        Mesti kompromi dengan DSAI demi ABU!

        • adam schandler says:

          Don’t you guys get it? It’s not Anwar. We just hate BN. Understand

          Nicely quoted anon. But sad… u just another moron

          How cld we associate our self with a bunch of super moron

          • OsBon says:

            BN is all are corrupt and arrogant. From the head to the tail. Awang Adek admit he’s on the take for charity. To help the poor???? There’s a home behind my in-laws house. Heard that he’s one of his relative getting a free “house”. You think they will help the poor, there’s a malay saying ” Takkan kera di hutan diberi susu dan anak di rumah dibiarkan kelaparan”. Yes, they will help their relatives, friends, cronies and then the crumps for the rakyat. You think people donate for the sake of donating? How many have such a ‘pure’ heart not tainted by greed. If you are sincere give to the community without expecting anything in return.

        • Rabbit says:

          Aku juga penyokong ABU. Aku Bersama UMNO!

        • Gabriel says:

          ABU tak rational macam PAS, kerana tak suka UMNO boleh buat apa sahaja hatta jual Islam & maruah. Kalau tak suka UMNO/BN sila tunjukkan yang lebih baik bukan mentality yang sama malah lagi teruk lagi.

    • Gabriel says:

      I hate them too and wish we could have a better government but I am not that paria class to support a man like Anwar & PR.

  7. New Village Boy says:

    The DAP is the greatest betrayer of Chinese. Anwar has hoodwinked them into thinking Chinese will be in charge. Don’t be stupid. I live in a new village but I have never seen the DAP doing anything except to cucuk. It is sad the young Chinese follow blindly what the DAP tells them but in the end, they still ask MCA for scholarship and jobs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because of ABU movement, we will support Anwar and DAP!
      Simple as that. No need all those spin from this website.

      Sorrylah MCA, your time is up!

    • Kancil says:

      New Village boy: “DAP did nothing but to cucuk” – true. This is their ammunition, the easiest weapon.

      Know of a Chink whom came a from a family sundry shop business supported by the majority of kampung malays in the village. Got educated with a degree and now earning some five figure iincome. However, hardcore DAP supporter. Sings the old record song of BN eats money. What happened to gratitude?

      Likewise for other Chink friend also. Made lots of money from stock market. Of and on go Australia and overseas for holiday. Latest to Thailand. Another hardcore DAP supporter. Same song: BN eats money

      If BN were to really eat money, there will be none for rakyat.

      There have been peace and prosperity all these years. Rakyat di utamakan. There has not been any increase in KTM komuter and LRT rates be it STAR, PUTRA and monorail since day one (since around 15 years ago).
      PLUS tol also was increased sparingly at the cost of more concession given.
      During the last recession, many efforts were made to raise the income of rakyat and nation.

      However all we hear is complain…..
      LRT inefficientlah-touch and go cannot uselah. Touch and go monopoliselah. Corruptionlah. etc
      There has been easy tendency to complain and whine about anything just because Malaysian are pampered lots.
      Samelah like traffic jam. Traffic Police working and sweating under the hot sun to smooth the jam also kena maki inefficient.
      Polices whom risk their lives catching bad guys for a mismatched pay also kena complained easily.
      Sikit sikit corrruption.
      Of course in any organisation there will be some bad hats. As though this does not happen at the other political end too. It does(proven) and nobody can deny it.

      We just have to look at the good side of things

      and think win win with some gratitude

      • Chronic says:

        Lovely comment, Malaysians are really spoilt, they have the best things in life and still complain. I think people should travel and see the world and maybe will appreciate our country more….. or just watch BBC News and see the nonsense going on around the world, we live in Paradise, so just work together and make the best out of our country

        • Gin says:

          Come on B rianless N uts, the whole country is fade up of your bias in dealing with the more serious matters affecting the tax payers monies and the national coffer then the never stop charactor assasination of DSAI…we know you have to stop Anwar from gaining more support,but we are also telling everybody we know and around us to watch the comical trails of the country PP on the TBH RCI…the country is ashame,if those Macc staff who abused, lied, and watching sex video during office hours and yet BN paid them with our money!!!! Why are cases like the Port Klang scandal, Bakun scandal, Perwaja steel, NFC fiasco and many many more such highly important cases sweeped under the carpets??Only the fool would believe what the TV or newspapers said..but for us,we don’t waste our money to buy and support your propaganda machines…we don’t mind to pay Rm2 or even Rm5 for a Rocket or Kealidan newsletter.

          • Smile says:

            The “our money” song again

            Well it’s everybody’s country and everybody’s money.

            Vote wisely for we may sink together, the lower caste in the financial ability first, should the wrong per so is given power. Think, which rung has the most cash, FDs, the most KLSE shares, the most assets in the country(and overseas). And which rung claims to have been most discriminated against. Think how advanced our Malaysia has progressed, standing tall among Asians. If really corrupted, like some other countries as some rung has championed as per their theme song, we would be still be in kandang kambing.
            The trip to the ballot box is not a casual trip to Genting, please not gamble away the present and next generation future.
            Think, which power has the proven track record in good times and bad times. How sincere in dealing with bad times with rakyat’s interest first in mind. The European wave is coming our way.We must think carefully, not be conned by some an enthusiastic and glib talking salesman with many tricks in his pocket and sleeve, out just to earn his fat commission and leave us high and dry thereafter.

  8. Syahira says:

    Pakatan Selangor bakal memperuntukkan jalur lebar (wifi) percuma kepada rakyatnya bermula 2012.

    Vote Pakatan, free wi-fi! Tak payah bayar TMNet!

    • Anonymous says:

      Kihkih…sampah tu pi buang Dulu….selangor dah busuk la ni….

      • hamsor says:

        zaman khir toyol lagi busuk…taik merata2..sekarang masih ada taik sebab masih ada adun BN dalam DUn Selangor…mauahahhahahah

        • Opah says:

          Yang penting orang kampung mesti sedar dan terbangun.Ramai orang berasa amat marah terhadap penylahangunaan kuasa dan rasuah yang sudah lama menulari pihak yang memegang kuasa.Sebaran am seperti tv dan suratkhabar yang menyebelahi hanya Umno/Bn harus dikutuk dan dibetulkan.Negara yang demokratik dan adil patut mempunyai sebaran am yang memberi peluang dan ruang yang sama kepada parti pembangkang juga.

    • Rabbit says:

      Janji lama pun belum tunai lagi.


    • Gabriel says:

      So what, governing is much more than that, shit head.

    • citizen says:

      Wi-fi is limited, sure got download cap, inconsistent connection. Wired connection is still better.

      • hussain ABU hassan says:

        901 will be the day the rakyat will rise to judge the judges and determine the future of our nation, preserve the sanctity and integrity of our constitution and institutions. Unfortunately, the presiding judge received direct instruction from Najib through the AG. There is no need to speculate on the outcome as the president of UMNO who is the PM of Malaysia is determined to put the Opposition leader behind bars to finish him of politically. It is opportunists like Umi Hafilda who would be trying to fish for rewards by running down Anwar and a few PKR leaders in the run up to GE13.

    • Cheap Minister says:

      Sure keh ?Penang janji pada 2008 tapi sampai skrg abuk pun tarak….

      Pikirlah, wifi free untuk satu negeri praktik keh? Dari segi teknikal atau kewangan ? Di Singapura pun ini tak berlaku walaupun PAP janjikan.

      Jadi, kesimpulannya ini “Satu Lagi Janji Kosong/ Penipuan Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat”…


     Anwar tolong report kat blok A – tempat untuk perogol and peliwat! Lok-up sudah siap. Tolong bawa losyen. Kalau nak, tuala juga. Getah lagi bagus.

    • hamsor says:

      najib tolong report kat blok B, tempat khas untuk perogol and peliwat! Lok-up sudah siap. Tolong bawa losyen. Kalau nak, tuala juga. Getah dari mongolia lagi bagus…muahahahhahahah

      • Aidil Yunus says:

        But Najib is not going anyway is he? Anwar is! Say what you want including it is a Kangaroo Court let me ask you these two questions:

        1- earlier on Anwar claimed he have aliby to refute the allegations of te venue and the timeline. What happened to the that???
        2- Anwar was given few options to defend himself from witness stand to some others, why he chose one that will allow him to avoid persecutions from asking him question?

        Just give us answer to these two questions.

  10. Maju lah Malaysia says:

      When a BN politician is jailed, the court is fair. When a PR politician is jailed, it is a kangaroo court. When :PR won in Kelantan, Penang, Kedah and Selangor, it is a fair election. When BN wins elsewhere, it is rigged and they won because of phantom voters and postal voters. Fuck you all! Use your bloody swine brains.!

  11. Ahmad Sobri says:

    I am confused. Earlier CCID arrested this Datuk for trying to bribe them with RM1.7 million to settle the NFC case. Now he is arrested for cheating the NFC boss of RM1.7 million. So is it the NFC boss is trying to bribe CCID by using this Datuk as a middle man? Instead of arresting both the Datuk and NFC boss, they arrested the Datuk only for cheating NFC boss?

    • Rabbit says:

      You dumb fool! He’s ‘shark bait’. Use him, threaten him until he agree to turn state witness against bigger playa. Catch small fish to use him as bait to catch bigger fish.

      Hence ‘shark bait’. Geddit?

      • Cheap Minister says:

        Rabbit, please be kind to Ahmad Sobri aka DAP cyber goon at KOMTAR.

        These DAP cyber thugs are IQ-challenged so they don’t quite the level of normal people. And that’s why they are supporting DAP in the first place.

  12. Azil says:

    Let’s support the new Massimo bread by Robert Kuok and boycott Gardenia bread owned by Umno crony, Syed Mokhtar Albukhary’s Tradewind group.

    • adam schandler says:

      Azil or is it Liza

      Let suck Robert Kuok’s dick, becoz kuoks’s one better ma! His one got creamy top and smell like durian too!!

    • Low 1 says:

      Leave the bread alone

      lets not stoop lower

    • chewal says:

      Azil, stop being a moron.

    • Anak_patriot says:

      Why are you diverting from the topic? Typical diversion tactic? Can you all pakatan idiots answer the question raised by Aidil Yunus wisely with facts not with your half pass six logic? I dont like BN wrong doings either but I do not see Pakatan is better option, period.
      I wonder why an accused tried so hard to screw his own defence by;
      1. Refuse to testify as witness
      2. Refuse to list his so called alibi
      3. Refuse to do DNA test
      4. Refuse to be trial in civil court(he wants to be trial in shariah court)….why

      I believe you are smart and suggest you ponder above as such. Hate or like current goverment and whether anwar commit sodomy are two separate issues. Just becuase you hate current goverment that does not mean you can support any means to overthrow it.

      • dugo says:

        Pakatan’s answers to your questions:-

        1. roti gardenia
        2. roti gardenia
        3. roti gardenia
        4. roti garnenia

        hehehe, typical Pakatan’s rebuttal….you ask them “what’s your name?” they will answer “oh pagi tadi saya makan roti gardenia tak sedap tapi hari-hari saya makan juga roti itu”

        sure, Pakatan will take away Putrajaya, on Sept 16 as promised by bro Anwar, errr tahun berapa maa?

        • Chow says:

          Funny one there Dugo.

          Why limit to Gardenia.
          How about LRT,Plus, Komuter which also semua jahat company yang own. Do they use it too? Maybe they ought to ride bicycle as bus is also jahat company yang own and car petrol jahat people yang subsidy

          Isn’t that selective prosecution to promote one self’s nasty objective.

          Just like testing KR1M shop product for errors, konon to protect the rakyat.
          Why never do it long time ago for Giant, Tesco or others?

    • Rabbit says:

      Now they play the bread thing. Low low low!


    • Gabriel says:

      Another brainless “brain-washed Pakatan Rakyat idiots” like Hamsor.

  13. 民主主义 says:

    Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Jamil Khir Baharom must apologise for “misappropriating” tithe (zakat) funds!

    Even money meant for the poor is being manipulated. Jamil shame on you. Hope your kids are not aware of this.

    Satu lagi skandal BN!

  14. Anonymas says:

    Yawn….same ol tactics. DSAI just give it up

  15. Mas Wati says:

    Can we use decent languages here? The point here is to debate, not use foul words and threats.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the evidences to these claims?

    “He has sent SMS, e-mails and flyers to the public instigating them to an uprising on Jan 9.”

    “This is the former education minister who ordered the crosses to be removed from all Christian mission schools but today, there are plenty of churches who think he is the Messiah who will save them.

    He was also the minister who wanted to put non-Chinese speaking headmasters in Chinese schools but the DAP has closed their eyes and ears, preferring to rewrite history, be selective in their memories and see him as their hope.”

    Could you please provide a link or some source to those accusations so the reader can refer to?

    • adam schandler says:

      Itu lah masaalah Malayu.

      Malas… pigi carilah. Everything must be provided.

      Anyway we love Malayu.!!

    • Low 1 says:

      Just a humble opinion

      Likewise how about some true source or evidence for the cow thing and zakat thing and submarine thing and roti thing and many many more things

      Weren’t the zakat thing and cow thing and submarine thing and roti thing already declared in papers to be non issues(well maybe not yet for the cow thing but investigation is ongoing). Or is it that anything which is printed are false while those in the net are true, despite the reverse in the accountability.

      Its as though Malaysia has been ripped off by the govt and rakyat are suffering in pain without jobs and shelters, having to seek job in other countries, while the working ones have to pay taxes close to half of their salaries (Some European countries do that).

      Question: how many of the commentors drive a Vios/Altis/Camry, have more than one house, have a degree(UTAR partial), have a maid or went to Chinese school(MCA fought) or have a 5 figure job or million dollar business. Isn’t life been good, peace with many opportunities in Malaysia (under BN)

      You see when one has an ulterior motive, it will not matter what is given or how good it he or she is treated.
      Any speck of dirt will be magnified tremendously


  17. OsBon says:

    Happy new Year!

    Our 2012 resolution are to have an early GE and show BN the way out of Putrajaya. Punish the corrupted BN leaders and their cronies and try to recover as much money back from them. Revamp our judicial, police, EC, MACC and GLCs. May Malaysia be SAVE from such scandalous and corrupted BN governance and may we have a harmoniousness MERDEKA after BN is vote out.

    • Smile says:

      Look at the middle east. Is there any castle yet after the ruins of their sentiments?

      Some puppet master is good in building up mob sentiment and emotions like our reformasi in 1998. Using some theoritical theme, custom made to the everybody’s ears. Luckily we survived.

      Can we survive another one. That depends on how wise the general public is weeding out the information fed to them, by especially the non accountable web world.

      Think how good we are now.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Najib knew that 308 tsunami was the result of UMNO arrogance, brought about no less by the brandishing of the Keris in the UMNO GA, as well the Home Minister condoning the cow-head protest. NEP extension without regards to having achieved the oft repeated target of the infamous 30% decades ago confirmed that UMNO had no intention to honour its promise.

    Najib considered that BN would retain power if they were able to fool enough Chinese voters who might accept empty promise like what Mamakthir gained in his double talk about the Suqiu demands made by the Chinese community. Najib declared 1Malaysia to give the impression that he would be different from AAB whose son-in-law started the racial tension during his stay in the Fourth Floor. But Najib’s one-Malaysia soon turned into one-country-two-races with his deputy Muhyiddin declaring that he was Malay first. Hence racism is very much the guiding light in Najib’s administration; as Najib did not or could not even convince his deputy that Malaysians should embark on the path to blurring racial distinction towards a developed nation in 2020.

    Perkasa with Mamakthir as the patron made Najib demonstrate his flip-flops. Najib’s true colour was further confirmed by his involvement in the MCA party presidential power struggle. The ascension of the porn-star to the position of MCA president indicated that Najib would not want BN racial discriminatory policies subject to review. Over time Naib realized that under the new Porn-Star-led MCA, even MCA members would not vote for BN. Chua’s suggestion that MCA would not remain in BN gives Chinese a ray of hope that comes the next election, MCA would be taught a proper lesson.

    Najib having realized that his 1Malaysia is not only too little it is also not being believed to have any sincerity attached. Najib knew that increasingly more Malays cannot stomach corruptions perpetrated by UMNO and they would want a change. UMNO has all along relied on making Malays feel guilty for not supporting UMNO racism regime; UMNO claimed that Malays, who are currently in the work force, the economically active age-group, are beneficiaries of NEP. Having benefited from NEP, Malays are morally bound to have it continued, till eternity. UMNOputras have forgotten that the religion Malays profess does not encourage them to discriminate based on race, or religion. The choice between respecting the religious practice and loyalty to UMNO has been a bruising dilemma for Malays, particularly foe the more religious persons. But UMNO’s display of utilizing racial discriminatory policies for their own benefit rather than to help the needy group released Malays from swearing allegiance to UMNO racist policies. Thus we see people who are active members of non-UMNO parties.

    Having lost the support of non-Malays, and realizing that Malays are using their heads to vote, Najib had to appeal to their hearts. Thus, the three Rs; not the read, write and arithmetic of the classic but Race, Religion and Rulers come to Najib’s head. Najib still wants Malays to run amok to save his position.

    The next election will tell whether Malaysians are a failed people.

    • Anon2 says:

      The next election will tell whether rakyat’s are anybody’s fool to fall into the pits of lies of deceits.
      It will tell whether they are smart and thankful enough.

    • Anon2 says:

      Salient points raised by Anonymous 0101 and the objective truth, as far as any layman can counterpoint

      Point 1) UMNO arrogance cause of 0308. NEP extension is irrespective.

      Truth: Not to say arrogance but 0308 was caused by a platitude of many issues among others Pak Lah, whom is far from arrogance. Now, does NEP, a form of help to the underprivileged really caused others hardship – did others get less? Did not the govt provided statistic etc. Matter of fact the sundry shop or biz by the mainly Chinese and other race would enjoy the purchasing power of Malay kampung, in their process of catching up. Recall that sales persons were hounding the Felda settlers way deep in their kampungs house to house until a signboard was erected saying salespersons are not welcomed

      Point 2) Racism by UMNO.

      Truth: Thats not racism being proud of one self and his race, or his family, his school, his employer etc – does that negate other people?
      That would be more positive rather than the racism of branding some other race as this or that, which some stereotypes has been known to have practised since a very long time ago among themselves

      Matter of fact racism strategy is just a simple “adjective based” punch bag campaign to capture the heart of voters.
      There has not been any constructive campaign to raise up the voters standard.
      Many are just in-the-air intangible name calling theme aimed to stir up the voters repulse

      Point 3) Najib involvement in the MCA party presidential power struggle?

      Truth: Now is that really true? So powerful one ah. Wasn’t there a voting process.
      Come to think of it, a few other parties did not even have a similar voting process to asccend its leader.

      Point 4)Having benefited from NEP, Malays are morally bound to have it continued, till eternity.

      Truth: Not so really. See what is happening in students scholar (govt sponsored) nowadays, with the latest event being displayed recently. They have their own mind and gratitude/loyalty is the least of it. NEP graduates are drawn to opposition as much as they are drawn to the incumbent govt. Likewise the Felda settlers, particularly the 2nd generation are similar in mind irrespective of the help their fathers being accorded for all these years be it during bad times till the present bumper harvest.

      Point 5) Race, Religion and Rulers cards. Najib still wants Malays to run amok to save his position.

      Truth: The 3R above were attacked first, remember, hence its preservation.
      Perhaps its the opposition, despite the oil and water insolubility which are figuratively running amok to push one person to power, maybe on certain understandings.

  19. Gin says:

    Have a Peaceful, Serene n Blessed 2012.

    For this to happen Msians must Make History by taking up the ‘Clarion CALL’… Support ABU movement!

    This generation must be Courageous enough to make Sacrifices for future Generations by changing the rotten Govt which has passed its Expired Date!

    GE13 …Be part of History…C H A N G E.

    • Chow says:

      Exactly, the future generation will be sacrificed just to satisfy one person’s fixated greed(together with the mixed lots clinging for a free ride).

    • Saleem says:

      Shahrizat is free and safe, Zahid Hamidi is also free and safe, Jamil Khir is also free and save and the list can keep going. UMNO members are blindly throwing their support behind their corrupt and power abusing leaders. Wanita and Puteri UMNO stand firm behind Shahrizat when even an insane person will say without Shahrizat, her husband will not have got the grant and the project. What I am saying is that they will die defending their leaders who are corrupt.

      We want to take over from BN in the next general election saying we are clean and we are just and fair. But here we are also like them. We are willing to die just for one person. Forget about the sodomy case. Anwar Azmin and many more former UMNO leaders in PKR are also not clean when it comes to corruption. How can we be better than BN if we are also like the Bn supporters who are blindly defending their corrupt leaders. Stop fooling the voters. Bn has fooled tthe voters for too long and now PKR also doing the same. We must fight for the party and not the leaders otherwise we are the same as BN.

  20. Anon says:

    The cast of character in the Pakatan Rakyat leadership does not inspire confidence or make me believe that they will rule the country well. Instigation in the streets and on the internet, there’s nothing new. If you think things are bad now, they might take a turn for the worse. Vote wisely.

  21. 猫兄 says:


    Besides the economic issues such as inflation and depleting value of income, the coming 13th general election will also be based on these factors:

    1. Malay votes are sensitive to issues of corruption, abuse of power and bullying tactics against political foes (think about Anwar Ibrahim, Adam Adli, etc);

    2. At least two traditional vote banks of UMNO – FELDA and the civil service – are in jittery due to poor policy choices (listing of FGV and the new salary scheme).

    3. The Indian support for BN is not as solid as it was thought. There are divides along the line of North-South (Pakatan Rakyat is not very strong in southern Peninsula), urban-estate (access to alternative information is minimal in estates), middle class-poor (the poor being more supportive of BN, for whatever reasons).

    4. The Chinese support for BN has further eroded since 2008, thanks to Perkasa and Utusan.

    5. In Utusan and Perkasa’s zeal to promote its exclusivist causes, a huge segment of “fixed deposits” – the Sabah and Sarawak Christian Bumiputra – are alienated.

    6. Sabah UMNO as possible king maker. UMNO won only 79 of the 112 federal seats it contested in 2008. Of which 13 comes from Sabah and one from Labuan. Essentially, the Peninsula UMNO won only 65 seats.

    7. Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud as possible king maker. Allegedly Najib Razak dislikes Taib. If the Prime Minister does not do anything before the next poll, with 14 parliamentary seats which his Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB) is likely to retain, Taib may hold the balance of power.

    • 一二三 says:

      some simple thought on the issue
      1. Bully of politicians.
      The man brought the issue on himself. Even shoplifters and flashers are prosecuted, this time with their passports impounded

      2. listing of FGV and the new salary scheme)
      Then do not go for listing to fully realise the assets and enjoy the spoonfeeding arrangement. Matter of fact the settler have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Its not even the settler 10 acre land are being pawned or risked here. They just get their free RM10K shares listed with possibility of heavy premiums.
      As for increment/adjustment, private companies are not expected to give any this year in preparation of Europe crisis. How good.

    • Gabriel says:

      Dont need Chinese votes no more just Malaysian, we are not racist.

  22. Anon3 says:

    It seems everybody seeks help from MCA.


    Don’t they deserve a thank you note the very least for their time and effort on FOC basis

  23. Jack says:

    Hope there is another Bersih 3.0. This time we all prepare the HD cameras. Police don’t catch them. Let them shout and make more public disorder. Go into hospitals, schools, whatever. Let them fight, scream and even beat the police officer. Capture all this and broadcast it on TV. Show the ppl their real color – this is the opposition true face.

  24. Kancil says:

    Further to the headlines in paper today, it is indeed SAD to see students, and future teachers being pawn of The Chameleon Man

    1. These students are noted to be mainly Malays. Do they think mostly by the ears and what they hear but not by what’s in between?
    So sad to see them being pawns of others(and being happy and proud about it as well).
    Do we see students of other race engaging in these dramas?

    Do they much appreciate being in school, funded by parents/scholarship/cheap loans when others their age are so slogging as waiters and cashiers.

    They may end up being dismissed if the school decided to stop being kesian and play hardball. Problem is that the Malaysian authorities , being kind hearted in nature are not strict and inclined to give so many chances–that’s probably why people take advantage.

    It would be interesting to know their CGPA and survey whether their predecessors really finish school.

    They and the Chameleon Man may not care if they themselves self-destruct their future and hence their next generation as well. Except for their parents of course.

    2. There you go, repeat of the same strategy used in dirty Bersih again. There are complains of being hitlah, tortured lah to gain some mileage. The more blood be it self or friend inflicted the better. It won’t be surprising if a midnight candlenight vigil, or mass prayers be held at the police station, if not released yet.Then later some court actionlah. Maybe some interviews lah to prolong the issue no matter how wrong. Maybe somebody need to write a SOP manual for these sort of drama so to enable the journalist or police to await what’s next.

    3. Ironic twist.
    If the govt had not decided to amend the UUCA, there would not be any such outcry.
    Actually outcry for what ? Are they or the Chameleon Man just itching to find a reason for a street run (canteen food not good lah, campus bed got buglah etc)

    So would it not be better for the govt to stay status quo and not be proactive?
    (same for the RM100 and RM500 thing. Do also kena. Better not do anything at all)

  25. Aidil Yunus says:

    Wow it is hot in here, Adele really set fire to the rain.

    Now let me copy and paste from DAP’S MALAYSIAN FIRST BUDGET 2008 this was prepared in September 2007 before DAP assumed Penang State Ownership

    (One of the core pillars of MENUS is that all Government contracts should be tendered in an open, competitive and transparent manner. All qualified companies shall be provided with equal opportunities to secure Government supply contracts and projects. To prevent overwhelming disruptions to the current system, this policy, free from race-based requirements, shall be implemented on a gradual basis, commencing with projects or supply contracts sized above RM10 million for 2008. In view of the challenges brought by globalisation, all tenders shall be made competitive, open and transparent by 2015. Assuming a conservative 10% savings is achieved via the new tendering system, this will result in absolute savings in excess of RM5 billion per annum in conjunction with quality improvements.)

    sPICE has proven otherwise. LGE are yet to come clean with the claimed made by ex-pkr leader. There are many other manifestos that were just sweet promised of changes. PR yet again and again proven themselves to be the opposite of what they have advocated. From freedom of speech to promised of making the net worth of elected PR leaders public, all has faded into greed and lust for power. PR is great at spinning issues which are not relevant or extremely quick to point mistakes by BN with the purpose just to discredit their opponent. Refusal to apologize for mistakes made by PR and more show how arrogance the party once promised to bring changes.

    Many of us voted for PR not because we are die hard supporter but was a sacrificed made to teach BN a lesson. So BN will be better. However if there is anything PR has thought BN are that they are far more arrogance, far more restrictive with gag orders and freedom of speech, not practicing the so called principal of CAT, walking for BERSIH painting BN is bad while their own party elections are webs of scandals and deceptions, better SPIN master than BN and willing to put the good name of the country at risk as long as it benefitted them.

    RPK really gave them a smack they deserved. However as usual they are going to assasinate his character, (jangan lupa jika tidak kerana RPK yang banyak memainkan peranan, tsunami 2008 tidak akan berlaku)

    As a Malaysian I am glad there are many of you now started to stand up and voice out your opinions so that we will no longer be fool by the wolf in the sheep clothing.

    Lets us give this cyber troopers a hard time.

    • Karim says:

      Do not get too emotional.
      Please check you facts before submitting to this blog.
      You could be doing BN a lot of damage without realising it.
      Please take this as a constructive feedback.

      • Aidil Yunus says:

        Karim please check your fact first. It was an exceprt from DAP budget for 2008. Which is that not a fact. You mean what is out of the DAP proposed budget of 2008 is not usable because the tide is turning againts DAP.
        People with sound mind made their stand based on facts and observations. That is facts and observation. I challenge you KARIM to denied what I copy paste is not from DAP proposed budget of 2008. I challenge you KARIM to give valid points on why sPICE is not given a proper explaination. That is among many that I am yet to brought up. I challenge you KARIM to show me where and at what point all elected PR leaders come clean on their net wealth.

        I challenge you KARIM to show us that when PR leaders including Nga when tweeted news on Safwan Anang being critical and NAZAK when it is otherwise is not mala fide. You see it is funny when you did not throughly search for DAP 2008 PROPOSED BUDGET and claims that I have not check my fact. Do you want to answer my questions?
        It is amazing to see more and more non PR Friendly arguing with not a spinning news but stats. And that is how it is going to be from nowadays.
        I seriously think if you want to give me your two cents worth you will first and foremost debunk the excerpt from the Proposed budget above. Then we can talk further.

  26. Saleem says:

    As usual the MACC and PDRM will find a scape goat to take all the blame for the wrong doing of NFC owner and family. This guy will claim guilty for all charges (he might get some thing behind you know what I mean) sentence to 3 years jail. Sharizat and family will get off the hook and she don’t have to quit her post as Minister and Wanita. What a good Idea (They thought the Rakyat is stupid or what) As long as NFC owner and sons have not being charge in court we the Rakyat will not let this case down, you can bet on this…… are you there Hisyammudin?

    • Aidil Yunus says:

      Can we have arguement based on AG report. Let us start on all the facts. While we are doing it shall we also highlighted the ongoing investigation by MACC on Nik Aziz son in law too? Or should we forget that?

      • Farid says:

        AG reports shows coruption in BN.
        You still cannot see?

        • Aidil Yunus says:

          Farid that is not solid arguement, MACC records also show nik aziz son in law being investigated, let us refer page by page, issues that is highlight which was malicously spin by PR. Ada berani?

  27. pak tam says:

    Pakatan is mobilizing 100,000 supporters to show support for Anwar’s expected guilty verdict at the hands of the UMNO run judiciary.
    My questions:
    i) Does FRU have enough polis members to violently quash this expected protest.
    ii) Will a buffet we provided for the arrested protestors similar to what happened in Bersih 2?
    iii) Will the FRU be shooting tear gas into the “Palace of (mis)justice”?

  28. Amekaw says:

    It was also reported in the MalaysianInsider Jan 7 that with an eye on the coming GE and especially the younger voters, the PM in an appreciation dinner for media called on UMNO not to dwell on past successes because “those born post-independence didn’t experience the past they only want to know what Umno is going to do today and in the future…”

    In that context what more if intentions behind Sodomy I have proven failure by its results, would it be sensible now to repeat Sodomy II and carry it to conclusion relying on past failure to try achieve the present success of same intention, especially in light of the various anomalies earlier highlighted, the Court of Domestic & International Public Opinion will more likely incline to think of political motivation divesting the exercise of its moral legitimacy based on normal law enforcement??? Its only helping PAS to set up a theocracy faster!

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