Chinese media snipped and altered tailor tender issue?

The Chinese newspapers have long been accused of being seemingly pro-Pakatan Rakyat in their coverage, especially showing sympathies to the DAP.

So it came as no surprise that the scandal involving Nga Kor Ming’s wife have been played down.

Except for Nanyang, the other mainstream Chinese papers only saw it fit to use the tender controversy in their Perak editions especially Sin Chew.

The English and Bahasa Malaysia newspapers have given wide coverage to the issue which exposed how Nga’s wife, Wong Seow Chin, – who owns a tailor shop – was given the tender to make suits for the state leaders during Pakatan’s short lived state government.

Although her shop put in the most expensive tender, the award went to her – presumably because of Nga’s influence.

We are talking about the earliest stages of the Pakatan Rakyat state government and they were already starting to be corrupt.

Well, the DAP zombies will say this is nothing compared to what the Barisan Nasional leaders have stolen.

The point is this – whether small or big, we should not accept any such abuses.

Well, the holier than thou Nga can only say that this issue was another Barisan spin.

This portal believed that Nga, a lawyer, can do better. He dare not even deny!

YB, you will be going to church on Christmas Day, surely you cannot face God with such a simplistic dismissal.

You should deny or sue the pants off the BN state government if it is not true.

But this portal also regrets that the Chinese media did not see it fit to play up this scandal.

When MCA Perak Youth chief Mah Hang Soon issued statements on this issue, NONE of the Chinese newspapers carried the statements.

Instead Sin Chew, Nanyang and China Press, in their Perak editions, carried reports from the tailor company clarifying the matter.

The shop denied it had sought the help of Nga to secure the tender to provide city councillors with suits and claimed Wong was only a minor shareholder.

Malaysiakini had also played down the issue, burying it in its usual protective way of helping the DAP.

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56 Responses to Chinese media snipped and altered tailor tender issue?

  1. 选民 says:


    • Chink says:

      Converted from google translate

      Voter says

      Chinese politics is “only against corrupt officials, not against the court,” and finally toward the Tingzhao An anti as a result costly. This time do not have to worry about heavy-handed, can not afford to make the MCA paralysis, anyway, how MCA defeat, UMNO will not reduce the reward of the office. However, if voters have a trace of the meaning of compassion, the horse Huatai Ren Ci, then the end is the future of national and ethnic groups is too cruel.

  2. Comrade says:

    May more and more Malaysians be wise
    Not to be trapped by BN dirty tactics and lies
    It is mainly for their political survival
    Or to smear the good name of their rival

    Let us all get out of this mess
    For our country we all have to bless
    By voting out the evil BN coalition
    Let PR give us better administration

    Anyway, wishing all of you far and near
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    Drive carefully when on the road
    May the Lord lighten your load

    • Anonymas says:

      “Let PR give us better administration”

      Hahaha what a joke, I laughed long and hard. 3 years full of shit in Selangor

      • Big Dog says:

        Harun Idris and Khir Toyol both proven to be corrupted MB of Selangor. So ABU is the way forward for people of Selangor!

      • Kadir says:

        DPM and the government of Malaysia are advocates of George Orwell’s Animal Farm: “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.” Obviously this chameleon DPM is singing a different tune each time when ‘entertaining’ a different audience. I don’t trust him a single bit.

        From the rhetoric of these BN/UMNO leaders, we can rest assure that the 13th GE is just around the corner and perhaps for the first time, despite the denials, BN/UMNO are damned worried that they will be shown the exit. Let us, the people stay focus and if God wills it, let us vote for a CHANGE. After more than 50 years of BN/UMNO rule, what can be worse? Let us not listen to these BN/UMNO leaders who would continue to plant seeds of fear in the rakyat. The winds of change should take place. It’s now or never! God bless us all.

      • Anonymous says:

        Umno leaders have tried to use the Ketuanan Melayu concept to champion Malay interests. In truth, Ketuanan Melayu only champions the interests of Umno leaders.

        Umno is not for the Malays. Umno exists only so that its leaders will thrive to the detriment of the normal, ordinary Malay.

        Does Umno practise equality and fairness? Who gets the contracts and government tenders? Is this Umno’s idea of helping the Malays? Even among the Malays, fairness is not practised.

        The Umno cronies have the monopoly on the staples of life like rice, bottled drinks, bread, beer, brandy, cattle, airlines and their associated industries, APs (Approved Permits), electricity, contracts for school supplies, NS (National Service) uniforms, cars, petrol and petrol stations, road construction, taxi permits, whisky, water, gambling.

        Does Umno encourage the opportunity for growth and expansion? Those who have fallen out of favour or those who no longer enjoy the patronage of various government ministers, probably wished that legitimate competition had been around, in the first place.

        Without healthy competition, how can confidence be inspired in foreign investors so that their investments will bring employment and opportunities to Malaysians?

    • Anonymous says:

      hahaha… you are living in denial.

      Grow up!

    • Rationalising says:

      That’s the problem

      The Pakatan was formed to kick out BN at whatever cost/lies/strategy.
      The intention was to take over power to feed the lustful greed of a single individual, with parasites riding on the movement (despite diverging cultures or understanding) with promises or vision of future power by piggy riding on the lusftful individual.

      It was never about the rakyat all along.
      It was never to serve us or for our betterment.
      That’s not what the purpose they were formed

      They never focus on what they can do for us and the country
      Instead keep on digging looking for dirts to fulfil their hate agenda.

      If they look correctly , they will find more dirt in their own backyard.
      Ambiga should “review” and bersihkan Keadilan’s internal voting process first.
      Blatant abuse of power only a few days of being granted power. So much so they could brazenly override breach the commonsense guidelines only for a negligible amount-one cannot imagine what would happen if the scale is increased to millions or billion.

      Blinded by lust for power,, they do not care about BN’s proven track record of already pushing Malaysia to be among the esteemed or making it the land of the free and peace with ample opportunities to make money.

      Rationale people can appreciate BN’s contribution and value continuity.
      Able to appreciate the win win formula BN propagated all these while until the 1st generation Chinese and Indians able to build riches to send their 2nd generation to colleges amidst better living conditions.

      Only greedy people perhaps among the 2nd generation whom will want to sabotage the peace with a perceived assumption it will benefit them much more. The question now will it? Are their assumptions right? Or is that they care less about the country or others so long their own people is on the throne ultimately(after the said man’s turn whom is now old, should he gets his objective)

      Of course no human is perfect and likewise no party is without its flaws(or black sheeps).

      Now, will it be better at Pakatan’s hand? – can any one not see glaring evidences that it may be worse at Pakatan’s brazen greed

      Or will it be more loss for all
      as the Pakatan was formed to only to put one man on the throne
      not for the rakyat as a whole
      More so when the coalition is of many angry heads are tied only by a fragile string by the said one man

      Perhaps we voters will be rationale and see the picture impartially via a helicopter view

    • mamagomo says:

      Do you know that Rosmah’s company holds the monopoly for all NS trainee uniforms? Why not investigate Rosmah and Najib for corruption? Compared to the million and billion ringgit abuses by BN, allegations against the opposition seems childish and superficial. Let’s say the 17 DAP assemblymen were overcharged by RM150 each (RM600 – RM450). This comes to RM2550. I suppose MACC better interrogate some witness overnight now over this paltry amount.

      • Aidil Yunus says:

        No I don’t know. Do you have a fact to support this allegation or are in the usual modus operandi of PR cyber trooper 1 tarnish your opponent with whatever spin to divert from the real issue. By all mean please provide your finding. We are more than happy to review it.

  3. Razak Roslan says:

        The Chinese newspapers have long been pro-DAP. I cant read Chinese but my friends tells me that they are blatantly pro–Guan Eng but when they are in deep shit, they run to MCA. The Sin Chew group is a bloody monopoly. When MCA bought nanyang, the chinese make noise but why they tolerate a monopply? mana adil ini macam. Kita bukan bodoh lah. Tolong fair sikit lah. Neutral boleh tak?

  4. m8 says:

    if can’t read chinese use Google translator.

  5. Chronic says:

    Things may be worse if PR takes over, and if they are caught for corruption, they’ll blame the BN govt. , if BN can do it, why can’t they?

    • Rationalising says:

      They ought to be better…and more ethical as lauded as their selling point

      Not better in doing it

      • Os says:

        Who is destroying the unity? It’s the Umno-backed Perkasa and myopic bigots found in your party. Tell me, does unity to you means accepting the wrongs perpetrated by Umno/BN? Does it mean accepting to live as second-class citizens in your motherland? Does it mean sacrificng your children’s merits for the weaker students ALL the time? Does it mean tolerating corruption by the leaders? Stop making this statement unless you can asnwer these questions honestly and sincerely.

  6. Jack says:

    Agree. Particularly Sinchew very bias and pro Pakatan. Esp its commentator page. LGE changed hairstyle also comment good.

  7. Anglo Cina says:

      I said long ago already, revert to English medium schools,. Now, 99per cent Chinese goes to Chinese school, if govt allow English schools back, the Chinese will go back to English medium schools. Chinese types only look at China, Taiwan but we English speaking ones look at UK, US, more liberal and open minded. we are the party animals, not the Jinjang-Kepong communists types.

  8. Anak Jawa says:

    MCA pun kena black out, dahsyat! Bila jadi gomen nanti, lagi teruk lah.

  9. koz says:

    let it be blood in the street. then we know whos the master

  10. Pro-Ramasamy says:

    Nga, Lims, Karpals – all the same! Family empire!

    • Rationalising says:

      Should suggest that the Bersih “lawyers” team do a case on them

      Clean up the blatant nepotism element

      Also leaders being appointed for life term without any votes from the ordinary members. Surely this may be in contradiction with their articles of association

  11. Miss Suzie says:

     Chinese media, Malaysiakini, Malaysia Insider all best friends mah!

  12. Jack says:

    Family empire is Asian style :p
    No exception in Pakatan. People always exciting about change and always say it is time to change. But when they have changed to “always the smarter choice” then only know what’s sucks!

    • chang says:

      the best example is like Taiwan politic

    • Rationalising says:

      Save Malaysia from Pakatan.

      They are just different greedy herds tied together by a loose string by an ambitious guys for the sole purpose of him sitting on the throne. Nothing less nothing more.

      Its not about us rakyat.
      What would happen thereafter is anybody’s guess, when the 3 different herds show their true colors later should they win.

      5 years is a long time.
      Many unreversible damages can happen

  13. chang says:


    • Rationalising says:

      translate: The world’s politicians are generally black. Just eat more or eat less. Are for its own rights and interests. How sad indeed!

      • Rationalising says:

        to add a comment

        The politicians at the opposition’s end are blacker
        All that spin and lies for their own(or one man’s) gain…not for rakyat betterment

  14. man on da streeet says:

    Tell me my fellow friends, why is there still advertisements for job vacancies ” must be literate and able to communicate in mandarin” ? What kind of chinaman, be it born in MALAYSIA or imported heritage, would “love” fellow malaysians to work for their companies? In short, that jobs is for the chinese only , as if we other MALAYSIANS could not read between the fine lines! These are racists companies, and it has been going for a long time already, tell me if I am wrong. We can argue this facts till the cows jumps over the moon, check out the advertisements for SEVERAL YEARS! Yet these companies bid tenders from the “government of the day” for work to supplement their income, so pathetic ! DAPigs needs votes, dont deny, you all cant survive without other races, but to deprive of others privelidges and being”besar kepala” just because the melayu’s gave their votes to oppose” the sleepy head”, this is one time only, mind you! Do not take for granted that we are for you, be it fuckatan , or PIS!

  15. Aidil Yunus says:

    DAP cybertroopers are great at diverting issues ya. In this article it is about Nga. Let’s stick to Nga and let start having a non emotional facts based argument for this. Now the first issue here is the Chinese medias apparently playing down this issue? Why is that when
    Number 1 – Nga is yet to come clean and take appropriate actions with regards to this issue? Was the documents as according to him forged and a BN spins?
    Number 2 – is the main reason why this issue is not highlighted as how it should be (bear in mind that another DAP leader from Perak is asking him to come clean) is to make sure that DAP reputation is salvaged at any cost?
    My opinion if these newspapers reasoning is above than it set a very dangerous trend to cover a wrong doing of opposition leaders it will nurture a ‘I can get away with corruptions as long as I am an opposition leader’

    Why don’t DAP members here demanded that Nga clear this issue once and for all. Don’t you think that overlooking this matter is ethically wrong? Are DAP members ok with these attitudes that started to be rampant among opposition leaders? Why is that every time when issues of corruptions and nepotism seems to come up DAP and the rest of PR supporter like to compare it with BN leaders forming conclusion that BN leaders lagi worse than those in PR who have started to be corrupt?

    If you are really a good Malaysians or as you called it Malaysian Firster than shouldn’t you be demanding all these issues on corrupt practice by PR leaders are immediately address instead of diverting all these allegations?

    I remembered that one of the promised made by PR is that when they come into power they will get their elected leaders to declare their assets, but hey it has been more than three years and when will that happen?

    Dear cyber bullies I told you I will be around. So by all mean start a silly war. Stop the lies good job and can the next article be about PR and their promised of getting their worth declared!! Am waiting. Happy boxing day everyone

    • mamagomo says:

      Do you get free beef from NFC?

      • Anonymous says:

        You are an idiot!

      • Cheap Minister says:

        What is Rm10mil when LGE’s regime wastes Rm300 million on sPICE and give away free land worth billions to cronies.

      • Aidil Yunus says:

        Mamagomo is that all you can come up with? No I pay for my beef. I pay my tax. The only different is I don’t take something bulat bulat and just telan all of it. If this is the best you can spin, I think the KOMTAR team is gonna have a hard time dealing with me and well let me tell you this, another ten more like me from January next year onward. You see if I am at your level I will not dare to even mention my name. Come and play.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is just another diversionary tactic by the authorities to deflect attention away from the real culprits of the NFC fiasco.

    So much attention are focused on this so-called ‘datuk’, a mere bit player, while the minister and her family who get to enjoy the spoils of the RM250 million soft loan are largely left untouched.

  17. Shahnom says:

    Let’s vote Pakatan Rakyat. Pakatan Rakyat will win. Even the non-Muslim are not afraid of PAS anymore.

    Islam is not for Malays only but for all races.

    Allahu Akbar!

  18. zki says:

    PKER useless! what PKR have done to Selangor for 3 years? i don’t know..PKR should go…

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