Tailored for Abuse of Power

Perak DAP secretary Nga Kor Ming has a lot of explaining to do.

It has been revealed that his wife’s company was previously awarded the contract to make lounge suits for Ipoh City councillors when Pakatan Rakyat was ruling Perak.

What is more intriguing is that despite his wife’s company Ethan & Elton Sdn Bhd submitting the highest bid among five bidders, it was eventually awarded the contract to make 24 lounge suits for the councillors.

Via open tender, the contract was initially awarded to another company Goodman Tailor which offered the lowest bid at RM450 per lounge suit.

Somehow or rather, documents of the contract was altered and Nga’s wife’s company which submitted a bid for RM650 per suit ended up being awarded the job sometime in 2008.

Stopthelies learnt that Ethan & Elton Sdn Bhd was set up shortly after Pakatan Rakyat took control of the Perak state government then.

Another coincidence was that Nga’s wife was awarded the contract and during that time Nga was also the state executive councillor in charge of education, local government, housing and public transport.

Surely there was a conflict of interest. How could Nga who was in charge of local government then had allowed his wife’s company to bid for a contract to make lounge suits for the Ipoh City Councillors.

It was a clear cut case of abuse of power and certainly not above board.

So far Nga had only claimed that the documents had been forged. Todate he had yet to lodge a police report to clear his name nor denied the contents of a blog which exposed the tender award.

Obviously if such a serious allegation had been circulating in the blog, he would have quickly made an effort to prove his innocence.

Nga should come out in the open to clarify the suspicious circumstances surrounding the contract of the lounge suits.

Meeting Minutes

Companies Commission

Tender List

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29 Responses to Tailored for Abuse of Power

  1. Jack says:

    Good job! Reveal more and more this kind of cases.

    • John Sina says:

      Cows investigating cows and finally say nothing to cow about. Dumb cows we are to believe them. Kick out BN from Putra Jaya the cows can finally come home. Just in today’s paper another UMNO ex-exco from Selangor Mohd Sharif found not guilty and let off with “prosecution failed to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt” excuse. Are they serious looks like no UMNOputra would be charged for corruption in our courts as long as BN rules. Khir Toyo will be let off next I bet.

      • Anonymous says:

        sweet lord jesus he wasnt let off.
        now i am waiting for ur harakiri

        u know a thing or two about modesty and honesty, do u?

    • pak tam says:

      The company giving funds to personal account of Awang Adek can only mean one thing — i.e. blatant corrupt practice. If MACC do not investigate this matter and get the right conclusion ( corrupt practice) then we can conclude the top guns are also involved in the process. SHALL WE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT UMNO? To Hell NO, NO, NO. Each day, each week we find new disgusting things happening and the policeman getting RM 50 or so get penalized and lose his job BUT not the UMNO elites. I am sure we are all cheesed off by such events. PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA – RISE RISE and RISE SHOW OUR DISGUST _place placards at this Adek person’s Office.

      • Olang bn. says:

        Bila BN semuanya tipu, tak betul. Bila kau orang, tak bohong, tak makan tapi…telan je.

      • b-town trustee! says:


        Another riot happens on the street, hundreds get pepper sprayed.

        Meanwhile, the Pakatan MPs do nothing in the Dewan Rakyat. “Oh, don’t worry. Just rile up the rakyat more. We will win the next PRU.”

    • mamagomo says:

      Actually Rosmah’s company holds the monopoly for all NS trainee uniforms. Why not investigate Rosmah and Najib for corruption? Compared to the million and billion ringgit abuses by BN, allegations against the opposition seems childish and superficial.

  2. Kancil says:

    Baru baru menang saja dah buat benda yang tak bersih

    Memang serigala lagi besar dalam pakaian kulit biri biri

    • Anding says:

      Suami Shahrizat itu serigala dalam pakaian kulit lembu?

      What does Sharizat mean by “legally and professionally” she is not involved with the NFC??? Surely, even during family meals, the family would have discussed all the various purchases of property and cars? From there, she would have known that the family is siphoning money out of NFC for their own personal gains. As a citizen, let alone a Minister, if you know about a crime in your own household and dont report it, arent you responsible as well? Unless of course, she doesnt eat with all her family any more and hasnt talked to all the culprits in the last 2 years…….!! Unbelievable, right??

      • Ranjeet says:

        Shahrizat is absolutely right – which UMNO bigwig does not have any scandal connected to him ? Witness what has happened to the Scorpene submarine scandal, and who was the minister responsible at the time ?

        The Feed-a-Lot scandal envelopes not just Shahrizat’s family – the investigation should be widened to include the previous and present agriculture ministers, the role of the 4th floor boys during Badawi’s time, and the role of the MB of Negeri Sembilan.

        If Shahrizat is the only casualty of this scandal, then UMNO will heave a sigh of relief, which is the likely scenario.

      • Anonymous says:

        jesus r u mad?

        who talked about work stuffs over meals?
        i dont. and some millions in malaysia dont.
        billions dont as well.
        we find it quite stressing to indulge working stuffs during our relax and leisure time.
        i think u should try.
        its called commonsense
        andu should stop fantasying. its bad for ur health.

        even laymen on the street know how a company sdn bhd works. they got their own BOD who are responsible for ehatever decisions on the operation of the company

        so yes shahrizat is talking real about this. and she certainly has nothing about buying this and that bla bla bla

        i am not defending her but i felt ashamed how a silly malaysian like u cannot differentiate a company and a personality. and to make it worse u make it sound like an expert and start blming this and that and all the shits in the world

        jesus fuckin christ. get real kid.

  3. Ccscsc says:

    Sigh….you’re quite pathetic. How many cows or condos per suit again?

    • Aidil Yunus says:

      Right he is pathetic for exposing this. So when someone exposes the wrong doing of PR they are pathetic . Hmmmmmm….. You want to talk about NFC, let’s have a forum. Even I don’t mind to represent NFC you know why I am not one that is not well informed and gullible enough to listen to every spins by PR without fact checking.

      • Cheng says:

        Right on Aidil

        The PR surfers have a ready list of “sins” to copy and paste to websites intending to brainwash gullible people when they surf.
        Latest is mccow . previous mc sub(now proven otherwise)

        Just like a luke skywalker/darth vader theme
        Me good guy/everybody else bad guy

        In actual fact The Emperor may actually be in Penang

        • adieu1999 says:

          1 more thing is, if BN doing something wrong ~ y PR also wanna do the same thing? I thought PR is all about CAT. maybe it jz happened in Penang? Even there also no more CAT.
          You see here Ccscsc, we all should do the right things all the time~ not doing the wrong thing n keep on harping everybody else also do it.

      • John Sina says:

        No need for MAsissy to waste the taxpayers monies probing..We all know the end results…Pls take a hike and go back kampong and rest….We don’t need another sandiwara before Xmas…as Khir Toyol will be set free on 23 Dec!

      • Tuk Janggut 1511 says:

        The Malays have to decide if they have been hoodwinked all these years. it is a pity that becos of the education policy which had been twisted and bashed-up for political agenda, majority of them is still buying into the propaganda of UMNO and PERKASA; frightening them to think the Chinese will covert them from their belief and also their position. The Chinese is a shrinking population. They do not believe mere number will change their destiny or their well-being! If this is so, then Israel would have disappear long ago and would not sustain their higher than most of their neighbours’ income! Of course Israel may be an emotional example, but then it is a fact! Even the mighty USA could not sustain all its advantages with the Flat World. They have lost out her competitive edge. In one of the youtube programmes, the Anerican speaker admitted that when he eavesdrop on a group of Chinese youngsters, they were discussing business while in the USA, youngsters only talk of their holidays! this is the difference! Of course, the americans will spend the next few years arguing on when China will overtake them as the largest economy in the world!
        back here we have time to debate on Cow-gate, an issue that should have been given to the police in the first instance; even the PM did not say anything. Why? because it is the concensus of the Party to SHARE such spoils? It only reflects that this is a COMMON practice in UMNO! hence he isn’t shocked by any means! There is no way out for all Malaysians especially the Malays; if the present practices continued for another 5 years, this nation WILL definitely hit the level of Zimbabwe in 2020. just travel around other Asean countries and see for yourselves!

        • Aidil Yunus says:

          There is one thing I would like to challenge you to present your finding based on AG report. First and foremost I would like you to point out the term ‘in the mess’ that was first published and repeatedly used by TMI, mind you, I run through the AG report seven times just to dissect the information one by one, I tried to understand each and every part of it.
          You know what I thank you Pro-Opposition medias for making me realized I am one that need to start defending what is right and what is wrong.
          Perhaps all these while PR cybertroopers thought that there are not many people like me to challenge them. But that is about to change.
          Don’t let me get started with the Malay issue, I am in HR services and I am seeing first hand of what is wrong. I will get into that sometime later perhaps even to have my own blog.
          This entry is about Nga and not Sharizat so let us stick with Nga issue here instead of trying to divert the attention from this Perak DAP leader. Shall we. Feel free
          To say I am a BN cybertrooper. At least I do exist. Real name and all.

  4. Wait a second says:

    Hahahaha!! Another prove PR is a lanun

  5. m8 says:

    What hapen to TALAM in selangor, missing in action

  6. Triple J says:

    The MNO goons have “exported” the illicit money was in preparation to have an BN coalition in exile….. or, they all will land up in the cage if PR is voted in…top on the list, Mamakutty, Mongolian C4 and Southern Kerbau. Shahrizat (got condo in Singapore) will join the corrupted, evil sinners.

  7. Pesanan SPR says:

    Voters should go and check their name in the roll to ensure that they wouldn’t miss the chance to exercise their right as a citizen of Malaysia to vote in the important 13th general election. The people can go to check on line by going to the SPR (Election Commission) website at http://www.spr.gov.my or through the SMS by typing SPR (space) SEMAK (space) No.IC and send to 15888.

    For those who had voted before but their record not found should immediately inform the SPR or re-register at once before the end of this month if they want to catch up with the next election. All those who had not registered themselves should go and register at the post office or the SPR office. For the transfer of voting area one must change the MYcard address first to the present resident or place or work in the area that they intend to vote. Then they have to go to the SPR or Post office to fill up the voter transfer form for submission.

  8. Bunian says:

    How many Shahrizats in Umno? She said every Umno leader has got problems! Hundreds? Thousands? Dare MACC form special squad 2flush them out?

    • Jom says:

      The Malaysian rakyat have no confidence that the MACC, with its history and record, would get to the bottom of the RM300 million cattlegate/cow-condo scandal.

      When was this MACC special team formed? When did the MACC start collecting evidence and testimony on the NFC scandal and what were the “appropriate action…already taken on the issues raised”?

  9. Sorento says:

    Ngah Kor Meng is an asshole.
    Because of him the DAP now appears to be as corrupted
    We were willing to overlook their preference for one race only in their leadership.
    We were willing to overlook their dynastic leadership
    We were willing to overlook their inexperience to run a government
    But now why EVEN BOTHER giving DAP a chance?
    They are as corrupted like typical politicians.

  10. PH Gan says:

    Very disappointed. What this guy act not like what he claims.

  11. 选民 says:

    通过公开召标,Ethan & Elton公司最终成功以600元的标格赢取合约,
    为市政府省了200元,因此马华及巫统部落格指Ethan & Elton公司的价钱為650元明显是在撒谎。

  12. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, scandals in Malaysia even the big ones are only a small part of the big picture. Truth be told, what has been lost amount to many many more times more but does not get attention simply because its more complicated.

    Take for example NFC, its only RM250m. Peanuts compared to what is lost in defense contracts which numbers in billions maybe even tens of billions..AND that is the easier ones to identify.

    Take Proton for example, Malaysian don’t get it that they have subisidized it in the tune of tens of billions maybe even as much as a hundred billion, if not it will be soon enough, and yet what has it created?

    Scandal in Malaysia? Its peanuts..

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