We have decided to name this racist DAP Assemblyman Nga Kor Ming as the Ass Hole of The Month award early. He can spin and bullshit to his listeners what he had said but it was clear that he had cast a racial slur on the Perak  MB Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.

Nga has been smearing Dr Zambry, describing him as “Black Metallic” in a clear reference to his Indian ethnicity and by extension has openly insulted dark-skinned Malaysians. There is enough evidence that the obnoxious Nga has been making these racist remarks continuously.

This is not the first time that Nga has displayed his arrogance and we know this would not be the first time. Recently, he challenged the Chinese community not to bother inviting DAP leaders to dinners hosted by associations and guilds.

Nga had made the statement after a Chinese school protested the action of the DAP in putting up political banners at the school’s Canteen Day.

The school board of governors had expressed its displeasure as it felt there was no need for the DAP to bring politics to school but Nga brushed aside their unhappiness. Nga has again put his foot in his mouth with his racist utterances but we all know nothing will happen to Nga because his cousin, Ngeh, is the tai kor of Perak.

This Nga-Ngeh rag team has made many DAP leaders in Perak suffered including Kulasegaran but there is nothing they can do. In his defence, Nga has claimed that he used the word “black” within the context of the 1Black Perak slogan used by the party in reference to the swing of power to the Barisan Nasional.

Come on, Nga, the trouble with ass holes like you is that you think we are all as stupid as your DAP fans. Search your heart, since you claim yourself to be a holier than thou Christian, you know very well you meant it racially when you attacked Dr Zambry.

You are nothing but a plain racist. You are definitely the most qualified Ass Hole Of The Month, please join our Hall of Assholes.

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71 Responses to ASS HOLE OF THE MONTH – DAP’s Nga Kor Ming

  1. Zulkifli Osman says:

      Let’s not get into this racist remarks, Nga.I think the most decent thing for you is to apologise. I find this whole incident petty and also disgusting. What’s wrong with you?

    • fuad says:

      I was in Spore when their 2011 budget was tabled. There were two items that impressed me most ….. can’t remember all:

      Growth and share concept: Spore govt will gives away cash amounting to SGD800.00 to individuals and between SGD5,000.00 – 2,000.00 per household. The estimated per household should average more than SGD3,000.00 or about RM10,000.00!!

      How can they afford this? Simple– the Spore govt owns all public utilities eg Electricity, water, MRT and investment arms like Tumasek and sovereign funds. Profits from these organisations are distributed back to their citizens, with the rich getting minimal and the lower income group getting the larger share.

      How does that compare with BN govt? Cronies get richer by the days and subsidies are cut. Yes, for political expediencies the PM givesaway RM200 to selected constituents for their votes!! Big joke!!

      Employers CPF contributions are increased to ensure workers can have more money when they retire.

      What goodies do we have for our 2011 budget? Spend more on arms and patrol crafts that costs RM 1 Billion EACH! Computers procured at RM 40,000 EACH, Costs overrun on almost all govt projects.

      What do you expect when we have a bunch of idiots running this country compared to S’pore who have the brains and that is why S’pore is developed and successful. As long as this bunch of idiots are still around Malaysia will continue to be where it started. They only know how to talk and bad mouth about others and refuse to accept their mistakes. This is BN so come the next election throw them out…….don’t worry if Pakatan can run this country because when the Egyptian went to the street to throw their President out they don’t even know what their future lies for them and whether if there is a leader to replace their current President. Their objective was to get rid of him and they stay focus…….in Malaysia we have capable leaders in Pakatan to rule this country so there is nothing to be afraid of voting them into power.. We have nothing to lose but more to gain because after 53 years – enough is enough…do it for the future generations. With BN there is no future because these idiots only look after their own future. Nothing for you and me, all Malaysians, WAKE UP !!!!

  2. Cina Perak says:

     Olang panggil lu mata sepek, lu pun malah. Apa pasai lu panggil dia metallic hitam. Itu colour kereta lah, bukan olang.

    • Cina Tulin says:

      Everytime, I consider giving my vote to BN, UMNO leaders say things that are divisive, provocative and downright insulting to my race and religion.
      Just look at what they are spewing at the Umno AGM.
      There is no way , no way at all I am going to give BN my vote.
      I will throw in my lot with Pakatan, and hope they will be a better party.
      I don’t , as a rule, trust any politicians unless proven otherwise.

      • adam schandler says:

        What about things u chinece said during dap assembly ha ahbeng? Not only that lah ahbeng. During we malay buying things frm yr shop lah ah beng. U fuck us high and low while we do purchasing flom yr shop and forgetting some malayu can speak hokien, mandarin osso lah ah beng.

        Now day u have the guts promoting yr racism in our kampung lah ahbeng. You now what? Your are lucky since you just started yr real life here lah beng. Otherwise you may surprise what will happen with your no brainer head lah beng.

        Heck! I you feel so lucky… please continue..

        • Masri says:

          Oh Malaysia baru. TDM is also in the same boat as Sharizat. Sharizat says ‘I know nothing about NFC ‘and I wonder who is the wife of Dr Salleh (the Chairman) of NFC and it’s funny for a wife who do not what happen with the husband business which is directly in front of her eyes. It’s dificult to me that rm 250 million was channelled to NFC without the knowledge of sharizat. Please explain to me how the husband managed to secure the whopping sum as he is not a Politician. As TDM said to me as a malay ‘ kou seorang Melayu yang mudah Lupa’

  3. DAP is Racist Club says:

    DAP talk about Msian Malaysia but it’s just a bloody racist party. Ptui!

    • Ahmad Nasir Mohamad says:

      DAP + PAS = DAPAS…..sebuah parti baru.

      • Sagar says:

        DaveJune 11, 2010I was told that when driving it is a good drill to step forward with the right foot to ensure that all your weight is trserferand to your left foot (right handed) is this true ??

    • Libas says:

      I think you should have confered this award to our DPM Muhyiddin. He has just insulted his own intellegence at Umno AGM. Instead of hitting out at corruption which is so rampant in his administration he uses the Chinese. DAP and Christians as the Bogeymen to divert the hot attention of RM250 million Rakyat’s hard earn money in taxes that was granted to a cabinet crony’s family to dabble in beef production that ended more like production of dungs. With interest free for as long as the last dollar is not drawn and a mere 2 % interest after that. A no brainer using the money to deposit it in some equity linked savings would have generated more than 2% return which certainly is strongly forbidden but they thought they were smarter in investing it in some condos with higher returns thus incurring higher risk at the Rakyat’s expense. Isn’t this what the Rakyat would expect the DPM to address than to harp on race and religion in a multi racial Malaysian society than dividing the nation once more ?

      • Shirly says:

        DPM resort to using race card at Umno AGM..its the only way their known how play up Malay emotion to support UMNO…reason is simple…their don’t have an effective counter argument on AG spending and many corruption case against most of the cabinet ministers…no more ace card. RACE card is a must…now Malay brothers and sisters…its your turn to uncover their dirty tactics.

        Non-bumi/non-malay have stay out of this, otherwise we been accuse of damaging the Malay race…sad indeed.

        • kiasu says:

          DAP calling non-chinese as metallic black bastards. Non-chinese include malay and indian.

          Now look at how these hypocrite kiasu racist DAP talk. When they hold AGM or conferences, they do it in chinese language so that non-chinese won’t understand, and they don’t bother. When they are being ultra racist like Nga, they quickly point fingers to others as being racist.

          That’s why DAP are Hypocrite Haram Jadahs!

  4. Mat Hitam says:

    So what if I am black? Black is beautiful!

    • Terjah says:

      Muhyiddin is desperate and UMNO is in the same dilemma. He is using the race card in UMNO assembly while saying UMNO is moderate to a nonMalay audience speaks volumes about his forked Tongue.

      He is by far the most racist minister in BN! If he becomes the Prime Minister, only God knows how hard non-Malays will have to strive in order to thrive in Malaysia. It hurts when our own ministers continue to defend one particular race and disrespect other races, regardless the fact that we are all children of Malaysia.

      Why must UMNO assembly be the deciding factor for the country? They talk of nothing but race and religion and even have the audacity to threaten the rakyat with these outdated issues. The rakyat is sick of these outdated statement which has not effect at all in the coming GE. Prepare to vacate Putrajaya for good.

    • adam schandler says:

      Yes its is beautiful and always be.

      only when ultra kiasu like DAP will say ” hey you black asshole, you cant dine here. This place exclusively for slanted eyes only”…. than you will feel insulted and come to aware DAP is mother of all racist.

  5. Ter Nga Nga says:

      DAP is only good at talking lah. Every damn ceramah, always collecting money, how come nobody ask where the damn money goes to? Where is the accountability that this party talks about? How much has been collected and where has all the money gone to? Come on, Nga, answer me!  Don’t try to con your supporters. Kan nee neh you!

  6. Raja Gopal says:

    Saya amat sedih dengan tingkah laku YB Nga. Tak sepatut dengan komen rasis ini. Kalau tersilap cakap, apa salah minta maaf?

    • Ahmad Nasir Mohamad says:

      Sebenarnya Nga ni….nama Islam dia Mat Sabu.

    • ngarasis says:

      Dia dah minta maaf. Tapi cara dia minta maaf sangat tak ikhlas, umpama macam ni:- “hoi haramjadah2 semua, okaylah aku mintak maaf kalau kamu tersinggung aku panggil kamu termasuk Zambery metallic hitam. Peduli apa kamu nak terima atau tidak maaf aku. Bos aku Kit Siang pun tak kisah.”

      Inilah dasar hipokrit DAP yang tidak pernah jujur kepada bangsa lain selain Cina. mereka amat rasis, sombong dan hipokrit.

  7. b-town trustee! says:

    Next time he goes to a mamak stall, the mamaks will press his face against a roti canai stove. So freaking racist

    • Terjah says:

      “Rakyat di Dahulukan ” means appoint Minister potfolio via ” Back door” even when Malaysia reject her through ballot Box in Lebuh Pantai.

      This is part of the “Transformation Program” Malaysian are promised ???

      Transformasi Lembu Kondo?

  8. Rocket Man 2012 says:

      All BN parties are racists!

  9. kiasu says:

    Don’t expect any of the Dapigs ah kow to apologise. They are smack of ultra arrogance, hypocrite and racist. Imagine if these kiasus are the majority population here, Malaysia will be worse than Singapore maa.

    • rosnah says:

      Shahrizat: “I believe every human being whose name is woman, wife and mother, will understand and cry with me”.

      I may be be a woman but cannot understand her logic. I too am crying now. Her stupidity and blatant disregard for public accountability has moved me to tears.

      • Masri says:

        We have totally no respect for those who defended the cattle family for cheating rakyat monies. Yet, for few leaders coming out openly defended her. What a bl oo dy disgrace and embarassment. They should be arrested, jail and 33 strokes of the rotan to be given. Those involved should have public caning at Dataran Merdeka. Instead not, they are fully protected from the top leaders. How do we as rakyat respect these leaders. We prefer to respect the Cattle instead of human being !!!

  10. Happy-gay bender says:

    This is just the tip of iceberg.
    Once in while, when they forget, the wolfs’ true colors will show out of the sheeps’ clothing

  11. Anonymous says:

    Can we have an asshole of the month from BN
    next month?

    It is getting too predictable that this website belongs
    to BN

  12. eddydaud says:

    The Nga fellow certainly qualify for Arsehole of the year.

  13. Alfagta says:

    Can see he wana show hero ceramah in front of hudud partners ,so talk till he forgot to use his brain instead using his ass!

  14. wangi_sket says:

    Not only racist remarks….but also insulted the Perak state and its people… he said Perak Darul ‘Ka—‘? … but sadly the audience also terrible….

    • Mizz Nana says:

      UMNO can debates about a lot of agenda in their general assembly such as ways to curb corruptions and mismanagement. Instead of debating issues that are relevant and importance for the advancement of this country, they are continuously trying to destroy the harmony and peace of this country. Led by DPM and Maslan, they kick start their general assembly by playing their favourite race and religion cards to fire up the spirit of their members. This shows that UMNO is so desperate and in disarray.

      • there’s other issue being trumpeted during the assembly, but what to do.. the media choose to play the hot news…

        no one wanna know if umno leader from johor asking for more polytechnic to be build in each district to enable education seeker to have more opportunities.

        however, this is UMNO assembly, u expect DAP assembly wanna talk about how they could be more polite during their ceramah? or they talk about how the other party is doing corruption and doing nothing about it.. so .. same old .. same all

  15. Hussein Ibrahim says:

    Orang India kulit hitam pun Lu hantam. Orang hitam DAP pun diam. Apa kata Kumar Hitam. Ini Nga pun Kitaa patut kasi hitam sama dia. Orang PAS memang bodoh Dan makin bodoh. Ketawa saja pandai. PAS parti ajaran seat.

  16. Ahmad Nasir Mohamad says:

    Orang PAS yang mendengar ceramah penghinaan akan menanggung dosa kerana menghina orang lain. Sedarkah orang PAS bahawa orang kulit hitam yang beriman adalah lebih baik dari orang kulit kuning langsat yang bersekongkal dengan Dapig ini? PAS boleh ketawa geli hati orang kafir menghina bangsanya sendiri. Begitu hina sekali PAS…layaknya jadi kertas tisu tandas DAP…Semoga Allah melaknati ulama PAS yang bersekongkongkol dengan cina haram jadah ini!

  17. Hancur Kerajaan Zalim says:

    Tegakkan Hudud! Sokong Hudud!

  18. John says:

    Zambry has no Indian ethnicity or Indian blood.

    He is of that colour because….

  19. Hello Kitty says:

    Thank you Uncle Kit for asking us to support PAS. You are a true visionary. I hope none of your family members will need to have their hands or dicks cut off.

  20. Itam Beletek says:

    ok.. lets starts the racial slur games… all my life.. i wait for such this rascals to break the ice..

  21. Kristianista says:

    this is what Christian has teach him to be like.. He is someone in Perak Methodist Church .. and look at him..

  22. Vince says:

    What is 1MALAYSIA? The concept is to promote 1Malaysian thinking to enhace the unity of all race and religion. DPM being the education minister kindly go back to basics and understand that this great country of Malaysia is not built by one race or religion but otherwise. Why don’t you spend your time to understand and analyze why other races with are tolerant when so much is given to the Malays but still no improvement.

    Hardwork, determnation, brotherhood and equality is the key to the survival in a multi ethnic society such as Malaysia.Our slogan should be hidup Malaysia, hidup budaya Malaysia, hidup rakyat Malaysia!

  23. Lan says:

    Najib calls for unpopular YBs to exit gracefully.
    Who are they?
    Ku Li? Ku Nan? Pasir Salak? Noh Omar?
    Husni? Rafidah Aziz? KJ?
    Maybe he is hinting to his deputy?

  24. Atom says:

    Muhyhiddin accusations against the DAP as anti-Islam and anti-Malay are false, baseless and pure unadulterated lies.

    DAP is a fully patriotic Malaysian party wholly committed to the betterment of all races, whether Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans or Ibans and all religious, whether Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikkhism or Taoism.

    What is most despicable are Muhyiddin’s irresponsible, incendiary and seditious allegations, as for instance, that the DAP’s agenda is to form a republic, with the rhetorical question founded on the lie:

    “If not, do they dare to suggest the prime minister’s position be selected based solely on elections and without being chosen by the Yang di Pertuan Agong? What is the meaning of this?”

    For the record, DAP had never proposed that “the Prime Minister’s position be selected based solely on elections and without being chosen by the Yang di Pertuan Agong”.

    What new lie and mischief is the Deputy Prime Minister and UMNO Deputy President up to now and Muhyiddin must substantiate his dastardly falsehood that the DAP wants to set up a republic.

    • Putih kilat says:

      Timbalan Presiden UMNO Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dan Ketua Penerangan UMNO Datuk Ahmad Maslan sedang bermain dengan api dengan memangsakan kaum-kaum minoriti di Malaysia sebagai ancaman untuk menakutkan orang Melayu supaya kembali ke pangkuan UMNO. Kedua-dua pemimpin UMNO ini harus berhenti menggunakan kaum Cina dan penganut Kristian sebagai sasaran mudah untuk mencetuskan kebencian dan permusuhan terhadap rakyat Malaysia yang tidak bersalah.

      • ngarasis says:

        Pastor Kristian Cina bernama Nga menghina melayu islam bernama Zambery sebagai metalik hitam haram jadah! Bukankah ini mencetuskan kebencian dan permusuhan? ini yang sebenarnya bermain api dengan bangsa melayu dan india. hang janganlah jadi rasis hipokrit pulak.

      • adam schandler says:


        kamu umpama seorang ustaz dan ustazah yang berteriak di ceramah menyeru pendengarnya melakukan jihad. Tetapi ustaz dan ustazah ini akan memalingkan muka atau membuat alasan bila diminta menyerahkan sedikit sumbangan.

        tak faaham?

        1.Maksudnyer kamu faham ke apa yang yang kamu cakap?
        2.Kamu faham ker apa yang sedang berlaku sekarang?
        3.Adakah apa yang berlaku disituasi sekarang disebabkan perkara sekarang?

        tak faham? baik matilah!!!

      • Labu Labi says:

        Never mind folks…the more rampage UMNO creates, the more damage they do to their party. Let them enjoy themselves at ‘rakyat bashing’ at their general ass-embly now, while they still in power, for after this, by the grace of God, they will be licking their wounds when they are chased out of Putrajaya.

        • belang says:

          I doubt it…just so you use the name of pakatan rakyat doesn’t give you license to speak on behalf of the rakyat but i fully agreed if its a rakyat pas+dap+pkr. Labu labi dont you wanna ask why they havent registered their coalition?

    • come to think about it.. this racist issue come because some quarter were calling about article that protect malay right….

      come if you may, if somebody come to your house and demand that your car should also carry their kids to school because your car is going the same direction.. would you be mad? unless that person nicely come to your place and ask, “can you bring my son to school?”

      its about politeness.. which clearly nga ngeh do not have. PROVEN!

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  26. Ternga dan Terngeh-ngeh says:

      I am pretty sick with this Nga fella. He makes me sick. You think he was really sincere with his apology. Come on lah, this racist arrogant bugger is cocksure he will be re-elected. What the hell is this stupid Tunku Aziz doing in the DAP and being make used off by these asshole? If Tunku Aziz has any dignity, he should just quit.

  27. Anak Tanjung says:

      Just sack this bloody rasis!

  28. Kelinga Guy says:

      This Nga fella dont understand the meaning of sorry lah. I am sorry for him and sorry for the DAP fanatics who think he has done no wrong.

  29. 007-007-007 says:

    Go to hell lah Nga!

  30. Super Junior says:

    I nominate Hasan Ali for the next award.

    • Big Dog says:

      I think Shahrizat’s family should be the worthy winner for the award.
      Not many bumiputera can use softloan to buy condo in our enemy land in Singapore.
      Hasan Ali is just a nobody, trying to squeeze softloan from Umno.

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