ASS HOLE OF THE MONTH – DAP’s Hew Kuan Yau who is the Super F Man

He regards himself as the Superman of the DAP, wearing his trademark Superman T-shirt at every ceramah but we think he should be wearing a Super F T-shirt instead because he loves to spew profanity, uses vulgarities, especially in Cantonese, in front of women and children.

If such abusive language is regarded as heroic and macho by fans of DAP, then we need to really save Malaysia from them.

Save Malaysia is the slogan of the DAP but we think we should save Malaysia from the likes of hooligans like Hew Kuan Yau, a failed businessman who had to run off to China at one point to escape from the loan sharks and creditors but now this little scum is acting as if he is the saviour.

Hew is the political education director and DAPSY organising secretary. He is said to have a doctorate in Chinese history from Hong Kong but his attitude is certainly not reflective of his education status, if true.

He is brash and uncouth as well.

At a ceramah on Oct 22, this slimy DAP politician was busy abusing the PM, his wife and MCA president Chua Soi Lek.

He called Ng Yen Yen a “nightclub mummy” while loudly branded Soi Lek a “soh hai” which literally mean a “stupid cunt”  in Cantonese. He went on to curse Chua and his family or in Cantonese “ham kah chan” (death befalling on the whole family).

There are enough evidence in the form of video to book this little political worm and sue his pants off.

A police report has also been lodged by the Perak MCA Youth against Hew, who is obviously looking for such publicity and controversy.

The Pakatan Rakyat likes to see itself being principled but we challenge them to state whether they agree with such behaviour?

Where are the DAP whiners who like to fault find? Tell us whether if such behaviour is a norm at DAP ceramah?

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61 Responses to ASS HOLE OF THE MONTH – DAP’s Hew Kuan Yau who is the Super F Man

  1. B-town! says:

    Wow, an analogue of them PAS ceramahtists like Fadzil Noor, Mat Sabu and the like. When listening to their ceramahs (ironically in a masjid) it sounds like a drunken sailor. Lots of stuff comes out of their mouths which can make your hair fall off…not counting the racist ones too (esp in areas with a non-Malay minority).

    In UMNO/MCA/MIC ceramahs they only tell you about ‘projects’, ‘achievements’, and ‘plans’. It sounds kinda douchebag-ey and show-offy, but at least it’s better than listening to “the first lady is a *** *******!” for 3 hours in a masjid.

    • Cilok Bonceng says:

      I think KJ is a better candidate for the award. He offered Oxford reasons to support Shahrizat’s family to use excess soft loan to invest in non-cow related condominium as investment.

      KJ, a couple of questions for you

      Firstly, who appointed you to be spokesperson for NMLC? Did the management of NMCL appoint you? Why aren’t the directors or Shahrizat answering the issues directly?

      Secondly, you say, the condo was purchased to “reap some returns”. Were this reasons minuted in the Board of Directors meeting? Could you please upload said minutes as evidence for taxpayers to appreciate?

      And even if the Board did authorise it, could you give us the IRR (internal rate of return) of the condo purchase? What returns was NMLC looking for – capital gain or rental yield? Please give details if said rate of return has been achieved based on prevailing market conditions.

      Thirdly, why wasn’t the money returned to the government instead whilst waiting for production to take off? It seems to me that you deem buying a condo was the “best” option, but were other options explored?

      If NMLC had returned said money to the government, maybe a few more students of ours would have obtained scholarships instead of hearing, “no allocation this year”.

      Fourthly, have you done project financing before? You are supposed to be from Oxford, and you even had a go at investment banking with ECM. Tell me, WHICH bank would lend to you a project facility, and later allow you to draw down and utilise or invest said funds for something that has got no connection whatsoever with that project (unless of course, NMLC meant to house them cows inside the condo?)

      Do you know how that if the bank allows the borrower to do that, it would compromise on one of its core corporate governance criteria – if they were to close one eye and allow their borrower to use the credit facility for something other than its intended reason?

      Tell me which bank does that in Malaysia?

      Or is it only the Malaysian government that is so dumb to appreciate banking rules 101?

  2. Shirly says:

    I wont vote for any politician who swear or curse the families of others. I dont care which side of the political divide they come from.

  3. Kassim Mustapha says:

    Hew Kuan Yau, You are a bad role model. How would you feel if someone curse your mother

  4. Aaron Aziz says:

    Yes, we must support those kucing alim – look good outside but have bad intention!

  5. Ah Beng says:


    • Hay_you says:

      Translated from google translate:

      China toxic milk powder, the people of Malaysia stores a toxic milk! Government Transformation Programme even find the sale of milk of E. coli exceeding 28 times, the Ministry of Trade and Consumer and sand than in the two deputy ministers should be the lotus Chen dismissed to turn over security to protect people’s lives!

    • Odirex says:

      Right! And that has everything to do with Hew’s poor manners.

  6. Uncle Tan says:

    A disgrace this hew kuan yau, how can u go around cursing ppl n using fuck this fuck that at ceramahs? What kind of a fucking animal is this dick head? Lim Kit Siang must b proud of him I guess.

    • Willy says:

      MCA people, why are you so concerned about the style of Dr Hew Kuan Yau, but repeatedly ignored the content of his speech that resonates with millions of households? The key and fundamental reason, is that it is affecting MCA popularity and theefore a problem for MCA?


    • Anonymous says:

      Everybody deserve to voice out their own way and vote what they think best or for some who can pay him more rather who can do more….everyday profanity is used in our society, speaking out loud or soft is the same profanity. The 1st word we ever learn for a new language is profanity, so we can use it and understand it when someone use it on us. Dr.Hew only say…Dr.Chua..he shows on DVD…

    • Anonymous says:

      Uncle many F words you uses here…you are frustrated about Dr.Hew, and he is frustrated about the whole corrupt system and you knew about it, what are you going to do about it? continue to keep quiet and hope you can live the good life you already have now?

    • Also Uncle Tan says:

      It’s ok if you want to comment on someone who is using strong language but please dont bring in Lim Kit Siang. This shows that you are not being fair and have bad intention.

    • lee says:

      I think he is not chinese but BN cronie

      • Odirex says:

        What does Chinese have to do with not being a BN crony?
        Are you suggesting that non-Chinese have a higher propensity to be BN cronies?

    • BIGfanofDAP says:

      hey uncle, you are so out of date, just get the hell outta here.

  7. Goh Ai Bin says:

    What can we say? Good luck to the Chinese who loves DAP.

  8. Zaharin says:

    Bishop Tan Fan:

    • Dap加油 says:


  9. Bishop Tan Fan says:

    Father, where are you? How come you are not condemning this DAP super F man? F him lah!

  10. Rashid Raslan says:

    Hebat lah Hiew ini, lagi hebat kalu dia tiew sama Anwar baru gua respect dia!

  11. Hurray Hurray says:

    Hew needs medical help. Something wrong with his head!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Who is more sinful? A person who curse and swears a lot
    or a person who is corrupt and swindles money off the rakyat?
    Please don’t be an angel and pretend you guys have never
    swear before. Honestly there is no better word to describe our current government.
    Go on, be a dreamer and drift away

  13. Anonymous says:

    To Goh Ai Bin

    Please continue to support our corrupt government

    We won’t miss your sorry vote

  14. Anonymous says:

    Stopthelies?? More like spreadthelies!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hey spreadthelies,

    Before commenting on hew’s brashness and hooligan
    attitude, I think you should look at nazri aziz and the rest of
    the BN gang in the parliament. One finger pointing at people, four fingers
    pointing at yourselves. Get your facts right before writing blindly.
    Don’t be a phony and writing propaganda hoaxes and feed bullshit
    to all your readers, if you have any.

    • Sarawak 4 Change says:

      Hey same to you. If you still in denial about this crappy Education Minister-in-waiting (as DAP claimed)… please watch this video. What your beloved Hew Kuan Yau said is far much more disgusting than Nazri. I wonder if you would enjoy your family being cursed to death or you being called a “stupid cunt” in public?

      Then again, you are a Pakatan Rakyat trooper. We all know what you all fight for – NOTHING.

  16. anti-PR says:

    DAP… die all party?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Calling a person an asshole of the month in public domains
    is no nobler btw. Again, ignorance is bliss. How convenient of you

  18. Maniam Estet says:

    Every Indian Malaysian certainly know that the Muhyiddin did not support any Indian sportsperson or student with government scholarships, when he was Mentri Besar in the state of Johor, nor has he as the DPM and the Education minister ever supported an increase of scholarships for Indians or non Bumiputeras.

    The high-handed manner in which he forced the Interlok book back into the schools without keeping his promise to amend the offending passages in the book, has angered the Indians. His single-handed dismissal of the learned panel of educationists, who recommended changes in the book, has further proven to the Indians that he cannot be trusted, nor that he is willing to listen to their views. His actions seems to indicate that he may not considered them on the same level as the Malay race and himself.

    His arrogance in not dealing with the Interlok book because it puts the Chinese and Indians in bad light in the school syllabus, is a clear indication of his ultra-Malay mind set.

  19. Stella Wong says:

    Some people said superman speeches were good. I found it boring. Nothing but mouthful of foul words.

  20. Jerry says:

    OK to use profanity on corrupted leaders who abused the trust of rakyat.

  21. Eddie Ong says:

    He speaks the truth about Malaysia…his style is ‘modern’ and acceptable…the new generation welcomes his style of speech…And considering the unfounded and vulgar styles of speech and allegations of certain BN Leaders…It is ONLY FAIR AND JUST FOR HIM TO SPEAK LIKE THAT…in Advanced Countries…His ‘Modern Style of Speech’ is widely tolerated and acceptable…AND for us to progress into the 21st Century…We must embrace it and look at it from a different point of view…

  22. Anonymous says:

    Ah Jip kor said‘u help me I help u . No different with I fuck u ,u fuck me

  23. Anonymous says:

    Everybody deserve to voice out their own way and vote what they think best or for some who can pay him more rather who can do more….everyday profanity is used in our society, speaking out loud or soft is the same profanity. The 1st word we ever learn for a new language is profanity, so we can use it and understand it when someone use it on us. Dr.Hew only say…Dr.Chua..he shows on DVD…

  24. albertchong says:

    i was at one of DAP ceramah. Every one was glued and enjoying his speech which was set to the final moment of the event which lasted till past 12 midnight. it looks like his style is accepted by every one present. every body was cheering him on. who are those supposed saint who disapprove his style. oh come on, dont be a hippocript. i was offered free dinner by mca which i turn down. for PR events i will pay to attend to support and UBAH, i hope more will do the same for our childrens future.

  25. Brandon says:

    I’m not forcing you to vote for Opposition, and I know Superman’s approach in his speech is rude and vulgar, but still i know my grand parents, my parents and all our parents who voted in the past for BN has given them 55 years..still if you cannot accept the fact that we’re struggling now to even afford a home/car, unless you’re one of those kids given everything by rich parents..i’m sorry you cannot be saved..

    i’m willing to take 5 years chance to give Opposition an opportunity to change the country..and yeah to you guys who say they won’t vote for someone who swears, FUCK U..and i bet after reading this comment, you’d swear at me like what other readers said, don’t be a fucking hypocrite and think you’re an angel.

    open your eyes and use ur brain..Malaysia is not save anymore..malaysia is too expensive..graduates cannot afford anything despite graduating from universities..malaysia is too corrupted! u still dare to let your daughter walk out to the park alone?

    rest my case

    • Anon says:

      No, FUCK YOU.

      You began writing decently and I thought there was something worth reading. But when you came out with FUCK YOU, I decide that you are the average born loser, frustrated, angry, blame-everybody-but-yourself DAP bugger.

      So, my only response is: FUCK YOU.

      • Future wish says:

        Looks who is the emotional one now? What Brandon says is not wrong. Ya, the message may have been distorted by all the swear words but the message is there. We need to change govt, Malaysia will die if these corrupt politicians continue to govern us.

        Everyday we use swear word, when someone cut our queue, when we see injustice or wherever. I rather my children learn swear words than to have their future compromised by the all those corruptions. GIVE MY CHILDREN BACK THEIR FUTURE!!! To those who say Hew is a bad example, look at yourself first. Children picks up bad habits from those they are closest too first.

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  28. Damien Anonymous says:

    No 1. Dr. Hew only said vulgar words like only a few times.
    No 2. The vulgar words are more important or the contents are more important?
    No 3. He is stating real and true FACTS with some vulgar words inside.
    No 4. Vulgarity and MCA Chua XX 3rd party sexual relationship. Which is the worst?

  29. Jeff Tan says:

    I’d rather hear someone cursing than to see ruling party taking our money and the local police asking for bribery. I really hope that you guys are smart enough to see the broader picture. Vulgar is an issue, but corruption is way worse. If you guys chose to vote the ruling party because they are good at faking it then good luck to you and your fake perception.

  30. Me says:

    You are the bastard of the month bitch !!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Pui! Rubbish, what a lousy article. You condemn Superman scold bad words? then why he still has so many fans?
    Why not talk about comparing policy of PR-BN, education, development, corruption, economic? you MCA is just UMNO’s dog.

    I hope this writer also po kai ham ka chan

  32. Anonymous says:

    Go burn in hell you this bitch writer

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