Cakap tak serupa bikin

They talk of ideals, of reforms, of transparency and democracy.

But when it comes to the brunt of things like owning up to wrong doings and criticisms, Pakatan will scoff at such accusation as an attempt to sabotage its credibility.

What credibility is left when the very credibility is shrouded with contemptuous doubts and question marks and punctuated with half truths or worse still lies and deceit.

Of late there has been many exposure of the so-called goodie goodie Pakatan Rakyat which turned out to be not so goodie after all. There is more farce than anything else actually.

Pakatan has all along been good at packaging itself, good at self glorification but when it comes to having a better delivery system, they fail miserably. They even fail to live up to what they have been preaching.

Take for instance the Kampung Buah Pala case in Penang. Two personal assistants of DAP and PKR leaders found themselves to be conveniently lucky to be picked to receive coveted corner lots recently.

Well so much for convenience and luck and talking about cronies, fairness, transparency and what the CAT thing the Penang government has been propagating. Oh yes – Competency, Accountability and Transparency.

When it comes to the crux of the matter, it is not applicable anymore. Cronyism or nepotism suddenly does not exist in their vocabulary all of a sudden.

Then there was also the case of the DAP assemblyman who was given a 1 hectare land in mainland Penang at a good 88 per cent discount recently.

This was despite the fact that Lim Guan Eng had actually pledged on winning the 2008 general elections “that no DAP assemblyman would be given state land.”

What has happened to your promise and your word on that, Guan Eng.?

Wait, there is more to tell. While Pakatan and its partners have been consistently calling for free and fair access to the media, its DAP partner has been doing just the opposite.

While crying foul that there has been inadequate coverage for the Opposition in the mainstream media, ironically they banned Utusan Malaysia from covering the ongoing Penang legislative assembly meeting.

New Straits Times and Utusan Malaysia have also been barred from covering Lim Guan Eng’s press conferences while TV3 and Berita Harian are often left out of the official invite lists from the Chief Minister’s Office.

Could this be the hallmark of what Pakatan hopes to build for the future of all Malaysians.

When we talk about democracy, we must also be prepared to take brickbats so as to improve one’s weaknesses.

We don’t see anti-government portals such as Malaysiakini or MalaysianInsider being shut down or barred from covering government events, even almost every story is about running down the government.

Being in government is not as simple as being on the opposite side of the fence, taking potshots at others.

Sweeping things under the carpet, banning newspapers, hacking websites and issuing gag order seemed to be the norm and usual practice of Pakatan when the going gets tough or rough.

This portal is not spared either. It has been a victim of vicious hacking on numerous occasions.  We want to believe that we are doing a damn good job exposing the political chameleons.

Someone up there must have given the orders. Hack them, shut them up – so much for the right of expression and freedom of speech.

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15 Responses to Cakap tak serupa bikin

  1. B-Town says:

    Gag order


  2. Bruno says:

    If u watch movies, the villain will always use a gun with a silencer to permanently kill off someone.
    The same goes for Pakatan, haha

  3. Ah Beng Kia says:

    Eh, mana bolih lah. Sendiri punya orang, bagi tanah. Kalau saya minta, bolih bagi dengan 70 per cent diskaun pun cukuplah ?

  4. Raymond Ong says:

    Easy way out ma. When you are afraid of your own shadows, then the best thing to do is to shy away from publicity. Why so scared one

  5. Abdul Kadir says:

    There should be freedom of speech. Let the people decide and dont black out news. Face the truth.

    We the rakyat are not so stupid. The more you hide, the more suspicious it gets.

  6. Baki says:

    On Twitter PM said his daughter was not in Australia at all.

    But Bernama reported PM’s daughter did not buy jewellery. (Bernama did not specifically deny she was in Australia but common sense tell us that Bernama had implied that she was).

    So PM, which is which?

  7. Maslinda says:

    Do not try to perpetuate lies in your lame attempt to stop the lies.
    Obviously BN cybertrooper is at work here.

  8. Aboo says:

    Everything that exposes the wrong doings or lies of the Opposition , it must be the work of the BN cybertroopers. Why should it be ?

    Its always easy to put the blame on them. Why cant you zombies believe that there are also independent groups who can no longer tolerate the deceipt and lies of the Opposition like Anwar and merely wants a platform to voice their anger.
    You cant expect everyone to agree to disagree . There is always two sides of a coin, so the same goes for the people’s perception.

    • Margaret Justice says:

      well said….I fully agree with you as I am one who is not associated with any political party and they accusing me so I just attack them as if indeed I am since they say so….

  9. tajuddin says:

    it is funny when politicans tell others not to meddle in politics.

    for far too long now, umno/bn has given reasons why students in universities should stay out of politics, reasons like: students are too young or immature, their time should be spent on studying hard, they should leave politics to those who are no longer in schools, they will not do well in their education if they were involved in politics, etc. even some adults or parents have blindly accepted such ridiculous reasons. this despite the fact that students in countries all over the world who have also engaged in politics have long proven all that to be rubbish.

    clearly, this has long been another way for umno/bn to use students for their own politics. everything about malaysia is politicised by umno/bn and this evil must be removed before malaysia can move forward. we all have the responsibility to vote out this evil regime!

  10. Bumin says:

    For once in the history of BN, a daughter of one of our past leading PM support the minority. We the peaceful rakyat of Malaysia SALUTE you, Marina Mahathir. It’s also nice for the rakyat to voice their grievance against the present governance under BN with the support of such NGOs like Bersih, Seksualiti Merdeka & Tenaganita. These NGOs are truly what we people in the street need compare with NGOs like Perkasa who discriminate or create a disharmony among the people.

    We are all the way behind you, Ambiga & Marina, HIDUP MALAYSIA

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  12. fadh says:

    sini pun ada hacker DAPondan ka…?

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