How Dr M Destroy Malaysia

Mahathir destroyed DAP and lost its soul.

By Tan Sia Chin

I had been a loyal DAP life member and believed in their strugle since my youth day. Back in my university days in University Malaya, our student movement with reformasi days was about removing the corruption and nepotism if Mahathir Mohamad.

I brave thru ceramah with my umbrela during the rain to listen to Anwar Ibrahim speaking out against the government of the day led by Mahathir and his cronies. Tales of how he enrich his sons and Daim is still fresh in my mind.

At the stage with Anwar was Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng telling their tales of ISA brutality and their time in prison during the days of Operasi Lalang. Hearing this make me cried and wonder what kind of ditactorship our country went through under the rule of Mahathir.

Fast track 19 years later, my heart bled seeing the situation today. Enemis coming together sitting under the same roof calling for a change for the country. It is a commendable effort and I was like this is the way to go. Uniting for the common caused.

But looking deeper events after events, my heart goes into despair. The last straw came when Mahathir latest party called out for donation to his party to fund them for election.

In my mind I was like what happen to the billions of Ringgit his sons ‘earned’. Why they did not donate their own monies to contribute to the funds? After all these monies was so called contracts from the government when Mahathir was in power.

I was once told during the countless ceramah by opposition figure such as Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and Tok Guru Nik Aziz that Mahathir embelzzed government monies and enrich his sons and cronies. Why now they couldn’t help with the opposition strugle?

I am sure with the sons monies the war chest will be huge to topple Barisan Nasional government. But yet asking from the rakyat. I struggle to understand why?

Is it for populism or really to enlarge the coffer? Only Mahathir will know. But when Mahathir and Co. published the so call donation drive for his party, I couldn’t but help to remember what took place during the ceramah I attended in the late 90s. Countless of donation drive box was passed around to support the Reformasi struggle during those days.

But now I couldn’t help but to wonder what is the point of asking for donation for Pribumi when the people behind it, is rich. I can only deduced that saving Malaysia is about saving Mahathir and his sons back into important government position to get more projects which translates into more monies and I couldn’t but help to imagine that both father and son of the Lim, are they really saving Malaysia or saving the coffer for themselves just like Mahathir.

Ever since the undersea tunnel scandal came into light and huge sums of monies was so called to ‘kawtim’, my heart bled out that DAP has sway away from its founding struggles. The DAP that I onced knew is now turning into a capitalist association of people. Now its all about monies and that is why power is so important.

Now the Lim’s are embracing Mahathir capalitalism and cronism and it is a sad day for all of us. The man who once lamented he was beaten and imprisoned during Operasi Lalang is embracing and hugging the very man he said can save Malaysia.

No wonder supporter like us and the youth is calling for ‘undi rosak’. Now I couldn’t but help to lament the future of this country if it falls unto the hand of these power hungry and monies crazy men.

Reformasi is now dead as we know. There is no soul left in DAP. The battle cry of Malaysia Malaysian is dead and all that left is now power and money.

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10 Responses to How Dr M Destroy Malaysia

  1. Ang Tao Peng says:

    Brilliant piece!

    Totally the sentiment of those who are fed up with the DAP = Done And Past party.

    And those, including the DAP’s party members leaving the DAP = Disgusting And Phoney party by the regiments due to its utter lack of moral and grotesque corruption.

    • Anonymous says:

      Interestingly the very people that criticised Mahathir were those suppoeting him when he commited those deeds as PM.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mad fellow Ang Tiunama, stop showing you are mad by being a small boy at 80 years old –

      Ang Tao Peng is a mad person. Long said to have been diagnosed having schizophrenia.

      Despite being periodically reminded to take his pills, he refused to do so. His abuses here must be disabused by responding to his comment each and every time he shows up. So that the non-regular visitors know the comments come from a madman and are not to be believed.

      His most obvious schizophrenia symptom is delusions of grandeur. Deluding himself into thinking and claiming he is very clever, very rich, etc, which he is not:

      1. Claimed to have degrees from “four top US and UK universities” and a string of professional qualifications and awards. When asked, he refused to say even the names of the universities. When told he’d be checked against the Register of graduates of Oxford or Cambridge Universities, he quickly said the name he uses here (made to look like a genuine, full name) is not his own.

      2. Claimed to have “posh” properties in UK, Singapore and Indonesia. Claimed that his family have migrated to Europe bringing their wealth along. Yet admitted he is living in a far-flung, non-commercial or regional centre – Sibu, Sarawak

      3. Claimed to “belong to a family of bankers and industrialists” but refused to say whether from Shanghai or where, yet he is living in non-industrial Sarawak

      4. Claimed to have many friends. But admitted in here last Chinese New Year eve that he went out to buy fried kuayteow for dinner, eating alone and desolate, on a CNY eve

      Other examples showing that he is mad:

      1. Always rude, abusive and vulgar in his comments. In the process, he constantly lies, cheats and cons readers here

      2. Always puts out loose opinions, makes unsubstantiated, unjustified and not-even-explained wild claims and allegations

      3. Often racist, seditious and subversive. Anti-Malays, anti-Islam, even anti-Hakkas and anti-Hokkiens. To the extent that Mubarak Chan has noted an observation that Ang is not a Chinaman

      4. Keeps talking about the existence of a “moderator” in a non-moderated blog like STL where anyone can write a comment, click the “Post Comment” button and it’ll automatically appear on the blog page without a moderator making it so

      5. At 79 years old, mad Ang often behaves like a child. Always name calling and saying such things as DAP = Dead And Past party, DAP = Duplicitous Amoral Party, DAP = Desperate And Panicky party, etc. That’s another sign that he is mad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Jailani Johari warned the foreign media to stop putting out fake news on 1MDB, which has been mired in scandal over its debts and alleged leakages said to have funded luxury purchases and movie productions.

    Do you mean that the whole world were wrong n you are right? Where are the proofs that you were right? You only got the AG to clear MO1 when the police said that they have not finished with the investigation. So, how can you clear a person when investigation is not over? Whereas at Swiss, at US, at Singapore, etc.. they have shown the proofs of money laundering n jailed those responsible. So, what you said has no credibility. That was why when you want to introduce the fake news law, it was primarily to shut-off news in Malaysia about 1MDB. This was your primary reason. It was not sincere to take action against those who spread fake news. If it was, you would had long ago took action against your own portals, like, Utusan, Malaysia Today, TV3, etc., which has slandered Opposition leaders, n continue to spew out fake news with impunity, n with the backing of Umno. If you say that the medias in the world are spreading false news about PM, then, take action against them, instead of clamming down the news on 1MDB in Malaysia.

    Malaysians knew that the news are from extremely established & reputable source – example – The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), The New York Times, The Economist, Australian Broadcasting Corporation and MSNBC. We hope & pray you have more concrete evidence up your sleeve to counter these allegations instead of thumping your chest and demanding Malaysian to trust you.

    Umno has deep enough pockets so sue them all if they are indeed libelous and defamatory. Yelling “fake news” and threatening all and sundry doesn’t convince anyone and in fact just serves to make this country appear even more unhinged from reality in the eyes of those observing.

    Well, since MO1 is Trump’s fav PM, how hard would it be for the former to finally launch a suit to clear his name from these “fake news” allegations? Instead, all you could offer is that, we are ” monitoring the situation”? Monitor only??? What does that achieve? Monitor the local news providers? That’s all you guys could do, right?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Malays and the rural Malays especially must be weaned from their dependence on the propaganda fed by the umnoputras. They, must, boldly go where no one has gone before!! It’s true , isn’t it? Our country has never known another government other than the umnoputras since independence.

    • Anonymous says:

      Everyone who doesn’t want Najib and Umno/Bn to continue must go out, meet and talk with the rural Malays and the low income in the towns. Even for just a few minutes.

      Explain to them why there needs to be a change of government at Pru14.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Trivializing the 1Malaysia Development Bhd scandal is silly and irresponsible, said an anti-graft body, after Najib Razak compared the issue with the Selangor water crisis in Parliament today.

    Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4) director Cynthia Gabriel said the prime minister must answer questions on 1MDB if he wants a fresh mandate in the 14th general election.

    “It really is quite a silly, if not a terribly irresponsible, statement by the prime minister. The water issue is about the disruption of essential service delivery, and 1MDB is about RM50 billion that got lost through bad deals and outright thievery.”

    Najib today refused to answer a question in Parliament on the effects of 1MDB’s debts on the economy.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      ” silly and irresponsible”

      Even more silly and irresponsible if Tamil “Tigress” cannot come up with any evidence for 1MDB to take Najib to any court!

      • Anonymous says:

        Shit your opinions – you cannot hope readers will believe you, bastard Ang Tiunama Peng.

        You have been known as constantly lying, cheating and conning readers here, as explained in your CV –

        Constantly Lying, Cheating and Conning Schizophrenic Red Bean old man “Ang” –

        1. At first, he cheated on his blogging name, using what appeared to be the full name of a Chinese, presumably in order to gain respect for him as a blogger. When threatened to have his name checked against the list of graduates of “top UK universities” that he claimed to have degrees from, he panicked, and declared that Ang Tao Peng is not his real name.

        2. He claimed to be graduates of not just “two top UK universities”, but also of “two top US universities”. He is mad. Nobody can ever be like that. But when told that, he simply kept quiet. He doesn’t provide proof, substantiation or justification. Saying he’s not obliged to do so. So, we are “obliged” to deem him as Lying, Cheating and Conning Schizophrenic Red Bean old man Ang.

        3. He claimed to be descended from “a clan of bankers and industrialists of East China”, denied being descended from “coolies” of South China brought in by British colonialists in the 19th century onwards. Yet, saying “his folks” having migrated to Europe bringing “a lot of wealth”, he is left plonked in a non-industrialist Malaysia and living in Sarawak (he claimed, though likely to be in Penang, a Red Bean, using so many names and pretending to be so many personalities. He knows the term “multiple personalty disorder” and the symptoms well).

        4. In the beginning of his foray in this blog, he portrayed the image of, and did say he was a retiree, an old man, expressing the style of the usual Red Beans gang (those engaged by DAP to terrorize blogosphere during PRU13 election campaign, writing in uncontrolled fashion, often rude, abusive and vulgar, wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified claims and allegations). But when accused of being among the hooligans that caused the race riots of 1969, he denied being around, physically and age-wise, at that time. Lying again.

        5. He lied, cheated and conned so often that he even forgot what he lied and conned. And got caught several times in the process. I’m therefore quite sure readers would treat what he writes here as jokes and would just enjoy the fun and entertainment on and out of the schizophrenic old man Ang who stubbornly refused to take his pills.

        6. It’s blokes like this “Ang” bugger who bring down the image of the Chinese in this country.

  5. Helen Ang says:

    Tan sia chin, you are BN supporter right?

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