Tokong, You Got Plenty To Explain!

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64 Responses to Tokong, You Got Plenty To Explain!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mahathir was the Prime Minister when he saw that UMNO’s pre-arranged kamikaze defence of UMNO being an illegal body succeeded in court afterTengku Razaleigh sued over his narrow defeat in the UMNO presidential election against him. The Registrar of Societies acted very swiftly to get UMNO deregistered over the illegality. UMNO Bahru then very swiftly came into being with Mahathir as the President. UMNO Baru very swiftly took over the assets of the deregistered UMNO. Soon after, it dropped the word “Baru” from its name. Old wine in a new bottle! It was all an exercise involving lawyers, public officers and politicians. Now the shoe is on the other foot. Importantly therefore, any party in power must play fair so that it too would be treated fairly when it is out of power. Instead there are politicians with a short-term view and play dirty and then when the tide turns against them they continue to play dirty in an attempt to cling to power. In more civilised countries, political parties with a sense of fair play have little (not nothing) to fear about losing power. They will in turn be treated fairly when out of power. In Malaysia, what can be expected? Vendetta politics with the tone already set many years ago? In Malaysia, with the BN having many skeletons in the closet (and many already out of it), its leaders would expect uncivilised retribution when out of power. Hence it would use desperate measures to hang on to power. All politicians, Mahathir included, should sensible enough to be consistent about fair play. And lawyers, they are a huge problem at all times.

    • Anonymous says:

      “there are politicians with a short-term view and play dirty and then when the tide turns against them they continue to play dirty in an attempt to cling to power.”

      Ever seen Philippine politics? Or the throwing of punches in the Taiwanese Parliament? Or remember the UMNO Deputy Minster who shot and killed his rival for a Ketua Bahagian post in Tampin?

      Not likely that Najib will gracefully bow out if and when he loses Pru14. Tun M has said of his possible actions if and when that happens. But the rakyat must be prepared to act under those circumstances. Oppose any ungentlemanly behaviour.

      • Anonymous says:

        Prime Minister Najib has certainly moved to their gear in his campaign for a fresh mandate. He will get it despite being implicated internationally for the missing money from 1MDB. He has no fear as the thousands of local folks he speak to will not question but support him diligently and loyally. Simple promises of money money and assurance will help as in previous GE. He has also been assured of the preparation for his victory. Then he announces the date and ready to seize power once again. Ultimately he wins and everyone goes home with crumbs but happy.

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s your opinion. Many, many others differ.

          Despite feudal approach to vote getting by simple cash giveaways, Pakatan Harapan has good chances of winning GE14.

          Remember, they lost the popular vote and got the worst election result in Umno/Bn history in 2013. With the 1MDB debacle, the unpopular GST, endlessly rising prices of goods, they’ll be konked at Pru14.

          • lufang says:

            Pakatan Harapan , kasi itu satu halapan balu ,mesti mau sokong punya maa aa .

            Jangan putus halapan , mesti atak halapan punya lor rr.

      • Anonymous says:

        Looks like money politics is taking the front seat in UMNO. That’s the best Najib could do to win votes from the Rela members. Next he would be throwing “millions & millions” & empty promises just to stay in power. The “stupid & greedy” ones would fall prey & “sell their souls” for money. Please think of the future. Accept what is given but think & vote wisely.

        • Anonymous says:

          Dr Mahathir said Najib would try every trick in the book to ensure he and his coalition remained in power.

          The first trick was redelineation, said Dr Mahathir, to create more mono-ethnic seats.

          “Najib believes that if he gives the Malays money, they will vote for BN. Go ahead and take the money, but vote for PH. After all, the money comes from the federal government.”

          Najib would also attempt to cheat by preventing PH from registering as an official coalition, Mahathir said in Kelantan.

          “He knows that if we are not registered as a coalition, BN can win. He is afraid. I have never met a politician who is more afraid than Najib.”

          • Anonymous says:

            How not to be afraid. He’s dangling by the wire now.

            Very painful grip because it’s not a big or thick wire.

            At the same time, he’s not willing to let go. Wants to stay in power till the last minute. He and Rosmah want to savour the taste of power to the maximum allowed under the election laws.

      • Anonymous says:

        If this country applies law and order without fear or favour those responsible for stealing 1MDB fund would have been behind bars by now. Likewise for those involved in scandals in Felda, Mara, NFC etc. The rakyat are aware there are special laws applicable to UMNO party and members and separate laws for the ordinary citizens and the opposition parties. This country is truly rotten and the sooner there is a change in the government the better.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maszlee Malik set to join Bersatu tomorrow

      It’s time to choose between a kleptocratic gov’t or a new M’sia, the professor says.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What kind of a blog post is that? No explanation, no background, no nothing regarding what looks like SPRM taking some one away.

    That’s the kind of Umno/Bn cybertroopers who Najib called “bangang, hamjadah” during the Pru13 campaign, that he’d likely invoke the infamous words “Kepala Bapak Kau” during the Pru14 campaign.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is the photo real, BN man asks Guan Eng

      Eric See-To urges Penang CM to verify alleged photo with businessperson arrested over tunnel project.

      Fake news?

    • Anonymous says:

      I only read the readers’ comment that dispel the fake news of STL.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dr M ‘wowed’ by ROS’ haste in resolving Umno crisis, while Harapan’s application stays in limbo

    Mahathir calls on the ROS chief to resign over the alleged show of partisanship favouring Umno.

    • Anonymous says:

      Najib attempt to cheat by preventing PH from registering as an official coalition, Mahathir said in Kelantan.

      “He knows that if we are not registered as a coalition, BN can win. He is afraid. I have never met a politician who is more afraid than Najib.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    In Bandar Tun Razak, Umno hopes MCA sacrifices for BN’s sake

    After the huge spat with Nazri calling Robert Kuok all sorts and MCA whacked him? I dun think so. Where got they’ll sacrifice.

    Never mind Umno saying “We have given the seat to MCA in the past five general elections. It has lost in the two most recent battles,” and Bandar Tun Razak is a Malay area.

    • Anonymous says:

      True enough, Liow: MCA will not give up its five seats in KL.

      These may lead to BN election posts lefty unmanned like during in Hulu Slangor.

      Good for Harapan.

      • Anonymous says:

        MCA will ultimately give in to Umno.

        • Anonymous says:

          They have to. With only 7 MP seats, compared to DAP 37, they have lost the image of representing the Chinese in this country.

          Najib himself said they were hit by a Chinese tsunami at Pru13.

          Probbly a worse one at Pru14. Plus, maybe, a Malay tsunami as well.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Najib raises Rela’s allocation and allowance, pledges more with ‘new mandate’ –
    after ‘taking into account your loyalty’

    What a feudal mentality. Endlessly doling out cash before an election. Making it conditional upon members’ loyalty. As if it is bribery.

    • Anonymous says:

      Another example of feudal mentality –

      Najib: ensure Pagoh’s development continues. hints that the Bersatu-held seat may face snags in getting approval for developments otherwise.

    • Anonymous says:

      3.05 million Rela personnel in the country is a huge vote-bank. Does the country really need such a huge number of rela members, or any at all given that the regular police is there to keep law and order, and there is the Police Volunteer Reserve (PVR) to back them up, and other auxiliary police units as well?

      The bribes are coming thick and fast as GE14 approaches and BR1M is not too far away. Najib can suddenly find another RM20 million for Rela. Last year RM80 million was given to buy uniforms. They must have been gold braided. Najib’s generosity has no end.

      Rela members must remember that their votes are secret and there is no way for UMNO/BN to know for whom you had voted. This has been confirmed time and again by Bersih and all concerned for a better future. UMNO/BN may not have said so because they know that they will lose if they openly declare that votes are secret. If BN wins they will not bother to check anything but if BN loses there is no way they can do any checks because it will be a different government. Under a PR government you can be assured of a much better working environment and other benefits, including better pay. So don’t lose this chance of changing the government.

  6. Anonymous says:

    MB flushes PM over water woes

    Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali said the water cuts in his state was beyond his administration’s control because the water asset required repairs was owned by the federal government.

    Soon after Najib listed five “wrongs” of the Selangor government, Pakatan Harapan chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad came up with a list of 62 “wrongs” by the prime minister.

    Interesting, innit?

    • Azmin on Water Problem: Blame Najib If You Dare says:

      The Selangor government should not be blamed for the ongoing water disruption across the state, Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali said today.

      “If you dare, blame the prime minister,” Azmin told reporters in Shah Alam

    • Anonymous says:

      We built MRT, we can solve water woes, says Najib.

      The poor chap doesn’t even know that the water assets that broke down and caused the water problem in Selangor belong to the Federal Government.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Bersih 2.0 today slammed the Election Commission (EC) for “rushing” the redelineation process with no regard to due process and principles provided in the Federal Constitution.

    The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih 2.0) steering committee also said voters must also hold Prime Minister Najib Razak and EC chairman Mohd Hashim Abdullah responsible for “cheating in the redelineation exercise”.

    The group said it was “clear” Najib and EC were determined to get the new electoral boundaries passed before the next general elections.

    “Now that the final report is in the hands of the prime minister, he has unfettered powers under Section 9, 13th Schedule of the Federal Constitution to make further changes as he deems necessary before tabling it in Parliament.

    “It is certain the prime minister and EC will continue to cheat and force the proposed redelineation through to steal the upcoming elections,” Bersih said in a statement today.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How Reuters, the oldest British national news organization, looks at “Umno looking at the Robert Kuok issue” –

    Many in Malaysia’s econtomically powerful ethnic Chinese community saw the criticism against Kuok as racial dog-whistling ahead of a very close and hotly contested election.

    A polarised electorate poses risks for Southeast Asia’s third-largest economy.

    Malaysia’s ethnic minorities may end up with the short end of the stick if this year’s electoral results remains racially split, warned Abdul Rahman Dahlan, BN’s Director of Strategic Communications. (Anybody knows what that title means?)

    “Of course we’ll be happy if we win the election. But it will be better if the support comes from a broad base of support from the communities of all kinds, then everybody’s voice will be represented,” Rahman said. (That’s his hopeful thinking).

    Najib’s Umno has increasingly relied on majority Malay Muslims to stay in power after minorities deserted the ruling coalition the past two general elections.

    Najib proposed a new economic model soon after taking power in 2009, aimed at speeding Malaysia’s transition to a higher-income, knowledge-based economy, but rolled back some of those plans after a backlash from the Malay-Muslim community.

    Ethnic Malays and other indigenous groups account for about 69 percent of the population, with Chinese making up 23 percent, and ethnic Indians and others the remainder. Opinion surveys have found indigenous groups robustly support affirmative action policies. (The New Economic Policy).

    Umno has also been courting hardliners on the religious right, seeking support from the Islamist opposition PAS, which advocates a strict Islamic penal code that religious minorities fear could infringe their rights. (PAS wants to introduce their version of Hudud Laws, that involve cutting of limbs, etc).

    “There is a trend towards a more conservative interpretation of Islam and the key Islamic party PAS will play a significant role during the upcoming election,” Eurasia Group said in a recent research note about Malaysia.

    Sugar king

    Dubbed the “Sugar King of Asia”, Kuok became Malaysia’s richest man by expanding a commodities-based business to an international empire that includes the Shangri-la hotel chain, plantations, property development and entertainment.

    He has iconic status in the Malaysian Chinese community.

    “Kuok is a successful man and a true Malaysian,” said 52-year-old Eric Hun at a tea shop in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown. “This kind of comment will win them (Umno) the Malay votes in the kampung (village). That’s all they want … they stopped caring about us a long time ago.” (That’s said by the Chinese themselves).

    Ethnic Chinese voted heavily for the opposition camp in the last election in 2013, handing the Umno-led coalition its first-ever loss of the popular vote. Najib called it a “Chinese tsunami”.

    Two years later, thousands of Umno supporters marched through Chinatown to support Najib, and assert Malay political power threatening to burn down shops in a racially tinged rally.

    With the general election just months away, the attacks on Kuok have strained relations with the Chinese party in Najib’s ruling coalition, the MCA.

    The MCA has demanded an apology from Malay leaders who criticised Kuok.

    “Right now we’re on extreme ends, with the government on the extreme right and the opposition on the extreme left,” said Kong Len Wei, a youth leader at MCA, which had its parliamentary seats reduced to just seven in the last election.

    Opposition parties, led by Chinese-based DAP, have also ramped up the racial rhetoric.

    “The Robert Kuok incident is not an isolated incident,” said DAP’s national political education director Liew Chin Tong.

    “It is just another example of the past decade or so in which Umno survives on manufacturing fear among Malays towards others, in the hope to consolidate Malay support for Umno.”

    Brain drain

    Disillusioned ethnic Chinese have been voting with their feet over the past two decades, migrating to neighbouring Singapore and Western countries.

    A total of 56,576 Malaysians gave up their citizenship between 2006 and 2016, with over 90 percent of them being ethnic Chinese, Malaysia’s deputy prime minister said in Parliament in 2016, The Star newspaper reported.

    Thirty-one-year-old Oh, who stayed back in Melbourne after her graduation there, said she won’t return to Malaysia unless meritocracy is restored. (Graduating at 31 years old? She can stay there forever).

    – Reuters

    • Anonymous says:

      “it will be better if the support comes from a broad base of support from the communities of all kinds, then everybody’s voice will be represented,” Rahman said.

      Very big question. Will they get that broad-based support? The Chinese tsunmi at Pru13 rings loudly.

      Plus the 1MDB debacle, the damn unpopular GST, the ever increasing prices of goods, they might even get a Malay tsunami as well at Pru4.

    • Anonymous says:

      Brain drain?

      A total of 56,576 Malaysians gave up their citizenship between 2006 and 2016, with over 90 percent of them being ethnic Chinese, Malaysia’s deputy prime minister said in Parliament in 2016, The Star newspaper reported.

      It matters not. With the advent of the New Economic Policy in 1970, very many Malays now have university degrees, up to Master’s and PhDs. Malay doctors, specialists and other professionals are all over the place. The brain drain is well compensated by those.

      Those non-Malays loyal to this country despite the odds are welcome to stay.
      After all, the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak also could only grin at the odds they faced – being nearly 70% majority but owning only 23% corporate wealth and not sure how much of wealth in other areas of economic activity.

      Indeed, there are very many of the loyal and Constitution-respecting and fully abiding non-Malays. Good for them and good for all Malaysians. But those ungrateful ingrate, ultra kiasu pendatangs, never thankful for the citizenship right the Malays agreed for them at Merdeka, and not respecting the quid pro quo – not accepting and respecting the sensitive Articles of the Constitution – are not welcome at all.

      Let them migrate. Questionable loyalty may mean they may shoot sideways at the battlefront – not shooting at the enemy in front. It’s even dangerous for the disloyal to be in this country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Opinion surveys have found indigenous groups robustly support affirmative action policies. (The New Economic Policy, NEP).

      Sure. Najib sidelined the NEP, proposed a new economic model soon after taking power in 2009 .. but rolled back after a backlash from the Malay-Muslim community.

      He’ll pay for sidelining the NEP. At Pru14. (He already paid at Pru13 – lost the popular vote, got the worst election results in Umno/Bn history. He almost lost Pru13 – won by a majority of only about 2o MP seats).

  9. Anonymous says:

    Google trends: Putrajaya most interested in Harapan’s manifesto

    Putrajaya had the highest proportionate number of Google searches for Pakatan Harapan’s manifesto this week compared to other cities and states in the country, according to Google Trends.

    The Harapan manifesto was launched on Thursday night, with the highlight being 10 promises that the coalition promises to implement within 100 days in office.

    This includes abolishing the goods and services tax, reintroducing fuel subsidies, and setting up royal commissions of inquiry to probe various scandals including 1MDB.

    Comment: Sure Umno/Bn in Putrajaya are damn interested. They gigil lutut already.

    • Putrajaya Residents Also Anxious to Know PH Manifesto says:

      Note that it’s not only the BN politicians in Putrajaya who are interested in the PH Manifesto.

      It’s the tens of thousands of Putrajaya residents, including the government officers of all ranks and grades, and their families.

      It’e been dubbed as The Mother of All Battles between Najib and Umno/Bn and Tun Mahathir and PPBM and Pakatan Harapan.

      The situation in the country has been so dire that even government servants anxiously want to know what Tun Mahathir and Pakata Harapan have in store for the rakyat if and when they win Pru14 and rule the country.

      Discarding GST and bringing prices of goods down must be the welcome signs to most Putrajaya residents. Only a few of them are rich, the rest are suffering the GST and increasing prices of goods, like every one else.

    • Anonymous says:

      BN has not got a Manifesto ready –

      “… I agree with (BN Youth chairperson) Khairy Jamaluddin’s proposal that in our manifesto, we should have a specific chapter on the young people,” Najib said when opening BN Youth and Puteri machineries gathering at the National Youth Skills Institute in Pagoh.

      Najib probably feels confident of winning via the various unfair methods he uses including cash handouts from government money. Or he thinks he’s gonna lose already with the so many issues against him like 1MDB, the unpopular GST etc, so it does not matter whether the manifesto is ready early or not.

  10. Bernama appears to be under instruction to dig out and print as news everything written by the CMM Minister Said Keruak. Now producing what is written in his blog.

    If the Fake News laws cover opinions as well, once promulgated, the authorities should go to Said Keruak’s blog. That’s where he manufactures fake news.

    For example, in the latest posting, he “likened the Pakatan Harapan election manifesto as giving the people a ‘poisoned cup’ to drink from, as well as a case of short-term gain for long-term misery.” (Benama quote). Watta fook.

    He has been damn curious to know how much a PH government would earn to replace the RM40 billion lost once GST was abolished. Asking, “Where’s the alternative revenue that will be needed to pay for goods and services and to develop the country, going to come from? How much will the SST bring in?”

    Maybe an opinion can be expressed to answer the fellow: Where do you keep your brains when not thinking that a PH government would not necessarily be using the same budget approach as BN? Can you not think that a PH government would not be so lavish and would not do silly and possibly corrupt vote-catching measures as giving cash hand outs before elections?

    It has been said that the BRIM, especially when increased 50% this time, would cost the government RM40 billion. If so, ceasing cash hand outs would neutralize the income deficit from GST.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s been said that Said Keruak was appointed Communications and Multimedia Minister after he wrote voluminously and frequently in his blog in support of Najib and the Umno/Bn government.

      If so, no wonder he comes out with those kinds of arguments even long after being appointed Minister.

      No further needs be said of his ability.

  11. Fake News Laws Cover Opinions As Well? says:

    Of course, a PH government would bring prices of goods down and reduce expenditure, especially the humongous budget allocation for the PM’s Dept.

    Under Najib, one does not read any news about the relevant Ministry’s enforcement officers checking on indiscriminate increasing of prices of goods by manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, traders, etc. It has at times appeared to be flagrant and wanton increases of prices every now and then. Najib wants a high-income nation status, that’s probably his strange way of achieving it. Who suffers? The consumers. Especially the low income and the rural populace.

    A PH government would bring back the PM’s Dept expenditure levels to previous years before Rosmah was allowed to use the government executive jet and, when it was under routine servicing, another one was reported to have been leased at RM90 million to take her and some women folk to Turkey.

    The PH government PM’s wife would not be provided with an office and a complement of staff, travelling, entertainment and other facilities. Those alone would conceivably cost hundreds of million Ringgit per year. Those, and other savings from wasteful government expenditure, would ensure getting rid of GST and living on SST will be ok for a PH government.

    There you go. I don’t have to be a Minister and a PH official to be able to think those.

    • Anonymous says:

      So Sarawak Report is fake news according to Umno? How about raja-Putar-Von-Manchester? Is he not fake news after putting out the highly insidious attacks on Malaysian Chinese? OR is Rachel Maddow show of MSNBC fake news after her recent expose, on prime time American TV, of the now-world-infamous THIEF-Minister of Malaysia ?

      What burns me when watching Rachel Maddow was her insistent assertion that the kapal-besar-dirampas-Pak-Indon now belongs to American taxpayers WHEN I was silently screaming that it rightfully belongs to Malaysian taxpayers. WTF are you Make-Chinese-Angry party with your incessant snipping at the Penang state government AND your so-called anti-corruption stance? So much for anti-corruption MCA.

    • Anonymous says:

      Rushing Fake News Laws before the elections?

      “The idea is to scare people into thinking twice before they publish negative news,” said James Chin, director of the Asia Institute at Australia’s University of Tasmania – South China Morning Post.

      Phil Robertson, the deputy director for Human Rights Watch in Asia, said it was emblematic of Southeast Asian leaders aping US President Donald Trump’s tactic of using fake news as a rhetorical cudgel against political opponents.

      “In Malaysia, the government is clearly unhappy with the coverage it receives from a number of news websites which so far have defied government efforts to mute them – so I expect this law aims to intimidate them,” Robertson said.

      Will insulting Robert Kuok cost Najib and Barisan Nasional the Malaysia election?
      The mounting number of prosecutions against Najib’s dissenters back up such claims.

      In February, a district court imposed a one-month jail term and a 30,000 ringgit (US$7,700) fine on artist Fahmi Reza for a caricature of Najib he posted on social media that depicted the premier wearing clown make-up and having deeply arched eyebrows.

      The country’s handful of independent online news outlets have also been the subject of a crackdown.

      The Malaysiakini portal’s co-founders Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran are facing criminal charges over their coverage of the multibillion dollar scandal at the state fund 1MDB, in which the premier is alleged to have routed hundreds of millions of dollars of public funds to his personal account.

      The prime minister also has a civil suit pending against the same portal over readers’ comments he claimed were defamatory.

      Can Malaysia, Singapore be trusted to debunk fake news?

      “For example, would it acknowledge damaging news regarding 1MDB or simply dismiss them as fake news?,” he added.

      So is there a way for dissenting Malaysians and Singaporeans to forestall the impending measures?

      Human rights defender Robertson said “now is the time” for the civil society in both countries to “make noise, demand hearings, use social media and press the political opposition to stand up”.

      In Philippines and Singapore, one man’s fake news is another man’s free speech

      “Make sure that the government knows they can’t attack sources of news as “fake news” because such a determination is inherently subjective,” the Bangkok-based activist said.

      • Anonymous says:

        In most normal countries, you’d look to the newspapers and television to get a sense of public sentiment. That won’t help you much in Malaysia.

        With the government clamping down on all forms of expression – sometimes in the name of fighting “fake news”– trying to get a sense of how Malaysians feel isn’t easy.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Did Riza sell out his stepdad by paying the DOJ? – M’Kini

    By agreeing to the US$60 million (RM235 million) settlement, isn’t Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s stepson Riza Aziz admitting that the money received by him and used by his movie production company was indeed stolen from 1MDB?

    But Najib and his co-conspirators continue with their tale that no money was stolen. If the stepfather is to be believed, the stepson is simply doing what Malaysia’s now- notorious Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department chief Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd is also doing – giving away good money even though nothing illegal was done.

    Wait for DoJ’s next Press Release (they did a long one on 15 June 2017 on the asset seizure action of 1MDB-related money laundering).

    The next one should spell out the full particulars of “MO1” (mentioned 16 times in their 251-page report submitted to the US court) and his “criminal acts”. DoJ has said they were changing focus to “the criminal aspects of their 1MDB investigations.”

  13. Anonymous says:

    Red Granite to pay US gov’t RM230m, salary for Riza slashed

    By agreeing to the US$60 million (RM235 million) settlement, isn’t Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s stepson Riza Aziz admitting that the money received by him and used by his movie production company was indeed stolen from 1MDB?

    • Anonymous says:

      Would he care? Does he care?

      With DoJ on their tails, each to his own now.

      Crooks hardly think of others.

      Thy’d sell their mothers if necessary and in desperate situation.

  14. Which ‘anti-gov’t portal’, Annuar? says:

    Umno info chief blames ‘anti-gov’t portal’ for fake news agenda

    Umno information chief Annuar Musa has blamed a local news portal for churning out “fake news” that the opposition is using to attack the party.

    According to Bernama, he claimed an unnamed news portal was actually a foreign-based international media agent with its own intention and agenda.

    “They are expert in making fake news, they buy and pay to get half-truth news and then they spin.

    “They are very high-level media player with mission, they have a certain mission and not just a media that wants to report news only,” he was reported as saying.

    Waaaaa, very formidable sounding portal. Sounds scary to the Umno Info Chief.

    • Which ‘anti-gov’t portal’, Annuar? says:

      Although declining to name the portal in question, Annuar had claimed earlier this month that “Team Mahathir” was using the London-based whistleblower website Sarawak Report website as a “weapon.”

      The website run by internationally-recognised journalist Clare Rewcastle-Brown, has been blocked in Malaysia since the 1MDB scandal erupted several years ago.

      Annuar told Bernama this posed a challenge for Umno and BN in the coming polls as the field was no longer stereotypical or predictable, accusing the opposition of spreading misinformation.

      Not enough with your Umno/Bn Fake News laws? Pity for you all.

      Moral of the story: don’t do fake news and misinformation. Others follow suit. And you’d feel challenged. You also making Fake News opinions on PH Manifesto like Said Keruak?

    • Anonymous says:

      Umno, he said, has come up with a special strategy to counter such alleged “fake news” from the opposition ahead of the 14th general election, but did not divulge its details.

      “The challenges facing us are more complex, we cannot predict the tales they (opposition) are going to come up with, sometimes using foreign sources and agencies or quarters which are seen credible,” he said.

      Scary, innit, Annuar? But you still have time to counter. Najib has not announced Pru14 date yet. Only question is whether you have “credible cybertroopers” and enough facts pr “the right information” to put out or not. Simply saying no proof as the 1MDB audited accounts are secret will get you all thrown with very hard brickbats.

      Careful, the words “Bangang”, “Hamjadah” and “Kepala Bapak Kau” will get thrown out on your cybertroopers by you know who.

      • Anonymous says:

        “.. sometimes using foreign sources and agencies or quarters which are seen credible,” Annuar said.

        If they are “seen credible”, there’s nothing we can do about them, Annuar.

        Not that we want to, anyway.

        It’s “the Mother of all battles,” remember?

        And the arrogant Saddam Hussein who used those words has been konked by hanging in Iraq.

        Btw, we won’t hang anybody found guilty seleweng-ing and songlap-ing 1MDB funds here. Just put the bloke(s) behind bars for a long time.

    • Anonymous says:

      While not providing details about the alleged portal claimed to be responsible for “fake news”, Annuar said the Umno information bureau was focusing on making people receive what he claimed was the “right” information.

      “We cannot reveal what we are doing, but, for certain, we do not want the people to be deceived.” Secret strategy, eh? Even Top Secret, issit?

      “The people should get verified information, although it takes a longer time, because now, building perception has become a strategy which is fully-used by those wanting to topple the government.”

      So, you think it’ll take a long time before the voters get “the right information” arr? Whatever suits you, man. The longer, the better for us at Pakatan Harapan, hehe.

  15. Anonymous says:

    What utter arrogance, obstinacy and stupidity on the part of the fellow who, when asked to comment on Mahathir’s complaints, Teuku (not Tengku, as he is not royalty) Adnan said, “Tell him to mind his own party’s business.”

    Yesterday, Mahathir called the ROS’ approval to extend the deadline for their party election to 2019 a glaring show of partisanship, as the registrar had yet to even acknowledge Pakatan Harapan’s application to form a coalition submitted eight months ago.

    This is the kind of Najib’s Ministers who make voters shudder at the thought of them continuing as Ministers. The other is Nazri. No bloody respect for others and for the right of others expressing disgust at the unfairness of government officials like the RoS.

    We pray to God that the big majority of voters will vote them and the Najib government out at Pru14.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      “We pray to God”

      I pray to a rock.

      Would that not do?

      • Anonymous says:

        You are mad. You have been praying to your dong. Your madness made you forgot about that?

        A mad bloke is a mad bloke anytime anywhere. Except after treatment at the mental hospital.

        But that’s only a relief, not a cure. Now you are mad again, saying you pray to a rock. Enjoy your madness, but don’t disturb others, ok?

  16. Ang Tao Peng says:

    Is that a barking ostrich behind the Turtle Tokong in that rather pretentious arty-farty house?

    Is it to celebrate the Year of the Dog for the Chinese?

    Incidentally, hot dog is okay to eat nowadays – so long as it comes in the form of a barking co ck – or, as some would say, barking rooster.

    • Anonymous says:

      Vulgar again, bastard Ang Tiunama Peng, eh? Camouflaging it by your spelling, eh?

      You are not changing your behaviour, always rude, abusive and vulgar, so how to change your CV –

      Constantly Lying, Cheating and Conning Schizophrenic Red Bean old man “Ang” –

      1. At first, he cheated on his blogging name, using what appeared to be the full name of a Chinese, presumably in order to gain respect for him as a blogger. When threatened to have his name checked against the list of graduates of “top UK universities” that he claimed to have degrees from, he panicked, and declared that Ang Tao Peng is not his real name.

      2. He claimed to be graduates of not just “two top UK universities”, but also of “two top US universities”. He is mad. Nobody can ever be like that. But when told that, he simply kept quiet. He doesn’t provide proof, substantiation or justification. Saying he’s not obliged to do so. So, we are “obliged” to deem him as Lying, Cheating and Conning Schizophrenic Red Bean old man Ang.

      3. He claimed to be descended from “a clan of bankers and industrialists of East China”, denied being descended from “coolies” of South China brought in by British colonialists in the 19th century onwards. Yet, saying “his folks” having migrated to Europe bringing “a lot of wealth”, he is left plonked in a non-industrialist Malaysia and living in Sarawak (he claimed, though likely to be in Penang, a Red Bean, using so many names and pretending to be so many personalities. He knows the term “multiple personalty disorder” and the symptoms well).

      4. In the beginning of his foray in this blog, he portrayed the image of, and did say he was a retiree, an old man, expressing the style of the usual Red Beans gang (those engaged by DAP to terrorize blogosphere during PRU13 election campaign, writing in uncontrolled fashion, often rude, abusive and vulgar, wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified claims and allegations). But when accused of being among the hooligans that caused the race riots of 1969, he denied being around, physically and age-wise, at that time. Lying again.

      5. He lied, cheated and conned so often that he even forgot what he lied and conned. And got caught several times in the process. I’m therefore quite sure readers would treat what he writes here as jokes and would just enjoy the fun and entertainment on and out of the schizophrenic old man Ang who stubbornly refused to take his pills.

      6. It’s blokes like this “Ang” bugger who bring down the image of the Chinese in this country.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The office of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has called attempts to link him to the businessperson arrested by MACC over the Penang undersea tunnel project a “disgusting” smear.

    The statement from the office was issued in response to BN strategic communications deputy director Eric See-To, who had asked Lim to verify a viral photo purportedly showing Lim next to the businessperson.

    “This is not only ridiculous but a disgusting attempt to smear the Penang Chief Minister by relying on one photograph.

    “As a public figure the Penang Chief Minister has taken many photographs with many personalities, and cannot recall how many times or where each and every photograph was taken.

    “Does taking a photo makes one a buddy or one who is close to BN into a DAP supporter?” the statement read.

    See-To said yesterday the businessperson depicted in the photo was supposedly arrested by MACC over allegations that he received RM19 million to help stave off investigations into the tunnel project.

    The CM’s office noted that the Penang government is awaiting a full explanation from the project’s contractor, Consortium Zenith Sdn Bhd, over the alleged RM19 million sum, as well as a further RM3 million paid to another individual.

    “BN newspapers are now spinning a story that the businessperson allegedly involved in receiving the money is a buddy of the Penang Chief Minister, and hence connected to receiving RM19 million.

    “This is another classic case of innocent parties, in this case the Penang state government, who are clean, being made the scapegoat for culprits closely connected to BN.”

    ‘Perverse’ logic

    The logic of using such photographs, the CM’s office further insisted, was “perverse,” illustrating this with an example of a photo that Lim took with 1MDB-linked property developer Goh Chun Lye.

    “Using the latest BN perverse logic, does this mean that the Penang CM is a buddy of Goh and connected to 1MDB too?

    “However, the Penang CM taking a photo with Goh did not prevent the latter from leading a concerted campaign, and spending up to RM40 million of 1MDB money to try to defeat the Penang Chief Minister in his Air Putih constituency during the 2013 general election.”

    While stressing that hypothetical photos of BN leaders with the businessperson would not be proof of complicity if they did exist, the CM’s office maintained that the accused has links to the party, based on his appointment as a director of a public listed company.

    “What is clear is that those involved in the RM22 million payout are closely linked to top BN leaders. That is why the businessperson was also appointed as a director of a major publicly listed company.

    “BN’s attempt to pass off their scandals as Pakatan Harapan scandals will not work, when the people can see the BN-led federal government for the global kleptocaracy that it is.

    “The Penang CM has instructed its lawyers to study the legal implications of the BN media spinning these photos, including some Chinese newspapers, for running him down.”

    Zenith previously issued letters of demand to the businessperson and Baling MP Abdul Azeez Rahim for failing to render their services in providing “consultancy” in the tunnel project.

    MACC subsequently arrested the businessperson who allegedly received the RM19 million and another individual for the RM3 million.

  18. Anonymous says:

    With so much publicity on the attempt to get the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to drop its 1MDB investigation, it’s not likely to happen, everybody concerned has their eyes on the matter, especially the Wall Street Journal reporters –

    Report: Trump ally allegedly linked to Jho Low cries victim over email leak

    Republican donor Elliott Broidy, alleged to have been in negotiations for a US$75 million (RM295 million) deal with businessman Jho Low to get the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to drop its 1MDB investigation, has reportedly cried victim in the matter.

    The negotiations were first brought to light by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) claiming to have reviewed emails showing Broidy, who is a close ally of US President Donald Trump, in a draft proposal asking for a US$75 million fee “if the DOJ quickly drops its investigation”.

    “He (Broidy) says the reason his emails are turning up all over the place and all sorts of news reports now is because he has been hacked by a foreign government, and he is the real victim here,” said American television host Rachel Maddow on her news programme ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ last night.

    The episode titled ‘With New Player’s Details, Trump-Russia Probe Seems Far From Over’, Maddow makes detailed mention of the 1MDB scandal from the time of the ‘Arab donation’ matter to the latest expose on the Jho Low deal.

    As reported by the WSJ, the emails dated the past year involved discussions to set up a consulting contract with Low.

    Low has been embroiled in the 1MDB scandal, particularly after the DOJ launched a series of forfeiture suits to seize assets it claims had been siphoned from 1MDB.

    The businessman again hit the spotlight when a luxury yacht he allegedly acquired using 1MDB funds was seized by Indonesian authorities in Bali in a joint operation with the US authorities.

    Maddow addressed the seizure of the yacht named Equanimity on her show last night, jokingly congratulating the US public for their “new yacht”.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha, Dr M: Umno ministers’ statements more ‘stupid’ than in my time
    Ex-PM responds to remarks by ministers claiming the country’s economy was in good shape.

    Among them was Finance Minister II Johari Abdul Ghani citing the increasing number of overseas holidays, Johor Bahru MP Shahrir Samad on the rising collections for mosques, and Kinabatangan MP Bung Moktar who cited the increasing obesity rate as indications of economic strength.

    “These are not indicators of economic strength,” Mahathir said in a video uploaded on Bersatu’s official Facebook page.

    “Even though I too had ministers (when I was prime minister), they were not like the ones today.

    “Today, their statements are more stupid,” added Mahathir, who is also Pakatan Harapan and Bersatu chairperson.

    Mahathir said another example was Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak, who had claimed that the seizure of the superyacht Equanimity by Indonesian and US authorities in Bali had nothing to do with businessperson Low Taek Jho, better known as Jho Taek.

    According to the DOJ, the superyacht is owned by Low who allegedly commissioned the US$260 million vessel using misappropriated 1MDB funds, which were laundered through the US financial system.

    “Salleh claimed Low does not own Equanimity, but Low himself has admitted to owning the yacht.

    “Baseless statements expose the stupidity of the person,” said Mahathir.

    Anybody claiming those are fake news?

    • Anonymous says:

      Another one on Najib –

      Riding on Kelantan turnout, Dr M says even Najib’s legs would go weak

      Pakatan Harapan’s roadshow in the PAS-stronghold of Kelantan last night saw a strong turnout which even impressed the coalition’s chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

      Addressing the 8,000-strong crowd in Bachok, he said Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak would not sleep soundly if he saw the reaction Harapan received in the state.

      “I am of the opinion that the crowd tonight is the largest since Harapan started its roadshow…

    • Anonymous says:

      Yet another one – by PKR man:

      PKR man dares Najib to sue Maddow, MSNBC

      PKR communications chief Fahmi Fadzil has urged Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to sue American television host Rachel Maddow and her network MSNBC for alleging his involvement in the 1MDB scandal.

      “On March 9, ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ clearly and obviously said that Najib was involved in a ‘giant act of thievery’.

      “I think Najib should sue Maddow and MSNBC to defend his dignity as well as that of his wife, his family and his administration.

      “Do not wait… Sue MSNBC now,” Fahmi said in a Facebook posting today.

      On Friday night, in a 21-minute segment on her show, Maddow provided a detailed background on the 1MDB scandal – from the “Arab donation” to the alleged US$75 million deal between Republican donor Elliott Broidy and businessperson Jho Low.

      Maddow, who made multiple references to the US Department of Justice’s 1MDB-linked forfeiture suits, as well as other news reports, claimed that Najib was involved in the misappropriation of money from 1MDB.

      The prime minister was first linked to the 1MDB affair through Wall Street Journal (WSJ) exposés, including a report which revealed the RM2.6 billion deposited into Najib’s personal bank accounts.

      Najib had threatened to sue WSJ over the claims, which first appeared 2015, but has yet to do so.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Big crowd as Harapan-led Penang gov’t celebrates 10-year rule

    Speeches by leaders centre around 1MDB, Najib, Rosmah and Jho Low.

    Sure those subjects would be at the forefront until kingdom come. And those involved in the “theft, robbery, Bugisman piracy” (Tun Dr Mahathir’s words) are behind bars.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those subjects are raised not just in Malaysia, also in Indonesia now –

      1MDB, Jho Low on front page of leading Indonesian magazine

      The 1MDB scandal has made to the front page of leading Indonesian current affairs magazine Tempo.

      It features an illustration of the superyacht Equanimity with what appeared to be a caricature of Malaysian businessperson Low Taek Jho, better known as Jho Taek.

      The headline, in Indonesian read: “1MDB corruption yacht” (Pesiar rasuah 1MDB).

      The subheading read: “Believed to have been bought using corruption money, Malaysian ship seized by police. The owner is a close associate of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak”.

      The US Department of Justice (DOJ) claimed that the US$260 million vessel (RM1 billion) was commissioned by Low using money misappropriated from 1MDB.

      In total, the DOJ believed at least US$4.5 billion was misappropriated from 1MDB and allegedly laundered through the US financial system to acquire various assets.

      It is seeking to seize US$1.7 billion in assets allegedly acquired using the stolen funds and the superyacht was among those assets.

    • Anonymous says:

      In the US, they now even raise the issue of Federal agents fearing if the wife of Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) had worn jewellery listed by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) as having been acquired using misappropriated 1MDB funds during MO1’s Trump visit last year – according to a news show by MSNBC.

      “The Rachel Maddow Show” host on Friday night, said it was “strange” when US president Donald Trump decided to host Malaysia’s leader at the White House in the middle of a major investigation.

      “There was actually worry in advance of the (visit)… that if on this trip to the White House, the PM’s wife wore some specific jewellery she is known to possess, federal agents might be put in the awkward position of having to take that jewellery off her, like maybe when she was leaving the White House grounds, or maybe at their hotel?” she said.

      According to the DOJ, 251-page filing with the US District Court for the Central District of California in June last year, a US$27.3 million 22-carat pink diamond pendant and necklace was purchased for “MO1’s wife” using misappropriated 1MDB funds.

      It also claimed a further 16 separate pieces of gold jewellery worth US$1.3 million was also purchased for MO1’s wife.

    • Appeals for Swiss MPs to repatriate RM430m 1MDB funds says:

      Kit Siang appeals Swiss MPs to repatriate RM430m 1MDB funds
      The DAP leader says the money should be held in trust for the M’sian people.

      “I have emailed Swiss MPs asking them to support the motion in (the) Swiss Parliament to repatriate RM430 million 1MDB-related funds confiscated from Swiss banks because of money-laundering and other corrupt practices to Malaysia so as to benefit Malaysians harmed by the international mega 1MDB financial scandal,” he said in a statement today.

      The Swiss government had planned to pocket the seized funds, citing the absence of any claimants. Malaysia / 1MDB won’t claim as that would be acknowledging the money laundering and corrupt practices.

      Aiyyo. That’s nearly half a billion Ringgit rakyat’s money, man.

  21. Najib Is Challenged says:

    Bersatu strategy and policy deputy bureau chief Wan Saiful Wan Jan criticised BN’s singular obsession with Pakatan Harapan’s pledge to do away with the goods and services tax (GST), pointing out that it was only one out of 60 promises in its manifesto.

    Wan Saiful noted that BN had ignored other key pledges by Harapan, particularly on institutional reforms which the ruling coalition had long resisted.

    “I challenge Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to rebut promise number 14 which would put the MACC under Parliament and also appoint an NGO representative as a MACC commissioner and promise number 15 to separate the prosecutor’s role from the attorney-general.

    “Both of these are essential in ensuring the integrity and combating corruption,” he said in a statement.

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