Like Father Like Son!

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88 Responses to Like Father Like Son!

  1. Anonymous says:

    One must ask why the Indians and Chinese have shifted away from BN. Simply because, we cannot tolerate Umno politicians and spouses extravagant lifestyle.

    Umno members and MP dare not question their leader on the RM2.6 billion and 1MDB scandal. Those in the right frame of mind is not accepting that Najib is innocent just because he was cleared by the new AG Apandi in Jan 2016. Why was the old AG removed from office in July 2015 when a task force was investigating Najib? Apandi said the RM2.6 billion came from an Arab donor and most of the donation was returned. Can this be believed? Then the DoJ said the RM2.6 billion is from money stolen from 1MDB. The AG did not protest. So Nazri, even the Malays should not support BN. stop hoodwinking the Malaysian public.

    • Anonymous says:

      Former MACC adviser Robert Phang has likened the ongoing spat between MCA and Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz to a “good cop, bad cop” routine, intended to stir up racial sentiments ahead of the coming election.

      Phang accused both MCA and Nazri of being complicit in attempts to tar billionaire Robert Kuok, as part of a “politically-motivated and premeditated” ploy to create animosity towards the Chinese Malaysian community.

      He said Nazri had perpetuated unfounded allegations against Kuok, which in turn allowed MCA to portray itself as both “protector and defender” of the community.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nonsense. Nothing planned by Nazri and MCA. Just loud-mouthing and voters are sick and tired of them hitting each other while being component members of BN, ready to vote them out at Pru14.

        • Anonymous says:

          More of their childish behaviour –

          Liow: MCA will ‘take action’ against Nazri for billionaire-bashing

          • Anonymous says:

            Umno please take away all mca seat, most Chinese in malaysia call mca as the betrayer of chinese. so umno pls dont waste time on mca Take away all their seat! Even your menteri pondan can shit & pee on mca but yet they still have no shame but remain in bn like a good dog. mca will be bury in ge14 afterall…

        • Anonymous says:

          Despite being embroiled in various scandals, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is about to “steal” the upcoming 14th general election by rigging the system, The Economist reported.

          In an article titled “Stop, thief! Malaysia’s PM is about to steal an election”, the weekly British magazine said Najib feared that most voters would not vote BN to power again if given a choice.

          As such, the report alleged that Najib is “taking their choice away” by means of gerrymandering and malapportionment, among other tactics.

          • Anonymous says:

            The Economist has succinctly summarized the fiasco nicely. In the event of a BN win, Malaysia will be viewed as another Zimbabwe and failed democracy. We will find ourselves increasingly isolated and trade and foreign investments will start dwindling. Najib and BN have already lost all legitimacy after GE13, losing the popular vote. In the event of another win, this situation will become totally untenable and the Rakyat can look forward to harsher laws and runaway inflation. Is this the future you want?

          • Anonymous says:

            Coming from The Economist, a news organ established in 1843 and now offering authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, etc, the observation that “Najib Abdul Razak is about to “steal” the upcoming 14th general election by rigging the system” is very remarkable and should shock the nation.

            Perhaps many already know that and are not shocked any more. Only grappling with what to be done to prevent them winning and carrying on the same despicable acts each and every time there are elections at whatever level. Including Tun Dr Mahathir, the Pakatan Harapan leader, who has said words similar to those said by the Economist in the recent past.

            Yes, changing the election boundaries gerrymandering, the Umno/Bn government cash handouts started well before the GE14 date is announced, the non approval by the Registrar of Societies of applications by the Opposition on election-related issues, including the use of of Pakatan Harapan logo, all those point to “the rigging of the system”. More to come as it gets nearer to the election date, and especially so when the election campaign begins.

            It’s terrible. It’s horrible. The Election Commission is supposed to be independent but very many voters think that s not so, the EC is beholden to Umno/Bn. They hardly cared about the many demands made by Bersih the NGO and the several rallies they held.

            Arrogance is the name of the game played by the Umno/Bn government whose wishes and preferences the EC appear to accomodate. No EC comment at all to the cash handouts in the name of BRIM etc that has been done a few months ahead of the elections. And the amount was increased – as a reaction to the many accusations that the Umno/Bn government “takes by one hand (GST tax, which is applied even to the low income and the poor) and gives by the other”.

            As Tun M has said in respect of the by elections in Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar, Umno handed out to voters not only cash but also bags of rice, electrical goods, etc during the campaign. But no case has been brought to court for “rigging the system”.

            Now many voters are praying for divine intervention. As well as propagating the need for the US Dept of Justice to come out with a Press Release (like they did on 15 June 2017 on asset seizure action on 1MDB-related money laundering) but this time spelling out details of “MO1” and the crimes he committed on 1MDB. The DoJ has said they have changed their focus – to “the criminal aspects” of their 1MDB investigations.

            And they have a Kleptocracy Division committed to the promotion of democracy and the eradication of Kleptocracy in the world. The US Attorney General has said that Malaysia is a huge Kleptocracy of the size not seen before.

            Yes, Umno/Bn will “rig the system.” But they have not won yet. The rakyat must prevent them from winning GE14.

          • Anonymous says:

            Umno-BN needs only 35% of total votes, thanks to EC’s gerrymandering, to win GE14. Sad but true. But we still need to vote for PH to expose the scam.

      • Anonymous says:

        Vote for MCA, MIC to protect your rights, non-Muslims told

        Non-Muslims in Malaysia should vote for candidates from non-Malay BN component parties and work together with Umno to ensure that their rights remain to be protected, said Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz.

        Aiseh, even MCA does not agree with him on important issues

        • 308 says:

          In 2018, the people are still tired of weak leadership, rising crime and racial politics. They are ready to move beyond corruption allegations as well as rising cost of living.

          In 2018, the people are still angry and ready for a change. They are ready for a better education system, more accessible jobs, housing and healthcare, for a government responsive to the common man rather than vested interests.

          In 2018, we can make history again.

          2018 is the year that Malaysians who believe in good governance, genuine multiracialism and civil liberties must stand together.

          2018 is the year that we will hold Dr Mahathir to his promise to commit to political reform.

          2018 is the year that I hope our friends in civil society, including those who have embraced the “undi rosak” movement, join us to fight for the future of Malaysia. I hope they will give us their ideas and feedback – but also their energy and support.

          2018 must be the year that the promises, the hope and optimism of 2008 and 2013 are fulfilled.

          2018 must be the year that Malaysians vote for change, for a new start and a better tomorrow for all our children – for that final push of a change of federal government that we have never experienced since Merdeka.

        • Anonymous says:

          It is so heart-warming to me to know that Malaysians are such a generous people. What with Najib Razak, our prime minister, donating our money to the tune of RM400 million to the Swiss.

          My eyes welled with tears when I read that a mere civil servant, our Bukit Aman CID director, donated A$320,000 to the Australian government.

          And Jho Low, one of Najib’s best friends, donated his yacht worth US$250 million (about RM1 billion) to the US Department of Justice (DOJ) on our behalf.

          And we receive too, billions of ringgit donated by a Saudi prince. Malaysia is truly a very blessed country.

      • Anonymous says:

        Malaysians feel corruption level going up, says watchdog

        Transparency International Malaysia chairman Akhbar Satar says the main reason Malaysians are not reporting corruption is because 15% are afraid of the consequences.

        60% of 1,000 Malaysians Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) surveyed last year’s said the corruption level in the country had increased.

        The anti-graft watchdog’s chairman Akhbar Satar said the survey was conducted with residents from urban and rural areas.

        “When we posed the question ‘what do they think about corruption’ the answer we received was the level is still high.

        “We also asked them about the corruption rate and the unresolved scandals in the country and received the same response,” he said during a forum titled “Malaysia a corrupt country: Facts or Propaganda” organised by Institut Darul Ehsan in Shah Alam today.

        • 1MDB Is Corruption says:

          That’s an established fact. No two-way about it. Transparency International have announced their annual report on it. Malaysia has slid further down the Corruption Perception Index. It’s known the world over.

          The question is: what is Najib doing about it? Especially on 1MDB.

          1MDB cannot be said as not corruption. Corruption is defined as:

          “dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. ”

          Billions missing from 1MDB accounts, the Auditor General’s Report on 1MDB accounts was hidden under the Official Secrets Act. Clearly “dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power”.

          Najib was responsible for 1MDB and has denied any wrong doing. The US Dept of Justice have facts to show otherwise, mentioning “MO1” 16 times in their 251-page report submitted to the US court in connection with 1MDB-related asset seizure action.

          But, even if he wants to, it’s too late for Najib to do anything about corruption now. PRU14 must be held by August. Let the voters decide on him at the polls.

          DoJ has announced a change of focus to “the criminal aspects” of their 1MDB investigations. Hopefully when Pru14 date is announced DoJ will issue a Press Release (like they did on 15 June 2017) this time giving details on “MO1” and the crimes he committed. Hopefully he’ll be removed from power by the voters.

          • 1MDB Is Corruption says:

            “Malaysians feel corruption level going up” is an established fact …

        • Anonymous says:

          Speaker Pandikar is scared to have parliament discussion on 1MDB or corruption index? Ikut perintah to safeguard his dedak?

  2. Ang Tao Peng says:

    Fancy longkang samseng Bungalodeshi minister Tokong’s inherited that hole in the head from his taiko butcher son dad!

    I’ve always wondered how the way the two “think”, spin, conspire, plot and generally shag themselves have been so problematic!

    And how their hole in the head disease have passed on to their Red Bean foot-in-the-mouth longkang no-class foot-soldiers!

    Would be a gift to science to find out how much bah kut teh soaked tauhu have leaked through the holes plugged up with those bits of plaster – which should at least have been of the skin tone type.

    That pic of the old longkang taiko with the sniper’s closed eye and his wide-slit letterbox big mouth is hilarious – you can’t tell if the old old old dying dirty schemer is still alive. Or if his Bungalodeshi scum should copy his style!

    • Anonymous says:

      The 80 years old, old, bastard Ang Tiunama Peng is not only slit mouthed but also slit eyed, yet trying to make fun of others. He probably is also slit assol-ed.

      He has no need to wonder how others “think”, spin, conspire, plot – he nastily does all those and worse – lies, cheats and cons, like said in his CV –


      Constantly Lying, Cheating and Conning Schizophrenic Red Bean old man “Ang” –

      1. At first, he cheated on his blogging name, using what appeared to be the full name of a Chinese, presumably in order to gain respect for him as a blogger. When threatened to have his name checked against the list of graduates of “top UK universities” that he claimed to have degrees from, he panicked, and declared that Ang Tao Peng is not his real name.

      2. He claimed to be graduates of not just “two top UK universities”, but also of “two top US universities”. He is mad. Nobody can ever be like that. But when told that, he simply kept quiet. He doesn’t provide proof, substantiation or justification. Saying he’s not obliged to do so. So, we are “obliged” to deem him as Lying, Cheating and Conning Schizophrenic Red Bean old man Ang.

      3. He claimed to be descended from “a clan of bankers and industrialists of East China”, denied being descended from “coolies” of South China brought in by British colonialists in the 19th century onwards. Yet, saying “his folks” having migrated to Europe bringing “a lot of wealth”, he is left plonked in a non-industrialist Malaysia and living in Sarawak (he claimed, though likely to be in Penang, a Red Bean, using so many names and pretending to be so many personalities. He knows the term “multiple personalty disorder” and the symptoms well).

      4. In the beginning of his foray in this blog, he portrayed the image of, and did say he was a retiree, an old man, expressing the style of the usual Red Beans gang (those engaged by DAP to terrorize blogosphere during PRU13 election campaign, writing in uncontrolled fashion, often rude, abusive and vulgar, wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified claims and allegations). But when accused of being among the hooligans that caused the race riots of 1969, he denied being around, physically and age-wise, at that time. Lying again.

      5. He lied, cheated and conned so often that he even forgot what he lied and conned. And got caught several times in the process. I’m therefore quite sure readers would treat what he writes here as jokes and would just enjoy the fun and entertainment on and out of the schizophrenic old man Ang who stubbornly refused to take his pills.

      6. It’s blokes like this “Ang” bugger who bring down the image of the Chinese in this country.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nazri epitomises the worst Malay thinking and logic. He emotes without facts and accuse as and when it serves a political goals. He represent and symbolise the failure of this beloved country. Shameful indeed.

    • Anonymous says:

      My political career ends when Najib’s ends, says Nazri

      What else can the bloke say?

      • Anonymous says:

        When curtain falls on Najib’s political career, mine ends as well – Nazri

        After working with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak for close to four decades, Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz hopes to end his political career together with his “friend and comrade.”

        “It should end when his (career) ends… Or (if) he ends me first…,” he told Malaysiakini when questioned on his political ambition.

        Comment: Many would like him to end it to morrow. Including MCA.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bukit Aman CID chief Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd can retrieve his A$320,000 (RM970,000) seized by Australian authorities without incurring heavy legal fees, a former editor said today.

    Veteran investigative journalist and Malaysiakini columnist R Nadeswaran said this was because the Australian legal system allows for a “no win, no fees” arrangement.

    • Anonymous says:

      Malaysia is morphing into an alternate world. The signs of this detachment from reality as the rest of the world perceives it are growing.

      Like Malaysia dropping in the latest global index of corruption. They got it wrong. It’s obvious they did not take into account the hundreds of civil servants in government ministries and departments who have spent part of a morning in recent months standing in a hall and swearing on their lifted hands they cannot be bought.

      Solution: we create our own index of incorruptibility. Then the world will get the “real” picture.

      Like the Australian police saying they are confiscating a few hundred thousand dollars of dirty laundry, and our police saying it’s clean, he sold a house to pay for the children’s education.

      File suit to prove the provenance of the funds? The legal fees would be prohibitive. They can keep the money.

      Why do people want to migrate to Australia? Education so costly, legal fees so high, and the authorities can simply say your hard-earned money is dirty and take it.

      Also, how now the children’s education? Sell another house? More where that came from?

      The “true news” says the officer in question was naïve about Australian laws.

      How stupid of me. I thought the transfer of the amount via 50-over transactions under the A$10,000 limit that required notification of the Australian authorities showed an understanding of Australian law.

      The clearest example of Malaysia splitting from the rest of the world is the interminable saga of 1MDB.

      I don’t know why everyone was asking the attorney-general to do this and the government to do that when Jho Low’s floating fantasy was shackled in Bali.

      • Anonymous says:

        The intention of the BN Government to close down 1MDB only proves that the whole business operation is a fraud. Accounts for 2015 & 2016 are not available. Police in its investigation have confiscated accounting documents. Auditor -General says RM28 billions missing. Despite all this AGC says no wrong doings! Our esteemed Speaker of the Parliament says the matter is not relevant and urgent for debate. This is a betrayal to the Rakyat and nation. Leaders are not God. We may make mistakes but we must be bold to admit mistakes and take corrective steps to resolve problems and punish those who deliberately abused public funds. This a warning to PH should it form the next government.

      • Anonymous says:

        CID chief could forgo the money detained by Aussie authority because he could easily gain back the similar amount in the same manner, as I believe he has many more properties to sell to raise cash.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if this P Gunasegaram fellow sudah cukup makan garam – he asks

    ‘Apa lagi Melayu mahu?’

    and makes reference to an Utusan Malaysia’s article, “Apa lagi Cina mahu?” following the May 2013 general elections when Chinese Malaysians were seen to have largely voted against BN.

    He sounds seditious doing so.

    He seems to make light Perkasa Ibrahim Ali’s 5 points:

    Not to question the fundamental basis of the Federal Constitution.

    Don’t touch on the sanctity of Islam.

    Don’t belittle and insult the Malay race.

    Don’t denigrate the royalty.​​​​​​

    Fair share of the Malaysian economy.

    He should be investigated.

  6. BRIM NOT DEDAK? says:

    Deputy Finance Minister I Othman Aziz insisted that BR1M (the 1Malaysia People’s Aid) is neither “dedak” (animal feed) nor a form of bribery, but instead a gift to the rakyat.

    Has any other democratic country given out cash to those of voting age during or before the general elections?

    • Anonymous says:

      Singapore gives S$500 grant fot its citizen to take up courses like computer/smartphone training to upgrade their skills, no direct cash handouts.

      • Anonymous says:

        Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng insisted that the Harapan government would be able to continue paying the handouts even if it abolishes the GST, which was introduced in 2015.

        “Just do what we do in Penang,” said Lim, at a press conference in Komtar today.

        “It is not true that only by imposing the six percent GST on the people, we can afford to pay BR1M,” added Lim.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am surprised minister Hamzah has the cheek to use the statistics that he did to defend Malaysian government’s record viz-a-viz Singapore. According to his own statistics, Singapore’s per capita GDP is more than 5 times (500%) that of Malaysia, while its cost of living is ONLY 70% higher. Anyone who understood primary school arithmetic knows having 500% more income is worth paying 70% more in cost of living. Based on what qualification did he land minister of domestic trade job.

      Can get a decent meal like chicken rice or noodles in Singapore at $3-$4 at hawker centre, which is low in terms of percentage of average monthly income of S$3000.

      In contrast, if your monthly salary in Malaysia is RM3000, you will need to pay RM6-RM8 for a similar meal.

      So cost of food as a petcentage of disposable income is higher in Malaysia compared to Singapore.

      Why this ignorant minister not be down to Earth by comparing prices in ALL the States of Malaysia? Supermarket Mydin owner and actress Sheila have already raised concerns about prices of goods. And they are Malaysians, mind you! Is it fake news ? What about affordable houses? Are houses affordable now? What about prices of all sorts of vegetables, fish, mutton, beef? Talking about Singapore prices will not make our prices cheap to OUR Malaysian consumers! We are suffering! Why talk about Singapore? Don’t be like Indonesian President Soekarno who could not help the suffering Indonesians by attacking Malaysia in his infamous Konfrontasi! Tackle Malaysian problems. Tackle 1MDB scandal. Tackle GST headache. Tackle Malaysian unemployment ! Don’t bark at the wrong tree!

    • Anonymous says:

      For the sake of this nation, PH has to win. It is now imperative in the face of a dilapidated economy and increasing number of scandals being exposed abroad, that the nation must be put back on track. Otherwise, we are going the way of Sri Lanka, but worse. That country lost a port. We are facing the loss of premium property in the heart of KL. It is a basic necessity that PH wins. Money or no money.

  7. Special Adviser Whacks Gomen says:

    Hah, Rais Yatim, the special adviser to the government on sociocultural matters, which carries the same status as a minister, whacks the gomen –

    Former minister Rais Yatim dismissed claims by Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak that he had been influenced by social media users about businessperson Low Taek Jho, better known as Jho Taek.

    Salleh made the claim after Rais had slammed the minister for defending Jho Low, by claiming that the superyacht Equanimity, seized by Indonesian authorities and US Federal Bureau of Investigation last week, had nothing to do with the businessperson.

    “The communications minister should not sarcastically claim that I may have been influenced by statements about the investigation against Jho Low. I am not in that category (of people).

    “This Malaysian was hunted in eight countries in relation to the misappropriation of billions in 1MDB funds.

    “I am only asking that those responsible open an investigation paper and do their jobs,” he said in a Twitter post.

    The superyacht was one of several assets being sought by the US Department of Justice, which it believes were acquired using funds misappropriated from 1MDB and laundered through the US financial system.

    In total, the DOJ claimed at least US$4.5 billion was misappropriated from 1MDB and is looking to seize US$1.7 billion in assets allegedly acquired using the stolen money.

    In a separate Twitter post, Rais said that any investigation of Jho Low was not limited to the superyacht alone.

    “Investigate his role in the misappropriation of billions of ringgit in 1MDB.

    “What is wrong to remind the minister to be more thorough? The Royal Malaysian Police does not need to wait for instructions… do your jobs,” he said.

    Wow, those are very hard-hitting ones. No fake news there.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Gomen Aviser keeps on whacking the gomen –

      Rais: So is the coast now clear for Jho Low’s return?

      “The police chief has announced that Low was not involved in the 1MDB scandal. Congratulations on the swift decision in such a short time.

      “It is necessary to provide an assurance that after this, Low can return to Malaysia without any misgivings. Congratulations to the police for their effectiveness,” said Rais in a tweet today.

      Watta gomen …

    • KEPALA BAPAK KAU, said Najib says:

      The nation’s socio-cultural adviser Tan Sri Rais Yatim has reminded political leaders, especially the Malays, to be more courteous and respectful when addressing rivals. Not sure if he had Nazri in mind.

      Speaking to reporters at the sidelines of Tan Sri Sanusi Junid’s funeral today, Rais observed that political courtesy is non-existent and worse, some politicians would sever ties of personal friendship while prioritising political allegience. Not sure if he had Nazri in mind.

      “What I see now is courtesy and politeness in the political arena is gone. I see that when some politicians have gained position and popularity they think they can just sever ties of friendship, stop being courteous, respectful and stop using polite language,” he said, referring to politicians. Not sure if he was referring to Nazri.

      Rais then explained that he has observed political leaders using Malay insults like “kurang ajar”, “kepala otak” and more which runs contrary to traditional Malay ethics and courtesy, known as “budi”. Wonder why he didn’t mention “Kepala Bapak Kau” that Najib used in front of delegates to the MCA General Assembly.

    • Anonymous says:

      He added that from a cultural and traditional standpoint, a Malay is not considered a Malay if he lacks “budi” which is a part of the Malay traditions.

      The former Cabinet minister said he believes it is time such values and culture are inculcated among political leaders once again.

      Yes, but get the batch of leaders of the present government out. Don’t vote them at Pru14.

  8. Hahaha, 'Jangan Sampai Tiga Kali' says:

    Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has called on Selangor BN to ensure that they are not defeated in Selangor for the third time in the coming general election.

    “(Selangor BN chairperson) Noh Omar said it has happened twice. I am reminded of the song ‘Jangan Sampai Tiga Kali’ (Don’t let it be three times)…

    Lain Kali Lah, Dato Seri.

    • Anonymous says:

      BN to lose again, because tembak kaki sendiri lagi. Noh Omar has to wait longer to be MB.

    • Anonymous says:

      In most countries a government that allowed $4.5bn to go missing from a state development agency would struggle to win re-election. If some $681m had appeared in the prime minister’s personal account around the same time, which he breezily explained away as a gift from an unnamed admirer, the task would be all the harder. An apparent cover-up, involving the dismissal of officials investigating or merely complaining about the scandal, might be the last straw for voters. But in Malaysian elections, alas, voters do not count for much.

      Under any reasonable electoral system, the coalition running Malaysia would not be in office in the first place. The Barisan Nasional, as it is known, barely squeaked back into power at the most recent election, in 2013. It lost the popular vote, earning only 47% to the opposition’s 51%. But thanks to the shamelessly biased drawing of the constituencies, that was enough to secure it 60% of the 222 seats in parliament.

      This ill-deserved victory, however, occurred before news broke of the looting of 1MDB, a development agency whose board of advisers was chaired by the prime minister, Najib Razak. America’s Justice Department has accused him and his stepson, among others, of siphoning money out of 1MDB through an elaborate series of fraudulent transactions. Much of the money went on luxuries, it says, including paintings by Picasso and Monet, a private jet, diamond necklaces, a penthouse in Manhattan and a gambling spree in Las Vegas. In February Indonesia seized a $250m yacht that the Americans say was bought with Malaysian taxpayers’ money. Authorities in Switzerland and Singapore have also been investigating.

      Mr Najib denies any wrongdoing—and of course he has loyal supporters. But his administration has not tried very hard to clear things up. Only one person has been charged in connection with the missing billions: an opposition politician who leaked details of the official investigation after the government had refused to make it public.

      All this is unlikely to have improved Mr Najib’s standing with voters. Yet an election must be held by August. Faced with the risk of losing power, the government is rigging the system even more brazenly. Parliament will soon vote on new constituency boundaries. The proposed map almost guarantees Mr Najib another term, despite his appalling record.

      How to rig an election
      One trick is gerrymandering, drawing constituency boundaries so that lots of opposition voters are packed into a few seats, while ruling-party supporters form a narrow majority in a larger number. Lots of this goes on in Malaysia, as elsewhere: the new boundaries put two opposition bastions in the state of Perak into the same seat. Gerrymandering is made even easier by another electoral abuse called malapportionment. This involves creating districts of uneven populations, so that those which support the opposition are much bigger than those that back the government. That means, in effect, that it takes many more votes to elect an opposition MP than it does a government one. The practice is so unfair that it is illegal in most countries, including Malaysia, where the constitution says that electoral districts must be “approximately equal” in size.

      Nonetheless, the constituencies in the maps proposed by the government-appointed election commission range in size from 18,000 voters to 146,000. The Barisan Nasional controls all the 15 smallest districts; 14 of the 15 biggest ones are in the hands of the opposition. The average Barisan seat has 30,000 fewer voters than the average opposition one. And this is the election commission’s second go at the maps—the first lot were even more lopsided.

      Unfortunately, the electoral boundaries are not the only way in which the system is stacked against the opposition. The media are supine. The police and the courts seem more interested in allegations of minor offences by opposition figures than they are in the blatant bilking of the taxpayer over 1MDB and the open violation of the constitution at the election commission. The latest budget seems intended to buy the loyalty of civil servants, by promising a special bonus to be disbursed just after the likely date of the election.

      But these biases, as bad as they are, are not the same as fiddling constituencies. As long as the electoral system is fair, Malaysians will be able to judge the government and vote accordingly. But a rigged system will rob their votes of meaning. That is the point, of course. Mr Najib may be venal, but he is not stupid. He fears that most voters would not return him to office if given a choice, so he is taking their choice away.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I tell you what’s NOT like father like son –

    Najib and Tun A Razak.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you read Robert Kuok’s memoir, Razak sidelined Tun Dr Ismail’s contribution in order to build his own legacy…

      • Anonymous says:

        And Robert Kuok sidelined Tun Razak’s contributions in order to build his own or his friend’s legacy?

  10. Anonymous says:


    The Ketuanan epidemic did not stop at the Malays. It now has the Indians throwing themselves on the ground, demanding that they too be given special rights and gifts of entitlement to help them overcome their new-found semi-paralysis.

    The Chinese, on the other hand, suffer from a different kind of syndrome that is off-set by the Ketuanan epidemic. They come out frustrated and with a false sense of superiority. This superiority complex leads them to believe that they are better than everyone else, and thus more deserving. Another face of the Ketuanan beast?

    The right to mining land and related opportunities that the British apparently handed out to them, meant that the Chinese inherited a huge business edge that they skilfully transformed into a substantial financial edge, ensuring thus a spill-over edge in the education and socio-economic status of this race.

    To counter the NEP, which they saw and clearly expressed as an injustice to their race, have they put in place mechanisms to ensure continuous opportunities for their people within the economic landscape? Perhaps initially, the intention was to secure opportunity for their people who were ready and able to work hard. But by locking in their race, to what extent have they locked out the other races? With all this opportunity locked in, why do I still observe such intense frustration? Why does the majority have to continue working doubly hard to make ends meet? Is their elite somehow feeding off the Ketuanan frustration, to further enrich themselves? Could it be that, Ketuanan mainly served as a diversion tactic, what the Chinese might call, Sing Tung Kik Sai, fighting the enemy that does not exist. If so then, what or who is the real enemy?

    In the meantime, the Sabahans and Sarawakians seem to remain oblivious to their rights to basic amenities and education. They seem to seek to blame Malaya for their own setbacks, and the corruption that has plagued their development. Yet, they choose to remain oblivious to the fact that their own people count amongst the richest in the world. Are they blind, or do they choose to be blind? Sing Tung Kik Sai, Borneo style?


    The combined effect of all these creates a ferocious monster that is now out of control. The monster is still hungry, but it has already devoured everything in its path. It has eaten up our moderate secular system, the system upon which we built progress; it has destroyed liberal expression, the basis of intellectual freedom and capacity; it has incapacitated self-actualisation thus stagnating development and progress. There is nothing left, and the monster is now on a rampage. The inter-racial socio-economic gap is growing. Inter-racial harmony is failing.

    The fall is going to be a hard one, for all Malaysians, even those who feel that it is time to leave Malaysia. We now need to ready ourselves, in order to be able to piece the broken pieces together and to get through this, as a nation, a nation intact, one people, Bangsa Malaysia, undivided by religion or race. We can’t be Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sabahan or Sarawakian anymore.

    I believe that the solution is leadership. I believe that the starting point will be GE14. I believe the platform will be a NEW GOVERNMENT. We need a New Government that is able, enabled and ready to genuinely uplift the peoples of Malaysia. As soon as this New Government is in place, I shall put in a formal application to modify my National Identity Card so that what appears is: 1.) Bangsa: Malaysia; 2.) Agama: n.a. (not applicable).

    I haven’t given up on Malaysia. No, not just yet!

    • . says:

      What “Ketuanan epidemic” are you talking about? Utter nonsense.

      Do you know what Ketuanan is? It’s all those manifested in the sensitive Articles of the Constitution on the roles, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Rulers Council, the various councils advising the Malay Rulers in the states concerned, such that nobody can officially function as a PM or MB without the Royal Assent.

      And all those Articles deemed “sensitive”, that are protected by the Sedition Act, that cannot be discussed, let alone be amended. Including Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

      Having got your citizenship right agreed to by the Malays at Merdeka, if you cannot accept and respect those, you are not respecting and abiding by the Constitution of the country, and you should pack up and go now. Don’t wait for Pru 14, 15, 16 whatever.

    • . says:

      “the Indians throwing themselves on the ground, demanding that they too be given special rights and gifts of entitlement to help them overcome their new-found semi-paralysis.”

      No facts, no links, mere accusations – wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified ones, eh? When and where did the Indians “throw themselves on the ground”? What “special rights and gifts of entitlement” have they been “demanding”? What new-found semi-paralysis” are you talking about? Glib, are you? Or are you out to create ill feelings among the races? If so, you should be arrested and prosecuted under the Sedition Act.

    • Anonymous says:

      “To counter the NEP, which they saw and clearly expressed as an injustice to their race ..”

      And who the hell said that? You? A complex stricken, ultra kiasu, ungrateful ingrate you? You don’t count. Everything you said above shall be whacked and shitted because they are unjustifiable and sounding racist.

      You know what being racist is? It’s when you are antagonistic to other races. And you are damn racist and antagonistic when you are disagreeable with and questioning the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak under Article 153 of the Constitution. Damn you.

      Blokes like you are not wanted, not welcome in this country at all. The sooner you migrate to countries whose constitutions you like, the better for everybody.

    • Anonymous says:

      “.. they put in place mechanisms to ensure continuous opportunities for their people within the economic landscape .. the intention was to secure opportunity for their people who were ready and able to work hard.”

      You implying the Malays don’t work hard? Still aping the bloody British colonialists who use that argument to justify the bringing in of the “coolies” from south China? Neo-colonialist and seditious against the Malays, are you? Fcuk you.

      Do you not realize that with the advent of the NEP which provided Malays with the opportunities they never had before, the Malays have steadily climbed up the ladder which the damn British gave only to the Chinese in this country to suit their damn imperialist policies? Do you know that, while the Malays (who have no culture or even experience in doing business) who owned only 1% of the wealth in this country in 1970, they achieved 23% corporate wealth ownership even in 2003 and that, among the Forbes List of 50 richest in Malaysia now, there are 8 Malays?

      Are you that stupid not to realize those but make snide remarks against Malays by saying the Chinese “ready and able to work hard”?

      You are entitled to your opinion by implying that the Chinese “locked out the other races” and asking, “With all this opportunity locked in, why do I still observe such intense frustration?” That “intense frustration” is not felt by the ordinary, good Chinese. That’s only your own imagination. Only ungrateful ingrates “apa lagi lu mau?” blokes like you claim to feel that.

      Whack the present government as you like, Mister, but the moment you touch on sensitive issues, you are looking for trobol (as the Filipinos pronounce it).

    • Anonymous says:

      The Chinese “locking in their race .. all this opportunity locked in”, eh?

      No like NEP and the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, issit? Despite getting citizenship right agreed to by the Malays at Merdeka?

      Ever realized that the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak are nearly 70% of the population?

      What if they lock themselves out from entering your shops and businesses?

  11. Anonymous says:

    How come Nazri didn’t lambast MO1 for not being jantan or not having the telur to defend himself, and by omitting to do so, has brought the entire nation into disrepute? Or is because Nazri himself doesn’t have the telur to say anything about MO1, but can say volumes about Robert Kuok simply for political mileage?

  12. Ang Tao Peng says:

    Could those plasters on the skulls of the old old old taiko BrylcLim Kutty Siang and his scum Bungalodeshi minister Tokong BrylcLim Guano Eng be covers for the entrances and exits for the very secretive undersea tunnel?

    In the darkness of those skulls nobody really knows if work has begun or not at all for the much (negatively) publicised tunnel involving the Chinese who claim they are not involved, and for which massive amount of moolah has gone to parties who, strangely, are in the dark as to how to make a tunnel or why money should end up in their pockets!

    All these have the hallmarks of anything that kurang ajar Kerala bukit Kerala Kobra that soiled Kelingnex ar sewipe Tun-nel maker Mugathir “BNM Massacre” McKutty creates – gigantic sums of money disappear on his mega projects but there is nothing but bankrupt outfits to show!

    It’s time decent Malaysian open those covers on the Lim Dyuasty’s skulls and shine a torch to see what lurks inside the devious minds of the Taiko and the Tokong.

    • Anonymous says:

      “entrances and exits for the very secretive undersea tunnel” are in Ang Tiunama Peng’s assol.

      The ultra kiasu ungrateful ingrate Apa Lagi Lu Mau Cina Bukit pendatang Ang Tiunama Peng continues name calling and gets name-called in return.

      Bastard Ang Tiunama Peng’s skull cannot be opened any more – his schizophrenia madness will not go away however much his dirty skull is opened.

      • Anonymous says:

        He is mad, anyway –

        Ang Tao Peng is a mad person. Diagnosed having schizophrenia.

        Despite being periodically reminded to take his pills, he refused to do so. His abuses here must be disabused by responding to his comment each and every time he shows up. So that the non-regular visitors know the comments come from a madman and are not to be believed.

        His most obvious schizophrenia symptom is delusions of grandeur. Deluding himself into thinking and claiming he is very clever, very rich, etc, which he is not:

        1. Claimed to have degrees from “four top US and UK universities” and a string of professional qualifications and awards. When asked, he refused to say even the names of the universities. When told he’d be checked against the Register of graduates of Oxford or Cambridge Universities, he quickly said the name he uses here (made to look like a genuine, full name) is not his own.

        2. Claimed to have “posh” properties in UK, Singapore and Indonesia. Claimed that his family have migrated to Europe bringing their wealth along. Yet admitted he is living in a far-flung, non-commercial or regional centre – Sibu, Sarawak

        3. Claimed to “belong to a family of bankers and industrialists” but refused to say whether from Shanghai or where, yet he is living in non-industrial Sarawak

        4. Claimed to have many friends. But admitted in here last Chinese New Year eve that he went out to buy fried kuayteow for dinner, eating alone and desolate, on a CNY eve

        Other examples showing that he is mad:

        1. Always rude, abusive and vulgar in his comments. In the process, he constantly lies, cheats and cons readers here

        2. Always puts out loose opinions, makes unsubstantiated, unjustified and not-even-explained wild claims and allegations

        3. Often racist, seditious and subversive. Anti-Malays, anti-Islam, even anti-Hakkas and anti-Hokkiens. To the extent that Mubarak Chan has noted an observation that Ang is not a Chinaman

        4. Keeps talking about the existence of a “moderator” in a non-moderated blog like STL where anyone can write a comment, click the “Post Comment” button and it’ll automatically appear on the blog page without a moderator making it so

        5. At 79 years old, mad Ang often behaves like a child. Always name calling and saying such things as DAP = Dead And Past party, DAP = Duplicitous Amoral Party, DAP = Desperate And Panicky party, etc. That’s another sign that he is mad.


        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          “Always name calling and saying such things as DAP = Dead And Past party, DAP = Duplicitous Amoral Party, DAP = Desperate And Panicky party, etc. ”

          I also call the Kerala Kobra Koolie the kurang ajar biadap Kerala bukit soiled Kelingnex ar sewipe 2%”Malay” Mugathir “Memali Massacre” McKutty.

          Please don’t forget to include that, which would be about the only reliable information that you have not manufactured in your Kerala sarabat stall Red Bean Sos Fake News factory!

          • Anonymous says:

            The mad schizophrenic bloke Ang Tiunama Peng has come out again.

            After disappearing each time he got straight-jacketed and sent to the mental hospital for making a nuisance of himself.

            Always rude, abusive and vulgar except when he has just been discharged from the mental hospital.

            Habitually lies, cheats and cons, like said in his CV – already given at the top part of this Comment Section.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Good of Lim Kit Siang to say the following:

    Question Najib to find 1MDB-Jho Low link, IGP told

    DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang has urged the police to question Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak in attempt to uncover links between state sovereign fund 1MDB and controversial tycoon Jho Low.

    In a statement today, Lim pointed out that the police have yet to even interview Najib as chairperson of 1MDB’s advisory board what in furthering the probe.

  14. Anonymous says:

    How for BN not nearly trounced at Pru13 when they have MPs of the quality as follows:

    Former judge and BN Setiu MP Che Mohamad Zulkifly Jusoh at the Dewan Rakyat last night, told Amanah MP Hanipa Maidin to “die quickly”, after the latter expressed willingness to die in the fight against BN.

    Looks like the former-Judge politician is no longer “learned”.

  15. Anonymous says:

    ‘M’sians should be proud as price of goods in S’pore 70pct higher’

    PARLIAMENT | Malaysians should be proud because the price of goods in Singapore is 70 percent higher compared to Malaysia, said Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Hamzah Zainuddin today.

    What talking one, you.

    Spore gaji much higher than Malaysia, maa.

    • Anonymous says:

      Use your brain and you will find out that cost of food in terms of disposable income is lower in Singapore.

      Do not forget SingDollar is strong and they could enjoy quality imported food. Can use olive oil instead of palm oil. Can eat butter instead of Planta margarine.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is he comparing on RM to RM basis or RM to SGD basis. The latter would not be a fair comparison when the SGD is a currency giving the holder significant purchasing power and the ability to use that to purchase similar but higher quality products. So a Malaysian paying lets say RM7 for cashew nuts will be paying for a lower quality product whereas a Singaporean who pays RM11.9 equivalent in SGD will be able to purchase a higher quality of cashew nuts. An apple for apple comparison is also unfair when Singaporeans enjoy higher income lower taxes and better quality of health education and public services whereas we not only have lower income and lower quality health public and education services but have to pay higher taxes and GST to cover the cost of corruption, political partronage, abuse of funds and unjustified borrowing. It is said that Kuan Yew cried when Spore was told to leave Msia. It might be having foreseen our fate as Malaysians, he cried for us and not for Spore.

  16. Another Sign of Dictatorship says:

    Speaker: I need not give reasons for rejecting questions

  17. Anonymous says:

    Najib’s five weaknesses – M’kini

    Really? Only five?

  18. mubarak chan says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen. The Dynamic Duo do not believe in kissing babies but banging their heads against the proverbial BN Great Wall of Malaysia to give them better optics. I find Malaysian Politics exhilarating , comical and entertaining. Akan Datang ! Courtesy of Shaw Bros.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Damn those responsible for the funds mesing up in Switzerland –

    Return 1MDB-linked funds to Malaysians, NGOs tell the Swiss
    UPDATED 1.18PM | The close to RM400m in Switzerland should be returned to the ‘rightful beneficiaries,’ they say.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Say goodbye to elections should Najib win, Mahathir warns

    Malaysians must think very seriously if that happens.


    Aussie PM Turnbull should talk to Najib about 1MDB, says Dr M

    Dr Mahathir has reportedly urged Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to raise the 1MDB scandal with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

    According to The Australian today, the two would meet at an Asean summit next week.

    It said Mahathir had told the newspaper in a written exchange that Turnbull should “definitely” raise the 1MDB issue with Najib, and should also “speak the truth if he knows of certain facts” on the issue.

    “He must be willing to divulge to the right authorities – whether it is the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the US Department of Justice (DOJ) or the MACC even,” Mahathir reportedly said.

    “He should not hide what he knows, but it should not be done out of spite… only to reveal the truth.”

    According to the Asean 2018 official website, the main Asean Summit will be held in Singapore starting on April 25, which is almost two months away. However, there are several related events next week, including the Asean-Australia Special Summit in Sydney on March 17 and 18.

    The report by The Australian today comes after the newspaper published a report yesterday saying Turnbull’s son, Alex Turnbull, had been sidelined from his executive position at Goldman Sachs in Singapore after blowing the whistle on allegedly dodgy deals involving 1MDB.

    He was quoted saying that he had raised concerns about the US$6 billion of bonds raised for 1MDB in 2012 and 2013 and the lack of clarity in the offer documents on how the money raised would be spent. Alex was reportedly not involved in organising the bonds.

    For his trouble, he reportedly got a “talking to” from Goldman Sach’s compliance division and was subsequently “B-tracked”, resulting in his resignation in 2014.

    According to the US Department of Justice in its filings at a California court, a 2012 bond offer underwritten by Goldman Sachs was one of three phases in the misappropriation and laundering of 1MDB funds.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Dr M: Najib has commited at least 62 wrongs since taking office

    The ex-PM claims the Jho Low yacht fiasco is making Najib’s list longer.

    I thought thare have been more. Much, much more. But I won’t argue about it. Let the voters decide at Pru14. Maybe a bigger tsunami this time compared to the one at Pru13.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Cheaper cars, subsidies among Harapan’s plan to tackle living cost

    Also contained in the coalition’s 138-page manifesto are promises to abolish the GST and tolls, in phases.

    Damn good. Now that those are stated in a PH manifesto, they are no longer the opinions of one or the other of PH leaders – they are the commitment of each of the PH parties and of the leaders.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Felda regains possession of Jalan Semarak land

    Get the buggers responsible for the crime sent to prison. No two way about that.

    Irrespective of whether the land is now back in Felda’s possession.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Anybody knows why the Umno/Bn fellows, supporters and cybertroopers won’t dare come into this blog in numbers?

    This blog continues to be popular – it has now reached 12.08 million visitors mark.

    • Anonymous says:

      Minister asks BN Youth to become cybertroopers to counter fake news

      Communications and Multimedia Minister Said Keruak today called on all members of BN Youth wings to become the coalition’s cybertroopers to aggressively counter the opposition’s allegations and curb the spread of fake news. (He has to call on them, issit? No volunteers, arr? But mentioning fake news, he is also talking fake news, butut ka?)

      Salleh, who is also Kota Belud BN chairperson, said the cybertroopers also had an important role to play in explaining to the people about any particular issue so that they would not make a wrong decision when casting their votes in the forthcoming general election. (Wasn’t he also a cybertrooper having his own blog before being appointed Minister?)

      “So, each of you must become a cybertrooper to counter the opposition’s malicious statements and allegations, not to help them spread fake news,” he said. (The last bit of that statement is interesting).

      The minister said if the BN Youth cybertroopers succeeded in explaining all issues and countering all allegations and fake news, public confidence in BN’s capability would improve and the people would have no problem to give their mandate to the coalition in the coming general election. (Note: the key word is “If”).

      – Bernama

  26. Anonymous says:

    WSJ duo to release book on Jho Low and 1MDB in Sept

    Two Wall Street Journal journalists will release their book on Jho Low and 1MDB in September with the title “Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the World”.

    The book authors Bradley Hope and Tom Wright were at the fore of WSJ’s series of reports on the 1MDB saga, beginning with a report about Malaysian investigators looking into how almost US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) ended up in Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s bank accounts.

    Following this, 1MDB became the subject of investigations by several jurisdictions across the globe, with punitive actions being taken in Singapore, Switzerland and the US.

    However, Malaysian authorities have yet to lay any charges regarding the 1MDB affair, save for convicting PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli of disclosing pages of the classified auditor-general’s report on the company.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha, Mahathir said: Najib may do away with elections to rule permanently
    if he wins the coming general election.

    At the launch of Pakatan Harapan’s election manifesto yesterday, Mahathir mused that the government may amend the federal constitution to abolish polls.

    “By securing a two-thirds majority in Parliament, Najib can remain (as the prime minister permanently) and the next in line would be (his stepson) Riza Aziz,” he said to the laughter of Harapan members and NGO representatives at the event.

    Hohoho hihihi

    • Anonymous says:

      EC helping Najib get the above-mentioned already?

      Experts: EC breaching constitution, objectors denied hearing

      The Election Commission (EC) has breached the Federal Constitution by wrapping up its final report on the redrawing of electoral boundaries without first completing local inquiries to hear objections.

      According to Bersih acting chairperson Sharul Aman Mohd Saari, only about 20 percent of the objections for the second round of local inquiries in Selangor has been heard thus far.

      “There are about 200 more objectors who are now denied their constitutional right to be heard. This is a violation of the Federal Constitution,” he told Malaysiakini…

      • Anonymous says:

        PM has powers to modify EC redelineation report, warns Bersih

        The Constitution provides PM with a very powerful tool to decide how electoral boundaries are drawn.

        Hold rallies under the Peaceful Assembly Act, again and again, man.

        Drive home your points to the voters and get this PM replaced at Pru14.

  28. Ang Tao Peng says:

    Would those plasters on the heads of those longkang clowns be the purpose of controlling the excessive leak of fake news?

    DAP = Dirty Abscessed Plaster

    • Anonymous says:

      The sign of the bastard Ang Tiunama Peng’s madness again –

      5. At 79 years old, mad Ang often behaves like a child. Always name calling and saying such things as DAP = Dead And Past party, DAP = Duplicitous Amoral Party, DAP = Desperate And Panicky party, etc. That’s another sign that he is mad.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Now I wanna ask you, folks, are the following intelligent comments? Are they befitting a Minister to make such shallow comments on the PH Manifesto?

    The Pakatan Harapan general election manifesto unveiled yesterday is big on words but small in substance, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak.

    “.. Harapan’s manifesto is big on words but small in substance. With reduced income and increased spending, Harapan is not going to deliver all their promises and still develop Malaysia,” he said in a post today on his blog,

    Alamak, the fellow should do much better than that, lorr.

    Saying, “We must build our nation on proven plans, not recycled promises,” he sounds like an old gramaphone record that some grannies still keep these days.

    Saying Harapan made a lot of promises, such as giving more money to the people but did not explain their plans to replace the lost income … giving the states the equivalent of 20 percent oil royalty and asking Will this mean grants and development budgets would now be reduced or is it an additional burden to grants and development budgets? accusing “How can the country afford that and where will the money come from? That question is never explained,” he said.

    Is he that daft? Harapan has just unveiled its Manifesto, not a Five Year government economic plan, which he probably has not seen, hence talking silly. Aiseh, Salleh, sure all those explanations will come in good time – the PRU14 date has not even been announced by your boss, man.

    • Anonymous says:

      Allo, Keruak, BN got Manifesto ready?

      Waiting for MCA to stop bashing Nazri … to stop bashing Robert Kuok … to stop bashing ….. arr?

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