Racist DAP To The Core!

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45 Responses to Racist DAP To The Core!

  1. a says:

    What a load of crap. This blog post did not mention a single source of the information it uses. It has gone desperado in the attempt to reduce the influence of the so many anti-Najib comments in here.

    Even saying LKS and LGE “are also seemingly in support of this move”. Balderdash. How can the two party supremos only “seemingly …” They don’t decide or are not involved in the decision to cut the number of MP seats for the Indians?

    Even the facebook being quoted does not give a full name. It can be any Thambi, Muthusamy or Muniandy. Plain coffeeshop talk kind of information. Very sad the level of fake news the Projib people are engaged in now.

    Btw, the Fake News law will be tabled to Parliament this session beginning to day? Wonder why no announcement on definition etc. No discussion, just ramming through a piece of legislation? Is this Najib’s democracy in action?

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviosly pro-MCA site here us trying to deflect the heat of Nazri on the pondan case… but what about MIC vs MyPPP on Cameron?

    • Anonymous says:

      Pakatan Harapan might allow candidates from strategically aligned groups, such as Hindraf, to contest under its banner in the 14th general election, the opposition pact’s chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad said.

      He said Hindraf and another ethnic Indian party, the Minority Rights Action Party (Mira), were not PH component members but have been made associate allies because they were supportive of the coalition.

      “These parties are interested in working together with PH and they support us. So we need to find a place for them and consider their position,” Dr Mahathir told a press conference at the office of the Opposition Leader in Parliament today.

      The two Indian parties have yet to decide if they will field candidates in the election. PH has completed parliamentary seat allocations to its four member parties Bersatu, PKR, DAP, and Amanah.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Swiss Parliament will table a motion next Tuesday calling for the repatriation of confiscated corruption funds, including the CHF104 million (RM430 million) allegedly stolen from state investor 1Malaysia Development Berhad, said C4 director Cynthia Gabriel who received a copy of the motion.

        Lawmakers at the national council, the lower house of the Swiss federal assembly, are expected to vote on the matter on Thursday.

        “Several Swiss financial institutions are involved in major corruption cases, such as the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB or (Brazil’s) Petrobas,” Gabriel said, reading from the motion.

        “In all these procedures, Switzerland should not be regarded as the main victim, but primarily the Nigerian, Malaysian or Brazilian populations. Therefore, the unduly collected funds must at least be partially returned to them.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Trying to drive a wedge between the Indian members and the DAP party leadership.

    But MCA wll get much less number of seats at Pru14 than they got at Pru13. Naturally. Because they got only 7 MP seats. Then had the cheek to claim they represent the Chinese in this country.

    What ta ….

    • Anonymous says:

      Liow/MCA has consistently sold out the Chinese. That Liow and Nazri are friends working together to make DUMNO supreme. That this so called “feud” will soon be forgotten, as it is only a sandiwara. When DUMNO gives the command, all the barking will stop. There is no doubt that MCA is a servant of DUMNO. BTW, so is Gerakan. After a spell in the opposition, perhaps MCA will see better. The best thing for MCA now is to close shop. Suspend the party, and re-invent themselves.

      • Anonymous says:

        Kedah Umno Youth has denounced its MCA counterpart for demanding the sacking of Umno minister Nazri Aziz, after the latter attended a Chinese New Year event dressed in black.

        In a statement yesterday, Kedah Umno Youth chief Shaiful Hazizy Zainol Abidin took aim at the state MCA Youth wing for being too emotional, asking them to “shut their mouths” and focus on the coming general election.

        “To us, Kedah MCA Youth has gone overboard by demanding that Nazri be sacked by the party leadership.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A leaderless Umno will impact rule of law, economy

    COMMENT | Why is Umno given the additional privilege to delay its own election since 2013?

    That’s not “Racist To The Core”. That’s being scared like hell. Scared of losing the Umno Presidency position if he (Najib) allowed the usual Umno party election.

    Does he care about its impact on rule of law, economy? You answer for yourselves, folks.

    • Anonymous says:

      The worst election results in Umno’s history at Pru13, remember?

    • Anonymous says:

      Mahathir reminded the people that “gifts” from Umno come from the government, which gets its funding from taxes such as the GST.

      “This means that Umno and BN take tax money from the rakyat to bribe the rakyat. This is a huge lie.

      “The rakyat can take back their money which has been misused by Umno, but do not give your vote to BN.

      “Why should we be in their debt when it is our money given back to us?” he asked.

      • Election Corruption says:

        Tun Dr Mahathir said Umno is now holding expositions with houses and cars as lucky draw prizes, he said, which could be seen as a form of bribery as the general election is very near.

        But, he said, there is no investigation from the MACC or the police into this matter.

        Damn unfair.

    • Anonymous says:

      The economy is bad…real bad. Gomen got no money to pay BR1M to all eligible receipients. I have been receiving it without hassle since its inception but this time around I was told that my eligibility is still “dalam proses”. So were many of my septuagenarian friends.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department (CID) director Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd not wanting to claim some A$320,000 (RM700,000) seized by the Australian Federal Police raises questions about the nature of the money.

    This was despite inspector-general of police Mohamad Fuzi Harun having declared that an internal inquiry found the money was “clean” and was raised through the sale of Wan Ahmad’s house in Shah Alam for his children’s education.

    Australian newspaper Sydney Morning Herald, which broke the news about the seizure on suspicion of money laundering or criminal proceeds, said Wan Ahmad had declined to reclaim the money on grounds that the legal cost would be too high.

    • Anonymous says:

      Malaysians tend to come up with stupid excuses such as it was an Arab donation, no proof that super yacht belong to j. Lho, no money lost by 1mdb, najib didn’t know rm42mil was in CID chief acct and too costly to claim back his own and 320k. Really? Yes in money n too costly to tell the truth?

      • Anonymous says:

        Malaysians tend to come up with stupid excuses such as it was an Arab donation –

        No, those are not Malaysians. Those are Umno/ Bn blokes.

    • Anonymous says:

      not wanting to claim some A$320,000 (RM700,000) – maybe he has a lot already.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why not reclaim money if it’s indeed ‘clean’, MP asks CID chief

      • Anonymous says:

        Patriots president brig-gen (rtd) Mohamed Arshad Raji said as a public officer, Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd should clear himself of any dealings that raised suspicion.

        “Much more convincing answers from the CID director are needed. Ignorance of the laws in Australia and Malaysia with regard to remitting funds is inexcusable.

        “Furthermore, giving the impression that others have banked in monies into one’s personal account, even though anonymously deposited, is absolutely a no-no,” he said in a statement.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If Harapan comes to power, it doesn’t matter who becomes PM or DPM. There will be an equitable sharing within the parties of Harapan on the important cabinet portfolios such as home, defence, finance, etc.

    First thing on the table to fixed will be the independence of the judiciary, police, armed forces and the anti-corruption agency.

    After all these are in place, we will have a PM and DPM and the ruling coalition serving in a fair and accountable manner – otherwise they will be dealt with accordingly by mandate of the people and rule of law.

    Political parties given the mandate to serve must prioritise the people and not their personal or party interests.

    One thing for sure is if BN continues to rule, there is only one future: more scandals, more money being wasted and yes, more suffering.

  6. Nazri scapegoat for potential GE14 rout?' says:

    Lim Kit Siang making damn good points in his statement –

    ‘Is MCA making Nazri scapegoat for potential GE14 rout?’

    DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang has questioned whether MCA is preparing for an even worse electoral performance than in 2013 by scapegoating Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz.

    “Is the MCA national leadership preparing the ground for blaming a worse MCA performance in GE14 on Umno, using Nazri as a scapegoat?” Lim asked in a statement today.

    He was referring to the ongoing feud between MCA and Nazri that arose after the minister launched a vitriolic attack on business tycoon Robert Kuok – whom the blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin had accused of funding DAP.

    MCA leaders responded to Nazri’s attacks by saying BN could “pay the price” if the minister refused to apologise for his insults against Kuok, which the party claims has irked the Chinese Malaysian community.

    In his statement, Lim noted that it not just Nazri who has to issue an apology, but Umno as a whole, given that other senior party leaders had made “false and baseless” accusations against the Hong Kong-based billionaire.

    He also reiterated his point on MCA’s top three leaders being incumbents in Malay-majority constituencies – with MCA president Liow Tiong Lai from Bentong, deputy president Wee Ka Siong from Ayer Hitam and secretary-general Ong Ka Chuan from Tanjong Malim.

    “In fact, this applies to six of the seven parliamentary seats won by MCA in the 13th general election, although MCA claims to be the only political party in the country which exclusively represents the Chinese.

    “If Umno loses support from the electorate, and is unable to swing Malay voter support for its candidates, let alone the three top MCA leaders… are we going to have a spectacle of MCA blaming Umno for failing to get its leaders elected to Parliament and the cabinet?”

    • Anonymous says:

      Very sad for the MCA fellows, they get bullied left, right and centre –

      Kedah MCA Youth told to ‘shut up’ after calling for Nazri’s head

      MCA Youth should just focus on doing better at the polls, says Kedah Umno Youth chief.

      They should just fall on their swords like ancient Roman generals did when losing battles – MCA lost almost an entire war at Pru13.

      • Anonymous says:

        Moral of the story: Stand up to the Nazri bloke.

        Threaten to walk out of the BN coalition if necessary. Doing it during the Pru14 election campaign is the best timing.

        • Anonymous says:

          Refusing to apologize, the bugger said –

          “But you can say this to your friend: ‘Bastard, where you go?’ This is like me with MCA,” he explained, laughing off concerns raised over strained ties between him and MCA…

          MCA should tell him to go xxxx xxx.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Appeals court explains why public officials can be criticised

    Anyone wants to comment?

    Anti-Fake News Laws coming up.

    Though Azalina said the term ‘fake news’ does not exist in any law in Malaysia right now.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Critics have questioned the need for, and the speed in drafting, a new law on fake news as the Malaysian government rushes the Bill through the parliamentary sitting starting today.

      While opposition politicians have claimed the law is intended to muffle dissent, lawyers are concerned that there has not been enough time to properly draft the provisions, and take into account existing laws governing the spread of false information.

      Straits Times

      • Anonymous says:

        In Singapore, there is such things as Select Committee on fake news to hold public hearings

        SINGAPORE – The Select Committee looking into online falsehoods will hold public hearings to consider oral evidence presented by experts, industry stakeholders and the public over the next three weeks, starting next Wednesday (March 14).

        The hearings – open to the public and the media – will take place at the Parliament House’s Public Hearing Room.

        The committee was set up in January to recommend how Singapore can tackle fake news, which can range from fake news for commercial purposes to sophisticated state-sponsored disinformation campaigns with political aims.

        The public is invited to write to the committee on the causes and consequences of fake news and suggest countermeasures against the threat.

        More details on the written representations, as well as the individuals and organisations who will be giving oral evidence at the public hearings, will be made available after the committee meets again on Friday, the statement said.

      • Fake news law must balance effectiveness and liberties says:

        Proposed law must balance effectiveness and liberties

        By Eugene K. B. Tan, Assoc Professor of Law


        Other countries have suffered coordinated attempts by foreign state actors or other organisations to manipulate public opinion and influence elections, undermine social cohesion and even incite violence.

        Existing laws to deal with the spread of such insidious information, such as the Sedition Act and the Penal Code, may be inadequate as they tend to kick in only after the deliberate falsehoods have been disseminated. They are also not equipped to effectively thwart online falsehoods propagated by local or foreign players as part of a larger conspiracy to subvert our society.

        Given existing gaps, there may need to be a dedicated law to deal with this evolving threat. Last week, Parliament resolved to establish a Select Committee to examine deliberate online falsehoods and to recommend how we can better tackle the scourge. This follows the release of the Government’s Green Paper on the same subject a week earlier.

        As the issue of fake news and online misinformation is rather broad, it would be practical for the Select Committee to focus on one aspect of it: that is, the spread of false or misleading information resulting from a coordinated effort whether as a matter of statecraft or for the purpose of making profits. This sends a clear signal that any law to be considered is targeted and will be used against those mounting deliberate, mischievous efforts to sway Singapore, rather than at individuals inadvertently spreading inaccurate information.

        Circumscribing the scope of any proposed law on fake news helps address concerns of those who fear such laws can curb freedom of speech and expression or be used to silence political dissent.

        In enacting such a law, the authorities will have to strike a balance between effective laws and maintaining liberties.

        To be clear, the battle against fake news is not a zero-sum game where triumphing over falsehoods requires the curbing of fundamental freedoms. On the contrary, freedom of speech and expression can help ensure that bad speech and falsehoods are decisively exposed for what they are.

        For example, such a law will likely empower the authorities to direct telcos and social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram) to do what is necessary to foil online falsehood campaigns. This could include the power to direct such entities to take down online falsehoods and purge them from circulation, close accounts used to disseminate falsehoods, employ data analytics to monitor developing threats and provide user information to the authorities.

        What needs close study is whether Internet service providers and other media platforms should be shielded from legal liability for the actions of third-party users in propagating falsehoods using their services.

        If such platforms are shielded from legal liability, they may be less responsive to the harms posed by deliberate online falsehood campaigns. But if too onerous a burden is placed on media platforms, there will be a detrimental impact on the growth of online services and their being an important means of upholding freedom of expression.

        In this regard, law enforcement agencies must also ensure that counter action taken is proportionate to the threat level and be withdrawn promptly once the threat is neutralised. There is also a need for judicial oversight to constitute a key plank of any proposed law, including judicial review as well as independent or judicial supervision before more severe powers are exercised. This helps ensure that executive decisions, including those made in moments of crisis, can be subject to scrutiny.

    • Anonymous says:

      The other day’s news says Appeals court explains why public officials can be criticised.

      Yesterday’s news says Umno election: ROS approves application for extension
      According to the ROS, Umno has set the party election to be held on April 19, 2019.

      Criticize? No. Just asking questions:

      Anything new in ROS’s attitude towards Umno?

      Yet why no reply to Pakatan Harapan’s applications?

      Where has fairness gone to?

    • Anonymous says:

      Not gov’t’s job to determine ‘fake news’, says media watchdog

      It is not the government’s duty to determine whether a reported news is fake or otherwise, global press freedom watchdog Reporters Without Borders declared.

      “It is not the government’s job to determine the truth of the reporting that is the product of journalistic work,” said Daniel Bastar, the head of RSF’s Asia-Pacific Desk.

      “Parliament must roundly reject this bill because it contributes nothing new to the fight against the dissemination of deliberately false information and will pose an additional threat to media freedom, which is already drastically suppressed by existing laws,” he said in a statement.

      The group’s call was made in response to Putrajaya’s plan to table a new law against fake news during the current Dewan Rakyat session beginning today.

      “RSF shares the concerns of Malaysia’s human rights defenders about the bill, which could lead to more arrests of journalists and government critics just months before the 14th general election is expected to be called,” said the group.

      Putrajaya now ‘Ministry of Truth’

      RSF further said that Putrajaya had, even without enacting a new law, already began to transform itself into a “Ministry of Truth” with its online platform Sebenarnya.my, which was launched in March last year to “correct” what was considered to be fake news.

      Contents of the proposed new law have remained unclear but RSF noted that there already are existing provisions under the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984, as well as the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, which penalise the dissemination of false news and information.

      Would the gomen take heed of all these dissenting views against the fake news law? I don’t think so.

      The voters should take heed and vote them out at Pru14.

  8. 1 says:

    even if reduced to 1 wont be like the “running pondik “na-jing” from malaya indus co

  9. Anonymous says:


    Politics | March 2, 2018 by | 0 Comments

    Indonesia, in a surprising move on Wednesday (Feb 28), confiscated a luxury yacht off the coast of Teluk Benoa on the island of Bali. The 300-foot luxury superyacht – The Equanimity – was worth at least US$250 million, at least that’s the price tag valued by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). Registered in the Cayman Islands, the yacht is believed to belong to notorious Jho Low.

    When the Indonesian authorities made the move to seize the yacht, four U.S. “chief investigators” were present, suggesting it was a joint-operation between U.S. authorities and Indonesia police. Jho Low (fullname: Low Taek Jho), however, was not among those on board the yacht, which was built by Oceano and won the prize for prize for “Best in Show” at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2014.

    Agung Setya, director of economic and special crimes at the Indonesia’s criminal investigation bureau, said – “We have been inspecting the 34 crew since yesterday and now we are taking action since we have received approval from the court to seize the boat. I have been told by the U.S. Department of Justice that this vessel is among the assets resulting from criminal activity.”

    Mr. Agung was, of course, referring to the infamous 1MDB scandal. The Equanimity, which among others fitted with a helicopter landing pad, an on-board gymnasium, a cinema, a massage room, an experiential shower and a plunge pool, was among some assets being sought by the U.S.-DOJ in its investigation over money laundering involving 1MDB.

    1MDB, which has been classified as a “Ponzi Scheme” by the Swiss Attorney General is not any common thievery. 1MDB is the world’s biggest financial scandal. In fact, the U.S. Department of Justice acknowledges the 1MDB represents the largest action brought under the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative, involving stolen money of more than US$4.5 billion.

    Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, who was the Chairman of 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad), has denied any involvement in the scandal although he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar – a whopping US$681 million in his private banking accounts. Instead, Mr. Najib has claimed that the money was donations from Saudi royal family, a claim that could not be substantiated.

    Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, was also exposed to have had purchased a 22-carat pink diamond necklace – worth a stunning US$27.3 million – using money siphoned from 1MDB. According to U.S.-DOJ investigations, Jho Low had arranged for jewellery designer Lorraine Schwartz (also known as “Jewish Queen of Oscar Bling”) for the pink diamond on June 2, 2013.

    Other 1MDB-linked assets which were reported to have been seized by the U.S.-DOJ include Jho Low’s Bombardier Global 5000 jet in Singapore, jewellery worth millions of dollars gifted to celebrities Australian Miranda Kerr and Taiwanese Elvia Hsiao, and several properties in New York, artwork, film rights and a US$107 million interest in EMI Music Publishing.

    In August 2017, the U.S.-DOJ asked for a stay on its civil lawsuits seeking to seize more than US$1.7 billion in assets allegedly bought with stolen 1MDB funds because it was conducting a related criminal probe. One of those assets is believed to be Jho Low’s luxury yacht “The Equanimity.” The U.S. lawsuits said Low used proceeds diverted from 1MDB to procure Equanimity.

    Jho Low has been spending most of his time as fugitive aboard “The Equanimity” yacht, travelling around the world to avoid being arrested. Besides staying temporary at luxurious Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai, Jho Low was reportedly cruised the seas of Southeast Asia, making stops in Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, Bali and some of Indonesia’s tiniest islands.

    The Malaysian fugitive was reportedly warned against returning to Malaysia as it would create political nightmares to Najib Razak as the premier struggles to maintain his power. But the confiscation of Jho Low’s luxury means the chickens could finally come home to roost. It appears that the Government of Malaysia was deliberately kept in the dark about the Indonesia-U.S. operation.

    Without “The Equanimity” yacht, arguably Low’s only mode of transport to evade authorities, it could be a matter of time before the fugitive is finally apprehended. He can run but he can’t hide, not without his yacht. The burning question is: why did Indonesia and United States decide to launch the operation now, when Najib Razak is about to call a snap General Election?

    For months, the U.S.-DOJ has put the 1MDB investigations in cold storage. As Mr. Najib was busy attacking Robert Kuok, Malaysia’s richest man worth US$15.6 billion, to divert attention from 1MDB scandal and public anger arising from escalating cost of living, suddenly the Indonesia-United States sprang into action in a special operation which started a week ago.

    It’s not hard to understand why the United States and Indonesia kept the operation secret. In Oct, 2017, despite reports that Jho Low’s yacht docked in Aceh, Malaysia Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi denied Kuala Lumpur has ever received such information – suggesting internal cover-up at the highest level and that Malaysia government wasn’t interested at all to seize Low’s yacht.

    Interestingly, it seems that despite pledging US$20 billion investment in what many believed was bribes to Trump administration during Prime Minister Najib’s visit to the White House in September, 2017, the deal didn’t take off as it should be. Najib’s promise to help Trump’s MAGA (Make America Great Again) was nothing but empty promises, as the U.S. president would later find out.

    That explains why 2 months later, Trump deliberately pretended he didn’t see Najib, his supposedly golf buddy, during a dinner at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit in Manila, Philippines. It’s no coincidence 4 months later today; Jho Low’s yacht has been finally seized, thanks to the secret joint-operation between the U.S. and Indonesia.

    Despite public perception, or lack of understanding, the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI actually operate under the president’s authority, as set forth in Article II of the Constitution. In a nutshell, President Trump has a “constitutional authority to tell the Justice Department who to investigate and who not to investigate”. But would not that be “obstruction of justice”?

    Well, while a U.S. president can direct an investigation to start or cease, it cannot be for corrupt purposes as it would then become obstruction of justice. So, technically, even if it’s an open secret that Najib’s visit to the White House was to bribe Trump administration, Donald Trump as an individual didn’t receive any kickbacks. Najib tried to bribe the U.S. government, not Donald Trump.

    That’s why Najib openly declared that his purpose was to make America great again. He had hoped President Trump would direct the U.S.-DOJ investigation into 1MDB money laundering be closed. Trump could do that, and it’s perfectly legal. Previous presidents – Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt – had set the precedents. But the Trump refused to do that.

    Of course, if the U.S. president has the power to tell the U.S.-DOJ who to investigate and who not to investigate, obviously Trump has the authority to tell the Justice Department to speed up the existing investigation on 1MDB scandal. As a matter of fact, it’s hard to reject Trump’s command because the 1MDB had used the U.S. financial system to launder billions of dollars of dirty money.

    Hence, in the name of national security, nobody dares argued with President Trump when the order to expedite the 1MDB investigations was given. As head of state, however, Najib Razak is untouchable, for now. But it’s a totally different story for Jho Low. Mr. Low doesn’t enjoy any diplomatic immunity whatsoever, therefore, can be arrested anytime and anywhere.

    By confiscating Jho Low’s yacht, the U.S.-DOJ could be sending a message to Najib regime that Trump administration isn’t interested in only civil lawsuits but also criminal charges at the same time. They could also preparing for an eventuality Jho Low wanted to strike a deal with the U.S. authorities – giving up his boss Najib Razak in exchange for lighter sentence or even freedom.

    In the event Najib loses the coming 14th General Election, he would also lose his privilege as the head of state, thus losing his immunity from possible prosecution on American soil. Trump administration could request extradition of Mr. Najib to United States. Both U.S. and Malaysia have a 1995 extradition treaty to combat international criminal activity, such as drug trafficking, terrorism and money laundering.

    While the 1MDB scandal fits into money laundering category, it was initially investigated under civil lawsuits. Now, do you understand why the U.S.-DOJ asked for a stay on its civil lawsuits while conducting a criminal probe on 1MDB as well? Without criminal lawsuits, neither Jho Low nor Najib Razak can be extradited to the U.S. to face justice. In the year of the dog, Najib is toast!

    – Finance Twitter

    • Anonymous says:

      “In August 2017, the U.S.-DOJ asked for a stay on its civil lawsuits seeking to seize more than US$1.7 billion in assets allegedly bought with stolen 1MDB funds because it was conducting a related criminal probe. ”

      Yes, that was so. DOJ did say that they were changing focus of their 1MDB investigations to the “criminal aspects”.

      We now hope that as soon as the GE14 date is announced, DOJ would make another Press Release giving details on the “MO1” that was mentioned 16 times in their 251-page report submitted to the court in connection with their 1MDB asset seizure action. As well as giving details on the crimes “MO1” committed in connection with 1MDB.

    • Anonymous says:

      “The Malaysian fugitive was reportedly warned against returning to Malaysia as it would create political nightmares to Najib Razak as the premier struggles to maintain his power. But the confiscation of Jho Low’s luxury yacht means the chickens could finally come home to roost.”

      Struggle Najib may have been doing since the humongous 1MDB scandal broke out. Looks like he is waiting till the last minute before calling for the elections. Holding power is such a luxury that he and wifey must want to savour till the end.

      “.. the chickens could finally come home to roost”? No, they are not allowed to roost, meaning “a place where birds regularly settle or congregate to rest at night.”

      We want to see them roasted. Legally speaking.

      • Anonymous says:

        Trump deliberately pretended he didn’t see Najib, his supposedly golf buddy, during a dinner at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit in Manila

        Roasting time is near.

    • Anonymous says:


      The rakyat will celebrate that in no small measure.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Najib can nambikai with Indians easily with sweet promises.

  11. Overseas Trips On 1MDB Funds? says:

    Minister: people can’t afford overseas trips if economy bad
    PARLIAMENT | Johari Abdul Ghani says that Malaysians spent a total of RM46 billion overseas in 2016.

    Pssst, many billions from or connected with 1MDB funds?

  12. Ang Tao Peng says:

    Those Indians should hire that kurang ajar Kerala bukit Kobra the Kelingnex ar sewipe Mugathir Memali Monster” McKutty to do his sarabat stall kok tok of lies, bullockshit and sheer unadulterated fraud for them!

    This is the year of the Barking Chicken, the slimy and slippery Kerala bukit could do the rest of his Kerala provincials plenty of good as a Kerala bukit barking mad Kobra barking against anything that moves – or not.

    Whatever tje barking Kerala Kobra does, he should do his best or worst controlling himself from back-stabbing and calling his fellow plantation wallahs “Kelings”.

    • Anonymous says:

      The mad bastard Ang Tiunama Peng must have been misbehaving and got straight jacketed, sent to the mental hospital, disappeared from this blog each time that happened, but showed up here again when released from the mental hospital like now.

      Ang Tao Peng is a mad person. Diagnosed having schizophrenia.

      Despite being periodically reminded to take his pills, he refused to do so. His abuses here must be disabused by responding to his comment each and every time he shows up. So that the non-regular visitors know the comments come from a madman and are not to be believed.

      His most obvious schizophrenia symptom is delusions of grandeur. Deluding himself into thinking and claiming he is very clever, very rich, etc, which he is not:

      1. Claimed to have degrees from “four top US and UK universities” and a string of professional qualifications and awards. When asked, he refused to say even the names of the universities. When told he’d be checked against the Register of graduates of Oxford or Cambridge Universities, he quickly said the name he uses here (made to look like a genuine, full name) is not his own.

      2. Claimed to have “posh” properties in UK, Singapore and Indonesia. Claimed that his family have migrated to Europe bringing their wealth along. Yet admitted he is living in a far-flung, non-commercial or regional centre – Sibu, Sarawak

      3. Claimed to “belong to a family of bankers and industrialists” but refused to say whether from Shanghai or where, yet he is living in non-industrial Sarawak

      4. Claimed to have many friends. But admitted in here last Chinese New Year eve that he went out to buy fried kuayteow for dinner, eating alone and desolate, on a CNY eve

      Other examples showing that he is mad:

      1. Always rude, abusive and vulgar in his comments. In the process, he constantly lies, cheats and cons readers here

      2. Always puts out loose opinions, makes unsubstantiated, unjustified and not-even-explained wild claims and allegations

      3. Often racist, seditious and subversive. Anti-Malays, anti-Islam, even anti-Hakkas and anti-Hokkiens. To the extent that Mubarak Chan has noted an observation that Ang is not a Chinaman

      4. Keeps talking about the existence of a “moderator” in a non-moderated blog like STL where anyone can write a comment, click the “Post Comment” button and it’ll automatically appear on the blog page without a moderator making it so

      5. At 79 years old, mad Ang often behaves like a child. Always name calling and saying such things as DAP = Dead And Past party, DAP = Duplicitous Amoral Party, DAP = Desperate And Panicky party, etc. That’s another sign that he is mad.

  13. Ang Tao Peng says:

    Why does an Indian bullockshit collector prefer to see himself as a 2%”Malay” cowboy riding horses in Argentina –

    And not in denial of his kurang ajar biadap Kerala bukit Kelingnex heritage and helping out his own kind?

    At least hang around not to spew bullock and horse shit, hand out those watered-down curries to fellow Keralala Land types desperate to find a cowboy to lead them and turn them into other 2%”Malays” that at least the likes of longkang chickenshit “supremacist” Ibrahim Oily would worship!

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