Penang Undersea Tunnel project a mega-scam

Source: The Third Force

“Is it not obvious that you had no intention of constructing the three paired roads and the undersea tunnel? Yet, when cornered, you resort to bringing Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak into the picture by alleging that the Prime Minister was assisting Gerakan and the MCA tarnish your reputation. But what has Najib got to do with this? Was it he who conned CRCC into thinking that they would be paid the full RM69 million?”

Lim Guan Eng is at it again.

After his balls were nailed to the wall twice by MCA deputy president Dato’ Seri Wee Ka Siong in a span of just days, the Penang Chief Minister is attempting yet another Rothmans International 180 degrees maneuver, this time, alleging that Barisan Nasional is attempting to sabotage the Penang Undersea Tunnel Project. Now, I bet you that the guys at Rothmans – if they’re still around, that is – would be amazed how this fellow could negotiate such a maneuver on a nonexistent road that contractors from China were promised millions upon millions to design.

There is no doubt in my mind the entire RM6.3 billion project was a scam from the get-go. With Ka Siong’s explosive disclosure hours ago, we now have reason to believe that the Penang state government was never intent on fulfilling its obligations to China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd (CRCC), the Chinese construction firm that Guan Eng went from being “shareholder” to “main contractor” to “what the hell you guys in BN want from me lar??”

I want your blood, Mr. Chief Minister.

In a metaphoric sense, that is. I want you to admit that the tunnel project was nothing but a huge smokescreen billowed from your office in Komtar to mask a massive land scam deal. From the looks of it, this deal involved kickbacks promised to politicians, consultants and shareholders from Consortium Zenith Construction Sdn Bhd (Zenith), the holdings company overlooking the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) awarded the project. It seems that the guys from the Penang Chinese Chambers of Commerce (PCCC) were complicit with the whole lot of you in a scheme to reap benefits from the wanton sale – or rather, ‘donation’ – of state land.

Imagine, you guys awarded the massive undertaking to a conglomerate that barely had the means to service its obligations to CRCC. Then, for no apparent rhyme or reason, you bundled together 34 other consultants before sticking a hefty RM304.9 million tag for “feasibility studies and design works.” When asked, you insisted that the tag was justified and not as insanely exorbitant as claimed by the guys at Barisan Nasional’s Strategic Communications team.

However, Ka Siong has since disclosed that CRCC was contracted “for a sum of US$22mil (approximately RM69mil then) to undertake the detailed design work for the 3 roads and tunnel,” which, according to the MCA leader, “is the largest scope among the RM305mil worth of reports that the Penang state government is paying the Tunnel SPV for.” So tell me, what the heck is the scope of work that qualified the remaining consultants for the leftover RM236 million?

To produce pieces of paper?

Or did those consultants serve as the mediums through which you and your guys from Zenith and the PCCC received kickbacks? According to Ka Siong, CRCC was forced to stop work as they received only “5% (or a little over RM3mil) in payment from their RM69mil contract ever since the tunnel project was awarded 5 years ago.” Yet, on the 22nd of May 2017, Penang state Public Works Committee Chairman Lim Hock Seng told an assembly sitting that a total of RM219.99 million was paid to the SPV and an independent consultant, the breakdown of which is as follows:

Payments made:
Payment to Zenith : RM208.75 million
Payment to HSS Integrated Sdn Bhd: RM11.23 million
Overall: RM219.99 million

Going by what we were told, we’re led to believe that Zenith was paid the RM208.75 million to conduct feasibility studies and design works related to the three paired roads, the cost breakdown of which is as follows:

Three main roads:
Feasibility study: RM31.2 million
Detailed design: RM177.4 million
Overall: RM208.7 million (the amount Guan Eng says was paid by swapping land)

However, we now know that CRCC was only paid a little over RM3 million, meaning, the SPV must have faced some problem or other with the 5.67 acres of state land it received (worth RM208 million) to justify the delay in its payments. However, Lim Sian See has since pointed out that that the SPV commenced luxury highrise projects worth RM800 million on a chunk of that land and pre-sold RM2.83 billion worth of state land to facilitate another mega-project, said to be worth some RM15 billion.

So tell me, Guan Eng, why was CRCC paid a meagre RM3 million since the project began???

Is it not obvious that you had no intention of constructing the three paired roads and the undersea tunnel? Yet, when cornered, you resort to bringing Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak into the picture by alleging that the Prime Minister was assisting Gerakan and the MCA tarnish your reputation. But what has Najib got to do with this? Was it he who conned CRCC into thinking that they would be paid the full RM69 million?

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39 Responses to Penang Undersea Tunnel project a mega-scam

  1. THE THIRD FARCE says:

    Hahaha, THE THIRD FARCE again.

    What talking you, saying “when cornered, you resort to bringing Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak into the picture”? Najib witnessed the signing of the MOU, man. So, Najib was complicit right from the start.

    “After his balls were nailed to the wall “? Najib’s balls were nailed not just to the wall but all over the places on issues like 1MDB, GST, ever-increasing prices of goods, including petrol, FELDA mismanagement and downright crookedness in the transfer of the RM270 million FELDA land on Jalan Semarak to a private company, etc, etc.

    And no balls to admit what the US Dept of Justice have been saying – “misappropriation of 1MDB fun ds and money laundering” and being the greatest Kleptocracy ever seen in the entire world.

    What utter balls by THE THIRD FARCE, the writer even becoming an eunuch – no balls and no dong – writing about balls.

    • Anonymous says:

      BN’s proposed fake news law will be used to target non-mainstream media outlets that publish reports not in line with Putrajaya’s views, a lawyer and media groups fear.

      Lawyer H.R. Dipendra said the government was using the excuse of fake news to go after Internet news portals that are not governed by the Printing Presses and Publications Act.

      “The government wants to target alternative media, like news portals. It is their intention of controlling news portals under the guise of (a) fake news (law).

      “It is real news, but it is not always siding or agreeing with the government, (and) that they want to control (it),”

      • Anonymous says:

        Hahaha, good one in M’Kini opinion: “disband RTM and get rid of Utusan…95 percent fake news gone.”

        Perhaps the most astute and pertinent comment made so far regarding the BN’s concern over what it considers “fake news” has been this one we found on one social media platform: “Easy; disband RTM and get rid of Utusan…95 percent fake news gone.”

        It is amazing and alarming – albeit rather predictable – how quickly this regime is moving to legislate against purported “fake news”. And, thus far, how surreptitiously, too.

        The earliest report on this proposed legislation was on Jan 28, when Najib declared the regime’s intentions at a gathering in Kelantan.

        His “comforting” words were, “We don’t want this fake news to spread. This does not mean we control the internet, the internet is free but the freedom must exist with the elements of accountability.” Accountability to the regime, presumably.

        My comment: Maybe Najib wants to quickly pass the Fake News Law at the next / last Parliamentary sitting before GE14, then he can ensure less whacking of him, UMNO/BN during the election campaign.

        • Anonymous says:

          Be that as it may, the past couple of weeks have seen a flurry of behind-the-scenes activities. Numerous regime officials, led by Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak and Minister in the PM’s Department Azalina Othman Said, have come out to support the move (on fake news law).

          Azalina has asserted that all stakeholders will be consulted before any bill is presented in Parliament. Yet, we understand that her committee of stakeholders has already had a couple of meetings, with many of us having little clue of who the “stakeholders” are.

          One clearly partisan website has reported that this drafting committee “comprises representatives from the police, Attorney-General’s Chambers, National Security Council, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), the Communications and Multimedia Ministry, and the Legal Affairs Division (BHEUU).

          While they all may sound terribly officious, we do wonder though how representative of Malaysian stakeholders they really are. Where, indeed, in this committee, are the opposition MPs, civil society representatives, academicians and even independent lawyers?

          What’s more disconcerting and ominous is that their plan is to table and pass the proposed legislation at the next parliamentary sitting, just before GE14.

          Not surprisingly, many believe that this is yet another nasty move on the part of a regime hellbent on curbing alternative explanations, especially those provided by the more-independent internet news portals and through social media.

          • Anonymous says:

            “we do wonder though how representative of Malaysian stakeholders they really are”

            They are all a farce.


        • Anonymous says:

          To be sure, the term fake news is now a catch-all phrase for political opinion, rumours, speculations, false advertising, news stories with errors, etc. What it actually refers to is propaganda, disinformation and the deliberate creation and dissemination of false content to mislead/misinform the public.

          My comment: Aiyyo you UMNO/BN fellows, cannot allow the rakyat to express political opinions and speculations, arr?

          You terrible fellows. Dictators, are you?

          • History of censorship under BN says:

            History of censorship under BN

            Fake news has been with us way before the advent of the internet and the spread of social media. And much of it has been manufactured and circulated by the government.

            Study after academic study of the Malaysian media has shown that the BN regime has a history of censorship of political content and the manipulation of information during elections.

            And, of course, the spreading of what one former director-general of broadcasting called “half-truths”. Today’s fake news is essentially “half-truths” in new packaging.

            And if, as all these widely-published studies since at least 1990 have shown, the BN is the main perpetrator and producer of fake news, letting a committee led by them to legislate against their notion of fake news would only serve their goals, not the goals of democracy and fair play.

            What is more likely is that the committee will not-too-cleverly use their notion of fake news to legitimise further the government’s suppression of opinions and expression.

            And despite the predictable brushing aside of these fears by people like Azalina, this development must be seen in the context of the BN’s strategies for every general election – domination of news and points of view by all media.

            By constantly referring to or alleging something is fake news, they try to create a sense of panic, an environment of fear and of imminent threats to society. But there is no evidence, less so credible ones, to support this so-called concern over the fake news and its effects in Malaysia.

            We have witnessed such tactics before and it is aimed at inculcating a sense of helplessness and subsequently, dependence on the government to fix the problem.

          • Anonymous says:

            But there is nothing benign about this government; it wants to control information flow and censor opinions and expressions that run contrary to theirs.

            The BN’s political agenda is clear, especially given that their committee will begin its work (without us being openly informed who make up the committee and its terms of reference) and possibly introduce legislation in the next parliamentary sitting.

            It is clear that the approach being taken, yet again, is a top-down one, with the BN regime calling the shots, determining what constitutes “fake news”.

            If, as all those academic studies reveal, the BN regime is the dominant source of (fake) news and information, surely letting the regime now to define the terms and design the fake news legislation is akin to letting the fox guard the chicken coop?

            All the academic views above were written by GAYATHRY VENKITESWARAN and ROM NAIN from the Centre for the Study of Communications and Culture, The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.

          • Anonymous says:

            “this government; it wants to control information flow and censor opinions and expressions that run contrary to theirs.”

            Sure signs of dictatorship.

            They are Dictators, Kleptos, and Mampos (possible at GE14).

      • Anonymous says:

        Does anyone feel richer by the rising ringgit? Do prices come down after being raised by GST and inflation? Can I buy more or less these days with my ringgit in Malaysia? How fake can you be, najib?

  2. Helen Ang says:

    Aiyo, talk so much for what. MaCC at your disposal what. Arrest him if elements of corruption is involved.
    Either you have no balls or the Macc fellas are stupid and do not know where to start.

  3. THE THIRD FARCE says:

    “I want your blood, Mr. Chief Minister.” –

    Rubbish talk, eh, Mister THIRD FARCE? You really are farcical. A comic work trying to make it dramatic, using buffoonery and including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations. Trying to imitate Shakespeare, arr? Dismal failure, man.

    Saying “From the looks of it ..” – What looks? Just “looks”, arr, no facts? Bullhit accusation of “kickbacks promised to politicians, consultants and shareholders from Consortium Zenith Construction Sdn Bhd (Zenith) … Not an iota of truth, proof, evidence, fact, mere wild claims, no justification at all.

    Again, Mister THIRD FARCE bullshit saying “It seems …” No fact, no evidence, no justification at all to your wild allegation ” a scheme to reap benefits from the wanton sale – or rather, ‘donation’ – of state land.”

    You want blood – you take white seminal blood, can or not Mister THIRD FARCE?

    • Anonymous says:

      crude characterization –

      Najib is not crude characterization.

      He is simply a thief, robber and a pirate, according to Tun Dr Mahathir.

      Billions involved. No monkey business. Nasty buffoon business.

      The coming general elections wd be extremely interesting – how many times those words wd be repeated during the election campaign.

      Najib wd likely have the shortest election campaign allowed under the law – 14 days. To avoid those words being repeated every day for so long.

      • Anonymous says:

        Moral of the story: Don’t steal, rob or piratize. And don’t privatize RM2.6 billion, especially if it’s a Saudi donation, put it into the government Treasury, share with the rakyat, ok?

        Another moral of the story: If you do the above, the rakyat will vote you out at the next general elections.

        • Anonymous says:

          Confirmed he does all those things, especially what DoJ said “misappropriation of 1MDB funds and money laundering.

          So, he shall be voted out at Pru14. Let’s all vote him out.

  4. limpehkong says:

    MCA must understand the public’s concern over the domination of China’s state investments in this country.

    We were at the receiving end of the mainland Chinese Communist Party’s support for Chin Peng’s insurgency not long ago during the Emergency.

    Our concern is almost the same as the suspicions of Chinese and Koreans over Japan’s involvement in the region economically and militarily.

    MCA cannot ignore this piece of history and should not have belittled the former premier’s concern over the unfettered Chinese government investments in Malaysia.

    MCA should respect the rakyat’s concern and should not have permitted mainland Chinese to interfere in our internal affairs.

    • Anonymous says:




  5. scam tunnel says:

    many stupidious people like me know it a “con-job” from the beginning.
    only smarties like LSS aka eric C tor, wee kee song, liow, teng chow kun, jason loo,
    and many BE End and running dogs fro McA, gilakan not understand.
    as long as my teh tarik is still rm 1.60 and roti kosong still rm1.40
    not concern. but if increase from rm0.90 to rm1.40 from 2009 to 2014
    when the most best finance minister in charge is my concern lah

  6. Anonymous says:

    Liow calls Jamal’s proposal to contest in Sekinchan ‘rubbish’

    You cannot rubbish, He has red shirts, Umno paid.

    He can do anything he wants, any time he wants, what.

    Try complain Umno, see if they care. They don’t one.


    Shahidan rice cooker suit to go to trial

    After failing to reach a settlement during mediation, a suit by a businesswoman against Perlis Umno office-bearers – including Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Shahidan Kassim – for unpaid orders of rice cookers will go on trial.

    So, buying votes by giving electric cookers, arr?

    So, what Tun M said about Umno buying votes by supplying electric utensils is correct larr.

    What got EC and MACC doing, man?


    Najib passed six laws against Sarawak

    To claim that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is “sincere” about returning autonomy to Sarawak, Chief Minister Abang Johari is either totally ignorant or trying to cover up for Najib’s wrong.

    There are at least six laws passed in recent time with Najib as prime minister that constitute direct encroachment of Sarawak’s rights.

    1. The Goods and Services Tax Act, 2014 (encroachment into Sarawak’s rights to Sales Tax).

    2. The Tourism Tax Act, 2017 (encroachment into Sarawak’s tourism rights and also rights to Sales Tax).

    3. The Territorial Sea Act 2012 (encroachment into Sarawak’s territorial rights by reducing Sarawak’s territorial rights from 200 nautical miles to a mere three nautical miles).

    4. The National Security Council Act 2015 (encroachment of state’s democratic rights by giving the power to prime minister and a few Umno ministers to call for emergency rule in the state).

    5. The Access to Biological Resources and Benefits Sharing Act, 2017 (encroaching on state’s rights to forest resources) and the;

    6. The Merchant Shipping (Amendment) Bill 2017 (encroachment into State’s rights to port management).

    In addition, Najib has also caused great economic hardship to common Sarawakians with his international 1MDB scandal and terrible economic management resulting in the depreciation of the ringgit and the rise in our costs of living.

    If Najib is true as claimed by Abang Johari to be sincere in returning state autonomy to Sarawak, he should return the 20 percent oil and gas royalties to the state before the 14th general election.

    Without such rights to additional tax revenue, all talks on state autonomy are merely hot air. Ultimately, all implementation of powers and policies require money.

    If the federal government controls the purse strings and the state has to beg the federal government for funds to implement development policies, then there is no true autonomy.

    By Sarawak DAP Chairman

  9. Anonymous says:

    Report: Parliament may be dissolved after Chap Goh Meh

    Really? I don’t think so. Najib will hang on to power to the last minute, Fa. Mama wants to savour the taste of power for as long as she can.

  10. Anonymous says:

    It’s not me in sex clip, says Chong Wei

    If the sex clip was in Port Dickson, I can guess who it was.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Israeli diplomats make pioneering visit to Malaysia – because UN function held in Malaysia

    Maybe Najib wanna show being liberal, allows representatives of Zionist Jews to enter this country.

    If Tun Dr Mahathir, he might not even have the UN function held in Malaysia rther than allow Zionist Jews being here.

    Wonder what PAS people think.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ambiga: Police yet to quiz me over S’wak Report editor’s claim
    Lawyer says police yet to meet her, three months after probe launched for ‘causing public alarm’.

    Maybe to avoid further hoo haa over what the US Dept of Justce said “misappropriation of 1MDB funds and money laundering … the worst Kleptocracy ever seen in the world”.

  13. Worse than cheating says:

    Cheating or not, there is always ‘Plan B’ for BN

    COMMENT (M’Kini)| I find it impossible to believe Najib when he says BN doesn’t cheat in elections.

    They don’t cheat, they do worse than cheating.

    Same, the Bugis guy didn’t steal, he robbed and pirated 1MDB, said Tun M.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ah Jin Kor wishes chinese new year, but can we believe him when he did not condemn those who stomped on the cow head to insult the Hindus? Can we believe him when he did not condemn those who openly threatened the Chinese by causing a ruckus at Petaling Street? Can we believe him when he did not condemn the threats made against churches and the disappearance of Pastor Raymond Koh? And surely we cannot believe the person who took billions of ringgit stolen from the Rakyat and then said they were donations? Anyone who believes what he is saying now must either be mad or an idiot.

    • QB says:

      The PM obviously does not have a clue what the Chinese wants in this country, or he does but is pretending he does not know it. First of all, the youngest ones are probably 4th – 5th generation Chinese. They think of Malaysia as home. When Najib said those who are not proud of the country can leave, it sends a wrong signal, totally inconsistent with what he’s claiming to say today. Although a citizen is ashamed of the country, it is not they who should go. It is the leader that brings shame to the country that should go. The other day, Ku Nan asked Malaysians in federal territories what else he can do for them. Assuming Najib is also asking the same question, the answer is simple. Does the law apply equally to everyone?The Chinese don’t mind bumiputra policies. They don’t mind that affirmative action for the disadvantaged and downtrodden has to take place. They just don’t understand why when they are also the poor, the downtrodden, the affirmative action plan does not apply to them. And why is it that after more than 50 years, after billions poured into corporate Malay-sia, that more sacrifice is required of them. They don’t mind that Islam is the official religion. But they sympathise with their Malay friends when they see these increasingly ridiculously extremist fatwas or critiques coming out from Jakim, PAS etc. about dress code, Valentine’s day, pig and dog pictures during cultural celebrations etc. that goes unchallenged by the federal government. They wonder why when they stand up for fairness like attending Bersih rallies and protests, they are labelled “saboteurs, out to destroy the Malay race”, because DAP is only powerful because of the voters, so an attack on DAP is actually an attack on the voters which, though significant numbers would be Chinese voters, also comprise of voters of other races including Malay and Indians. The Chinese, and I suspect all Malaysians, want a leader they can trust, who lead through leadership. They wonder why the opposition leaders are harangued, politically persecuted by mainstream media, frivolously prosecuted for what looks like non-offence to ordinary citizens, when grand corruption goes uninvestigated and unpunished. They wonder – if MO1 can do it, why can’t I? After all, shouldn’t I learn from my leader? Hence there is this disconnect between what the government can do and what they cannot do. Therefore, dear MO1, I’m not sure if the Chinese would want to call you their “brother”. if you are their brother, you probably bring shame to many families.

      • Anonymous says:

        When Najib said those who are not proud of the country can leave –

        Aiyyo, coming fom a PM, that’s really damning.

        Vote for Najib, anyone?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Aman Palestine chief executive officer Awang Suffian Awang Piut said Putrajaya should not have allowed the Israelis in as it does not have diplomatic relationship with the Jewish state.

    “How could the government allow them into the country when Malaysians are sensitive about what Israel had done to Palestinians?

    “They should not have been allowed (entry) even if they came in a group or had a representative, that would have shown our firm stand on Israel,” he said as reported by Sinar Online.

    • Anonymous says:

      Najib is desperate, about to lose Pru14.

      He’ll take any “friends” he can get. Including Zionist Jews.

      He’d love to have friends in the US Dept of Justice. Headed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Who even Donald Trump cannot dictate what to do.

      “Misapproprition of 1MDB funds and money laundering,” said DoJ. I’m now waiting for them to say in a report on their current “criminal aspects of their 1MDB investigations” who “MO1” exactly is and his crimanal actions of 1MDB.

      Hopefully DoJ will issue a statement like that when PRU14 date is announced.

      Oh, please, please, please, DoJ. Please do that.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Undersea tunnel: BN man claims Penang gov’t churning out lies, half-truths

    What the heck p- Najib gov’t churns out so much lies, half truths and fake news.

    So much so that they want to make anti-Fake News law just to show they don’t fake news.

    But the rakyat knows they have been faking so much news. Like on 1MDB. Celaka. Kamus DBP says celaka = bawa malang. Kapada rakyat.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen. Just look at the basics to build this Mega Tunnel of Dreams. 1) A politician in charge. 2) No technical experts to explain everything. 3) No funding. 4) Shareholders with no track record. 5) Is the construction company the builder or the investor or both ? 6) Even our Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib’s photo is used as a bank guarantee. 7) The ordinary person like me does not know where or when the politics began and obfuscated with the true intentions of the Tunnel Project. 8) This is the first time a Malaysian State with no financial or natural resources trying to be bigger than the Federal Government in keeping with the saying ‘ The maid servant trying to be bigger than the Lady Boss.’ The Tunnel Project is not only a Pulau Pinang mirage but also a nonsensical farce ! How to build anything without feasibility study, shareholders, capital and expertise but only rely on our beloved Prime Minister’s photo as guarantee ? You know how to do business, ugh ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Your beloved Prime Minister? Really? You sleep with his photo, too? Fan Club or Idol?

      Watch out, the US Dept of Justice has a Klptocracy Division committed to the removal of Kleptocracies in the world.

      They have successfully prosecuted the ex-PM of Ukraine, Lazarenko, in 2014 for misappropriating Ukranian funds and money laundering of only tens of million US dollars.

      “MO1” is responsible for the misappropriation and money laundering of billions, mate.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Najib: More prosperous CNY due to rising ringgit

    What talking one. Where got more prosperous. Where got effect of rising ringgit. Prices of goods rising too, larr.

  19. Anonymous says:

    MCA deputy chief Wee Ka Siong could not deny claims that the party’s representation of the Chinese community had been negated by their leaders refusing to contest in seats with a majority of Chinese voters.

    Are MCA leaders not ashamed that they do not practice what they preach by not contesting in seats with more than 50% Chinese voters?

    For the first time, the three top MCA leaders – president Liow Tiong Lai, deputy president Wee and secretary-general Ong Ka Chuan – would be depending on Umno votes to get elected as MPs.

    In Bentong, Liow’s parliamentary constituency, the single biggest ethnic bloc of voters are the 46.1 percent Malay voters with Chinese voters at 42.4 percent, Indians 9.0 percent and others 2.5 percent.

    In Ayer Hitam, Wee’s parliamentary constituency, the largest ethnic group of voters are the 57.6 percent Malay voters with the Chinese at 38.3 percent; Indians 3.9 percent and others 0.2 percent.

    In Tanjong Malim, Ong’s parliamentary constituency, the largest ethnic group of voters are again the Malays at 55.4% with Chinese at 25.8%, Indians 13.2% and Orang Asli 5.6%.

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