Hello Uncle, What Do You Got To Say?

Dear Uncle Kit Siang, I am your supporter and a core one! Your fighting spirit, since I came to know you in the 80’s is undoubtly most admired in this country. Your stand on corruption and democracy principles is well respected not only in Malaysia but worldwide.

You have been trying to save Malaysia since the 70’s. When Dr Mahathir was the PM, you tried tirelessly to fight him. You labelled him all kinds of names. Those of us who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s were influenced by you and your call to hate and reject Dr Mahathir and UMNO. Now, you are asking us to accept him back as PM again! You have forgotten how he detained you and your son without trial. Your son was political persecuted and ended in jail. No human being will come to term with such cruel treatment but you and your son accepted Dr.Mahathir’s cruelty. Yet, you now want us to accept him. You are obviously a political animal in the same league as Dr. Mahathir and Mugabe of Zimbabwe! Those Singapore dissents who were detained by Lee Kuan Yew without trial have never forgiven Lee Kuan Yew even though he had passed away. This is what we called principle! You not only sleep with your enemy but make love with your enemy.

You slammed the bumiputra policy and quota policy of UMNO. Now you are with Dr Mahathir who was the main pusher for bumiputra and quota policies. However, the Pakatan Harapan framework did not even touch on abolishing bumiputra and quota policies. Are you now afraid of Dr Mahathir and Malay and been bullied by Dr Mahathir? Are you not worst than MCA and Gerakan?

When Dr Khir Toyo was charged with buying bungalow below market price, the entire DAP erupted into euphoria and celebrated. Supporters of DAP were told that this dirty UMNO leader deserved the punishment. But when Guan Eng was charged on similar case of buying bungalow below market price, you called it political persecution and the entire DAP came to Guan Eng defence, forgetting that they celebrated when Khir Toyo was charged for buying bungalow below market price!

You want 1MDB investigated. You want many mismanagement investigated. Why are you silent on RM6.3 billion Undersea Tunnel Project, the 4500 land reclamation for RM40 billion Penang Transport Master Plan.? You should call a spade a spade.

You hate UMNO and you called on Malaysians to hate UMNO as well. But behind our back, you and your son hugged Nazri, UMNO Minister of Tourism. You enjoy whisky session with him together with your son and certain Tan Sri in Penang. Are you not betraying your own conscience? Is alright to betray the people but not your own principle and conscience!

You were wary about PAS and Islamic State. But you urged chinese to vote for PAS in the last two general elections. Do you know the damage you have done? Your son, Guan Eng even allowed PAS to table RUU 355 with his infamous words, Let it pass first! Now when PAS moving towards UMNO, you said it is dangerous for the nation. What is so different between PAS-DAP and UMNO-PAS? PAS is still the same PAS. The only difference is chinese accepted PAS on your call!

Chinese history recorded the Ming dynasty general, Wu San Kui as traitor for opening up the gate of the city to allow the Manchu soldiers to enter China and thus, ending the Ming dynasty and established the Qing dynasty. Your action of influencing the chinese and open our mind to accept PAS is no difference from Wu San Kui.

Chinese must realise that we have been manipulated by DAP, Guan Eng and Kit Siang!

Joshua Heng

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28 Responses to Hello Uncle, What Do You Got To Say?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Najib is going to take a page out of Trump’s handbook. The fake news thing is not by accident, they have been thinking about it..Create doubt, take credit for things you did not do, blame the other guy for everything.

    • Anonymous says:

      Though Mahathir isn’t at all qualified to be a Mufti yet his argument is logic and crystal clear by one and all. Let’s go to the basic? Is the money in 1MDB crystal halal? If it is crystal halal why the need to classify the IMDB audit report as secret under the Official Secrets Act (OSA)? Now, above all, who is the rightful owner of all the money in 1MDB? If all the money belongs to one YAB Datuk Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak, then even a Muslim kid on the street knows well that IT IS TRULY HALAL for the owner to handpick anyone he likes to sponsor for Haj. Applying simple common sense keeps the Mufti away.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dr Mahathir has challenged Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin to contest in Langkawi in the 14th general election.

        “Ask him to contest against me in Langkawi,” Mahathir told reporters when met at a Ponggal celebration held in Kapar, Klang.

        This came after the youth and sports minister had reportedly downplayed Mahathir’s contributions to Langkawi during his tenure as prime minister.

    • Anonymous says:

      Beautiful English arr, Mister What Do You Got To Say?

      Product of Chinese school, eh?

      Or pretend only poor English – actually written by ordinary NCA/ Gerakan fellow in the habit of tipu menipu, trying to show a “respecter” of LKS is hitting him.

      Fake news bloke, innit? Najib thinking anti-fake news law, you’ll grin when lu kena by him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maryam,This is the CULTURE started by BN & Umno. So the party that you are protecting (by the fact that you got full coverage in Umno controlled media & TV) is responsible. Until, we have a 2 party system, this shit will continue. Are you part of the problem or you are part of the solution? Obvious huh.

  3. Mubarak Chan says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen. The DAP was deliberately founded by Lee Kuan Yew in 1966 arising from his ignominious defeat at the 1964 GE by our Tunku. This DAP Singaporean Trojan Horse has damaged the Malaysian Chinese political mojo throughout its existence and split the Malaysian Chinese not into halves but fractions. He turned them into Political Eunuchs with weak leaders, preventing them to contribute fully to our National Interest and Development and created anti-social behaviour in some Chinese. The Malaysian Chinese should now grab back their self-respect and dignity by kicking out the DAP of Lee Kuan Yew. Just look at the vulgar and hollow bunch of DAP supporters today ! Actually Lee Kuan Yew stole the Malaysian Chinese Political Space eg the parliamentary seats as well with his Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP and his brainwashing of the Malaysian Chinese intelligentsia based on the Mandarin speaking Chinese and his one-off University of Cambridge academic brilliance applied on the English speaking Chinese. The rest of the Chinese was easily influenced through tycoons, bankers, swallows, ducks etc. What did Lee Kuan Yew leave behind in both countries ? In Malaysia, a group of recalcitrant Malaysian Chinese without a cause who are the only Chinese in the World who vote against an incumbent democratically elected Government to oust it. No Chinese from China to Singapore ever voted against the incumbent Government. In Singapore, his inheritors have lost their way trying to follow Lee Kuan Yew’s 19th Century thoughts and conventions. In other words, instead of leaving a noble legacy in both places, he left behind a mess, a political mess for his inheritors to clean his Augean stables. Lee Kuan Yew could handle money without lining his pocket. But the jury is still out on his inheritors on both sides of the Causeway. Finally, the guardians of the limpid Rocket which never took off since 1966 are multi-millionaires as permitted legally and transparently from the Federal and State allowances, Party salaries and Private donations. I now recommend my grand children to join Malaysian Politics to serve our beloved country Malaysia without fear or favour !

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m ashamed too because the PM of our country does nothing when the whole world accused us of having the world’s biggest kleptocrats siphoning money out from 1MDB. Our BN govt didn’t even lodge official protest in Singapore, US and Switzerland for making false accusations against our country… Unless of course, if its true…

  4. Anonymous says:

    I really dread to think another coup could happen as was in Perak but this time from PKR. UMNO is all out to wrestle Selangor back at all cost. Don’t be surprised if there is a turncoat among PH. They will do anything for money and this is when the Rakyat will turn to #undirosak.

    PH, please be on your guard and don’t put your head down until the battle is won.

    • Anonymous says:

      Azmin was NO SHOW in the important Joint Statement Press Conference attended by all other leaders of PH. Azmin was nowhere to be seen at the Pakatan Harapan’s Presidential Council meeting. Despite PAS working with Umno and betraying & attacking the PR coalition, Azmin was holding talks with PAS and he said his “TALKS” with PAS leaders WERE NOT DONE IN HIS PERSONAL CAPACITY BUT BASED ON A PARTY DECISION. However, PKR SECRETARY GENERAL Saifuddin Nasution DENIED THERE WAS SUCH A DECISION MADE AT PARTY LEVEL!! Five PKR state lawmakers refused to support the PH coalition in the Penang State Assembly & instead SHOCKINGLY betray their comrades and abstain during a house vote on a motion brought up by Umno Assemblyman and their actions was as good as backing Umno against the Pakatan Harapan state government. Anyone believe Azmin was not aware on the actions of the five PKR Assemblymen? Azmin was clearly absent at the announcement of Pakatan Harapan’s candidate in the Sungai Besar by-election.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Joshua Heng of Melaka (whoever you are),

    The Ming dynasty traitor general kind are aplenty in MCA and Gerakan also arr.

    Their “non-action” in influencing the Chinese to open their minds and start whacking 1MDB culprits is no difference from Wu San Kui.

    Chinese must realise that we have been manipulated by Najib and UMNO/BN to grin only when told that the Auditor General’s report on 1MDB accounts was OSA-ed.


    The Diplomat also talks about THE MAHATHIR FACTOR –

    .. political scenarios at the grassroots level are bound to local factors that may not be reflected in the quantitative studies as done by national pollsters. We are seeing the significant rise of localization of electoral politics in Malaysia today — a phenomenon that started after the watershed election in 2008 and has accelerated in the run-up to the GE14 this year. There are two factors in this localization process.

    The first is the “Mahathir factor.” Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was recently named as the opposition pact’s prime minister-designate, pitting him against the incumbent Prime Minister Najib Razak. Mahathir’s personal appeal to the northern state of Kedah is a huge impediment to the ruling coalition’s continuous rule in the state. Kedah has been Mahathir’s political base since his early days in politics in the 1950s. It is expected that he would bring his influence in Kedah with him into his new party, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), which eventually joined the opposition PH late last year.

    • Anonymous says:

      “the revelation that Mahathir would contest in one of the two constituencies in Kedah is poised to resonate with nostalgic feelings among the locals, especially the Malay voters who identify him as the “father of the state.”

      Even a delegate of the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) admitted that the “Mahathir factor” has made it difficult for the main ruling party to mobilize locals in the state to support the BN coalition in the coming GE14.

      “Hidup PM Baru,” shouted one lady as Tun Mahathir did his walkabout at the pasar malam in Putrajaya the other day.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If I get the inspiration, general election will be called: Malaysian PM Najib
    The Straits Times

    No inspiration, no election?

    Lousy news heading by the Spore paper.

  8. . says:

    Joshua Heng is very narrow minded saying those things against Lim Kit Siang who he claimed to be a “core” supporter. He even sounds to be a traitor, maybe eaten BN dedak.

    He does not seem to know what politics is about. Probably never heard of Machiavellian politics where politicians even resort to murder like one Deputy Minister did on his rival in Gemas/ Tampin quite some time back. Yet LKS is far from it.

    In the Philippines, “political traitors” were common even 50 years ago where politicians changed parties almost on their whims and fancy. Even in the US, the most advance democracy, there have been such “turncoats”. LKS has never done that.

    This novice “political observer” Joshua Heng does even know that politics is a game of winning elections and dethroning the detested leader/ government in power. In UK, in Germany (happening right now) politicians align with others who may have been enemies in the past in order to form a coalition government.

    But in Malaysia they form coalitions before the elections since before independence. Now, there is dire need to replace the Kleptocratic 1MDB “thief / robber” responsible for GST and the ever increasing price goods in this country. God willing, PH will win Pru14 with Tun Dr Mahathir and LKS in the same coalition. And Joshua Heng will celebrate despite in muted terms.

    • . says:


      The beginning of the sentence should have been –

      “This novice “political observer” Joshua Heng does not even know that politics is a game of winning elections and dethroning ..”

  9. . says:

    Joshua Heng is laser-mouthed using unreasonable and unjustified description of Lim Kit Siang and Tun Dr Mahathir.

    “Dr.Mahathir’s cruelty … You are obviously a political animal in the same league as Dr. Mahathir and Mugabe of Zimbabwe!” Utterly no justification at all. He probably had even thought of the “cannibal/ man-eating” Mugabe. Even the ISA is not comparable to the freedom-curbing acts of Mugabe. The Joshua fellow does not appear to be a smart guy. In fact, he is stupid.

    He has no clue what “principle” means. He probably has not heard about “political principles”. Totally ignorant of such expressions as “the enemy of your friend is your enemy” and “the friend of your enemy is your enemy”. He talks about “Singapore dissents who were detained by Lee Kuan Yew without trial have never forgiven Lee Kuan Yew even though he had passed away.” Those doing so are not politicians, mere disgruntled souls who may not have strong dedication to their political causes and still shivering every day even now because ISA exists in Singapore to this day.

    Nasty thinking this Joshua fellow saying, “Dr Mahathir who was the main pusher for bumiputra and quota policies.” Clearly the Chinese school thinking, ignorant of the history of this country, resents the NEP, never thankful for getting citizenship right agreed to by the Malays at Merdeka, but not respecting the quid pro quo or consideration – the Special Position of the Malays enshrined in the Constitution and extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak on the formation of Malaysia.

    The bloke is even seditious talking about “the Pakatan Harapan framework did not even touch on abolishing bumiputra and quota policies.” The kind that have been told “Apa lagi lu mau?” Damn ultra kiasu wants everything, being the richest community in the country for decades but wanting more, more and more, leaving to the 77% others only crumbs of the economic cake. “Ultra kiasu” meaning extremely selfish, wanting to win ALL the time, but thank God only a very tiny percentage of the population are like this, though already damaging enough.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Najib mulls change to conversion law
    The Straits Times

    Making it easier or more stringent?

    Influence of PAS or the liberal Muslims?

  11. DON'T UNDIROSAK says:

    Good opinion –

    #UndiRosak activist Maryam Lee and co … what have you done to right the ills of our country? Will spoiling your votes help? … blame everyone else for the problems in our country, but would that help? No!

    I choose to be responsible. I choose to treasure my vote – the most precious right bestowed on me as a rakyat Malaysia. That ONE vote of mine may make all the difference.

    Bad opinion –

    Existential Turd: #UndiRosak is a campaign to goad the opposition to come up with a better alternative than just a rehash of old failed BN system. (Who said so? You said so? You don’t count).

    The response, or the lack thereof, from the opposition parties have been rather disappointing. If you want their vote, it is the responsibility of the parties in contention to offer a choice that appeals to them. (PH offers not appealing to you? You wanna “thief, robber”, GST maker, ever increasing high prices of goods they don’t bother?)

    If every vote counts, as the opposition parties want, then they should be more active in engaging the people. Not by bullying/shaming them or tell them to take it or leave it. (What not engaging? Whoever politician says take it or leave it?

  12. Anonymous says:

    PM Najib Razak should be the first person to be investigated for spreading fake news for claiming that RM42 billion was “not missing” from 1Malaysia Development Board, said DAP leader Tony Pua.

    Yesterday, Najib defended 1MDB’s debt, saying the money had not “disappeared”, unlike the RM31 billion loss incurred in Bank Negara’s (BNM) foreign exchange trading scandal.

    Earlier this week, Najib had announced that the government was mulling new laws to curb fake news, which he said was a threat to political stability and public order.

    “It cannot be more ironical that the biggest purveyor of fake news today is none other than the prime minister himself,” said Pua, who is the Petaling Jaya Utara MP, in a statement.

    • Anonymous says:

      If Najib angry with Tony Pua, sorry he has thrown away ISA. Now up and down court also not sure he wins. Despite lengthening Chief Justice work period.


    Back BN to ensure 1MDB-Haj sponsorship continues, PM tells pilgrims

    Damn immoral as the funds may be from the theft, robbery and piracy of 1MDB. RM.6 billion in personal bank accounts. DoJ calls it “misappropriation of 1MDB funds nd money laundering”. The US AG calls Malaysia the worst kleptocracy ever.

    Najib in an irresponsible and highly immoral manner called on Muslims sponsored by 1MDB to perform their Haj to continue supporting the BN government. Damn. 1MDB is government’s / rakyat’s funds, not owned by BN.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Wowwwww …… To many RBA in this blog ….




    • Anonymous says:

      Woi Mat Rempit Umno,

      Kamu BM pun bersepai. Cakap BM ler. Ngapa bodoh sangat, lebih dari bangang.

      You no point to talk arr? So, why keypochi in here?

      Careful, Johor Police are after you Mat Rempits, ok?


    Salleh said, based on records, the Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) received 1,203 complaints relating to fake news and fake contents last year.

    While over 1,800 web sites, portals and blogs were blocked during the same period for distributing contents that were confusing and could lead to instability among the multi-racial communities.

    “.. the spread of fake news could jeopardise national security, religious affiliations and racial unity among the people,” he said.

    But, again, what is fake news?

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