Open Lying By DAP Without Shame!

This video shows how shameful that a Penang EXCO and ADUN can be when he denies everything, answers nothing but try to divert using personal attacks.

Fashion company Voir Bhd is listed on Bursa Malaysia and is now revealed as a large shareholder of the Penang Tunnel SPV.

Two days ago, I had exposed that Voir Bhd, in their Aug 2017 submission to Bursa Malaysia when taking a stake in the Tunnel SPV had revealed surprising differences in construction cost of the project components compared to what was in the official written answer from Penang EXCO Lim Hock Seng in the Penang State Assembly in Mar 2017 (5 months ago).

The contract value for all the 3 roads have increased significantly while that for the tunnel has decreased.

In particular, the first road contract cost has jumped 43% or RM336mil from RM776mil to RM1.1116 billion while the Tunnel contract cost has dropped 21% (almost RM800mil) from RM3.6 billion to RM2.8 billion.

I had also shown Hock Seng’s written answer which shows the breakdown in the cost of reports that showed that the reports cost for the first road is RM120mil – much higher than the RM96mil report cost for the more complicated tunnel that cost 10 times more to construct.

Documents can be viewed here.

Taken together, this is strong evidence of front-loading where the majority of the reports and construction cost have now been shifted from the Tunnel to the roads – allowing the Tunnel SPV to collect the bulk of the RM6.34 billion upfront before even starting on the tunnel itself.

Yesterday, Lim Hock Seng held a press conference to reply me.

Firstly, he gave the lame answer that he cannot comment on the figures given in Voir Bhd’s statement and asked me to ask Voir Bhd instead.

This is despite Voir’s chairman is the same person as the major shareholder and chairman of the Tunnel SPV instead.

Or is Hock Seng implying that Voir Bhd had made a false submission to Bursa – which is a also a serious offence?

Voir had also said that the SPV had received a letter of award from the Penang Govt on 9 May 2016 to undertake the construction works the first road.

Perhaps, Hock Seng can publicly reveal this letter which will show the contract sum for the first road to prove that Voir has made a false submission to Bursa?

On the other had, if the letter shows Voir Bhd is correct then someone has misled the Penang State Assembly.

Hock Seng also cowardly refused to show his own written answer which shows the breakdown of reports cost for each of the 4 components of the project.

Instead, he claimed that I am lying by saying that the cost of feasibility studies for the first road is RM120mil which cannot be true since feasibility studies for all 3 roads is RM31mil only.

But I did not say feasibility studies alone. I said cost of total reports -which includes feasibility and detailed design for the first road is RM120mil – and this is based on Hock Seng’s own written reply in the Penang DUN.

Hock Seng should now show to the public his own written reply that details the cost of reports for each of the 4 components to prove that there is no front-loading.

Instead of answering me properly, Hock Seng then took to personal attacks.

To accuse me of being a paid blogger shows he has no proper answer other than personal attacks.

I gave you clear written proof from your own self and also published official submissions to Bursa and all you can do is to accuse me of being a paid blogger an also ask me to ask Voir Bhd myself?

How lame is this? Is this the quality of DAP elected reps? This shows you cannot answer me properly and have something to hide.

Perhaps I should sue him and ask him to prove when, how much and who has paid me to “blog”.

Eric See-To

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6 Responses to Open Lying By DAP Without Shame!

  1. a says:

    What the ….

    here’s utter and complete lying when everybody concerned with 1MDB denied everything and said no wrong doing yet US DoJ 15 June 2017 Press Release pointed out huge “misappropriation of 1MDB funds and money laundering.”

    A total of US$4.5 billion (about RM19 billion) has been identified thus far as being seleweng-ed and songlap-ed from 1MDB and seizure action of assets in the value of US$1.7 billion have been taken.

    The DoJ announced 1-2 months ago that they have changed focus to “the criminal aspects” of their 1MDB investigations. Hopefully they’d put out another Press Release identifying fully “MO1” and giving details of his crimes just as the date of General Elections 14 is announced.

    Their Kleptocracy Division is committed to the promotion of democracy and ridding kleptocracy and doing that would help the situation in this country.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kit Siang: Will new MACC advisors urge probe on Dzulkifli? 1MDB? Very fitting question.

    Lim Kit Siang has called upon the MACC’s four new honorary advisors to prove their worth by demanding a probe into commission chief Dzulkifli Ahmad and national investment fund 1MDB.

    It was reported yesterday that the appointees are Mahsa Universiti chancellor Zaki Mohamed Azmi, Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd chairperson Abu Zahar Ujang, Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (Asli) director Ramon Navaratnam and Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation senior vice-chairperson Lee Lam Thye.

    Lim proposed subjecting four of them to three tests to prove they would serve “credible and effective” roles in combating graft, and not be used to “camouflage the weaponisation of MACC to harass and persecute opposition leaders”.

    “Firstly, whether they are allowed to discuss and decide on whether Dzulkifli should resign from the top MACC post.

    “As his credibility and effectiveness had been gravely undermined by a scandal which had caused him to suddenly disappear from the public scene,” he said, referring to how the chief commissioner was previously accused of having an extramarital affair with a married woman.

    The police are presently investigating the case. It is considered an offence under Malaysian law to entice a married woman.

    Will advisors demand 1MDB probe? See my next comment in the ltest post.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Religious violence may erupt in the country if police continue hunting the ex-husband and youngest daughter of M. Indira Gandhi, warned the Malaysian Association of Muslim Scholars (PUM).

    The group posted a statement on Facebook, urging police to stop looking for Muhammad Riduan Abdullah and Prasana Diksa, after the Federal Court on Monday ruled that the unilateral conversion of Indira Gandhi’s three children to Islam was null and void.

    • Anonymous says:

      What the Supreme Court has decided cannot be questioned willy nally. Use any other legal recourse, if any, to tone your grievance. Is it called applying for a Judicial Review?

  4. Anonymous says:

    When you are bloated with gas, you find the way to let it out. When you are bloated with too much food, you stop eating. And when your civil service is bloated with too many useless good-for-nothing loafers, you chop them off! When you have too much gas, too much food, or too many civil servants, you have a big problem. Chop chop chop is the only real solution! Else little is left on budget for development.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am in my late 50s. If my memory is correct, when I was in my teen, Tabong Haji was set up to justify that money kept in the bank and earning interest is haram to perform Haj. Thus, Tabong Haji is formed to help pilgrimage save without earning interest but dividend (Islamic), thus it was a halal money fit for the payment of cost the pilgrimage. Now, 1MDB can “sponsor” a haj (ie money not earned by oneself) and it that halal? Are not the reasons all now muddle?

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