Highly Suspicious Deal By Tokong

Here is another very suspicious issue about the Penang Tunnel scandal.

This is a page from the official Penang PAC report on the Penang Tunnel project.

The way that the cost of the consultancy fees to do the RM305mil reports seems to be structured to be front-loaded with the intention that the bulk of the fees are quickly paid by the Penang Govt up-front.

The fees to do the report for the 10.6km Tanjung Bungah to Teluk Bahang paired roads with construction cost of RM377 million is a staggering RM120.4 million.

This means the reports cost for this road is 32% of the construction cost – which breaks all government cost guidelines where such a project should only cost a maximum of 5% only.

Compare this to the RM96mil cost of reports for the much more complicated undersea tunnel that cost RM3.5 billion to construct.

Remember that this costing is from official Penang Govt sources.

It is so ridiculously lop-sided and front-loaded that you can only conclude that the project was designed to get maximum money upfront that even if the actual tunnel reports and project never gets done, it doesn’t matter as the company awarded the project would have already made all their money.

Among the many suspicious activities and possible wrong-doings in this project, I am confident that the MACC will also be investigating this issue.

Eric See-To

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  1. "Sell a few states to China" says:

    The Chinese government’s efforts of recent days to police how foreign businesses refer to parts of China, or territories claimed by Beijing, including Taiwan and Hong Kong.

    Thank goodness Najib has not followed Mahathir’s sarcastic suggestion to sell a few states in Malaysia to China to pay debts. Otherwise, Malaysia also kina.

    On Thursday the government suspended Marriott International Inc’s Chinese website for a week to punish the world’s biggest hotel chain for listing Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau as separate countries in a customer questionnaire.

    • China win says:

      Japan govt to back bid for RM36b Malaysia-Singapore rail link project

      Semipublic fund to back Japan bid for Malaysia-Singapore rail line
      Nikkei Asian Review

      But the Chinese company bidder may win the bid, no matter the above. Tun M advising Najib to “Sell a few states to China” (sarcastically or not) indicate that.

      There may be a bigger pot than the 1MDB lot.

      • Anonymous says:

        If PH wins PRU14, we’ll act on the clod.

      • Anonymous says:

        PENANG’S chief minister today asked the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) why it was pursuing the state’s undersea tunnel project which had an open tender and not federal projects that had been awarded by direct tender.

        Lim Guan Eng named the RM55 billion East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) which was awarded directly to its Chinese contractor in 2016.

        “The ECRL project was awarded directly to its contractor without going through an open tender. Why is that project not being investigated?” he told a press conference today.

        Penang’s undersea tunnel and three highways, however, had gone through an open tender and had been transparent, the DAP secretary-general added.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually when a minister from BN chooses not to raise any questions or pursue the truth with regards to 1MDB, they actually have no right to question what the opposition party is doing in their own states. When Wee Ka Siong did not question MO1 or pursue the colossal sum lost in 1MDB, Wee Ka Siong then have no right to question the Penang State Government of how they run their administration. What Wee Ka Siong and gang did was just trying to score political points and nothing more. They, also have demonstrated what genuine hypocrisy is.

        • Anonymous says:

          The arrests of various company officers and consultants involved by MACC is viewed as criminal intimidation by the rakyat and reinforces the perception that MACC is just a pawn of UMNO, especially when it’s head is under the cloud of the Bali scandal.

          Lies and doctored figures are how the BN plays its game of deception. But to combat this scourge, displaying the right and truthful numbers is not enough. Criminal defamation charges must be pressed by the state government to ensure that the real facts and numbers are drilled into these wayward politicians and their supporters. That is the only way to get the numbers published in public for all to see and believe.

        • Anonymous says:


          • Anonymous says:

            Kurang Ajar Tulisan Cina Bukit

            Pendatang ini kurang ajar tak habis habis. Di beritahu dengan Bahasa Inggeris berkali kali pasal menggunakan tulisan cacing di blog yang biasa dengan BI dan BM, tidak di peduli nya. Tak hormatkan Perlembagaan Negara berkenaan penggunaan BM dan bahasa ibunda.

            Ini nyata Cina Bukit, turun temurun “hill tribes of South China” yang professor sejarah kata menduduki Selatan China sabelom penduduk Utara China turun ke selatan beribu tahun dahulu. Berkahwin campuran dah beribu tahun, tapi tabi’at Cina Bukit itu tidak hilang.

            Mereka di bawa ke negara ini dek celaka British kolonial sebagai kuli (coolies) di abad 19. Cina Bukit sudah tentu tidak bertamadun, tak reti bahasa, tak hormatkan sesiapa, tak hormatkan Perlembagaan negara berkenaan Bahasa Kebangsaan, maka telah di halau berhijrah ke negara yang Perlembagaan nya mereka hormati.

    • Anonymous says:

      Since Najib can “convert” $2.6 billion of corruption money to be termed as donation, he can do his magical stuff to account for the $270 m transaction involved in the Jln Semarak land deal.

      The Police and forensic investigations will become a farce and the AG will then stamped the case “NFA required”. This will be the storyline from FELDA and Shahrir.

  2. Mubarak Chan says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen. The Chief Minister of a Malaysian State should be involved in the proper administration of the State and not involved in all sorts of funny deals which are not the concern of Chief Ministers. The Prime Ministers of DAP Vaterland Singapore were never involved in deals using the Singapore Government’s clout. But in Pulau Pinang, attempts were made to have opacity and complicated linkages between commercial digits. What is the purpose for this opacity and complications ?

    • Anonymous says:

      LSS and Murtabak care to comment that Najib likely give the China envoy role to Ong Ka Chuan, and Tanking Malim will be contested by MCA’s Ma Han Soon?

    • Anonymous says:

      The link between Vertice Berhad and the project deliverers, Consortium Zenith Construction Sdn Bhd (CZC), is through their common director Zarul Ahmad Mohd Zulkifli.

      What’s wrong if Zarul Ahmad wanted his company Vertice Berhad to buy into CZC? MCA think they can deceive Penangites into believing that there must be hanky-panky if a fashion company is also involved in the tunnel project.

      If Umno and Putrajaya can renege on their promise to improve public transport in Penang through the now-shelved monorail, they should not throw a spanner in the works of the Penang tunnel/LRT project being carried out by the Pakatan Harapan government, which was elected by the people.

      Malaysians should replace those corrupt leaders in Putrajaya who could not do something good, and would not allow others to do it.

  3. 1MDB Deals More Suspicious Than Any says:

    Highly Suspicious Deal By Tokong? 1MDB Deals More Suspicious Than Any.

    More than “suspicious” when the US Justice Dept (DoJ) have said in their Press Release of 15 June 2017 about the “misappropriation of 1MDB funds and money laundering” – http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/us-seeks-recover-approximately-540-million-obtained-corruption-involving-malaysian-sovereign

    The DoJ has said their Kleptocracy Division which is committed to the promotion of democracy and helping get rid of kleptocracy in the world, has changed its focus from mere identifying of wrong doings to the “criminal aspects” of their 1MDB investigations.

    It is hoped that they would help bringing down kleptocracy in Malaysia by announcing the results of their criminal investigations, revealing the full identity of “MO1” and the crimes he committed, before General Elections 14.

    • 1MDB Deals More Suspicious Than Any says:

      It’s a “corruption scandal “, nothing less, nothing more –

      Jeff Sessions calls Malaysia’s 1MDB scandal ‘kleptocracy at its worst’

      The U.S. attorney-general described a multi-billion dollar corruption scandal involving a Malaysian state fund as the worst form of kleptocracy, and said the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) was working to provide justice to the victims.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nothing more?

        Tun Dr Mahathir called it “theft .. robbery .. piracy ..”.

        Saying “Bugis pirate”, some people didn’t like it. But if the guy is a Bugis, he’s a Bugis, innit?

        He even announced he was a Bugis when going to Madagascar, the land of the Bugis. Putting aside the definition of a Malay under the Constitution. Maybe has not read the books on the Malays entitled

        1. The Malay Civilization
        2. Tamadun Alam Melayu

        published by the Historical Society of Malaysia, available at their 5-storey building, opposite IJN, Jalan Tun Razak, KL.

    • Anonymous says:

      The trials and tribulations of Najib’s scandalized time at the helm of Malaysian politics have been scrutinized by journalists, the police, and authorities across the world – https://thediplomat.com/2018/01/how-will-malaysias-najib-razak-fare-in-2018/

      What utter shame.

      How to allow Najib continue running the country after Pru14? Cannot.

      • Dirty scoundrel's behaviour. says:

        Where got crooks got shame?

        Just hide the Auditor General’s report on 1MDB accounts under the Official Secrets Act.

        Dirty scoundrel’s behaviour. Rascal.

        The new gomen must open the AuG’s report for public knowledge soon after Najib is ousted at the elections.

  4. Leave if you don't agree with constitution says:

    Muslim NGO chief: Leave if you don’t agree with constitution

    The leader of a group of Islamic NGOs has called on those who don’t agree with the Federal Constitution to find another country to live.

    Gerakan Pembela Ummah (Ummah defenders movement, Ummah) chairperson Ismail Mina Ahmad also said that those who seek to change the constitution should be opposed.

    “We urge all citizens to defend and respect the Federal Constitution. All attempt to give a (different) interpretation or to confuse or change (the constitution) must be opposed.

    “So whoever doesn’t agree with the Federal Constitution, they can go find a country that suits them and go live there,” Ismail Mina said in his keynote address at the Ummah Uprising convention in Kuala Lumpur today.


    • Not Racist - Unlike Donald Trump says:

      Saying the above is not racist.

      By definition, what makes a person racist is when the bloke is antagonistic to other races, i.e, not just saying, also doing.

      Donald Trump even uses vulgar words against the Blacks, referring to them as coming from “shithole countries”. He is now being whacked for that, after being accused as “mentally unstable”; he denied, saying “I’m a genius.”

      And Trump did prevent Muslims, Latinos, Yellow people and non-Whites from entering the country, now even wants to build a wall on the border with Mexico. Crazy racist bugger.

      • Anonymous says:

        The caption showing on CNN TV screen right now says: Trump Casts A Slur On 1/4 Of The World’s Nations.

        Damn the bugger.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those who want to leave and live under the US Constitution may still be able to enter US now.

      Trump’s immigration ban has been opposed even by US Judges, been watered down, and all kinds of foreigners can still enter US fairly easily, except those with Muslim names.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hadi: If PAS gets 40 seats, we can decide who forms gov’t

    And demand PAS Hudud be implemented?

    • Anonymous says:

      Moderate Malays must educate fellow Malays not to fall into PAS muslihat.

      • Collusion producing PAS Hudud says:

        Also make sure only a handful of non-Muslims vote PAS and UMNO/BN.

        Otherwise they collude, worse than Donald Trump Campaign collusion with the Russians.

        PAS and UMNO/BN collusion will produce PAS Hudud.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Umno still worried Mahathir will reshape Umno – malaysiakini

    That shows they very scared of Tun M, that Tun has big influence, can bring many votes to Pakatan.

    • Anonymous says:

      Azmin offers his Gombak seat for Mahathir to contest
      FMT Reporters

      Shows unity in PH, willingness to sacrifice in the efforts to unseat Najib at Pru14. Looks like Najib will be unseated.

  7. Anonymous says:

    As a society, the education system is also important. Alas in this country we have tweaking education policies like they say as oft as changing underwear. We had a good education system after independence based on the British Ox-Bridge system. The affirmative UMNO policies screwed up the system churning out 2 generations of non so excellent graduates. Singapore has maintained the British system. Entry to institutions of learning is by merit. Hence a good education is also important, not just any education. Besides our affirmative sicial economics policies had been abused by Umnoputras who are self serving. The benefits of these affirmative policies for 50 years never filter down to the poor or middle class socially disadvantaged Malays. They still form the largest group of B40. Likewise there are a lot of orang asal eg. orang asli, Sabah & Sarawak natives who are still poor.

    • Anonymous says:

      “as oft as changing underwear.”

      Note that the dirty blokes don’t change underwear often. Not just corruption, “misappropriation of 1MDB funds and money-laundering” but also Gonorrhea, VD, AIDS and the like are the result.

      Don’t touch those blokes with your votes.

      • Helen Ang says:

        Hopefully my Abang Jamal Tongkol is that in category. Otherwise i will trully disappointed and no much meaning to carry on the struggle.

    • Ultrakiasu? says:

      “Entry to institutions of learning is by merit. ”

      Forget that in Malaysia. You fellows were given the business and education tongkats by the British colonialists, are now mostly well-off economically, have access to tuition etc, already have universities like the one elevated from Kolej Tengku A Rahman (TAR) and Kok Weng whatever – you want to be majority in all the universities?

      You ultrakiasu? Want to win always, nobody else can win even by affirmative action? Are you Malaysian? What kind of Malaysian are you? Not respecting the quid pro quo or the consideration for the Malays agreeing to your citizenship right at Merdeka – the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak under Article 153 of the Constitution?

      • Anonymous says:

        Let the Malays and the Bumiputeras, including the Orang Asli, win in certain cases. They form about 70% of the population.

      • Helen Ang says:

        How article 152 of the Federal Constitution?
        My Abang Jamal Tongkol says Article 152 more important than 153.

        • Anonymous says:

          Any proof or link to what Jamal said?

          You trying to make fun of Article 153 regarding the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak? Which is a sensitive Article of the Constitution, protected by the Sedition Act?

    • Glib fellow says:

      “.. our affirmative si(o)cial economics policies had been abused by Umnoputras who are self serving.” If so, whack the Umnoputras, not the whole Malay race, many are as clever as the non-Malays, only some admittedly enter universities not quite by merit.

      “The benefits of these affirmative policies for 50 years never filter down to the poor or middle class socially disadvantaged Malays.” Never? Who said so? Any proof, evidence? Or you are just loose-tongued, glib fellow.

    • Anonymous says:

      “a lot of orang asal eg. orang asli, Sabah & Sarawak natives who are still poor.”

      Of course they are still poor. Only after Merdeka did they get access to secondary schools and some, access to English schools in the towns. Only the Malay-led government started to build so many residential schools to cater for those who otherwise had only 4 years of primary schools and in the Malay language in the kampongs, far in between one another.

      Without education, they could hardly get decent jobs and no chance to move up from being poor. So, the Chinese, who have been the richest community in this country for decades, have to be broad-minded, understand and accept those situations, be helpful in the attempts to spread the cake around, help in the re-structuring of Malaysian society and avoid the reasons of the race riots in 1969 – identification race with social functions. Read the book, “13 May 1969: A Tragedy, published by the National Operations Council” – google those words you’ll get there on the internet.

      • Know the history of the country says:

        Know the history of the country.

        Note that the orang asal eg. orang asli, Sabah & Sarawak natives are also Malays / Bumiputeras – read the book “The Malay Civilization” published by the Historical Society of Malaysia.

        They belong to “The Large Family of Malays” with over 1,000 “Family of Malay languages”, originating in the Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu (the Malay Archipelago) and now stretching to Madagascar and Taiwan where there are Malays living on the highlands area, having many common words like “nyior” for coconut.

        The affirmative action covers them as well. Go to UiTM and you’ll find them there as well. They are moving up from being poor, via education. And don’t anyone talk or say anything that’ll deny them that. Tiada maaf bagi sesiapa yang buat begitu.

        • Helen Ang says:

          How about the poor chinese and Indians? Dont they need to be helped too? Why only bumiputeras?
          You forgot about the Taman Manggis Indian community?

          • Anonymous says:

            That’s the problem with you people who did not study History in schools – those who missed the recent Ministry of Education decision making History compulsory, such that no pass in History, no certificate.

            Know the history of this country so that you have the proper perspectives when making comments and talking with others.

            Yes, the Indian poor needs government help. But do know, for example, that The Chinese have been given all sorts of tongkat during 80 years of British colonial rule – all kinds of schools (including in English) in the towns where most Chinese lived (only 4 years of primary schools in the kampongs), all kinds of business incentives e.g mining licences, mining land leases, all kinds of lottery licences (easy money to accumulate capital to do business), licenses to trade in tin, rubber, etc.

            From those, the Chinese advanced economically. Even after Merdeka, the Malay-led government gave the tongkat to the Chinese – the sugar monopoly to Robert Kuok (which made him a millionaire, then billionaire), the Social Welfare Lottery license to Vincent Tan (made him a millionaire, now a billionaire?), etc.

            The Chinese have become the richest in the country for decades already. The Chinese
            have all sorts of “kongsis”, clan and trade associations and guilds that help fellow Chinese. Chinese millionaires frequently give donations so much that UTAR at one time refused a RM20 million donation by a Chinese engineer millionaire. Only last year, Robert Kuok announced in Kajang that he is “twin footed” (one foot in China) but gave RM100 million to a Chinese educational institution, though never read about him giving to Malays or Indians. The Chinese poor can always get financial assistance from the many Chinese millionaire and billionaires.

            Despite UTAR, Kok Wing and other private universities, you still begrudge the affirmative action for the Bumiputeras who were given MINIMAL EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE and ABSOLUTELY NO ASSISTANCE OR EVEN ENCOURAGEMENT IN BUSINESS by the bloody British colonialists and want more places for Chinese students at public universities? What kind of ultra kiasu are you? Apa lagi lu mau?

          • The Nasty Masquerading Bloke says:

            This guy masquerading as Helen Ang is nasty.

            He could be a DAP supporter, trying to smear the name of Helen Ang who has a blog and often critical of DAP.

            Presumably not entertained by Helen Ang, his nasty comments not published there, he vents his frustration by using her name to write ultra kiasu comments in here. Last I read, Helen Ang is pro-BN but is not ultra kiasu.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “DAP has never lost in Penang before” said Gerakan boss Mah. This is a revealing statement from Gerakan who felt that DAP did not deserve to rule and Gerakan is the rightful ruling party. This is an abominable arrogance, a slap on the face of Penang electorate.

  9. . says:

    Good news.

    Shafie Apdal and Warisan support PH and the ousting of Najib at Pru14. Only Dr Mahathir can solve Malaysia’s debt woes, he said.

    Shafie said even Dr Mahathir’s former enemies are working with him to bring down the Barisan Nasional government.

    He has thrown his support behind Dr Mahathir as the next prime minister, saying the Pakatan Harapan chairman is the only leader capable of getting Malaysia out of its current debt crisis.

    The Parti Warisan Sabah president said the ability of the 92-year-old was proven when he helped Malaysia weather the Asian financial crisis in 1997.

    “He knows how to get the country out of trouble. Dr Mahathir has the experience. We don’t need to know his age, but we still need his knowledge and experience to bring Malaysia out of a debt trap.

    “The national debt is growing and it is just a matter of time when the government will no longer have the finances to settle its debts,” he told a crowd of 2,000 supporters at the “Bicara Pemimpin Warisan” in Kadamaian, Kota Belud yesterday.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sarawak opposition throws its support behind central leadership –
      The Malaysian Insight

      “To topple Umno, there is no better person than Dr Mahathir. He has the respect and confidence of the rural Malays, which many other leaders in PH lack,” Sarawak PH and DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen said at a press conference also attended by PKR Sarawak chairman Baru Bian and Amanah Sarawak chairman Fidzuan Zaidi.

  10. . says:

    Shafie Afdal urged the crowd of 2,000 supporters at the “Bicara Pemimpin Warisan” in Kadamaian, Kota Belud to forget their grudge against Dr Mahathir, Shafie. He said Sabahans need to look beyond their grudge to bring about “big change” in the 14th general election.

    Shafie said even Dr Mahathir’s former foes like DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim were able to set aside their differences for a bigger goal, that is to oust the Barisan Nasional government.

    “Lim was Dr Mahathir’s arch-enemy and Anwar was the man he put in jail when he was prime minister. Yet, they can still accept him now. They also support him as the next prime minister.

    Shafie said the BN government implemented the GST because of the country’s rising debts, adding, there was no need to implement a regressive tax regime.

    “More importantly, if the government can manage the country’s finances properly, there is no need for the GST, which is being collected at every level of the business system,” he said.

    Shafie, an economics graduate, said there were other mechanisms the government can use to generate revenue.

    He pledged to abolish GST. Hee told the crowd that if Warisan formed the Sabah government, one of the things it will do is to abolish the GST and will work with Pakatan Harapan to achieve this goal.

    • Anonymous says:

      Grudge? But millions support him. Some one wrote in the Independent:

      As PM of Malaysia for 22 years, he faced down party revolts, street protests and even royalty. And in his retirement years, he picked fights with sitting prime ministers. (He fought those who are wrong, including “1MDB pirate”).

      However, it could be said that throughout his political career, his one true nemesis was Lee Kuan Yew. Mahathir admitted .. they disagreed on just about everything else. (I fully support Mahathir, against nasty Lee Kuan Yew).


    A total of 92 state seats nationwide have significant Felda settlements.

    Some settlers, politicians and lawyers allege the Felda replanting agreement is biased and has burdened settlers with large debts. PH must exploit those fully.

    According to one of the lawyers who studied the agreement, Felda crafted an agreement where settlers would relinquish management of their estates to the land agency so that it could replant the land with oil palm trees.

    It took about three years to replant and for the trees to mature, during which the smallholdings did not produce anything. During the replanting period, settlers received a RM1,500 monthly living allowance that has to be repaid once their estates begin turning a profit.

    PH needs to find ways to overcome the “BN contributions” sentiment that caused settlers to remain indebted to the ruling government for giving them land.

    Najib has announced several incentives for Felda settlers, including housing programmes, debt forgiveness and cash handouts amounting to RM475 million.

    A total of 94,956 settlers will get RM5,000 as a reward for their support for the government.


      Universiti Utara Malaysia academic Prof Azizuddin Sani said Dr Mahathir had done a lot for Felda settlers during his time in office.

      “Definitely, he will be able to capture their attention and speak to them about the issues facing the company and settlers. This is positive for the opposition, as before this they made little headway there,” said Azizuddin.

      However, Dr Mahathir’s reaching out to settlers and getting their attention is not enough. Bersatu and Pakatan Harapan have to offer an alternative to what BN is doing.

      Mazlan Aliman, who heads Felda settlers organization, ANAK, said, “Bersatu has grassroots strength and its leaders are known among Felda voters, it makes it easier for us to make inroads into Felda areas.”

      He said he was aware that sentiment alone was not enough to win the settlers over.

      “We are working with the PH parties and are proposing some ideas. Something big is coming,” he said.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Mahathir, speaking at a rally organised by his Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, said:

    “Najib will cheat. In 1999, when he almost lost in Pekan, he resorted to bringing in Orang Asli people and soldiers, and they were forced to support him. As a result, he won with just 200 votes.”

    • Helen Ang says:

      My Abang Jamal Tongkol says it is okay to cheat. He also cheated so many times and still alive and kicking Nomar’s butt.

    • Election Commission Cheating? says:

      Mahathir gave evidence of ‘phantom voters’ in Malaysia’s electoral rolls. Shocking. Terrible.

      Dr Mahathir said there are 900 voters with the same name of Fatimah Ismail who had the same date of birth listed in the electoral roll.

      Imagine that. Not 9, not 90, but 900 names with the same date of birth. Terrible cheating. How come? nd in the Electoral Rolls.

      Dr Mahathir added that nine million voters (out of 13 million in 2013) in the electoral roll who were registered without their full addresses. How come. And these are in the Electoral Rolls produced by the Election Commission.

      “There are those with house numbers but no road names, there are also those with road names but no house numbers. “And we checked one address in Alor Setar where there are 11 registered voters, but when we got there, there are only two. We do not know where the rest are coming from,” said Dr Mahathir, as quoted by TMI and reported by Singapore Straits Times. Damn shameful.

      There is also a house where the number of registered voters are more than 70.” How come? And this is the Electoral Rolls produced by the Election Commission.

      He was speaking at the launch of a Kuala Lumpur division of his Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) on Sunday evening.


      • Anonymous says:

        Bersih should go to the streets, again.

        Follow the rules but get the message out to the rakyat on the hideous things going on with the Electoral Rolls produced by the same Election Commission that has been protested to time and again.

        Where is Maria Chin? The rakyat will support and join your demonstrations done according the Peaceful Assembly Act.

      • Phantom Voters Culprits says:

        The Police and MACC must go after the culprits responsible for allowing such nonsense as 900 names with same date of borth in the Electoral Rolls. Including the Election Commission/

  13. PH Win says:

    At best, PH may have shaky hold on Putrajaya in GE, says Politweet, the social media research firm specialising in politics. Shaky or not, so long as can take over the government and sort out the mess Najib has created.

    PH can only form a stable federal government if it can win more seats in east Malaysia, according to their simulation. It used the Opposition’s performance during the 2013 general election as its base year and gave PH a five-point increase (an additional five per cent chance of a person voting for them), which saw them forming a government with 115 to 117 out of the 222 parliamentary seats.

    “In a straight fight against (ruling coalition) BN (Barisan Nasional), PH can form the federal government with a five-point swing of support leading to a win of 115 seats,” it said. To win, PH need 113 seats.

    But that’s Politweet simulation. Simulation by others, using different approaches, may show bigger wins.

  14. nevergv says:

    though never read about him giving to Malays or Indians.

    when robert kuok is owner of suar factory, 1 kg highest is rm1.60
    so try fijure out how much he give just by sugar.

    • nevergv says:

      The Chinese have become the richest in the country for decades already. The Chinese
      have all sorts of “kongsis”, clan and trade associations and guilds that help fellow Chinese. Chinese millionaires frequently give donations so much that UTAR at one time refused a RM20 million donation

      if the BN/UMNO has given UTAR or chinese education just one tenth of what given to the bumiputras/melay, then robert kuok can divert more of his money sell cheaper sugar and floor.

      • nevergv says:

        Know the history of this country so that you have the proper perspectives when making comments and talking with others.

        But do know, for example, that The Chinese have been given all sorts of tongkat during 80 years of British colonial rule – all kinds of schools (including in English) in the towns where most Chinese lived (only 4 years of primary schools in the kampongs), all kinds of business incentives e.g mining licences, mining land leases, all kinds of lottery licences (easy money to accumulate capital to do business), licenses to trade in tin, rubber, etc.

        know the mentality lah!!!! first the chinese was not given all sort of aids.
        please proof.
        please proof.
        most school built are missionary schools lah. if the original local choose to stay back in kampong and refuse to study in missionary schools, what can the mat salleh do?????
        and after the british become the boss, the original local choose not to work with the mat salleh boss, what can do.
        just like until today choose not to study in mat salleh language what to do.
        go to google, how much have the national language being promoted or defenced.
        nowadays an indon from java have to speak mat salleh language to a original local.

        • Anonymous says:

          Olely told you what kinds of tongkat the British gave the chinese, you talk please proof, where got meaning one?

          Not clever lah you say most school built are missionary schools. The “High Schools” were missionary schools arr?

          Aiyyo, what talking after the british become the boss, the original local choose not to work with the mat salleh boss?

          Which Chinese school you went, arr, ah chong?

      • Anonymous says:

        3:59 pm,

        You no unnerstand history issit? Know nothing about Constitution Article 153? Ask, people lorr. Dun ask people same like you – ask lawyer, something like that, ok?

    • Anonymous says:

      Wat you tok one?

      Wat got meaning ” when robert kuok is owner of suar factory, 1 kg highest is rm1.60 so try fijure out how much he give just by sugar”?

      You Chinese school drop out arr?

      • revenv says:

        Article 153 of the Constitution of Malaysia grants the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King of Malaysia) responsibility for “safeguard[ing] the special position of the ‘Malays’(see note) and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak and the legitimate interests of other communities” and goes on to specify ways to do this, such as establishing quotas for entry into the civil service, public scholarships and public education.

      • Helen Ang says:

        May b. Drop out but made a lot of money and in return sponsored a lot of bumiputeras overseas.
        Better than some fake bumiputera leeching on tax payers to survive and collecting pensions every montj

        • Fake Helen Ang says:

          “sponsored a lot of bumiputeras overseas”? How? By saying good luck?

          Who is “fake bumiputera”? “leeching on tax payers”? Those who made alot of money also leech on taxpayers and the rakyat. For a long time already the GLCs including Petronas have been paying a total of 40% of the tax collected by the gomen.

          Wrong “collecting pensions every montj”? Nonsense. Ask your Chinese school classmates who did not drop out.

  15. a says:

    Now, why does Shahrir have to say this? Guilty conscious for Najib on 1MDB etc?

    Shahrir: Najib not involved in Felda land transfer – M’kini

    Moral of the story: Don’t seleweng and songlap anything from state funds – 1MDB, whatever. US Dept of Justice (DoJ) cannot be lying when they submitted a 251-page report to the US court when taking asset seizure action against Najib’s stepson Riza Aziz and crony Jho Taek.

    Saying “misappropriation of 1MDB funds and money laundering”, DoJ has said they have changed focus to the “criminal aspects” of their 1MDB investigations.

    Malaysians are now hoping that the DoJ Kleptocracy Division, which is committed to promoting democracy and weeding out kleptocracy in the world, will assist in removing the kleptocrat in Malaysia by announcing the results of their investigations stating the full identity of “MO1” and his crimes just before General Elections 14.

  16. a says:

    Here’s a comment in Malaysiakini against Gerakan Pembela Ummah leader Ismail Mina Ahmad saying, “If you don’t like the Constitution, leave”.

    The comment has a nasty heading, “Why would non-Malays be patriotic to this country?” The bloke sounds not patriotic when talking that way.

    It says, “Non-Malays will never be treated as equals in this country.” When said that way, the response is naturally: that’s true when the Constitution has the sensitive, Sedition Act-protected and non-amendable Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. All Malaysians must accept and respect the Constitution.

    It’s unfortunate that it is always the non-Malays ..”who have to prove that they are patriotic to demonstrate how much they love this country”. True, Malays have leaders who have engaged in massive corruption. So, do whack them endlessly.

    But it’s questionable that the Malay leaders have “destroyed the rule of law”. And when a Malay leader “enacted bills that would curtail the power of the sultans”, that’s in the interest of the rakyat which are protected against any unacceptable acts done in their non-official capacity.

    And those who “made racist and bigoted speeches calling for the spilling of non-Malay blood”, do ensure not to vote them / their party into power.

    No, the non-Malays don’t have to defend their “success” in Tanah Melayu, that they work hard. Remember, the Malays also work hard – from having only 1% wealth in the country in 1970, they got 23% corporate wealth (not counting other aspects of wealth) during Tun Mahathir’s rule and now Forbes.com says there are 8 Malays among the 50 richest in Malaysia, thousands of Malays having Master’s degrees and PhDs.

    Not true that you are not beholden to anything “… constitutional’. Having got citizenship right agreed to by the Malays at Merdeka is the biggest privilege for you. In fact, you got citizenship “right”, inalienable, undeniable, to eternity. The least to come from you is accept, respect, abide by the Constitution and be loyal to the country. Being patriotic helps – it shows you can be counted upon to defend the country in times of war.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Najib takes an ‘old is gold’ swipe at Mahathir
    ‘There is someone who is 93 but does not want to retire,’ jokes the premier.

    How to retire when the country is in a mess under Najib. Selling land to China, 1MDB, rampant corruption, even RM200+ million FELDA land transferred to a private company.

    • Anonymous says:

      Endlessly rising prices of goods in this country, not just petrol but all goods.

      And now Najib says “M’sians complain (petrol prices) more than Arabs”. Sure lah, because the Saudis have higher income than Malaysians, the highest oil reserves in the world.

      Waaaa, go to Saudi and on return claim “Saudi Arabia emulated Malaysia in implementing the GST”?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Amid GE speculation, first 2018 parliament sitting dates announced
    The first sitting will be held from March 5 to April 5.

    Announcing sitting dates does not mean elections cannot be held during those dates. Membubarkan Parlimen can be done anytime.

  19. Long Live Fat Mama says:

    It’s people, no longer families and cronies first, says Umno Youth leader

    Saying about UMNO leaders “families and cronies first”?

  20. Anonymous says:

    「照版煮碗」以视频回应魏家祥 林冠英:中国铁建仍是主要承包商

    (檳城20日讯)在马华署理总会长拿督魏家祥3天前录製一则5分钟57秒的视频,並上传到视频网站You Tube,以向檳首长林冠英「请教」有关檳城海底隧道计划的事项后,林冠英今早也「照版煮碗」,在官方面子书上载「林冠英妙答魏家祥」的视频。


    林冠英在视频中的前段,先祝愿各听眾「salam bersih」及「salam harapan」后,话锋一转直接切入主题,称:「是的,马华部长魏家祥又来找碴了。他继续质问股东更动该计划是否仍可行。」







    针对魏家祥质问拥有权易手及质问为何一家服装公司拥有Zenith 13.2%的股权,林冠英则在视频中解释,主要承包商仍然是中国铁建,而拥有股份並不代表对方就是主要承包商。

    「任谁都可以投资一家公司啊。Vertice 可以投资、魏家祥也可以投资,甚至是首相也可以投资,但无论如何,计划还是由主要承包商中国铁建兴建。」





    • Anonymous says:

      This bastard using worm writing in an English or Bahasa Malaysia blog may think his language reflects high culture. He must be told of
      The Myth of the Chinese Cultural Pre-eminence

      Ancient Chinese records aggrandized Chinese culture while at the same time denying the achievements of other cultures and races. Chinese historical documents had often been re-written, making it difficult to ascertain the truths.

      The burning of the books occurred not just over 2,000 years ago during Emperor Chin Shih Huang Di, but also in the 1960s during the so-called Cultural Revolution of Mao Zedong.

      Chinese history claimed China as the “Middle Kingdom”, others around them, and even far away, as “barbaric and uncivilized”.

      Those thinking theirs is a higher culture and others have a lower one must read what History Professor Wang Gung-Wu (formerly of Universiti Malaya, now in Singapore?) said in his essay “Early Ming Relations with S.E.Asia” pg. 36:

      “ … All peoples who believed that they alone were civilized did so because they thought their neighbours less civilized than themselves. This view was often proved wrong by subsequent contact with other civilized peoples.”

      Another academician, Albert Kolb, also pointed out in his book, “East Asia”, 1971,

      “For a long time, it (Chinese culture) was taken to be older, and possibly also richer in original features, than in fact it is”. (Pg 25).

      “Chinese culture cannot be thought of as originally Chinese because the Chinese themselves emerged gradually as a blend of many races and peoples”. (Pg 26).

      According to Professor Wolfram Eberhard, in his book “A History of China”, 1977, writings about ancient China were inventions of a later period, what were said to have been done by the Chinese rulers and the dates they were said to have been done appeared to be even later still. All these indicated that historical writings in China were meant to serve certain politico-ethical objectives.

      These are the words Professor Eberhard himself wrote:

      “Furthermore, we can now state with certainty that the historical data which were given in written documents for times down to 1,000 BC are false. They are the result of astronomical-astrological calculations, made by specialists of later times who pursued their own special political aims by doing these calculations”. (Pg 1).

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