Tokong Playing Sympathy Card, We Are Not Stupid Lah!

Media Statement from Abdul Rahman Dahlan

Guan Eng should stop fishing for sympathy

1. News portals reported today that there is a possibility that DAP’s Lim Guan Eng may not contest in GE14 citing his upcoming corruption trial dates as a reason.

2. It is important to note that Guan Eng was charged with these two counts of corruption more than 1 1/2 years ago in July 2016.

3. The trial dates are only being scheduled now after such a long delay because of Guan Eng’s attempt to challenge the MACC act as unconstitutional – a case that went through the High Court, Court of Appeals and all the way up to the Federal Court.

3. Whether this was a deliberate attempt to delay his trial, only Guan Eng knows.

4. Therefore, Guan Eng only has himself to blame if his court dates are scheduled as they are now.

5. Guan Eng should have confidence in our courts where he will be allowed to defend himself in an open and transparent manner. The public will also get the chance to look at the evidence against him as this trail will receive public and media attention.

6. The length of former Selangor Menteri Besar Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo for a similar offence which started in 2010 until he was convicted in the year 2015 will provide comfort to Guan Eng that there is little to fear that he is not able to contest in GE14. Whether he will win or DAP keeps the Penang state government or not is, of course, entirely different matter altogether.

Abdul Rahman Dahlan,
Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications

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16 Responses to Tokong Playing Sympathy Card, We Are Not Stupid Lah!

  1. Helen Ang says:

    You and your assistant Eric can go to hell, bapok. For training purpose, you and Eric can start playing each other’s backside.

    • Goobladigook says:

      How and why AG finds Najib no wrong doing in 1MDB but Guan Eng got wrong doing in Penang?

      Implying US Dept of Justice (DoJ) reports in a 251-page document submitted to the US Court re the Reza Aziz and Jho Tae asset seizure action not true?

      No attempts to get those facts directly from the DoJ? Don’t want to keep the DoJ facts in their files? How come bias? A former Judge s allowed to be bias when in the capacity of AG?

      • Anonymous says:

        MCA, you people are still oblivious as to what you have done wrong against the Chinese community or what you have not done to protect the Chinese community! So, no matter how much we try to tell you, everything is or has fallen on deaf ears. What’s the use of repeating it so many times when MCA want a to play dumb? Better you people get ready to be buried after GE14, then all of you can RIP.

        • Anonymous says:

          So when a majority of individuals in a community prioritizes the values of shame and dignity, they ensure that the nation they are living in is of highest standard in every aspect. This is one of the most important factor for a developing nation to strive for. But this is not the case with the malays. The malays often speak of maruah Melayu or ketuanan Melayu. But their maruah is only limited within the confines of their hak bumiputera and nothing else. With the over glorification of Islam, it just fits the malays perfectly doesn’t it. Islam teaches you ( or demands you) every single aspect of human lives. Or how Muslims like to describe Islam as not just a religion but a lifestyle. A perfect religion for the malays. You have the government giving you special privileges and you have your religion to tell you how to live your life. There isno need for any mental cognition. Noneed for shame and dignity to live life in the highest standards.

          • Anonymous says:

            Woi, ultra kiasu bastard. are you so damn stupid when saying “the government giving you special privileges”? You certainly deserve more than “KEPALA BAPAK KAU”. Maybe PUXI MAK KAU.

            You a Chinese school drop out? Pooing shit all over the place, even on your head and in your mouth? Never learnt History? Don’t know the Constitution that was drafted by the British as they were giving independence to this country (at that time, Malaya)?

            Now, shove it into your otak udang Cina Bukit head: the British had it enshrined in the Constitution as Article 153 The Special Position of the Malays (extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak upon the formation of Malaysia) AS THE CONSIDERATION OR QUID PRO QUO FOR THE MALAYS AGREEING TO THE CITIZENSHIP RIGHT OF THE NON-MALAYS AT MERDEKA. No such thing as the Government giving it, stupid.

            You Ultra Kiasu Cina Bukit ungrateful ingrate pendatang now try to insult the Malays, saying “no need for any mental cognition. Noneed for shame and dignity”.

            PUXI MAK KAU must have been sodokked by a wild boar and produced a damn half binatang you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Guan Eng should have confidence in our courts?

    Federal Court ruling violates fair trial principles, say lawyers | The …

    The Malaysian Bar – On judicial bias — NH Chan

    Bar has right to raise CJ extension issue, says lawyer

    Lawyer Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla has weighed in on the controversy surrounding yesterday’s opening of the Judicial Year, saying that it is the Malaysian Bar’s right to raise the issue of Chief Justice Md Raus Sharif’s tenure extension at the event.

    “I am of the opinion that the excuse given by Raus as the chief justice was not only not based on solid reason, but trivial and showed how the principles of natural justice have once again been betrayed.

    “Isn’t the existence of a constitutional crisis, especially when it disputes the credibility of the chief justice and the Court of Appeal president, a current issue among the people?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Guan Eng should have confidence in our courts?

    Federal Court ruling violates fair trial principles, say lawyers | The …

    The Malaysian Bar – On judicial bias — NH Chan

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow, so much blocking, where got freedom expression? Even mere copy pasting of

    Federal Court ruling violates fair trial principles, say lawyers | The …

    The Malaysian Bar – On judicial bias — NH Chan

  5. Anonymous says:

    Umno has created a seize mentality among the malays especially in rural areas. It is like an abuse child or wife fearing the outside world and depending solely on the abuser for emotional and physical support. After 60 years the feeling if being a victim is so ingrained into the malay psyche that it impedes their ability to move forward. As long as the malay cannot stand up, any progress made by the chinese will be view with disdain. This is what is happening in this country today.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Malays can stand up and do stand up. Depending on the issues.

      On sensitive issues, they even jump up to protect and promote their interests.

      Don’t blame them. Blame the bloody British colonialists, in more ways than one.

      One is allowing a race-based party be formed and others followed suit. Nobody dares to change the situation.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Selangor re-delineation exercise proposed by the Election Commission (EC) is a form of “ethnic gerrymandering” aimed at helping Barisan Nasional win back marginal state seats at the next elections, said Serdang lawmaker Dr Ong Kian Ming.

      Based on the second notice of the Selangor delimitation released on Monday, several state seats won by a slim majority by Pakatan Rakyat in the 13th general election (GE13) will see the percentage of Malay voters increased by 5% to 10%, Ong said.

      State seats which the then PR pact won comfortably in GE13, however, had their percentage of non-Malay voters increased, he said.

      “On the surface, it seems that the second notice (or Syor 2) of the Selangor delimitation exercise released on January 14 reverts the boundaries of the parliamentary and state seats in Selangor back to the boundaries used in the 2013 general election,” Ong said in a statement.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow, so much blocking, where got freedom expression? Even mere copy pasting of lawyers opinions on The Federal Court ruling overturned a Court of Appeal ruling in August 2017 on the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act was not published.

    The Malaysian Bar – On judicial bias — NH Chan

  7. Anonymous says:

    TV3 8pm buletin quoted Eric See Toh’s comment that Najib is better than Mahathir.

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