Anwar Is Now “Rakan Lama” To Dr M!

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20 Responses to Anwar Is Now “Rakan Lama” To Dr M!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bersatu as new party, grassroots bringing out votes ability is still suspect. BN still have money, machinery and media. And there is PAS playing the faithful spoiler to benefit UMNO. The only thing Bersatu has really going is Dr M. Everything is going to depend on whether there is a rural awakening that (1) UMNO does not represent the aspirations of Malays anymore than Bersatu, Amanah, PKR or DAP, (2) race and religion is not as important as actual cost of living issues and good governance, and (3) all things good and bad must come to an end – so it’s time to shave off the sentimental attachment to UMNO/BN/PAS, be realistic and move with times for the benefit of future generations. The rest of it is hard legwork by Bersatu and other Harapan parties. Their camaraderie, cohesion, and single minded pursuit of a uniform campaign agenda will show the rakyat there lies an effective coalition government in waiting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amat bagus Tun buat begitu.

    Menghilangkan rasa pedih peristiwa lama, membawa semangat baru kpd kedua dua nya.

    Closing the ranks antara penyokong2 Anwar.

    Perpaduan antra ummat2 PH.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hopefully the ending must be like these….they “lived happily ever after”. That’s the way all Malaysians must live with a happy ending like the “Tamil films or drama” where the notorious ones end up in jail. They pay for their crimes & the victorious one would rule the country. The combo team of Tun Mahathir & DSAI would make a real ending & save the people from the “clutches of the traitors”. Leave the gossips aside.

      • What the cheek ... says:

        The ideal does not exist, it exists only in the state of the mind.

        Heaven is for the hereafter, Utopia is only in the mind.

        The to-do thing is vote PH at Pru14. PH no heavenly but just practical promises, unlike like those visiting Mecca as a family during an official visit, official aircraft, etc. What the cheek ….

  3. a says:

    Heard the expression, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”?

    Folks, this is politics. Not a mutual admiration society. Not an organization of people dedicated to perpetual hatred, either.

    But these are people committed to the cause of bringing down Kleptocracy – defined as “a government with corrupt leaders that use their power to exploit the people and natural resources of the country in order to extend their personal wealth and and political power.” Stealing from 1MDB, selling land to China, etc.

    This is far from being Machiavellian – dishonest, sneaky, unscrupulous, lacking a moral code, believing in “the end justifies the means”, even shooting dead a political rival, like done by one UMNO Deputy Minister many years ago. Nothing dishonest, sneaky and unscrupulous in re-invigorating the spirit of “rakan lama” when what’s done is all announced to the news media and reported everywhere – all is above board.


    Tun Dr Mahathir was turned away from visiting Anwar at the Cheras Rehabilitation Centre. This is unreasonableness by BN Minister of Home Affairs. Bad propaganda against them will surely follow. The rakyat will see that as cruelty, inhuman.

    Mahathir said he was told by prison authorities that they could not allow him to visit Anwar due to “orders from above”.

    “I was told that the minister of home affairs has barred me from visiting Anwar.

    “All I wanted to do was visit Anwar and thank him personally on PH reaching a consensus,” he said when met at the hospital on Wednesday.

    But note that the message that Tun Mahathir had goodwill has gone out to the public.

    • Anonymous says:

      Umno cannot afford Malays to see Mahathir and Anwar together in picture for the Harapan campaign.


      Zahid denies (issuing) ministerial order to stop Mahathir seeing Anwar.
      The home minister maintains he does not interfere with Prisons Dept’s operational matters.

      Why deny? If he didn’t issue any order, why didn’t he whack the Prisons Dept or whoever told told Tun Mahathgir that “the minister of home affairs has barred me from visiting Anwar”?


        Normal hospital visit when the man is not sick should be considered differently from hospital visit when the man is sick.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Saudi Arabia is unable to bring peace in Yemen. Saudi Arabia is bombing Yemen and killing so many Yemenis. MO 1 should not be so friendly with Saudi Arabia.

    Najib really takes advantage of the people. Why must his stepson tag along in the Saudi trip on 1Malaysia private jet? Shame. The people are suffering like mad and Najib still has the conscience to spend like mad.

  6. Helen Ang says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    People of Selangor can just vote for Amanah, Bersatu and DAP candidates. If PKR Candidates stand in your area please abstain from voting.

    Amanah + Bersatu + DAP can form the Selangor Government after 14 Ge. Have to teach PKR a lesson. They’re too arrogant. Not team players.

    Can never trust Azmin and Zuraida.

    • Anonymous says:

      PKR is no team player refers, Selangor Kajang MB, Sarawak state election, K Kangar by-election & don’t forget the behind others negotiations with talibans Arab wannabes. What future do we have with this type character.

    • Anonymous says:

      After becoming Selangor menteri besar, Azmin’s head has become bigger and he is now gunning for the prime minister position.

      How can Harapan win Putrajaya with such a power-hungry politician around?

      Effectively, this is an outright rebellion by PKR’s Azmin faction in rejecting the central leadership’s decision on the choice of Mahathir as PM-designate.

      PKR’s disciplinary committee must take action fast to whip the Azmin faction into line. Otherwise, the combination of the renegade Azmin faction, PAS and Umno could prove lethal for Harapan in GE14.

      Under the circumstances, the Azmin faction should not be allowed into the fight for victory in GE14. It is usually fatal for any army to have an enemy within its ranks.

  8. "Not afraid of threats" says:

    The government does not fear a threat by taxi drivers to vote the opposition in the coming polls …, said Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

    “There is no need to make threats. We (Barisan Nasional) are not afraid of threats,” he told a news conference at the home ministry today.

    Big Blue Taxi Services warned that taxi drivers would vote Pakatan Harapan (PH) in the general election if the government failed to settle the issue of ride-sharing companies Uber and Grab jeopardising the earnings of the regular taxis.

  9. Anonymous says:

    PM Candidate Tun M has raised a serious concern of political interferences at the highest order in stopping a meeting between him and our political prisoner Anwar. The nation is taken very seriously on Tun’s charge and demand answer from the most upper echelon of the cabinet. If the government uphold the position of the Zahid, DG of Prison must recall to the PMs Department immediately and provided him with a desk reading job till he retires. The Rakyat demand appointment of a Parliamentary Select Committee to investigate the inner workings of the prison system and propose reforms to avoid any further political interferences.

  10. Anonymous says:

    It is clearly not a decision lightly made. It is clearly not a decision made simply to oust the current government. Careful consideration appears to have been given to the commitment of Dr M to effect reform and to shore up our democratic institutions. Given the number of people who were originally opposed to Dr M’s joining the opposition and skeptical about his change of heart much thought, debate and deliberation was had before the decision was made to accept Dr M as PM Designate. It was not a decision made just to win the election. Of course Dr M’s ability to lead the opposition and gather support were also important considerations.

  11. Ang Tao Peng says:

    How is boycotting the legal year opening because the judges cannot withstand criticism considered unprofessional? The Malaysian Bar held a meeting and passed a resolution to challenge the extension of the CJ. There is as such no personal agenda. I don’t see why the AG should not attend. The AG did not challenge the extension. Why is it the business of Azalina to comment on this anyway? She is in the executive branch. The judiciary does not need her to defend themselves. She should instead comment on the very reason why the judiciary does not want the Bar to speak at the event in the first place and deal with the elephant in the room.

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