DAP ADUN Inaction

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5 Responses to DAP ADUN Inaction

  1. Anonymous says:

    In an editorial published today, The Australian newspaper, though predicting an uphill task for the previously inconceivable alliance, commended Mahathir and Anwar for their willingness to cooperate.

    “Mahathir stepped down in 2003 after 22 years of authoritarian rule as leader of Umno… Anwar was Mahathir’s deputy when they fell out 20 years ago. Anwar was then targeted ruthlessly with the dubious allegations that saw him jailed.

    “Yet the two men — Mahathir at the same age Robert Mugabe was when he was deposed, and Anwar from his prison cell — have cobbled together an unlikely arrangement aimed at prising Umno from its 60-year domination of Malaysia.

    “That nation’s stability is of immense importance to our region, which is why Australia has close defence and security ties with it. Mahathir will lead the campaign of the fractious Pakatan Harapan… Should he win, he will seek a royal pardon to allow Anwar to take over as prime minister.

    “An opposition under the leadership of a hard-headed, controversial warhorse such as Mahathir (as recently as May he insisted the US and Israel were responsible for 9/11) faces an uphill battle against Najib’s Umno. Polls show race-based politics still reflect overwhelming support in the Muslim-Malay community for Umno.

    “But Mahathir and Anwar deserve credit for seeking to bring Najib and Umno to book for the 1MDB and other scandals that have damaged Malaysia’s standing in the world. The corruption surrounding the 1MDB scandal must be front and centre in the election race,” it said.

    Najib, on the other hand, has repeatedly denied abusing public funds for personal gain and accused Mahathir of conspiring to topple him in order to engineer his son’s political ascension.

    Read more at https://m.malaysiakini.com/news/408216#JmMFwK5okpLJ8Ucv.99

  2. Anonymous says:

    It does not make sense for PM on official working visit to bring family and friends to Saudi Arabia though they claim guests and friends pay for their own expenses . They are all on official Government jet meant for appointed Government official paid by tax payers.

    If one wish to perform Umrah, one has to go on their own arrangement as the official jet is not meant to carry passengers for Umrah. Once again, questionable excesses are shielded by using Islamic obligation as excuse. The tax payers deserves better explanation or else let the expenses be audited and apportioned out and paid by the non Government officials of the trip. The PM should know better than this, how low can he goes further ?


    The MB Kedah is perennially sleepy and sleeping in public.

    Since the days before he became MB.

    Endless photos of him dozing off in his chair at functions.

    • Anonymous says:

      Much worse in the case of MB Kedah because he has executive functions, is required to attend office every day and make decisions that affect millions of rakyat. The DAP ADUN has no executive functions and is not known to be sleeping in public often.

  4. Mubarak Chan says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen. Not too long ago, the supporters of the Lee Kuan Yew founded Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP or Dreamers Action Party poured vitriol consisting of abuses, insults and vulgarities on Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s head and hated him for over 1 generation. Now that he is BOSS of the Opposition and Master of all he surveys, these very same folk crawl on all fours, lick his boots, eat out of his hands and salaam him as the BOSS ! These Malaysian Chinese give the Malaysian Chinese a bad name, a very bad name !

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