The Same Arrogance At All Times

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51 Responses to The Same Arrogance At All Times

  1. a says:

    Perception. Politics is all perception. What one fellow thinks versus what the other fellow perceives. When unexplainable, just put out photos of the same person. Sad.

    But the Pakatan people will use words, narratives, which can show and explain much more of the arrogance of UMNO/BN people. Including saying the RM2.6 billion in a personal bank account is a donation from an Arab prince. Who was not rich. Who was corruppt and arrested by the Saudi government –

    “Prince Turki bin Abdullah, co-founder of Petrosaudi, the company that is embroiled in the 1Malaysia Development Bhd scandal, was among the 11 princes arrested in anti-corruption raids in Saudi Arabia” –

    And was involved in a demo against a recent decree that halted state payment of water and electricity bills for royal family members and seeking compensation for a death sentence implemented in 2016 against one of their cousins, Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabeer. –

    Wonder if Najib would do anything to help the co-founder of Petrosaudi by raising the matter during his 5-days official visit to Saudi Arabia. No? Arrogance?

  2. a says:

    Perception. Politics is all perception. What one fellow thinks versus what the other fellow perceives. When unexplainable, just put out photos of the same person. Sad.

    But the Pakatan people will use words, narratives, which can show and explain much more of the arrogance of UMNO/BN people. Including saying the RM2.6 billion in a personal bank account is a donation from an Arab prince. Who was not rich. Who was corruppt and arrested by the Saudi government –

    “Prince Turki bin Abdullah, co-founder of Petrosaudi, the company that is embroiled in the 1Malaysia Development Bhd scandal, was among the 11 princes arrested in anti-corruption raids in Saudi Arabia” –

    And was involved in a demo against a recent decree that halted state payment of water and electricity bills for royal family members and seeking compensation for a death sentence implemented in 2016 against one of their cousins, Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabeer. –

    Wonder if Najib would do anything to help the co-founder of Petrosaudi by raising the matter during his 5-days official visit to Saudi Arabia. No? Arrogance?

    • Anonymous says:

      The Saudi Crown Prince appears as a no-nonsense guy, reportedly responsible for the arrest of the Petrosaudi Prince Turki etc on corruption charges.

      He should have some influence on the King that’d be a stumbling block to Najib.

      • . says:

        The alarming thing is that the Saudi government appears to be in the pocket of the mentally unstable Donald Trump, who claimed he is a genius when accused so in the current huge controversy exploded by the book “Fear And Fury”.

        Trump is clearly pro-Israel, having a Jewish son-in-law who he made in charge of dealings on the Arab-Israeli issue, announced moving the US Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem where the Palestinians have long declared as their base, to the chagrin of all the other Arabs as well as the Turks.

        It looks like the Saudis are abandoning the interests of the Palestinians and of Muslims in general, despite being the custodian of Islamic heritage – the holy Kaaba in Mecca.

        Najib visiting the Saudis before GE14 shows he is desperate in showing the less discerning Muslim voters of good relations with Arab leaders who are deviating from the correct path.

        But the educated Muslims would know and resent Najib’s desperate move and would, hopefully, manifest their feelings at the ballot box come Pru14.

      • . says:

        Donald Trump must have promised the Arab king total protection from Shi’ah Iran which they have been trying to frustrate from developing nuclear weapons and which are at their doorstep, being involved in the political disturbance in Yemen.

        The Zionist Israel must have used all their resources – including the Dirty Tricks, Psychological Warfare and Propaganda Department of their Intelligence Service, Mossad – to get the present situation which is most favourable to them.

        All these may be used by the extremists and the militants to promote their dastardly aims. Malaysian authorities must be alert to all those and the rakyat must be explained the dangers.

        Let the voters decide at Pru14 on the wisdom of Najib visiting Saudi Arabia at this time.

      • Anonymous says:

        Harapan has announced the most feared ‘weapon’ of PM Najib Razak and Umno as its prime ministerial candidate.

        Umno will go bonkers and we can expect to see Umno leaders Salleh Said Keruak, Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Annuar Musa, etc, blabbering and discrediting Mahathir.

        The MSM (mainstream media) and STL will go into high gear with misinformation about unhappiness in PKR and Amanah. Harapan should now focus on winning over fence sitters.

        • Anonymous says:

          And the kampung folks, Felda settlers and the low income in the towns.

          Send people who can effectively explain and make them understand how bad 1MDB was / is, make them feel the size of billion ringgits.

          Explain to them DoJ’s statements.

    • Anonymous says:

      DAP is contesting 24.6% while Malay dominant party will contest 75.4% of the seats. UMNO liars and spinners should not treat Malays as idiots. Obviously Umno-BN cannot count and think the rural malays are ignorant. Malays will rule and continue to rule until the sun start rising from the west. Grow up and have some decency.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ambiga is right. I think PM Najib should take up the challenge for a National Debate with TDM, live on TV1 or TV3.

      In recent years we find that Najib is a voracious orator and have info at his finger tips compared to TDM who is soft and persuasive. It will be good opportunity for the Rakyat to make their own evaluation based on the debate which should address all the weakness and shortcomings the country is currently facing in respect of corruption, economy, religious/racial extremism ,unemployment of graduates, retrenchment, progressive education, trade, etc. Najib can sell his TN50 vision but must also admit the failure to achieve vision 2020.

      The Debate must be in BM so that it reaches all levels of the Rakyat. Hope both the leaders will agree for the Debate in the interests of the Rakyat and nation. TV1 or TV3 can show live but we need an impartial moderator.

      • Anonymous says:

        He will not dare. Bet you my last goat.

        He’ll hide like at Nothing To Hide.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dr Mahathir was Prime Minister for 22 years. He had the support of the Rakyat. He has to be respected. The country must be grateful to him for coming out of retirement to oppose the high level kleptocracy.

    • Anonymous says:

      UMNO/BN is not just making a bogeyman of DAP but the fact is the louder they shout is because they fear the Malays will realize, its about Malay Vs Malay (or Malay screws Malay?).

      Najib’s UMNO/BN know that the Malays demand they have restrain in any Malay Vs Malay contest, even Hadi’s PAS get punished for doing what he does much less Najib’s UMNO if they go too far attacking other Malay parties.

      • Avoid abusive words says:

        Objection to the words”Malay screws Malay”.

        To counter those words, it has to be pointed out that the Chinese have been screwing fellow Chinese for thousands of years until China became communist, worsened by Mao Zedong, making China treated by the West as pariahs.

        China got respected only 2-3 decades ago.

  3. a says:

    Sure, arrogance is not the prerogative of the Opposition. UMNO/BN are more arrogant, anytime, because they have power. Almost absolute power in certain cases.

    Look at the amendment to the National Security Act. Najib gave unto himself the power even to declare a state of emergency. Even if for certain areas only. When that power was all the time in the past vested in the Yang Di Pertuan Agong. Who, when in doubt, may consult the Rulers Council. But under the amendment, Najib can decide on his own when there are disturbances in certain areas. Sure, no such things as doubts when he wants it.

    Now, many people are asking if he’d use those powers if and when he thinks he’s losing the elections. Out of arrogance or desperation. Because an election loss will be disastrous for him. He’ll be brought to account on all his major wrongful acts and omissions. Like 1MDB.

    When losing, his Apandi will soon no longer be AG to say Najib has done no wrong. The US Justice Dept records would be used, in addition to whatever facts that may be in the Police and MACC files that Apandi may have said do not constitute evidence of wrong doings.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe that Prime Minister Najib Razak did not mean to offer this good advice only to some opposition leaders, but also some of his own party’s leaders as well.

      Indeed, hate politics, and racial and religious bigotry from any and all political quarters should, to be fair, be equally condemned with the same vehemence. There cannot and must not be double standards conceived or implemented in administrating justice and righteousness for all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion, economic standing, and social or geographical disposition.

    • Anonymous says:

      Najib and Zahid – the status quo and the continuation of the long, unbroken BN kleptocratic rule. And Dr Mahathir and Dr Wan Azizah – the possibility of change, a new beginning and the end of the BN winning streak.

      Stabilty under BN? Yes you can choose stability and accept all the destruction and kleptocracy. Is that what you agree and accept? One thing for sure, if BN wins and with the Govt’s debts, there is possibility that GST will increase , cost of living will increase and we will pay more taxes as BN did not leave much for development expenditure and has a huge operating expenses in the budget. We need change…especially reforms that will ensure transparency and rule of law. I certainly prefer reform rather than stability that will further the destruction of our nation.

      Remember, to die hoping is much better than being alive in hopelessness. ABU!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The time is now for voters to unite for a new Malaysia, said Bersih 2.0 chairman Maria Chin Abdullah, following Pakatan’s announcement of Dr Mahathir Mohamad as its candidate for prime minister.

    The electoral reform activist said the responsibility of rebuilding Malaysia lay not only with politicians but with voters, too.

    “Bersih 2.0 takes note of Pakatan’s newly announced leadership and congratulates them on their clarity on the direction and focus of their policies. This is a crucial time to rebuild Malaysia and it requires exemplary leadership to go beyond the next elections.

    “It requires commitment in ensuring the implementation of policies, which has proven to be a challenge for the current government,” Maria said in a statement today.

    • Anonymous says:

      “..the implementation of policies, which has proven to be a challenge for the current government,”

      That’s being polite to Najib and his gomen. For example, where got Transformation?

      In policy implementation, corruption and mismanagement all over the place

    • Anonymous says:

      When the country is in such trouble, not only with mounting debts but with race and religion played up to the hilt, and the looting by the politicians which continues with impunity, as shown by not one 1MDB deal but several rounds of siphoning, as well as SRC International, Mara, Felda and Bank Negara’s sudden land purchase, plus our credibility in tatters in the business world because of a massively corrupt government, we can no longer wait for a young leader to save the country.

      Whoever is willing to put himself up on the firing line is welcomed as a hero. The best is they have stated clearly the country will have a maximum of two terms for future prime ministers.

  5. BN Losing Fixed Deposit? says:

    BN likely to lose GE14 but will retain Sabah and Sarawak – Harris Salleh

    He said there’s a great a possibility BN will lose control of Parliament with the coming general election although it will retain its hold on the East Malaysian states. It is apparent that Sabahans and Sarawakians were keen for a change of government at the federal level, weakening BN’s claim that the two states are its fixed deposits.

    “Their feelings on the current federal government are the same as their countrymen in the peninsula,” he said. “Almost half of the Malays in the peninsula are no longer supporting BN.

    Harris said the widespread use of social media and the public’s easy access to news was working against the BN. He speculated that educated youths would play a huge role in turning the votes of their families against BN.

    • Anonymous says:

      But the BN survey said najib to win 2/3 majority?

      • Anonymous says:

        Their survey before Pru13 also said they’d win 2/3 majority.

        They lost the popular vote and got the Chinese Tsunami instead.

        Hopefully the Malay Tsunami, too, at Pru14.

  6. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Kurang Ajar Tulisan Cina Bukit

      Pendatang ini kurang ajar tak habis habis. Di beritahu dengan Bahasa Inggeris berkali kali pasal menggunakan tulisan cacing di blog yang biasa dengan BI dan BM, tidak di peduli nya. Tak hormatkan Perlembagaan Negara berkenaan penggunaan BM dan bahasa ibunda.

      Ini nyata Cina Bukit, turun temurun “hill tribes of South China” yang professor sejarah kata menduduki Selatan China sabelom penduduk Utara China turun ke selatan beribu tahun dahulu. Berkahwin campuran dah beribu tahun, tapi tabi’at Cina Bukit itu tidak hilang.

      Mereka di bawa ke negara ini dek celaka British kolonial sebagai kuli (coolies) di abad 19. Cina Bukit sudah tentu tidak bertamadun, tak reti bahasa, tak hormatkan sesiapa, tak hormatkan Perlembagaan negara berkenaan Bahasa Kebangsaan, maka telah di halau berhijrah ke negara yang Perlembagaan nya mereka hormati.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anonymous says:
      January 8, 2018 at 12:08 pm
      Why do you keep putting Chinese writing in a non Chinese language blog?

      After being told not to and given the reasons so many times, you will get cursed (di maki), rude words used against you and the likes of you.

      You will not like it and it’ll also be unpleasant for readers in general.

      So, do stop it, have decorum and decency, respect all the readers in here.

      Anonymous says:
      January 8, 2018 at 12:10 pm

      You are a Cina Bukit ultrakiasu bastard, not fit to be in Malaysian society. You should vamoose to China where everybody reads Chinese.

    • Anonymous says:

      More students in Pakistan are learning Chinese today than ever before.

      Else they cannot benefit from 1 Road 1Belt!

      • Anonymous says:

        Those wanting to learn Chinese on their own, no problem, even in Malaysia.

        But not using it “for other than official purposes” – that is stated in the Constitution of the country. Not as medium of instruction in schools, as schools are the official purpose of any country.

        And not using it in blogs that are not in the Chinese language or talking in a group which includes those who don’t understand the language. It’s ill-mannered to do so, to say the least.

  7. Nothing Strategic says:

    Nothing strategic in “BN Strategic Communications Director” Rahman Dahlan’s statement “Anwar’s supporters won’t want Mahathir as PM”

    In fact, it’s unclever to say so. PKR has already agreed on Tun Mahathir as PH PM candidate. Yes, the hardcore supporters of Anwar Ibrahim may not accept that, as hardcore supporters of Tun M in UMNO still do not accept Tun M leaving the party and have strong doubts on Najib, though they hang on to their membership for the love of the party.

    Rahman is a Muslim, should know about forgiveness in Islam, yet talks about PH supporters who were angry and had questioned why Tun M and Anwar had forgiven each other so easily. Another unclever one, that.

    ‘gambling with the stability of the country’? OMG, the gambling done by Najib has surpassed all proportions – 1MDB, FELDA, selling land to China (Tun M’s words), etc. He even had an amendment to the National Security Act which gives him the power to declare a state of emergency “in certan areas” – power that was vested in the YDP Agong. Malaysians should watch him closely at GE14 if he’d use that power as and when he thinks the results favour the Opposition.

    • Nothing Strategic says:

      Rahman Dahlan should know that, even better than in UMNO/BN, PH has responsible members who immediately after the announcement of Tun Mahathir as PH PM candidate, called for unity and closing ranks .

      Like Selangor PKR Youth secretary Syed Badli Shah who urged party members to tow the line.

      “We need to be magnanimous and accept the decision so that we can move on to more important agendas,” Syed Badli said in a statement today.

      Syed Badli said there was no need for snide remarks since the Harapan leadership had already given the final word, the decision was arrived at after discussions by the leaders of the four component parties where all aspects were considered and debated.

      The leaders arrived at the decision to nominate Mahathir as the prime ministerial candidate and PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as his deputy.

      • Anonymous says:

        If not for Tun Mahathir, PKR and PH would still be chasing after PAS. Tun Mahathir knows what to do and what to say to attract votes to PH. And how to stick the knife in UMNO/BN where it really hurts. Now that Tun has become PM designate, I predict plenty of UMNO rats are preparing to jump ship and UMNO/MO1 might collapse even before GE14. Even at his worst Tun is 100 times better than MO1.

        • Anonymous says:

          Honestly speaking, if Mahathir and Bersatu did not join Pakatan Harapan, the opposition can totally forget about this election. Anwar is in jail and PAS has gone rogue without the principled leadership of the late Tok Guru. There is no way the opposition is able to make any impact in this election. The opposition will be totally wiped out. That was the original intent of Najib when he started courting PAS and Anwar was jailed the second time.

          For those of you who like to talk about taking a principled stand, pray tell me how does the opposition fight this election with a reasonable chance of winning without Mahathir and Bersatu?

          And, is it your preference to suffer another 5 years under the BN just because you think you have some principle?

          For me, I can’t stand the sight of seeing this country getting ruined day by day due to the greed of one person.

          Think carefully and not be clouded by your emotions.

      • Anonymous says:

        Where got so-called strategic communicator Rahman Dahalan correct in questioning PH unity –

        The youth wings of all four PH parties have pledged support for Dr Mahathir as the coalition’s choice for prime minister candidate. themalaysianinsight

        In a signed statement, they agreed that naming Dr Mahathir as prime minister and Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as his deputy was a step forward in overthrowing the current government.

        “The agreement to name Dr Mahathir as prime minister candidate and Dr Wan Azizah as deputy for the 14th general election shows how keen PH is in replacing the Najib Razak administration,” the statement read.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Now, why does Felda chairman Shahrir say, “The Kuala Lumpur Vertical City (KLVC) audit may be completed earlier”? Sounding suspicious, innit?

    Najib gave a 30-day period for the forensic audit on the KLVC project being developed on land owned by Felda in Jalan Semarak, KL.

    “On the first day, they (the appointed audit firm) will study the documents presented to them and, if necessary, they will come here (to the Felda headquarters) to look for other documents,” he said to reporters when met at Menara Felda here.

    Shahrir is supposed to be a seasoned politician, had announced he received RM1 million from Najib during the hoo haa over the RM2.6 billion in Najib’s bank account. He was made Chairman of FELDA after the koo kaa on the management of FELD by Najib’s one-time “saviour” Isa Samad. So, when asked, why didn’t he say, “Let the audirors take their time given for them to do the job within he stipulated period”?

    Gonna be like the 1MDB foreign auditors, arr? And the stupid Bernama report didn’t even mention the name – edited out by FMT?

    • . says:

      Rafizi: Clarify if Najib involved in Felda land deal

      Rafizi made reference to Section 3 of the Land Development Act 1956, which pertains to Felda.

      Specifically, the PKR MP said, Section 3(3)(c) and Section 3(3)(ca) required Felda to receive approval from the minister in charge in order to enter into partnerships and joint ventures.

      Bloody good point.

      The foreign “forensic audit” firm would not be worth it’s salt if it does not address this point.

    • . says:

      “The agreement that granted power to the developer that allowed it to change the land ownership would be null and void if the party that signed the agreement on behalf of Felda was not authorised to do so.” (Comment: Check if the authority given was backdated. After all, it’s “forensic audit”).

      “If the agreement is null and void, then there would not be an issue that the ownership of the land had been transferred from Felda to the developer as the transfer is not legal,” he said.

      Rafizi said Felda chairperson Sharir should clarify if Najib was the authority who had approved the agreement.

      If it was not, Felda should publicly declare the agreement which granted the power of attorney to the developer as null and void.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Noh Omar: I have no ambition to be S’gor MB

    If not, why the hell do you remain as Selangor UMNO/BN chief? Resign la.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me, but the following comment in M’kini is excellent and should be copied into her verbatim –

    Will Malaysians dare to follow Zimbabwe’s lead?

    It is said, that behind every angry wife, is a husband who does not know what he has done wrong. Filled with self-pity, he needs to make amends and get back into her good books; but if only he knew how he upset his wife.

    The husband who is in the dog-house can empathise with a deposed tyrant.

    A nation may feel cursed with a tyrant as its leader, but when he is deposed, he realises that at the end of the day, he is just another long-suffering husband who has been cursed by his greedy, power hungry and crazed First Lady.

    The nation which removes the tyrant, can rejoice at its new beginning, but the deposed tyrant can only repent at leisure. Marie Antoinette, Imelda Marcos and Grace “Gucci” Mugabe were so reviled by their respective rakyat that they acted to remove their husbands.

    For as long as I can remember, a deterioration in the Malaysian economy is often followed by the collective groan, “We will end up like Zimbabwe. A country in debt. The ringgit will be worth nothing. Our nation will be bankrupt.”

    Zimbabwe and Malaysia. Two countries on different continents. Zimbabwe was once known as the “Bread basket of Africa”; Malaysia was once dubbed the workhorse of The British Empire and its wealth, in tin, rubber and petroleum reserves, helped to rebuild Britain after WWII.

    Both countries have an abundance of natural resources and until recently, these two nations, were on their knees. Incredibly, Zimbabweans seized the chance and opted for change.

    Last December, the people of Zimbabwe decided to take their own fate in their hands. First, they kicked out their president, Robert Mugabe, and ended his 40 year grip on their lives. Then, they gave their sacked vice-president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, the mandate to rule…



    Hatta denies quitting as FT Amanah chairman

    FT Amanah chairman Hatta Ramli has denied allegations that he resigned from his position due to disappointment that his party was not allocated a seat in Kuala Lumpur.

    He said he still maintained the post, adding that there were no issues of dissatisfaction over the outcome of seat distribution negotiations in Pakatan Harapanahead of GE14.

    Rumours of Hatta’s resignation surfaced yesterday, following a report by Astro Awani citing a party source who said Hatta had resigned during the final round of seat negotiations on Saturday.

    “There is no such thing. I am still chairman of FT Amanah,” he told FMT.


    Another case involving army men placed in electoral roll – staying at an incomplete army camp – now in Segamat.

    Six voters sought to remove from the Segamat electoral roll the entry of 102 army men staying at an incomplete army camp. Represented by lawyer Surendran

    The Election Commission (EC) today raised a preliminary objection against another case filed by six Segamat voters to remove the entry of 102 army men as voters in the parliamentary constituency.

    Apa daaaaaa


    PH strategy should worry Umno – Analyst

    Is Pakatan Harapan now trying to portray itself as a Malay-dominated coalition? It looks like it, according to political analyst Awang Azman Pawi, an associate professor at Universiti Malaysia.

    He told FMT it was obvious that Pakatan had its eyes on Malay voters, particularly those suspicious of DAP, when it decided to name Mahathir Mohamad as its prime-minister-designate and Wan Azizah Ismail as his deputy.

    He said it was certain that many Malays had been taken in by the Umno rhetoric about Pakatan being controlled by DAP and were therefore reluctant to support the opposition coalition.

    But, he said the choice of Mahathir and Wan Azizah as top leaders in a Pakatan government as a credible move to counter the propaganda.

    He said Umno now has reason to worry about losing its traditional supporters because it was likely that many of them still had a lot of respect for Mahathir and would find it easier to switch allegiance.

    “… this is the best political strategy to dispel the notion that PH is dominated by DAP or ethnic Chinese,” he added.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Where 1MDB got money to pay IPIC?

    ‘.. the official 1MDB statement is that the payment is funded through its ‘on-going rationalisation programme’.

    “No one, of course, has a clue as to what the ‘rationalisation programme’ entails,” said Pua in a statement today…


  15. Anonymous says:

    The 7-11 MCA may not even get the same number of MPs and ADNs after GE14. MCA could even lose all their seats in GE 14, and become a non-political party catering to community services, with its rich resources. Let the right people take care of politics in the country. MCA was given the job as a main partner in political arena but it ended as nothing more than a peon, with its leaders getting a share of crumps. Yet MCA dares to claim that it represent Chinese interest and this gives UMNO the excuse to remain a race-based party.

    • Anonymous says:

      MCA sold the Chinese rights to equal citizenship the day they represented the race to nego with the British for independence….the leaders were there just to enrich themselves. They were used by the Bristish. Today, they are used by Umno. Nothing have changed. They are still there to enriched themselves. The poor gullible MCA members and foot soldiers doing the bidding of their masters still have not woken up to the treachery of their leaders. PRU 14 will be the Waterloo for MCA…the vast majority of Chinese will ensure that MCA be buried. It will be a blood bath worse than 2013 which the leaders of MCA knew very well was coming but did not have the guts to reveal to Najib for fear of reprisal.

  16. Sentimental feelings? says:

    Stop having sentimental feelings for Dr Mahathir, says Perlis MB
    The Malaysian Insight

    What sentimental feelings? No sentiments, they just don’t want further destruction of Malaysian values, no corruption, no seleweng-ing and songlap-ing.

    But the Perlis MB saying so shows he is “gigil lutut” at the support Umno members have for Tun. “BARISAN Nasional supporters and Umno members, in particular, should erase their sentimental feelings for former prime minister Dr Mahathir,” said he.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The High Court has dismissed an application by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to strike out a suit by Gerakan Anakmuda Tolak Najib (Gant1) over a USD$3.5bil bond loan made by 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

    The loan being challenged in the suit was made by 1MDB from the International Petroleum Investment Company (Ipic) and its subsidiary, Aabar Investment PJS (Aabar asli).

    Read more at$3_5bil-1mdb-loan/#UMxbAFEeU4z505jE.99

    • Anonymous says:


      More cases should be brought to the courts against Najib and 1MDB.

      The media should be filled with cases of Najib’s wrong doings, never mind AG Apandi’s statement that there was no wrongdoing regarding 1MDB.

      Apandi controls what may be prosecuted but does not control the courts. And he does not control the media. Nobody can, only can ban or block 1-2 outlets, fearing further accusations of muzzling freedom of expression in this country.

  18. Riza Aziz to Holy Land says:

    An image making the rounds on the social media showed 20 names on a list, including Najib and his wife, accompanying Najib to Saudi Arabia.

    “The prime minister’s siblings including his close friends are paying for themselves for the trip to visit the holy land.” – Really? travelling on the gomen exec jet? how are they charged?

    The couple’s three children, Nooryana Najwa, Nor Ashman and Riza Aziz, as well as their son-in-law and grandson, are also in the list. – Riza Aziz is not ‘their children”, that’s Rosmah’s son, Najib’s stepson, the scandalous one Doj referred to as involved in the “misappropriation of 1MDB funds and money laundering”. Legitimizing the man, eh?

    • Anonymous says:

      Are they all on the 1malaysia private jet to Saudi?

      If so, the sons must reimburse the rakyat.

      An umrah trip would cost a commoner about RM10,000.

    • Anonymous says:

      Meanwhile, rakyat adviced to quit moaning cause if we’re poor its our own fault, take on a second job as Uber drivers (what’s earned now subject to income tax), eat kangkung and fried rice cooked at home and be grateful for GST exemptions on these, better yet, GROW your own kangkung, AND, to believe that this administration puts people first. Agreed, if by people you mean them peoples on this working visit!

      Najib should have brought along Chandra Muzafar to check if Saudi is now befriending Israel as claimed by Chandra in face of common enemy in Iran.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Many kampong folks cannot even make one trip to the Holy Land during their entire lifetime !!. Here we have a bunch of MO1 kleptocrats who are abusing tax payers monies and using “official Saudi trip” as an excuse to go for family holiday and perform the umrah. The whole explanation sounds and stinks like horse manure !!. PH folks, make a police report for MACC to investigate this matter and PH should make copies of this list and share it with the village folks during their ceramahs to let them know what is happening. Of course, as usual the dedak eaters like Salleh, Annuar and Dahlan will come out to spew some nonsense that this is MO1’s entitlement etc. There will not be a whisper from the UMNO and the PAS Chief as well. The other BN parties leaders like the big-mouthed Ah Ti and Ah Liow (who claims to speak out on corruption) will be quiet as a church-mouse. A usual, Kua KS and other NGO’s will have nothing to say because it is not concerning Tun M. This country is DOOMED !!

  20. Anonymous says:

    What a contrast between the Penang state government sea tunnel project and the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) federal government project! The former is done with open tenders with elaborate checks built in with the appointment of independent consultants (also with open tenders) to ensure transparency and public accountability at every stage of the implementation. While the latter project (the country’s largest, at contract price almost 10 times that of former) was awarded without tender at lightning speed, and without any prior publicity, not to mention public consultation. Worse, the contract was awarded at a price double that estimated by a consultant appointed earlier without any explanation. However, our graft buster MACC, instead of pouncing on the ECRL handlers and decision makers, have raided all the relevant Penang state authorities and contractors involving in the Penang project and even detained top executives of the latter, upon a complaint lodged by a political opponent of the Penang state government. Why struck on the Penang government at this sensitive time on eve of impending election when MACC has been probing this project for the past two years? Why has there been no investigation on the ECRL contract? Is MACC an independent graft buster serving the people, or is it a political tool serving the parochial interests of the federal ruling coalition?

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