Not Boycott, Just Did Not Show Up! Another New Joke!

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26 Responses to Not Boycott, Just Did Not Show Up! Another New Joke!

  1. . says:

    The joke is actually on those who have nothing better to do than just interpret what a no-show at the Pakatan assembly means.

    Which, after all, doesn’t mean much – it’s not that they resign from the party, for example.

    This kind of UMNO cybertrooper-ism is a candidate for Kepala Bapak Kau-ism by the bossman Najib, like during Pru13 campaign when he said bangang, hamjadah.

    They could have tried to find facts and valid arguments to show that Pakatan is not united. But, when Pakatan component parties agreed on Tun M as the PM candidate, they ran out of ideas on how to put down Pakatan in an effective and credible manner.

    • . says:

      Pakatan not only showed they are united, they also managed to attract recently axed PAS Mahfuz –

      Mahfuz muncul di Konvensyen Pakatan Harapan

      SHAH ALAM – Ahli Parlimen Pas Pokok Sena, Datuk Mahfuz Omar dilihat muncul di Konvensyen Pakatan Harapan (Harapan) –

      Lebih kurang jam 2.30 petang tadi, Mahfuz .. berjalan masuk ke dalam dewan, diiringi tepukan dan sorakan wakil-wakil Harapan yang ada di dalam dewan.

      Mahfuz ketika ditemui Sinar Online berkata, kehadirannya hanya sekadar memenuhi undangan rakan-rakan dalam arena politik.

      “Setiap konvensyen Harapan saya telah hadir, malah saya juga ada semasa persidangan meja bulat pembentukan Harapan.

      Note that there are others Pakatan-sympathetic PAS members. Mahfuz said of past Harapan meetings:

      “Saya antara Ahli Parlimen Pas yang hadir pada waktu itu,” katanya kepada Sinar Online.

      “Jika Parlimen bersidang dalam masa terdekat, ada kemungkinan saya akan bersidang sebagai ahli Parlimen Bebas,” katanya lagi.

      There’s hope that he might join Pakatan and contest under Pakatan banner.

      • Anonymous says:

        Amanah with leaders like Khalid Samad and others will go very far and is the right party for Malaysia. Members of Amanah should realise it is a new and the smallest party in PH and therefore they have to be patient. At this point they should strive to win all the seats allocated to them. If they do that then Amanah will be in a strong position to negotiate for more seats in the future.

    • Anonymous says:

      Harapan parties must consider for the good of the coalition, not about seat allocations. Win this coming elections first by fielding candidates with best winning potential.

      If we can’t defeat BN this time around the chances of doing so in future becomes slimmer. We must not waste this opportunity in this coming GE.

      Cooperation is very important in achieving our goal of kicking out BN from Putrajaya.

      • Anonymous says:

        In a coalition where the main goal is to take Putrajaya from UMNO, each party and its members have to learn to compromise. It is only when we learn to give and take among each other that reflects positively among voters. DAP could have contested in more seats, but they choose to abide by central coalition decisions made. So let us look at the bigger goal rather than the bits and pieces currently.

  2. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Why do you keep putting Chinese writing in a non Chinese language blog?

      After being told not to and given the reasons so many times, you will get cursed (di maki), rude words used against you and the likes of you.

      You will not like it and it’ll also be unpleasant for readers in general.

      So, do stop it, have decorum and decency, respect all the readers in here.

    • Anonymous says:

      11.15 am,

      You are an ultrakiasu bastard, not fit to be in Malaysian society. You should vamoose to China where everybody reads Chinese.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mahathir said Najib was doing a “great job” and that he would be able to sell more land if he stays on for longer.

    “Look at Singapore. It is tiny compared to Malaysia. But it has a much higher income per capita than Malaysia.

    “Singapore was a part of Malaysia before. It was sold to the British. It is now an independent country.

    “We don’t need a big land area. If we sell all our excess land we can see them becoming well developed. We can be very proud of their development,” he said.


    • Anonymous says:

      That was a sarcasm by Mahathir. The heading read:

      “Dr M sarcastically suggests Najib sell ‘a few states’ for funds”

      It was not a glowing tribute to the small island, homogeneous, less problems.

      It was meant to whack Najib – verbally, of course.

      • Anonymous says:

        After messing around with all institutions,MO1 has now put his stealing hands into Bank Negara.He has forced Bank Negara to pay rm2 billion for govt land.Both are govt but right hand selling to left hand.Malaysia Boleh!!But he as usual claimed that the land is for Islamic this and that to hoodwink the Malays,so they cant protest at this mega theft of the central bank. As Tun said,give him more time and he will soon sell some states to China, not just durians?

      • Anonymous says:

        It must has come as a total surprise that Dr Mahathir with Bersatu has managed to pull the rabbit out of a hat and did the impossible. A one year old party has been given the leading role and the biggest seat allocation. BN and UMNO now must be really worried as instead of the usual DAP bogeymen and using PAS to split the opposition votes, the election is heading to uncharted territory where Harapan maybe able to split PAS and UMNO supporters to win over their traditional voters. Dr Mahathir is a true blue politicians and at 92 still have a lot of wits to eventually outsmart those Umno folks?

        • Anonymous says:

          He must do it. I cannot stand Najib any more.

        • Anonymous says:

          In the last GE the non-Malays gave undivided support to PAKATAN RAKYAT, NOT PAS THE PARTY. After PAS won many seats they became big headed and even betrayed the voters. Maybe they thought the people voted them because people love their ridiculous arabic attire or their filthy beards. How naive. This time when I see the white circle with green backdrop I will remember how they betrayed us voters.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The guidelines used by the Election Commission on gerrymandering and malapportionment maybe based on the assumption that all Chinese will vote for the Opposition and all Malay will vote for Umno. With the coming of the Mahathir factor in the Opposition (Pakatan Harapan), all Malay may not vote for Umno or even Umno-Pas. In other words the Mahathir factor may be able to neutralize the advantages of gerrymandering and malapportionment to Umno.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I strongly believe that MCA & Gerakan are basically good but ineffective political party. They cannot be effective while being raped by their dominant partner in the BN’s mattress. The majority of the Malaysian public (especially the Chinese) cannot accept a rape victim – that speaks highly of the sex predator. MCA & Gerakan need to run away from BN House – seek shelter in PH and try to make it work.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Karpal’s daughter sees red over Dr M as PM-designate – Nation | The Star …

    Must be that part of the month.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Unlike the UMNO leaders, the younger DAP and PKR MPs are highly educate and well versed in accounting and finance, so Umno folks please don’t try to bullshit the literate Malaysians.

    Even when the big elephant is running amok in the ceramic shops, with the former USA AG Loretta Lynn and the present AG Jeff Session making allegations that Billions have been stolen from Malaysia 1MDB and the money-laundered to USA by Jho Low and his associates with MO1 mentioned more than 30 times, these BN leaders are either deaf or blind to that news or they are afraid to confront MO1 for fear of losing their Ministerial salary/perks.

    Well done Ong Kian Ming, Tony Pua and YB Rafizi, keep on shining the torches in dark places to expose the lies of UMNO leaders.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Tun Mahathir was chosen precisely that is what the voters want, in particular the rural malay voters. Harapan has so many talented young leaders, but do you think they can win the rural voters?

    Rural voters very hard change their support no matter how good the young leader is. Thats why you see most of the oppostion leaders contest in urban areas. They know its impossible to win rural voters. It will career suicide. Which is why Tun come into the picture. Only he has the chance for rural voters to even consider to vote for Harapan.

    You can talk all about many young leaders but none of them can ever hope to win in rural areas. Sad but that is the fact. These rural malay voters has been so used voting for BN, no matter how corrupt or bad BN is.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fear the foul tactics used by Najib and UMNO/BN, be alert and shout out each time it’s noticed.

      Good that Opposition folks have raised objections against gerrymeandering – amending the boundaries of election constituencies and moving soldiers and Police personnel to targeted areas, including Bangsar.

      And the giving of cash, rice, even electrical goods, like Tun M said was done at PRK Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar. Denounce them. Damn them.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Choosing a nonagenerian former PM to head Malaysia’s opposition is a regressive move
    The Star Online

    That’s a stupid statement, innit? What regression you talking about compared to a 64 years old Kleptocrat causing “misappropriation of 1MDB funds and money laundering to the tune of US$4.5 bullion (about RM20 billion)?

    And RM2.6 billion in his personal bank account.

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