Penang flood victims give Ramkarpal a piece of their mind

Source: The Third Force

Following are two videos that surfaced on YouTube showing Bukit Gelugor YB Ramkarpal Singh being lashed at by disgruntled flood victims:

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One Response to Penang flood victims give Ramkarpal a piece of their mind

  1. Ang Tao Peng says:

    What horrific body language this monkey has!

    You cannot be so unconscious and fcuking brain dead as not to stand around with arms on hips like a dumbfcuk clueless like a cheap wild east “sheriff”. It looks arrogant and casual.

    And it is just as fcuking awful to hang around with arms folded too. It may be defensive body language but it looks to most like being smug and casual, the monkey appears like he happened to past by and happy to dpare a few minutes to hear out some lesser humans tell of their concerns and unhappiness.

    The monkey certainly has no communication skill or is retarded in that department. Never play dumb while being dumb, at least go along with what the aggrieved are saying, ask questions, above all show genuine concern, show some initiative, standing around with arms on hips or folded is not being helpful.

    If the monkey is conscious and can wake up from his coma, he should ask where the problems are that need immediately be solved, roll up his sleeves, get his hand dirty (though not with masturbating and fcuking himself).

    The dumbstruck performance doesn’t help anyone including our noisy “Opposition”. It only show them as not of the human species, fcuking brain dead, clueless, useless and worthless. With such performance, or rather non-performance, it is actually best not to show up at all. It is more destructive and disastrous for the “Opposition”, better stay away and shuffle paper or stay home or even in the office to masturbate.

    The monkey appears in every respect or the lack of it, to be seriously infected with the same disease as the Holy Tokong – wear a bleached nicely-ironed holy white funeral shirt, affect concern even if it looks fcuking overdone and fake.

    If this monkey, like that monkey Tokong is so bleeding useless, clueless and worthless, they should not come out to make things worse by aggravating those affected.

    It also affect those who watch the videos by making them feel utterly incredulous, angry and dispirited at the ugly and fake shows of sheer hopelessness and despondency.

    What nonsensical and fraudulent “one term” is that old swindler greasehead BrylcLim Kutty Siang going on about if, comes the crunch, he is only able to send out dumb-looking fcukheads to put on a sick dog and a Kerala dumb clown show?!

    And when is that big-talking forever talking bullockshit merchant from the Kerala sarabat school of lying, bullockshitting, and sheer unadulterated fraud going to appear for his swim in the floods? I mean that Kerala soiled Kelingnex ar sewipe Mugathir McKutty, he should give his forked Kobra tongue a good rest, go out and do something for once for the rakyat in his very very short remaining “Top Bitch” running sow “life” crawling for his handler BrylcLim Kutty Siang.

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