Floods in Penang, Tokong To Blame God Now? Or BN Again?

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24 Responses to Floods in Penang, Tokong To Blame God Now? Or BN Again?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Anybody trying to make fun of or takes lightly an emergency situation is very low class.

    Nothing more needs be said about that.

    • solzamri says:

      Because it is fun looking at the CM acting at a very low class.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you one of the 3,000 Umno cyber-troopers at the party’s social media convention in Putra World Trade Centre here today?

        Why just one sentence and no facts and valid arguments? “Because it is fun” is no argument to the statement you are replying to.

        If you are an Umno cyber-trooper, not just you, but the whole of Umno is low class.

        • Anonymous says:

          Blog owners presumably were invited to the PWTC assembly.

          But don’t ask which blog ownwers were there.

          It’s “embracing”.

          • Anonymous says:

            PRU13 UMNO cyber-troopers attending the assembly were presented with a laptop each.

            With RM2.6 billion in the bank account, maybe this time they’ll get some diamonds. The females may get replicas of the RM117 mill necklace.

        • Anonymous says:

          Can expect more writings from Umno Cyber Warriors out to impress their master for dedak.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Army deployed in Malaysia’s Penang as floods displace thousands

    • Anonymous says:

      DPM said “The prime minister and I extend aid despite the fact that the state government is not with Putrajaya”.

      This is truly a pathetic statement. The natural disaster in Penang is unprecedented. In fact, national agencies and resources should be mobilized by the respective ministries automatically. Please do not short change the taxpayers of Penang. Please do not make it sound like you’re doing a favor for Penang. It is the obligation and responsibility of the federal government to also serve the people of Penang.

      The politicisation of the natural disaster by Umno, Mca and Gerakan is highly deplorable and is hurtful to all Penangites. The inconsiderate and insensitive remarks also paint a negative image of the country, that is symbolic of a failed state. Please carry out your responsibilities to the rakyat irregardless of whom they voted for. You are the government of the day.

  3. Anonymous says:

    At the Umno cyber-troopers assembly at PWTC to day, Najib, who is Umno president, claimed the opposition had fanned “fake news” to sully his image, and stressed on the need for this to be corrected.

    One so-called fake news is him giving PAS RM90 million.

    Najib also said the opposition’s social media “army” was willing to make allegations without checking the real facts first.

    “They hurl wild allegations in the hope that two or three of the allegations will stick because there is no need to demonstrate truth on social media. It is enough that they create the perception,” he said.

    It was reported on Oct 30 that Sarawak Report (SR) editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown had claimed in her defence statement to a lawsuit filed in London by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, that she and former Malaysia Bar chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan spoke about Najib, 1MDB and PAS in July 2016.

    “Ambiga told the defendant that her sources, whom she said were reliable, had estimated the amount that had been paid was around RM90 million,” said Clare in her affidavit dated Oct 11.

    Clare filed her affidavit to the court in London. That’s Fake news? Nonsense.

    “two or three of the allegations will stick”? Let’s see the results in the London court. Najib won’t dare sue. Because more dirt might come out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ahmad Zahud, the acting Umno deputy president, said the RM90 million payment to PAS, had somewhat damaged the party’s image.

      UMNO cyber-troopers should learn how to deflect allegations hurled by the opposition before it reached a critical level.

      He said society’s perception towards Umno had been affected by the allegation about the payment.

      “It should have been tackled when the issue first arose, and not when the case was already brought to court…

      The impact of the perception has been very damaging,” he said.

      Bloody good. Pru14, here we come.

      • Anonymous says:

        Umno cyber-troopers got whacked already even at the Assembly, well before the elections, eh?

        More “bangang, hamjadah” whacking by Najib during Pru14 campaign, like during Pru13 campaign?

  4. Ang Tao Peng says:

    The Bungalodeshi minister greaseball Tokong BrylcLim Guano Eng has a huge swimming pool, after all.

    Shame about the fengshui, though, there’s just too much shui!

  5. Mubarak Chan says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen. The thoughtless aping of the Policies of the Vaterland, Singapore by the State Government of Pulau Pinang has now led to the sad and tragic incidents in the construction industry operating there. The Vaterland had the benefit of the Dutch UN Economic Adviser, Dr Albert Winsemius on the non-human resource of the Vaterland, from 1962 to 1984. e.g. reclamation, Asian Dollar, GLCs, Jurong, glittering buildings etc. The development of the human resource of Singapore was left to Lee Kuan Yew who screwed down the indigenous population from 100% in 1959 to 62% in 2010. The Vaterland has only 900,000 able-bodied Chinese aged 21 to 50 today ! There are 1.2 Million FTs and 800,000 PRs to boost the ever declining GDP without success ! Vide. Singapore Government White Paper on Population. 2010.

    • Anonymous says:

      Singapore is smart to leverage on the neglected talents in Bolehland for professional jobs, while attract cheap Malaysian labour shuttling daily across causeway for 3D jobs with SingDollar.

      Do not blame Singapore just because ofbour failed policies. We replace our emigrated talents with Banglas and Indians.

  6. Mubarak Chan says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen. As I have been saying for many years, property development at the foothills behind Georgetown can only give rise to more siltation and blockages of the Georgetown drainage system into the sea . The water has to pass through Georgetown to reach the sea. As it is the Georgetown sewage drifts northwards to Batu Ferringhi causing contamination of the beaches. This antiquated system is 19th century. With the blockage of the water seeking an outlet into the sea by Georgetown, the whole expansive area behind it and its precincts will be one gigantic lake with the next heavy downpour on the island. This will come as surely as the sun rises. Policies which are good for the Vaterland Singapore do not mean these are good for Pulau Pinang and its Rakyat. It is as different as chalk and cheese. It is now too late for the rulers to do anything because in 1966, the Head of the Drainage and Irrigation Dept. Pulau Pinang told me that it was expensive to adopt the Honolulu sewage system in Hawaii after he visited the place. Since then, nothing was done to modernise the sewage system of Georgetown. It is only a matter of time before the whole faulty and antiquated sewage system explodes with many properties inundated with water. It is wise for any State Government to modernise the Georgetown sewage system at great expense before tinkling with the development of infrastructures and the building of concrete condos behind the town and destroying the mud-hills adorned with beautiful trees in the process.

  7. Mubarak Chan says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen. The DAP controlled State Government of Pulau Pinang did nothing for the Rakyat during the 8 years it was in office but only to ape the Failed Public Policies of its Vaterland Singapore ! Think tanks don’t think !

    • Anonymous says:

      If our Ringgit is on par with SingDollar, rakyat has no fear for Barang Naik high cost of living. So failed policies is in Bolehland.

      • Mubarak Chan says:

        It is not the money. It is the indigenous human resource of any Nation. Singapore has 5.2 Millon people which consist of 3.2 Million indigenous, 1.2 Million FTs and 800,000 PRs. If Lee Kuan Yew did not impose his wicked 2 Child Family Policy from 1972-1984, the natural increment of the indigenous population would have come to at least 5.2 Million ! And the Chinese able-bodied males 21 – 50 would be 1.78 Million not 900,000 today.

  8. Anonymous says:

    IGP has refuted claims that the government has withdrawn the personal bodyguard service provided by the police Special Action Unit (UTK) for Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    He said only a few ordinary members of the security escort team had been directed to return to the unit’s base to be posted for duties elsewhere.

    “It is not true at all. The personal bodyguards, comprising UTK officers, are still serving with Dr Mahathir,” he said.

    “Only some ordinary members have been called back for other assignments. This is a normal procedure,” Fuzi said.

    Comment: 1. Why late in telling? 2. Why Umno cyber-troopers have not helped project the right image for the Najib gomen?

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