Tokong Surrenders, Pleads For Help!

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5 Responses to Tokong Surrenders, Pleads For Help!

  1. Anonymous says:

    MO1 Najib Razak, go ahead and face Tun Mahathir at a ‘Nothing to Hide 3’ forum instead of merely addressing your paid cyber troopers. Najib, the very person you have been fearfully referring to all these recent times as ‘the former leader’ had been the 4th Prime Minister and the Umno president for 22 years, and he’s the current leader and the chairman of Pakatan Harapan coalition, an opposition coalition that could very well oust you and your deformed regime of your Umno led Barisan Nasional. The greater Rakyat know that Tun Mahathir had previously campaigned to support you to become the 6th Prime Minister but because of your corruption practices he leads the opposition leadership to defend the nation sovereignty. Najib Razak, you claim that you don’t fear the opposition front but why are you so very scared and hindering the formation and registration of the now formidable Pakatan Harapan at the Registrar of Societies?

    • a says:

      The bloke who says not being afraid of the Opposition is actually very afraid.

      A confident fellow just does his work without having to say such nonsense.

  2. Anonymous says:

    BN chairman Najib Razak has thrown the gauntlet at MCA, challenging its oldest coalition partner to win at least 15 federal seats to justify its number of cabinet posts.

    Speaking at MCA’s 64th annual general assembly, Najib reminded the Chinese party that it only has seven MPs now.

    “But if you have 15, you’ll be a lot stronger in the government,” the prime minister said this morning.

    “Tell the Chinese community: Do you want a strong or weak representation in government? The choice is yours,” he said .

    • a says:

      He should have said, “Do you want a Chinese Tsunami or not?”

      But all of them are scared of another Chinese Tsunami, worse still, a Malay Tsunami as well. So, the word Tsunami is anathema at an MCA or UMNO or even an MIC assembly.

      Gerakan? Do they count? Wonder what they gerak, beyond Najib’s …. err, ego.

  3. a says:

    Anybody trying to make fun of or takes lightly an emergency situation is very low class.

    Nothing more needs be said about that.

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