Hello Dr Mahathir, In Case You Forgot!

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad berkata, Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) perlu memperbanyakkan pelaburan ke luar negara bagi membolehkan para pencarumnya menikmati pulangan yang lebih tinggi.

Source Article: http://ww1.utusan.com.my/utusan/info.asp?y=2005&dt=0426&pub=Utusan_Malaysia&sec=Muka_Hadapan&pg=mh_08.htm

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78 Responses to Hello Dr Mahathir, In Case You Forgot!

  1. MBuzz says:

    Melabur OK untuk keuntungan Malaysia, bukan untuk USA.

    • Anonymous says:

      Apasal tak gunakan duit itu utuk melabur di Malaysia. Dulu kan di buat begitu. Ada syarkat2 dan projek2 yang steady di Malaysia “prudent” untuk di labur juga.

      Bakpa nak ngampu US, konon nya nak kuatkan infrastruktur negara yang paling maju. Mengarut.

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        “projek… prudent… infrastruktur…”

        Not really chickenshit “supremacist” chickenshit vocabulary issit?!

        Rather like a Proton with its Japanese blueprints.

        Or Malay soysauce.

        Or a Malay fried kway teow.

        Or a Malay curry rendang.

        Or a Chinese Mamak mee.

        Or a 2% pure-bred “Malay”!

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s eunuchs corruption-importing thugs and gangsters Cina Bukit coolie pendatang culture.

          But mostly it’s Ang Tiunama Peng’s rude, abusive and vulgar ways, also

          Constantly Lying, Cheating and Conning Schizophrenic Red Bean old man “Ang” –

          1. At first, he cheated on his blogging name, using what appeared to be the full name of a Chinese, presumably in order to gain respect for him as a blogger. When threatened to have his name checked against the list of graduates of “top UK universities” that he claimed to have degrees from, he panicked, and declared that Ang Tao Peng is not his real name.

          2. He claimed to be graduates of not just “two top UK universities”, but also of “two top US universities”. He is mad. Nobody can ever be like that. But when told that, he simply kept quiet. He doesn’t provide proof, substantiation or justification. Saying he’s not obliged to do so. So, we are “obliged” to deem him as Lying, Cheating and Conning Schizophrenic Red Bean old man Ang.

          3. He claimed to be descended from “a clan of bankers and industrialists of East China”, denied being descended from “coolies” of South China brought in by British colonialists in the 19th century onwards. Yet, saying “his folks” having migrated to Europe bringing “a lot of wealth”, he is left plonked in a non-industrialist Malaysia and living in Sarawak (he claimed, though likely to be in Penang, a Red Bean, using so many names and pretending to be so many personalities. He knows the term “multiple personalty disorder” and the symptoms well).

          4. In the beginning of his foray in this blog, he portrayed the image of, and did say he was a retiree, an old man, expressing the style of the usual Red Beans gang (those engaged by DAP to terrorize blogosphere during PRU13 election campaign, writing in uncontrolled fashion, often rude, abusive and vulgar, wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified claims and allegations). But when accused of being among the hooligans that caused the race riots of 1969, he denied being around, physically and age-wise, at that time. Lying again.

          5. He lied, cheated and conned so often that he even forgot what he lied and conned. And got caught several times in the process. I’m therefore quite sure readers would treat what he writes here as jokes and would just enjoy the fun and entertainment on and out of the schizophrenic old man Ang who stubbornly refused to take his pills.

          6. It’s blokes like this “Ang” bugger who bring down the image of the Chinese in this country.

          (Every new STL post should be stamped with the above tiunama chop for the benefit of new readers – STL is now coming to 11 million visitors).

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “STL is now coming to 11 million visitors”

            That’s because visitors enjoy articles shafting that Kerala soiled Kelingnex Mamak self-denier 2%”Malay” LKS “Top Bitch” running sow.

            And, no doubt my comments.

            STL got even better when it fired a schizo delusional jinn who was ultra-kiasu about his self-given “special position”, appointed himself a “moderator” on ground he was STL’s “friend from a long way back”.

            After the moron who was the spokespig for the Kerala Kobra Mugathir McKutty couldn’t kerala kurry on as a self-appointed “moderator” he spends all his rentseeker energy trolling STL and attempting to wreck it.

            And without any success, not only readers like articles kneeling Kerala Kobra in his shrivelled pea nuts, readers love seeing me prod Mugathir McKutty’s running sow rentseeker retard redneck jinns with a branding iron in my brilliant comments!

          • Anonymous says:

            “And, no doubt my comments.” Said the schizophrenic Ang Tiunama who often exhibits his delusion of grandeur, a sympptom of madness –

            The mad Red Bean old man “Ang Tiunama Peng” always thinks he is high in everything – qualification, knowledge, wealth, etc. He has delusions of grandeur –

            In the past he frequently claimed about “my vast superiority”, claimed to have vast wealth, including “a huge colonial style Baba mansion” in Singapore, properties in Jkarta, now claiming to also have properties in UK. He had claimed to have degrees from “four top US and UK universities”. All are bullshits.

            Googling the words “delusion of grandeur” produces the following:

            – Delusions of grandeur are false beliefs held by an individual

            – Delusions of grandeur are associated with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), which is a mental health diagnosis

            – Grandiosity is a symptom of the manic episodes of Bipolar Disorder: elevated (heightened), expansive (grand, superior) or irritable mood. This elevated mood occurs when not depressed. In mania … increased activity or energy … needs only three hours sleep (at times he blogs at 3 am) instead of the usual seven

            Other examples of delusion of grandeur exhibited by Red Bean old man Ang are his claims of:

            1. having, in addition to degrees from “four top US and UK universities, a host of professional qualifications and honorary awards

            2. being descended from the non-existent “clan of bankers and industrialists” of East China (but not Shanghai, China’s commercial centre)

            3. being vastly wealthy, having so “many possessions” that it’s difficult for him to scram from this country despite being repeatedly told to do so because he has admitted not respecting the Constitution.

            So, schizophrenic Red Bean old man Ang also has “the narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), also a mental health diagnosis.”

            If you have not visited the Psychiatrist and been prescribed medication, you should do so now, old man Ang. It’d be good for you and for everyone else you get into contact with.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “In the past he frequently claimed about “my vast superiority” ”

            In the present too.

            And even greater superiority if you are so impressed, overwhelmed, and jealous of my wealth!

            And you are, you foam at the mouth all the time about my superiority like a schizo jinn out of a bottle of piss!

          • Anonymous says:

            That’s why he is mad –

            Ang Tao Peng is a mad person. Diagnosed having schizophrenia.

            Despite being periodically reminded to take his pills, he refused to do so. His abuses here must be disabused by responding to his comment each and every time he shows up. So that the non-regular visitors know the comments come from a madman and are not to be believed.

            His most obvious schizophrenia symptom is delusions of grandeur. Deluding himself into thinking and claiming he is very clever, very rich, etc, which he is not:

            1. Claimed to have degrees from “four top US and UK universities” and a string of professional qualifications and awards. When asked, he refused to say even the names of the universities. When told he’d be checked against the Register of graduates of Oxford or Cambridge Universities, he quickly said the name he uses here (made to look like a genuine, full name) is not his own.

            2. Claimed to have “posh” properties in UK, Singapore and Indonesia. Claimed that his family have migrated to Europe bringing their wealth along. Yet admitted he is living in a far-flung, non-commercial or regional centre – Sibu, Sarawak

            3. Claimed to “belong to a family of bankers and industrialists” but refused to say whether from Shanghai or where, yet he is living in non-industrial Sarawak

            4. Claimed to have many friends. But admitted in here last Chinese New Year eve that he went out to buy fried kuayteow for dinner, eating alone and desolate, on a CNY eve

            Other examples showing that he is mad:

            1. Always rude, abusive and vulgar in his comments. In the process, he constantly lies, cheats and cons readers here

            2. Always puts out loose opinions, makes unsubstantiated, unjustified and not-even-explained wild claims and allegations

            3. Often racist, seditious and subversive. Anti-Malays, anti-Islam, even anti-Hakkas and anti-Hokkiens. To the extent that Mubarak Chan has noted an observation that Ang is not a Chinaman

            4. Keeps talking about the exiatence of a “moderator” in a non-moderated blog like STL where anyone can write a comment, click the “Post Comment” button and it’ll automatically appear on the blog page without a moderator making it so

            5. At 79 years old, mad Ang often behaves like a child. Always name calling and saying such things as DAP = Dead And Past party, DAP = Duplicitous Amoral Party, DAP = Desperate And Panicky party, etc. That’s another sign that he is mad.

          • Anonymous says:

            EPF money is yours.
            Once wrongly invested, gone forever.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hello Tun Mahathir

          (1) To me, kini sudah ada gelombang rakyat bencikan Najib MO1. Namun gelombang ini masih terbatas kpd rakyat yg agak “urbanized” dan berpendidikan. Tsunami kebangkitan merata belum terasa. Satu gerakkan “ganas” perlu diadakan bagi membangkit “kehangatan” utk tumbangkan Najib MO1.

          (2) PH sekarang menyerang PAS sebagai ibarat Parti Halimunan Islam. Parti Islam Flip Flop. Parti Islam pasang surut. Parti yg ideologi Islamnya berserabut.

          (3) Ini adalah mainan UMNO dulu2. Sekarang UMNO bermain “politik semun” terhadap PAS. Mengikut istilah orang Sarawak. “Semun” maksudnya dingin, lembab, lengai, buat2 dek. But can b cold blooded in certain instances. UMNO dan PAS “dingin berdua”, bersandiwara “mesra semun”. Tetapi itu dari kaca mata Melayu kebanyakan sangat bagus dan suatu langkah awal ke hubungan “pernikahan” intim hangat. Strategi sandiwara @ deciet Najib MO1 mungkin berjaya pd gaya itu.

          (4) Dgn senario tsb, then how and which angle for us to attack both PAS n UMNO? Wajarkah kita tibai kedua2nya dlm hal itu? Jika itu cara kita, saya yakin sangat kurang menjadi kesannya. Boleh jadi last2 makan diri sendiri sebab dlm adat Melayu dan Islam, apa salah dan dosanya dua musuh berbaik2. So b careful utk tibai PAS n UMNO dlm bab itu.

          (5) Nak tibai PAS dan atau UMNO? PAS dan atau UMNO adalah orang Melayu. Tibai PAS dan atau UMNO sama dgn tibai Melayu. Apa dosa Melayu? Tidak ada! Depa hanya pengikut. Depa tidak salah. Depa telah terdidik utk patuh pd ketua. So saya yakin, jgn tibai mereka ie PAS dan atau UMNO. Kalau kita tibai mereka, depa menjauh dari sokong kita, PH! Kita patut usaha dekatkan mereka kpd kita.

          (6) Najib MO1 dan Hadi adalah yg paling bersalah dlm membawa politik, ekonomi, perpaduan kaum dan wilayah malah fahaman Islami haru biru di Negara ini. Mereka berdua
          meruntuhkan martabat bangsa Melayu dan Umat Islam kita. Ayuh kita bongkar tentang itu. Kita balun Najib MO1 dan Hadi cukup2 dlm hal itu. Kita henyak mereka berdua ini dlm hal itu. Inilah dua raja pembohong, penipu, pencuri, penyamun, perasuah dan penyangak (gedebe) yg mesti disingkirkan. Mereka mesti dijadikan penderhaka di mata dan hati rakyat!

          (7) Kita henyak tibai
          mereka to the corner, dan kita sedarkan rakyat yg mengikut UMNO dan atau PAS bhw mereka berdua ini mesti ditinggalkan. Naikilah bahtera PH utk masa depan dan kesejahteraan semua. PH adalah bahtera Noh utk kelangsungan
          masa depan Bangsa, Agama dan Negara yg cemerlang.

          (8) Keduanya, UMNO dan PAS sedang menibai Melayu dlm PH sebagai barua DAP. Mereka sedang celakan Melayu PH sebagai Melayu tunggangan DAP. DAP musuh Melayu. Melayu yg jadi tunggangan DAP adalah Melayu barua, pengkhianat. DAP jadi PAS masa lampau di mata UMNO kini. So to me, as I had said many times, good for DAP to take the back seat in the Malays dealing. Let Bersatu, PKR, Amanah n Warisan in the frontline. No need to b a loosing stupid champion.

          (9) Dan pasti, ketiganya telah sampai masanya PH memperinci dan menjelaskan seterang2nya masa depan Negara yg akan PH usahakan. To say, kita kembali ke jln lama spt yg pernah Tun usahakan, itu tidak cukup. What are new? What are better? What are there to b and for the local? What would b there for internationally n what it means to the rakyat daily lives?

          (9) while tibai is used to b part of our politicking process, but charting n working hard on new and clear hope n aspiration had been your trademark. Move your team to show to the rakyat on the “reformasi” that you is now began to chanting. PH is about harapan. So what is that “harapan”.

          (10) Harapan kita adalah sistem Negara yg Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah (BCA). Kemakmuran, kesejahteraan dan keselamatan rakyat dan Negara In Shaa Allah boleh kita bina jika segala sistem yg kita ada adalah tulin BCA.

          Semoga kita semua sihat sejahtera utk ubah yg tidak betul. In Shaa Allah.

          • Anonymous says:

            PH perlu hantar pasukan2 yang boleh membikin mereka di luar bandar dan di pinggir kota fahamkan semua isu sepenh nya.

            Pilih yang komited. Saperti mahasiswa2 yang berdemo “….. Najib” beberapa lama dahulu.

        • Anonymous says:

          Najib yang mengarahkan Suruhanjaya Siasatan Diraja (RCI) menyiasat kerugian tukaran mata wang asing Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), telah menjadi bahan lawak dunia, kata Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

          Beliau berkata, ini disebabkan Najib tidak menangani tuduhan kleptokrasi dalam kerajaannya dan Dr Mahathir menuduh Najib menggunakan RCI untuk mengalihkan perhatian rakyat Malaysia serta memburukkan namanya.

          Tambah Dr Mahathir lagi, BNM sudah pun mengambil beberapa langkah seperti untung dan rugi selepas kerugian mata wang asing. Perubahan itu juga termaktub dalam pindaan kepada Akta Bank Negara Malaysia 2009.

    • Anonymous says:

      My advice to Najib, please do not go to USA again if you are afraid of meeting the press. Only bring shame to the country. Our skin not that thick ,you know.

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        “Our skin not that thick ,you know.”

        We know.

        Our longkang chickenshit “supremacists” hurt very easily.

        And are always too ready to go berserk and run amok at the slightest of the rubbish they typically invent so that they can play the conveniently thin-skinned cheapskate ultra-kiasu “victims”!

    • 916 says:



      • Anonymous says:


        • Anonymous says:

          Kurang Ajar Tulisan Cina Bukit

          Pendatang ini kurang ajar tak habis habis. Di beritahu dengan Bahasa Inggeris berkali kali pasal menggunakan tulisan cacing di blog yang biasa dengan BI dan BM, tidak di peduli nya. Tak hormatkan Perlembagaan Negara berkenaan penggunaan BM dan bahasa ibunda.

          Ini nyata Cina Bukit, turun temurun “hill tribes of South China” yang professor sejarah kata menduduki Selatan China sabelom penduduk Utara China turun ke selatan beribu tahun dahulu. Berkahwin campuran dah beribu tahun, tapi tabi’at Cina Bukit itu tidak hilang.

          Mereka di bawa ke negara ini dek celaka British kolonial sebagai kuli (coolies) di abad 19. Cina Bukit sudah tentu tidak bertamadun, tak reti bahasa, tak hormatkan sesiapa, tak hormatkan Perlembagaan negara berkenaan Bahasa Kebangsaan, maka telah di halau berhijrah ke negara yang Perlembagaan nya mereka hormati.

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        Beautiful writing.

        More please!

        • Anonymous says:

          Ang Tiunama Peng bastard is a madman, so his views don’t count.

          But, to the bloke who has no respect for the Constitution Article 152 and the readers of this blog –

          Despite being told in the past, the bloke comes out again with worm writing in a blog where the readers are used to BI or BM, possibly thinking his is a higher culture, not respecting the Constitution of the country Article 152 stating the National Language of the country is BM.

          He should read the following:

          The Myth of the Chinese Cultural Pre-eminence

          Ancient Chinese records aggrandized Chinese culture while at the same time denying the achievements of other cultures and races. Chinese historical documents had often been re-written, making it difficult to ascertain the truths.

          The burning of the books occurred not just over 2,000 years ago during Emperor Chin Shih Huang Di, but also in the 1960s during the so-called Cultural Revolution of Mao Zedong.

          Chinese history claimed China as the “Middle Kingdom”, others around them, and even far away, as “barbaric and uncivilized”.

          Those thinking theirs is a higher culture and others have a lower one must read what History Professor Wang Gung-Wu (formerly of Universiti Malaya, now in Singapore?) said in his essay “Early Ming Relations with S.E.Asia” pg. 36:

          “ … All peoples who believed that they alone were civilized did so because they thought their neighbours less civilized than themselves. This view was often proved wrong by subsequent contact with other civilized peoples.”

          Another academician, Albert Kolb, also pointed out in his book, “East Asia”, 1971,

          “For a long time, it (Chinese culture) was taken to be older, and possibly also richer in original features, than in fact it is”. (Pg 25).

          “Chinese culture cannot be thought of as originally Chinese because the Chinese themselves emerged gradually as a blend of many races and peoples”. (Pg 26).

          According to Professor Wolfram Eberhard, in his book “A History of China”, 1977, writings about ancient China were inventions of a later period, what were said to have been done by the Chinese rulers and the dates they were said to have been done appeared to be even later still. All these indicated that historical writings in China were meant to serve certain politico-ethical objectives.

          These are the words Professor Eberhard himself wrote:

          “Furthermore, we can now state with certainty that the historical data which were given in written documents for times down to 1,000 BC are false. They are the result of astronomical-astrological calculations, made by specialists of later times who pursued their own special political aims by doing these calculations”. (Pg 1).

        • Anonymous says:

          For 2 years already Najib dare not go to United Nations to avoid foreign journalists who are questioning him on 1MDB matters.

      • Anonymous says:


        • Anonymous says:

          Why these fellows don’t bring their Chinese writing to Chinese language blogs is fathomable. It’s a lack of respect for the Constitution Article 152 which restricts the use of mother tongue languages e.g for communication among themselves.

          It simply shows their lack of concern for the feelings of others – the 77% non-Chinese in this country. It really is their Cina Bukit character.

          It’s a personality disorder on the part of the blokes writing in the Chinese language in blogs that usually carry English or Malay (the National Language) writing.

          There are 10 types of personality disorder. Examples:

          Schizotypal Personality Disorder: odd or peculiar beliefs appearance, and behavior. Their exocentric beliefs may manifest in unusual speech or writing that is overelaborate or vague. Additionally, they exhibit considerable social anxiety resulting from paranoid fears and suspiciousness, rather than negative self-appraisals.

          Their tendency to experience interpersonal discomfort and paranoia often limits opportunities for them to develop social skills or experience interactions that may disconfirm their paranoid beliefs; as a result, they lack close friends other than close relatives. When they do interact with others, they may display constricted or inappropriate emotions and poor psychosocial functioning in general. Overall, it is estimated that Schizotypal Personality Disorder characterizes about 1% of the general population.

          Narcissistic Personality Disorder: they exhibit a grandiose sense of self-importance, need for excessive admiration, and lack of empathy. They may display a sense of entitlement, believe they are exceptionally unique and can only be understood by or associated with an elite few, and/or be preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, beauty, intellect, or ideal love. Nonetheless, the appearance of superiority and arrogance actually masks the thin-skinned sensitivity to rejection, criticism, or defeat.

          Their arrogant attitudes, behaviors, and interpersonal exchanges primarily serve to enhance and maintain self-esteem. This maintenance of self-esteem is often dependent on relationships with others and individuals with Narcissistic Personality Disorder are often interpersonally exploitive such that they will try eliciting admiration from others in service of themselves. Limited empathic responses are characteristic of these individuals and the motive behind any seemingly altruistic behavior is to enhance self-esteem. Overall, it is estimated that Narcissistic Personality Disorder characterizes slightly less than 1% of the general population.

          Antisocial Personality Disorder: characterized by a pattern of disregard for or violation of other people’s rights since adolescence. They exhibit a tendency to violate social norms, and may engage in behaviors that may lead to run-ins with the law. They may be involved in deception, lying, or conning for personal gain or pleasure. They have a tendency to be impulsive and/or aggressive, leading to physical altercations. They may have little awareness of personal or others’ safety.

          They lack a sense of responsibility, leading to failure to meet work demands or financial obligations. Furthermore, individuals with Antisocial Personality Disorder lack remorse and may rationalize negative consequences that they may have inflicted on others.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tun M kata KWSP sudah boleh berbuat demikian (melabur di luar negara) memandangkan ia mempunyai dana cukup tinggi sehingga mencecah RM240 bilion.

    Dia kata itu di tahun 2005. Sekarang keadaan sudah bertukar. Tak tahu berapa jumlah wang yang EPF ada sekarang. Di laporkan banyak yang dah lesap di zaman Najib merintah.

    • Saiful says:

      Tun Mahathir mempersoalkan rancangan kerajaan Najib Razak melabur lebih AS$3 bilion daripada Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) di Amerika Syarikat (AS), dengan mengatakan rekod lampaunya dengan 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) tidak menyakinkan.

      “Kerajaan, tentu saja, mempunyai hak mengambil wang ini sebagaimana dikehendaki. (Tetapi) kami tertanya-tanya sama ada wang ini adalah pinjaman kepada kerajaan,” katanya dalam blognya yang popular, chedet.cc.

      “Para pekerja mungkin ingin mengetahui terma-terma pinjaman. Pihak pengurusan kerajaan 1MDB tidak dapat meyakinkan rakyat yang mereka mahir dalam menguruskan wang.

      “Sekiranya gagal membuat keuntungan, bagaimana ia akan membayar pinjaman kepada para pekerja Malaysia?”

  3. lufang says:

    Labur bolih maa aa , untuk lakyat and negala maa aa ,bukan untuk angkat nama politik pelibadi maa aa .

    Ini admin manyak bingong maa aa .

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tun Dr Mahathir did not forget – what he said in 2005 was when the EPF had RM240 billion. Now much less, should not be adventurous with investing EPF money abroad.

    But what Tun said now is interesting –

    Mahathir: People sore over Najib’s meeting with Trump

    Mahathir Mohamad also claims Najib Razak was badly treated at the White House as there was no official reception or lunch held in his honour while he was there.

    KUALA LUMPUR: Dr Mahathir Mohamad has warned Prime Minister Najib Razak that he is mistaken if he thinks his recent meeting with US President Donald Trump has won him brownie points with Malaysians back home.

    Tun said that feedback on the ground pointed to the public being “sore” over what transpired during the White House meeting on Sept 12.

    He also said Najib was not given the treatment befitting a state leader during his US visit as no official reception or formal meal were held in his honour by the president’s office.

    “He (Najib) was badly treated there. There was no welcome reception, and not even lunch provided,” he said. No joint press conference, too.

    “People are sore over the fact that this country has no money but is giving money to the US to help them build their infrastructure,” he said.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      “Now much less”

      That’s because Kerala soiled Kelingnex Kobra Koolie Mufathir McKutty did his sarabat stall fakir investment “expert” stuff, made money disappear with every single project he made his moron drainchild.

      Last was he even went into a gold buying pyramid “investment” scheme as a fronting decoration for the very anti-Islam “get-rich” scam!

      • Anonymous says:

        “investment” scheme as a fronting decoration for the very anti-Islam “get-rich” scam.

        Wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified claims and allegations.

        Ang Tao Peng is a mad person. Diagnosed having schizophrenia.

        Despite being periodically reminded to take his pills, he refused to do so. His abuses here must be disabused by responding to his comment each and every time he shows up. So that the non-regular visitors know the comments come from a madman and are not to be believed.

        His most obvious schizophrenia symptom is delusions of grandeur. Deluding himself into thinking and claiming he is very clever, very rich, etc, which he is not:

        1. Claimed to have degrees from “four top US and UK universities” and a string of professional qualifications and awards. When asked, he refused to say even the names of the universities. When told he’d be checked against the Register of graduates of Oxford or Cambridge Universities, he quickly said the name he uses here (made to look like a genuine, full name) is not his own.

        2. Claimed to have “posh” properties in UK, Singapore and Indonesia. Claimed that his family have migrated to Europe bringing their wealth along. Yet admitted he is living in a far-flung, non-commercial or regional centre – Sibu, Sarawak

        3. Claimed to “belong to a family of bankers and industrialists” but refused to say whether from Shanghai or where, yet he is living in non-industrial Sarawak

        4. Claimed to have many friends. But admitted in here last Chinese New Year eve that he went out to buy fried kuayteow for dinner, eating alone and desolate, on a CNY eve

        Other examples showing that he is mad:

        1. Always rude, abusive and vulgar in his comments. In the process, he constantly lies, cheats and cons readers here

        2. Always puts out loose opinions, makes unsubstantiated, unjustified and not-even-explained wild claims and allegations

        3. Often racist, seditious and subversive. Anti-Malays, anti-Islam, even anti-Hakkas and anti-Hokkiens. To the extent that Mubarak Chan has noted an observation that Ang is not a Chinaman

        4. Keeps talking about the exiatence of a “moderator” in a non-moderated blog like STL where anyone can write a comment, click the “Post Comment” button and it’ll automatically appear on the blog page without a moderator making it so

        5. At 79 years old, mad Ang often behaves like a child. Always name calling and saying such things as DAP = Dead And Past party, DAP = Duplicitous Amoral Party, DAP = Desperate And Panicky party, etc. That’s another sign that he is mad.

        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          “Diagnosed having schizophrenia.”

          Yes, and by a self-qualified jinn schizophrenic bomoh too!

          • Anonymous says:

            Good that you acknowledged having schizophrenia.

            No running away from it. Your schizo comments are all over the place in here.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “Diagnosed having schizophrenia.”

            I didn’t.

            It is your gross jinn schizo delusional inability to read a human language in action again!

          • Anonymous says:

            Plain denial is the only thing you can do?

            But a madman can’t do much more than that.

            And no point arguing with a madman.

            Just whack the bugger and let it be.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      “Tun Dr Mahathir did not forget”

      You mean Mugathir McKutty forgot to switch on his dementia PKFZ mode, and he can depend on his Proton doing acrobatic U-Tuns and overTuns?!

      • Anonymous says:

        The bastard Ang Tiunama Peng likes to show his madness in here.

        That’s why madmen often go about shouting in the street.

      • Saiful says:

        Dr Mahathir mempersoalkan kewajaran melabur di AS ketika kerajaan “nampaknya tidak mempunyai wang. Malaysia Airlines juga bukan syarikat penerbangan paling menguntungkan di dunia”.

        “Persoalannya, adakah kita akan melihat semula AS$ 10 bilion atau akan hilang seperti wang 1MDB?”

        • Anonymous says:

          Punya gila – kalau banyak wang, mengapa tak cukup duit nak bayar faedah bank hingga lebih sebillion Ringgit yang Astro Ananda Krishnan pinjamkan dulu.

          Malu. Tapi si polan tak tahu malu. Kasi saja bulu di Pru.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Another interesting one –

    Economist says Najib’s visit to US may backfire with rural voters

    A former World Bank economist, Lim Teck Ghee, who is currently the chief executive officer of the Centre for Policy Initiatives, says Najib’s visit to the US may backfire in getting votes for BN in the coming general election.

    This could take place if the negative response to the visit is widely disseminated to the grassroots, he said. Analysts have stated that most of the support for BN comes from the semi-urban and rural areas.

    Lim said despite what the government may claim, even the people in the rural constituencies know that Najib’s image has been tainted internationally by the 1MDB controversy.

    “Moreover, US President Donald Trump has a poor approval rating among local Malay Muslims because of his racist and anti-Islamic position,” he told FMT.

    “.. the US and international media have focused on the prime minister’s possible role in the alleged money laundering linked to 1MDB and the authoritarian record of BN,” he said.

    “The almost overwhelming negative response to his visit has also put the spotlight on the prime minister’s position on domestic issues such as human rights violations, religious extremism and political abuses.

    US critics of Trump have noted that the US president has a habit of embracing authoritarian rulers without regard for their subversion of democratic norms or gross human rights violations, said Lim.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      “Centre for Policy Initiatives”

      That’s a crap and dodgy outfit.

      And the World Bank hires a lot of economists, Lim was never a noted one.

      But what was amazing was Bugger Anwar’s then handler Paul Wolfowitz, the mass murderer of Muslims and the destroyer of Iraq, who was once a president of the World Bank!

      You can always rely on our fake “Muslim” plantation niggah Sambos to be impressed by such credential of a rabid anti-Muslim savage.

      And you can expect Bugger Anwar to be very grateful if any white massah pats him on his head and calls him doggie, Wolfowitz, the mass murderer of Muslims is a Yahudi – but his running sow Anwar found him a brown “Muslim girlfriend”.

      • Anonymous says:

        The above are just the bullshit opinions of madman Ang Tiunama Peng.

        Always giving loose opinions, making wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified claims and allegations.

        And he madly claimed to have degrees from “four top US and UK universities”. Even the Professor Raslan what’s-the-name who he said has four degrees but he’s a professor, even so has degrees from lesser known universities.

        Ang Tiunama had a degree from “Chinatown University” where he toiled most of his life as a dishwasher, cook and waiter at the Chinese restaurants there.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kampung folks knew Trump is anti-Islam.
      Wrong move by MO1.

      • Anonymous says:

        Good point, bro.

        That point should be propaganda-ed to the rural folks.

        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          Wrong move!

          Kampong folks are very relaxed about Islam these days – and nights!

          Could care less about Trump, and all the rest of it all the Kerala soiled Kelingnex Koman Mugathir McKutty and the “opposition” come up with.

          Explains why they got nowhere with the kampong folks they don’t understand.

          Explains, too, why Najib scored a resounding victory with his US visit.

          • Anonymous says:

            The racist and seditious anti-Malays and anti-Islam Ang Tiunama now claims to know the kampong folks.

            But then, he is a madman. He’d say all sorts of nonsense.

            He has no kampong folks to associate with. Only wild boars – his bothers, sisters, cousins etc. His maw was … you know, lah. Already said many times.

        • Anonymous says:



      • Anonymous says:

        Oct. 21, 2015: On Fox Business, Trump says he would “certainly look at” the idea of closing mosques in the United States.

        Nov. 16, 2015: Following a series of terrorist attacks in Paris, Trump said on MSNBC that he would “strongly consider” closing mosques. “I would hate to do it, but it’s something that you’re going to have to strongly consider because some of the ideas and some of the hatred — the absolute hatred — is coming from these areas,” he said.

        Nov. 20, 2015: In comments to Yahoo and NBC News, Trump seemed open to the idea of creating a database of all Muslims in the United States. Later, he and his aides would not rule out the idea.

        • Anonymous says:

          He has considered. Then he went to the Middle East trying to placate the Arabs. Mad bugger.

          That kind of statements angered the extremists. He contributed to extremism.

          Now the British has issued a high level terror alert following an incendiary explosion in a Parsons Green train. And the British PM said Trump’s statement about it has been “unuseful”.

          That’s like smearing shit on the loud-mouthed Trump’s face. Like usually done to the now-dead-again bastard Ang Tiunama Peng.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Aiseh, never knew Najib promised Trump US$100 billion, as said in The Independent. Must c&p wholesale this one –

    Malaysians stunned by US$100b promises by Najib to Trump.

    The Malaysian social media – including WhatsApp messaging – is abuzz with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s trip to the US, but the Malaysians seem more concerned with the latter’s billion dollar promises to President Donald Trump.

    Starting with those saying the Malaysian leader is selling Malaysia to the US from those who are asking why does the country have to invest the people’s money in the US, the questions are numerous.

    One message circulating on WhatsApp – despite the threats by the local internet regulators to crack down on anyone who would circulate and forward ‘fake’ messages – has some genuine questions.

    It says “Prime Minister Najib Razak has committed Malaysia to purchase 25 planes of the 737 MAX 10, plus eight 787 Dreamliners in the near future with the deal worth beyond USD10 billion (RM42 BILLION).”

    The message then said: These proposals are made at a time when the Malaysian government and the people are suffering from financial difficulties due to the slowdown of the economy.


  7. Anonymous says:


    Then these questions are asked:


    (1) MAS is still struggling to recover from its huge deficits and debts. It has been retrenching staffs and selling off assets in the past years. Is MAS in the financial position to spend USD10 billion to purchase 25 Boeing planes?

    (2) Can our Prime Minister use EPF fund of RM16.8 billion to invest in the infrastructure redevelopment of US without consulting the fund’s contributors? What sort of returns are the EPF contributors going to get out of this investment?

    Last week, former deputy Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) governor Tan Sri Lin See-Yan has voiced concerns over the economy, listing high national debt, a weak currency and dependency on cheap foreign labour as signs of economic fatigue.

    Lin has also said that all the indicators are showing signs of fatigue. Growth is slowing down, and fundamentally, the economy needs restructuring.


  8. Anonymous says:

    (Continuation of what’s written in The Independent)

    More questions are asked:

    Is Malaysia that cash-rich that it can afford to buy 25 Boeing planes plus eight 787 Dreamliners in the near future, as well as investing in infrastructure redevelopment in US now?

    Will these purchase and investment help to boost the current weak economic situation in Malaysia, or are they in exchange for?

    Will these purchase and investment help to boost the current weak economic situation in Malaysia, or are they in exchange for a greater investment from the United States?

    Prime Minister Najib should explain to the rakyat, what are the objectives of his trip to the US.

    Is this a shopping trip for him to show to US government that Malaysia can be its good ‘purchaser’ of American made planes, and even can help to rebuild infrastructures in US?

    Malaysians have a right to know as to what sort of possible investment benefits and returns has Najib brought back to Malaysia on this trip considering millions was spent by Prime Minister and his entourage on this US trip.

    Then it tells the people who are reading and circulation the message en masse: ASK YOURSELF, WOULD YOU EVEN SPEND YOUR OWN MONEY THIS WAY?? VOTE WISELY IN GE14

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      The Independent is Singapore’s fake news site.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bullshit. No proof.

        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          You didn’t go beyond sticking your tiny jinn head up that Kerala soiled Kelingnex Mugathir McKutty’s “blackie thambi” rear tunnel, read far and wide (as if you can!)

          Other than watching links “illuminate”, I doubt you ever visit any link!

          “Government site Independent.sg take down fake news”
          September 4, 2017

          “Government fake news site Independent.sg yesterday (Sep 3) took down a fake news article claiming that a Malaysian hospital demanded payment before giving emergency medical treatment. The government news site initially blocked all traffic from Malaysian sources after it could not stand criticisms from Malaysians condemning the fake news article.

          Malaysia Health Ministry’s Director-General Noor Hisham Abdullah said:

          “Our prompt response debunking fallacies has resulted in an otherwise arrogant Singaporean portal retracting its post. The Independent had initially defended its article and had blocked Malaysian IPs from accessing it.”

          Singapore state media Straits Times and ChannelNewsAsia were also guilty of propagating the fake news to smear the reputation of Malaysia. The fake news propagated by the Singapore government-regulated media is seen as an attempt to interfere with Malaysian politics, which is currently going through a General Election.

          No action was taken against any government media by the Singapore Police and Law Minister K Shanmugam, who had earlier bragged about taking down fake news.

          Earlier in August, government news site Mothership.sg was also forced to take down an article fabricating comments of an Education Ministry’s official.”

          • Anonymous says:

            Balls. One incident did not make The Independent fake news.

            But damn stupid idiot doesn’t know that even CNN retracted one report a few weeks ago. And nobody calls CNN fake news except the mad fellow Trump and his supporters.

            “Straits Times and ChannelNewsAsia were also guilty of propagating the fake news to smear the reputation of Malaysia”? Guilty by a mad Judge Tiunama Peng?

            So damn stupid as unable t think that events in Malaysia are so bad that, when reported as “news”, they appear “to smear”. Bunkum opinion, demented perception.

            The kind stupidly expecting that 1MDB be reported as a lovey-lovey project. Mad fella.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “One incident did not make The Independent fake news.”

            By my standard it does.

            And there were more “incidents” too!

          • Anonymous says:

            A madman has no standard. Even when claiming to have four degrees

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      And is is not what “The Independent” says.

      It is what “The Independent” says “One message circulating on WhatsApp” says.

      Try not to talk Kerala kobra slippery with the forked tongue and do that sarabat stall devious stuff of lying, bullock-shitting and sheer fraud of the Kerala soiled Kelingnex ar sewipe Mugathir McKutty style!

      • Anonymous says:

        Missing the bush for the trees, eh, stupid?

        Can’t find worthwhile answers to deflect the shits thrown at you so many times?

        Give up lah. Go jump into the South China Sea.

  9. Ecstasy Being Called A Friend says:

    Trump called me ‘friend’, Najib said. Aiyyo, even that he salivates on. Not realizing that Trump calls every other person he meets a ‘friend’. So desperate for the voters to see results from his US trip. Even if that was not the desired result.

    Unlike Mr Trump’s meetings with other heads of governments, there was no handshake photo-op with Najib before news agencies in the Oval Office.

    The only images of Mr Najib in the US President’s office appear to be from the official White House media team, Malaysiakini noted.

    There was no customary joint press conference at either the East Room or the Rose Garden, which is the norm for leaders visiting the US President at the White House.

    Najib set up 1MDB in 2009 and the fund is facing money laundering probes in at least six countries including the United States, Switzerland and Singapore.

  10. Newsweek Calling Najib A Crook says:

    From The Independent –

    The opposition in Malaysia is having a great time bashing the Prime Minister for falling on to a Public Relations firms that organised the trip.

    Now those in the media industry will tell you that such a trip must have been a fully paid one, but paid by who?

    Rumours are the Donald Trump administration did not pay for the trip, but it was paid by the Malaysian government.

    Hence, the USA did not put any real efforts in bringing Najib, accused of so many wrong doings, to the White House.

    If we agree on that, then we have to come to terms with the fact that the USA did not lose anything during this visit.

    Except that it got bashed by some serious journalism in Washington for allowing what they called a ‘tainted’ political leader to visit the Oval Office.

    The Sarawak Report said in no uncertain terms that Najib’s visit was a desperate PR gambit by Najib to con voters back home.

    Opposition portals swear the Najib visit lasted 30 minutes, during which the Malaysian PM made wild promises to Trump and offered to buy a number of aircraft and spend some RM60 million on military equipment.

    Trump had a big grin and Najib was forcing his smile out, says netizens, over the successful trip for Trump who lost nothing but gained the unlimited support of a ‘tainted’ PM.

    Ah, the only thing Trump lost in the op is that he courted disapproval from a number of journos and a number of people.

    Newsweek, for example, had a headline that read: Trump meeting with Malaysian Crook Najib Reeks of Swamp.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Third World Country Wants To Support The Richest Country In The World.

    Najib’s ‘third world’ aid for US economy, cracks up Mahathir

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was unable to hold back his laughter when quizzed on Najib’s pledge to help strengthen the United States economy.

    “Hah, this is the first time that a Third World country wants to support the richest country in the world to develop its infrastructure.

    “This is Najib’s principle of ‘cash is king’,” Mahathir told Malaysiakini in an interview today…

  12. 5 minute 58 second-transcript of Trump-Najib exchange says:

    Lim Kit Siang asked, “Why is the 5 minute 58 second-transcript of the Trump-Najib exchange in the White House Cabinet Room so humiliating for Malaysians?”

    This was because “the tone and tenor of the exchange were not between two equals representing two sovereign nations but like those between a monarch and a chieftain of vassal state bearing gifts, like bunga mas, to the sovereign”.

    In earlier years, the bunga mas was sent by a small and weak state to a more powerful state to gain goodwill and protection.

    “Is Najib aware of the ludicrous and comical implications, and the total lack of a sense of scale, when as Malaysian prime minister, he declared Malaysia sought to ‘strengthen the US economy’ to make America great again when the comparative 2016 GDP is US$18.569 trillion for USA and US$296 billion only for Malaysia? (Looks like nobody advised him. Those on his delegation were there just for the fun of it. Including the Foreign Minister and even the Chief Secretary to the Gomen).

    “How can an economically weaker country ‘strengthen’ the economy of a country which is 63 times bigger than that of Malaysia – when it should be the other way round? Out of the 50 states in the US, 22 states have GDPs larger than Malaysia’s, headed by three states which are trillion-dollar economies, namely California which has GDP of US$2.6 trillion, Texas US$1.6 trillion, and New York US$1.5 trillion.” (Did they say he didn’t complete his economics degree course in UK?

    On Najib’s claim that Trump’s invitation to the White House was a form of acknowledgement of Malaysia’s status as a rising star, Lim asked: “ Is he aware that of the 32 foreign leaders from sovereign countries that Trump had invited to the White House so far, 15 rule over nations that either score in the bottom half of the Global Democracy Ranking, which uses metrics to measure the health of 112 democracies in the world, or hail from countries like Saudi Arabia that have no pretense of democratic rule?” (Maybe the Foreign Minister and Wisma Putera are not in the habit of recording such visits).

  13. 5 minute 58 second-transcript of Trump-Najib exchange says:

    Lim Kit Siang said that rather than laying the 1MBD scandal and the RM2.6 billion donation scandal to rest, the US visit had highlighted “the iniquity and monstrosity of the scandal which has made Malaysia into a global kleptocracy.

    “Will Najib finally recognise that the 1MDB scandal will not go way, and that it can only disappear if there is full accountability?” (Will disappear after Najib has been toppled at Pru14 and the wrong doings acted upon).

    He asked who had conceived the two propaganda offensives – the “Trump-Najib show” and the move to blame the opposition for using the 1MDB scandal to undermine investor confidence in the Malaysian economy. “Did it come from the highly-paid (foreign) media consultants and propagandists, and if so, let us have the names.” (Blaming the Opposition? That was a recognition of diminishing investor confidence in the country).

    Lim also asked if Najib, who had claimed that Malaysia’s record of democracy and free speech was strong, would allow parliament to have a full debate on the 1MDB scandal and “declare that he would peacefully and democratically transfer power to Pakatan Harapan if Malaysian voters in the 14th GE decide on a change of government in Putrajaya and that there would not be riots or any declaration of emergency?” (Interesting to note that the National Security Act could be used for that purpose. The public must clamour that not be done and try to preempt it).

    • Anonymous says:

      “RM2.6 billion donation”?

      Didn’t the DoJ say that that was a part of the US$4.5 billion they have so far identified as “misappropriation of 1MDB funds and money laundering”?

  14. Anonymous says:

    MACC chief should go to US with Najib, says Kit Siang.

    To meet US investigators probing missing funds related to 1MDB.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      Greasehead BrylcLim Kutty Siang should go directly to the US himself.

      Let see he and his dogshit idea works for once in his whore career of miserable failures!

      • Anonymous says:

        Bastard Ang Tunama Peng has no funds to go US or anywhere.

        Not respecting the Constitution, racist, seditious and subversive, has been shooed out but cannot even borrow money to migrate.

        Always rude, abusive and vulgar, he should just be whacked and shitted every time he comes in here.

  15. Anonymous says:



    • Anonymous says:

      This fellow writing in Chinese language in a blog that doesn’t use the language, is showing no respect for the Constitution of the country on the National Language, wanting Chinese schools with Mandarin as the medium of instruction, yet in South China his kind demonstrated against Beijing enforcing the use of Mandarin for national unity. He is uncivilized and uncouth, taking in the Chinese language in a group full of non-Chinese. He is the Cina Bukit referred to below:

      Here is what Professor C.P. Fitzgerald says in his book, “A Short Cultural History of China” (600+ pages) – he lived in China for 5 years to research and gather material for that book:

      The phrase “origin of the Chinese people” is in itself misleading.

      1. Chinese culture took root in the plains of Manchuria, a foreign country until after World War II

      2. The northern provinces have always to some degree been mixed with “peoples from the Mongolian steppes”

      3. The southern and central provinces of China were, before the northerners moved southwards, “covered” by non-Chinese, the Miao, small in size and who the Chinese were contemptuous of.

      4. The south was originally occupied by “aboriginal tribes”. The ancestors of most of the migrants to Malaya/ sia came from the south. The Professor said, “A large proportion of the population of the south calling itself ‘Chinese’ is in fact descended from one or other of the aboriginal races” – page 6. Many living in the interior, in the hills and the highlands. Even in modern times, in Yunnan and Kueichou, tribesmen number half the population.

      The southerners comprise the following major groups:

      a. Fukienese, “a separate stock, mixed with immigrants from the north and the Yangtze Valley” and speaking “a peculiar dialect”.

      b. Cantonese, also speak a somewhat alien language, a form of old Chinese – the south was colonized by the northerners, colonization completed in the 7th Century – some 800 years after China was formed as a political entity by Chin Shih Huang Di.

      c. Hakkas, of Kuantung province, known as “guest families” – they speak a peculiar dialect, despised by the Cantonese and do not inter marry. These people were said to have come from the north, running away from frequent Mongol invasions that culminated in the conquest of China by Genghis Khan in the 13th Century.

      So, when you are referred to as Cina Bukit or descendants of the hill tribes – Miao (who are aborigines and non-Chinese), or other aborigines of south China, don’t blame me, I’m just a messenger of the news. You can’t also blame Professor Fitzgerald any more because he died some years ago.

      So, how about you produce your worm writing in the relevant blogs elsewhere, respect the readers here who are used to English and BM, and respect the Constitution of the country, ha?

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      Beautiful writing!

      More please!

      STL don’t have any objection to beautiful writimg. Neither have I!

      And China was the only country in the whole world Mohammed sent four discoples to, must be more reasons than go as far as China to learn.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ang Tiunama Peng’s views don’t count.

        He and his kind are frustrated and vengeful Shanghai dogs, vent their feelings against the norms of behaviour in this country –

        “No Dogs and Chinese Allowed”: Ang Tiunama Peng Dog

        If not brought in as Cina Bukit “coolies” pendatang from South China by the bloody British colonialists in the late 19th century, “Ang Tiunama Peng”’s forefathers might have run away to this country from the humiliation in Shanghai by the Westerners there.

        A particularly striking example of the demeaning, racist way that Chinese were treated in their own country. At a time when Europeans, and especially the British, dominated much of China, a sign at the entrance to the Huangpu Park in Shanghai announced: “No Dogs or Chinese Allowed.”

        This is cited in numerous books, including the writings of China’s first republican president, Sun Yat-Sen. Harvard University historian John K. Fairbank refers in his 1986 study, The Great Chinese Revolution (p. 147) to the “sign at the Public Garden on the Shanghai bund, ‘No Dogs or Chinese Allowed’.”

        “Dogs and Chinese Not Admitted” Signs in Shanghai

        The officially-sanctioned wording of regulations in the municipal parks of foreign-administered Shanghai, the sign placed in Shanghai’s Huangpu Park that read: “Chinese and Dogs Not Admitted.”

        Western imperialism in China. For over 60 years before June 1928 most Chinese certainly were barred from the parks administered by the foreign-controlled Shanghai Municipal Council of the International Settlement in Shanghai … the enforcement of the ban varied over time but for the first three decades of the 20th century it was rigidly administered.

        Dogs, ball games, cycling and picking of the flowers were also forbidden, but the alleged juxtaposition of the bans on dogs and Chinese became notorious. The potency of “dog” as an insulting and dehumanizing epithet in China undoubtedly exacerbated the insult

        ‘No Dogs and Chinese allowed’

        It was the kind of sign that humiliated Chinese during the semi-colonial era before 1949. Signs in foreign-run concession areas would sometimes say: “No Dogs and Chinese allowed.”

        Those days are long over.

        But there are certain places that continue to be restricted for Chinese. And I happen to be smack dab in the middle of one. Our office is in what is called the Qijiayuan Diplomatic Compound. It no longer is just for diplomats. While there are some diplomatic missions here, any foreigner with some currency can rent, I believe. At the gates, People’s Armed Police guards stand smartly at attention. They often stop Chinese and ask for identity cards to see if they indeed have jobs here or are part of families residing here.


        Note: Putting the above out is not racist – not intended to insult the Chinese as a race. It is intended to make the racist, anti-Malay and anti-Islam bastard “Ang Tao Peng” in this blog to cease being so. “Ang Tiunama Peng” Chinese.

        • Anonymous says:

          The father of Nur Afifah Elias was so adamant that she learn Mandarin in school that he even looked in the Chinese shops near their home in Tikam Batu, Kedah, for someone to help her with the homework.

          The 22-year-old Beijing Foreign Studies University student said that her neighbours also chipped in to help her with the lessons.

          Her father, a Science teacher who believes that the extra language skill will be useful for his children in the future, had sent both Nur Afifah and her elder sister to a Chinese school.

          “My father brought our homework to the nearby Chinese shops to ask for help. Every time we talked about this at family gatherings, we would laugh about it,” she said.

          Last week, the fourth-year student in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language defeated her rivals from Russia, South Korea, Italy and others to come in second at the 2017 Jia Gu Wen Cup “Chinese and Me” Mandarin public speaking competition in Henan province.

          Komantsu Yota from Japan was the champion in the contest for international students. Another Malaysian student, Lin Syahirah Hishamuddin from the Beijing Language and Culture University, won a consolation prize.

          In the competition, Nur Afifah talked about the Chinese characters that make up her name.

          “My Chinese name is Xu Man Wen. It is a name I obtained by ‘lucky pick’ after I came to China. One day, my teacher gave us a few names to pick and I got this one. I loved it straight away because it means ‘beautiful articles’,” she said.

          However, Nur Afifah’s journey to learn Chinese has not been easy and she had no idea what the language was like before entering school.

          She took extra lessons, listened to Mandarin songs and watched movies in that language. She also had to travel more than an hour to the school, SJK (C) Chung Ling in Butterworth, daily.

          “It was worth the hard work. I love the Chinese language and feel proud when others praise me for being able to speak Mandarin,” she added.

          “I thank my parents for sending me to a Chinese school. I also want to express my appreciation to my teacher Xia Jing and friends who encouraged me to take part in the competition and other activities,” she said


          • Anonymous says:

            Those who want to study Mandarin, it’s their choice. But attending Chinese schools where the medium of instruction is Mandarin, is not the thing to do.

            All schools should have BM as the medium of instruction. In line with the Constitution Article 152 stating the national language is Bahasa Malaysia and mother tongue can be used “only other than for official purposes.” Schools are the “official purpose” of any country.

            Good that the policy is: no pass in BM, no SPM. And the same with History. Otherwise fellows will have no idea even what a Constitution is.

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