Can You Trust Him

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28 Responses to Can You Trust Him

  1. Anonymous says:

    After the problems in Felda and FGV, Isa was then moved to become the acting chairman of Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD), in what appears to be an effort to shut his mouth so he does not leak out secrets of the one who appointed him

    • Anonymous says:

      Is this the beginning of the end for all corrupted UMNO leaders and by extension an implosion of UMNO Ketuanan on the eve of GE14? Our prayers might yet be answered if indeed God works in a mysterious way. But Isa Samad has got the ‘Port Dickson’ get out of jail card!

      • Anonymous says:

        MO1 to use Isa as the scapegoat for the losses in Felda? Or to divert attention from 1MDB Scandal?

        Or is this another Umno sandiwara like the NFC lembu-kondo case?

        Anyway, after billions have gone into their pockets and with much suffering brought to Felda citizens and for that matter the rest of Malaysia, we are seeing what could at the end just be the early days of a pantomime!

        Yes, even if he and his corrupt people were to be charged in court and sent to prison, how long would one guess they will stay in prison? Ala that former mb of Selangor? And is there any talk about the seizing of their haram assets leaving them with nothing except for the clothes they are wearing?

        And the truth is that there are so many Isas out since what they have committed are nothing new – it has all started a long, long time ago. Does the macc and the rest have all that it takes to expose what has been going on over the years? Yes, we are talking of cases where some of the culprits are now long gone.

        But for Malaysia and Malaysians to come to the right path, the truth has to come out before justice can be meted out.

        Harapan is the way forward.

        • Anonymous says:

          Who is JLow? The chinaman who made MO1 King of Cash and Most powerful PM in the world who is untouchable by anyone. Even Allah dare not go near him, do you think IGP dare arrest Cash King’s master till he dies. It will never happen in Malaysia as long as MO1 feeds AG, UMNO MPs and the unwise Malays with dedak.

        • limpehkong says:

          Everybody should be treated equally, why the special treatment for Isa Samad MACC. Phee was practically shamed taken in handcuffs to his house, service centre and office. Here Isa is given a special room, medical attention and so on.

          • Anonymous says:

            After that guy was caught for khalwat in PD and ISA had to rescue him, this is all sandiwara by the idiots in MACC.

        • Anonymous says:

          Meritocracy is a dirty filthy word in Msia & is banned when apointing officials to lead any institution. When only quota “ministers”, cronies & blind loyalist are appointed to helm every vital institution with absolute power for 50 years, the untouchable supremacist with absolute power will turn into little Napoleans/ little Talibans & are indespensable!!

          Just look at the hideous facts of the situation & the rot from the 50 years of corruption & destruction of every institution in the country from the the most vital institution: education, Finance, BNM, the judiciary, the Police, the civil service & every enforcement agencies will tell the world the destructive path Msia is heading towards! The facts are all there even the blind could see: the once powerful $ringgit plunging from $US1=RM2.10 in the 70’s to the current hideous RM 4.30!! Once top in education standards & a powerful economic tiger up to the 80’s, but now heavilly in debts & corrupt to the core!

          The worse is yet to come! Harapan is our hope.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What about the biggest elephant in the room, 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB)?

    Has anyone in 1MDB been questioned at length, handcuffed and given a five-day remand, like Penang executive councillor Phee Boon Poh over a letter to halt action against an illegal factory?

    The reality is clear. The expendables will be caught, paraded to all and sundry, perhaps charged and, in most cases, if not all, eventually acquitted if charged.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr MO1, you have been caught with hundreds of millions in your personal account and now you have increased the price of petrol for the 4th consecutive time and you still want to eat cross legged in public?

  3. Shirly says:

    Rosmah Mansor, the wife of the prime minister, received much criticism for a trip she took to the United Kingdom earlier this month.

    In response, Rosmah said that her trip to the UK, including a visit to the University of Oxford, was not for a holiday but to “pave the way for children under the Permata early childhood education program to join the university”.

    If Permata is under budget constraints, as claimed by Rosmah, I suggest that instead of visiting the UK, she can take a trip across the border to Singapore to learn how the top institutions there help their high achieving students to get into Oxbridge.

    The latest statistics show that there are currently 290 Singaporean students at the University of Oxford as compared to only 145 Malaysians. At the University of Cambridge, there are currently 351 Singaporean students compared to 239 Malaysians.

    Singapore sends nine times more students to Universities of Oxford and Cambridge (henceforth Oxbridge) than Malaysia on a per capita basis. Given Singapore’s success in sending so many more students to Oxbridge than Malaysia, it would make sense for Rosmah to visit Singapore to learn more about the ‘secrets’ of their success.

    She would just need to visit the top 5 A-level institutions in Singapore – Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, Victoria Junior College, Temasek Junior College and National Junior College – which are responsible for sending most of Singaporean students to Oxbridge (as well as a number of Malaysians). If she did, she would find the following:

    High academic achievements across the board

    In most schools, only a handful of students, perhaps the top 5 percent, would get 4As for their STPM. Those with 4.0 CGPAs are even rarer. In a top A-level college like Raffles Institution, the percentage of students in a cohort with the equivalent of 4As was 53 percent for the class of 2016 (629 out of 1162 students). Basically, if you were to throw a stone into a crowd of students in this school, you would have a more than 50 percent chance of hitting someone who scored 4As.

    Having a larger number of academic high achievers means that you have a larger pool of students who can potentially apply to places like Oxford and Cambridge. While we can discuss whether or not academic results are the best reflection of intellectual potential, there is no escaping from the need to have good academic results to gain entry into Oxbridge.

    Offers from Oxbridge are usually given to students contingent on them obtaining a certain academic result. Most entry offers are contingent of students obtaining 3As or 4As for their A-levels (or the equivalent).

    The question which Rosmah has to answer, as the patron of Permata, is how many of its pre-university students obtain straight As for the A-level exams (or its equivalent)? What does Permata need to do in order to reach similar academic standards as the top pre-university institutions in Singapore?

    Exposure to Various Intellectual Challenges

    Students in these top A-level institutions in Singapore are given opportunities to expand their intellectual horizons beyond their normal academic syllabus.

    Students who show greater aptitude in certain subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Informatics, are given the training and the opportunity to compete for selection into the Singapore team for Olympiad competitions at the international level. The Olympiad infrastructure which exists at the school and national levels have allowed Singapore to improve its performance in these international student competitions over time.

    For example, Singapore has placed in the top 10 in the International Math Olympiad since 2011. Many of the students who participate in these Olympiads will go on to gain entry into top universities around the world, including Oxbridge.

    The exposure to various intellectual opportunities goes beyond training and participating in Olympiad competitions, which are only open to a relatively small number of students. Students who show interest in other fields, including the arts, public policy, scientific research and information technology have access to specialist programs in these fields.

    In addition, students who want to gain exposure to university standard courses can opt to take H3 level papers for their A-levels (This is an addition to their ‘normal’ A-level papers which are called H2 level papers). Students who take H3 level papers are better prepared to ask more insightful and critical questions in their field of studies which would also help them when writing essays and answer questions during interviews for Oxbridge entry.

    This is perhaps one of the intentions of Permata Pintar’s Nobelist Mindset program which is a program to give Malaysian students a sense of what it takes to have the mindset of a Nobel Prize winner. But from the following description of the Nobelist Mindset program, we have a long way to go in terms of producing graduates who can write proper sentences in English, let alone Nobel Prize winners:

    “This workshop was held for 5 days at the PERMATA pintar Center. Students are divided into 12 groups and will be taught by two instructors in the classroom.

    “Students will learn and be exposed sciences to become a scientist and features a prize winner. The workshop was also attended by the students of the boarding school from the outside (SBP, BPT, SKK and so on. The highlight is the selection of students and Young Scientist who managed to qualify for Londo trip.

    “The trip to London was to provide an opportunity for participants to visit special laboratories relating Nobel there.”

    Having well-trained Academic Councillors

    Gaining admissions into a top overseas university is not as simple as merely getting good academic results. It requires well-written application essays which can make you stand out from the crowd. It requires good reference letters from credible sources. It requires extra preparation for Oxbridge courses which require subject exams. It requires knowing what questions to anticipate and how to converse with professors from Oxbridge during interviews.

    Most of the top A-level institutions in Singapore have well-trained academic councillors whose full-time jobs are to help students prepare their applications to these top universities. This is one of the reasons cited as to why Raffles came out top in terms of the number of students accepted into Cambridge.

    As far as I know, Permata Pintar does not have any full-time academic councillors to help guide students on their higher education options. The closest item I found was a research mentoring program whereby a student can be mentored by a UKM academic in an area of his or her interest.

    Having well-qualified and well-trained teachers

    Many of the teachers in these top institutions are Ministry of Education teaching scholarship holders. This means that they were sponsored by the Ministry of Education to study overseas before coming back to Singapore to teach.

    Some of them have studied in top overseas universities including Oxbridge. There are also expatriate teachers in these top A-level institutions with experience in teaching in some of the top secondary schools overseas including schools in the UK which send a high number of students to Oxbridge.

    Does Permata have a similar cohort of teaching staff who can create the right academic environment for the geniuses who are studying at Permata? Do the staff have the right experiences which can help these students to not just do well academically but create a mindset among the students which can enable them to apply to some of the top universities overseas including Oxbridge? The evidence does not seem to confirm this.


    The onus is on Permata to create a high achieving environment for its high IQ students. The environment at Permata should be one where high performers are created across the board. The last thing we would want is for places at Oxbridge to be “bought” in exchange for visits and special donations to Oxford or Cambridge by Malaysian dignitaries such as Rosmah.

    • a says:

      Are the Oxbridge people “bought”able?

      I’d be interested to know the facts, examples, etc.

      I’ve seen “Oxpodians” not being very bright.

      One is holding an important position in this country.

      • JKK says:

        Every elite university admit anyone who is willing to pay big money, as money is needed to sustain these private institutions.

        Singapore students enrol to these ivy league universities on merit. But Malaysia like those Arabs likey pay their way.

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        “I’ve seen “Oxpodians” not being very bright.”

        Doesn’t help anything when one fcuking hereditary moron Kerala Keling Mugathir McKutty-brainwashed pig stupid and pig lazy rentseeker nighah retard parasite jinn call someone else “not being very bright”.

        Blackie Mugathir McKutty was not bright at all when he was studying twats as specialism at medical school, according to classmate Wong Soon Kai, but Kerala sarabat stall performer McKutty still managed to con quite a few of our pig stupid longkang Mat Armpit degenerates to grab PM power for himself.

        That done, the slimy Keling went on to call his rentseekers “lazy… useless… cannot change”.

        Still the worthless bunches of genetic retards worship the pendatang 2% “Malay” as a “pure-bred” instead of a half-bred no-breed mongrel ” Top Bitch” running sow of LKS!

        Grateful moron niggahs will always be grateful moron niggahs…!

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      “Shirly”, why are you doing cut n paste, and recycling your Jekyll, “Anonymous’ ” garbage, too?!

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  5. Anonymous says:

    60% of those polled in a survey said Prime Minister Najib Razak’s handling of the economy is on the wrong track, said the Invoke Centre for Policy Initiatives today.

    The PKR-backed research outfit said only 41% were supportive of the Barisan Nasional government’s economic direction.

    “Of those surveyed, 65% said the economy was now in worse shape compared with four years ago,” Invoke head and PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli said at a press conference.

    The survey, conducted via telephone, saw 1.9 million people contacted using an interactive response system, but only 3,783 responses were collected.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The coffers are dried, election funds are probably not in place, thus how to call for election? Most likelihood, Najib will delay GE14 to after May 2018, since the feel good factor are not on the ground. Not to forget 2 more debts are due to IPIC by end Aug & December. Najib are hoping by delaying GE14, Harapan coalition will disintegrate, BUT the longer Najib hold on, the stronger HARAPAN should emerge. Meanwhile, poor Rakyat continue to suffer silently & frustratingly, converting more votes to protest votes against BN, come GE14.

  7. fairuz says:

    Where is the flantic solo lacist, Cinapek Ang Chee Bye?

  8. Anonymous says:

    MCA collaborating with Umno for the past 50 years are responsible for the big decline in Malaysia. Spore dollar used to be 10% lower than the RM but now 3X higher. If BN ruled again , it will be 4X!

  9. a says:

    Can You Trust Him?

    Better than trusting Najib.

    • Anonymous says:

      After the 1MDB fiasco, can anyone say why people should trust Najib?

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      No need to trust either.

      You are not dealing with “optional questions” in an exam test, that you have to pick one of two ar seholes to stick your tiny Satanic jinn head into!

  10. JKK says:

    Crude oil prices are falling but our prices keep increasing, thanks to those that voted Barang Naik (BN). Hope that they feel the pinch. SYABAS!

  11. Ang Tao Peng says:

    Greaseball BrycLim Guano Eng is doing his part for the environment by using his lard laden head as a insect trap to reduce their population.

    CAT = Corrupt Arrogant Tokong is renowned for taking drastic action to save the environment, he did a mass murder on Penang’s dogs fro challenging him over his rather rabied political ideology.

    Of course, concern for the environment does not extend to polluting factories, those are given forever and beyond to get their act right till the last of the poor who can’t afford posh homes with no swimming pools are left standing – or rather dying outside those hospital for medical tourists.

    There’s nothing wrong to foul the air and, gas people who do not vote the DAP = Demolish And Pollute party, there is nothing intrinsically wrong in converting Penang into one of those super-expensive enclave like they do in a part of Singapore, it brings in big money (yes, from the Chinese, too!) and gives the impression that we are pretty damn “upmarket” even though most Malaysians live (and think) like they are swingers – tree swingers.

    Once those who cannot affort Penang are gassed out of it, Penang would stand out as the jewel on the clown Malaysia. The super rich would fly in to holiday or even to do the higher end AirBnB – and maybe even live as offshore tax-dodgers. Penang is much more interesting and not tainted with the name of Kerala Keling Mugathir McKutty, like Langkawi.

    Just a thought, anyway, I praise greaseball “Stoptheflies” BrycLim Tokong for his part in his first step in making Penang rabies and insect free – and everything else expensive.

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