Stop the Lies !

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29 Responses to Stop the Lies !

  1. CheDet says:

    1. Tiba-tiba 1MDB mengaku tidak dapat bayar hutang sebanyak USD600 million / RM2,580 billion kepada IPIC, sebuah dana pelaburan milik Abu Dhabi yang telah jamin hutang oleh 1MDB.

    2. Oleh kerana 1MDB sudah diambil alih oleh Kerajaan, maka Kerajaanlah yang gagal bayar hutang.

    3. Kenapa tidak?

    4. Tak ada duitkah kita?

    5. Bila kita hutang kita perlu ada rancangan untuk bayar. Duit yang dihutang bukan untuk belanja hangus. Tentu ada rancangan untuk melabur, untuk dapat keuntungan yang boleh diguna untuk bayar hutang dalam satu jangka masa tertentu.

    6. Jika diguna untuk membeli apa-apa, apa yang dibeli akan menjadi aset pegangan peminjam. Aset boleh dijual dan hasil boleh diguna untuk bayar hutang. Taklah semua. Hutang yang perlu dibayar pada Julai 31 hanya separuh sahaja. Lagi separuh boleh dibayar pada bulan Disember.

    7. Jikalau harga jualan merugikan pun, sebahagian dari pelaburan atau harta boleh dijual cukup untuk bayar hanya separuh dari hutang.

    8. Tetapi Kerajaan tidak dapat bayar. Mana pergi duit yang dihutang. Jika tidak rugi kerana pelaburan atau tidak beli harta yang boleh dijual, dimanakah duit yang dipinjam berada.

    9. Sekarang Bank Negara mengeluar bon untuk sebanyak RM2.5 billion. Jika perolehan dari bon mencukupi untuk bayar hutang, soal ke mana pergi wang yang dipinjam masih tidak terjawab. Pinjaman melalui bon perlu dibayar.

    10. Pendapat Najib ialah orang Melayu bodoh. Bagi duit secara langsung kepada orang Melayu, mereka tidak akan soal lagi di mana pergi USD600 million. Yang hilang duit Kerajaan. Wang tunai yang diberi secara langsung lebih mudah dirasai dari duit berbillion yang hilang oleh Kerajaan.

    11. Dan Najib percaya orang Melayu akan terus sokong Najib. Tetapi orang Melayu bukan bodoh seperti disangka oleh Najib. Mereka sudah sedar duit yang hilang itu adalah duit mereka. Hutang juga akan dibayar oleh mereka dan anak cucu mereka.

    12. Hutang yang tidak dibayar oleh Najib akan dipikul oleh rakyat termasuk orang Melayu. Maka akan dinaikkan cukai GST dan lain-lain.

    13. Jika hutang negara tidak dibayar, negara akan jadi muflis. Maka negara tidak dapat hutang lagi. Tabung Kerajaan akan merosot. Bukan sahaja dana untuk pembangunan akan kurang dana untuk operasi juga akan terhakis. Akan merosot berterusanlah ekonomi negara

    • Anonymous says:

      Mahatir Mohamad, “…“If we haven’t suffered losses from investing, and we haven’t bought assets that can be sold, where is the money we borrowed now?”…” Where has the money gone? Let me see… 1/ Pink diamond necklace. 2/ Birkin handbags 3/ Trips to fashion capitals of the world 4/ Luxury yatch 5/ Penthouses in US 6/ Luxury apartments in UK Aiyah!! Just ran out of money… But there is another US$600million coming, isn’t there? No problems, I will account for that lot of US$600million when it falls due, OK?

      • a says:

        Very clear that it was not just the RM2.6 billion in his personal bank account.

        DoJ stated a total of US$4.5 billion (= approx RM20 billion) has been identified as “misappropriated from 1MDB accounts and money laundered” thus far.

        But also damaging is the 1MDB debt said to be about RM50 billion. Exact amount must have been mentioned in the Auditor General’s Report on the 1MDB accounts but it was made an official secret. Damn.

        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          “Exact amount must have been mentioned in the Auditor General’s Report on the 1MDB accounts but it was made an official secret. Damn.”


          Mugathir McKutty, the Kerala keling hero of our chickenshit “supremacist” rentseekers claims he knows content of the report, but for a fcuking mad barking mad “Top Bitch” pooch of Limathir Kutty Siang, he ain’t revealing anything!

          Which is very weird, considering Mugathir McKutty barks at anything and everything he can do a U-Tun on afterward!

          Like when he was asked for evidence for Najib and 1MDB, he said he had “none”.

          Latest is when he was for evidence about Zahid’s “230M”, he says he has “none” too!

          So there you go, no evidence, and the usual chorus of barking with these barking mad mad running dogs led by chorus master Kerala Keling Kobra Koolie “Top Bitch” Mugathir McKutty!

          • Anonymous says:

            Ang Tiunama is a damn stupid idiot again when saying “.. he ain’t revealing anything! Which is very weird ..”

            In fact, he is mad for not realizing that it’s nothing weird at all because Tun M considered the law. For Tun to say he knows the secret is not against the law, but to tell the secret out is.

            The bastard Ang Tiunama has been known to be mad –

            Ang Tao Peng is a mad person. Diagnosed having schizophrenia.

            Despite being periodically reminded to take his pills, he refused to do so. His abuses here must be disabused by responding to his comment each and every time he shows up. So that the non-regular visitors know the comments come from a madman and are not to be believed.

            His most obvious schizophrenia symptom is delusions of grandeur. Deluding himself into thinking and claiming he is very clever, very rich, etc, which he is not:

            1. Claimed to have degrees from “four top US and UK universities” and a string of professional qualifications and awards. When asked, he refused to say even the names of the universities. When told he’d be checked against the Register of graduates of Oxford or Cambridge Universities, he quickly said the name he uses here (made to look like a genuine, full name) is not his own.

            2. Claimed to have “posh” properties in UK, Singapore and Indonesia. Claimed that his family have migrated to Europe bringing their wealth along. Yet admitted he is living in a far-flung, non-commercial or regional centre – Sibu, Sarawak

            3. Claimed to “belong to a family of bankers and industrialists” but refused to say whether from Shanghai or where, yet he is living in non-industrial Sarawak

            4. Claimed to have many friends. But admitted in here last Chinese New Year eve that he went out to buy fried kuayteow for dinner, eating alone and desolate, on a CNY eve

            Other examples showing that he is mad:

            1. Always rude, abusive and vulgar in his comments. In the process, he constantly lies, cheats and cons readers here

            2. Always puts out loose opinions, makes unsubstantiated, unjustified and not-even-explained wild claims and allegations

            3. Often racist, seditious and subversive. Anti-Malays, anti-Islam, even anti-Hakkas and anti-Hokkiens. To the extent that Mubarak Chan has noted an observation that Ang is not a Chinaman

            4. Keeps talking about the exiatence of a “moderator” in a non-moderated blog like STL where anyone can write a comment, click the “Post Comment” button and it’ll automatically appear on the blog page without a moderator making it so

            5. At 79 years old, mad Ang often behaves like a child. Always name calling and saying such things as DAP = Dead And Past party, DAP = Duplicitous Amoral Party, DAP = Desperate And Panicky party, etc. That’s another sign that he is mad.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            ” That’s another sign that he is mad.”

            Sez the self-qualified bomoh quack “medicine man”.

            After consulting his two coconuts!

            And sez those voices in your tiny jinn schizo delusional head of your dear old godfather Satan and his demons!

            Next you will turn into a jinn pharmacist, prescribing those “green” and those “red pills”!

            You should start the Green Croissant Society, do some charitable stuff!

            You can make some bread too – tastes better than your rentseeker dedak!

          • Anonymous says:

            His two coconuts again.

            Saying that endlessly.

            That’s another sign he is mad.

    • Anonymous says:

      The trouble with the 1MDB investigations by PDRM and BNM are that they will go on and on and on towards an interminable ‘end’ all so that MO1 can continue to plunder the country on and on and on. What a sorry, unethical lot we have for people in power.

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        And what a “sorry and unethical lot” we have in monkeys who can go “on and on and on” spinning pious, moral-dripping ineffectual bullock-shit that can never get Najib.

        This whore sorry mess is there is no intelligent monkey than one that perpetually recycles the same old same old garbage mantra in the fervent spastic hope that such a moronic method may one day hit the jackpot.

        You should never let those with such a lack of intelligence and lack of talent come near any Bank Negara money!

        • Anonymous says:

          The “sorry mess” in here is the bastard “Ang Tiunama Peng”.

          Giving loose opinions, making wild unsubstantiated and unjustified claims and allegations.

          In the process, he is always rude, abusive and vulgar, in one way or another. And constantly lying, cheating and conning readers, like explained in his CV.

  2. Teknikal says:

    Next thing Najib will say is that the RM 2.6 billion that entered his personal account is only a “technical” issue. You see, his bank account is “technically” his only by virtue of the bank granting him the use of the account which means the account actually belongs to the bank. So it’s the bank’s fault.

    And of course, he is “technically” not a civil servant and he is “technically” not answerable to the Malaysian public. But he is “technically” your Prime Minister although he lost the popular vote in GE13 (but that doesn’t mean much because that’s only a technical issue) so “technically” he can do practically anything he wants. Technically speaking.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Our leaders are selectes based not on merits but based on race and religion. In the order of malay/muslim as top..follow by indian/ muslim as second. Non malays and non muslim lowest priority. Then as Umno starts to get corrupt good smart malay/muslims gets sidelined and stupid, corrupted malays but blindly loyal to leaders are selected. Now we are governed by the worst category of human being.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      “governed by the worst category of human being”

      Didn’t realise they were “human”.

      Always supposed they were jinns dressed up as monkeys!

      And the “monkey king” came from the Keling land called Kerala.

      • a says:

        At times a pig, at other times a dog (of the Shanghai variety which appears on Shanghai notice boards during the Westerners’ dominance there) will of course not know anything human.

        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          “of the Shanghai variety which appears on Shanghai notice boards”

          You would know as you were the official dog-poop scooper ar selicker to the “Westerners” you would die to worship all just like your idol and rentseekers’ emperor Mugathir McKutty said he would die to be the ar selicker and ar sewipe to Zionazi Israel”

          • Anonymous says:

            Easy to tell – the Shanghai dog is always rude, abusive and vulgar, makes wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified claims and allegations, and in the process, constantly lies, cheats and cons readers here.

  5. Anonymous says:

    DPM Zahid, Rule No 1 is when your closet is full of skeletons,do not take on your former boss Tun Dr.Mahathir. With his experience in politic,he can just put you in his pocket or eat you for lunch, as the saying goes.Rule No 2 is when you are not sure of what to speak,always refer to Rule No.1

    • Anonymous says:


    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      “he can just put you in his pocket”

      Kerala Kobra Koolie Keling Mugathir McKutty is in his handler greasehead BrylcLim Kutty Siang’s ar se-pocket.

      Don’t you remember running sow Mugathir McKutty calls himself LKS’ “Top Bitch”?

  6. Ang Tao Peng says:

    “DAP needs to bring out the Milo Tin to fund Tokong to buy advertisement space.”

    You mean their members have to cut holes in their beloved origami coffin on four cheap tyres called Protons to get their Milo tins?!

  7. Ang Tao Peng says:

    Is Kerala Keling Mugathir McKutty also in the garbage recycling business?!

    Accept any old shit as long as it is tainted with the stink of corruption?!

    • Anonymous says:

      Another of the shallow thinking that shows Ang Tiunama Peng is bankrupt of ideas and valid arguments.

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        “the shallow thinking”

        You mean quite unlike your type of “thinking” deep inside a cesspool of finest pig excrement!

        • a says:

          But you not only have pig shit in your mouth (habit of eating it when left in the pig sty as a child while your coolie parents toiled in the fields), but also in our brains.

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