Dastardly Arrogant Party

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As anticipated, the Tokong has announced that there is no need for a fresh CEC election despite being directed to hold one by the ROS.

In a bid to save his post and the post of his cronies, the Tokong said that the DAP will meet with the ROS to discuss the issue.

Four years have gone by with the DAP ignoring and even threatening court action against the ROS. This meeting will be just another repeat of his show of arrogance to a government agency.

What will follow this planned meeting would be more roadshows claiming that the DAP CEC is being targetted by UMNO (Malay)-run government agency, more threats of kegal action and defiant rhetorics spewed.

DAP’s current run-in with the authorities is the result of what it sowed back in December 2012. By altering the CEC election results to include Malay-wannabe Christopher Ross Lim in the CEC lineup, DAP members unhappy with the management of the election lodged reports against the DAP prompting the ROS to investigate.

“The complaints were lodged by its own members who felt they had been cheated of their rightful place, so it is no use blaming anybody else for what has happened,” said Tunku Abdul Aziz, who was a former DAP vice-chairman, to reporters. “This issue is essentially a procedural matter whereby the DAP had not followed proper procedures in an election seen as flawed, unfair and unjust by their own members.”

Other former leaders have called upon the DAP to shed its arrogant ways.

Lee Guan Aik, who was unconstitutionally removed by the CEC as Kedah DAP Chairman in 2013, said the DAP should not be arrogant and stubborn.

“Just conduct the re-elections, this time with transparency so that the rights of party members are upheld,” he told reporters.

But the rights of the party members is the last thing that would be of any interest to the Tokong and his henchmen. Arrogance, too, is not new when it comes to the character that the Tokong has. The DAP is essentially a secret society that is run by a group of cronies breaching not just its own party constitution but also State and Federal laws and regulations.

Lee Guan Aik likened the comittee selected by the CEC to replace his Constitutionally-elected committee members to a kongsi gelap (triad organisation).

Tokong and his CEC are adamant NOT to hold fresh elections. In a statement it said that the “DAP firmly assert that the re-election had already been called in accordance with their directive in their letter dated July 30, 2013.”

However, a letter from the ROS to Lee Guan Aik dated 4 December 2013 reaffirming that Guan Aik is still the legal Chairman of the Kedah DAP also contains the following sentence:


This is a clear proof that as at 4 December 2013 the CEC was still an illegal body within the DAP. And what did the CEC do about it? For four years since then – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

The 2013 elections DID NOT use the 2012 delegates list that was used in the election that had its results changed by the CEC.

Now it cries foul when being directed yet again to comply with the ROS’s instruction.

It is now up to the DAP members themselves to decide if they still want to be led by someone who has been charged in a court of law on TWO counts of corruption.

Or maybe it is time for the Tokong to call for a snap state election now before the term ends to seek a fresh mandate to lead Pulau Pinang for another term.

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35 Responses to Dastardly Arrogant Party

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tun Dol went down because he was “flip flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy” often. Najib will go down (at Pru 14) because he is responsible for the “misappropriation of 1MDB funds and money laundering” to the rune of US$4.5 billion (about RM20 billion) identified by the DoJ thus far, and for his government non action, or extremely late action, or unsuitable action, on many instances.

    Like the RoS, in respect of the DAP CEC election. Unsuitable action and inaction all the past 4 years since 2012. Until the DAP CEC said “the question of a fresh re-election does not arise”.

    Sure, by now the rakyat thinks that any action taken is designed to unfairly put down DAP just before the PRU14 elections. And might have to face the rakyat demonstrations if any drastic action is taken. Like banning the use of DAP logo.

    And the Registrar of Societies, an officer under the Home Ministry, doesn’t have common sense. Doesn’t think out strategy and tactics in approaching the subject. Declared at the start of the “re-invented DAP CEC issue” that the gomen is not going to de-register the party or words to that effect. when he could have just kept quiet on that score and prodded on with suitable “advice” to DAP.

    And he was reported to have said those after seeing the big boss of the Ministry – the Minister of Home Affairs and DPM who told him to act in accordance with the rules governing political parties. Strange – after talking with some one known for his “tough stand” on many issues, that’s the gomen stand and “strategy”.

    • Anonymous says:

      The DG of RoS is just an ordinary civil servant from the so call elite service PTD. Before he can be promoted to such impt post, he probably need the blessing of the minister. So like it or not, these senior civil servants need to please their political master of the ministry. Even if t here is the remotest dissent on part of DG against the minister, he will most likely get the boot and transferred out. So you think the DG of RoS dare go against the wishes of the Home Minister? So better ikut perintah.

      • Anonymous says:

        Unless it has been changed, it used to be just a relatively junior officer in that post. One who has no clout, no teeth (though still young) to bite.

        Whatever inadequacies of RoS, they are a reflection of the Minister of Home Affairs.

        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          “One who has no clout, no teeth (though still young) to bite.”

          Still better than a pig stupid and pig lazy Traitor to Malaysia ar selicker and ar sewipe of Israel Mugathir-bred rentseeker, any time!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The RoS could be afraid of threatening to deregister DAP because that might lead the public to ask questions about UMNO’s no election of officer bearers.

    Yes, party election has been postponed. But indefinitely? No mention of when? Until Najib is ousted at PRU14?

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      “The RoS could be afraid”

      More afraid than the DAP = Dirty Abominable Pseudologists party at holding an honese re-election?

      And still not knowing how to use Excel?

    • Anonymous says:

      DAP legal bureau chief Gobind Singh Deo should apply for an Order of Mandamus in the High Court by next Monday to compel the ROS to do his statutory duty of just writing an official letter to DAP. I am of the opinion that the ROS does not know how to draft the letter. It is better for the ROS to ask the AG to draft the letter for him before he send the said letter to DAP.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Even if DAP were to conduct another CEC election, who is there to guarantee that the evil bullies will recognise the results quickly before GE14???????????????????? They can still sit on it for another 4 years and come submission time for candidates for GE14, the DAP candidates can still be disqualified because the big bully did not ratify/officially recognise the results of the CEC election.

  4. Anonymous says:


    • a says:

      Kurang Ajar Tulisan Cina Bukit

      Binatang ini kurang ajar tak habis habis. Di beritahu dengan Bahasa Inggeris berkali kali pasal menggunakan tulisan cacing di blog yang biasa dengan BI dan BM, tidak di peduli nya. Tak hormatkan Perlembagaan Negara berkenaan penggunaan BM dan bahasa ibunda.

      Ini nyata Cina Bukit, turun temurun “hill tribes of South China” yang professor sejarah kata menduduki Selatan China sabelom penduduk Utara China turun ke selatan beribu tahun dahulu. Berkahwin campuran dah beribu tahun, tapi tabi’at Cina Bukit itu tidak hilang.

      Mereka di bawa ke negara ini dek British kolonial celaka sebagai kuli (coolies) di abad 19. Cina Bukit sudah tentu tidak bertamadun, tak reti bahasa, tak hormatkan sesiapa, tak hormatkan Perlembagaan negara berkenaan Bahasa Kebangsaan, maka telah di halau berhijrah ke negara yang Perlembagaan nya mereka hormati.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It is Umno’s old government that must be retired, and a path must be given to a young and spirited government. By giving the chance for this country to enjoy a healthy democracy since nobody can be power in perpetuity like Umno, only then can the future of out politics can be really bright and peaceful.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      “young and spirited government”

      Yes, and with an old old old dying and decayed Traitor to Malaysia ar selicker and ar sewipe to Israel corrupt Mother of All Corruption Kerala Kobra Koolie Mugathir as PM!

      • Anonymous says:

        The “Ang Tiunama Peng” bloke accuses others of being a traitor. But he is the biggest traitor of all:

        Traitorous, Seditious and Subversive “Ang Tiunama Peng” talking about Sarawak secession

        Blokes like this Red Bean old man “Ang Tiunama Peng” – only a handful existing in Sarawak – do not like to be in Malaysia because they cannot exploit and bully the locals when Sarawak is a part of Malaysia, they cannot say anything they like, any time they like with impunity.

        In Malaysia like now, he gets whacked and shitted every time he comes in with anti-national and non Malaysian Constitution-respecting comments. Calling the Malays lazy rentseekers and the like, he gets promptly told of the big number of lazy rentseekers of his own kind as prostitutes, social escorts, Ah Longs, triads, thugs, gangsters etc in the underworld, professions that did not exist before the advent of the coolies brought in by the bloody British colonies in the latter part of the 19th century.

        He and his kind think that outside Malaysia, they could have free reign on the locals, be rude, abusive and vulgar, constantly lie, cheat and con them. Marry them out of convenience and exploit the rights to land that the locals have, etc.

        Even hope to rule the State under a constitution that does not spell out the Special Position of the Bumiputeras, Islam as the religion of the state, etc.

        But sad for the buggers. As pointed out by the constitutional law expert of the country, Professor Emeritus Shad Saleem Faruqi of Universiti Malaya, the Malaysian Constitution does not have a provision for secession and there are brigades of the Malaysian Armed Forces in Sarawak and Sabah and several contingents of the Police Force, including the Police Special Forces, stationed there to thwart and nip in the bud any serious attempt towards secession and throw the culprits into the lock up.

        So, venting his frustration, the Red Bean old man “Ang” goes bonkers in Malaysian blogs, always rude, abusive and vulgar, constantly lying, cheating and conning to weaken the faith of Malaysians in the integrity of Malaysia as a sovereign country whose territorial integrity cannot be touched and spoken loosely about.

        Hope some fine day the authorities will turn up at his door, drag him out and lock him if he continues to talk of Sarawak as a country. Or tries to denigrate this country Malaysia – unless he renounces his citizenship and does his commie Chinese Secret Agent Provocateur activities in mainland China.

  6. Anonymous says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, July 10 — Non-Chinese students may form up to 30 per cent of the student population in Chinese primary schools (SJKC) in the future, deputy education minister Datuk Chong Sin Woon has said.

    Chong said that the estimated figure is possible given the fact that SJKCs are becoming more multiracial in nature.

    Chong noted that SJKCs — the national-type primary schools which use Mandarin to teach the national syllabus — currently have non-Chinese forming 18 per cent of its student population.

    He said that this figure could rise up to 20 per cent or 30 per cent in the future if the current annual trend of declining figures of fresh enrolment of Chinese students and increasing numbers of students from other ethnic communities continues.

    Chong attributed the multiracial scenario in SJKCs to the lower birth rates among the Chinese community and the recognition from other ethnic communities towards the vernacular schools’s curriculum.

    “SJKCs nowadays are no longer having a purely Chinese student population, there are also other races, the face of SJKCs will change, therefore we have to make adjustments, Chinese education no longer belongs to the Chinese, but belongs to the education of all.

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  8. a says:

    Interesting views in The Independent (extracts as follows):

    Zahid to make his move amid chaos within Umno?

    Insider reveals a state of chaos prevailing within the ruling Malay party the Umno –
    By Howard Lee

    Zahid Hamidi’s hint that BN candidates may very well be chosen from outside the leadership structure, is a telling sign of the mayhem that is going on internally within UMNO; a clear indication that Najib’s grip on power may be on its way to disintegration beyond salvation.

    Moreover, this could well be Zahid’s first canon in his play for Seri Perdana, in response to recent developments and Najib’s increasing untenability as PM.

    Despite the official narrative of calmness and stability peddled by UMNO leaders and spin doctors, all is not well in Najib and UMNO’s house of cards. One among the countless indications to support this well known hypothesis, is the overtly defensive knee jerk reaction by the PM’s press secretary in response of Liew Chin Tong’s ‘too close for comfort’ revelations.

    With the removal of this caveat of divisional head being the de facto candidate, what was previously an institutionalised contestation of established positions to temper high handed tactics and avert civil wars at all levels, is now a ‘gloves off’ ‘ no holds barred’ “bare knuckle street fight’.

    UMNO’s internal contests – due to the high stakes involve- have a natural tendency to be much more in line with bare knuckle scraps even with restrictions and rules as the best of times; according to revelations now we are too familiar with, that funds like those from 1MDB conventionally goes to Division heads.

    Removing the rules and limitations and allowing the candidate selection process to turn into a street fight, suggests that UMNO’s gaping cracks have truly been exposed. In anticipation of there being no consensus at the very top due to an unelectable leader unwilling to release the reins of power, Zahid is apparently leading the charge to declare civil war on Najib.

    After all, there is a bucket load of discontent that has been brewing since 2015. On 8th of March that year, Najib summoned a closed door meeting of all UMNO division chiefs to explain the RM2.6 Billion issue. Only 160 out of 191 turned up.

    In the first week of August the same year, through a Telegram Group chat of UMNO division cheifs, Only 154 (some first hand accounts claim it was as low as 144) out out 191 division heads endorsed the cabinet reshuffle that removed Muhyiddin from the DPMship the week before. Meaning there were 37 of these powerful warlords already at odds with him.

    September, a group of 13 division chiefs broke their silence and openly called for Najib’s resignation over the credibility deficit he had created on UMNO as a result of 1MDB and 2.6billion.

    The next month, in UMNO’s general assembly, not only did Najib have to face protests outside the venue of the meeting and internal criticism. For the first time in UMNO’s history, only Najib himself the president, was allowed to speak at the winding up-session, to rule out any surprises from potential diasenters within the party.

    This means that even back then- even before the DOJ revelations of kleptacratic practices – there were major discontent within the party. There has since been a great deal and one too many USD 27million diamond pendant for them to shift allegiance over. The evidence of the division heads being the most volatile and angered layer of leadership in the party is overwhelming.

    It could also be that the divisional leadership is also divided, along the lines of those who benefitted from Najib’s 1MDB spoils, and those who didn’t or did less so. This could have culminated in an internal revolt by those feeling hard done by. Those like Zahid Hamidi at the top, unwilling to risk fielding these renegade warlords and unable to remove them from their local divisional chairmanship, hence changing the goalposts.

    What is abundantly clear, is that Najib’s grip on power is no longer as solid as it was thought, and those occupying divisional leadership are no longer on his side.

    • a says:

      Are prisoners allowed to participate in politics? Anwar has been issuing political statements – I don’t mind it as it helps getting rid of Najib at Pru14.

      But doesn’t it show the tolerant attitude of Zahid Hamidi, Minister of Home Affairs, who is responsible for the Prisons Dept – remember, Anwar was once his boss in UMNO Youth.

      Malaysiakini reported Anwar’s statement –

      The Sarawak government’s move to send lawyers to London to study the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) shows a lack of confidence in the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), said jailed former PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

      “It gives the impression that the (Sarawak) state government lacks confidence in the AGC to give a fair and free judgement,” Anwar said in a statement today.

      Last week, Sarawak Chief Minister Abang Johari Openg said the state would send a team of lawyers on a one-week London trip to search for and study any references related to the state’s rights under MA63…

    • Anonymous says:

      “..Najib’s grip on power is no longer as solid as it was thought, and those occupying divisional leadership are no longer on his side.”

      May include Zahid.

      Logical, because he must be hoping to become PM some day.

  9. Ang Tao Peng says:

    The old gentleman is absolutely right about the old gentleman Tan Seng Giaw.

    If old greasehead BrylcLim Kit Siang cares about his DAP = Dirty Abominable Pseudologists party and cares about the country, he should gracefully get out of his kind of politics that has not work and has only got progressively worse over the decades, leave the party and leave Malaysian politics.

    Similarly, decent DAP = Dead And Past party members should demand the old dictator vacate his position, leave their party.

    Anywhere else, a non-performing, say, CEO in a business, would not last a few months, but old BrylcLim has gone on and gone for decades, from worse to worse… concerned shareholders in an enterprise would have thrown him out by the face long long ago!

    If DAP supporters want to make a genuine difference to politics, particularly, Chinese politics, then Tan Seng Giaw is the choice. BrylcLim Kit Siang is stale, he is spent, and he can only bring disrepute and more problems to the Dead And Past party.

    Lim and Mugathir shagging each other was and is disastrous.

    But that is not the only problem with the BrylcLim Kit Siang, he is more than lost¬

    “Forget saving Malaysia, just save your own skin, Kit Siang told”
    By Farah Harith

    “PETALING JAYA: Instead of ‘saving Malaysia’, it is better for DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang to save his own party and himself, by complying with the directive from the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to hold a fresh Central Executive Committee (CEC) election.

    In saying this, a former DAP leader appealed for Kit Siang to know when he is overstaying his welcome and save himself from the shame and indignity of being booted out by a mounting anti-Lim movement.

    Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim, at a press conference held at the Eastin Hotel, here, today said Kit Siang “in a very real sense has come to the end of the line”.

    “The man who sees himself as the saviour of Malaysia cannot even save DAP from imploding as his rule is seen as self-serving,” the former DAP national vice-chairman said.

    With a directive from the RoS looming over DAP, Tunku Abdul Aziz said a fresh election, should it take place, will see a regime change within the Opposition party.

    This, according to Tunku Abdul Aziz, is the primary reason why the DAP stalwart is reluctant to comply with the directive.

    He claimed that back in 2012, DAP’s intelligence feedback very strongly pointed that their hurdle was the “extremely popular Deputy Chairman Dr Tan Seng Giaw”.

    Describing Dr Tan as DAP’s last gentleman politician, Tunku Abdul Aziz said the former is “a man of impeccable personal integrity and a true democrat”.

    “It was decided that everything possible must be done to stop Dr Tan from snatching the number one spot. That is the primary reason that Kit Siang will move mountains to stop Dr Tan from taking part in a fresh election.

    “Complying with the RoS directive will be an unmitigated personal disaster, the kiss of death and journey’s end for a brash political dynasty,” he further remarked, referring to DAP’s Lim Dynasty.

    Tunku Abdul Aziz further claimed that to comply with the directive meant opening the flood gates to Dr Tan’s supporters.

    “By employing one delaying tactic after another, and thereby pushing RoS goodwill to the brink, it is hoped that DAP would be deregistered,” he added, pointing out that it is not RoS’ intention to suspend or deregister DAP as the party is legal.

    What is wrong, he said, is the manner in which the CEC elections, both in 2012 and 2013 were conducted which was a breach of the party’s own constitution.

    “It naturally will gain a great deal of hoped-for political mileage to confuse the public as to the real reason that compelled RoS to issue its directive as required by law.”

    Tunku Abdul Aziz reiterated that should a fresh election be called and a regime change takes place, the person who will emerge as the most qualified to take the top job in DAP, to end a style of leadership out of step with a more responsible Opposition that a new democratic Malaysia demands, is Dr Tan.

    DAP, back in 2013 conducted fresh election for its CEC after claiming that an Excel spreadsheet error affected the election results held the previous year.

    However, complaints were lodged by their members after the 2013 reelection, leading to the RoS declaring DAP’s CEC to be invalid, as well as the top leadership appointed by the CEC.

    Last week, the RoS issued a statement saying they will issue a directive to DAP to conduct a fresh election for its CEC. – MO”


    • Anonymous says:

      Muhyiddin: Umno leaders rattled by ‘Malay tsunami’

      Umno will not be able to withstand the “Malay tsunami” wave that is now sweeping through the heartlands that used to be its strongholds, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) president Muhyiddin Yassin said today.

      As Umno embarks on its annual party division meetings, Muhyiddin said in a statement, he could sense that its senior leaders were becoming increasingly nervous and they retaliated by using the platform to launch attacks on him and Bersatu.

      “What I described as a ‘trust deficit’ by the Malays towards Umno is happening fast,” he said…

    • Anonymous says:

      Khairy should ask Najib at Cabinet tomorrow to appoint another Minister to be responsible for TN 50 if Khairy does not have the courage to get the Najib administration to give proper accountability on international 1MDB money-laundering scandal

      Posted by Kit in Corruption, Najib Razak, UMNO on Tuesday, 11 July 2017, 11:59 am

      I am still waiting for the UMNO Youth Leader and Youth and Sports Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, to reply to my statement yesterday and explain in clear terms his call that Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and I should retire from politics.

      I will await Khairy’s elucidation before responding to his call.

      But Malaysians want to know why Khairy has suddenly gone so quiet, and in particular, why he has yet to respond to the lament by Tunku Makhota Johor, Tunku Ismail Ibrahim who asked “What’s happening to a country I used to respect? A country that I was once proud to call my home”.

      In fact, Tunku Ismail Ibrahim’s lament reminds me of the concern of another Johorean, former Deputy Prime Minister, Tun Musa Hitam, when he launched his autobiography, “Frankly Speaking” in April this year.

      Musa warned that Malaysia was going downhill slowly, but the situation could get worse quickly.

      He said there was a great distraction in the current Malaysian political scenario that was causing a loss of focus on the wellbeing of Malaysians. Read the rest of this entry »

    • Anonymous says:

      Who would have imagined that the Registrar of Societies could ask the DAP to have DAP Central Executive Committee re-election some four years after the DAP had conducted such CEC re-election following the ROS’ directive on Sept. 29, 2013?

      If Liow Tiong Lai is a conscientious, outspoken and responsible Minister, he should be speaking up in Cabinet to point out that it is extremely ridiculous and irresponsible for the ROS to want the DAP to conduct re-election of DAP CEC based on the 2012 DAP Congress delegates’ list when the DAP had done precisely this on Sept 29, 2013, and asked why the ROS had taken four long years over the matter. Read the rest of this entry »

      DAP is not afraid of holding CEC elections but only UMNO’s perversity and capriciousness to use RoS to sabotage the DAP preparations for the 14GE for a change of Federal government in Putrajaya
      Posted by Kit in DAP on Sunday, 9 July 2017, 2:36 pm

      In the 51 history of the DAP, the party is no stranger to plots and conspiracies by the ruling coalition to sabotage, destabilise and destroy the party, and the latest such attempt is the Registar of Society’s (ROS) directive to hold another re-election of the DAP’s Central Executive Committee based on the 2012 DAP Congress delegates’ list.

      This is a most ridiculous directive for the Sept. 29, 2013 DAP Central Executive Committee re-elections were exactly based on the 2012 DAP Congress delegates’ list on the directive on the ROS.

      Further, why has it taken the ROS four years to decide that the DAP should hold CEC re-elections based on the 2012 Congress delegates’ list, if the ROS is efficient, competent and reasonable in the discharge of his duties?

      DAP is not afraid of holding DAP CEC elections, but what is there to prevent a recurrence of the ridiculous situation where, on the flimsiest of grounds, the Registrar of Societies declares that it is withholding its recognition of the newly-elected CEC as he is investigating complaints that the new CEC elections are irregular and takes another four years to declare that there should be re-elections? Read the rest of this entry »

      • Anonymous says:

        Are we to have a situaiton where in 2020, the Registrar of Societies can again ask the DAP to conduct fresh CEC re-elections based on the 2012 DAP Congress delegates’ list?

        This is how ridiculous the whole situation had become, as a result of UMNO/BN conspiracy to sabotage the DAP and cause maximum damage and chaos in the party’s preparations for the 14th general election, simply because the UMNO and BN coalition are worried there is a great possibility that the UMNO/BN will be voted out of power in the next general election.

        It is significant that up to now, the Registar of Societies’ letter to the DAP had not been sent. I do not believe that any civil servant will act in this manner if there is no interference from his political masters.

        DAP is not afraid of holding CEC elections but only UMNO’s perversity and capriciousness to use ROS to sabotage the DAP preparations for the 14GE for a change of Federal government in Putrajaya.

        (Lim Kit Siang’s Speech at the DAP Kopitiam Dialogue in Kg Baru Rahang in Rasah parliamentary constituency on Sunday, 9th July 2017 at 10 am)

        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          “DAP is not afraid of holding CEC elections but only UMNO’s perversity and capriciousness to use ROS to sabotage the DAP preparations for the 14GE for a change of Federal government in Putrajaya.”

          This is some slippery “Kopitiam Dialogue” indeed!

          Greasehead BrylcLim Kit Siang should not just talk but make true this part “DAP is not afraid of holding CEC elections”.

          This part below is redundant:

          “but only UMNO’s perversity and capriciousness to use ROS to sabotage the DAP preparations for the 14GE for a change of Federal government in Putrajaya.”

          It is meaningless chest-thumping – on a heavy, worried, defeatist chest!

          And excessively dumb kopitiam big talk, bull-shitting and “macho” display.

          If BrylcLim Kit Siang knows his son and bunch (and himself especially) are going to win in the election asked for by RoS, then just go ahead and be over and done with that – at the same time make gomen and BN look dumb.

          There is nothing better than accepting RoS’ request, play their “game” if Lim imagines there is one if the Dirty Abominable Pseudologists party is going to win anyway.

          All that hollow, rather fake talk and posturing makes BrylcLim Kit Siang look more like a slimy and slippery Mugathir than a brave fighter for the rakyat.

          There is also all the nonsense talk about what the RoS and the gomen might do next if the Dead And Past party goes ahead with an election. That is again, redundant.

          The way forward is to go call an election, rig that again if the DAP must, then tell the gomen “Look, we did what you demanded, and here’s the outcome you don’t like!”

          The gomen will again come up with more of whatever “dirty tactics” the Dirty Abominable Pseudologists party imagine they would – and more. It would be very strange if the DAP thinks its rivals would “play fair”.

          Whatever happens in an election, the DAP would not lose, it would still be its party members who would win, anyway.

          If Tan Seng Giaw wins, it would be even better, those many many Chinese who are put off by Old Greasehead would return to support the DAP again. That is, if Tan Seng Giaw do not also jump in bed with the Kerala Kobra Koolie Mugathir!

          A Tan Seng Giaw win would not go down well with the gomen, and provides that nice response to Najib (and whoever else the “conspirator”s against the DAP may be), “The gomen asked for it – and got it!”

          A Tan Seng Giaw win may mean the Dead And Past party may yet have more life left in it than Mugathir has in him, Chinese voters would return to the party the Lim Dynasty fcuked up.

          What’s more, Tan Seng Giaw appeals to non-Chinese too, so those like “Superman” tHew “Melayu bomoh!” Kuan Yau may not find a place for racism inside the DAP.

          It may even mean another “Chinese tsunami”.

          Anyway, none of these may come true – if the Lim Dynasty comes up with more mad scheming, and continues to fcuk up the DAP.

          And continues to let the Snake King fcuk it up!

          Whatever it is that the Lim Dynasty wants to do, it should the very least strut bravely and mightily to that election, they should be confident they are going to win (or are they?!), no need for any whining, grumbling or bitching about that “letter” etc etc etc.

          • Anonymous says:

            This bloke “Ang Tiunama Peng” is an anarchist, not respecting the Constitution, the highest set of laws in the country from which all other laws, rules and regulations emanate.

            Being seditious and subversive, anti-Malay, anti-Islam, anti-Hakkas and anti-Hokkiens, he often breaks laws, rules and regulations. Especially the Sedition Act and the laws on subversion.

            Yet now he is asking DAP to follow “RoS’ directive, rules and regulations”. Despite Lim Kit Siang having explained the circumstances.

            But he is schizophrenic. Diagnosed so some time ago. So, where he got logic or rational thinking.

            Always rude, abusive and vulgar. Makes wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified claims and allegations. And in the process, constantly lying, cheating and conning readers, like explained in his CV.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “Despite Lim Kit Siang having explained the circumstances.”

            He hasn’t.

            He’s only been playing shifty and slippery, and in the Kerala Kobra Koolie style of Traitor to Malaysia ar selicker and ar sewipe to Israel Mugathir.

            His “explanation” is accepted by an ultra-kiasu cheapskate longkang Mugathir-bred pig stupid and pig lazy no class schizo delusional rentseeker running pig.

            But being a normal human being and vastly superior to you, my criteria are obviously set way way higher than your lowly ones and your poor taste for turd grade politicians – remember your favourite is a phcuking snake devious and corrupt pendatang King of Corruption Mugathir – who is also a fcuking red-sashed drag queen with the drag star “beauty queens” of PerkyAsses!

          • Anonymous says:

            Bullshit claiming “vastly superior to you”. Schizophrenic old man “Ang Tiunama Peng” showing his delusion of grandeur –

            Delusions of grandeur

            The mad Red Bean old man “Ang Tunama Peng” always thinks he is the best in everything – qualification, knowledge, wealth, etc. He has delusions of grandeur –

            In the past he frequently claimed about “my vast superiority”, claimed to have vast wealth, including “a huge colonial style Baba mansion” in Singapore. Claimed to have degrees from “four top US and UK universities”. Etc, etc.

            Googling the words “delusion of grandeur” produces the following:

            – Delusions of grandeur are false beliefs held by an individual

            – Delusions of grandeur are associated with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), which is a mental health diagnosis

            – Grandiosity is a symptom of the manic episodes of Bipolar Disorder: elevated (heightened), expansive (grand, superior) or irritable mood. This elevated mood occurs when not depressed. In mania … increased activity or energy … needs only three hours sleep (at times he blogs at 3 am) instead of the usual seven

            Other examples of delusion of grandeur exhibited by Red Bean old man Ang are his claims of:

            1. having, in addition to degrees from “four top US and UK universities, a host of professional qualifications and honorary awards

            2. being descended from the non-existent “clan of bankers and industrialists” of East China (but not Shanghai, China’s commercial centre)

            3. being vastly wealthy, having so “many possessions” that it’s difficult for him to scram from this country despite being repeatedly told to do so because he has admitted not respecting the Constitution.

            So, schizophrenic Red Bean old man Ang also has “the narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), also a mental health diagnosis.”

            If you have not visited the Psychiatrist and been prescribed medication, you should do so now, old man Ang. It’d be good for you and for everyone else you get into contact with.

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