Who Is The Malay Extremist?

A reminder to the DAP and the RBA who keeps insisting that UMNO calls Chinese or Indians pendatang.

It is actually PERKASA who called Chinese and Indians as pendatang and the persons who called to burn bibles previously.

PERKASA’s official name is Pertubuhan PRIBUMI Perkasa Melaysia.

The patron of PERKASA is Tun Mahathir, who is now the Chairman of Parti PRIBUMI Bersatu Malaysia.

The first annual general meeting of PERKASA was held in Mac 2010 and was officially opened by Tun Mahathir while Mukhriz also attended.

PERKASA was never a part of UMNO or BN. And today, PERKASA still stands with Mahathir.

All DAP or RBA should be reminded that Tun Mahathir and PERKASA are now with your Pakatan Harapan. Tun Mahathir is also now the Chairman of Pakatan now.

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70 Responses to Who Is The Malay Extremist?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think you need to be more productive or maybe contribute more to society instead of writing nonsense

    • a says:

      Be as productive as Tun Dr Mahathir. Even at 91 years old, still writing blog posts to right wrongs in the country. To get rid of Kleptocrat, Mr Cash Is King at Pru14. “The country will be totally destroyed if the BN is given another five years,” said he, in his latest blog post.

      So much corruption in the country. Buying votes, etc. TDM said:

      Bribery would be rampant. As happened in the by-elections, money would be given openly to voters who would then be made to swear to vote for BN. Other things would also be given, including equipments for kitchen use and food items.

      In a number of cases this is already being done. Money and foodstuffs are being given out in the guise of fasting month support right now. Reporting bribery attempts will not result in any action by the police. Hence practically no reports were made during the by-elections. Disregarding the law by Najib and his cohorts will be common.

      Currently RM10,000 to RM50,000 are being offered to ARMADA youths of PPBM to leave the party. Those receiving RM50,000 are made to sign documents requiring them to vote for BN.

      The fact that TDM knows means the offers were reported to the party higher ups, exposed, the plot using cash is foiled.

      • Anonymous says:

        Najib and his team still believe that they can buy votes from the money-crazed Malays because most Malays not only in Peninsula but Sabah and Sarawak do not bother about the nation’s status or any amount of corruptions All they want is easy money to survive that Cash King can afford to throw to shut their mouths and brains and vote for him and his team of robbers. Malaysia has become a corrupted pariah Nation with one particular man manipulating with his finger tips.

        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          “do not bother about the nation’s status or any amount of corruptions”

          And, of course, you do!

          Frothing at your snout as a jihadi bride to the murderous pig-bonking human organ eating jihadi terrorist savages of Daesh Isis Qaeda etc whom you call “martyrs”.

          Not to forget as a further Traitor to Malaysia supporter of that Traitor to Malaysia ar selicker of Israel Mugathir.

          And both of you Traitors to Muslims all over the world!

          • a says:

            “Ang Tiunama Peng” thinks Anonymous at 1:56 pm above is me. Let him. At 79 years old, he is easily confused. What more his schizophrenia controlling his mind at times.

            Just to cover his senility, he mentions “a further Traitor”. This also applies to the commie Chinese Secret Agent Provocateur “Ang Tiunama Peng” himself. An admirer of the dead communist terrorist leader Chin Peng.
            A stupid bastard who speaks for the dismemberment of Malaysia, thinking that he could bully the locals if Sarawak is out of Malaysia. Not realising that the brigades of Malaysian Armed Forces and contingents of the Malaysian Police Force in Sabah and Sarawak will whack him to smithereens if he tries anything nasty.

        • Anonymous says:

          When 1MDB has lost billions of ringgit through siphoning, illegal transfers, direct stealing and also by DOJ forfeiture of their illegal assets, where then do 1MDB get money to finance Haj piogrims. 1MDB do not even have the funds to service their loans. It is not a ‘halal’ decision for the PM-1MDB Foundation to sponsor the Haj Pilgrims when they were losing money. The intent is wrong as a losing entity was made to sponsor the Haj pilgrims which is actually corrupting the innocent Haj pilgrims. It is sinful for the people who made the decision to misuse the 1MDB money for this. Any pilgrims who are aware of this should decline the offer.

          • a says:

            I seriously doubt whether the Kleptocrats think of halal or haram.

            There would not have been the humongous 1MDB scandal if they did.

            God will balas in time to come.

            The sooner the better. Like at Pru14.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hidup Che Det!

      • Anonymous says:

        One of MO1’s memoriable strategies, was during the “4 Tan Sri 1MDB investigations. The 4 Tan Sri is referred to the heads of the country”s top investigative agencies comprising the AG, PDRM, Bank Negara and MACC. We felt a bit relieaved now that the agencies were looking into the 1MDB scandal. It was an investigation that was being scrutinized by the public and MO1 would not be able to interfere without the public knowing and recieve a backlash. At that time, we hoped justice would be served for the wrongdoings committed and the rakyat would have closure. When all seems that there was no way MO1 could escape, suddenly MO1 struck with lightning speed.
        The AG was relieved of his duties due to health issues and replaced. The MACC office was raided and MACC officers detained for questioning. Suddenly the mainstream media informed the public on attempts to overthrowing a democratically elected government. What was a simple case of breach of trust and corruption changed into attempt to overthrow the governement. What was a simple corruption of billions of money laundering money into MO1 account changed into donation by the Saud royalty.

        The hunter suddenly become the hunted. The AG, MACC and Bank Negara head has all been changed. The come an end to the 4 Tan Sri saga.

        After that, no really dared touch on the 1MDB scandal except fot international investigative bodies. Even that is being countered as interfering with another country domestic issues.

        MO1 survived all this while up to being the PM for a reason. He would have picked up some skills and strategies to survive. He is a caculative strategist. He prefers to watch his enemies manouvers before making a final strike.

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        “Be as productive as Tun Dr Mahathir.”


        At producing Kerala-flavoured bullock shit!

    • a says:

      More of the religiously disgusting and corrupt acts of the Kleptocratic party, from TDM Chedet cc blog:

      “Buka Puasa” events by opposition parties are blocked through warnings to donors not to be found sponsoring the “buka puasa” by opposition parties. Mosques and precincts are closed to opposition parties but open to UMNO. Would be donors would be harassed and threatened with visits by the Inland Revenue Board. It is sad to note that income tax officials cooperate with the BN totally in these harassments. Of course they stand to gain from the bonus for collecting more taxes for the Government.

      And now the law on money laundering is being used to freeze the money belonging to potential donors to the opposition. That this can stop the victims from doing business does not concern Najib.

      • Anonymous says:

        Judiciary is powerless without AGC, AG says no crime or evidence presented and senseless to proceed, IGP says PDRM shall not interfere, MACC says the PDRM handle the investigations, BNM imposed fines but have no powers to proceed and lastly all our parliamenterians are brainless or clueless. There is no single department, body or agency left in Malaysia to oversee the law and order equation in Malaysia. Even if some criminality or offence is eventually proven (can any Malaysian advise) WHICH BODY, DEPARTMENT OR AGENCY SHALL INITIATE THE ACTIONS? Only GOD or the rakyat can save Malaysia. Before God intervenes, it’s now left to the rakyat through their NGO’s to act as PRIVATE CONTRACTORS for the rakyat to bring to a close this sordid affair. All NGO’s must put their thinking caps on now and immediately……before any EMERGENCY emerges……then you are all as useless as the rest mentioned above. This just one person looking from a truly independent and non biased lenses.

        • a says:

          The tools, the agencies for taking action against Kleptocracy, are already there in place.

          But no action taken against Mr Cash Is King for reasons many voters already know.

          Like Tun Dr Mahathir said, Mr Cash Is King uses a lot of cash to buy votes – example, during the last PRK in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar.

          There is a need to get to the rural areas and the low-income voters in the towns and cities and make them fully understand why corruption is bad for the country.

          Not only in the FELDA areas where some 10 Parliamentary constituencies are believed to have gone to the Opposition by default – the FGV scandal where the settlers themselves lose money. A strong need to go to the ordinary kampongs, low cost flats in towns and cities, knock on doors, explain to the voters there.

          Use the system of cadres, like the communists did. Select those fully dedicated and committed to the cause, give them the facilities to explain fully to the voters. Even Lee Kuan Yew did that in Singapore.

    • Anonymous says:

      More dirty tricks of the Kleptocrat-led UMNO.BN:

      Postal votes of certain branches of the Government service including the police and the armed forces will be shifted to the constituencies contested by senior members of the BN to ensure victory. In the 2004 Election it is known that postal votes while still in their boxes were shifted three constituencies away in order to turn defeat into victory for a prominent Minister.

      The number of voters in a constituency was increased to almost double between 2008 to 2013. Accordingly the candidate who had scored very badly in a previous election, was able to win by huge majorities in the following elections.

      The opposition may have to face the possibility of the election being declared null and void should the BN lose by a small margin. Or, the Government will refuse to admit defeat. The opposition would be accused of cheating. No evidence would be needed for the Government to declare this. The bullies of the BN will be ready to create instability.

      On this basis there could be a declaration of a state of emergency and Parliament would be suspended. A “Mageran” (Majlis Gerakan Negara – National Operations Council) form of Government would be installed and the country would be ruled by decree as happened in 1969.

      At that stage the BN may offer monetary incentives to opposition MPs to cross over. Once the BN gains a sufficient majority, the emergency would be lifted and the BN would form a majority Government. Parliament would be recalled.

      • Anonymous says:

        Elections is Malaysia is always rigged for BN/UMNO BARU to win.With all the scandals against Najib and UMNO BARU,GE14 will be further rigged to maximun.Najib and his 40 thieves cannot afford to lose.So before he decides to dissolve Parliament,he will have plan A,B,C and Z.If by miracle BN loses,he will move Paln B that is to buy over MPs like he wanted to do in GE13 with the rm2.6 billion in his account.If that fails Plan C is to declare emergency.Malaysia is a Kleptocracy @ruled byThieves.Either way the country and the majority race are doomed.Malaysia will soon end up like Venezuela.

        • a says:

          Venezuela is where the Kleptocrat died of cancer?

          Maybe wrong to wish that happening here.

          So, I’d just say I don’t mind that happening here.

          • Anonymous says:

            Has Jakim seen the famous 1930s photograph of the Kelantan mufti seated next to the favourite dog of the sultan, holding the dog’s chain? The 1937 debate in the state about a prince wanting to own a dog as a pet where finally scholars at Al-Azhar University in Cairo said a Muslim could keep a dog?

            When there are different Muslim schools of thought on the matter, why is Jakim intruding on a person’s private beliefs?

            Why does Jakim keep quiet when dogs are deliberately killed and maimed by Muslims for no reason? A person only needs to repent if they sin in the eyes of Allah. That is not something that Jakim decides.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “Venezuela is where the Kleptocrat died of cancer?”

            So how was he “the Kleptocrat” that would make him look like Mugathir or the Clinton Foundation?

          • a says:

            Komen bodoh tak akan di jawab

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “Why does Jakim keep quiet when dogs are deliberately killed and maimed by Muslims for no reason? A person only needs to repent if they sin in the eyes of Allah.”

            Is there anything Allah says that killing or not killing a dog is a “sin”?

            And for that matter, what about chickens, ducks, pigs, goats, cows…?

            It is all about power and control, the little men of Jakim and everything else all like the stench of power, be first to do jobs that they can throw their weight around for and play the Almighty.

            It is not unlike a monkey here who forever cannot resist and desist playing the little dictator dictating “order” and telling what others must or must not do.

            It gets fcuking ridiculous there are those in Malaysia who simply have to play the “Constitution” police and the nationality department, judging who is or who is not a “citizen”, and “ordering” out those they declare not!

            And all the time without “authority” or “power” to play the fcuking Gestapo too!

            People whose pets have been killed or injured by ar seholes can always go to the civil court, Jakim types are not exactly intelligent or empathetic creatures, they are not the SPCA either.

            And that geaseball Tokong BrylcLim Guano Eng has massacre lots of dogs before, if he can do that, so can those self-righteous kaypohs of Jakim!

          • a says:

            What the bloody hell this anti-Malay anti Islam self-declared atheist want to talk anything to Muslims.

            He is mad.

            No point talking or arguing with a madman.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “self-declared atheist want to talk anything to Muslims”

            Very often “Muslims” know less than “atheist” do about their religion.

            There are not too few racists and fascists who claim they are “Muslims” but do everything totally aginst their religion and against their country.

            Take for instance those who have gone to the Middle East to fight for or be sex slaves for the murderous pig-bonking human organ eating jihadi terrorist savages of Nusra Daesh Isis Qaeda etc, they are no “Muslims” but nevertheless think they are, and they kill, rape and do destruction to, more than often, true Muslims.

            An “atheist” has no deity to excuse himself with when he does harm to others and bring shame to himself. A so called believer of a faith would always screech he is killing, raping and fcuking animals in the name of his deity.

            Before a jihadi terrorist does his brutal murder, he would be shouting in the name of his deity.

            So, wtf, are animals like those sick jihadists any better than an “atheist”?

            I say no, not at all!

            Why would I want to be part of any “religion” the jihadis say they are from in order that I could become exactly like them?!

          • a says:

            “Very often “Muslims” know less than “atheist” do about their religion.”

            The seditious, subversive, anti-Malay, anti-Islam, anti-Hakkas, anti-Hokkiens bastard “Ang Tiunama Peng” is simply mad.

            Him being mad, no point to argue with or against.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “Very often “Muslims” know less than “atheist” do about their religion.”

            If you are a “Muslim”, why is it that you always behave like a vile vicious aggressive creep, and like it is Satan who is with you?

          • a says:

            Komen bodoh tak akan di jawab.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tun Dr Mahathir concludes his blog post by saying:

      We all know that Najib is desperate not to lose his Premiership. Bersih saw many of these abuses of authority happening in the 2013 election. Worse things can happen in this 14th General Election.

      We are not going to see fair election. The reason why Najib wanted to have large amounts of money is because he believes in Cash is King. Given very large amounts of money, he believes few can resist his blandishments. Government money will be used widely. The ministries will not get the money allocated to them in the budget. Additionally the huge sums of money which the Dept of Justice says he had stolen from 1MDB will be used for bribing the electorate.

      The people of Malaysia must reject the abuses of power by the BN party. They must be steadfast in voting against BN. They must ensure the defeat of the BN. The country will be totally destroyed if the BN is given another five years.

      • Anonymous says:

        MO1 will definitely declare a state of emergency and suspend Parliament if the umno government loses in the GE. That is why MO1 changed the law to allow him to declare a state of emergency anywhere without the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s consent . Before MO1 declares a state of emergency, he will surely send umno thugs to create trouble to give him the excuse to declare the state of emergency.

        • a says:

          The law allows him to declare emergency only in a localised area. Not for the whole country, for which it still requires the YDP Agong to declare a state of emergency

          Of course, YDP Agong acts on the advice of the PM. But he can – and hopefully will – consult the Majlis Raja Raja (Rulers Council) if “advised” to do so.

        • a says:

          It’s been said that Najib employs British expatriates in the Prime Minister’s Dept.

          If true, maybe they won’t dare advise against the increasingly weakening freedom of expression, etc in this country.

  2. a says:

    It shows. BN’s fear of losing at PRU14. Not just the big guns, even the minions are manifesting that fear through their writing, blog posts and all.

    Sure damn fear by the Kleptocrats. If BN loses at PRU14, they’d be destined for prison. Now even the DoJ website on their 15 June 2017 Press release regarding 1MDB has also been blocked.

    But many have copied that and what’s said in the 251 page DoJ document submitted to the court in their personal files.

    PRU13 was the worst election results in UMNO’s history. Chinese Tsunami, etc. The greatest fear is now, with the humongous 1MDB scandal and the DoJ’s Kleptocrats Assets Recovery actions, there will be a Malay Tsunami as well for UMNO/BN at PRU14.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      ” the DoJ’s Kleptocrats Assets Recovery actions”

      “actions” like what?

      And like what for over a year now?

      • Anonymous says:

        The Cina Bukit “coolie” pendatang parentage “Ang Tiunama Peng” is a damn Lazy Rentseeker simply asking nonsensical questions instead of doing searches, like he himself said in the past.

        Cakap tak serupa dia makan tahi babi yang dia selalu buat sebab selalu cakap kotor, mencarut dll.

        Damn stupid and idiot much worse than Donald Trump not knowing that everywhere legal processes take time. He cannot stand the waiting because, at 79 years old, he’d kick the bucket any time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why disparage the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) US$1.7 billion asset seizure suit if Abdul Rahman Dahlan is not prepared to categorically deny on behalf of Najib Abdul Razak and Rosmah Mansor that they have received US$732 million in cash and a US$27.3 million pink diamond pendant respectively?

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  4. Fucking Melayu says:

    Jamal Ikan Bakar is not UMNO?
    Please la dey.
    Do something that your Mother will be proud of.

    • Anonymous says:

      For saying Fucking Melayu in your name, Malay mothers will be proud of their children fucking you in the mouth until it bleeds and your throat is widened to four inches circumference and blisters all over.

      They would of course punch you in the mouth first so that all your teeth splutter all over the place and not hurt their dongs while fucking your mouth.

      How about that for a reply to your question, fucked up bastard?

      In fact, you are worse than a bastard, your mother’s cunt was fucked (words a bastard used here before) by a wild boar to produce you. You sound like a Cina Bukit (descended from the hill tribes of South China), “coolie” pendatang heritage; it means you are uncivilized, uneducated, uncultured, uncouth, no manners, your parents toiling in the fields day in and day out, you never had an upbringing, left alone by the pig sty as a child, when hungry, you tottered around, found pig shit, ate it, time and again, such that often your mouth exudes pig shit when you open it.

      I also disagree with Jamal Ikan Bakar’s doings. Nevertheless, you must be fucked up to smithereens for your foul mouth.

    • a says:

      This bastard is of the “Ang Tiunama Peng” kind.

      Worse, he is the “Bong Kaninnabu Cibai” type.

      Instead of hitting just at Jamal Ikan Bakar and his gang, he hits the whole Malay race.

      So, his nabu cibai has to be fucked for not raising her child properly and his assol shoved with a sharpened bamboo.

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        “nabu cibai has to be fucked for not raising her child properly and his assol shoved with a sharpened bamboo”

        As the Traitor to Malaysia jihadi bride to the murderous pig-bonking human organ eating terrorist savages of Daesh Isis Qaeda etc would say…!

  5. Ang Tao Peng says:

    How come the old old old dying anti-Chinese racist Kerala pendatang Mugathir is not fiddling with his mobile phone in the pic?

    Unlike in that famous pic with the leaders of the “Opposition” baying for Anwar to be next PM, Mugathir seem very happy dressed as a “beauty queen” with the other “beauty queens”.

    Btw, someone should have told the fat racist and fascist Ibrahim Ali how to hold a keris. He is doing it all wrong, I suspect it will be a Chinese who would be an expert in such thing, teach Ali how to look more the part playing a “Malay warrior”.

    PerKKKasa is full of embarrassing moron ar seholes bit part village longkang chickenshit “supremacist” bigots who bunched together have just about the intelligence of a peanut.

    I am not saying they should not dress like fcuking clowns and act like fcuking clowns, but surely they should do more useful things for Malaysia like try not to be half-assed pantomine asses, and grow up like yesterday!

    • Anonymous says:

      “fiddling with his mobile phone”? But you always fiddle your dong, in pictures, privately, everywhere. Frustrated all the time. Because your 79 years old dong not responding. Why don’t you cut it off and become an eunuch? Or you are already one?

      “beauty queens”? Txs for the praise. But you are so ugly. In looks, disposition, manners, words and deeds. Cina Bukit, “coolie” pendatang. This comment is not racist. It’s not against all Chinese. It’s only against “Ang Tiunama Peng” Chinese. For his not respecting and living fully by the Constitution, saying Malaysia is not his country, Sarawak is – wanting the dismemberment of my country which the brigades of troops and contingents of the Police Force in Sabah and Sarawak will never allow.

      Seditious and subversive, saying the Malays are not a race, no civilization – the uncivilized, uneducated, uncultured and uncouth “Ang Tiunama Peng” who was observed by a fellow commenter Mubarak Chan some time back as “not a Chinaman”. He has strong DNA from the marauding Mongol and Manchurian invaders who conquered and ruled China in the 13th and 17-20th Centuries. Even seditious against the Hakkas and the Hokkiens, who he dislikes and berates. Bastard “Ang Tiunama Peng”.

      Claiming nonsense by saying “I suspect it will be a Chinese who would be an expert in such thing, teach Ibrahim Ali how to look more the part playing a “Malay warrior”. Not knowing that China, having thousands of years history, was treated as a pariah by the West all along until only 2-3 decades ago.

    • Anonymous says:

      The main GE14 strategy by BN will be to give out as much money as possible to please everybody in order to secure the win. But payback time awaits all Rakyat after GE14 where they will be taxed 10 times more to cover the interest lost, borrowings, dedaks, and all the lavish expenditures thereafter. Be careful BN’s trap. We all have been fooled many times and let the GE13 be the last being fooled. Ubah & Undi!!

  6. Ang Tao Peng says:

    “PERKASA’s official name is Pertubuhan PRIBUMI Perkasa Melaysia.”

    Translates as: Perturbed Prick bumi Perky-assed Malaysians

  7. Anonymous says:

    Where is the bastard “Ang Tiunama Peng”?

    Gone dead again?

    Cannot stand being fucked and shitted endlessly?

    Shitted a few times only, above, ging dead already?

  8. Bape says:

    Dr Mahathir Mohamad has alleged that Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) Youth wing members are being offered between RM10,000 and RM50,000 to quit the party.

    “Those receiving RM50,000 are made to sign documents requiring them to vote for BN.

    “Promises are also being made now for more money and goodies when the election is on,” claimed the Bersatu chairperson in a blog posting.

    • a says:

      The Kleptocrat has gone crazy. The more reason the parties in the US – if true they planned and got the DoJ to take actions that would unseat the bugger – heighten their acts to get the Klepto removed ASAP.

      They should work on the UMNO Supreme Council. Do anything that’ll move them to move a motion of no confidence on the Klepto.

  9. a says:

    NGO in Australia calling themselves “Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia in Australia” says Aussie model must emulate US actor Leonardo DiCaprio and return luxury items bought using funds allegedly from 1MDB.

    The model, Miranda Kerr, received jewellery worth millions which the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) said were purchased with funds siphoned from 1MDB, The Guardian reported.

    The NGO said their message to Kerr did not imply any allegation of wrongdoing on her part, but just that she needed to “hand over all jewellery gifted to her”.

    She should.

    The better action is for DoJ to run after her. Put her on the Immigration Black List at all airports and ports to US, arrest her for receiving stolen goods.

  10. a says:

    NRD to look into Jho Low’s ‘dual citizenship’ – M’Kini.

    Don’t just “look”. Strip his citizenship pronto. Any evidence from DoJ is sufficient for such action.


    Why acid test? No need to use acid on anybody (hehe), just instruct the National Registration Dept to strike off Jho Taek’s Malaysian citizenship.

  11. Anonymous says:

    FMT says Dr Mahathir predicts emergency and suspension of Parliament if BN loses next polls. There are frantic efforts to buy support using ‘money and foodstuffs’, he said

    “The government will refuse to admit defeat. The opposition would be accused of cheating. No evidence would be needed for the government to declare this. The bullies of the BN will be ready to create instability,” the PPBM chairman wrote in his blog today.

    Yeh, just one incident by the bullies would justify the declaration of emergency.

    He said the measures would include the setting up of a National Operations Council, similar to the emergency-era “Mageran” council following the race riots of 1969.

    “At that stage the BN may offer monetary incentives to opposition MPs to cross over. Once the BN gains a sufficient majority, the emergency would be lifted and the BN would form a majority government,” said the former prime minister.

    Tun M added that efforts were already underway to woo his party’s Youth leaders through the distribution of “money and foodstuffs”, taking advantage of events held during the fasting month.

    “Buka puasa events by opposition parties are blocked through warnings to donors not to be found sponsoring the ‘buka puasa’ by opposition parties. Mosques and precincts are closed to opposition parties but open to Umno,” said Dr Mahathir.

  12. Ang Tao Peng says:

    Ibrahim Ali would make a good fallback monkey for tourists to watch when our orang utan and orang minyak population disappear.

    Pound for pound the PerKKKasa monkey gives good value for money, though that comes with a white angpow envelope given with his left paw.

    There is nothing that gives visitors to Malaysia a better idea of racism and fascism in action than to watch the fat ar sehole perform with his “beauty queen” outfit, screaming bloodthirsty stuff, and waving his Made-in-China tourist souvenir keris in the air.

    Often the circus of the monkey is graced by the snake king Kerala Kobra corrupt Mother of All Corruption Mugathir who would also be kitted out with that “beauty queen” drag outfit.

    A tiny outfit with probably no paid-up members, and with the Traitor to Malaysia Mugathir as their godfather, PerKKKasa is rightly shunned by sensible and right-thinking Malays who wouldn’t want to come near any of the noisy unwashed bitch pig “beauty queen” drag artists!

    Btw, Fat Oink Ibrahim doesn’t even know how to hold a keris probably, would end up stabbing himself up his fat ass! He would need a Chinese to tutor him as to how to look the part when he make his funny threats to the Chinese who can easily flip him over and whack his fat ass for being a silly little oink!

    • a says:

      Profile of Damn Racist Bastard “Ang Tiunama Peng” –

      His blood being mixed with that of Mongol and Manchurian marauders who invaded, conquered and ruled China in the 13th, 17th-20th centuries, he’s always quarrelsome and confrontational, resentful and angry with situations that he could not accept. Like what he perceived as being a Second Class citizen in this country. Not respecting and living by the Constitution, the august document that has been discussed, debated and approved by Parliament. Been told to migrate but no money.

      Descended from endlessly fighting bands of people through thousands of years of history, he doesn’t have any trust and liking even for fellow Chinese. Hence he often berates the Hakkas and Hokkiens, prompting Mubarak Chan to observe that the bastard is not even a Chinaman. Claiming to come from a family of bankers and industrialists that doesn’t exist, bluffing, lying and cheating all the time.

      His kind being deceived and bullied by the Western powers to the point that they acquired a Western Enclave in Shanghai that didn’t allow the presence of “Chinese and dogs”, Hong Kong was colonized by the British and returned to China only in 1990, he developed a strong sense of enmity against others – foreigners and Chinese alike, even his own family, who he said absconded from here with their wealth to Euorpe, abandoning him all alone here, eating fried kueteow even on Chinese New Year’s eve, like the last one that his forked tongue slipped and told us here.

      With all those kind of background and experience, can one expect him to be decent, ruly and reasonable? No. He cannot ever be. So, just whack him to smithereens.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The RM56 million spent by 1MDB to sponsor pilgrims to perform their haj in Makkah since 2011 is likely only about 0.01 percent of the estimated total 1MDB debts of RM50 to RM55 billion.

  14. Anonymous says:

    UMNO-PAS idealogy will continue to make Malay people weak, dumbstuck, radicalized and poor. One day, any smart non Malay muslim becomes the PM will destroy the Malay race. In fact, look at Tun, his father came from Kerala. What Malayness are we talking about here. Tun destroyed the knowledge and skills of the Malay race. Tell me where can I find a good Malay carpenter, bricks mason, electrician, hair stylist, chef, scientist, doctor, author of books and etcs. Majority of the Malays work im the factory, services industry, driving taxi, Felda plantation and 1.6 million of them under the payroll of Putrajaya. There is nothing much Malay race could do except being radicalized by extreme teachings. It is a time bomb and 1MDB fiasco is just the beginning of the end for the Malay race.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      “the end for the Malay race”

      What “end” when there is no “beginning”?

      There is no such thing as a “Malay race”.

      • Anonymous says:

        “No Dogs and Chinese Allowed: “Ang Tiunama Peng”

        If not brought in as Cina Bukit “coolies” pendatang from South China by the bloody British colonialists in the late 19th century, “Ang Tiunama Peng”’s forefathers might have run away to this country from the humiliation in Shanghai by the Westerners there.

        A particularly striking example of the demeaning, racist way that Chinese were treated in their own country. At a time when Europeans, and especially the British, dominated much of China, a sign at the entrance to the Huangpu Park in Shanghai announced: “No Dogs or Chinese Allowed.”

        This is cited in numerous books, including the writings of China’s first republican president, Sun Yat-Sen. Harvard University historian John K. Fairbank refers in his 1986 study, The Great Chinese Revolution (p. 147) to the “sign at the Public Garden on the Shanghai bund, ‘No Dogs or Chinese Allowed’.”

        “Dogs and Chinese Not Admitted” Signs in Shanghai

        The officially-sanctioned wording of regulations in the municipal parks of foreign-administered Shanghai, the sign placed in Shanghai’s Huangpu Park that read: “Chinese and Dogs Not Admitted.”

        Western imperialism in China. For over 60 years before June 1928 most Chinese certainly were barred from the parks administered by the foreign-controlled Shanghai Municipal Council of the International Settlement in Shanghai … the enforcement of the ban varied over time but for the first three decades of the 20th century it was rigidly administered.

        Dogs, ball games, cycling and picking of the flowers were also forbidden, but the alleged juxtaposition of the bans on dogs and Chinese became notorious. The potency of “dog” as an insulting and dehumanizing epithet in China undoubtedly exacerbated the insult

        ‘No Dogs and Chinese allowed’

        It was the kind of sign that humiliated Chinese during the semi-colonial era before 1949. Signs in foreign-run concession areas would sometimes say: “No Dogs and Chinese allowed.”

        Those days are long over.

        But there are certain places that continue to be restricted for Chinese. And I happen to be smack dab in the middle of one. Our office is in what is called the Qijiayuan Diplomatic Compound. It no longer is just for diplomats. While there are some diplomatic missions here, any foreigner with some currency can rent, I believe. At the gates, People’s Armed Police guards stand smartly at attention. They often stop Chinese and ask for identity cards to see if they indeed have jobs here or are part of families residing here.


        Note: Putting the above out is not racist, not intended to insult the Chinese as a race. It is intended to make the racist, anti-Malay and anti-Islam bastard “Ang Tao Peng” in this blog to cease being so. “Ang Tiunama Peng” Chinese.

    • a says:

      “Tell me where can I find a good Malay carpenter, bricks mason, electrician, hair stylist, chef, scientist, doctor, author of books and etcs.”

      Give me your address, I’ll send some to you. Make sure you don’t cheat and pay them properly. Many good-natured Malays have been exploited in the . past.

      There were even Malay nuclear scientists as long as 30-40 years ago. Sent to work at the Malaysian Atomic Energy Commission. See their website.

      You blind not knowing that there are so many Malay doctors, including specialists in various disciplines, at the hospitals? Didn’t read of the surplus doctors produced by the too many universities – even the New Straits Times cartoonist Lim Kong Weng wanted to set up a university, approved only as college but must have used his pretty wife (now divorced) to get a license to raise it to a university and put his name to it – damn stupid and egoistic bugger.

      And so many young Malay doctors have opened up clinics, many have bought their rented premises, indicating their success.

      The brick layers, masons and carpenters have gone up the ladder – they have run small companies employing Indonesians, Banglas etc.

      Of course, the majority of the Malays work in the factories, services industry, driving taxi, etc. Because they are Malaysian citizens, are entitled to such jobs – they no longer do menial jobs that are left to the pendatang to do. The Chinese school dropouts linger at shopping malls touting one product or the other.

      But the “professions” in the underworld “industry” are still monopolised by the pendatangs – prostitutes, social escorts, massagers of all kinds, Ah Longs, triads, thugs and gangsters. These are detested and frowned upon by the Malays – the one involved with the North Korean dictator’s brother’s murder some time ago was an Indonesian girl.

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        “There were even Malay nuclear scientists as long as 30-40 years ago. Sent to work at the Malaysian Atomic Energy Commission.”

        Even when they discovered the Proton, none of them were names worth remembering for anything other than they made that abomination on four cheap tyres that was the Milo-can version of our rentseekers, forever bleeding our nation massively for free dedak.

        There’s nothing great either we can say about the “Malaysian Atomic Energy Commission”. Our nation’s greatest “energy” achievement is the Traitor to Malaysia ar selicker of Zionist Israel Mugathir inspired nightmare called Bakun.

        Next, some of us with gross inferiority complex and inadequacy will be shagging off about the Nobel prices our great achievers won.

        I should say don’t waste that little rentseeker energy, sit under the coconut trees, say soothing stuff to oneself, do some racist feelgood activities; and blame and attack the Chinese for being big time international success, call them names, slag them off, and we will naturally become a high achieving great “Civilisation”!

        • Anonymous says:

          Red Bean Old man “Ang Tiunama Peng” not entitled to say “us”, “our country”

          You have said Malaysia is not your country – Sarawak is. You are not entitled to use the words “us”, “our country” and such, until you utter in writing publicly in here:

          1. Your loyalty to this country Malaysia
          2. You respect and abide fully by the Constitution of this country Malaysia
          3. You declare not idolizing communist terrorist Chin Peng who caused a lot of misery in this country for decades
          4. You declare you are not a communist and not a commie Chinese Secret Agent Provocateur

          I challenge you to do those. Prove to us that your balls have not shrunken to peanut size out of being 79 years old or out of shivering being challenged to do those..

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            Why are you still attempting to hide behind your same old same old fraud of pretending to be a Malaysian patriot and the self-appointed Gestapo officer checking on nationality and loyalty?!

            You are a Traitor to Malaysia as a self-professed jihadi bride for the murderous pig-bonking human organ eating jihadi terrorist savages of Daesh Isis Qaeda etc whom you call “martyrs”.

            You support that old old old dying Kerala Kobra Koolie Mugathir in his desperate desire to become ar selicker of Israel (even when the Zionazis see Mugathir is an old old old dying blackie goy monkey!)

            You refuse to denounce Rashid Maidin because to a two bit racist and chickenshit “supremacist” a “Malay communist terrorist” is acceptable while a “Chinese communist terrorist” is not – all while you pay lip service to loyalty to Malaysia saying you are against the “communist terrorists” and against anyone you judge against some specific parts of the “constitution” you love masturbating over six times a day!

          • a says:

            “same old same old fraud of pretending” to be sane when you are the schizophrenic Red Bean old man “Ang Tiunama Peng”.

            Mad again, saying “a Malay communist terrorist” is acceptable while a “Chinese communist terrorist” is not. Stupid idiot cannot even see the no common sense in that statement.

            Oooops, forgot, “Ang Tiunama Peng” is not sane, has no common sense.

  15. Ang Tao Peng says:

    A Malay friend sent me this video clip yesterday, it is super hilarious – but unfortunately very true too!

    The Traitor to Malaysia ar selicker of Israel Mugathir may have left UMNO but he has taken the worst of UMNO with him!


    • Anonymous says:

      The mad bloke “Ang Tiunama Peng” is. since Hari Raya, in the series of “my friend” this and that. And of putting out youtube videos.

      A manifestation of his complex of not having friends – not even relatives, him saying in the past his family had migrated with their wealth. He is left alone, eating fried kueteow from the stalls, even on Chinese New Year eve – his forked tongue slipped, saying so here last CNY eve.

      He likes to masturbate a lot. Uses the word often. Now he is masturbating with the youtube videos. Terrible, the madman. But he doesn’t take advice to pop his pills regularly.

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        “He is left alone, eating fried kueteow from the stalls, even on Chinese New Year eve”

        Rare pleasure, that!

        Most of the time my big bunch of Malay girlfriends wouldn’t leave me alone.

        Now go scuk your idol and rentseekers’ emperor the Traitor to Malaysia ar selicker of Zionazi Israel Kerala Kobra Koolie Mugathir!

        At least you know his tiny limp noodle has a Malay name “bihun” borrowed from Hokkien!

  16. Ang Tao Peng says:

    Interestingly, no one has challenged STL’s view the Perturbed Pric kbumi Perky Ass party is “Malay extremist”, racist, anti-Chinese party with the Kerala Kobra Koolie Traitor to Malaysia crawling ar selicker of Israel Mugathir as its Taiko.

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