How To Trust Tokong ?

Idealistic promise, bitter reality of Penang CMI

On April 20th 2009, Penang Chief Minister said that the Penang state government is proposing to set up an agency — the Chief Minister Incorporated (CMI) — which will give the state government more clout to protect and preserve the state’s heritage, in line with George Town’s inscription as a Unesco World Heritage site.

Lim Guan Eng said the main focus of CMI would be heritage.

However in May 2017,after being hammered for CMI selling RM156 million of state land in Peel Avenue without open tender at allegedly below market prices, LIm Guan Eng was accused of being the sole person in charge of approving this deal since he is Chief Minister and the sale was signed by Chief Minister Incorporated (CMI).

Guan Eng defended himself by saying that CMI) enables the Penang government to engage in commercial land transactions,

“The state can only grant TOL (temporary occupancy license) annually or lease the land for 99 years, seeking a full one-shot payment,” Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said today.

“In the case of Island Hospital, they have not even secured the license from the Federal Government for its hospital project to pay the state the full RM156 million for the land.

“So, we dealt through the CMI.” said Lim Guan Eng.

So, looks like the real purpose of passing the CMI bill and setting-up CMI in 2009 was not heritage-related but to enable Penang Govt to engage in commercial sales of state land with flexible payment terms via direct negotiations.

Lim Guan Eng continued to deny it was a one-person decision and for the past few days had asked Gerakan to show proof.

So, today Gerakan showed proof by showing the Chief Minister Incorporated Enactment 2009 passed by the DAP Penang Govt in 2009 where Sections 3 and 4 grants the chief minister the sole authority to enter into contracts, acquire, hold or enjoy movable or immovable properties, sell, mortgage or dispose them.

Looks like Penang people got cheated in 2009 by an idealistic promise and then kena later on when the brutal reality is finally revealed.

Syabas Penang!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Umno’s active role in empowering PAS

    Attempts to amend Malaysia’s 1965 Criminal Jurisdiction Act, or RUU 355, have divided the nation for more than two years now. The amendment was proposed as a private member’s Bill by Mr Abdul Hadi Awang, president of the opposition Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS), to empower Syariah courts to issue more severe punishments.

    The Bill has most recently been postponed following Mr Hadi’s explanation of the proposed amendment in Parliament on April 6. This was Mr Hadi’s fifth attempt at tabling the Bill since March 2015.

    What is most notable about this proposed Bill is the support it has received from Prime Minister Najib Razak, president of the United Malays National Organisation (Umno), who has now made room for Mr Hadi to table his motion three times — a feat that no opposition-proposed private member’s Bill has achieved in Malaysia’s history.

    That Mr Hadi has been allowed to speak three times on the motion in Parliament without this proceeding to a debate or vote suggests that the law-making process has been turned into a political game.

    Most commentators understand the Bill as largely an attempt by Mr Hadi to push his party’s political agenda, while portraying Umno leaders as playing along opportunistically. But Umno’s support was a shrewd strategy to engage with PAS in order to break up the opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance).

    Mr Najib’s move has been very successful, resulting in Pakatan Rakyat’s slow disintegration. It also appears to have prevented Mr Hadi from being overly critical of the 1MDB corruption charges against Mr Najib.

    Nonetheless, most observers were initially dismissive, baulking at the suggestion that Mr Najib would really support the implementation of hudud (Islamic criminal law) in the Malaysian state of Kelantan, and hence support the amendment of RUU 355.

    This is a gross misreading of the crucial role played by the Umno leadership in the situation and what transpired behind the scenes of this Bill.

    In reality, Umno has been working hand in glove with PAS to discuss how to navigate around constitutional obstacles to implement hudud in Kelantan.

    In the first place, the Malaysian government has pursued RUU 355’s amendment since at least November 2013.

    In May 2014, the Federal Government convened a Federal–Kelantan Technical Committee to work with the PAS-majority Kelantan state government to look into how hudud could be implemented in Kelantan.

    The committee reached an agreement by the end of 2014 for the Federal Government to table the amendment of RUU 355.

    This would have been no special favour to PAS, as the Federal Government had intended to do so anyway, but it would enable PAS to implement some of their hudud law provisions.

    Unexpectedly, it was Mr Hadi who then submitted the Bill at a parliamentary session in March 2015, while an amended version of the hudud state legislation was approved at the Kelantan state assembly at the same time.

    Mr Hadi and PAS leaders presented the Bill as enabling Kelantan to implement hudud laws and suggested that Muslims could not object to the Bill as it is “God’s law”.

    At Mr Hadi’s third attempt during a May 2016 parliamentary session, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Azalina Othman shocked everyone when she asked the Speaker to expedite Mr Hadi’s proposed Bill for reading, without subjecting it to a vote or debate. She later explained that she did so on the instructions of Mr Najib and his deputy.

    Even the act of tabling the Bill was prompted by an Umno Minister, and PAS was reportedly told that another Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr Jamil Khir, would then oversee its final enactment.

    Mr Najib explained that the Bill merely sought to enlarge the jurisdiction of the Syariah Court and has nothing to do with implementing hudud.

    Yet Mr Hadi’s move has inadvertently directed public attention to the deeper implications of the amendment, which was initially perceived as a mere technical upgrade of Syariah judiciary power.

    In view of the growing opposition, proponents of the Bill began to change their tune to argue that it has nothing to do with hudud laws.

    Mr Najib also announced in December that the Federal Government would take over the Bill, only to decide otherwise in March after strong opposition from his other coalition party leaders.

    Expressing his gratitude to the government for allowing him to table the motion, Mr Hadi said that “we will not forget this cooperation”. There is ample evidence to conclude that Umno has been playing an active role in abetting the more-than-willing PAS to pursue its own agenda.

    PAS leaders are now even envisioning forming a super-majority Muslim bloc to “strengthen political Islam” in the upcoming general election, which is to be called before August 2018.

    Stopping short of openly building an electoral alliance with Umno, Mr Hadi recommended that Malay voters should vote for either PAS or Umno in order to strengthen Malay political power.

    PAS’s decision to be a third force in Malaysian politics has cast a dark cloud over the electoral prospects for the opposition, which has been trying hard to avoid three-cornered contests, which benefit the incumbent governing coalition.

    At a time when Umno is at its weakest due to the 1MDB scandal, this is indeed a masterstroke by Mr Najib.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      How is this long piece of speculative verbal masturbation ending with a bizarre “conclusion” – “Umno is at its weakest due to the 1MDB scandal, this is indeed a masterstroke by Mr Najib” related to article?

      It looks more an attempt to distract from topic, provides no other further interest (even humour) than a moron with a jihadi circumcision axe to grind against Najib, PAS, UMNO, and probably non-halal green cheese eaters.

      It attempts to read everybody’s mind in the absence of any wish to gather more information from anywhere to make speculation a bit more serious.

      It is the typical kind of topic of the Mugathir School of Kerala sarabat stall ccok-tokkers and verbal wnakers, long on wind and competition to see who can shoot flies by tossing at a distance; and short on any intelligence or purpose – other than make the teh tarik and roti canai taste something.

      • a says:

        And why the hell don’t you talk about the post topic, schizophrenic Red Bean old man “Ang”?

        Do as I said but not as I do? But you are double forked, constantly lying, cheating and conning readers here, how for anyone to follow what you said? Crazy.

        Me talking about the post topic? Sure will. Now is the stage for whacking, whamming and shitting what you said, you the always rude, abusive and vulgar and constantly lying, cheating and conning old man “Ang”.

        Verbal masturbation? That word masturbation comes out from you quite a lot, eh? You always doing it, old man? And don’t start claiming you have many girl friends because the only girls you know are your fellow lazy rentseekers –

        Old man “Ang”’s “business” / occupation –

        As a lazy rentseeker, taking commission, kickbacks and profit share from your own kind of lazy rentseekers comprising prostitutes, massagers of all sorts (including massaging the third leg), social escorts, karaoke “guest relations” bitches, fuck house and gambling den touts and operators, runners for illegal money-lending Ah Longs who paste Ah Long adverts on utility posts and concrete walls, triads, thugs, gangsters and goons who shoot one another and target-killing others, collect protection money, “collect” Ah Long illegal loan repayments and paint red the houses and cars of defaulters, etc, etc

        Those occupations never existed in this country before the advent of the “coolies” (which you are descended from) brought into this country from south China by the bloody bastard British colonialists starting from the later part of the 19th century.

        It’s blokes like this “Ang” bugger who bring down the image of the Chinese in this country.

        • Anonymous says:

          How can Rosmah flash so many diamonds, have a son by her former husband own valuable property in the USA without being able to explain where the money for the acquisition price came from ? Has she not aided and abetted in the theft of US $ 4.5 billion from 1 MDB ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Umno-BN is going to make Mohd Isa Abdul Samad the fall guy in the current Felda-FGV fiasco?
    Let him take the blame for all FGV losses, and hope to convince Felda settlers to give Umno another chance in GE14?

    At today’s market value, FGV share prices have loss more than 50% from the IPO price of RM4.45 and that alone should be good reason to remove this non-performing Chairman.But what can Malaysians expect when the fish rots from the head,the body and tail would follow.

    The FGV members should and must quickly sack the Board and Administrators. There is no need to look for foreigners to helm and rehash FGV. Allow our local Indians, Chinese, East Malaysians, apolitical Malays to be employed to come and help our Malay pioneer settlers. These people do not need to own the company, the stamping of leakages and corruption will ensure that they will already be rewarded. Why can’t Malaysians, other than Malays, join hands to help our settlers?

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      “At today’s market value, FGV share prices have loss more than 50% from the IPO price of RM4.45 and that alone should be good reason to remove this non-performing Chairman.”

      Spoken like a good apologist of capitalism.

      “But what can Malaysians expect when the fish rots from the head,the body and tail would follow.”

      Spoken like a self-serving and self-shagging “moralising” preacher.

      Capitalism pays lip service to moral and ethics, the bottom line and profit is all that matters.

      Unless it runs like a true cooperative, Felda run by monkeys of whatever political leaning and not much genuine skill, are just another joke!

      • a says:

        You’ll be just a nuisance in here but you are objectionable when being offensive calling others monkeys – always rude abusive and vulgar. What do you know about all those being discussed and about capitalism, commie old man “Ang”?

        You don’t have degrees from the “top four US and UK universities” like you madly claimed – you don’t have a degree at all, you simply bluffed, like said in your CV –

        Constantly Lying, Cheating and Conning Schizophrenic Red Bean old man “Ang” –

        1. At first, he cheated on his blogging name, using what appeared to be the full name of a Chinese, presumably in order to gain respect for him as a blogger. When threatened to have his name checked against the list of graduates of “top UK universities” that he claimed to have degrees from, he panicked, and declared that Ang Tao Peng is not his real name.

        2. He claimed to be graduates of not just “two top UK universities”, but also of “two top US universities”. He is mad. Nobody can ever be like that. But when told that, he simply kept quiet. He doesn’t provide proof, substantiation or justification. Saying he’s not obliged to do so. So, we are “obliged” to deem him as Lying, Cheating and Conning Schizophrenic Red Bean old man Ang.

        3. He claimed to be descended from “a clan of bankers and industrialists of East China”, denied being descended from “coolies” of South China brought in by British colonialists in the 19th century onwards. Yet, saying “his folks” having migrated to Europe bringing “a lot of wealth”, he is left plonked in a non-industrialist Malaysia and living in Sarawak (he claimed, though likely to be in Penang, a Red Bean, using so many names and pretending to be so many personalities. He knows the term “multiple personalty disorder” and the symptoms well).

        4. In the beginning of his foray in this blog, he portrayed the image of, and did say he was a retiree, an old man, expressing the style of the usual Red Beans gang (those engaged by DAP to terrorize blogosphere during PRU13 election campaign, writing in uncontrolled fashion, often rude, abusive and vulgar, wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified claims and allegations). But when accused of being among the hooligans that caused the race riots of 1969, he denied being around, physically and age-wise, at that time.

        5. He lied, cheated and conned so often that he even forgot what he lied and conned. And got caught several times in the process. I’m therefore quite sure readers would treat what he writes here as jokes and would just enjoy the fun and entertainment on and out of the schizophrenic old man Ang who stubbornly refused to take his pills.

        6. It’s blokes like this “Ang” bugger who bring down the image of the Chinese in this country.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Silence is simply not an option for the prime minister if he wants Malaysians and the world to believe he is committed to the principles of accountability, transparency and good governance.

    A prompt and straight-forward confirmation is called for if Najib had three other Ambank accounts at the relevant period concerned, or there should be a denial; similarly, if Najib had paid Shafie RM9.5 million from his personal banking accounts – confirm if true, giving the reasons for the payment; deny, if untrue.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      If detractors want Najib to answer questions, they must first furnish better evidence than to use the incredibly stupid and cheap ploy to bait him with accusations, then if he provides no answers, use that as “evidence” he is hiding something – or even guilty.

      There has been no end of accusations, Najib would have to create an industry to deal with them.

      Forever coming up with the same old accusations, the detractors would look very much better if they want to look so, and if they genuinely want to take Najib to the courts. But up to now no detractors have anything solid and concrete of their accusations that they can do so.

      The country cannot have cheeky monkeys like eg. old old old dying snake king Mugathir forever making accusations, and when asked for the evidence, say he had “none”!

      Over three decades of the biggest talker of morals, greasehead BrylcLim Kit Siang came up with nothing against the crook Mother of All Crooks Mugathir!

      Worse than that, Lim Jong Il swallowed the phlegm he spat against Mugathir, and turned Mugathir into a saint and saviour of Malaysia!

      Over three decades of hounding Mugathir, can we trust detractors like the Dead And Past party dictator greasehead BrylcLim Jong Il cannot declare his new victim Najib a saint and saviour of Malaysia also?

      • a says:

        You are a bloody forked tongue, Red Bean old man “Ang”, asking people to “furnish better evidence” when you never did or do, always giving loose opinions, making wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations.

        You claimed to be a consultant but you are again bluffing like said in your CV because how the hell can you be one, or get clients, believed or respected by people when you don’t give facts but only opinions, claims and allegations.

        All what you said above are your loose opinions, wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified claims and allegations.

        You are doing coffee shop talk, arr? Or your sarabat-stall spin and yarn.

        • a says:

          His consultancy report to clients will just contain his views and opinions, no facts at all.

          His clients are the underworld criminals.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Now for my comment on the post topic –

    Penang state government is proposing to set up an agency — the Chief Minister Incorporated to protect and preserve the state’s heritage ..

    It’s nothing like the 1MDB, so-called sovereign wealth fund that ended up neither being sovereign nor wealthy. Instead caused scores of billion Ringgit losses, now burdening the rakyat because 1MDB has been taken over by the Ministry of Finance, also headed by Najib.

    And the 1MDB activities that involved selling of assets – including power assets – and projects involving huge loans given to mainland China is indicative of loss of sovereignty.

    Najib allowed the Johor Forest City project involving the construction of 700,000 units of RM1 million plus housing units aimed at the mainland Chinese market.

    At an average of 4 per family x 700,000 = 2.8 million mainland Chinese may be living in Malaysia and after 12 years may be given citizenship, upsetting the status quo of the racial balance in this country, also affecting the sovereignty of this country if and when they don’t conform and/or engage in anti-national activities, like the Red Bean old man “Ang” in here.

    ALL such moves, irrespective of by whoever must be detested and shitted in the utmost, especially when Najib, as PM, allows it by keeping quiet over it or endorsing it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Now, one bloke says this, another bloke says that, among the BN parties, a sign of tunggang langgang, lintang pukang –

    Liow wrong, no distrust between govt and Chinese, says Nazri – FMT

    Umno minister says Chinese community would take their money out of the country if they don’t trust BN government. My comment: The country won’t go bankrupt if they do. Red Bean old man “Ang” claimed his family members have absconded with their wealth but Malaysia is intact.

    Excerpts from the news report:

    Nazri Aziz disagrees with MCA president Liow Tiong Lai that there is mutual distrust between the Chinese community and the federal government.

    Nazri agreed that there may have been times when the Chinese community was dissatisfied with the government. “If they don’t trust the government, they’ll take their money and go elsewhere. ” What is he trying to say?

    Earlier this week, Liow told Sin Chew Daily that the ruling party, Barisan Nasional, was disappointed that the Chinese backed the opposition in the 2008 and 2013 general elections.

    Liow also said the Chinese community should support the Barisan Nasional government, so the country can remain moderate.

    “I understand there are unhappy voices. “So, I often voice out in the cabinet that BN should deal with the sentiments of the community instead of handing out funds and goodies during the general election, thinking they can get the support of the Chinese in return,” Liow had reportedly said. Hahaha, even the MCA President whacked the corrupt practices by Umno/BN.

    Mahathir had on Tuesday told top businessmen and opinion leaders in Tokyo that there was a possibility he might be prime minister again if the opposition won the next general election (GE14).

    According to a report in Nikkei Asian Review (NAR), Mahathir was asked if he would again be prime minister if his party won GE14, to which he replied it was possible but that it would only be for “a short while”.

    “If there is no candidate … I might try, but only on condition that everybody agrees,” NAR quoted him as saying.

    However, the man who was prime minister for 22 years stressed that his prime intention was to lead the opposition to victory as he had “a lot of experience in winning elections”.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Najib’s AmBank account that was closed on Aug 30, 2013 (which received US$681 million from the Tanore Finance account at Falcon Bank in Singapore and returned US$650 million to the same source on Aug 30, 2013) was numbered 2112022009694.

    Whereas, the AmBank account through which Najib allegedly paid RM9.5 million to Shafee in September 2013 and February 2014 is numbered 2112022011906, which is an account that received funds from SRC, a different bank account entirely.

    Nice try, Musa.

    • a says:

      Boy oh boy, the Mr Cash Is King fella must be having so many bank accounts.

    • Anonymous says:

      The “US$681 million from the Tanore Finance account at Falcon Bank in Singapore” = the RM2.6 billion in Mr Cash Is King’s bank account? Then, why say that was an Arab donation?

      Part of it was returned? That was designed to mislead investigators? Put money here, take out, put it there? And designed such that he can later say part of the RM2.6 billion was returned?

      But DoJ USA has used the term “misappropriation of 1MDB funds and money laundering” when confiscating the billions of Ringgit assets belonging to Mr Cash Is King’s stepson and his crony.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The question is not how to trust Tokong. But how to trust Tokeh Kelentong.

    Very clear that MO1 = Mr Cash Is King. Only the stupid UMNO ADUN said MO1 = YDP Agong. Look at UMNO having many stupid politikus.

    DOJ submitted a 134-page document to the US court in the case of confiscating the billions of Ringgit assets belonging to Najib’s stepson Reza Aziz and Najib’s crony Jho Taek, which was connected with what they term as “misappropriation of 1MDB funds and money laundering”. In it, MO1 was mentioned 16 times.

    The trial will surely reveal the full identity of MO!. Hopefully it will lead to criminal prosecution of the two blokes. As well as MO1 himself. The DoJ has successfully prosecuted the former PM of Ukraine, Pavlo Lazarenko – he has been convicted of money laundering in the United States…/a-ukrainian-kleptocrat-wants-his-money-and-us-asylum.htm...

    So, how to trust Tokeh Kelentong who even classified as secret under the Official Secrets Act the Auditor General’s report on 1MDB accounts. If not kelentong-ing, why hide the AuG’s report?

  9. Ang Tao Peng says:

    What ho!

    It’s maths time again!

    More precisely Tokong Maths with wings making fanciful flights!

    “The Grand Scheme of Stealing Billions by Penang Chief Minister”

    “In ringgit terms Lim Guan Eng is plotting to steal RM1 billion loan, RM 183 million in cash, RM2 billion in exorbitant charges, RM300 million exorbitant charges (from feasibility studies and detailed design) and RM19 billion (equivalent to 727 ha of lands) from Penangites.

    Ong Eu Soon

    Under the South Reclamation Scheme, Lim Guan Eng administration is supposed to pay RM19 billion for the three man-made islands located near Permatang Damar Laut spanning 930ha , 445ha and 323ha.

    The total reclaimed areas is 1698 ha or 182,962,318 sqf.

    This means that Lim Guan Eng’s administration is supposed to pay RM104 psf for the reclamation.

    If Lim Guan Eng sells the rights of reclamation RM1 psf like Koh Tzu Koon’s administration, the state government will receive a total RM183 million in cash.

    The 1698 ha of lands is the payment for RM46 billion. For the RM27 billion payment for Penang Transport Master Plan project the land required is 970ha.

    If the deal is done as per the practice of Koh Tzu Koon’s administration, the state government is supposed to receive RM183 million for selling the rights of reclamation and additional 727 ha of land.

    To finance this grand scheme of stealing RM 183 million and 727ha of lands from Penangites, Lim Guan Eng is planning to take a loan of RM1 billion from China Exim Bank.

    This saga is the continuation of the Penang Roads and Tunnels project scandal where Lim Guan Eng’s administration purposely allowed a RM2 company to overcharge Penangites RM2 billion.

    In 2011 at Rasa Sayang, Lim Guan Eng announced to a group of people about the state government’s efforts in upgrading the state infrastructure involving a RM4 billion Roads and Tunnels project.

    The state government subsequently awarded the said project to Zenith Bucg at a cost of RM6.3 billion. The difference in cost of more than RM2 billion led to the criticism by the state’s opposition, Gerakan. Lim Guan Eng conveniently attributed it as a typo.

    In Dec 27 2013 China Reuters reported that China Railway Construction Corporation announced to the China stock exchange that it’s subsidiary in Malaysia has obtained a US$1.19 billion Roads and Tunnels project in Penang.

    Earlier the company website reported the subsidiary also secured the $22 million details design job for Penang Roads and Tunnels project.

    The exchange rate for ringgit per dollar between 2011 and 2013 was about 3.18. If using the exchange rate of 3.4 then the US$1.19 billion is approximately equivalent to RM4 billion.

    It can’t be a coincidence that the cost of the project announced by Lim Guan Eng is approximately equivalent to the cost announced by China Railway Construction Corporation.

    It is clear that Lim Guan Eng’s adminstration had intentionally allowed Consortium Zenith Bucg (CZBUCG) to secure the project at RM6.3 billion and thus allowed CZBUCG to earn RM2 billion without much effort.

    In Canada, the people complained when the government spent $700,000 for a feasibility study.

    In Penang, spending RM180 million for feasibility studies is not considered exorbitant.

    It was reported in the past that the RM305 mil will fund the feasibility study at RM183 million, detailed design for RM92 million, and environmental assessment for RM33 million.

    How come now the cost of the studies is RM31 million for the three paired roads and RM20 million for the tunnel?

    Feasibility and EIA studies are not yet completed, how can detailed design work start?

    Why pay for incompleted jobs?

    The feasibility studies and detailed design should cost only RM5 million instead of RM305 million.

    In his efforts to mislead Penangites in particular and Malaysians in general, Lim Guan Eng was laughing at Koh Tzu Koon for selling the rights of reclamation at RM1 when he actually plans to pay RM104 psf for the reclamation.

    This is a grand scheme of stealing RM1 billion loan, RM 183 million in cash, RM2 billion in exorbitant charges, RM300 million exorbitant charges (from feasibility studies and detailed design) and 727 ha of lands from Penangites.

    In ringgit terms Lim Guan Eng is plotting to steal RM1 billion loan, RM 183 million in cash, RM2 billion in exorbitant charges, RM300 million exorbitant charges (from feasibility studies and detailed design) and RM19 billion (equivalent to 727 ha of lands) from Penangites.

    The black eye that I received in August 17, 2014 was a deterrent to prevent me from stopping this grand scheme of stealing RM1 billion loan, RM 183 million in cash, RM2 billion in exorbitant charges, RM300 million exorbitant charges (from feasibility studies and detailed design) and RM19 billion (equivalent to 727 ha of lands) from Penangites.

    This is probably the most expensive black eye ever recorded in modern human history.

    I wonder just how long the MACC wants to ignore my reports over the stealing of state’s assets and money by Lim Guan Eng.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Mad old man “Ang” whacks Tokong, whacks Najib, whacks everybody –

      The bastard “Ang” is anti-Najib, too

      “Najib is not worth paying anything to resign or to stay on. No Malaysian politician is worth even RM1.00,” said the crazy son of a gun Ang Tao Peng on March 27, 2017 at 8:32 am

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        “is anti-Najib, too”

        Does anyone need to be “pro” anybody?

        Do you need the world to be in black and white, everything all cut and dried because you have an ignorant, longkang simple pig stupid and pig lazy tiny schizo delusional jinn head?

        The type that snake king Mugathir likes to breed in his running pigs.

        No wonder the world is so complicated to you!

        • Anonymous says:

          But the mad old man “Ang” is anti-everybody except himself –

          Against Najib and everybody else except himself –
          Schizophrenic Red Bean old man “Ang” is against Najib and everybody except himself –

          The bastard “Ang” is anti-Najib, too – “Najib is not worth paying anything to resign or to stay on. No Malaysian politician is worth even RM1.00,” said the crazy son of a gun Ang Tao Peng on March 27, 2017 at 8:32 am

          “Ang” doesn’t even like and insults Hakkas and Hokkiens

          Another proof of the commie Chinese’ Secret Agent Provocateur old man “Ang”, insulting one clan of his own race, the Hakkas, in Ang Tao Peng says: April 18, 2017 at 10:32 am, accusing them of “Hakka-built (tin digger stock).”

          He always creates ill feelings among the populace in this country, even among his own race, though Mubarak Chan had some time back observed that the “Ang” bloke does not consider himself a Chinese when denigrating the Hakkas and the Hokkiens at that time.

          Here’s what Mubarak Chan said earlier:

          Ang Tao Peng, the sub-continent type, admitted that by speaking Mandarin, he had no father or mother. He is not even a Chinaman ! We Chinese are identified by our clans ! We are either Shanghainese, Hakkas, Hokkiens, Cantonese, Fuchows, Hainanese etc.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “is anti-everybody except himself”

            That’s excellent.

            Even all religion tell you self-love is important.

            Before you can love others.

            You must really hate yourself!

            “what Mubarak Chan said earlier: Ang Tao Peng, the sub-continent type”

            What Murtabak says is not from any Muslim source, which you don’t give the shit about, anyway; “sub-continent type” means Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, nothing to do with Chinese of any type.

            And unlike that racist Murtabak, I have nothing against any “sub-continent type” – errr except Mahitler and his Himmler, Anwar.

            And here’s old Murtabak Chan for you, something you have missed with that amnesia skill of Mugathir and among others, the PKFZ! –


          • Anonymous says:

            Don’t talk about religion bullshit old man “Ang”. You don’t have any. You yourself declared it. You have no God. You worship your dong.

            You accusing others racist?

            “Ang” is among the greatest racists in this country.

            What do you get out of being racist, blaming all the Malay leaders of the country – saying “Nasty Naj”, “Mahitler” etc? You have not mentioned any Malay you like, old man Ang. Maybe, being a racist Chinese, you don’t like any Malay. Just bullshitting about having Malay friends and claiming they like you “enormously”.

            You have to live with the facts, old man Ang – the Malays are about 60% of the population. With the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, who have the same Special Position as the Malays in Article 153 of the Constitution, they constitute about 70% of the country.

            Those are figures for you to think about and accept, old man. Just respect and live by the Constitution of the country (which has been discussed and debated in Parliament and approved by the representatives of the people). If you do those, you will not feel so frustrated and be racist and driven to feel affinity with the 1.3 billion mainland Chinese who are foreigners, old man Ang. Just like the nearly 300 million Indonesians are foreigners to the Malays in this country.

            So, be un-racist, will you? Accept your position in life, no need to lie, cheat and con your name, your age, your qualification and experience. After all, you are going to kick the bucket soon. (Pssst, the ending of my advice is a bit dramatic, isnt it?)

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “You don’t have any. You yourself declared it. You have no God”

            Doesn’t bother me one bit.

            There are those “with” religion – but they con themselves thinking they are more “moral” than others.

            There are those who are hypocrites, weaklings using religion as a shield or a crutch to excuse them from being effectual.

            There are those who shag off themselves as “religious” but go round savagely and brutally murdering others, using religion as a cover. Examples of such “religious” would be the murderous pig-bonking savages of Daesh Isis Qaeda, etc that you worship.

            You see, anyone can shag himself stupid pretending he is on “religious” moral high ground.

            But, in reality, they are just being dishonest, immoral, and everything else, ever ready with their trotters twitching on the butcher knife to slaughter others.

            Your self-serving Mugathir- and Daesh-inpired words about religion doesn’t impress me, you are in no position to do your kangaroo court “judgement” on anybody.

            Often those with no religion are better than those with.

            And “atheists” are always better than the savages of Daesh Isis Qaeda etc.

            Killing done without the name of religion is already sick.

            Killing done in the name of religion is seriously sick.

            You can shove your “sermon” up your “religious” ar se, you little Satanic jinn!

            And fcuk all those jihadi terrorists and animal rapists!

          • Anonymous says:

            Komen bodoh tak akan di jawab

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            That means you agree with me on those murderous pig-bonking savage jihadi terrorists of Daesh Isis Qaeda etc, then?

            And there’s nothing “Muslim” about those wild animals at all?

            Or you disagree, you think they are “true Muslims” and even “martyrs” but you are just eunuch about defending them?

            Does look entirely like it.

          • Anonymous says:

            Anggapan bodoh tak akan di jawab

          • Ang Tao Peng says:


            So eunuch about telling the truth, kah?!

            Afraid you will lose your pet goat and that inflatable doll of a kid, kah?!

  10. Anonymous says:

    All the acts of ISIS are going against the grains of Islam or any religion. And I am amazed that so many Muslims around the world are heeding their calls to kill. Really warped minds. If they are so unhappy with the state of affairs around the world, it’s more productive for them to work to improve it, not killing innocent fellow human beings.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Imelda Marcos surely got jealous to Mrs MO1 . Imelda only having lorries of shoes unlike Mrs MO1 in addition to luxury handbags , also having US$27.3 million @ RM 117 millions a 22-carat pink diamond pendant and necklace – costing a mega BOMB ( from D O J Report ) ## Imelda Marcos >> As first lady of the Philippines for more than 20 years, Imelda Marcos was known for her extravagant and opulent lifestyle, including her special love for shoes. The rule of her husband, former Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos, is largely remembered for its mega scale corruption

    • Anonymous says:

      Based in Apandi’s reasoning, all these items are bought with donation from an Arab. So, what’s wrong? The only little wrong is it appears that the “Arab donor” = money from 1MDB.

  12. Ong Eu Soon says:

    In STP2 reclamation, the main developer subcontract the reclamation works to China dredging company. The China dredging company in turn subcontract the reclamation works to local dredging company.

    The cost of reclamation by local dredging company is RM5 psf.
    The cost of reclamation by China dredging company is RM62 psf.
    Why not award the reclamation works directly to local dredging company?

    Payment make to China dredging company can go to foreign bank accounts.

    China dredging company supposed to make a profit of at least RM2 billion.

    The same modus operandi apply to Southern reclamation scheme, an exorbitant profit of at least RM18.2 billion is expected. Estimated RM11 billion will be payment make to China dredging company.

    The cost of reclamation by main contractor is supposed to be RM104 psf. The main contractor will subcontract to China dredging company at a cost of RM62 psf. The China dredging company will then subcontract to local dredging company at a cost of less than RM 10 psf.

    If we use the state governmentas cost of land at Bagan Mutiara RM500 psf, the 1698 ha lands will cost RM91,385,599,296. Lim Guan Eng wants to use the reclaimed lands to pay for the RM27 billion Penang Transport Master Plan project.
    The cost of reclamation by local dredging company is only RM800 million. Why the state government refuses to deal directly with local dredging company? Why the state government needs a middle man to find another foreign middle man to look for local dredging company?
    The state government doesn’t have RM800 million? Why a RM27 billion needs to be pay with lands valued at RM91,385,599,296?

    If we use the market price, the cost of land at Gurney drive is RM1400 psf, the 191 acres lands at Gurney Whart will cost RM11,647,944,000 . Lim Guan Eng said the reclamation of the lands is free but granted the developer the priority to develop 110 acres of the lands. The 110 acres of lands cost about RM6.7 billion. The cost of reclamation by local dredging company is only RM 181million.The state government doesn’t have RM181 million?

    The total cost of reclamation at both the Southern reclamation scheme and STP2 is only about RM1 billion. Penang state government wants to take a loan of RM1 billion from China Exim Bank to finance the reclamation works. Why the state government refuses to deal directly with local dredging company?

    Is this a grand scheme to steal billions by Penang Chief Minister?

    • Anonymous says:

      No, it’s not.

      But what is clear from the US Dept of Justice 251 page document submitted to the US court re seizure of assets connected with “misappropriation of 1MDB funds and money laundering” identified so far is US$4.5 billion = RM20 billion.

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