The Death of CAT and the Sale of more Penang State land

Source: LSS Report

The Penang Govt has finally confirmed what the NGOs have been alleging regarding the Peel Avenue state land.

It appears that the Penang Govt had already quickly sold off the state land (AKA alienated from the state govt as per press statement- not leased as reported in some media) for RM156 million to a private luxury hospital group which LGE says will boost “medical tourism” for Penang.

The sale of this state land, which some govt-owned colonial bungalows currently sits on, works out to be about RM550 per square feet – as compared to what the NGOs claim to be RM1000 psf for land in that area.

(BTW, RM550psf is way higher than the RM280psf which LGE paid for the land of his luxury Pinhorn Road Banglo)

The reporters were told that this was done without open tender or any tender and that this project was approved without any prior consultation – both of which DAP had promised they will always do for their project.

This will surely anger those Penang NGOs even more.

Obviously, RM156 million will be handy to fund the 5 fold increase of Penang Govt’s annual state spending from RM280m to RM1.5 billion this year.

Already, tens of billions of Penang State land and assets has been sold or traded away since DAP took power in 2008.

I think anyone – including Superman Hew – can increasingly sell off state asset to fund an ever exploding annual state spending and then show a surplus, claiming they have “managed” well.

DAP EXCO Chow Kon Yeow had previously admitted that there is not much more state land left – especially on the Island – so you got to wonder how much will be left when DAP finally leaves?

DAP and Penang CM will now have to answer how much land left, why there was no open tender and no public consultation before this luxury hospital expansion project was approved?

They will also have to answer how is this different from the Taman Manggis state land that was also sold in 2010 at prices deemed also to be below market-price to also build a “medical center which LGE said will boost medical tourism for Penang but still remains a piece of empty land 7 years later.

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45 Responses to The Death of CAT and the Sale of more Penang State land

  1. Anonymous says:

    Source of the above information: LSS Report, the blog believed to be deliberately set up or purchased or regularly paid by Mr Cash Is King to put out a steady stream of propaganda in praise of him and his government and hitting at the Opposition.

    Not enough with TV1,2,3 and other media outlets controlled by Said Keruak, the Multimedia Minister. Not enough because the criticisms against the Najib government have been steadily increasing. Not enough with the Pru13 election debacle – Chinese Tsunami, loss of the majority vote, loss of 2/3 Parliamentary majority and the worst election results in the history of the 71 years old Umno. Now facing a possible Malay Tsunami as well at Pru14.

    The humongous 1MDB scandal is not going away until Pru14 and beyond. It may dwindle to a low ebb if Najib resigns. But he won”t. So, Mr Cash Is King has to fight with tooth and nail against the incessant criticisms on him and his government.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      Are the below, “Just your opinion? No facts? Not substantiating or justifying?”

      “the blog believed to be deliberately set up or purchased or regularly paid by Mr Cash Is King”

      “put out a steady stream of propaganda in praise of him and his government

      the criticisms against the Najib government have been steadily increasing

      “Now facing a possible Malay Tsunami as well at Pru14

      “The humongous 1MDB scandal ”

      Have to say “the incessant criticisms on him and his government” has ”
      dwindle to a low ebb”.

      Save for a tiny handful of self-shagging monkeys, the previously “incessant” criticisms of Najib and his gomen are no longer any hot topic for anybody these days.

      The biggest reason is, for all the vigorous effort to “prove” anything about 1MDB and Najib, nothing solid or concrete has ever appeared in spite of all the noise and wild jerk-offs!

      Either the “opposition” is totally useless and worthless, all they ever do is stick knives in the backs of each other and shag each other – which is very true.

      Or Najib and his gomen is rock solid and most likely to win the coming election.

      And that is also thanks to our useless and worthless – and clueless “opposition”!

      The “opposition”, of course, not without help from the tons of imaginary and delusional “evidence” they conjured up in their tiny midget heads!

      Yes, they are still jolly damn convinced about their “evidence”…!

      • Anonymous says:

        Now even have comedians like Mat Over, possibly Minah Under, to support MO1 blindly.

        • Anonymous says:


      • Kisah Benar says:

        In dismissing claims that he sold off many plots of land in Penang, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the BN sold 36 times more land than his administration, which obtained more economic returns compared to the BN.

        Lim said BN sold 3,661 acres for RM1.0586 billion, while his government only sold 106.1 acres – and for RM1.1102 billion.

        • Pi Mai Over says:

          From the time Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) fighter jets were taken apart and sold as scraps, I already said, the whole of Malaysia will be divided into pieces and sold to the highest bidder.

      • a says:

        Mad old man “Ang” doesn’t even know that when people qualify their statements by saying “believed to be”, then obviously no substantiation or justification needed.

        Because it’s not saying outright as if it’s a fact, like he always does. Sounding like the facts were plucked from his assol because not qualifying the satament and no substantiation.

        And that kind of query is by a bloke claiming to have degrees from “four top US and UK universities?


        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          “then obviously no substantiation or justification needed”

          Could care less about that pile of bollocks.

          Either way!

          • Anonymous says:

            You only care when the bulls ram your assol.

            Atheist, did you say?

            Anarchist, I say.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “Atheist, did you say?
            Anarchist, I say.”

            I haven’t, you are only hearing those voices in your tiny jinn head of your dear old godfather Satan and his demons telling you what I didn’t say!

            And have I ever given you the pig shit whatever you say?!

          • Anonymous says:

            Schizophrenic Red Bean old man “Ang”,

            Why deny that you have said many things that showed you are atheist, not believing in any god? Nothing wrong about that.

            It’s only wrong when an atheist is also an anarchist. A bugger who does not respect any laws, any authority and not respecting the Constitution, the highest set of laws from which other laws emanate. You, that is.

            That’s why you have repeatedly been shooed out to migrate to countries whose constitution you like. Good for you, good for those who are left behind. Win-win situation.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Universiti Utara Malaysia lecturer Kamarul Zaman Yusoff is just a small fry trying to get attention by playing religion issue with bad faith……

    • a says:

      Just your opinion? No facts? Not substantiating or justifying?

      Red Bean old man “Ang” kind?

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you against Hannah too?

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        He has to be a “small fry”.

        He is only good enough to teach in a crap “university”.

        And he makes dumb contentious opinion not even befitting a lecturer with no stature.

        Wild offensive remarks are always made by nobodies to get attention.

        In place of genuine ability and level-headed thinking.

        Malaysia is full of such crawlers jerking off to get their promotions from equally moronic admirers.

        If “lucky” they get a “datok” title too for their grand display of depraved stupidity!

        “Lecturers” mouthing off for selfish purpose do not serve the interest of the students nor “university”.

        Concerned students and fellow lecturers should consider taking action to chastise this hugely embarassing clown.

        I don’t advocate whipping the moron with a rubber hose.

        But some of tight slaps across his dumb cheeks – all four of them, would not be a bad idea.

        • Anonymous says:

          Kamarul is clearly a racists and religious bigot out to create tension and hate between Christians and Muslims. This man probably is an ISIS sympathiser and should be arrested by the Police for his seditious remarks. The fact that he is still walking free and talking is quite shocking considering activists and opposition members have be arrested for a lot more minor and inconsequential infractions. The man is a disease to Malaysia and should be imprisoned. UUM should be taken to task for having as one of their academia such a racist and religious extremist who is fanning hatred and sowing discord in our society. Where is MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PBS, SUPP and the other component parties of BN? why are they remaining silent? If they continue to remain silent, the perception will form that these parties are led by silent and cowardly fools.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “Kamarul is clearly a racists and religious bigot”

            Whether he is or not “clearly a racists and religious bigot” has yet to be proved.

            But it is peculiar an academic of any worth would use Facebook rather than an academic and peer-reviewed journal to write what some call “a review”, and perhaps even an “expert review”.

            The use of Facebook to “review” what is clearly some contentious issues, and to state any case is itself very contentious.

            No academic of even a minor worth would use Facebook other than show family pictures of babies, or the owner standing next to a politician or two, which is very often the case with our half-baked “academics” who should show no affiliation to anybody for the sake of academic integrity.

            Issues bordering on race and religion are always left aside by genuine academics. That is because those are worth nothing an a pile of bollocks.

            It would appear the “academic” is about as worthless and hypocritical as that self-deluded Hannah Yeoh.

            Sure, there should be freedom of speech and all.

            Sure there should be academic freedom.

            But leave that to any of our rubbish politician or rubbish academic, we are going to get a right old messy diarrhoea fit for only our politicians and academics to dive in!

            A politician or academic worth his or her banana would not resort to appealing to the police or anybody else, let alone stirring up the rest of the population into anything.

            If our politicians or academic are worth the manure they are, they would know standing tall and standing on their own is the of the highest integrity.

            Hannah Yeoh should shove her “religion” up her fat ar se. Self-serving fundamentalist type “confessionals” are always suspect, delusional and worthless to the next person. Who gives a shit you anybody obsesses over his or her baby, her baby’s colour, her husband;s colour, her deity, her religion, her “journey” or even her fcuking politics?!

            And our academic should spend his time working tirelessly to elevate the non-stature of our “universities” which are stuffed with monkeys who can find work other than by kissing political ar ses and being incapable of doing anything genuinely academic.

            Ask anywhere, our “universities” are am international joke.

            Our “academic’s” time should be exclusively for his student body, never mind his or other people’s religious hypocrisy and theatrics!

            All should be mature, more grown up about any issue they want to get into emotional fits about.

            Try not to turn Malaysia into an international battleground for that apocalyptic final battle, neither Hannah Yeoh nor that “academic” is fit to fight the battle for others, for their deities, or for themselves!

            If any of you half-assed protagonist heroes read this, go get some adult to change your diapers before responding!

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            Some “Christians” love to play the martyrs entering their dens of lions in order to look the part of the pious, faithful, religious, and what you may.

            But other should not play the desperate victims of the rather fake act of “bravery” of “facing the lions”.

            If Hannah Yeoh has not sneaked into mosques and may even have been invited, then her “victims” should show their faith stronger, let her shag her faith, she won’t be able to shake others off theirs.

            If I were “Christian” or “Muslim” or whatever, I won’t presume myself one unless the deity of my devotion says I am.

            In other words, any old monkey can walk around deluded in the thought that his or her deity says he is a “Christian”, “Muslim” or whatever.

            And they invariably do/

            And some even act like their deity has given them the “power” over others. They have a “calling”, a “mission”, often to “love” other presumed “sinners” to death and Hell!

            Some of these monkeys automatically think as a “whatever” of “faith” they know better and more than “the others”. Very often this is not the case, and another sick delusion.

            Anyway, pardon my ignorance, which I admit, if Hannah Yeoh was a good Christian, she would have been Catholic.

            And if Christians are true believers of their deity, they should all be Jewish, Jesus left clear instruction for his followers to stick closely to Judaism before he left the world. The Bible said so, and it would be heretical if any “Christian” think and act otherwise.

            This is my view I freely express.

            If you have a different view, feel free to exercise your right to shag off whatever you wish.

          • Anonymous says:

            Aaaaaaaaaa, now schizo Red Bean old man “Ang” says “yet to be proved”.

            But yet he has always been giving loose opinions, making wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations.

            Well, no rule for him, a thousand rules for others.

            That’s what schizophrenia is all about.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “a thousand rules for others”

            I can’t set any rule for anyone here.

            I am no “moderator” here.

            I have not even appointed myself a “moderator” here like you have.

            You qualified yourself as a “friend” of STL “from a long way back”.

            But when you tried to climb up your “moderator” throne, STL fired you in the most unflattering manner.

            STL signaled your dismissal by unleashing a pile of articles shagging your idol and rentseeker emperor that snake devious crook corrupt Mother of All Corruption Mugathir.

            It was like hitting two chickens with one stone – fire the stone in Mugathir;s ugly face, and his running pig gets hit as well!

            You got the hint, you went on to beg STL to be nicer to Kerala pendatang. STL ignored your groveling plea, went on to publish more articles shagging Mugathir.

            You were so incensed you sneaked in some disparaging remarks against STL every now and then.

            Clearly you were soundly humiliated not only you got the boot right in your snout, Mugathir had to suffer plenty of indignity on your behalf too!

            Thing is, you better know your place, know a bit of decorum, show more respect to STL, stop that urge of wanting to run STL, and you may again get the attention you craved for that you never got.

            And can never get…

          • Anonymous says:

            Mad old man “Ang” must be repeatedly drummed into his thick skull that there is No need to own shares in the blog or be appointed moderator to challenge comments

            You must be told again and again that you and your Red Bean kind cannot say anything unacceptable without being challenged

            Readers must be told that you or any other Red Bean cannot say anything you like without being challenged, one way or another. Shitted, where necessary.

            No rude, abusive and vulgar comments, no loose opinions, no wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified anti-Malay, anti-Islam, anti-Muslim statements, no anti-Constitution pronouncements or implied sayings, etc. No innuendos and snide remarks, too.

            And no anarchists, too – condemning everybody except themselves, hitting both the government and the opposition leaders, not respecting the Constitution of the country, the principles of democracy and the norms of Malaysian society.

            Must be repeated for the schizo old man ‘Ang”: No need to own shares in the blog or be appointed moderator to challenge such comments.

            Perhaps readers are enjoying our spat because my spits on you have been substantive, informative, explanatory.

            Unlike 20-30 years ago, now there are many Malays and Muslims who are able to spit on you and the likes of you with equal – if not better – effect in terms of substance, argument validity, vigour and keenness. All the time. And not maddening or plain mad talking like you.

            Remember those. The more you try and create mischief in here, the more you and your kind are being looked down upon.

            It’s blokes like this “Ang” bugger who bring down the image of the Chinese in this country.

        • a says:

          Oh boy, schizophrenic Red Bean old man “Ang” talks about “a crap “university”?

          And madly claimed to have graduated form “four top US and UK universities”.

          When all he had was a certificate from “Chinatown University” out of years of slogging as a dishwasher, cook and waiter at Chinese restaurants in US and UK Chinatowns.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “When all he had was a certificate”

            Sez the jinn graduate from the Guru Mugathir-inspired Kerala School of sarabat stall lying, bullock-shitting and sheer unadulterated fraud!

            Wno uses a search engine like a moron talking to the man inside an ATM machine or a parking ticket machine!

          • Anonymous says:

            Not defending your mad claim of having degrees from “top four US and UK universities any more, eh?

            What happened?

            It dawned on you that that was a mad claim?

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “Not defending your mad claim”

            Did that long ago.

            And a few times too.

            My action got you even more mad, you felt even more bitterness, defeat, humiliation, jealousy, rage, envy… all the stuff a useless and worthless insecure, inadequate and inferior Mugathir-bred rentseeker retard monkey gets into when he realises if he had no “special rights” he would be even more insignificant and not the grand schizo delusional fantasy tells him he is!

            I am very nicely trying not to make you feel so small that you may want to just fly off that “five storey” fantasy and myth fabricating factory!

          • Anonymous says:

            “I am very nicely trying not to make you feel so small”?

            Mine is big. You wanna try? But 79 years old assol not washed since birth like the Mongols of ancient times, nobody wants to touch you even with a 40 ft pole.

            Don’t want to accept historical facts as put out by the Malaysian Historical Society of Malaysia, eh? Because you feel so Cina Bukit pendatang when finding out that all these Malay Archipelago has been the birth place of the Malays since over 6,000 years ago.

            You should not be an ungrateful ingrate, having got citizenship (even upset when told you are a non-citizen) that the Malays agreed to at Merdeka, you don’t want to even acknowledge that the Malays have been here in this country all along – the proto malays, the deutero Malays, etc.

            Change your Cina Bukit attitude, old man “Ang”. Learn to say thank you. And don’t be seditious and subversive as the Police will be after you.

    • Kisah Benar says:

      Just by reading a book and this low-life complained that his faith has been weakened! Instead of questioning the strength of his own faith, this low-life blamed some one else! What stupidity! It is the height of stupidity like blaming his mother for bringing him to this world….!

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        The monkey may be right.

        If he knows teaching is a form of subversion.

        You get into an “education” establishment with a blank mind, you can only come out totally fcuked up if your “teacher” is fcuked up.

        And more than many Malaysia “teachers” are!

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s not a monkey. That’s the ape old man “Ang”.

          The commie Chinese Secret Agent Provocateur who’d subvert, throw in all sorts of seditious remarks to create a situation easy for his bosses to exploit.

          And the one fucked up is 79 years old “Ang” who had said “fuck (his) mother’s cunt” for letting him through 79 years ago.

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  4. Ang Tao Peng says:

    “The Death of CAT and the Sale of more Penang State land”

    The “Sale of more Penang State land” shall also be the political death of CAT = Corrupt Arrogant Tokong!

  5. Anonymous says:

    It is a national practice by BN Umno selling state land to raise money to bail out 1MDB. Bandar Malaysia on Sungsi Besi airforce land is a good example.

    • Anonymous says:

      1MDB was a huge debacle. Mr Cash Is King is responsible. Who said the RM2.6 billion was a donation.

      No need to say more.

  6. Anonymous says:

    LOL of the day:

    Women who wish to avoid being harassed in public should dress in a “comot” (shabby) manner, according to Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor.

    He said this in response to a woman, who expressed concern about public safety during a Tranformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50) dialogue in Bandar Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur last night.

    • K says:

      They say laughter is very good medicine and today I had more than my share of it all thanks to that buffoon of all BN buffoons. Need I even mention his name? So gals dress shabbily to keep the wolves at bay. But woe betide you if they stalk you in sheep’s clothing. It is also clearly beyond intellectually challenged Si Bodoh to warn you that being shabbily chic has it’s own perils too. As for that damsel who is purportedly always in distress I guess she is just dammed if she is shabbily dressed and dammed if she isn’t as she is so beautiful! What a curse! As for Khairy my commiserations that you are always in the company of idiots! This is your karma for belonging to a dumb party! But at least you know when to keep your mouth shut.

  7. Over says:

    China is not stupid. Cannot treat them like u treat the local chinese where u bangsat steal their taxes and yet bully, deprive, discriminate, oppress suppress and humiliate them(local chinese). China will not allow any delay and accidents in Construction, can’t take their money and later demand more money for delays. Malay sia is Asia’s no 1 in malingering besides being world’s no. 1 in kleptocratcy.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      “Malay sia is Asia’s no 1 in malingering besides being world’s no. 1 in kleptocratcy.”

      I’ll reply to that after next month.

      • a says:

        What happens before next month, schizo old man “Ang”?

        You going to be re-born into an ape next month?

        Writing a loose statement making you liable to be interpreted that way?

        I’ll reply sommore after I have a good Saturday afternoon tea.

        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          “I’ll reply sommore after I have a good Saturday afternoon tea.”

          You mean you can’t reply because you pig lazy tiny jinn head can’t think.

          You can’t sneak the use of someone else’s computer.

          And you are drinking the holy runny stomach of your idol and rentseeker emperor the snake devious crook corrupt Mother of All Corruption Mugathir!

          • Anonymous says:

            No wonder you are mad. Blogging while having afternoon tea with others around.

            As usual, no respect for others around you. Incorrigible Cina Bukit you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    MO1 is desperate and will, for a change, do the genuflecting in front of a beleaguered Trump who already faces accusations of meddling in an ongoing investigation. Whether he will avoid doing it again by influencing the DoJ to back off this 1MDB scam depends on whether he is a glutton for punishment. He should know by now that the US media (and the intelligence community) are baying for blood and any more leaks of impropriety might well seal his fate.

    • a says:

      Trump is now in Saudi Arabia. Special relations with the Saudi leadership.

      Wonder when Trump will be visiting Malaysia. Special relation with a “golf partner”?

      Trump as President has now met nearly 50 leaders out of about 190. Wonder what number Najib will get.

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