Speaking In Perfect English, Running Down Malaysia Perfectly!

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  1. Ang Tao Peng says:

    It is perfect Malaysian slum pavement “English” with the body-language of a typical uncouth and seriously unrefined Malaysian Chinese.

    The gait is that of a roadside bullshit spinner and kok-tokking merchant – Lim does the “upmarket” koksure, kokky “wise guy” posturing of the (mean) streets.

    It may be just fine for the kind of audience the DAP depends on in Malaysia, the hempen homespun, the barely literate monkeys, but won’t do for a foreign audience.

    The slightly hunched posture, the often stuck forward neck, betrays thuggish traits, animal aggression, does not look good at all, our monkeys may be wise to read the coffee table version of Morris’ field guide to observing the slightly-evolved apes.

    That said, many insecure, coarse, uncultured Malaysians do carry themselves in Lim’s “poise” of utter unsophistication. If Lim does not change his “style” when he enters prison, he will invite some proper thumping from the top bitches there who would not react well to him adopting their trademark signs of “authority”.

    To make Tok-kok Tokong happier, PKR’s Wong Chen talked to a similar crowd of polite creatures some time back, ran down his country too. The son of a kangkong grower did as badly as Tok-kokker, the grandson of grandpa Lim who ran the pigs’ kindergarten.

    For you dull monkeys, that means a pig breeder. In animal lovers’ euphemism.

    Wong tried hard to look the part, kept telling his audience he was a “technocrat”, attempting to assure himself more than the unconvinced audience.

    Wong dresses the part too, he tries to look 1930’s Chinese with his copied Armani suit and specs. His DNA from much-starved peasantry makes him rather like an unfed midget reject from the Mafia, the violin-case more meant as a coffin than a machine gun for him.

    One more thing, both pig breeder’s grandson and kangkong cultivator’s son kept looking around ceaselessly for approval from their audiences, a sure sign of lack of confidence. You would be highly nervous if you were purveying manure to any un-Malaysian audience.

    Oh! That Tokong performance was an epig fail. Ditto that one by the PKR finance minister – which was not worth half a Daim.

    • Helen Ang says:

      No harm giving PH a chance to rule the country. Really no harm

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        Depends on what you mean by “harm”, really…

        Most PH supporters are already quite brain-damaged it makes no difference if PH harms them more.

        Mind you, you can laugh till you drop with the standard issue clown PH politicians.

        Forgot to mention, while Wong Chen tries to look 1930s Chinese cinema gangster, Tokkokkong is stuck in the 50s with his greasy hairstyle for those monkeys who need to hang around a jukebox or wait to be invited to Peggy Sue’s wedding.

        Grandson of babi farmer has a more annoying blank face with a weird wide-eyed gaze, and occasional drooped jaw as if in a drugged trance – than a dangerously bad hair. That the square peg can be a serial womaniser as some claim is probably science fiction. Betty has to tender her exposed old witch’s back with her half-dress to stir up other dull DAP men who sleep in pyjamas, life can’t be all that worthwhile with Tokong unless you get a nice deal once in a while with the job.

        Like being turned into a Bungalodeshi star.

        Still, Tokong’s un-environmentally-friendly antique hair “style” takes the bisquit – or rather, a lot of flies. PETA should take note here.

        LKS’ Brylcreem job on his head is even more amazing! Son of pig breeder plaster hair varnish plus black boot polish on his head – on every one of his missing hair! I would have advised “Nutello” mixed with palm oil that would turn on those Malaysian lovers of excessively bad quality chocolate (Cadbury’s), and attract ants and bird nest farms too.

        A cheaper way round the headjob would be simply to take fool advantage of it, these days LKS has his head stuck up Mahathir’s ass, he gets his gloss for free – or maybe the price of betrayal of moral principles and the rakyat…

        I won’t understand why pig breeder’s descendants want to lacquer their heads, it is so last century – or even two centuries ago! There cannot be more than ten living Brylcreem users left in the whole of Malaysia, in fact, no shop can even dig out a can of that from the back of their store the last two decades back!

        All the same, I won’t vote anyone or any party led by anyone whose idea of “smart” or even vanity is to coat his head in grease! How perverse!

        But that does not mean I would vote any party whose divine gift of a cursed de facto runs the country from a prison cell, or the mummy with one foot back in the tomb, that corrupt old pharaoh Mahathir.

        I won’t vote Najib either, but I enjoy his Malaysian-slow embalming of the dying old pharaoh. Use plenty of formaldehyde, you really need to hide that putrid stench those monkeys in the opposition are trying to revive!

        • Helen Ang says:

          It is ok. Pig farm or not, better than unaccounted 2.6 billion.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            If that “2.6 billion” is “unaccounted” for, then PKR’s half-a-Daim, that Wong Chen from a 1930s’ Chinese gangster movie, and that bucktoothed Tony Pua, the pharaoh Mahitler plant in the DAP, probably a pickled cabbage, must be extremely bad in finance!

            Neither of the monkeys could put two pages of figures together for them to take to any court of law or the press to have Najib prosecuted!

            We’ve heard both screamed and screeched themselves stupid about “unaccounted” money but till now neither have come up with any piece of paper to wave around that our monkeys cannot read anyway.

            As usual it is a lot of noise with those monkeys who swing from trees and stir up the shit to paint themselves with. The circus acts and clowning of these PH shitheads have done nothing than entrenched Najib even more in his seat! How ineffectual and how embarrassing!

            Maybe those monkeys in the opposition simply have no goolies or even one goolie between the herd of them!

            If you can show there is any money missing, even one sen, how is it you have not gone to our financially-illiterate monkeys in the opposition to get them to get Najib charged?

            Are you another of those pathetic useless opposition supporter who can only bleed your heart out but cannot half an erection – your only weapon is making lots of ineffectual noise but not come up with any one piece of paper to get Najib sent to jail?

            You must be from the same school of law and book-keeping Tokong, Wong Chen, and Pua go to – you can’t produce a shred of evidence for all your jerking off left, right and center – and downward! Like those useless assh*les, you must be Najib’s BBF!

          • DAP Dumb says:

            I don’t mind you whacking the DAP.

            But elsewhere you so glib as to talk about ISIS in a subversive manner, you lookin’ for trobol, as the Filipinos pronounced it.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            Dump DAP, I don’t mind you don’t mind me “whacking the DAP”.

            … and I don’t give the rat’s arse how “the Filipinos” pronounce anything, you have wet dreams about some old Filipino maids or what?!

        • Ahmad Tinju says:

          Watch this:
          Zahid Hamidi speech – Oh my Engrishhh (United Nations Malaysia America)

          • Thadori says:

            It must be noted that deputy prime minister Zahid Hamidi had his speech writeup prepared and documented in the English language. It was done very much prior to this UN event. Zahid obviously had ample time to read the speech and practice to deliver his message. When at the rostrum at the UN forum on that day, he did not have to speak and answer questions in English, all he had to do was to read this speech straight out. The words were even displayed on the two digital panels in front of him. But he couldn’t even read and pronounce several words in his speech. He screwed up big time. Questions arise if he understood what he read out. Did he pass his English oral exams in school? He had claimed he had completed and obtained his Master and PhD degrees. How did he manage that?

        • Anonymous says:

          My two sons born 1982 and 1986, both went to national government schools all the way in Malaysia, they speak better English, Bahasa Malaysia and think deeper than the DPM does. They were hardworking, industrious and are gainfully employed by foreign companies today – despite going through a much compromised education system. One would assume that it would be too much hard work for many special priviledged citizens, hence they either indulge in politics or just cry to the government, a much easier route for wannabe in status and riches. Otherwise poor English is nothing but always a lame excuse.

      • Anonymous says:

        Despite having a PHD degree from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Zahid Hamidi is a poor salesman in the “international market” like the UN without fluency in English. You cannot convince your customers to buy your “product” if you are not fluent in the language of your customers. His PHD is wasted.

        • Helen Ang says:

          These days there are many ” Dr ” from umno.
          Dulu gangster, sekarang ” Dr “

          • Ahmad Tinju says:

            I am very surprised that DPM is not proud of our Bahasa Malaysia to be spoken in the United Nations.

        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          What the blessed fcuk are you driving at, most Chinese in China cannot utter a word of English, but yet the world goes to them to buy their often shoddy products.

          Ditto for the Japanese and the Koreans.

          German cars which our monkeys would die for, or rather die in because of their horrendous driving, are made by foreigners, particularly the Turkish who cannot speak decent German. Not a fcuking word of English is uttered in any German factory.

          Or in nearly every country that does not exactly put English as a language of any urgent priority. France spends most of its energy preventing its citizens from coming anywhere near any English.

          Do you think we can sell our fcuking Protons worldwide if half our population can speak English? Or that China would buy more of our products than durian cakes and durian sweets, and spend half their time beating down the price of our palm oil and birds’ nests – yabbering away in blazing Chinese?!

          Btw, Singapore speaks a funny pidgin called “Singlish” which the rest of the English-speaking world likes to make fun of, and if Zahid can sell his “product” in great English, no one would rush to buy it, anyway.

          A PhD can be awarded by any country written in its own language. A lot of Chinese studying in Britain, the US and Canada can barely write in decent English but yet they are awarded their PhDs. That is because they are fcuking brilliant in their fields of research. Not because their country can’t teach them any decent English.

          If half of Malaysia can speak decent English tomorrow, the whore country would still be completely full of moronic pig-ignorant fcuking monkeys!

          The “magic” is not in the English language.

          • Anonymous says:

            Really? A lot of Chinese studying in Britain, the US and Canada can barely write in decent English but yet they are awarded their PhDs? .. because they are fcuking brilliant in their fields of research?

            Says who? Says you? How to believe you? Because you have not provided any links. Or even examples.

            If that’s only your opinion, let it be known that mine is better.

            I say it’s balderdash.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            To the dumb “Anonymous” below, I am not in the habit of doing other people’s homework for them, you should do that yourself, find out things for yourself instead of behaving like one of those lazy, useless Malaysian student waiting for their handouts so they can remain lazy unthinking gerbils .

            It would be altogether an easier task for you that would be enormously served by having a degree from a decent university, working experience in academia, or having basic generally knowledge which even friends who have been to good universities and have not slept through, can provide.

            I write assuming you have all that it takes to know about the world around you, I cannot entertain an almighty twat who thinks I am doing an academic essay for him and should furnish him with all the information he doesn’t know about, “links” your grandma’s tits!

            Btw, I meant the Chinese from China, Taiwan, I don’t know what a Malaysian “Chinese” is, and neither does any Malaysian “Chinese”.

            Try not use the word “balderdash”, no one from any enlightened species who have to write in Manglish or even English would use such a word – are you trying to pretend you are clued up?

            What a fcuking assh*le!

    • Anonymous says:

      OMG!: Even today, 59 years after independence, the choice of Bahasa Malaysia (BM) as the language of government, education and business (GEB) as well as the national language, explodes in our faces, as our DPM’s UN speech showed. It won’t end today or tomorrow.

      English marches on as an international language as well as mankind’s heritage in thousands of literary works by geniuses, and the language of the English-speaking nations including the most powerful nation in history.

      Singapore retained English for GEB and BM as the National Language. They are also decades ahead both in national unity, resilience and the economy.

      About 600,000 English books published yearly vs 20,000 in BM. How many does Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka translate yearly? What will we be moaning about in 50 or 100 years from now?

      We should retain BM as a compulsory National Language. But I predict dire times ahead for Malaysia and BM if it is also retained as the language of GEB. Who denies that it was done to assert the hegemony of one race over the others?

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        There weren’t any “dire times” for the Japanese and the Koreans, among other nationalities, they never really bothered learn or use English in any scale – everybody else had and have to learn their languages. And they did!

        Learning Japanese and Korean was fashionable in recent decades, and now Chinese is the language! It is very fashionable in the West for children to have their headstart learning from their expensive imported Chinese nannies who cannot speak half a sentence of any other language.

        However, what I say cannot apply to Malaysia and BM, power of a language is proportional to the power of a nation. It is also proportional to how cultured a country is.

        We talk of Song celadon and Ming blue and white, but when I shop for gifts from Malaysia, I find mostly Indonesian and Sri Lankan craft. “Our” pewterware can’t make up their mind what they are, they often look like discarded Thai cooking ware, expensive but never of much real use.

        Sorry, our kite-tradition and top-spinning tradition cannot compare against those elsewhere. Our big time singers are Malays who sing Chinese in China, or sing jazz internationally. Our gamelan tradition is like bankrupt Indonesian copies, all while Indonesia has its 57 varieties. When we shop for batik, we buy Indonesian. Our sarongs are made in China, you can’t scare any Chinese made of tofu, if your pants are controlled by them!

        We find Bruce Lee wannabes the world over. But our own “silat” is now a half-baked, half-assed copy of Karate and TKD, pretending it has no Chinese origin. At least there are plenty of Indonesians still happy to call their art Kuntau – which is, mercifully Hokkien for silat. “Silat” was formerly an Indonesian name when Malayans were still happy to call Kuntau Kuntau. You can never be superior to the Chinese if you threaten them with Chinese silat! In northern Malaya the kuntau is actually Thai boxing!

        I’ll be more comfortable making Ibrahim Ali our Hang Tuah. Than Hang Tuah our Hang Tuah! We should stop using yellow as that is all too Chinese ex-royalty and restaurant chair cover colour.

        Our “language” and “culture” is already so fcuked-up to begin and end with. My nasty Mat and Amina Salleh friends all say they can write good Malay, they only have to misspell and mispronounce a lot of English words!

        So, errr… yes, it is dire times ahead for Malaysia – and BM – unless we all learn Bahasa Indonesia instead, the Indonesians spend their time laughing at the way we speak their language and the way we steal their culture..! We might as well all assimilate into their way of life since we can’t even cook like they can. Plenty of Malayans come all the way to Sarawak to sneak into Indonesia just for their prawn crackers!

        Still, I live in hope, if we misspell and mispronounce many BM words, we might end up with English!

        Malaysian Chinese are around, anyway, to save BM – they are always the ones with the best grades in BM. I would worry, though, the day, the Chinese pick on the others for their inferior BM!

    • limpehkong says:

      Zahid Hamidi made us proud with his Manglish at UN.

      • Anonymous says:

        Kenalilah Ahmad Zahid Hamidi – bersama Najib Razak

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        His Manglish is pretty ok. There are translators at the UN anyway, and there must be quite a few Malaysian among them handling Manglish.

        Zahid’s patois is no different from that of most Malaysian of every race. At least, at the UN nobody listens to anybody, so Zahid can get away with talking rubbish with people nodding in agreement and mostly nodding to sleep.

        I have serious difficulty understanding a local Chinese radio DJ whom everyone said was famous. He speaks “English” and I was worried I couldn’t pick up wtf he was saying when he was in front of me (on two occasions), but my Mat and Amina Salleh friends all say they don’t know wtf he says just the same.

        A guy at my local pub used to remark over what I say with some words which I took for BM until one day I asked him to write it out for me. He wrote “Holy Gocka Molly”. I was too proud to admit I didn’t know wtf it meant, till a few weeks later of continuous pondering I deciphered the phcukhead’s attempt at the Hollywood’s Mexican “Holy guacamole!”

        From then, every time Manuel exclaimed in that tortilla dip, I obliged him with “Chingada puta madre!” The phcukhead, like most Malaysian, was too lazy to find out what that sheep’s dip meant, smiled merrily in response like any Malaysian would.

        I recently watched a clip of Matthias Chang speaking Manglish, it was bloody and painfully awful. Someone told me he was trying to attack that “Lim Sian See”, Chang was raging at machine-gun speed like a blazing schizo. I thought every sentence he spoke was one long word he himself couldn’t understand. That is how most Malaysian who thinks he is speaking good Manglish speaks. Good job Matthias whores for Mahitler, and communication is only one-way.

        I think “Lim Sian See” won without saying anything back, Matthias was fcuking himself with his tirade in gibberish as he went on his verbal rampage. Still, that was much better than his attempt at a hunger strike. That only one hour long.

        I would worry if Matthias speaks to his Catholic almighty in Latin! He would sound like Malaysian lawyers with their wonderful mispronunciation of those few Latin phrases they can never manage.

        • Mind Your Language says:

          As the Deputy Prime Minister of a nation with a strong English language legacy, Zahid’s performance was an utter embarrassment. Zahid who came from an era when English was largely used and taught, and when the nation rightfully counted our citizens’ command of the language proudly cannot be excused. It shows that senior UMNO politicians and leaders are not chosen for their caliber and intellect but rather for their ability for political machinations and maneuverings. Zahid being a Phd holder, is not some country yokel who has been held back by his culture and peers. He is the victim of his party’s damaging policies and unsuitability to govern. If he cannot rise above his minions or lead those around him, he shouldn’t be leading the nation. He has no excuse as a national leader who deals much in the international arena and engage with world leaders in business, social and diplomatic circles. That he tried his best, does not give comfort, as that would make any schoolboy his equal.

        • Anonymous says:


          “at the UN nobody listens to anybody, so Zahid can get away with talking rubbish ..”?

          Did you read what you wrote? You wrote utter rubbish, man.

          Ever heard of the Foreign Service that every decent independent and sovereign country has, staffed by many thousands of personnel the world over, a major function being at the UN? Where they write reports back to their governments which keep checks on what is being said of their country by anybody there or anywhere.

          Grow up, man. Get out of your coconut shell. Read up and mix around in the right circle, will ya.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            What’s the “right circle” for a complete square like you, man?! Surely, that is not about hanging out with clowns like the son and grandson of a pig breeder, issit?!

            Ever heard there’s ditto of what you said of “Foreign Service that every decent independent and sovereign country has” f0r Malaysia, what it actually does or does not do, and in what quality has got nothing to do with what you are driveling pompously through your grandma’s ass about!

            Say one or more of the countless “Foreign Service” functionaires write/s home and let loose on Zahid, so what then?!

            I mean, would our gomen do anything about whatever “transgression” Zahid made? Since when is “bad English” a crime, except during the days when your grandpas and grandmas crawl around saying yes sir no sir to their colonial massahs.

            Don’t make me laugh! Don’t be so easily embarrassed and thin-skinned, there are many monkeys you can laugh at right next to Zahid – like Bush Jr, Trump, Netanyahu, etc., etc.

            And don’t be so crawling and apologetic to the rest of the world, Malaysia is full of monkeys like Zahid, executing him for his “English” may be the habit of your Manglish teacher, but would do nothing to Save Malaysia! The rest of the world doesn’t know who Zahid is or is not, and don’t really know and don’t really care where Malaysia is. If they want to know more about Malaysia, it would be gravely dangerous for us, they would discover the rest of Malaysia is pretty much like Zahid, only without that PhD from a crap university.

            So calm down, bad English and even bad Manglish is not the end of the world, I’ve said if half of Malaysia has mighty fine English, Malaysia would still be fucking backward.

            It is the mentality, not the quality of English or Manglish that makes or breaks our nation.

            And monkeys like you are thoroughly proficient at destroying Malaysia, you and others can’t explain why Koreans use the Korean language, and the rest of the world does not worry about their level of English, queue up to buy their exploding telephones!

            I did say, too, that if our English can even be well nigh hunkydory, the rest of the world would still not queue up to buy and die in any fcuking Proton!

  2. Anonymous says:



    • Didi says:

      This non-conforming bastard never learns. Writing in a language that the blog and the regular participants do not use and in a country whose Constitution states the language of the country is Bahasa Melayu.

      The bugger has no respect for the Constitution of this country. He should be repeatedly told to scram to a country whose Constitution he respects.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      Zahid should have spoken in Malay.

      At least out of national pride.

      Since our version of Bahasa Indonesia is our national language.

      • DAP Dumb says:

        Agree on the first two sentences.

        But “our version of Bahasa Indonesia is our national language”? What meaning one? Read the books “The Malay Civilization” and Tamadun Alam Melayu” published by the Historical Society of Malaysia, available at their 5-storey building Wisma Sejarah, opposite IJN, Jalan Tun A Razak, KL.

        That will help you know about the over 1,000 in the Family of Malay Languages spoken by the 350 million members of the Rumpun Melayu that originated in the Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu or Malay Archipelago. Not from Yunan or even Taiwan, a hypothesis put out by the Westerners in the 1930s that lasted for just 1-2 decades.

        The society had existed since the British colonial days and current membership includes professors of many disciplines, including History, Malay Studies, Anthropology, Linguistics (those who usually have large inputs in determining racial background), the science of DNA, etc.

        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          There is no science in “race”.

          “5-storey building” means fcuk all, Hitler had a whore ministry, countless buildings, countless people and military units masturbating all over Europe and the rest of the world over “race”. He even had countless “scientists” to help him perpetuate “race” as a subject to shag happily over.

          Same with the then South African white gomen and its apartheid regime, sounds familiar doesn’t it – “race” was used as a rather backward excuse to enable some to pretend they were “superior” and have more rights to everything than the next supposedly of the “wrong” race.

          Same with Israel.

          Same with the use of religion or being in a creed dedicated to eating green cheese.

          Your last paragraph has no meaning – our “”professors” are of bog standard, they are a sick embarrassment. Having bog standard sh*theads with not even a regional standing masturbating over the subject of “race” is dangerous and can only prove stupidity on a grand scale. You should get on a mercy mission get those comedians stay clear away from that “5-storey building”!

          Malaysia is on a race to the bottom, just look at the non-standing of our “universities” and the “quality” of the graduates – sh*theads beget sh*theads!

          Better get those bunches of “enlightened” assh*les you listed to try to make a more honest living, make meaning in any “race” being able to elevate itself from merely posturing insecurely as anything but running around on the knuckles of all four limbs and thumping the chest!

          Yes, I have been to many talks and lectures on “race”. In Malaysia, the notion of “race” mostly hinges on fcuking mythology! When challenged about their views, our fcuking crap “professors” defend themselves with their elbows, thinking that is where their fcuking brains are!

          Try leave “DNA” out of it, it is not an absolute science as yet, it is yet to tell you enough of anything about anything.

          Btw, when a Malay, Chinese or Indian or whatever person comes to me, he is my brother or my sister. I don’t need to see a “race”. If there is a “race”, I’ll happily settle for the human race.

          For those of you who have a problem with the Chinese “race”, there isn’t such a thing either. “Genetically” no two “Chinese” are alike. If you have to hate a “Chinese”, you could jolly well end up hating a “Malay”!

          • o says:

            Instead of going into a lengthy hoo haa, you should have explained what you meant by saying “Since our version of Bahasa Indonesia is our national language.”

            A lawyer, did you say you are? Strange way of talking.

          • Anonymous says:

            Just for some context – Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong conducts his annual National Day speech in THREE LANGUAGES – English, Mandarin, and Malay – flawlessly. Our kucing kurap DPM can’t even speak proper English.

        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          Is that “o” an itchy pedantic twat?!

          How am I to know I have to write to suit the dictatorial editorial policy your empire demands after I have done so?

          If I have to write to suit the bitch of any little Nazi here, I have to write everything in at least two hundred versions – and still not satisfy you little bitches here!

          But do I care?!

          As for “A lawyer, did you say you are? Strange way of talking.”, I didn’t.

          And you certainly have a strange way of “listening” to text!

      • o says:

        In this country, in the Constitution, etc, it has been known as Bahasa Melayu, elsewhere called Bahasa Malaysia or national language.

        What’s your intention in mentioning “our version of Bahasa Indonesia is our national language”?

        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          “A lawyer, did you say you are?”

          Did I?

          Or was that just voices in your head?!

          • Anonymous says:

            For the record, on October 1, 2016 at 2:38 pm you said

            “I am wary of our kampong lawyers, I always make it a point to represent myself in court ..”

            Yes, no mention of being a lawyer. But arrogant talking, isn’t it. Maybe it’s you talking under the dictates of “voices in your head”.

            Denigrating lawyers in general by using the term “kampong lawyers” and claiming “I can’t do worse than our legal turkeys”.

            Your comments often appear to carry that arrogant streak. Sometimes arrogant, too. You’d get read and even listened to if you express your views in a normal, moderate manner.

            Have a good day.

          • Anonymous says:


            Sometimes rude, too.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “Anonymous”, let’s go through what you wrote.


            Firstly, you admit you have a problem of seeing something that is not there, a product of your faulty two grey cells and one working glass eye.

            Secondly, you try to save your massive loss of face prostituting your righteous genius by sneakily attempting to change non-issue to one of “arrogant talking”!

            I don’t consider it any “arrogant talking” or anything anything to make comments about our crap lawyers – Malaysia does have a hell of a lot of crap lawyers, yes, legal turkeys – and legal cuckoos, and pigeon-brained legal pigeons..!

            I can accept “kampong lawyers” may be “denigrating”, there are indeed some kampong legal turkeys who are “better” than city legal turkeys.

            I care not if you detect anything “arrogant” in my post. You read things which are not there, you’ve admitted that, it is safer you do not invent whatever that is not there so that you can do your bit of soapbox pontification.

            If, as a self-appointed dictator here you don’t like what I write, just stop your urge to read it, no need to impose your imperial demands on me – I don’t recognise your fcuking empire, I don’t have to obey your mandate I should write what you want me to. You must be fcuking arrogant to think I have to!

            I can make any comment (right or wrong!) about anyone or anything. If I go to a restaurant and don’t like the food, I am entitled to comment negatively about it, all Malaysians do that even over a two ringgit bowl of noodles even if the cook gets angry, don’t tell me a hypocrite monkey like you pretend you don’t!

            The same goes for just about everything else, you are most entitled to your opinion however that may hurt the feeling of your dentist, doctor, children’s tutors, politicians, … undertaker. Yes, lawyers too – too many Malaysians are senselessly scared of giving their lawyers a piece of their mind, our crap lawyers more than often get away with their crap standards!

            Your senseless grey cells are numbed to it, but you are most certainly entitling yourself to your freedom to comment about me, while you fantasise you can deny me mine! What fcuking tombstone do you pray to that gives you such power and right over me?

            Next time you have any great sense of self-righteousness, please shove that up your grandma’s arse, mate!

          • Cucu Malaysia says:

            To all those who are giving excuses for the DPM’s poor English, please remember that the education system for his age group (he was born in 1953) in the 1960s and 1970s was still good.

            English was still the main language of instruction although it was compulsory for one to pass the Bahasa Malaysia paper in all public examinations.

            It is public knowledge that our cabinet ministers are not ministerial material at all, however, when you join the “right” party, you can get to the “top” with ease.

            Whether you make a fool of yourself at home or in the international arena, it doesn’t matter. Just blame on the poor education system of later years, although many ministers are from the earlier generation.

          • Anonymous says:

            The Ang bloke wrote, “I can make any comment (right or wrong!) about anyone or anything.?”

            He must be repeatedly told that others can do the same about him and what he writes.

            Obviously he does not understand the word arrogance. But he is mad, as has been pointed out in comments to a later post.

            We will deal with him more in the latest blog posts.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “We will deal with him more in the latest blog posts.”

            Who’s that “we”?!

            Your invisible army of retarded monkeys?

            Or your legion of multiple personalities?

  3. Gerak Khas says:

    At least about four generations of Malaysians have been damaged because of their poor command of English caused by the haphazard education policy of the country over the last few decades. Face the facts, English language is not only here to stay but will continue to become the essential tool for the acquisition of knowledge and means of communication. There’s nothing anybody can do about it.

    By saying speaking broken English is ‘okay’ instead of speaking one’s mother tongue, this shows we clearly have the mentality of ‘juara kampung’, that is preparing ourselves to lose. A common weakness among us.

    • Didi says:

      Who says ‘juara kampung’ means preparing ourselves to lose? There is hell of a lot a of preparing-to-lose mentality in the cities.

      You are not juara anything by not explaining or justifying what you say.

    • Anonymous says:

      Our Minglish is only understood locally. It reflects a sad tragic situation of Malaysia and its education system. Once , we speak English as well as anybody, now we become the subject of jokes and ridicule. And the DPM is just one of many and mainly incompetent English_speaking leaders and personnel in the government. But, the sad part is, nothing will change.

      Astro can engage Zahid to promote ‘Oh My English!’ TV series to non-English speaking third world.

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        If Zahid and all the rest of those in gomen can speak superb English, how would our gomen not be “sad” and that there be any “change”, or there be no “sad tragic situation” with Malaysia?

        I simply don’t get the argument that good English would for any reason mean good gomen. I don’t see the world as one big classroom for the test of any ability with the English language.

        Why stop at the English language, Malaysians’ Chinese is pretty appalling too! Why be embarrassed with just our “English”?

        There are plenty of those in gomen in many countries all over the world who cannot speak any English, can anyone explain how a good command of English can end corruption, cronyism, incompetence, laziness and our trademark abominable stupidity?

        For that matter, can anyone explain how would a good command of English improve education in Malaysia? Nearly everyone speaks English in Britain, yet no one can say there are all that many educated people around and about. Try find out about literacy level in Britain, do a search!

        Some insist that to elevate the education level for maths and science in Malaysia, those subjects should be taught in English. That’s utter tosh! In Britain, native English speakers come nowhere near non-native speakers of English in ability in those subjects.

        Is something – or plenty missing in those bright ideas about English and the argument for English? The wheels seem to have fallen off them!

        Could a problem be motivation? You can holler and toss off till kingdom comes about “our education”, gomen and all the rest of it all, but what is there to prevent the lot of you from acquiring good English all by yourself – there is more than enough resource just on the internet alone to turn you into mighty fine little Englishmen within a relative short period of time. You can pick up a few more languages while you are at it too. All for free!

        My Malay maid picked up her English by reading plenty of books and watching television. She converses in English to anyone who can do that with her. Her English puts many a professor from our universities to cringing shame! She is continuing her learning, even when she is now at a level she can teach very very much better than our “average” English to others.

        Yes, you can moan and shag off ceaselessly about our English education but that will not improve in the near distant future – the fcuking old pharaoh and the faggot Anwar Ibrahim fcuked that up years ago, it will take at least two generations to build up English education in Malaysia. Before then, you may even need to import English teachers from China!

        Zahid speaking any great English anywhere would not change one bit the sad state Malaysia is in, even if you monkeys worry so much about “face”. If Zahid can really speak good English, so what? You monkeys may think it would give the illusory impression the rest of the monkeys in Malaysia have got off their trees and started to learn to walk on two legs!

  4. McClean says:

    The BERSIH 5 Convoy starts on 1st October 2016 and will run every weekend until the BERSIH 5 rally on 19th November 2016. There will be seven convoys nationwide, starting from the North, South, East and West of Peninsula Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak. The convoys will head towards Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.

    The objective of the BERSIH convoy is to raise awareness about BERSIH 5’s demands for institutional reforms and the severity of the 1MDB crisis. As Malaysians, we must stand up and reach out to start a nationwide conversation on these issues because our collective future is in danger.

    The BERSIH Convoy is estimated to cover 246 cities, towns, and villages across Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, and Sarawak.

    During the convoy, the participants will help to distribute BERSIH 5 flyers, do flash mobs and start conversations with different groups to discuss the impact of corruption and the need for reforms.

    If you are interested in joining the convoy, please check the convoy schedule and be at the Flag Off point 15 minutes before the convoy is due to depart.

    For any inquiries, contact the BERSIH Secretariat on 03-7931 4444 or email info@bersih.org.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      Sorry, I am for all good and holy causes, but I don’t fancy seeing myself running behind an ugly old man-thing Holy Maria who’s dispensed “forgiveness” to old pharaoh Mahitler, and now has her holy head up his butt.

      If you want to forgive Mahitler, you have to forgive Najib too. And everybody else. And if you see yourself fit to dispense forgiveness like any good old Catholic priest child abuser, sex maniac, and dike.

      If you can’t forgive Najib, you shouldn’t take it upon your holy self to forgive Mahitler either!

      No, no two-faced hypocritical pious holy shiite for me, thank you! I can wait for Judgement Day, I ain’t gonna worship no ugly old granny, be that a Catholic-Muslim one or the one with a bullethole on top of her nose!

      Use the ballot box, that would be democracy in action. If you haven’t got no voters behind you, no “convoys” of any sort would translate into any meaningful dissent or rabble rousing. You’ve effectively lost the battle and the war, anyway, if you don’t have the voters behind you, and, at least sone sucker who would torch himself to death for dear old George Soros!

      “Regime change” by other means than the ballot box hasn’t worked, and is rather out of fashion now. May be a better idea get them Yanks to get their ISIS friends to stir the shiite here, at least we can get that badly-needed intervention by the West, that Duterte is making life tough for the Yanks, the “Pivot” should start now before Duterte sucks up to China, ISIS is being hammered by the Russians in Syria, they need a change of scenery and other heads to lob off, it would be a good old Hail Maria welcome a “regime change”, we get a “Vietnam II” right here, those Malaysians running behind the “convoys” would be the first to nail our holy hypocrites on their crosses and roast the others on their plaster holy monkeys and cows!

      Aleluyah, Om, Blessed Rapture and all that..!

      • Anonymous says:

        What the fcuking talk, you. Whoever talks about “Regime change” in this country?

        And what the hell do you mean “a better idea get them Yanks to get their ISIS friends to stir the shiite here”? Subversive, are you? Najib certainly made a mistake dumping the ISA, otherwise people talking irresponsibly like you can easily be whisked to Kamunting, ISA-ed, like Lim Kit Siang and son Guan Eng.

        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          … and fcuk you too!

          You need to learn about freedom of expression, freedom of expression means I don’t have to snap to attention and say what you want me to say!

          … and I say you can shove your ISIS up your ass, you are already comfortably half way there with your mental paralySIS and kampong fascism!

          Keep away from the meat cleaver, son, you might hurt yourself working out which end to hold..!

          • DAP Dumb says:

            Oh, you old man issit? Saying “Keep away from the meat cleaver, son ..”?

            How come so old you still dunno which end to hold..?

            Wanna hold my end?

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            Dumb DAP, have you got something against any “old man”, “so old”…?!

            That’s ageism, I bet you have beheaded, chopped up and got rid of the carcasses of all those in your family older than yourself!

            Don’t know what you mean by “Wanna hold my end?”

            End of the rope you dangle off when your moron children decide you are too old to clog your pig pen?!

      • Didi says:

        “Regime change” by other means than the ballot box hasn’t worked ..” Ini pendapat sendirian. Orang lain boleh berpendapat berlainan –

        Peguam Haniff Khatri berkata bahawa Perlembagaan negara dengan jelasnya menyatakan, “kuasa (YDP Agong) melantik termasuk kuasa untuk menolak,”.

        “Perkara 40 (2) (a) menyatakan Agong boleh bertindak menurut budi bicara dalam pelantikan Perdana Menteri. Ia tidak menyentuh soal kuasa memecat Perdana Menteri.

        “Tetapi dalam Seksyen 29 Jadual ke-11, undang-undang bertulis menyatakan bagi individu atau pihak yang diberi kuasa membuat pelantikan ke mana-mana pejabat, kuasa yang sama hendaklah ditafsirkan sebagai termasuk kuasa untuk membuang kerja atau menggantung individu yang dilantik dan melantik orang lain buat sementara bagi menggantikan individu yang digantung sedemikian.

        “Lagipun, Perkara 43 (6) Jadual 6 memerlukan seorang Perdana Menteri mengangkat sumpah untuk menegakkan, melindungi dan mempertahankan perlembagaan,” katanya.

        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          Haniff Khatri is a kampong lawyer, but what is your point as nothing of what you cut and paste is relevant to anything, it is an opinion not “the law” or the practice of it.

          I am wary of our kampong lawyers, I always make it a point to represent myself in court, I can’t do worse than our legal turkeys.

          • DAP Dumb says:

            Oh yeah? And who is not, pray tell.

            You a lawyer? Oh, God. How “unwise” (I try not to be rude wherever possible) saying “an opinion not “the law” or the practice of it”.

            Calling others legal turkeys, eh? And you? A goat?

            So much in law is interpretation and “opinion” that there are various stages to get legal issues resolved until reaching the highest court of the land – the Federal Court.

            Mind telling which law school you attended?

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            Dump DAP. why “A goat?” – You’ve a particular fondness for mounting one?

            “Mind telling which law school you attended?”

            What the fcuk do you know about any law school, you do the league tables?

            Does anyone need to go to any law school to piss down on you?

  5. Zack says:

    It is just a disgrace we have the first dpm who isn’t fluent in English when even in independence time they were already fluent. We don’t want a a dpm or pm who is not qualified with some school dropout like. Zahid is 63 and his era School was already English and if can’t handle he must be just incompetent to be a leader who unable to learn and what more to lead. What a shame if we back peddle to having a translator for him. Better for Hisham to be a dpm and handled mh17 well and wander the mess if zahid was in his place with untrained thoughts and translator.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      “… when even in independence time they were already fluent”

      In case you were not aware, we were never “fluent” in English.

      Though some of us might like to think so…

      If anything, we fcuked up the English language, rather like those Singlish speakers.

      We were more fluent fcuking up anything that came our way, than fluent in English.

      • DAP Dumb says:

        Speak for yourself.

        I can imagine the many things that you “were more fluent fcuking up anything that came our way”, but I’ll let that rest for now.

        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          I “speak for” myself, of course, I won’t like speaking for that insignificant you, and I can’t be thinking with the ass, and shooting off with it, like you!

          Do feel free to speak for yourself.

          And the rest of your imaginary army!

          If you do that often enough, you may turn into a Lim Kit Siang.

          Or an Anwar Ibrahim.

          And their fcuking imaginary armies!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Agree on Zahid.

    But Hishamuddin? Menteri Amaran? No action, giving the not-decisive and no-ball impression to the rakyat who want to be firmly and assertively led. The Filipinos gave a thundering yes to the no-nonsense new President, Dueterte, voted him into power and continue to be behind him despite his “extra-judicial” ways.

    Sad, the dearth of well qualified and reliable leaders in the country these days.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      “… who want to be firmly and assertively led”.

      Not me.

      Did you have a hard father?

      It should the rakyat who should “firmly and assertively” tell the politicians where to go to.

      Even if, in Malaysia, it is the tail that wags the dog!

      • DAP Dumb says:

        That’s your opinion, Mister.

        But, as they say, in matters of opinions, mine is always better than yours.

        Pssst, do you realize that some dogs don’t even have tails?

        • Ang Tao Peng says:

          DAP Dumb, thanks for that bit of enlightenment, I don’t study the asses of dogs.

          Very unlike you.

          Now hold that dog steady!

          While you deal with your mounting crisis!

    • Anonymous says:

      Zahid should have known his English is not up to international standards yet he went ahead. Other UN delegates would have smirked and smiled condescendingly at him. “So this is the Malaysian DPM. This is how they speakee de Englisho.”

      The DPM brought Malaysia into disrepute by ignoring his own limitations.

      Maybe this is Najib’s “strategic ambiguity” to subject Zahid to ridicule and diminish his threat as his replacement. If so, that means Najib, too, doesn’t care about Malaysia – he just wanted to win his own political battles.

      Quite apart from language competency, our political systems churn out leaders of poor calibre, weak character and compromised ethics. Tribal race/religion issues haunt us for decades.

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        Ya pig-ignorant moron, a big percentage of UN delegates do not know English. Some do not even want to know English, the French, for example. They leave it to those very well-paid translators to do the work for them deciphering English into their own languages. There are even translators who handle accents and versions of some languages, English, an example here.

        Most foreigners cannot pick up what our monkeys say in Manglish. Yet our monkeys strut around thinking they are speaking English! Our monkeys condemn each other’s Manglish for the quality of “English” while each monkey is as bad as the next in their “English”.

        Zahid’s “English” is bad – but so is that of the rest of you monkeys! It is a question of degrees, but however you look at it or listen to most, there is not much to choose from between bad and bad. One monkey “speakee de Englisho” as bad as the next monkey who “speakee de Englisho”.

        Why harp about the quality of bad Manglish and bad Manglish?

        Why worry “Other UN delegates would have smirked and smiled condescendingly at him.”? The UN, quite unlike Malaysia, is not a classroom for the test of English. In Malaysia, each monkey with his inferiority or superiority complex would pit his bad Manglish against that of the next monkey, it is some kind of ritual in place of measuring the dick.

        And Malaysians nearly always have small dicks to match their Manglish.

        That remark that Zahid “brought Malaysia into disrepute” is sheer nonsense. You can have a brilliant command of English but still bring your country into disrepute.

        Meanwhile, what are the “international standards” in English, please?

        • Anonymous says:

          Your name shows Ya r a pig, ignorant moron. It’s damn stupidity to say “a big percentage of UN delegates do not know English.” Ignorance of the highest order. You have no clue about the UN. And the officers sent to work at or for the UN in New York by their respective governments.

          And talking big and arrogantly as if you know certainly makes you a bullock. A poor specimen of a human being. Yet you said elsewhere you want to be of the human race. What the fcuk.

          Saying “Some do not even want to know English, the French, for example.” You must be an ancient old man left decades behind in time. The French have spoken much more English internationally than the time of the Alliance Francais.

          What poppycock bullock shit you talk. French is not much of an international language any more. But demented your thinking may be, next you may say that Chinese is hell of an international language.

          Your kind of loose and often nasty talk does not benefit the public much. But whack you here we should try to do. Simply because the public must not be misled by your kind of loose and crazy talk.

  7. Blue Wave says:

    Zahid’s pronunciation and enunciation can and will improve if he has decided that it is very important for him as DPM to have that skill in the international arena. But his contemptuous rebuke about him being able to represent the country in spite of his mea culpa over his lack of pronunciation skill was rather very condescending. The reality is that he are able to represent the country is primarily the result of his Malay privilege. Hence his patronizing reply is ipso facto of this privilege. Without it I’m not sure where or what he would be now.

    • Anonymous says:

      You criticized Zahid’s English yet said, “The reality is that he are able …”?

      So many crazy fellas coming to this blog now. Or is it the same Ang bloke using another name?

      • Ang Tao Peng says:

        Are you the same “Anonymous” totally lacking of any creativity in choice of nick?

        Or are you one of the many “Anonymous” all totally lacking of any phcuking wit?

        I don’t need to be more than one nick, I can wipe all of you monkeys on it by myself and by myself alone.

        If your Manglish is up to it (at least better than Zahid’s) you can easily tell I write entirely different from anyone else here.

        If you can’t tell, please don’t torture your head, you are simply not up to it!

        • Anonymous says:

          Awww shit, he’s at it again . Arrogant, insulting old fart of a bastard. But then, he is a mad bloke. We’ll tolerate him, even encourage him a little, for the fun of it. He does provide some entertainment here.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            “We’ll tolerate him…”

            Who’s that “we”?

            The legion of pig devils talking inside you tiny head?!

          • DAP Dumb says:

            Again, the old man joker has no sensible reply.

            For the rude, vulgar and insulting comments he always makes, no sympathy for him. We just laugh at him.

          • Ang Tao Peng says:

            … and it is another bout of originality from More-Dumb-than-DAP!

            And his “we” of pondan clowns from the mighty copy of the Red Bean Army, the Red Shi(r)t Army!

            Come on, pretty boys! Chaaaarge..!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Old man Ang Tao Peng has become very childish in his comments. No more fun reading him. Can’t whack old man going childish, sign of senility.

    • Ang Tao Peng says:

      Stupid little phcuk!

      You can’t “whack old man” even if he is not “senile”!

      What are you?! – a kurang Ajax football hooligan mixed up with those red tshirt-wearing Hitler brownshit thug monleys?

      You seem to have no manners, have a problem with people older than you – is your father younger than you?!

      And I don’t mean just the mental age.

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