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221 Responses to Penang FREE WIFI?

  1. Cost of living going up and up says:

    How to cope

    To alleviate the hardships of the low income bracket, the Government opted for a fiscal policy choice. Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) cash handouts is a targeted effort to assist those in the low income group.

    However, if cash handouts are made a permanent feature, the rakyat will start to expect and rely on this policy for their economic wellbeing. The endowment effect of BR1M will eventually be no different from the mentality of long-term dependency on subsidies for fuel and energy.

    For sustainable economic wellbeing, households should take proactive measures to safe guard themselves of economic hardships.

    When the going gets tough, the tough starts saving. The virtue of saving for a rainy day is a relief to weather the inflationary storm. Therefore, to save is to first budget.

    A guide to efficient budget planning is the 50/30/20 thumb rule, coined by Harvard bankruptcy expert Elizabeth Warren and her daughter, Amelia Warren Tyagi in their book, All Your Money Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Plan.

    According to the rule, one should spend 50% of net income on “needs” such as groceries, insurance, utilities, and housing; 30% on their “wants” or non-essential items, such as gadgets, cable TV, and coffee; and 20% on savings and retirement accounts.

    Maintaining a household balance sheet is the first step to responsible financial management and taking charge of your money. With discipline, maintaining monthly financial targets will be more transparent.

    Long-term budget requires setting apart savings for short-term, mid-term and long-term financial goals. Besides these goals, you should always factor in inflation too.

    To beat inflation and protect your savings, you should invest part of your savings in assets that have higher returns that the anticipated inflation rate. Currently, as inflation rises above interest rates, consumers should be concerned about the decreasing value of their money saved in banks.

    Perhaps, what is even more worrisome than your money losing value is to owe money – debt. Indebtedness among Malaysian household debts is currently one of the highest in the region.

    According to Bank Negara, household debts in Malaysia have risen at an average rate of 12% annually over the last five years.

    In fact, household borrowing last year has risen to 86.6% of the total value of the economy, compared with 81% in 2012.

    Unfortunately, financial literacy is still lacking in certain quarters and poor money management has led to over 20,000 Malaysians being declared bankrupt last year, a 12% increase from the previous year.

    Out of the over 20,000 Malaysians declared insolvent last year, 26.5% were due to defaults in car loans, followed by housing loans, personal loans and business loans. Notably, personal loans saw an annual increase of 21% from 2010 to 2013 and represents 16.8% of total household debts.

    • Pakatan Rakyat splitting up over hudud issue inevitable, says Zahid says:

      Pakatan Rakyat splitting up, as hinted by DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang in a recent blog post, is inevitable as both DAP and PKR are opposed to PAS’ proposed implementation of hudud law, said Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

      “I am not surprised by what was hinted at by Kit Siang. It will happen as the proposed implementation of hudud by PAS was strongly objected to by the late DAP chairman Karpal Singh,” he said when met after visiting the family of the late Hulu Bernam assemblyman Datuk Mohamed Idris Abu Baka in Kelumpang on Monday.

      The Umno vice president said that even certain PKR MPs were against hudud, adding that DAP and PKR’s opposition of the law would alienate PAS within the Opposition coalition.

      Zahid added that PAS would have to work “hard and smart” to convince and win over the non-Muslim MPs in Pakatan if they wished to push for the implementation of hudud in Kelantan via the tabling of a Private Member’s Bill in Parliament.

      MIC’s Hulu Selangor MP P. Kamalanathan, who was with Zahid, said that although the split would eventually come, DAP would play up the issue to placate the party’s members.

      “They will only talk about it and not walk the talk. This is merely drama by DAP,” he said.

      He said that DAP should prove their sincerity if they are really against hudud by pulling out of the Opposition coalition before PAS tables the bill in Parliament in June.

      Lim had hinted in his blog that Pakatan Rakyat parties may go their separate ways if hudud becomes a major issue.

      Lim referred to the previous Barisan Alternatif comprising PAS, DAP and Parti Keadilan Nasional, the forerunner of PKR, in 2001.

      DAP withdrew from the pact the same year after PAS refused to give up its dream of forming an Islamic state. The Barisan Alternatif was disbanded after the 2004 general election.

      PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang is expected to move a Private Member’s Bill at the Dewan Rakyat next month to pave the way for hudud to be implemented in Kelantan.

      The proposal has been strongly opposed by DAP, which is PAS’ ally in Pakatan Rakyat, and parties in Barisan Nasional including MCA, MIC and Gerakan.

    • DAP thugs and gangsters shooting one another, cost of bullets go up, cost of living also goes up says:

      Cost of life goes down among the DAP thugs and gangsters.

  2. Survey: Most Malaysians against GST, don’t trust Putrajaya to implement it says:

    Despite Putrajaya’s multi-million ringgit marketing blitz to promote the goods and services tax (GST), a survey by a private university still found that a majority of Malaysians are against the consumption tax due next April 1.

    Among other things, the survey by UCSI of 700 respondents showed that they do not accept the consumption tax, do not think the government can implement it effectively and that they are satisfied with the present tax system.

    In presenting the survey’s findings, UCSI poll research centre chief executive Dr Ngerng Miang Hong said that a significant number of respondents were also still uncertain about how the tax system would work.

    The survey’s findings echo the results of a similar poll in April and could hamper Putrajaya’s efforts to get the public to buy into the new tax system, which it says is necessary to raise government revenue.

    The survey’s most startling result found that 80% of respondents were not confident that the government would be able to implement GST effectively.

    A huge majority of respondents also felt that the new tax system may be effective in other countries but may be abused by the Malaysian government.

    A total of 41.7% strongly agreed with the assertion that GST “is more effective in other countries but may be abused by our government”, with 37.5% agreeing with that statement.

    Some 66% of respondents felt that the new tax will not improve the economy, while more than 83% of them believed that it will burden low- and middle-income citizens.

    And 59% did not feel that they could accept the GST, the survey showed.

    At the same time, 49% wanted the current sales and service tax system to continue versus 32% who felt that it was time to switch to the GST.

    To illustrate how people were still unsure about the effects of GST, Ngerng said about 45.9% said they were not sure how the tax affects their cost of living while more than 47% said they were sure.

    Ngerng said the survey was conducted both online and at face-to-face meetings with both rural and urban respondents between the ages of 20 and 45.

    Respondents were not identified according to ethnicity but claimed that they came from diverse backgrounds.

    Ngerng announced the results at a forum titled “GST: good or bad” at UCSI in Kuala Lumpur last night.

    The government plans to scrap the old sales and services tax system and replace it with a broad-based 6% GST tax that will be levied on almost everything except a list of essential goods in April next year.

    Some of the goods exempted from GST include fresh food, public transport, healthcare, domestic water and education fees.

    However, the tax has attracted wide public opposition with a May 1 rally against it attracting up to 15,000 people in Dataran Merdeka.

    A few days later, independent pollster Merdeka Center released a survey which showed that 62% of its respondents being against the consumption tax.

    The Merdeka Center survey also found that 33% of their respondents did not understand how the new system would work.

    Its critics said the GST would hit disproportionately low- and middle-income earners but the Datuk Seri Najib Razak administration claimed it was necessary to trim the national deficit.

    Putrajaya then announced it was spending RM250 million to explain the new tax to the public and to train businesses on how to use it.

    A speaker at the UCSI forum from Barisan Nasional Youth, Neil Foo Seck Chyn, said that enforcement was key to ensuring that the new tax system did not lead to a sharp hike in prices next year.

    Foo said according to the Finance Ministry, only 10% of a list of 689 common items were expected to go up in price once the GST was implemented.

    “Many of the things we consume now, such as teh tarik, already have a 10% sales tax levied on it. It’s just that we don’t realise it because businesses include it in the final price they charge us,” said Foo, who is BN Youth strategist.

    “But when we take away the 10% and replace it with 6%, the price should come down. But it is up to the government to enforce this so that businesses do not try to charge us 10% and add 6%.”

    Another speaker, Ong Kian Ming of DAP, however, said businesses have no incentive to lower prices even if the prices of raw materials were lower because of GST.

    Also, there is very little assurance that the government will be more accountable in how it uses the extra revenue earned from the system.

    “If you collect more money without accountability, you will just end up wasting more,” said Ong, referring to wastage in government spending, highlighted in the yearly auditor general reports.

    It was reported that in its first year, GST will earn the government an additional RM3 billion.

    However, Pakatan Rakyat claimed that leakages in the BN government’s spending cost taxpayers between RM25 billion and RM40 billion a year.

    • PAS and DAP set to collide over hudud says:

      PAS and DAP appear to be on a collision course as the Islamist party seeks to meet its Pakatan Rakyat partner to know why it is dead set against Kelantan’s move to enforce hudud laws.

      State Hudud Technical Com­mittee chairman Datuk Amar Nik Abdullah said PAS would first give a full briefing to DAP and PKR leaders.

      “We will furnish all the necessary explanations to DAP and PKR; whether they want to ac­­cept it or otherwise is immaterial to us as we will still push for two Private Member’s Bills to be tabled at the Dewan Rakyat to pave way for the law to be enforced in Kelantan.

      “It is only fair that we inform DAP our reasons to implement the law. If they choose not to accept it, we are adamant to pave the way for such laws to be imposed in Kelantan,” Mohd Amar, who is also Kelantan Deputy Mentri Besar, told reporters at his office yesterday.

      Mohd Amar said hudud laws had been accepted in Kelantan a long time ago before the existence of Pakatan Rakyat and that “it is DAP’s right to reject it”.

      “We cannot force it down their throats, but as far as we are concerned DAP has no reason to oppose the law to be practised in Kelantan.

      “The law has already been drafted. All we need is to fine tune it by getting expert views before finalising it to be tabled in Parliament.

      “PAS will also go on a roadshow at state level and later to the whole of Malaysia to explain the law to the public especially to non-Muslims and its impact on them,” he added.

      However, there seems to be an internal hurdle within the state government in its bid to push for hudud.

      The PAS central committee has stepped in to review Kelantan’s proposed timeline to push for the Bills in June.

      Party insiders said the central committee wanted to ensure the right strategy was used to push the Bills at an opportune time following objections from PKR and DAP.

      PKR secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution had also said that Pakatan had not reached a consensus on hudud.

      The PAS central committee had on April 12 given the mandate to its political and election bureau to look into the matter.

      Kelantan needs a two-thirds support in the Dewan Rakyat to amend the Constitution in order to implement the Syariah Criminal Code enactment.

      Even if PAS succeeds in getting all the 135 Muslim MPs from across the political divide to support its hudud agenda, it would need at least 13 more votes from non-Muslim MPs.

    • Whatever you do, don't let DAP/ Pakatan Rakyat bite you like Suarez is said to have done says:

      Luis Suarez, Uruguay striker, charged by FIFA for biting an Italian player on the shoulder.

      But if DAP wants to bite PAS and PKR, let them. If any one wants to bite Anwar, please do so at the right place.

    • The words "don't trust" are reserved only for Pakatoon Rakyat blokes says:

      Foreign investors also don’t trust DAP Penang now, FDI goes down by 900 percent or nine times since the time BN ruled Penang.

    • Lim Lynn says:

      Don’t believe any poll from UCSI since most of them aren’t pro BN mostly pro PR PSM DAP PKR PAS.

  3. 1Malaysia just a political gimmick says:

    Barisan National does not respect the rights of non-Muslims, including parental rights over their own children.

    DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s brainchild, 1Malaysia, was truly dead and buried.

    He said this was so from the moment Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin declared in 2010 that he was a Malay first and a Malaysian second.

    “Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Jamil Khir Baharom’s declaration that Malaysia is not a secular but an Islamic state, was an outrageous attempt to change the basic framework of the Federal Constitution derived during Merdeka in 1957.

    “The BN government is taking this unconstitutional step when the Supreme Court in 1988 in the case of Che Omar Che Soh vs Public Prosecutor decided that the law in this country was secular.

    “Our founding Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman was first recorded telling Parliament on May 1, 1958: ‘I would like to make it clear that this country is not an Islamic state as it is generally understood; we merely provide that Islam shall be the official religion of the state’,” Guan Eng said on his blog.

    He said Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia’s third Prime Minister and father of current Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein Onn supported Tunku by rejecting the notion that Malaysia was an Islamic state, saying, “the nation can still be functional as a secular state with Islam as the official religion”.

    “Jamil Khir followed up with a second shock on non-Muslims by maintaining that unilateral religious conversion of a child to Islam by either one parent is allowed by the Federal Constitution and thus does not plan to amend any law to change the situation.

    “His statement violates the 2009 Cabinet decision banning unilateral conversion of minors by just one parent as announced by former de facto Law Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz.”

    Lim asked if MCA and Gerakan were still willing to join a Barisan Nasional Cabinet that could not keep its promises and instead supported the notion that Malaysia was an Islamic state and unilateral conversion to Islam of minors by either one parent was sufficient?

    He said DAP would stand up against efforts by extremist and racist forces in BN to change the character and identity of the Federal Constitution.

    We will stand up against those who intend to disrupt the harmonious, multicultural and multiracial lifestyle of all Malaysians regardless of race and religion.

    “Malaysia can never achieve genuine national unity and national integration if rights of non-Muslims’ are not respected and they are not allowed to live with dignity as provided for in the Federal Constitution.”

    • ISMA accused DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang of wanting to destroy the Malay race, language and their culture says:

      Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) deputy president Aminuddin Yahaya today accused DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang of wanting to destroy the Malay race, language and their culture.

      “Kit Siang does not have to pretend or hide any longer.

      “The fact is, he wants to wipe out (menghapuskan) the Malay race, Malay language and Malay culture. Since the 1960s, he has been against the Malays,” he said.

      Aminuddin said this is clear based on DAP’s constitution which champions socialism, an ideology that is in contradiction with Islam, reported news portal Malaysiakini, citing a report by Ismaweb.

      “This proves that DAP is anti-Islam,” he was quoted as saying.

      The Isma leader also claimed that DAP’s support for the Interfaith Council, Comango and the use of the term Allah by non-Muslims also revealed the party’s “forked tongue”.

      • aiya anak bapok says:

        Dap anti Islam? What a joke! Dyana is christian kot.

        • aiya says:

          The name sounds like Christian name but the race I’m not sure…… could it be a Christian in disguise…..

        • DAP has been known as anti-Malay, anti-Islam and caused the race riots of 1969 says:

          Since party formation over 40 years ago DAP picked up Lee Kuan Yew’s slogan so-called Malaysian Malaysia, wanting equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

          They in fact subverted that Special Position and have therefore been anti-Malays and anti-Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak as well.

          • Lim Lynn says:

            PSM DAP PKR PAS have that one top 100 the most important checklist. It happen to be No 1 in the checklist.

  4. Happy and Proud Malaysians says:

    We are happy and proud of our Raja Raja Melayu, our Government and country. What a great and blessed life we have here in Malaysia.

    We would like to wish the few who are complaining and are planning to leave this beautiful country all the best and a wonderful start in their new place of residence. We also hope they will eventually find inner peace.

    • Anonymous says:

      I support that very strongly. The more of the ungrateful ingrate pendatangs migrate, the better.

    • No other choice but migrate for those who don't like this country and its Constitution says:

      Yes, when they migrate, they will be happy and we who remain behind will also be happy. Win-win situation.

      Even well known personalities have said those who don’t like this country and its system under the Constitution should migrate.

      Many have but many still not yet.

  5. Penang sets up scholarship fund to counter brain drain says:

    In a bid to stem the outflow of talent, Penang is setting the Penang Future Foundation Fund providing full scholarships to Malaysian students – See more at:

    The scholarship will be open to all Malaysians regardless of race, religion, gender and geographical location, although he added that priority will “naturally be given to Penangites”.

    One of the conditions of the scholarship is that all sponsored students will be required to work for eight years in Penang either in the public or private sector.

    the state government has adopted a three-prong approach to build human talent by giving annual allocation to schools, attracting world-class universities and introducing vocational education with industry, as well as building Learning Centres and Science Cafes to stress on teaching of Science, Technology, English and Maths.

    The Penang Future Foundation Fund is another of the state’s effort towards retaining human talent within the state and Malaysia.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like something modeled like the Singaporean scholarships awarded to Malaysians…who study there and eventually brainwashed and work and live there. Of course, on paper it is “open” to all Malaysians like what the Penang(Pulau Pinang) state government is planning to do like the article above…..

      The Singapore scholarships are ALMOST exclusively awarded to Malaysian chinese!!!!


      • Malaysia fails to be in top 100 Asian universities list says:

        Not one of the local universities were considered as among the top 100 higher learning institutions in Asia, according to Times Higher Education (THE) Asia University Rankings 2014.

        This is despite Putrajaya’s claim that Malaysia has one of the best education systems in the world – better than United States, Britain and Germany.

        The THE Asia University Rankings 2014 was topped by University of Tokyo followed by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the University of Hong Kong.

        Last year, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) made the list, clinching the 87th spot.

        Malaysia’s closest neighbours, Singapore and Thailand, each had two of its universities ranked in the top 100.

        While NUS secured the 2nd spot, Nanyang Technological University clinched the 11th spot.

        Thailand’s King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Thonburi was at the 50th spot while Mahidol University took the 82nd spot.

        Japan sported 20 universities in the top 100 list, while China followed closely behind with 18 universities.

        Turkey, Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia made significant strides, with five Turkish universities making the list while the rest with three universities each.

        Lebanon’s American University of Beirut clinched the 86th spot.

        Having only three universities in the list last year, India chartered further success this year with 10 of its universities making the list.

        Among the criteria used to assess the universities are a university’s reputation for research excellence among its peers, research influence by capturing the number of times its published work is cited by scholars globally and the perceived prestige of institutions in both research and teaching.

        Phil Baty, editor of the THE Rankings, noted Malaysia as one of the Asian countries which invested heavily in higher education and research.

        “Although the United States remains the world’s largest investor in research and development ($429 billion (£255 billion) in 2011), its share of global spending is falling while that of the powerful Asian economies is rising,” he said.

        “Between 2001 and 2011, the US’ share fell from 37 to 30%, the European Union’s dropped from 26 to 22% and Asia’s (including China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan) increased from 25 to 34%, according to the US National Science Foundation,” he added.

        Despite this, Malaysia has failed to not only make the list this year, but also to qualify in the THE Top 100 Universities Under 50 years old for the second year running, released in May this year.

        The rankings saw four Asian universities ranked among the top 10 of the world’s young universities, including South Korea’s Pohang University of Science and Technology which took the top spot, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (3rd), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (4th) and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (5th).

        In the first list in 2012, UKM was ranked 98th.

        By contrast, Baty said South Korea spent 4% of its gross domestic product worth $60 billion, in 2011.

        The country now has 14 universities in the THE Asia University Rankings 2014, including three in the top 10.

        • Anonymous says:

          Cukup lah tu…henti lah memfitnah. Kau ni orang pakatan ke? Hanya orang pakatan yang kuat menipu dan memfitnah.

          • Anonymous says:

            Kalau ko pandai sangat bagilah hujah. Ini pulak asyik cukup lah, hentikan lah. Umno dah tak ada cendikiawan kah ?

          • Anonymous says:

            Kalau bagi hujah yang pandai, anjing pakatan tak boleh handle!!!

        • All sorts of ridiculous groups claiming to be experts in analysing standards of Asian universities, including stupid DAP says:

          And stupid DAP will claim Chung Ming or Sun Yat Sen University is the best in the world.

          They are the best at teaching Ultra Kiasu-ism.

          They also produce all sorts of degrees, including fake ones that Dong Zong (administrator of Chinese schools) President Yap Tian Sin uses. So many that Yap uses two of them.

    • No brain drain as far as ungrateful ingrate pendatangs are concerned says:

      Those who don’t respect the Constitution and unwilling to live by the Constitution and all the sensitive clauses therein should migrate.

      However genius they may be – which is not likely anyway – they will not be a loss to the country if they leave.

    • Lim Lynn says:

      Cure to Brain drain is to give good salary and perks to Overseas Malaysians to return back home.

      • BRAIN says:


        • No other choice but migrate for those who don't like this country and its Constitution says:

          If giving scholarships assures them migrating and not coming back, let Tokong Lim give as many scholarships as possible.

          Including one to himself.

  6. wifi free says:

    my aims is to give business to cronies but not to provide good connectivity services to the people. i u wanna good connectivity please get the non free version lar!

    • aiya says:

      The Wi-Fi connectivity is down the toilets with slow speed of less than 0.06Mbps and at most of the time no connectivity but the CRONIES connectivity gets the priority with at least 60Mbps and ALL the times got HIGH priority connectivity …… so what are us the Rakyat to the tokong……

    • Lim Lynn says:

      About Free WIFI really low connectivity and low bandwidth to be used by Penang WIFI users. In this world nothing is free since it’s free means it’s useless service wasting tax payers money.

  7. Why is PAS suddenly finding Hindu temple offensive? says:

    The Star today reported that PAS Bangi’s elected representative Shafie Ngah had sent a letter to Selangor Menteri Besar for the Sri Maha Karu Mariamman Hindu temple in Persiaran Bangi to be relocated for several reasons. This included the location and size apart from protecting Muslim sensitivities.

    The letter was also sent to the temple committee, land office, Kajang Municipal Council and the state Non-Islamic Affairs Committee chairman Datuk Teng Chang Kim.

    It is said that their agenda to implement hudud is already seen as divisive and liable to destroy the racial unity in Malaysia.

    About 97% of residents in Bangi were Muslims. who preferred attending religious and educational classes.

    Leave Pakatan, PAS?

  8. anony. says:

    Penang Free wifi is equivalent to Selangor free water, yes a lot of abandoned tin mine full of contaminated water. That’s how these bastards run the states and we have “cartoons” supporting them and they deserved what they have sown.

    • aiya anak bapok says:

      We the selangor residents have no complaints, why you guys nak sibuk?
      Real stupid babis!

      • We in Selangor have had enough of Pakatan! says:

        We can’t wait to vote back the BN government in Selangor and ending the misery under Pakatan!

        • aiya anak bapok says:

          Tak suka PR? More than welcome to migrate to states under BN. We dont need stupid pigs and extremists in selangor. Go and join your tiga line bastards.

          • Anonymous says:

            We’ll take back Selangor AND Pulau Pinang!

            BN forever!

          • Migration is only for ungrateful ingrate pendatangs says:

            Migration is only for those leaving the country to live in another country. Not from one state to another, stupid.

            And when are you going to migrate, you fake aiya DAP bastard?

          • Lim Lynn says:

            Fake Aiya the real word is transfer your whole family to another state not using migrate word. Next time you should check your English dictionary.

  9. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    Najib’s call to Umno to emulate ISIL terrorists a COVERT call for BLOOD POLITICS – Bersih warns

    BERSIH 2.0 condemns in the strongest language Prime Minister Najib Razak’s call upon UMNO members to emulate the ‘bravery’ of Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIS, also known as ISIL) terrorists and views this as a grave threat to parliamentary democracy.

    ISIS has been committing gruesome crimes against humanity of beheading and indiscriminate killing of civilians and prisoners of war. The group is turning Iraq and Syria into another killing field of ethno-religious hatred after the former Yugoslavia and Burundi-Rwanda.

    Najib’s praise for ISIS is an assault to humanity and civilisation. His call for its emulation is a covert call for the politics of blood.
    Damn right it is. Overt, covert, mat vert, we are ready to rumble

    • Bersih is not a relevant entity says:

      Oh, bersih is still around ah?

      Thought they had already gone deaf and mute or finally laid to rest because they were acting like nothing’s wrong during the PKR elections.

      Oh wait, that’s right. They are a biased group.

      • Bersih is just pretending going round fund raising when Anwar Al Juburi has arranged funds for them from Neocons, Jews and Zionists in US says:

        Targeting RM800,000 fund raising, they must be spending money like water. What for? Buying ambulances, medical kits etc for those dehydrated, fainted and unconscious blokes doing demos on the streets?

        Peaceful Assembly Act does not allow them to demo on the streets, isn’t it? Certainly only allowed at places OK-ed by the Police. The Police must not allow them street demos, causing traffic jams and inconveniencing the public.

        • Lim Lynn says:

          Anwar Ibrahim raising funds for his supporters? You must be joking. Even though he could raise funds for medical aid to stand by for his supporters. Seems he forgotten one single detail that’s paramedics who are trained to deal with emergency situation. That’s the real deal not the wayang kulit show of force.

  10. aiya anak bapok says:

    PR memang macam pukimak……UMNO dan BN adalah yang terbaik!

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t worry, at least you’ve realized that now….better late than never!

      • aiya anak bapok says:

        Hahaha, so desperate ah aiya? Calling yourself the son of bapok ?

        • aiya says:

          The TRUE aiya NEVER desperate only the FAKE aiya or aiya CELUT do desperate….. the TRUE aiya is a WARRIOR….

          • Must congratulate the original aiya, he must be so smart and important that Pakatoon wants to emulate and masquerade him says:

            Like Joe Cool, the original aiya also has a secret admirer.

          • aiya anak bapok says:

            PR memang macam pukimak……UMNO dan BN adalah yang terbaik!

  11. I every time emailed this website post page to all my friends, because if
    like to read it after that my links will too.

  12. aiya anak bapok says:

    PR memang macam pukimak……UMNO dan BN adalah yang terbaik!

  13. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    DAP should quit the Selangor EXCO for not being able to get MAIS/ JAIS to return the bibles

    • Anonymous says:

      Unless they became Evangelical just for the fun of carrying such names as Tony, Jimmy, Dicky, Mickey, Blimey, Slimy, Shorn, Claude, Teresa, Wendy, Killian, Gaylon, Ollie, Hollie, Polly, Klistie, Howie, Enus, Hannah, Savanah ..

  14. The ungrateful ingrate pendatangs will always want more, more, and more despite giving very little says:

    Chinese leaders lament lack of ‘high-profile’ posts for MCA, Gerakan
    The Sun Daily – ‎8 hours ago‎

    KUALA LUMPUR: Chinese community leaders welcomed the return of MCA and Gerakan to the Cabinet but are disappointed that they were not given more significant portfolios such as the posts of international trade and industry minister and housing and ..

    • Anonymous says:

      I read somewhere we should have a cabinet of 100 to cater to everybody.

      And create high-sounding and important looking Cabinet posts.

      • Koyak says:

        Minister of Cakwat Affairs. Another one for Ah Long Businesses. And, most importantly, Minster of Ungrateful Ingrate Pendatangs.

  15. Poor Khalid will gagap lagi, as MB Selangor using money politics pun tak dapat jadi Ketua Bahagian Kuala Selangor says:

    Khalid defeated in Kuala Selangor PKR divisional elections

    PETALING JAYA: Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has been defeated by former Kapar MP S. Manickavasagam for the Kuala Selangor PKR division chief’s post.

    Manickavasagam’s public relationship with Khalid is a strained one, with the former accusing the Selangor MB of involvement in money politics. Khalid has vehemently denied the allegations.

    • Anonymous says:

      The man has tasted money, his RM66 mill bank loan problem solved, he’d use anything to stay in power.

      The water issue, included. Anything moving after he signed the MOU with the Federal gomen before the start of the party elections? He got help olely in solving his bank loan problem, innit?

  16. And the other Khalid nakkan undi sanggup bontotkan Islam says:

    ‘I’m against Mais’ chauvinist interpretation of Islam’
    The Rakyat Post – ‎4 hours ago‎

    PAS Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad says Malays are not stupid people who can be easily led into apostasy because of an inability to differentiate between religions.

    Macam Khalid gagap MB, “the other Khalid” pun tak pedulikan hal Gereja Metodis Damansara Utama letak Al Kitab Bible atas meja di tempat dududh 12 orang pompuan yang di “ajak berbuka puasa di gereja di bulan Ramadhan” – gila punya koja, apa tak cubaan apostasy nya, stupid Khalid wei.

    • Anonymous says:

      He should go to Syria and retrieve the PAS fighters going Al Qaeda way over there.

      • Koyak says:

        Siapa mau caya PAS saying the Baling bloke is no longer a PAS member.

        Kalau dia tak mampuih kena tembak or bom di Syria, lanti dia balik Malaysia sure lead some PAS group again, man.

  17. Ini pulak ungrateful ingrate tapi bukan pendatang, di letak dek Najib di Petronas says:

    Petronas chief executive officer Tan Sri Shamsul Azhar Abbas lamented the fact that Petronas was under pressure to back inexperienced businesses, while he was more interested in stressing the importance of meritocracy.

    “In 2010, we structured the whole organisation, including the composition of the board…I brought in new capable people. The talk was that I got rid of all the government servants, brought in the non-Malays, opened up Petronas, which belongs to the Malays, to the non-Malays.

    “Are we not interested in competence? This is a predicament I am facing at this point of time…I am being pulled back by politics, by interested parties, by parties with vested interests, by agendas that are outdated…I am a Malay too. I am proud to be one. You think I don’t want to help my own people. Of course, I want to help them but in the proper way. Not through handouts and spoon-feeding, ” said in the interview published on June 21.

    Dato Ibrahim Ali, who finds any discussion on meritocracy and competence offensive, has found much wrong with what Shamsul said and now is calling for his head.

    You can bet that there will be a steady drum beat from now on for Shamsul to step down as Petronas CEO.

    Najib also should be called to step down for bringing that Shamsul in, hammering that Mustapaha Ong into the Petronas BOD, etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      He should apply for an oil and gas job in Russia. They have a lot of meritocracy, competition and competence there.

      • Koyak says:

        Or go pigi ka oil companies operating oil rigs off the Scottish coast.

        The Scots are very independent minded, what. Asked fro independence from Britain siutak banyak ratus tahun lorr. Sikalang balu mau atak referendum.

        That Shamsul can help carry the Scottish flag during the referendum, what.

        What a sham of a sul.

  18. And where is the bloke who commented in here about Malaysia's universities not well ranked? says:

    Three Malaysian profs rank among world’s leading scientific minds

    Three Malaysian academics are among the world’s leading scientific minds. The scholars who made the Thomson Reuters “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds” are: Prof Dr Abdul Latif Ahmad from Universiti Sains Malaysia ’s school of chemical engineering, Prof Dr Ishak Hakim…

  19. And keras kepala Nurul Izzah is stubborn like the bontot man father says:

    Report: Nurul Izzah insisted on divorcing husband

    KUALA LUMPUR: Attempts at a reconciliation between Nurul Izzah Anwar and her husband Raja Ahmad Shahrir Iskandar Raja Salim failed as the Lembah Pantai MP insisted on pressing ahead with the divorce, according to a reconciliation committee report.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wonder who is servicing her these days. Advisory services, I mean.

      Never mind what I didn’t mean. Just imagine it.

    • aiya says:

      She could have tasted other forbidden fruits from the 40,000 bangla and it tastes much better …. that’s why she insist on divorcing the husband ……

      • Koyak says:

        I sure would love to hear more. I hear she is descended from those who have mixed blood. She does receive mixed blood, too, after marriage, eh?

  20. And the ungrateful ingrate pendatangs still want to share the same bed with fellows like in the report below? says:

    PAS leader among Malaysian jihadists in Syria

    PETALING JAYA: PAS Dewan Ulama member and Kedah PAS Youth information chief Ustaz Lotfi Ariffin has been identified as one of the Malaysians who have travelled to Syria to join a militant movement.

    Tomorrow The Star will run exclusive stories on Malaysians believed to have been recruited by the ruthless Jabhat al-Nusra or the Al Nusra Front, an Al Qaeda off shoot behind beheadings and murders, operating in Syria and Lebanon.

    Another Malaysian militant, who has been featured prominently on pro-militant websites and blogs, is former 90s Malay pop group drummer, Akil UK’s, which had a string of hit songs.

    He is said to have been influenced by Lotfi and had joined the latter in entering Syria, where both are seen heavily armed and in fatigues.

    • Anonymous says:

      DAP will use secret societies, thugs and gangsters to counter the PAS Al Qaeda jihadists.

      Don’t know who will end up sleeping on the cement floor.

      • Lim Lynn says:

        I wonder if ISIS will scare the shit out of DAP while they might still give a huge effect on intimidating gangsters DAP use.

  21. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    Will the queen of religious freedom and the idiot Teluk Intan losing candidate end up as old sexless spinsters like Theresa Kok?

    • Anonymous says:

      Correction, Joe – not sexless, but their sex overtures rejected by men!

      Who’d want to have sex with or get sexually attracted to strange thinking witches? Those who’d want to poke her are not thinking of sex but just poking. And who says can’t poke women politicos? Anything is game – the bloody DAPs started that kind of anything is game, what. Subversion, sedition and all.

      And the Kok woman didn’t even spell her name correctly like you did, Joe. With that kind of face and thinking, she would have been able to tell the person writing her birth certificate the correct spelling if she wanted to!

      • Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

        Anonymous, I suppose most men would want to screw them. (Well maybe not Theresa)

        But can these super ego, “I am a politician therefore I am emancipated bitches” even be able to maintain a stable relationship with any man?

        (Dyana, if she read this will probably do her now famous “Who me? I know nothing” raising of the shoulder. What an idiot?)

        • Anonymous says:

          I wonder what Suarez would do if those two women are around him when he is on the compulsive mood – bite each one at the right places maybe.

          Now that he is on a 4 months match ban, would some one please invite Suarez here and bring him to small gatherings where they speak.

          I want to hear the shrieking when he bites. At the right places maybe no shrieking, just groaning for more!

          • Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

            But not in Selangor, please Anonymous.

            Because of water rationing. Susah Saurez mahu mandi after the biting

          • Koyak says:

            Yes, yes, sure Suarez would want to mandi. But not those two bitches.

            They would keep the parts Suarez touch protected from water for ages. Imagine, socked by an international soccer star.

            Never mind the smell. Especially the dry parts that go moist when touched. Ooops, the Kok woman may not be moist at all any more.

  22. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    Tony warns MB Khalid: HEADS MUST ROLL if there is another water rationing in S’gor

    It was just 10 days ago on 17 June 2014 that the Selangor State Government provided the guarantee that there will be no need for water rationing when the dry season hits in the next few weeks, exacerbated by the El Nino phenomenon.

    State executive councillor in charge of youth and sports, infrastructure and public utilities, Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi said that based on water levels at retention ponds and dams, the state has enough water to last for at least four to five months.

    He added, “at this point, we are guaranteeing that [water rationing] will not take place.”
    Is the PR government managing Selangor well?

    Sekarang in Selangor DUN, BN is the opposition, PR is the opposition, TS Khalid is the government.

    Apa punya gila babi ni?

    • Anonymous says:

      Gila babi in that the DAP buggers who eat babi have gone gila. As usual. Making wild allegations, yet doing the same things themselves, cakap tak serupa bikin.

      But I want to see DAP ease out PKR and PAS takes over MBship. That Khalid Samad periodically making noise hoping for that. Then plead to EC to create another DUN seat and he’ll resign MPship, contest for DUNship.

      All told, I hope one or more of them will abandon ship. Too many ships there.

      • Lim Lynn says:

        I don’t think they have that many choice of destinations to jump off board. Just wonder how long DAP and PKR will react toward PAS by leaving the PR.

      • aiya says:

        Khalid Samad can do another KAJANG MOVE by asking One Azizah to vacate her seat and let him contest her seat so that he can be the next MB……

  23. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    Is the DAP able to stay in power in Penang only because of those extreme Islamist (let’s go and bomb somebody in Syria or Iraq) supporting them?

    What will be the long term effect of DAP accepting the support these extreme Islamist?

    Is DAP working with the extreme Islamist in and outside Penang making these extreme Islamist stronger?

    Will there be young Malays who will be attracted to join PAS and then lead to the extreme Islamist route because they feel they can take over the federal government together with DAP help?

    Will these extreme Islamist force a kind of coup with PR and take over the whole government if PR was to win the federal election?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s burning candles at both ends. They got burnt in Teluk Intan. The girl (Tokong Lim’s word) Dyana got hot there, made hotter still when brought by Kitty Siang to apologize to Nik Aziz for her statements on Hudud in Teluk Intan.

      I don’t mind if she gets so hot as to undress … I mean, change to cooler dress … I mean … you all can guess what I mean.

  24. Laman Pro PKR Cadang Tukar Slogan ‘Reformasi’ Kepada ‘Reforkerusi’ says:

    Laman sosial pro PKR, ‘Archidea Cronixx’ (aq) mencadangkan parti menukar slogan ‘Reformasi’ kepada ‘Reforkerusi’ memandangkan insiden membaling kerusi sangat sinonim dengan pemilihan parti itu.

    “Boleh aq tukaq tagline REFORMASI ke REFOKERUSI untuk KEADILAN ?,” kata ‘aq,’ laman sosial yang dilihat cenderung membela Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

    Selain mencadangkan penukaran slogan, ‘aq’ turut memberitahu PKR sedang cuba untuk mengesan identitinya kerana membuat beberapa pendedahan apa yang sedang berlaku dalam parti sejak mutakhir ini.

    • Koyak says:

      How about “Reforlubangbasi”? Anwar Al Juburi must have new lubang from time to time. Front and back.

      He’s not associated with China Doll, Omega Watch, and the main actor in Sodomi I and Sodomi II for nothing.

  25. Guan Eng inhuman treatment of Wong Ho Leng says:

    When Adenan Satem came forward for Sarawak state government to help Wong Ho Leng, not many knew what was happening within DAP. An expose below now should enable us to understand what had transpired inside DAP and the manner they treat their own in times of needs.

    Irene Chang, the wife of YB Wong Ho Leng, the DAP MP for Sibu as well as the DAP Sarawak Chairman blasted her own party, the DAP for failing to provide or even offer any form of financial support to her husband in respect of his current medical treatment for brain tumour.

    Irene Chang was incensed and agitated when after reading the DAP’s media statement on January 13 (reproduced here below) issued by Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng which merely expressed the party’s moral support for the ailing MP.

    Irene is upset because she related that the family spent over AUD 40,000 (equivalent to RM124,000) in the initial treatment and diagnosis for Wong last month.

    The current treatment regime of radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment in Singapore for the next six weeks is expected to cost at least SGD 60,000 (equivalent to RM150,000) and if brain surgery by way of the latest cyber knife surgery is performed to remove the brain tumour, then the cost per surgery session will be an additional SGD30,000 (equivalent to RM70,000).

    This does not include the costs of lodging, subsistence and transport for the family, especially Irene who will be with her husband throughout the entire treatment period in Singapore.

    The first phase of treatment is for a period of six weeks and thereafter after an intermission period of 3 weeks for review and evaluation, Wong may be required to undergo second phase treatment for another six weeks.

    The total cost of related to the medical treatment for Wong may easily hit SGD 200,000 (equivalent to RM500,000) over the next three months.

    “Wong is only 53 years old and we have 5 children – 4 of them are still in school and college and universities and hence our financial resources are already very strained. His legal practice suffered after he was elected as the MP for Sibu because he is unable to concentrate full-time on his legal practice which is our main source of income for the family.

    As a DAP MP, he is expected to contribute a portion of his allowance to the party and more of often than not, the allowance itself is not sufficient to pay for all the related expenses of serving the people as an MP. Every month we have to top up another RM10,000 as additional expenses for serving the people and maintaining our Service Centres,” Irene said.

    She further said, “During the Sibu by-election and the Sarawak State election last year, we used up almost all of our personal savings of RM700,000 for campaign expenses as there was very little support from DAP HQ. Then we begged the Foo Chow clansmen and businessmen for donations and financial aid and we managed to raise over RM10 million from friends, relatives and well-wishers…I think we probably spent about RM4 million from that amount but the rest seemed to have been transferred from DAP Sarawak and disappeared into the party coffers in DAP HQ and we have no access to the funds…And now Wong is sick and we need money for his medical treatment and all that Guan Eng can say or do is that the party will support us morally and help service the constituency…Where is the humanitarian support to us in this time of difficulty? Not a single sen coming out from the party after all that we have done and achieved for the party. Shame on you Guan Eng.”

    “I heard from Wong complaining to me that the party gave Tony Pua RM1.3 million to produce the stupid Gangnam video for the recent National Convention…my God, they can spend RM1.3 million on videos but they cannot find it in their hearts to give a single sen to us for Wong’s medical treatment. The party leadership is truly heartless…”

    • Lim Lynn says:

      Irony lies where they realize PSM DAP PKR PAS aren’t philanthropic and welfare friendly shown by BN since they only care about profit and after they control of a state.

    • Koyak says:

      Where does DAP get the RM1.3 million to produce the stupid Gangnam video from?

      From the commission receuved from the housing developers who bought the 100+ acres Penang state land at Bayan Mutiara fo RM1.07 billion?

      Sals commision nowadays is anything up to 3.5%. If just at 2%, the commission would be RM20 million. The balance in Tokong Lim Switzerland bank numbered account? Anybody knows of Tokong Lim’s visits to Switzeland should speak up.

      Or in Singapore banks? PAP Singapore gomen will sure protect his name and huge Fixed Deposits there.

  26. Guan Eng dikompang hebat hingga FDI Penang tinggal RM1.8 billion untuk 2013 says:

    Pengerusi BN Pulau Pinang, Teng Chang Yeow berkata, FDI Pulau Pinang telah merudum dari RM10.451 bilion pada tahun 2010 menjadi RM1.794 bilion tahun lepas.

    Teng Chang Yeow menyelar Lim Guan Eng yang cuba menyembunyikan kebenaran apabila seringkali mendabik dada kononnya dia lebih telus berbanding Ketua Menteri terdahulu, Koh Tsu Koon.

    Dalam kenyataannya, Teng Chang Yeow berkata, Tsu Koon sentiasa bersedia untuk memberitahu angka FDI setiap tahun tetapi Lim Guan Eng, dalam usaha untuk mendabik dada, hanya menjumlahkan keseluruhan FDI dari tahun 2010 sehingga 2013 untuk menunjukkan jumlah RM20.517 bilion FDI ke Pulau Pinang. Sedangkan hakikatnya, Pulau Pinang sedang berhadapan dengan FDI yang semakin berkurangan.

    Lim Guan Eng sebenarnya cuba mengelirukan rakyat Pulau Pinang untuk menutup kelemahan pentadbirannya. Kejatuhan FDI di Pulau Pinang sepanjang pentadbiran Lim Guan Eng dan DAP sebenarnya sudah cukup untuk menggambarkan kelemahan Setiausaha Agung DAP itu.

    • Lim Lynn says:

      Jangan lupa Lim Guan Eng pandai dapat pelabur untuk Pulau Pinang malahan beritahu mereka jangan melabur dengan kerajaan pusat KL.

  27. Konsep pembangunan penindasan DAP dikembangkan ke Telok Bahang says:

    Model pembangunan Pulau Pinang ala DAP yang berteraskan apa yang orang asal Pulau Pinang punya walaupun hanya tinggal gerai tepi jalan dan rumah kampong yang usung harus dibinasakan untuk kepentingan kaum pendatang yang sudah kaya raya dan kini punya kuasa politik.

    Sering operasi merooh akan menggunakan penguatkuasa tempatan yang terdiri dari saki baki orang Melayu yang masih bergantung harap kepada pekerjaan kerajaan Pulau Pinang untuk dijalankan dengan pendatang cina generasi ke tiga dan empat bertepuk tangan suka melihat ditepi.

    Model pembangunan ini berkembang ke Telok Bahang Pulau PInang pagi semalam untuk meroboh kedai-kedai Melayu di tepi pantai mencari rezeki dari pelancung. Pastinya kedai-kedai kaum pendatang ini sudah siap sedia di tempatkan di dalam kedai-kedai berbumbung dan kompleks, mulalah menyebaran monopoli di teruskan.

    Pada pagi 9:30 semalam, Pantai Scout Camp, Teluk Bahang, BALIK PULAU telah dijalankan Operasi Ops Roboh oleh Pegawai dan kakitangan Pejabat Daerah dan Tanah Daerah Barat Daya. Semua dah di rancang secara halus apabila penguatkuasaan di serah bulat bulat kepada bangsa melayu dan kaum cina DAP bergelak ketawa lihat semua ni.

    Pengerusi JKKKN cuba merayu supaya gerai kepunyaan Zainal bin Awang tidak dirobohkan tapi pegawai yang menjalankan tugas tidak mampu membantu kerana itu adalah mata pencarianya.

    Siapa yg bersalah?? Tentulah kerajaan negeri yang MAHA ZALIM LEBIH ZALIM DARI FIRAUN LAKNATULLAH.

    Orang melayu Balik Pulau sekarang hanya mampu melihat dan tidak lagi mampu untuk berlawan. Inilah dikatakan jika Melayu hilang kuasa akibat perpecahan. MELAYU BILA NAK SEDAQ?

    • Koyak says:

      Sapa tindas DAP? Lim Guan Eng? Tak bagi ahli ahli yang tak suka dia dan geng datang mengundi di CEC Election/ Re-Election?

      Hingga dia dan geng la ni duduk di CEC haram, dah 2 tahun tak di iktiraf RoS?

  28. Peralat Melayu & Bumiputera untuk kayakan kroni says:

    Siasatan yang dilakukan terhadap projek konsesi pembinaan kampus UiTM mendapati, wujud syarikat Bumiputera yang bukan sahaja mempunyai ‘kepakaran’ dalam rundingan konsesi dengan kerajaan malah menyerahkan pula projek yang diperolehi kepada syarikat bukan Bumiputera.

    Ahli Parlimen Pandan, Rafizi Ramli berkata, kaedah rundingan terus yang digunakan pentadbiran Najib dengan berselindung di sebalik “private finance initiatives” (PFI) begitu mudah disalahgunakan dan terdedah kepada amalan rasuah.

    “Melalui kaedah rundingan terus ini, ahli perniagaan yang mempunyai akses dengan pimpinan Umno dan pegawai tinggi kerajaan berpeluang mendapat konsesi-konsesi yang diikat dalam tempoh yang lama dan boleh merugikan rakyat,” ujarnya.

    Beliau memberi contoh syarikat yang diberi konsesi membina kampus UiTM Kota Samarahan iaitu Rekajaya Projek Sdn Bhd yang turut dianugerahkan konsesi Lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur-Kuala Selangor (Latar) melalui satu konsortium.

    Syarikat-syarikat yang dikuasai ahli perniagaan ini, tambahnya boleh diibaratkan sebagai “pakar perunding konsesi” yang berurusan dengan Kerajaan Persekutuan.

    Bagaimanapun ujar beliau, sebaik berjaya mendapatkan konsesi-konsesi pembinaan, projek pembinaan diberikan pula kepada syarikat bukan Bumiputera sama ada melalui perkongsian (joint venture) atau sub-kontrak.

    “Di dalam kes pembinaan Lebuhraya LATAR dan UiTM cawangan Kota Samarahan, pembinaannya dikendalikan oleh Binapuri Holdings Berhad, sebuah syarikat pembinaan bukan Bumiputera yang disenaraikan di Bursa Kuala Lumpur,” dedah beliau.

    Rafizi menambah, semakan mendapati kos pembinaan dua projek konsesi itu dibiayai melalui pinjaman dengan Bank Pembangunan Berhad, sebuah bank milik penuh kerajaan.

    “Saya mengambil contoh konsesi penswastaan UiTM cawangan Kota Samarahan ini untuk menunjukkan bagaimana kaedah PFI yang dijadikan alasan untuk memberi anugerah konsesi kepada ahli-ahli politik Umno dan rakan perniagaan mereka sebenarnya samalah dengan Kerajaan Persekutuan menanggung sendiri kos pembiayaan tanpa perlu diikat dengan perjanjian konsesi 23 tahun yang membebankan rakyat,” ujarnya.

    Beliau berkata, alasan kononnya kontraktor Bumiputera berpeluang dianugerahkan projek melalui program konsesi juga diragui kerana jelas projek yang diperolehi diserahkan pula kepada syarikat bukan Bumiputera.

    Rafizi turut mempertikaikan pembiayaan projek melalui Bank Pembangunan, sebuah bank milik penuh Kerajaan Persekutuan.

    Menurutnya, jika kampus-kampus tersebut dibina sendiri kerajaan dengan meminjam dari Bank Pembangunan, pasti kos yang ditanggung adalah jauh lebih murah.

    “Siri penswastaan UiTM menjadi bukti bagaimana nama Melayu dan Bumiputera disalahgunakan untuk mengkayakan kroni Umno.

    “Saya akan terus bersuara mendesak kebertanggungjawaban dan ketelusan di dalam kaedah PFI supaya Umno tidak sewenang-wenangnya menganugerahkan konsesi yang akan membebankan rakyat kelak,” ujar beliau.

    • Anonymous says:

      Rapussy pondan doing what he does best……outing others while keeping himself locked in the “closet”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Rafizi has been digging out the money politics Khalid gagap been playing, the sources of funds he’s been using, to expose at the critical juncture to get Khalid out of the picture.

      He has failed to oust Khalid so far, the “Kajang Move” has led to Anwar’s move from Sungai Buluh prison to Kajang prison (on the cards), and the jambu Rafizi must satisfy Anwar politically (we know he satisfies Anwar personally) that his grand strategy would work before the prison sojourn.

      Remember, to Abang Nuar, Fizi was not appointed PKR Strategic Director for nothing.

      • Koyak says:

        Imagine if MCKK jambu Fizi would one day reveal the times Anwar sodomized him. Koyak. Rabak.

        The politics of this country would be thrown asunder, Azizah would drop dead, Fizi would get several million Ringgit and live happily ever after. Never mind the smell.

  29. HANDS OFF YOU NON-MALAYS! Petronas built by Malays, belongs to Malays ... Malaysia Chronicle - ‎4 hours ago‎ says:

    Thanks for saying so, Malaysia Chronicle.

  30. Malaysians to get incentives for having more kids? The Rakyat Post - ‎22 minutes ago‎ says:

    Please don’t give them to the monkeys kind. They’ll proliferate. And no space for us to breathe.

  31. What talk about re-count, silly? says:

    Khalid supporters want recount for Kuala Selangor polls.

    They kept the ballot boxes in the garage, what. Where got keep ’em in the vault?

    You open to re-count, you’ll find toilet paper and maggots also come out.

    Go fight it out some other way lah.

  32. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    When is the seditious kurang ajar biadap keling mirandi kudi Rayer going to be charge in court?

    Anybody know?

  33. Zahid: We have a collective responsibility to fight religious extremists says:

    But DAP will say that’s PAS’ job.

    PAS says, “That’s easy, we have sacked one Ustaz already. The others .. we’ll try to get help from Al Qaeda”.

    • Anonymous says:

      tun mahathir said malays now kill themselves for passage to heaven. they are misled – suicide deprives them of heaven.

      those going to syria also hope to go to heaven. if assad forces don’t whack them to smithereens.

      • aiya says:

        “malays now kill themselves for passage to heaven”

        Actually they don’t need to KILL themselves for passage to heaven …… they can just go and get the key to heaven from Nik Aziz …. he got the key to the gates of HEAVEN……..

  34. We need enlightened thinking, not rabble rousing - Anwar slams apex court says:

    See the extent the Al Juburi bastard goes in membontotkan Islam.

  35. Yes, 'Strip Malaysian terrorists of their citizenship'. But what about the ungrateful ingrate pendatangs? says:

    PETALING JAYA: Malaysians who take part in terrorist activities should be stripped of their citizenship, says MCA. Its publicity bureau chief, Chai Kim Sen, said that any act of terrorism must be viewed as an act of treason.

    Would he trace the acts of treason committed by the ungrateful ingrate pendatang? I can list a few, but let him say it out first.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yah…start with the racist communist pukimak lim!

    • aiya says:

      The ungrateful ingrate SHOULD be sent to Iraq or Syria or to the Taliban so that they can commits suicide there and don’t need to return to Malaysia ….and also bring along the al JUBUR i and the takong…….

  36. Stupid bastards don't even realize that even Penang, a small island plus a bit of the mainland, has two Deputy CMs says:

    ALL SHOW, NO ACTION: Guan Eng mocks Najib’s BLOATED Cabinet
    Malaysia Chronicle – ‎1 hour ago‎

    Small boy mentality of a so-called Chief Minister. Cakap tak serupa bikin bastard of a failed accountant.

  37. erkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali says he will quit Umno if the government accepts the three harmony bills proposed by the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC). Many thousands of others will, too, including me and friends. says:

    Malaysia Chronic News calls it NEXUS OF HATE. But what has been established for over 40 years is that it’s DAP that has been spewing hate all this while, until it they caused the race riots of 1969.

    The Malaysia Chronic News, Tian Chua and others joined the band wagon in recent times. Bloody bastards always full of hate. Subversive, seditious always. They should be banned from this country.

    • Anonymous says:

      send them to china. firing squad there.

    • Najib's so-called liberal politics trying to remove the tools for maintaining peace and harmony among the races have led to subversive and seditious acts, questioning even the decision of the highest court of the land says:

      Isn’t this kind of remarks subverting the authority of Federal Court and being seditious?

      ‘Bumiputera Christians now instant criminals’
      Free Malaysia Today – ‎12 hours ago‎

      PETALING JAYA: The upshot of the Federal Court ruling on the Allah case has made Bumiputera Christians “instant criminals”, a Sarawak Christian group said.

      The Sarawak Ministers’ Fellowship (SMF) said the majority of the Bumiputera Christians were from Sabah and Sarawak who used the Bibles containing the word Allah.

      In the recent ruling, the Federal Court has disallowed the Catholic Church from using the word Allah for God in its Catholic weekly, the Herald.

      The SMF, an umbrella group for evangelical missions in Sarawak, said thousands of Sarawakian Christians who worked or studied in the peninsula were barred from using Allah in their Bibles.

      And Najib is planning to remove the Sedition Act? Perhaps causing the authorities only caustioning and warning, not charging as many seditious blokes as possible? I agree that UMNO should remove Najib.

    • A court in China sentenced 25 members of a banned religious group to prison and the 1.2 billion Chinese kept quiet. The highest court in Malaysia ruled on the kalimah Allah, look at the seditious remarks that came out. says:

      A Chinese court has sentenced 25 members of a banned religious group Quannengshen, or the Church of Almighty God religious movement,
      to prison terms of up to eight years, state media said on Friday, the largest in a series of prosecutions against a group that China calls an illegal cult.

      The Quannengshen members were charged with spreading cult materials in public places, disturbing social order and undermining national laws and regulations, state news agency Xinhua said, citing a ruling from the Xiji County People’s Court in northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region on Thursday.

    • The country is going to the dogs now yet Najib continues wanting to remove the tools for the maintenance of peace and harmony. UMNO should remove Najib says:

      Dr M: Malays now willing to kill for passage to heaven

      PETALING JAYA: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad lamented the fact that Malays are now willing to kill themselves in order to go to heaven.

      “Not only that, but they are also willing to kill other Muslims because of political and ideological difference.

      “(But) We have not heard of any ulama give an opinion or make a fatwa on the actions.

      “If they think suicide and killing more Muslims will lead them to heaven, perhaps more Malays will wrap bombs around their bodies and detonate themselves in order to kill many unknown Muslims and not be enemies with them,” he said in his blog,

      Those who were killed were not enemies of our people or the country, he said, noting the attacks in places like Iraq and Syria.

  38. These seditious blokes will be emboldened if Najib repeals the Sedition Act - don't discard it, Najib, or UMNO should discard you says:

    KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court ordered political activist Haris Ibrahim’s sedition case be heard .. allowing the prosecution’s preliminary objection, dismissing Haris’ attempt to strike out the charge.

    Haris was charged with four others with uttering seditious words at a public forum at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall in Jalan Maharaja Lela between 8.55pm and 11.15pm on May 13, last year.

    Counsel Gobind Singh Deo argued the strike out application was .. questioning the validity of the Sedition Act based on how it was enacted.

    What shit questioning the validity of the Sedition Act when his own father was found guilty of Sedition but escaped sentence execution when he went dead.

    • Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

      Hopefully Haris ABU will soon be Haris MLU (Masuk Lock-Up)

  39. Bloody shit Malaysiakini going weak in the knees now seeking to recuse judicial commissioner in Najib’s suit on grounds of potential bias says:

    The tottering Malaysia Kini will of course say all Judges and Judicial Commissioners have potential bias. Do they hope they’ll get away without being tried, those dumb bastards?

    KUALA LUMPUR: The publisher of online portal Malaysiakini and two of its editors are applying to recuse Judicial Commissioner Datuk Kamaludin Md Saidfrom from presiding in the defamation suit filed by Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak against them, claiming a danger of bias.

  40. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    Is the DAP putting the Malaysian way of life, her economic growth and the secular political system in jeopardy because of their cooperation with PAS and the extreme Islamic group?

    • Anonymous says:

      DAP never had a Malaysian way of life. Maybe they have a Sun Yat Sen way of life. Of rebellion against established authority.

      Tokong Lim officiated the opening of a building named Sun Yat Sen who had nothing to do with this country except tumpang duduk when running away from the turmoil of the evolution in China.

      Tokong Lim wants the Chinese to think of Sun Yat Sen lawan gomen in China. So how to say DAP ever putting a Malaysian way of life?

      DAP cooperation with PAS only for the purpose of fighting the established authority in the country. The damn tokong, a title given by no less than Mansor, the PKR Chief in Penang.

      • Lim Lynn says:

        I thought Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng loves Mao why don’t name that building with Mao since Sun Yat Sen not that liberal minded as they tend to be. Sun Yat Sen really overthrow Qing Dynasty.

        • Anonymous says:

          They know this country has been anti-communist of the Mao variety for a long, long time. They are aware that promoting Mao would get them behind bars. Subversive Kit Siang already experienced 2 years behind ISA bars in Kamunting. At most, he would just call for communist terrorist leader Chin Peng be allowed to enter Malaysia. The Government didn’t allow even his dead body, not even his ashes, to be brought in.

          But on Sun Yat Sen issue, its the idea of overthrowing established authority that Tokong Lim wants the Chinese to subtly realize and be aware all the time. Sun Yat Sen was a symbol of that, of revolution, a word nobody even dares to use in this country unless maybe if Najib, having discarded the ISA, now discards the Sedition Act before UMNO discards him.

          The Qing dynasty is a part of the Manchu dynasty that was set up after the Manchurian Army (Manchuria a foreign country until after World War II) were allowed in by a traitor Chinese General who opened the gates of the Great Wall in north east China in the 17th century, the Manchus occupied and ruled China from then until the 20th Century.

          After hundreds of years of Manchu occupation and rule, it became ingrained in the average Chinese mind to hate foreigners. That’s what the blasted Guang Eng and DAP Chinese have been trying to exploit – hate the “foreigners” – the Malays and the Malay-led government in this country. The Red Beans propaganda-ed that the Orang Aslis are the original settlers of this country, the bastards refusing to read History or the book “The Malay Civilization” published by the Historical Society of Malaysia that says the Orang Aslis are a part of the Keluarga Besar or Rumpun Melayu of proto-Malays, deutero-Malays, Malayo-Polynesians and Austronesians who originated in this Malay Archipelago – which includes the Malay Peninsula – some 6,000 years ago.

          Damn nasty, subversive and subtle ways Tokong Lim and the DAP bastards have been using. Most Malaysians are not aware of this, and they must be made aware, so that they can shit him and them who believe in DAP hate “foreigners”/ Malays propaganda, whack them and knock their heads (verbally). And shoo those who don’t respect and are unwilling to live by the Constitution of the country to migrate.

  41. Olek Skilgannon says:

    Enough of this. When are you going to stop the lies ? Nobody believes in this blog anymore. This blog is smut. Stop the lies. Only the pro government donkeys believe all this shit. Stop this la !

    • Anonymous says:

      Aiseh, this bugger is still alive. I thought he went dead, like Karpal Singh did.

      Shakespeare said,

      When beggars die, there are no comets seen (Oleg Skilganon)
      The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes (genuine ones)

      The majority of the citizens clapped their hands on the death of goons (Karpal – been wanting to say that before but had to wait until after the mourning period).

      But damn it, the Skilhasnone bloke reappeared.

      As usual, only opinions, no facts, no arguments, only wild claims and allegations. And the roadside hawker has better opinions than him.

  42. Lim Lynn says:
    I think the similarity between PR PSM DAP PKR PAS and Democrat in America.

  43. Olek Skilgannon says:

    Muhyiddin tidak faham isu yang saya bawa – Rafizi

    Rafizi Ramli rasa agak terusik dengan kenyataan Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin bahawa beliau tidak faham mengenai konsep penswastaan atau private finance initiatives (PFI).

    Ini kerana menurut Muhyiddin ia banyak mendatangkan kebaikan kepada UiTM.

    Malah, Muhyiddin memaklumkan bahawa kabinet telah menugaskan Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar, Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri untuk memberi penerangan mengenai konsep PFI itu.

    “Saya rasa Tan Sri Muhyiddin dan keseluruhan kabinet tidak faham dengan kritikan dan isu yang saya bawa,” ujarnya yang juga Ahli Parlimen Pandan dalam satu kenyataan.

    Jelasnya lagi, beliau bukanlah menentang bulat-bulat kaedah PFI untuk membiayai projek kerajaan jika ia dibuat secara telus dan menguntungkan rakyat.

    Rafizi berkata, beliau mempertikaikan perkara-perkara berikut:

    1. Kenapa penswastaan ini dibuat tanpa tender terbuka dan secara rundingan terus sehingga kesemua keenam-enam kampus UiTM diswastakan kepada syarikat milik pimpinan Umno yang kemudiannya melantik subkontraktor untuk mengendalikan projek?

    2. Kenapa sewa dan bayaran tahunan yang terpaksa ditanggung oleh UiTM ini sehingga 5 kali ganda lebih mahal dari kos membina sendiri UiTM ini?

    3. Berapakah margin keuntungan yang diberikan kepada syarikat pemegang konsesi?

    “Oleh yang demikian, untuk memastikan saya dan rakyat kebiasaan lain faham dan boleh menilai kewajaran Barisan Nasional menswastakan kampus UiTM melalui konsep PFI ini, saya menyeru supaya Muhyiddin Yassin mendedahkan perjanjian konsesi penswastaan kampus cawangan UiTM ini kepada umum,” ujarnya lagi.

    Beliau menambah, apabila perjanjian konsesi itu dapat diteliti oleh umum, barulah beliau dan rakyat boleh memastikan bahawa tidak ada unsur keuntungan berlipat kali ganda yang diberikan kepada pemegang konsesi seperti mana yang berlaku dalam perjanjian-perjanjian konsesi yang lepas melibatkan penswastaan air dan lebuhraya.

    Kata Rafizi, jika Muhyiddin tidak bersedia untuk mendedahkan perjanjian konsesi itu, sampai bila-bila beliau dan rakyat tidak akan faham kenapa Kerajaan Persekutuan mengikat perjanjian yang kosnya nanti akan membebankan UiTM, sedangkan ia lebih murah untuk membina sendiri kampus-kampus itu.

  44. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    IN THE SPIRIT OF THE NEW ‘MALAYS-ONLY’ M’SIA: Cow head thrown at ‘Umno celaka’ Rayer’s house

    A bloodied and skinned cow’s head was found this morning at the home of R.S.N. Rayer, the DAP lawmaker who courted controversy over his “Umno celaka” remark.

    Rayer said his wife alerted him to the incident where she found the head at the front gate of their house.

    “It was at 6.45am when she saw it. It was all bloodied and skinned,” Rayer told The Malaysian Insider.

    But the Seri Delima assemblyman did not link this incident to his infamous remark at the Penang legislative assembly last month.

    “I cannot say that this has to do with that… but this (the cow head) is the first such incident I have encountered since then.

    “I am going to lodge a police report shortly and let them investigate,” said Rayer.

    The cow is deemed sacred in Hinduism, and Rayer and his family are Hindus.

    Rayer caused a stir when he made the “Umno celaka” remark in his motion to Penang Governor Yang Di-Pertua Negeri Tun Dr Abdul Rahman Abbas’ opening speech on May 20.

    A protest against him was held outside the assembly building the next day.

    The protesters, who had identified themselves as Umno Youth members, reportedly broke through the main gate and entered the House, which is a restricted area, in search of Rayer.

    Federal Territory Umno Youth members also protested outside the DAP headquarters in Kuala Lumpur on May 22. The following day saw the DAP’s office in Kuantan being pelted with eggs.

    Since the incident, Rayer clarified in a press conference on May 22 that his remark was only directed at three Umno leaders in Penang who had made fiery speeches against the DAP at a rally in Seberang Jaya in January.

    The Umno leaders were Kepala Batas MP Datuk Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican, Tasek Gelugor MP Shabudin Yahya and state Umno liaison committee deputy chairman Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir.

    Rayer was to have been charged with sedition last week over the remark, but the Attorney-General (A-G) had ordered the prosecutors to defer his case on the morning of the charge.
    As nights follow days

    • aiya anak bapok says:

      It is ok. Forgive the dumnoputeras. After all, bastards will be bastards. It us not their fault. It is the natural act of bastards and cowards. No worry Rayer.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, yeah, yeah, fake aiya,

        Why don’t you go see Luis Suarez and let him bite you.

        At the right places.

    • Tarak malu, tarak muka, ultra kiasu Rayer bloke did not link the cow head throwing incident to his Celaka remark says:

      How insensitive the bastard. “I cannot say that this has to do with that… but this (the cow head) is the first such incident I have encountered,” he said.

      I’m flabbergasted at why the AG stopped the Penang Police charging the bugger for sedition.

    • And instead of making the DAP ADUN bloke apologize for the insensitive seditious remark, bugger Guang Engg just ask Putrajaya to intervene says:

      DAP wants Putrajaya to intervene on Penang cow head incident
      The Malay Mail Online – ‎19 minutes ago‎

      Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. – Picture by K.E. OoiKUALA LUMPUR, June 28 – The DAP called today for Putrajaya’s intervention in this morning’s cow head incident in Penang, saying the government should step in to halt the “climate of fear and …


      Grow up some balls lah, Guang Engg. Get hold of the Rayer bugger and make him apologize to diffuse the hottening up situation.

      • aiya says:

        If they wants Putrajaya to intervene on Penang cow head incident than they should also ask Putrajaya to intervene on the TEARING down of Malay WARONG selling foods ….. this is more urgent because tomorrow starts the Puasa months……

    • And they still criticized the reaction - nothing said about the action that caused the reaction says:

      R. S. Mohan Shan, the president of the group representing all Hindu believers in the country, said “How can they do this and just throw in front of somebody’s house?

      “This is making everybody scared, this is making [people from] other religions scared and we feel the security of the country is shaken up,” he told The Malay Mail Online

      For goodness sake, get the Rayer bloke to apologize for the UMNO celaka remark lah.

      UMNO has for 60 years been known as Malay, representing the Malays and, with 3.5 million members, is a symbol of the Malays, and no other party can claim so.

      Therefore, saying UMNO celaka is like saying the Malays are celaka. Rayer must be made to apologize to stop this issue from escalating.

      • aiya says:

        Somebody please tell the president of the group representing all Hindu believers in the country that this is NO issue ….. JUST ask that BASTARD to APOLOGIZE for his celaka remarks and everything will be ok …… he can also keeps that cow head…….

  45. Anonymous says:


  46. Hotting up, the DAP-PKR, Khalid-Tony Pua etc "mass media dialogue" says:

    Khalid: Pua, Liu need to be taught about Selangor’s water industry

    PULAU INDAH: Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has hit back at two DAP leaders who took the state government to task over recent water supply disruptions in several districts.

    Referring to statements by Petaling Jaya Utara MP and state DAP chairman Tony Pua and former executive councillor Ronnie Liu, who had both blamed the state government and him for the issue, Khalid said the duo needed to be taught about the water industry in the state.

    Reiterating that it was unfair to blame the state, Khalid said he was dumbfounded that Pua and Liu, being senior party leaders, failed to understand the water restructuring exercise.

    “I am shocked that Liu, despite being an exco (member) for one term, does not know of the water restructuring exercise and the work the state has been doing to ensure continuous supply water for the people.

    “Anyway, I am sure Upen (the state economic planning unit) and Luas (Selangor Water Management Authority) will be glad to teach Tony Pua and Ronnie Liu on what the state has done ..”

    • Khalid will go gagap some more - Ronnie Liu rains 'bullets' on Khalid over water issue says:

      PETALING JAYA: Ronnie Liu trained his guns on Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, accusing the Mentri Besar of being negligent and questioning the haste in which he agreed to the Langat 2 project.

      Liu, who was state chairman in-charge of local government from 2008-2013, said the Mentri Besar had enough time and resources to prevent water rationing exercises like the previous one.

      Speaking to The Star, Liu said experts had told the state executive council that Selangor had enough water resources – ponds, rivers and underground pools – to be self-sufficient.

      He also claimed that Selangor had an underground water reserve almost the size of Singapore under oil palm plantations in the state and that membrane technology could be used to produce clean water.

      Another option was to turn wetlands taken over through a debt recovery exercise into natural retention ponds.

      “Tapping underground water reserves will not be difficult because we only have to pay the plantation owner to lease the land.

      “Other countries are already using membrane technology at their water treatment plants because this is the most efficient way of getting treated water,” Liu said.

      He said the 1,000ha of wetlands adjacent to Sungai Selangor were natural retention ponds that could be utilised by pumping the water into the river during dry season.

      He said the state should also conduct cloud-seeding operations early instead of waiting until the last minute.

      “Khalid has been harping about low water level at the dams to justify water rationing. This is misleading because treatment plants draw water from rivers, not dams.

      “Dams are like fixed deposits while rivers are like current accounts; dams release water only when river water levels run low but there will always be water flowing from rivers to the sea,” he said.

      The state, he added, had about 30 water treatment plants that could be upgraded to meet any increase in demand.

      He said treatment plants had to supply clean water at 5% to 6% above the daily demand and had always taken into consideration the need for higher demand. So technically, he said, the issue of insufficient water supply should not occur.

      “We suspect the real reasons behind the inadequate water supply are burst pipes, pump errors, wrongly set water pressures or even political intentions.

      He said he was perplexed as to why the Mentri Besar had not implemented any of the methods shown to the state executive council that would have prevented water rationing, despite the state having a RM3bil cash reserve to fund these.

      And Khalid said Ronnie Liu and Tony Pua should get educated about Selangor’s water situation.

      Maybe Ronnie Liu is bullshitting? And Tony Pua is cow heading. The RM3 bil cash reserve? That’s reserved for Khalid’s and Selangor Excos’ and ADUNs’ hugely increased salaries and allowances. Ooops, that’s why Ronnie has been fuming – he is no longer Exco or ADUN, missed out on the additional dough.

      • Khalid promised no more water shortage. A Pakatoon promise. Even election manifesto is not a promise. So can rakyat ever believe in Pakatoon promise? says:

        PKR MB Khalid, angry at DAP Tony Pua and Ronnie Liu, said “State economic planning unit, Upen, and the Selangor Water Management Authority, Luas, will be glad to teach them about what the state has done.”

        He said the state government’s “guarantee” assuring continuous water supply for the next five months was still a promise. Pakatoon promise? Even election manifesto is not a promise? So when can the rakyat believe in Pakatoon promise?

        Then he admitted that it would be a hard one to keep. Accused others not cooperating so cannot keep promise.

        Hahaha, Khalid siad, “If we took over the water assets and then six months later you experience another round of water rationing, then by all means blame the state and myself,” Abdul Khalid said. Aiseh, Khalid gagap dan bodoh, by that time you’d not be around, kicked by the tak mandi rakyat, man.

        Only Tony Pua, Ronnie Liu and DAP blokes will mandi 5 times a day to sabotage your “got water” promise.

    • Khalid can get some respite if he can persuade Selangorians to use the WHO recommended 160 liters per day, although Ronnie Liu and Tony Pua will sabotage him by getting DAP blokes bathe 5 times per day! says:

      Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Water Research and Analysis Centre (ALIR) head Professor Dr Yang Farina Abdul Aziz said statistics provided by the National Water Service Commission (SPAN) in 2012 showed that average, Malaysians use an average of 212 litres of water per person per day while the World Health Organisation recommends only 160 litres of water per person per day.

  47. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    Why don’t they just terminate PKR? The Chinese and Indian from PKR can join DAP and the Malays can join PAS.

    Now they are all fighting against each other like nobody business.

    Boring, embarrassing and pathetic

    • aiya says:

      The Chinese should goes back to MCA and GERAKAN….. the Indians should goes back to MIC….. and the Malays should goes back to UMNO….. BUT the al JUBUR i and his family CAN goes to Israel……

    • aiya anak bapok says:

      Why worry and feel boring? You should be happy. But, even if khalid jump ship and join dumno, dumno will still be opposition in selangor.
      Hahahaha…… Poor babi dumno….

      • Koyak says:

        No, yang babi always Pakatoon. Penuh dengan DAP babi dan Melayu babu. Pssst, aku bagi Melayu Pakatoon sikit kesian, panggil babu saje. Tak mcm ko, jenis biadap kangjor. Tak peduli bulan puasa nih.

        Memang le korang kafir harbi tak pedulikan bulan puasa. Korang jenis masuk neraka. Ngata Melayu UMNO babi dsb nya. Kalau Rayer di baling kepala lembu, ko nak di baling kepala babi ke rumah korang?

  48. Another day goes by and still people hardly talk about condemning the Rayer DAP ADUN act of calling UMNO celaka that caused the kepala lembu, but just condemned the reaction of producing the kepala lembu. Apa ini? says:

    The new Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Wee Ka Siong said, “We do not go for tit for tat in this country”. if so, then what did he call the Chinese tsunami? Just plain disgust at MCA?

    He also said, “The statement made by Rayer was bad but it did not warrant such action.” But what action would he recommend when the bloke couldn’t even be bothered to apologize to UMNO and the Malays?

  49. Another day goes by and still people hardly talk about condemning the Rayer DAP ADUN act of calling UMNO celaka that caused the kepala lembu, but just condemned the reaction of producing the kepala lembu. Apa ini? says:

    I agree with MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel saying the kepala lembu incident was an irresponsible act by unscrupulous people. But he didn’t say anything about the irresponsible, unscrupulous and seditious DAP ADUN Rayer.

    And MIC deputy president Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam merely said, “The police should trace the culprits behind this act and take appropriate action against them.” As if the Police are not doing it. Also he, too, is not walloping the Rayer bloke who started it all.

    And no wonder Penang Gerakan could not make any headway against DAP at PRU13 and the last PRK – its chairman Teng Chang Yeow urged Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to take the Penang cow head incident seriously, implying the Home Minister did not. What, is he an opposition to BN now? Blaming a BN Minister instead of hitting at DAP ADUN Rayer bloke’s seditious action and the DAP party not taking action on the ADUN for causing this escalating situation.

    And reported that “Teng also blasted Zahid for making unnecessary remarks which could be considered a life threatening situation for a lawmaker.” What unnecessary remarks? Didn’t the stupid Teng see the context of what Zahid said? Or too dumb to understand?

    And talking like a small boy, “If you (Zahid) have something to say to Rayer, do it face-to-face.” As leader of the opposition in Penang, why the hell doesn’t he, Teng, talk to the DAP Rayer face-to-face? How to topple DAP like that?

    • aiya anak bapok says:

      Yes, dumno should collect more cow head and keep throwing.
      Free issue for PR to exploit and get the voters to hate dumno even more.
      Should continue to throw.

      • Koyak says:

        No, only you and the likes of you will hate. Tak masuk kira le, Mamat. Sebab pahal pun korang dah bebal hating apa saja. Except batang Nuor.

        Ngata aku mencarut? Aku cakap pasal batang hidung le. Tapi kalo ko nak pikior batang lain, ko punye pasal le, be r o k.

  50. Another day goes by and still people hardly talk about condemning the Rayer DAP ADUN act of calling UMNO celaka that caused the kepala lembu, but just condemned the reaction of producing the kepala lembu. Apa ini? says:

    And said former Umno supreme council member Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said the act of throwing a cow’s head could be construed as incitement. And not hitting at the DAP ADUN Rayer. Is that why he is now “a former UMNO Supreme Council member”?

    If he did condemn Rayer but did not report it, then it’s that’s trying to incite.

    Saifuddin said these were the example of cases that the Harmony Bill draft was trying to address. But didn’t say how or anything to convince those people who oppose the doing away with the Sedition Act, who now are baffled as to why the AG told the Police to withhold charging the bloke under the Sedition Act.

    “Rayer had said something which angered Umno members. I wish the Penang state assembly had taken action against him,” he said. Saying “I wish” sounds like he’s wishing for a new pair of shoes this Hari Raya. He should have been condemning the Rayer bloke for being irresponsible, unscrupulous and seditious.

    Yes, that’s why he is “a former UMNO Supreme Council member”.

    Come on UMNO, get more Ahmad Zahid-like guys into your Supreme Council. Serious, no-nonsense kind of UMNO leaders that others would really respect and won’t use the word celaka etc.

    • aiya anak bapok says:

      Yes, get more minister who kencing in his pants ala zahid. Show your bebola jantan dumno.

      • Koyak says:

        Yes, we’ll show ’em to you. And if you not careful, we’ll do it in front of your family and kin.

        Amacam, bole? Bloody fake aiya bastak.

    • Cow head incident – Umno partners barking up wrong tree, said a so and so in the Malay Mail. I thought this bloke was saying we should bark at the Rayer bugger, turns out he also is barking at the wrong tree, stupid fella says:

      But I like him saying Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi having “commented mockingly on the incident saying R.S.N. Rayer had brought the cow head upon himself because of his loud mouth in calling Umno “celaka” in the state assembly recently.

      And I like the writer saying what I did not read in detail last time – “Last year, just after the elections, a high ranking retired Appeal Court judge had chastised the Chinese for ‘betraying’ the BN for not helping it to regain the two-thirds majority. He had said that “For the Malays, the pantang larang (taboo) is to be betrayed, because when they are betrayed, they will react and when they react, their dendam kesumat tidak tersudah-sudah (wrath will be endless). When Malays are betrayed, there is a backlash and the Chinese must bear the consequences of a Malay backlash.”

      “This was a license for the showing of wrath (dendam kesumat, which means dendam dan kebencian or revenge and hate). This is extremely strong action. What has been happening is a chain of events encouraged by this and similar words of encouragement. So we have had threats to burn bibles by Perkasa (which Mais may be carrying out soon), hate speeches and articles such as by Ridhuan Tee, attacks on churches and the latest cow head incident. They are not isolated acts carried out by psychiatric patients.”

      But this bloke is half blind and half dud, so what he says don’t matter – “If leaders of the non-Muslim partners of the BN are genuinely concerned about these acts of “dendam kesumat”, they have to take the bull by the horns. They have to look the home minister, the Prime Minister and some others in the eye and demand that they stop encouraging the racial bigots by hiding them behind the sarongs of “pantang larang” and “dendam kesumat”.

      The bloke should know that what was “hidden behind the sarongs” are tools of various sizes that can be used to dullen further his stupid thinking.

      With the kind of anti-Malay, anti-Islam DAP around since the time they caused the race riots of 1969, this bloke is talking shit when saying the nation .. a model of racial unity. Him and the likes of him have ripped the country apart and continue to do so, refusing to listen and acknowledge what the senior former Appeal Court Judge said.

    • And look at what the Kok Kok woman is saying says:

      Zahid Supposed To Keep Rayer Safe, Not Criticise Him – Teresa Kok – ‎18 minutes ago‎

      KUALA LUMPUR – Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi should have condemned yesterday’s cow head incident at RSN Rayer’s home and assured the Penang lawmaker of his safety instead of labelling him a “loose cannon”, DAP’s Teresa Kok said.

      And where is the SOB’s bitchy head when implying Rayer is not safe?

  51. ANWAR FINALLY SAYS IT: S'gor MB's post not your personal property! - Malaysia Chronicle says:

    KUALA LUMPUR – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim moved today to silence all talk on the position of the coveted Selangor mentri besar’s post, telling state lawmakers and party leaders to respect Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) position on the matter.

    In a brief statement here, the PR de facto chief said any decision on the post has to be a collective one between PKR and its coalition partners within the PR framework, as well as by consent of the Selangor Sultan.

    “I refer to several recent remarks made recently with regards to the position of the Selangor mentri besar. I stress that all state assemblymen and party leaders should respect the rules and conduct related to this matter.

    “The position of the mentri besar is not the personal agenda nor property of any individual but is the result of a decision of PKR’s and Pakatan Rakyat, with the blessings of the Sultan,” he said in the two-paragraph statement.

    Earlier today, Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim reportedly said there was no need for him to relinquish his post should he be defeated in his bid to be PKR deputy president.

    The embattled second-term MB, who has just lost the Kuala Selangor PKR division chief’s post, pointed out to reporters at a function in Pulau Indah that the party’s regulations does not stipulate the need for a leader to resign from such a post even if he or she loses in the party polls.

    “There was never a clause to say if you fail in your party election, you have to resign as menteri besar,” he was quoted by Malaysiakini as saying.

    Last week, Anwar was forced to silence rumours on Khalid’s tenuous position as the chief executive of Selangor following reports quoting PAS leaders as claiming of an internal revolt calling for the latter’s removal.

    • And Khalid's seat hots up some more says:

      DAP Tony Pua to PKR MB Khalid: Stop blaming Syabas

      PETALING JAYA: A responsible and caring Pakatan Rakyat government should do much more than just “blame Syabas” for the water crisis, according to DAP MP Tony Pua.

  52. Penduduk Marah MPKj Roboh Uptown Taman Putra Kajang says:

    Penduduk Bandar Baru Bangi marah apabila Majlis Perbandaran Kajang (MPKj) merobohkan Uptown di Taman Putra Kajang.

    Satu ‘posting’ dari laman sosial Bandar Baru Bangi semalam memaklumkan MPKj meroboh uptown itu kerana tapaknya tidak mematuhi syarat permohonan permit.

    “Tapi wajarkah tindakan ‘berani’ pihak berkuasa ini dilakukan pada hari ini (semalam) di mana uptown ini diwar-warkan akan dibuka.

    “DAN bukankah patut dilakukan lebih awal lagi jika sudah tahu ‘kesalahan’ telah berlaku di tanah tempat kuasa mereka ini,”soalnya

    Laman sosial Bandar Baru Bangi turut memetik kenyataan dari warga prihatin di kawasan itu yang berbunyi;

    “Untuk makluman semua… sudah 3 bulan tempat tu diratakan… dan sudah 2 bulan bangunan tandas dibina dan dekat 3 minggu juga khemah-khemah tu terpacak kat situ dan dipagar dawai serta bertar sempurna, kenapa tak ambil tindakan awal-awal ?

    “Kenapa bila peniaga yang tak tahu apa-apa baru je excited nak meniaga, baru dibuat robohan? Sadis.”

    Menurut laman sosial Bandar Baru Bangi MPKj sepatutnya bertindak lebih awal supaya tidak menimbulkan kemarahan orang ramai.

    “Keluarkan notis/kenyataan yang jelas di media hebahan atau dengan memasang papan notis lebih awal, jika anda rasa perkara ini akan jadi kontroversi pada masa depan.

    “Kesian para peniaga yang dah banyak keluarkan modal untuk mula berniaga. Jika tindakan ini dilakukan lebih awal, mungkin kerugian mereka dapat dielakkan..”katanya.

    Taman Putra Kajang adalah terletak di bawah Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Bangi.

    Dalam posting lain, Laman sosial Bandar Baru Bangi turut mendesak MPKj turut melakukan siasatan di Jalan Putra 7 dan Jalan Putra 8, Kajang.

    “Apa yang ada di Jalan Putra 7 dan Jalan Putra 8 yang orang lain nampak tapi MPKj tak nampak ?

    1.pusat perjudian
    2.kedai arak
    3.kedai rokok haram wash bawah pokok makan tanah awam
    5.penjaja Indon haram
    6.kedai makan warga asing (dalam bangunan) jual arak haram
    7.kedai kereta makan parking dan penyumbang pencemaran (minyak hitam tak terurus)
    8.tempat simpan lupus kereta buruk.
    9.sampah tidak diuruskan dengan betul.
    10.pelacuran ( tak pasti)

    “Di mana ni? Bersebelahan dengan uptown yang diroboh… bukan baru atau belum bermula… bahkan dah bertahun tahun… bodoh sangat penguatkuasa tak nampak bende ni????

    “Tempat ni bakal membiakkan penjenayah yang akan merosakkan kemakmuran Bandar Baru Bangi dan sekitarnya… renung2kan…

    “Jenayah makin tinggi kita risau… tapi asas kepada ianya berlaku kita biarkan,”dedahnya

    Pada 21 April lalu, laman sosial Komuniti Bandar Baru Bangi melaporkan pihaknya akan menghantar memorandum bantahan kepada Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Bangi, YB Mohd Shafie Ngah tentang rancangan pembinaan uptown di Taman Putra Kajang itu.

  53. Koyak says:

    Hah, Makcik PKR Zuraida tu pun menipu? Cakap mcm dia bidadari tak tijak semut pun. Kupla … aku nak cakap kasar pun tak boleh, ni bulan puasa –

    PKR man files suit against Ampang MP
    The Star Online – ‎Jun 27, 2014‎

    SHAH ALAM: A PKR member has sued Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin and two others for allegedly rigging the party’s division election.

    • Anon says:

      Has that Fizi fellow been sued? I hope he gets sued to his underwear (bankrupted and cannot be MP), then easier for Anwar to deal with him – let’s say political deals lah.

  54. Koyak says:

    Hahaha, mengarut punya cita ngata Karpal Singh mcm Mandela. Kepala bengap tak sedor Mandela tak di dapati bersalah sebab sedition mcm Karpal –

    A Tribute to Mr Karpal Singh, the Tiger Of Jelutong, The Mandela of Malaysia …
    The Malay Mail Online – ‎Jun 27, 2014‎

    JUNE 28 – Tiger of Jelutong, dear Uncle Karpal, you would have been 74 today. A towering fighter, gentlemen, a true hero, a fighter for justice, equality and freedom.

    Tak cakap fighter of pemain bontot plak. Pada hal satu masa dulu dia suruh Nuor Al Juburi bertaubat pasal Sodomi I. Cakap tak serupa bikin semua nya. Tarak perinsip.

    • Lim Lynn says:

      Anwar Ibrahim won’t repent for his sins while Jerusalem now know LGBT Heaven and America felt like Hell to Christians in the future. He’s dead I mean Karpal Singh guess he won’t get any rest anytime soon.

  55. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    Tony worried about Khalid: You can’t sit back & let SYABAS make a mockery of Pakatan govt!

    In response to the issues I have raised over the past 2 days on the water crisis Selangor residents are facing, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has jibed that I needed to be taught on the state’s water restructuring exercise and “why SYABAS is to blame”.

    I must say that I’m a little worried.

    I have given 100% support to the Menteri Besar and the state government’s moves to restructure the fractured and privatised water industry even when Tan Sri Khalid was criticised from within Pakatan Rakyat. The record will show that I have been most vocal in defending the proposed restructuring exercise over the past 5 years whether in Parliament, in the media or in public forums.

    My support for the restructuring hasn’t wavered. Selangor is facing a water crisis today precisely because these profit-maximising privatised water companies are only interested in increasing tariffs, and hence under-invested in the necessary water infrastructure over the past decade.

    What’s more, I have also taken very critical positions against the Federal Government and SYABAS over their negligence and complicity in the Selangor water crisis. In fact I must have created such a ruckus that SYABAS deemed it fit to sue me for defamation in order to keep me quiet. While I’ve won my appeal at the Court of Appeal on the suit, I am still awaiting the outcome of SYABAS appeal to the Federal Court.

    Hence I’m worried that if even I, still needed lessons from the State Economic Planning Department (UPEN) or the Selangor Water Management Authority (LUAS), then what of the men-on-the-street? Especially the families who are suffering from constant water disruptions in various parts of Selangor such as Balakong and Bangi?

    The people are suffering: Focus on the issue, don’t deflect blame

    Perhaps instead of arranging a lesson for me on “what the state has done” and “why SYABAS is to blame”, it might be more important for the Menteri Besar and the state officials should pay a visit to the families queueing up with pails to draw water from the supply tanks. I am certain these residents will be extremely keen to hear about “what the state has done” and “why SYABAS is to blame”.

    Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim may be absolutely right to point the finger at SYABAS who may have intentionally or otherwise, sabotaged the water distribution process resulting in water shortages throughout Selangor. Hence according to the Menteri Besar, despite the State Government’s “guarantee” that there will be no major water disruption, the promise could not be fulfilled because the State Government has no control over SYABAS, and hence the State should not be blamed.

    Some residents might wonder as to why the State Government was so quick to offer “guaranteed” water supply when the State is fully aware that SYABAS has refused to cooperate or even attend state organised meetings.

    More importantly however, even if the State Government is unable to fulfill the “guarantee”, the question is, what can the State Government do to provide immediate assistance and relief to the victims of serious water disruptions? Should we not have some empathy and put in place a “Plan B” for these long suffering water disruption victims?

    Surely, a responsible and caring Pakatan Rakyat State Government should do much more than just “blame SYABAS” – even if they are indeed the rightful party to be blamed. Don’t take the easy way out

    This was the reason why I fully supported my colleague, Dr Ong Kian Ming, Member of Parliament for Serdang who had on 20 June, proposed the immediate set up a high-level water task force comprising of the MB, key elected representatives and state officials to find and review solutions, as well as to stay informed of the water woes.

    This committee will not only give the state authorities the opportunity to teach us ignorant elected representatives on “what the state has done” and “why Syabas is to blame”. Conversely, it will allow the local assemblymen to share with the top state leaders the problems and pains felt on the ground – so that a solution, particularly in the short-term, can be found.

    Therefore, while waiting for the state to finally take over control of SYABAS, we cannot just sit back and allow SYABAS services to make a mockery of the Pakatan Rakyat government. The rakyat does not want to see quibbling Pakatan Rakyat leaders. They want to see a pro-active Pakatan Rakyat government who will go out of its way to share the Rakyat’s burden and ease the pain of their plight.

    Tony Pua is the MP for PJ Utara
    Low class la, all these PR people fighting in public

    • Anon says:

      Yes, very low class indeed. But then that’s what they are – no class people.

      Some in DAP may even believe in classless society – communists. Lim Kit Siang called for communist terrorist leader Chin Peng be allowed to enter the country – the bloke was not a citizen, said to have not completed his citizenship application procedures. Good that out authorities didn’t allow even his ashes to be brought into the country upon his death.

      When even Anwar did not accept election defeat, went on street demos and talked about popular votes that have never been used to determine general election winners in this country (we use electoral college/ per constituency votes), where got class? Pariah lah, like that.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I’m certainly delighted that these are happening. Anything that’ll lead to Pakatan Rakyat cracking up. In Selangor, Timbuktu or anywhere. To me, they are a menace to society. I have some pity for Khalid Ibrahim who has a RM66 million bank loan that’s been a huge problem to him for many years. But because he is a part of the menace, for all I care, he can die like Karpal Singh or go to prison like Anwar Al Juburi.

    There must be more to what’s going on than meets the eye. Here are the possibilities:

    1. Anwar still wants that MB post for himself. Or for anyone who he can direct what to do and not to do when he is in prison. He believes in the Rafizi-declared strategy of making Selangor as a base and the launching pad for him to reach Putrajaya. He has not lost sight of Putrajaya one single bit. Five years in prison is manageable. He believes that coming out at 71 years old or so, he still as a lot of stamina and zeal to be the 6th or whatever PM of Malaysia. God save this county if and when that happens.

    2. PAS also wants that Selangor Menteri Besar post for their man. They think Selangor is a rich state where money-making opportunities are so vast that Kelantan pales in comparison. They must be feeling that they have been missing out as far as that goes. DAP could suddenly become rich with RM 30 million commission from the sale of just 100 acres of Penang state land, which will never happen in Kelantan but can happen in Selangor. Even much better – just selling sand alone can bring in many millions.

    3. PAS has never been averse to money politics and corruption. Nik Aziz was photographed handing out cash to Orang Asli voters during PRK Galas, in Kelantan, and himself admitted to giving cash for “make’ angin di KL” to busloads of Bersih Rally participants whose hire of buses, hotel accomodation and food he paid for. And it’s public knowledge that he doled out thousands of acres of Kelantan state land to Perak DAP Nga and Ngeh to get support for PAS Nizar to become MB Sakejap in Perak. But PAS did not get much money from it because Nizar lost the job after only a few moths. Selangor is a goldmine that Khalid Samad must be seeing when he joined in the efforts to topple Khalid Ibrahim. Hinting that any replacement of MB must be discussed first, knowing that PAS has more DUN seats than PKR, and PAS MB candidate is acceptable to the Sultan, whereas a DAP one is not.

    4. While DAP may not be interested in the MB job, the likes of Tony Pua etc must surely want to fish in muddy waters. To score huge points for votes in the next PRU. Ronnie Liu must be rooting for his lost post of Selangor DAP Chief and Exco Member and must want to feel he is still relevant to Selangor voters. Ultra kiasu DAP people will sell prostitutes to get anything they want. And helping Anwar towards reaching Putrajaya is any time better than assisting Hadi become PM with Hudud looming and now PAS members proven to have become militant.

    All told, Khalid may go gagap while Ambiga no longer gaga with Anwar.

    • Anon says:

      Maybe Tony Pua been promised Minister of Finance post if Anwar gets to Putrajaya. Tony has gone pua on his attacks against Khalid.

      But don’t ever let Ronnie Liu become Minister of Home Affairs. He’ll bring back ISA and send everybody to Kamunting except himself. Tokong Lim included.

      He accused Tokong Lim and gang of money politics corruption at the Selangor DAP Convention that got him replaced as Selangor DAP Chief by the Kok woman. He must be very sore.

  57. Tak tahu amal demokrasi, PKR libatkan dana awam dalam masalah sendiri says:

    Konflik dalaman PKR yang berlaku akibat penipuan berleluasa pemilihan PKR kini sudah masuk ke mahkamah dan nampaknya PKR tidak berdaya menunjukkan ketidak upayaan untuk mengamalkan demokrasi dan menyelesaikan masalah parti sendiri maka perlu melibatkan pihak luar dan membelanjakan dana awam.

    Jika proses demokrasi diamalkan dengan ahli diberikan hak untuk mengundi dan memilih pemimpin pilihan mereka, hal ini tidak jadi masalah hingga ada ahli PKR terpaksa mengheret mahkamah dalam masalaah dalamaan mereka.

    Seorang ahli PKR Ampang, Nasaruddin bin Md Isa sebagai plantif telah memfailkan saman terhadap tiga defenden dari Jawatankuasa Pemilehan PKR (JPP PKR) dan calon ketua cabang Ampang, Zuraidah Kamaruddin pada 27 jun 2014 lepas di Mahkamah Tinggi Shah Alam.

    Pada pemilihan semula yang diadakan di pejabat Pusat yang lepas, Zuraida binti Kamaruddin kononnya memenangi jawatan Ketua Cabang dengan memperolehi undi sebanyak 672. tarikh.

    Antara tuntutan-tuntutan plantif keatas defendan-defendan adalah:

    Satu deklarasi supaya pengiraan undi yang di jalankan di pejabat Keadilan pusat Petaling Jaya pada 11 Jun 2014 adalah terbatal dan tidak sah.
    Satu deklarasi bahawa pemilihan cabang Ampang pada 11 Mei 2014 yang diadakan di dewan Nusa Bakti, Bandar Baru Ampang adalah terbatal dan tidak sah .
    Satu perintah supaya pemilihan cabang Ampang dibuat semula dalam masa 30 hari daripada perintah mahkamah .

    Ketika sidang akhbar, Nasaruddin yang merupakan saah seorang pengundi semasa proses pemilihan PKR Cabang Ampang menyatakan beliau telah membuat dua bantahan kepada JPP PKR tetapi tiada sebarang tindakan yang dilakukan oleh jawatankuasa tersebut.

    Nasaruddin yang pastinya terlibat menuduh SPR menipu dan UMNO lakukan blackout pada PRU13 kini mengaku PKR amalkan rasuah dengan menyatakan ada unsur-unsur rasuah dan amalan yang tidak sah oleh defendan ketiga bersama wakil calon serta penyokong dalam proses pemilihan tersebut .
    Dia turut akui bahawa terdapat penipuan di mana tiada mana-mana wakil calon yang hadir semasa proses pengiraan dibuat dan hanya memperoleh keputusan dari JPP PKR tersebut .

    Nasaruddin memohon pihak mahkamah membatalkan keputusan tersebut dan pemilihan ketua cabang ampang di buat semula.

  58. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    Why do PAS members want to go to Syria and Iraq to kill and injure?

    Are they fanatical about converting every nations to an Islamic state?

    Are they aiming to do the same thing here in Malaysia?

  59. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    Guan Eng: ‘Teng perlu jawab jika PIA gagal dinaiktaraf’

    Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guang Eng menggesa pengerusi BN negeri Teng Chang Yeow bertanggungjawab sekiranya Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Pulau Pinang (PIA) gagal dinaiktaraf.

    Lim berkata Teng perlu memikul tanggungjawab itu kerana BN Pulau Pinang menurutnya mengalami “krisis identiti” dan kepimpinannya pula “terpisah”.

    Jelasnya, Teng membantah cadangan menaiktaraf lapangan terbang antarabangsa di Kulim, namun Umno Pulau Pinang menyokong cadangan itu, yang dikemukakan Menteri Besar Kedah Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir.

    Sedangkan, lapangan terbang tersebut akan menjadi pesaing kepada Lapangan Antarabangsa Pulau Pinang (PIA), katanya.

    “Siapa yang buat keputusan – Teng atau Umno Pulau Pinang?,” soalnya.

    Lim berkata, beliau melihat Teng sama seperti pemimpin GERAKAN lain, yang tidak berkuasa dan tidak mampu mengawal pemimpin Umno Pulau Pinang.

    “Ini hanya memudahkan Umno dengan angkuh membuat keputusan besar sesuka hati tanpa merujuk kepada GERAKAN,” kata Lim dalam kenyataan semalam.

    Lim berkata Teng seharusnya membantu Pulau Pinang dan mengubar pendiriannya dengan menyokong pembinaan landasan kedua untuk PIA.

    Beliau mendakwa Putrajaya projek membina lapangan terbang baru dengan dua landasan di Kulim itu hanyalah usaha BN untuk membalas dendam kepada rakyat Pulau Pinang kerana menolak parti tersebut.

    “Tanpa menjawab dengan hujah logik mengapa beliau menentang landasan kedua di Pulau Pinang, Teng sebaliknya cuba mengalihkan perhatian dengan mempersoalkan pelaburan yang semakin menurun di Pulau Pinang, “kata Lim. -M’kini
    And Teng jawap,

    “Suck on this mutherf*****”

  60. The Other Side of The Mirror. says:

    Ah Eng oh Ah Eng, anak ku, lu banyak pandai sekarang. Banyak tolak masaalah semua kepada orang lain dan UMNO.
    Lu punya kaki bodek juga banyak pandai sekarang. Dapat banyak simpati pasal kepala lembu. Gua latih lu dulu untuk dapat banyak simpati dan sekarang lu sudah latih lu punya orang untuk dapat simpati. Banyak pandai punya anak. Sekarang gua mati pun banyak puas.

    Inilah hal selalu kacau gua punya otak. Gua mahu tanya lu sikit. Jangan cerita orang lain. Cerita pelan pelan. Siapa yang gantung itu kepala lembu? Adakah lu suruh orang buatkah? Adakah itu Layar sendiri suruh orang buatkah? Okay…. okay ….gua sudah dengar. Hidup Ah Eng, hidup Ah Eng !!

  61. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    Anwar says removal of UMcedel head a ‘betrayal of the people’

    Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (pic) today reminded Putrajaya that its forced removal of a renowned professor from Universiti Malaya’s Centre for Democracy and Elections (UMcedel) is a “betrayal of the people”.

    Singling out the two ministers of education, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh, the opposition leader said their powers of appointment and dismissal are not absolute.

    “I would like to remind them that their powers of appointment and dismissal are not absolute and this latest action is not just a violation of academic freedom but a betrayal of the people’s expectations for the enhancement of standards and rankings of our institutions of higher learning,” he said in a blog posting today.

    He was commenting on the forced resignation of UMcedel head Professor Datuk Dr Mohamad Redzuan Othman, whose tenure as dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in the university was also not renewed.

    The Malaysian Insider had reported earlier that his removal as UMcedel’s director was because the centre had irked Putrajaya with its various survey findings on Malaysian politics, which had shown the ruling Barisan Nasional in a bad light.

    Anwar said this news comes as no surprise in Putrajaya’s “terror reign”, although it was disappointing and unwarranted.

    “This totally uncalled-for dismissal is intended once again to send that chilling message to all academics that their freedom ends when Umno’s popularity begins. In this terror reign, freedom to criticise is absolute as long as the targets are leaders of the Pakatan or those groups critical of Umno-BN.

    “Swift reckoning will be brought to bear on those who espouse any views or opinions that appear to be critical of Umno, let alone in favour of the opposition,” he added.
    Hellelujah to Putrajaya’s “terror reign

    • Anonymous says:

      Who says it was “forced resignation”? How can there be a “forced resignation”? The man could refuse if forced – just go to Court. As Professor, he’s not stupid, is it? Malaysian Insider is sometimes stupid, sure. Got sued by former MAS Chairman Tajuddin Ramli and had to apologize profusely in their blog and in the prime news media.

      The man’s “tenure as dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in the university was also not renewed.” That’s not a permanent post. It’s on rotation in some universities.

      Maybe the guy is guilty conscious of allowing himself to be sodomized by Anwar Al Juburi that he did not contest the “forced resignation” – if indeed it was “forced”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Or maybe Anwar Al Juburi just farted – or was it Malaysian Insider who dit it – by saying it was a forced resignation.

    • CharlesWong says:

      Either way, whatever is audible that emits from that JUBURI guy just sounds like a RABID DOG BARKING. It’s just loud and annoying and in particular the case of this JUBURI, it’s usually full of shit!!

      The only people encouraging him to sow discord among Malaysians are the folks over at DAP who needs a somewhat popular “Malay face” to incite hatred towards the Malaysian Government both on the international and domestic front. Kit siang and his baby boy can’t be too obvious about their intentions…so in the meantime, it’s just JUBURI while he is of any use.

      Thankfully, more and more people are seeing the truth. Just a few remaining blind dogs and cyber militant “redbeans” still scouring around like rabid dogs at the tepi longkang! c

  62. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    Najib-Hadi: Senario 1 Ramadan tambat hati rakyat

    Gambar Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak (kanan) bersalaman dengan Presiden PAS Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang di Institut Jantung Negara semasa melawat Abdul Hadi di IJN semalam. – Gambar daripada laman Facebook Najib Razak.Gambar Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak (kanan) bersalaman dengan Presiden PAS Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang di Institut Jantung Negara semasa melawat Abdul Hadi di IJN semalam. –

    Gambar daripada laman Facebook Najib Razak.Keprihatinan Datuk Seri Najib Razak, menziarahi Presiden PAS Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang di Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) semalam, memperlihatkan bahawa beliau merupakan seorang pemimpin akrab tanpa mengenal batas politik, yang seharusnya dicontohi anggota kedua-dua parti.

    Pensyarah Kajian Politik dan Antarabangsa Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) Md Shukri Shuib berkata silaturrahim dan hubungan baik yang dipamerkan perdana menteri dan Abdul Hadi, sangat bertepatan dengan ketibaan Ramadan yang mulia dan penuh keberkatan.

    “Jika kedua-dua presiden PAS dan Umno boleh saling berziarah dan bermanis muka, maka para pengikut politik kedua-dua parti harus mencontohi sikap ini.

    “Contohi juga Fatah dan Hamas di Palestin yang sanggup berkorban pandangan demi mempertahankan tanah air,” kata penganalisis politik itu.

    Menganggapnya “senario politik 1 Ramadan yang menambat hati” banyak pihak, Md Shukri berkata negara amat memerlukan pemimpin yang mempunyai rasa kasih sayang terhadap rakyat dan tidak bersikap prejudis.

    Najib dalam catatan laman Twitternya semalam memaklumkan beliau menziarahi Abdul Hadi serta memuatkan sekeping foto beliau bersama bekas menteri besar Terengganu itu di IJN.

    Abdul Hadi kini menjalani pemeriksaan perubatan susulan di IJN selepas tahap kesihatannya dilaporkan terjejas semasa menghadiri satu persidangan di Turki bulan lepas. – Bernama, 30 Jun, 2014.
    Way to go, Datuk Seri Najib and Datuk Seri Hadi.

    Silaturrahim among all Muslims.

    Screw the biadap kurang ajar Chinese DAP

    • aiya anak bapok says:

      Wah…my DAP boss and PKR boss are very angry…why the Malays so friendly with each other?????

      I hope my sayang abang non will still love me tonight and screw my ass kaw kaw…just the way I like it!!! Aaaawwww.

      • aiya anak bapok says:

        Dont worry. Your wish definitely will be granted. Just that the one screwing you will probably be zul noordin or pak brahim. No need cebuk and clean your arse. They will jilat for you.

  63. joe cool says:

    PAS is now tthe kingmaker. Both DAP and UMNO are all out courting them

    Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi

  64. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    Ambiga warns Kelantan: Any back-door move to slip in hudud law is ILLEGAL

    There is an attempt to rewrite the Federal Constitution by using “the back door” to introduce hudud but that plan will fail as it is illegal, says former Bar Council chairman Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan.

    The remark was in reference to a move to table a private member’s bill in Parliament that will allow Kelantan to enforce its Shariah penal code in the PAS-controlled state.

    The east coast state has been governed by the Islamist party PAS since 1990. If passed by a simple majority vote, the bill will give effect to the Kelantan Shariah Criminal Code Enactment II of 1993.

    The bill, likely to be tabled in the coming session, seeks power from Parliament for Kelantan to make laws in respect of criminal matters which come under federal jurisdiction.

    Ambiga said this is where the nation missed the stature of senior lawyer Karpal Singh who persistently argued that Malaysia was a secular state and the Islamic penal code could not be implemented.

    “We all miss Karpal Singh because he was a defender of our Federal Constitution,” said Ambiga, who paid tribute to the senior lawyer and parliamentarian.

    The Gandhi Memorial Trust of Malaysia last evening posthumously bestowed Karpal with the public service award in a form of a pewter-made tiger, in honour of the man who was dubbed the Tiger of Jelutong.

    Ambiga said Karpal had asked Putrajaya to refer to the Federal Court for a legal opinion whether Malaysia was a secular or Islamic state when there emerged opposing views.

    “We need his voice today, to defend this constitution of ours that we have all accepted for more than 50 years as ‘secular’.

    “Now we hear arguments that suggest that our constitution is not secular. This in my view is an attempt to rewrite our constitution through the back door,” she added.

    Ambiga said in 1988, a five-man bench of the then Supreme Court in the case of Che Omar Che Soh v Public Prosecutor held that the law in Malaysia was secular.

    She said the then Lord President Tun Salleh Abas who wrote the judgment had also said, “We have to set aside our personal feelings because the law in this country is secular.”

    Four of the judges were Muslims while the three lawyers who represented the appellant were non-Muslims.

    Ambiga also told The Malayisan Insider that hudud could not be implemented even with a constitutional amendment as that would go against the basic structure.

    She said Article 4 stated that the Constitution is the supreme law of the Federation and any inconsistent law passed after Merdeka Day will be declared illegal.
    But BERSIH and PAS are such good buddy.

    PAS supported BERSIH all the way in the street demonstration. In fact they were the one who mobilised the most number of demonstrators. Kids, old people and even one old PAS guy died at KLCC during BERSIH 1.

    How can Ambiga and BERSIH be so ungrateful and spiteful and not support PAS in their endeavor for Hudud in Kelantan?

    Nasi sudah jadi bubur

  65. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    Why are everybody in PR and the Liberal LGBT conglomerate fighting so much with each other?

    PAS against everybody else. TS Khalid against everybody. DAP, Ambiga against PAS and TS Khalid, DAP against PAS and TS Khalid.

    Queen of religious freedom against her husband, the super ego against Kedah on the new airport,

    Where is the leadership? Hadi masuk hospital, Kit Siang masih recovering from the loss in Teluk Intan, the Bai up in heaven, the top gay guy KETUA UMUM probably in and out of some beauty clinic getting botox.

    And the President of PKR? Who me?? I am president!! When did that happened? Is totally clueless.

    Haven’t the PR and the Liberal LGBT conglomerate people ever heard about Unity is Strength, One for all, all for one, United we stand and divided we fall?

    • aiya says:

      To them United we FALL and Divided we STAND…… so they have to FIGHT each others…….. they are a bunch of SCREWED up STOOGES …….

  66. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    Maybe the PR and the Liberal LGBT boys and gals should get together on kind of an away day and brainstorm on how to get their act in line with each other.

    Like one of those PEMANDU Idris Jala transformation laboratory.

    Maybe get Dyana along to get the coffee and water and hang up the flip charts.

  67. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    Getting a Blue Hat Facilitator among them may however be a problem. All of them have too big ego.

    Maybe Mat Lembut MP for Pandan can be the facilitator. He loves being dominated by strong men and women

  68. linpehkong says:

    That Mother F&^%$# Anal iborehim dare to comment about UMdecel and the non renewal of the contract. If he had been in that same position at UMNO now – he would have done the same if not even more drastically. Clearly a case – do as I say not as I do.
    Bastard, traitor and hypocrite of the worse kind

  69. joe cool says:

    The other Mat Lembut from Penang and head honcho of DAP Kedah is too confused about his identity to be of any use.

    He just do whatever others tell him to do.

    A real mama’s boy. Probably still staying with his mum and still being controlled by her

    • Anonymous says:

      So true…..he is so confused…Is he a Malay? a chinese?
      Is his mother still a Muslim? Is HE still a Muslim?
      Does he like girls? guys?
      Is he fighting for a better Malaysia or for a better lim dynasty?
      Is his language of preference English, chinese and lastly Malay…in THAT order ( I’m assuming he knows a few Malay words)?
      Is he wearing a baju Melayu for specific events to “appear Malay” when really in his heart, he’s wishing he had adorned a cheongsam?

      Just the tip of the iceberg with regards to what a confused boy he must be.

    • Koyak says:

      “Probably still staying with his mum ..”

      Different kind of play, now that he is adult. Koyak.

  70. DUMNO MADE US WORLD FAMOUS...From the body snatching to bible snatching to cow head throwing to cow highrise living to Swedish diplomat children slapping to mh disappearing to NZ military attaché raping...all during Perkosa's time. Well done. says:

    From the body snatching to bible snatching to cow head throwing to cow highrise living to Swedish diplomat children slapping to mh disappearing to NZ military attaché raping…all during Perkosa’s time. Well done.

  71. Malaysia will be PERFECT when racist losers like DAP and pondan bapok PKR shuts down and their equally racist and pondan dogs leave the country! says:

    Get out and STAY OUT!


      So how about it, you racist losers like DAP and pondan bapok PKR shuts down and when are your racist and pondan dogs leaving the country?

      • Lim Lynn says:

        Do you think PR DAP PKR PAS have high percentage intelligence to survive after they migrate to another country? I don’t think they will try to put in any effort since Malaysia is their comfort zone once they leave their comfort zone they won’t even have the chance to cheat left, right and center in the new country. It’s just all talk and no action taken similar to American President Traitor in Chief where they want to change the country to suit their taste and continue to play race card.

  72. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!!Goodnight Forever 88 Kopitiam Viva Ultra Malays Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? UMNO is not Celaka Dyana kalah says:

    The super ego and the DAP has done so much for the Chinese and for Penang. Penang is so much better place to live and work since the super ego became the CM.

    The Penang economy is booming. Booming

    And the Chinese in Malaysia are in much better position since the last GE. UMNO cannot bully the Chinese like before when MCA and Gerakan got most of the Chinese votes.

    UMNO literally shake in their boot when confronted by DAP now a day. Shake, tell you.


      Read your comment properly and you will see that you have mentioned several times that all DAP has done was to make things better for the CHINESE!!!!!


      Also we can deduce that this whole PLOY to put “Malays” like zairil and dyana is actually a gimmick because all DAP is interested in is to help the cina community and it is therefore……RACIST!!!!!!!!!

      • Koyak says:

        Very obvious that DAP is racist, anti-Malay, anti-Islam and caused the race riots of 1969.

        The White Paper “13 May 1969: A Tragedy”, by National Operations Council, October 1969 show all those. Can be googled.

      • Lim Lynn says:

        PR PSM DAP PKR PAS haven’t been keeping their promises, later increase cost of living and fool foolish PR PSM DAP PKR PAS voters who aren’t intelligent enough to figure out how bad it has become; PR PSM DAP PKR PAS when they always have shown their racist side and they spoil their voting system while they keep on pointing their fingers at BN UMNO unfair PRU 13 polls.

  73. . says:

    It’s ridiculous that the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC) criticised former Chief Justice of Malaysia Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad as whacking them “without understanding its roles and functions properly.”

    He is a former Chief Justice, for goodness sake. How can he be said not to understand?

    Hamid, who is head of National Unity Front, a unity council set up by Perkasa and other Muslim NGOs as a counter to NUCC, said yesterday that the government had given the task of drafting the unity bills to the opposition, who had now “taken over” the NUCC.

    He had also said he was asked to join the NUCC but had declined as he feared being used by certain parties, who wanted to cast aside Malay rights and the position of Islam in the country.

    Well done, Tun Hmid. Keep on whacking them, don’ let them ty to discard the Sedition Act so that those who speak against Malay rights and the position of Islam in the country will be arrested and charged in court endlessly.

    • . says:

      The NUCC members Datuk Mujahid Yusof Rawa, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah and Lim Chee Wee addressed the former chief justice’s allegations, and said in a statement that it has never presented itself as an opposition faction although not all members were from the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition. Come on stupido trio, you do’t have to present yourselves as opposition faction, everybody knows.

      Yes, “NUCC was formed by the government and the appointment of every member and the chairman was done according to certain criteria”. What criteria, pray tell.

      What a cheap try saying,”We all work in a team with clear goals and we are not interested in our colleagues’ political orientation.”

      He doesn’t even know who was “the Government’s (Chief) Secretary when saying, “We are led by someone who was the government’s secretary ..”, referring to NUCC chairman Tan Sri Samsuddin Osman. Shamsuddin was never the Government’s Secretary. The Secretary to the Government has always been known as the Chief Secretary.

      And look at how childish is their argument – “We are not sure how far his claim of declining the position of NUCC chairman, is true. But is he implying that the current chairman is willing to be used?”

      Would any one think that Tun Hamid would bother bout such statement as they made, “We call on Tun Abdul Hamid to take some time to read the draft first and urge him to give constructive and substantiated criticisms to improve the bills.” Instead of giving counter arguments as much as possible, the trio are offending Tun Hamid, implying the former Judge has not bothered to read the NUCC’s sraft.

      Awww, shit talk those NUCC blokes. How for the public to have trust on them?

  74. Equalizer says:

    Don’t waste time with the bills. If it is not to the liking or according to the agenda of DAP/Pakatan, then they will condemn it as being draft by UMNO against the other race.

    If it is the other way round, then trouble makers will start to create racial disharmony. Racial disharmony is the most effective weapon to weaken a government in a multi-racial country.


    The best solution is still “The Sedition Act”. Why is that so many “people” are so scared of this Act? The reason is that these “people” are up to no good and this Act is very effective to contain them. Good citizens are not scared of this law, only crooks and disruptive people with hidden agenda are against it.

    In fact under the present situation, this Sedition Act should be enhanced as a lot of trouble makers are creating hatreds and racial disharmony in the internet.


      Now Shabery says Harmony Bill needs thorough study

      PUTRAJAYA: The National Harmony Bill, which is set to replace the Sedition Act 1948, must be studied thoroughly, including the aspect of potential abuse that could disrupt the country’s harmony via use of the internet, said Communication and Multimedia …

      In fact, no need to study. Just reject outright. It will bring more ills than good.


      Why is that so many “people” are so scared of this Act? Because sudah banyak kena tangkap and charged for sedition, including those already found guilty. The Oppo Hippos, glib talking, irresponsible talk, e.g Karpal Singh (escaped sentence implementation coz he went dead), Tan Chua, Teresa Kok, etc etc

      • Lim Lynn says:

        Don’t forget Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng will continue babbling and ridiculous claims to get jail sentence the next time they never think before they talk.


      The ridiculous thing is that Najib wants to placate the seditious blokes. No end to his ……. UMNO should remove him if he persists in removing the Sedition Act.

      Teruk lah Malay rights and the position of Islam kena attack siang dan malam if that happens. That’ll be an intolerable situation in this country.

  75. aiya says:

    Let’s forget about The National Harmony Bill,……. JUST concentrate on RETAINING the Sedition Act 1948……. with this Sedition Act the NATION will be MORE harmony than the The National Harmony Bill ……. Sedition Act will KEEP those seditious BASTARD from DESTROYING the NATION…….

    • Lim Lynn says:

      Regardless of what bastard want to destroy the country since they can’t change the law of the land rules set on stone. It has been peaceful and harmonious till they waste more time changing the laws.

  76. Gofuckyourselfyoufuckingmanwhorescumbitchnigga says:


    Truth my ass, you know what’s truth your mom is a whore and you’re a mistake.

    Hurt to know,doesn’t it bitch !

    Stop the Lies ( and Spread the Lies from another side ) this one is hidden.

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