MB at All Cost


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  1. Shirly says:

    Anwar only serves one person, not the people of Msia nor the Selangor people.
    He only serves his own interest. His focus now is on the cash rich Selangor state. That is his only interest and it is for his own interest.

    • calvinsankaran says:

      I would take your comments with a bucket of salt. First red flag is that you wroteit and secondly, of all people he was featured. Why would you specifically pointing Anwar unless he fits with their anti non Malays agenda?

      While some comments are valid but most of it merely recycles the same accusations that pro-umno media had been throwing.

      Your agenda is to present Anwar as indecisive and weak and run him down.

      Try harder mate.

      • funniman says:

        Who said these pictures / captions are pointing to this certain leader? ROFL!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I would take yours with a tongkang of salt, stupid bloke using all sorts of names, masquerading here and there, now back with using Calvin Sankaran’s name.

        You accuse STL, but you write shit yourself, no substance, no facts, just spin.

        You views are as good as the road sweeper. And you try making sweeping comments here and there, eh?

    • aiya says:

      Tak dapat Puterajaya dapat Selangor pun boleh lah…kan Selangor negeri yang terkaya di Malaysia !!!!!..duit banyak poket pun boleh penuh ….ha..ha..ha..ha..

  2. Anonymous says:

    He need cash rich Selangor so that he can replenish his war chest reserves for GE14.
    After 2 GEs, the cash flow is low and Khalid is stingy. He is not willing to launch new projects and no new projects means no money flowing around.

    • aiya says:

      Mahu pelihara kroni mesti mahu kontro itu piggy bank ….Selangor Piggy Bank….sebab itu semua berebut-rebut mahu jadi MB (Main Belakang)

      • Anonymous says:

        Khalid dah lantik pengurusan khas utk akuan PKNS. Jadi, lawan mati matian utk MB pun tak guna. Piggy Bank tu dijaga jaga dgn teliti oleh YB yg sokong Khalid.

        • aiya says:

          MB (Main Belakang) kontro PKNS maka siapa yang jadi MB (Main Belakang) akan kontro Selangor Piggy Bank …..itu pun tak tahu ke?????…YB-YB yang dilantik Khalid boleh dibuang bila-bila masa saja sama seperti pegawai-pegawai PKNS yang dibuang baru-baru ini….icream-man dan belakang mali pun tak boleh buat apa-apa, tengok saja…sebab itu mahu tukar MB….faham????…

  3. linpehkong says:

    There is going to be lots of fun for the rear admiral.
    Khalid has now refused to sign an undated letter of resignation as MB. Said has joined the fray, Nalla, wants to join the fray.
    These are all the people who knows intimately a lot of the inside workings of Anal Iborehim. His procurer of you know what (tennis partner) and a very close friend and compatriot has obviously been played out. He still strings out that Axmin guy (who will one day get played out) and then he placates Khalid while at the same time plotting against him.
    He makes promises knowing very well that they will not work out – but hoping for the very best (like after GE12) When it does not work out he gives excuses and make more promises.

    Watch the fun and fireworks.

  4. Joey Lai says:

    Cheap Satay for the Rakyat! hahahhahah

  5. Teresa says:

    He is doing all for himself. Power crazy man.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have a good laugh. hahahhahaha

  7. Lim Lynn says:

    Have anyone figure out what took so long for them to build Loji Langat II? I guess from the beginning they didn’t have enough financial gains then why did they sell sand to Singapore and Teresa Kok CEO China Sino Construction Limited. Actual fact every single PSM CEC DAP PKR PAS care about their own interest not benefiting every single Malaysian citizen.

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