Anwar – MB’s Post at All Cost

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  1. Anonymas says:


  2. Movieman says:

    You can laugh your head off Anoymas. At the end of the day DSAI will win the byelection. Let see then who will have the last laugh.

    • aiya says:

      At the end of the day it doesn’t matter who win, we have the last laugh anyway ….

      • awie says:

        Anwar is the last chance Malaysia has to fight for Justice and Fairness for all, as he has always done. he is a tested Mlaysian and International Leader. He and his family have gone through and are still going through incredible torture! He is a shock absorber. he fought then PM for his rights, he went to jail on trumped up charges, emerged from personal and mental fatigue to continue the fight for Reformasi. He united the Opposition parties with different ideologies and led it to 53 pct support of the Rakyat in the last GE. He could have enjoyed himself, if he was such cheap character, by taking a Blank Cheque which was offered to him and then resigning as Deputy PM. He defied all threats by his Boss who manipulated all pawns to shut Anwar in Jail! ALLAH is with DSAI. That is why he has risen up from his grave. KAJANG VOTERS MUST GIVE HIM FULL SUPPORT. CURSE BE TO THE CRUEL FORCES attacking him without any FEAR OF GOD ALMIGHTY! DSAI, ALLAH will protect you for your sacrifices.

    • Anon says:

      We give it to you lah, stu Movieman. After all the seat was won by PKR last time.

      But sure BN will try their best to win it this time. Who knows, you may make another movie like China Doll or Omega Watch story. And the voters may decide enough is enough of the min belakang fler.

    • Anonymous says:

      Barisan Nasional has yet to announce its candidate goes to show you how unfortunate we are to be governed by a slow, inefficient & ineffective coalition of leaders who are self-centered, reactionaries bent on enriching themselves at the expense of the ordinary rakyat.

  3. Coolblue. says:

    Hey, the French people must have rejected him for the lecturer’s post…kah.kah..kah.

    • Anonymous says:


      • Anon says:

        This anti-Ridhuan bloke is out again. Marah, eh? Kena hantam by Ridhuan kaw kaw every time. You ultra kiasu blokes.

        I support Ridhuan 110%.

      • Ridhuan says:

        It will be difficult for me to win in Kajang because there are 41% Chinese voters, 48% Malay and 11% Indian and no Chinese convert … how to win!!!!!!!!… you know lah I AM A CHINESE CONVERT NOT PURE MALAY got no Malay blood…. so the Malay won’t Vote for me, the Chinese will not vote for me and the Indian will also not vote for me because I am not mamak……

        • Anonymous says:

          The bastak who keeps masquerading by using so many names others have used in blogosphere is back, despite Chinese New Year – no good wishes for him and his kind, the racist DAP bugger.

        • Anonymous says:

          The bastak who keeps masquerading by using so many names others have used in blogosphere is back, despite Chinese New Year – no good wishes for him and his kind, the racist DAP bugger.

  4. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!! says:

    FACTS ARE 1. Anwar will sweep Kajang 2. Umno can forget about S’gor with him as MB -Written by P Dinesh, Malaysia Chronicle


    The end of 2013 saw Malaysians hit with multiple price hikes and subsidy removals. The BN government, through its incompetent administration of the economy, was squarely responsible for these outrages on our wallets.

    Perhaps to distract attention from these economic difficulties, religious tension was released and used to pit Muslims against Christians. It is worth noting, at this point, that it has been the political practice of the ruling BN, for decades, to use race and religion to divide the people, so that they may continue to remain in power.

    The doctrine of ‘Divide and Rule’ has been made dull by BN’s formulaic use of it as elections approach. This formula will fail once Malaysia reaches the right level of urbanization and as more people have access to information.

    It was against this gloomy backdrop that Anwar Ibrahim made his announcement that he would be standing for the state seat of Kajang in the state of Selangor.

    Selangor had been plagued for some time by tensions between the MB, Khalid Ibrahim, and Azmin Ali. PKR had 14 seats and DAP and PAS had 15 each. Khalid had clearly been exploiting these numbers to ensure Azmin did not replace him, playing off PAS and DAP against PKR.

    It was a most unhealthy state of events. The problem appeared insoluble, a Gordian knot. With his announcement, Anwar has presented us with a most Alexandrian solution.

    Dull performance from Khalid & his quarrelsome aides

    Yet, it is a shallow analyst who would conclude that the Kajang by-election is simply PKR’s way of solving an internal problems.

    The fact is that Khalid Ibrahim’s performance as Menteri Besar has been a most pedestrian one.

    The people’s expectation, when they unexpectedly found themselves presented with a Pakatan government one morning in 2008, was that they would soon be living in Camelot. Or that Pakatan would soon turn Selangor into a Silicon Valley.

    No such thing has happened. Five years later, Selangor is little different from how it was under the BN. The town councils remain indifferent and apathetic. PJ’s restaurants remain filthy, offering watered-down dishwashing liquid to those who want to wash their hands. There is little new development.

    Lots of money also equals lots of wasted OPPORTUNITIES

    Apparently, there is more money in the bank as Khalid Ibrahim is a frugal fellow. This would no doubt be a most useful skill if one were an urban housewife confronted with endless price-hikes.

    Also, he is touted as incorruptible because he has already made his money as a businessman! While this is excellent news, if that were the only measure of evaluation for an MB, we could replace him with a cigar-store Indian, or a clump of bananas.

    Selangor has 2 Billion or so in the bank, representing not savings, but opportunity lost. Investments would have generated and increased revenue for the state, and put more disposable income in the pockets of the people.

    Unable to manage infighting not just in PKR but within Pakatan Selangor

    To be fair to Khalid, he has been best known for managing plantations, and that is poor preparation for a globalized world where technology and high-end services are key drivers of growth. Naturally, Pakatan continues to praise Khalid as a good manager, but these are political statements.

    Khalid has also been unable to manage the different groups of stakeholders within Pakatan, witness the endless squabbling. Further, Khalid had led PKR Selangor to a poor showing in the 2013 elections. Under his leadership, PKR was left with 14 seats against the 15 of its coalition partners PAS and DAP.

    The lesson of Kedah must have been a factor in the calculations that led PKR to the decision to replace Khalid. The people will not hesitate to punish those who do not deliver. In the case of Kedah, PAS failed to act on the infighting within PAS Kedah. Development had come to a practical standstill as the other Pakatan partners appeared helpless to solve the problem.

    Yet Pakatan hubristically assumed that the people of Kedah would still vote for them. Such assumptions were proven wrong when Pakatan was roundly trounced in the 2013 elections.

    And so, perhaps, PKR has acted to put an end to the Selangor conundrum. 4 more years of lacklustre rule and infighting in Selangor will simply not do.

    Anwar in a class of his own

    The people of Kajang can look forward now to be served by Anwar Ibrahim, who will, denials notwithstanding, be their new Mentri Besar.

    Combined with the poor management of the economy by BN, Anwar can look forward to a much-improved majority in the coming by-election.

    And we can all look forward to having Anwar Ibrahim play the role of chief executive. For Umno, this is their nightmare scenario. Selangor, which Umno so desperately wants to regain, will be untouchable once Anwar becomes Mentri Besar.

    Meanwhile, some have argued that Anwar should not take the post of Mentri Besar as he is meant and has all the capabilities to be the new Prime Minister after the next election. Well then, why are we wasting the talents of such a man for four years? Jerry Brown was Governor of California, then mayor of Oakland, now he is Governor of California again at 75. Oakland has 400,00 residents and California has a population of 40 Million. And he is defeating the Californian budget deficit, where even the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, failed! The important principle, clearly, is to serve the people, not to be concerned with one’s personal status.

    Pakatan, and Anwar, have most certainly made the right move with this decision. They have shown that they can think out of the box. It cannot have been an easy one, and would not have been lightly made.

    Nevertheless, it is a wonder they did not think of this earlier! In business, this would be called a game-changer. Pakatan takes the initiative, BN is left stunned and defensive!

    And in Selangor, Anwar Ibrahim will surely deliver to us, finally, Camelot! – Malaysia Chronicle
    But wasn’t the top gay guy MB the Chief Executive of PKR? If he has quarrelsome and dull performers in the Selangor government, should he manage it and either counsel them, reorganize them or sack them.

    What is he going to do when Ampang or Klang Majlis Perbandaran officials are also dull and quarrelsome performers. Go down and take over as Pengetua or head of that Majlis Perbandaran?

    It is like Jose Mourinho going into the field to be striker when Torres cannot score or at left back when Ashley Cole cannot keep the opposition right wing from crossing the ball

    • Raz says:

      think I am beginning to see the wisdom of the so-called ‘Kajang move’. Put Anwar in the center, front and back of everything Pakatan does and watch Umno self-destruct with more false accusations of sex, sex and more sex.

      Provoke Umno into putting him in jail over fabricated sodomy charges and then watch him become a political martyr like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. This truly can be a game-changing move for the next GE.

      • Anon says:

        Martyr? Main belakang martyr?

        Which desert you been living in?

        Oppo hippos don’t come out with sex accusations? WTF…

    • awie says:

      52% of Malaysian voters wanted YB DSAI to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia during the 13th General Election, while less than 48% voted for the Barang Naik, Corrupted Government.That speaks volume of what voters want and Kajang Voters are no exception.As to that Senator clown Nallakurappan who wants to stand against YB DSAI in Kajang,you can try but be ready to lose your deposit.At the end of it all,it all boils down to playing up issues like Sex,Sodomy and religious issues,which Malaysians are fed-up with.

      • Anonymous says:

        At the end of it all,it all boils down to whether you have boils on your backside after Anwar Al Juburi has gone in.

        At the end of it all,it all boils down to how many inches gone into his victims, whether China Dolls, Saifuls etc.

        At the end of it all,it all boils down to only you and your kind being fed with so many of the rakyat talking about Anwarul Al Juburi issues like Sex,Sodomy and religious issues. Non-Muslims can use kalimah Allah, he said, despite Islam has a special position in Article 3 of the Constitution. Malays can choose religion, said his Qar’iah daughter.

        • Ridhuan T says:

          At the end of it all, it all boil down to awie licking the MB’s (Main Belakang)’s BALLS….. and sucking his ??..

    • Anonymous says:

      Anwar – People have to pay him to attend his rally even it was raining in open space;

      Ah Jib-kor – BN has to pay you to attend his dinner speech, under a tend, with free foods and door prizes, and still can’t get a full house.

      What does that tell you?

      In the old days, they used to show a movie in an open field. Those were the good old days and they don’t do that anymore. I really missed that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, your kind come with plastic containers and took away food like nobody’s business.

        Then blokes like you say nobody came. And change the words Ah Jib Gor, like you do. Blokes with no principles, will sell even your own country to get what you want, ultra kiasu SOGs.

  5. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!! says:

    What other investments in Selangor was not being made by Tan Sri Khalid?

    Do you just invest for investment sake?

    Or is the top gay guy going to invest in a manner that PKR guys including the Fellatio in the Toiler deputy can make money out of that investment?

  6. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!! says:

    What other worthy and sound investments in Selangor was not being made by Tan Sri Khalid?


    Or is the top gay guy going to invest in a manner that PKR guys including the Fellatio in the Toilet deputy can make money out of that investment?

    • Anonymous says:

      Why Perkasa is not going crazy this time when you have Najib having to speak to anak melayu in English??? Why anak melayu cannot speak Malay? Why Perkasa is not protesting this as an insult to Ketuanan Melayu, Malay language, culture and dignity??? Perkasa is nothing but umno baru paid hound dog to do the dirty work of umno baru.

  7. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!! says:

    “Anwar in a class of his own”

    Is the top gay guy MB going to do everything himself in Selangor?

    Isn’t managing/ leading about putting a strong team together to manage? The EXCO members, the dept heads, the local councils head and the thousand other team members etc?

    Will everything break down if the top gay guy is not around in Selangor?

    Has the top gay guy been so hot as leader of the opposition? Has he been able to resolve or move to resolution of critical matters such as the Allah issue or the divisiveness of Malaysian society now?

    Or is he only good for Blaming Others?

    Isn’t Blaming Other like Making Excuses?

    • Anonymous says:

      Even before d by election date is announced, the main medias have been attacking the Opposition voraciously esp it’s leaders.. Umno n it’s 2 lapdogs MCA n MIC has been up to the task of vicious targeting of d Opposition in d medias..

      • Anon says:

        Lapdogs issit? No longer using the term Imperialist running dogs? Why? Coz Mao Zedong olely dead? Chin Peng olely kapputz?

        So, BN walloping the Oppo hippos in the media – what you gonna do about it? Cry baby?

  8. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!! says:

    Kajang by-election a LITMUS TEST for both Pakatan & BN – Karpal

    Putrajaya and Shah Alam can use the the Kajang by-election as a referendum on its performance and issues affecting the people, the DAP said.

    Its national chairman Karpal Singh (pic) said it was the right time for the Federal government (Putrajaya) and Selangor government (Shah Alam) to subject themselves to public scrutiny and defend their policies and action.

    He said any issue touching on local, state and Federal governments could be debated during the campaign to let the people be the judge.

    “The by-election is the best litmus for both as the constituency represents a cross section of the population in the peninsula,” he told the Malaysian Insider.
    Karpal, sport, should by election really use for such litmus test?

    Isn’t governing and election not a serious matter that should not be exploited for a popularity test?

    What about the racial and religious tension now? Is it not a concern that such a by election for a litmus test might aggravate further this racial and religious tension?

    Could more Molotov Cocktails be flying around because of this election?

    Is this by election for a litmus test in the right direction of reducing racial and religious tension?

    • Anon says:

      Karpal should be told about the other test – LICKMUST TEST. In the toilet with the Deputy, in the video missing Omega, whatever.

      Shit, talking about LITTING in Kajang when it was a PKR seat.

      • awie says:

        For years, BeeEND fellas’ minds are so filled with sexual innuendos that it does not make the rakyat immune anymore… the difference is the intensity of these smut… mic had vijadran, mca has the ChuaTANGKAP-Basah… Of course, the chief pirates of HUM-Noo takes the cake.. With shafie aqdal, bung mokhtar, the fella with the PD escapade and so many more, even the young children in school is not immune to their explicit accounts… Time to bury HUM-Noo and its follower packs of Dogs @ mic, mca & GELAKAN… ABU.!!!.. And so it begins.. the road to GE14…

        • Anonymous says:

          Their minds may be “filled with sex innuendos”, but Pakatoon leaders just do sex, in hotels, in condos, apartments.

          Lim Guan Eng and Rainbow, Lim Kit Siang with Madam Foo, Anwar with .. you know lah.

          Shhh, don’t mention the “Spenda” case.

  9. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!! says:

    Is the top gay guy serious, genuine and credible when about talking about a dialogue on reducing religious and racial tension one day and announcing the by election the next day?

    • Raz says:

      This will remind the people what kind of federal government we have. And all its broken GE13 campaign promises. They think that since GE13 is over they could do whatever they like.

      Even parliament question-time is taken lightly. Suddenly they have to face a barrage of questions and that too from Anwar, the one political leader they dread most.

      The Kajang by-election is a bonus. Now BN cannot choose to stay silent on the critical issues that we the people care about: fundamental liberties, price hikes, the national economy, auditor-general’s reports…

      Now we will get to hear BN’s explanation.

      • Anon says:

        What utter nonsense you talk about, Mista? Don’t even know that PKR said an election manifesto is not a promise? Where in the world do you get such stupidity election manifesto not a promise.

        Now you want to talk about Federal Gomen not living up to promises. You don’t even know what promises are. Got a different meaning in Pakatoon vocabulary?

        And Khalid save the State money to increase their salaries – he rised his even higher that the PM salary? Where got meaning like that? Katun Pakatoon.

  10. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!! says:

    Was the ammonia in the Sungai Langat river during the CNY weekend and the fire at the I-City wax museum indication that thing are hoting up in term of the racial and religious warfare in Malaysia esp. Selangor and Penang?

    Will the racial and religious tension now become the racial, religious and political tension?

    Will it escalate?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Before GE 13: We all agree to disagree not to talk about PM post. If Anwar cannot be PM, he will resign to go teaching.
    3 days after GE 13: We won on popular votes, but we did not get enough seats in Parlimen. We won, we won. You cheat, you liar.
    9 months later: I have no plans to be MB, I won’t be contesting in Kajang
    3 days after 9 months: Pakatan announced Anwar to run for election.
    9 days after 9 months: Khalid will still be in the Government.
    10 days after 9 months: Anwar as new MB is an Option on the table, of course we have to agree among us…….

    This guy is super sly. He is so smooth that he can convinced his wife and children that he is a total family man even though he is convicted for gay sodomy. He can

    • Anonymous says:

      Muhyiddin Yassin, why not you take the opportunity to contest against Anwar Ibrahim to prove that you deserved to be Deputy Prime Minister?

      Play the race card, Muhyiddin. Kajang has 41% Chinese voters. Tell Kajang Chinese voters Malay ADUNs will not help look out for Chinese interests. Only Chinese ADUN from MCA can get UMNO-BN to even pay attention to problems Chinese community faces in Kajang. Then tell the 48% Malay voters to vote for BN because you know how to make MCA kowtow to you and so Malays will always be the tuan over the Chinese. Don’t forget the Indians. They have nambikei for UMNO-BN. Get Kamalanathan to kiss your hand again and splash it across the MSM. Way to go, Malay-first Muhyiddin.

      • aiya says:

        It’s better to let LGE to contest …he can gain all 41% of the Chinese vote ….48% of the Malay votes and 11% of the Indian votes….becos’ he is Tokong……

        • Shirly says:

          Aiya you so silly. The whole idea of having this byelection is to pave the way for Anwar to forcibly take over the MB’s post from Khalid.
          It is not a matter who can win the Kajang seat.

      • Anon says:

        Dont talk cock lah Anonymous February 4, 2014 at 10:27 am.

        Why not you ask Anwar to contest in a strong BN constituency?

      • awie says:

        ANWAR has gone through it all, JAILED, sodomy, sexual escapes with prostitues all in one besides being an Israeli and United State spy. He is indeed a SUPERMAN. The most attacked and accused person ever known in Malaysia, a public enemy no. 1. No consideration for his family and children, his wife all perpetuated by the massive MACHINERIES of UMNO – a CRUEL ACT UNSEEN IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. This is ANWAR worthy to be a PRIME MINISTER. In this KAJANG by-election who knows SHAHRIZAT might come out with the accusation that ANWAR had sex with her husband’s COWS in Gemas. Let us expect the worse from EVIL UMNO. MUHYIDDIN has already promised that, Ahmad Mazlan already fired the first shot with with ex- ERECTION Info Minister magnifying it. UMNO is bankrupt of ideas, God has stumbled them.

    • Anonymous says:

      When PAS President Hj Hadi said “The issue about the Selangor menteri besar’s post does not arise,” it simply mean “no change in MB’s post”.
      Anwar do not go for election just to stay in the Exco. He go there to be the MB. By the way, if Anwar wins, who is going to be the sacrificial Exco to make way for him to come in assuming that Khalid stay in the Exco? Or Khalid would just simply disappear?
      If that is the case, do you think Khalid would totally support Anwar to win so that Anwar can replace him? It is like trying to help a guy who he already know that he will stab him.

      • Anon says:

        Khalid support or not support, the question is will HRH Sultan Selangor agree to Anwar being MB, a sodomist, China Doll-ist, demo here demo there saying aku menang aku menang popular votes at PRU13. Like a naughty boy not getting what he wants from the parents. How to be a respectble leader like that.

        Precedents already set – Raja of Perlis refused to consent once, Sultan Trengganu also refused it once.

  12. Movieman says:

    There is a great short movie going on YOUTUBE
    It’s called Theresa kok CNY 2014. Only bad thing is that it is entirely in chinese. So I have to read the English subtitle. Still I learn a lot on how to protect myself from snatch thieves. You need real leather handbags. The bigger the better. Also if I learn to save a lot, over a long period of time , my savings will become diamonds!!!!!

  13. linpehkong says:

    It will be a travesty if Anal Iborehim were to be appointed MB of Selangor.
    Even his most loyal supporters know for a fact now that he is a real Main Belakang, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and will play the Chinese backside when he is entrenched.
    The 41% of Chinese voters in Kajang should be reminded that he was the minister of Education when he put many poorly qualified non Chinese headmasters in Chinese schools.
    If he is voted in he will find a way to wriggle into the fabric of Selangor society and then it will be too late.

    • awie says:

      Umno continuos harping on sex, Allah, Bible, Christians, and Chinese serves a purpose: to keep the rural vote bank firmly with Umno. Change will come when their MPs decide that Umno is no longer a sustainable model to remain in power. Umno itself meanwhile is gearing itself to warm the Opposition benches in Parliament for a very long time to come while at the same time hanging on to some Tanah Melayu or Malay reservation states.

      • Anonymous says:

        UMNO keep harping on sex etc. Pakatoons just do them – sex etc.

        Pakatoons get votes from the frustrated, the disenchanted, the secret societies, thugs and gangsters. But even Pkatoon fellows get frustrated with Pakatoons – even the Harvard graduate Nathaniel Tan or somebody, who whacked PKR prim and proper a few days ago. He got sacked from a financially comfortable job in Selangor after 7 years of loyalty to the party. No reason given for being sacked. Imagine, a Harvard graduate.

        Then PKNS sacked some 30 officers that include even senior Managers, again no valid reason given. They are fuming mad with PKR and Pakatoon Selangor gomen now.

        Shit talking about change, you dimwit.

      • awie says:

        I am a stupid idiot tsunami cina….

    • Shirly says:

      I fully agree with linpehkong. He will not only main belakang the Chinese. There is something even bigger . The cash rich Selangor state has much to offer, sorry has much $$$$$ to be siphoned.
      Khalid has been doing a good job. Why should Anwar want to replace him. The Kajang folks should show Anwar that they are no fools and dont give him the vote as a passport to kick out Khalid.

    • Shirly says:

      When Anwar was education minister, please remember that he ordered that the Crosses from all schools to be taken down. REJECT racism by voting Anwar out.

  14. Movieman says:

    You caught me there limpehkong .

    . Yes maybe we should all rethink. After all, DSAI, Khalid and Azmin are all frustrated UMNO fellows. Will these EX UMNO change? We may fing them joining BN again , just like SEMANGAT did at one time. In politics there is no permanent enemies and friends.

    The only losers are the Rakyat. Politicians always win and want to win it all.

    • Mangkuk says:

      For Anuwar, back stabbing is stamp in the gene. From UMNO until PKR he always used it. Now that he is comfortable with PR, PR will be the next agenda.

  15. Mangkuk says:

    ha ha ha . The video telling everthing about Anuwar.
    Genius, Anuwar can be summarize in 24 sec video!

  16. GILA says:

    Mahatir’s power -operation lallang

    Badawi’s power -Islam hadhari

    Annuar’s power – BACK STEP.

  17. Joe cool Perkasa 1Melayu May 13, 1969 Ini Tanah Melayu Mau Lagi Kah!!! says:

    STOP HARASSING ME, Teresa Kok lodges police report over ‘One-der-ful, LO-SI-MA’ video – Written by Teresa Kok
    More kurang ajar and biadap behavior from DAP

    Will it end or have they to be ajar?

    • awie says:

      Anwar needn’t worry. The more sleaze and filth Umno and their goons like Utusan throw at him the more people will come out to support him because we are sick and tired with these recycled smuts which seem to be the only thing the the brainless idiots in BN could muster. Lets hope Kajang will be the poisoned arrow that will strike Umno right in the heart.

      • Anonymous says:

        We? Meaning you, your goons and toons? Never the mind. The rakyat is not sick and tired, still voted BN into power at PRU13.

        It’s a poison arrow alright. But it works like a boomerang – when shot, it comes back and kill the shooter.

      • awie says:

        I am the brainless idiot in PR (Penipu Rakyat)…. who loves licking MB (Main Blanking)’s BALLS….

      • Citizen says:

        Sleaze? Have you forgotten about:
        LGE – Rainbow?
        LKS – Mdm Foo?
        Azmin – Ice Cream in toilet?
        Mat Main Sabun – Normah?
        Ustaz Badrul – Someone’s wife in a hotel in Kuantan?
        Big Spenda Stopa – Some anak mami looking chick?
        and of course no one can beat “its not me coz I don’t have a tummy…and my Omega watch is being kept by Jijah Ikan Sepat” Al-Juburi (nickname courtesy of Mat Main Sabun)

        • Anonymous says:

          I like this one. Wish it be reproduced time and again.

          Never mind if some people get bored reading that. They’ll be only Pakatoon blokes. But it’ll be music to non-Pakatoon ears.

  18. GILA says:

    Watch the clip by Theresa. Lots of double or even triple meanings. In Chinese , the same tone has different meaning in different dialect and even for the same dialect, depending on how you emphasize the tone has different meaning . It is very complicated because Chinese languages depends on dipthongs, ie how you emphasize certain tones.

    The word SI for example , in Theresa video could mean either DIE, SHIT, four or the west or very. It is further complicated because the clip mixes mandarin with Cantonese.

    At the end of the day, no one knows the actual meaning. Theresa has to be honest with her actual intention. She can get away. But ultimately it is the higher law of morality that matters.GOD will judge.

    • Patriot says:

      The crux of the matter is…is it really necessary to produce such a video given the current sentiments of the people?

      • Anonymous says:

        The Cina Bukit kind cares not the current sentiments of the people.

        The DAP bastaks are the kind who caused the race riots of 1969.

  19. GILA says:

    Also the pronounciation MA LAI could mean HORSE COME or THE MALAYS or MOTHER COME or SCOLDING COME. So be my guest, it is that complicated. I really don’t know. Her speech mixes Cantonese with mandarin, so that can even complicate meaning further.

    Whatever it is she shouldn’t have make this to be a CNY greetings. It is a mood spoiler. We want to celebrate CNY with our Muslim friends too!!!! In fact I just had a wonderful dinner with my Muslim friends in a Chinese muslim restoran. Please Theresa go and FFFFFFFF yourself ok.

    • Anonymous says:

      I like the last sentence, mate. Sounds like Khalid Ggp saying the FFFFFFFF.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whn they intend the MA LAI to mean derogatory, then it lso means their mothers come after the Malays FFFFFFF them.

      Whatever FFFFFFFF means, don’t blame me, blame Khalid Gagap. And Rafizi and Anwar who are now making poor Khalid to gagap because Khlid may lose his MB post.

      Poor man. Selangor state coffers he said now very rich but spend the money on his and PKR cronies’ hefty salary increases and compensation for the PKNS staff being summarily dismissed from service. Crazy bloke increasing his own salary to even higher than the PM of the whole country, Malaysia. Screwed up perspective. Maybe one of the reasons Anwar wants him replaced.

      • funniman says:

        Teresa like Tony Pua is trying to be in the limelight else they just fade away. Same goes for Rafizi and Anwar. They need to create controversies to whip up sentiments.
        They are all the same. Talk and talk but do nothing concrete to ease burden of people. Why don’t they just keep quiet and just go about doing their work which they are elected for?

        Maybe LGE is boastful and arrogant, but he does his work, rightly or wrongly is a different matter. Even like PAS Kelantan, they also keep quiet and admin their state. Khalid same too. He quietly does his job in Selangor, yes you can’t please your all political comrades but all of them do not create controversies unlike this lady. I really see no point in this video.

      • linpehkong says:

        Whatever it is that bitch does not have any good intentions.
        All she wants is to trash our beloved country Malaysia. I do not blame anybody for asking such uncouth, disloyal and ungrateful person to return to where she says her origins are from — just not Malaysia. As a Malaysian Chinese I may not love every aspect of Malaysian life and many of the things that ruling or opposition politicians are doing, but I will never trash my country

  20. GILA says:

    taken in contexts in cantonese, SI LEI most probably means very terror or in bahasa sangat hebat. That is my very fair comment.

  21. GILA says:

    Still, many are disturbed by TB Theresa video clip. It is now 2am. I’m writing about her stupid video because me and my chinese non chinese friends are disturbed.

    Final advice to YB Theresa , if you have nothing better to do go and lock yourself in the room and FFFFFFFFF yourself . DON’T DISTURB OUR LIVES. Ok

    • Anonymous says:

      No need to “advise” the bitch. Just TELL her to scram from this country, to migrate elsewhere. She is the kind that caused the race riots in 1969. Every such action by her brings adverse reactions.

      Good that many have made Police reports against her. The Police must act on her – Sedition law, whatever law that’ll teach her and her kind some strong lessons. We must avoid another 13 May. If nor acted upon, her bitchy act may lead to that.

      • linpehkong says:

        A leader is supposed to do things that unite. She does none of that. She is nothing but a political animal and a bitch at that. She is not married is she? Now we know why she is not married and also why she behave like that.

        • Anon says:

          The only person Kok can marry is Tokong Lim. Then she’ll kow tow and follow his instructions. She has no respect or fear any others. Not even Tony Pua who Tokong Lim instructed to take over her place as Selangor DAP Chief. And the cowed down dungu delegates meekly raised their hands to vote Tony Pua.

          But Kok has to cross Betty’s dead body to marry the Tokong. No help from Karpal Singh coz he has used up his quota of “over my dead body” on PAS Hudud.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahaha, a group of supposedly Muslim NGOs yesterday offered RM500 reward for anyone who could slap her.

      • Anon says:

        The reward to slap Teresa Kok was raised from RM500 to RM1,200. Getting serious, isn’t it.

        And a calculated RM1,200. Not RM1,000 or RM2,000 round figure ones.

        And Teresa started wanting to corrupt those who may want to slap her – “Whoever needs the RM1,200, I can afford to give them,” said the bitch after making another Police report.

        Gosh, if you look at her photo in, she really has a mustache. She must be shaving that part above her lips. Wonder if she shaves that part around her other lips.

        If you think nasty what the other lips are, don’t blame me. It’s your interpretation, hehe.

        Happy Police reporting this Chinese New Year, Kok. No Happy CNY from MA LAI – whatever pronunciation you use in your video, you racist bitch.

  22. . says:

    Looks like Khalid Ibrahim is doomed. Politically and business-wise. Losing his MB means the bank will enforce the Court Order for the recovery of the RM66 mill loan Khalid has not re-paid, which was deferred out of respect when he became MB. Now Anwar says things that show he wants to be MB:

    “The possibility (of (me) being Mentri Besar) is there. We need to discuss this matter using Pakatan Rakyat’s process,” said he.

    Anwar said discussions with other Pakatan members were needed to achieve consensus and co-operation, but reiterated that “the possibility is there”.

    Poor Khalid may blurt out stammering when Anwar repeatedly said that no one would hold a post, including that of Mentri Besar, permanently. “Yes, it is not a permanent post (belonging to Khalid). We do not give any guarantee (that a post is permanent).”

    “It is sad how … he (Khalid) has to leave. It is sad. The circumstances and the dictate of the time requires that Selangor be driven,” the news portal quoted Anwar as saying. Presumably to Anwar, Khalid was only driving his salary very high up.

    “I cannot accept … Every other week you have this problem, this attack. We seem to be quite helpless, either they (Barisan) use state apparatus or some NGO and not much can be done. We will not allow this to happen. This requires political leadership,” he added. He’s implying Khalid has no political leadership.

    In an interview with Australian television current affairs programme Newsline, Anwar was quoted as saying that he was in talks to take over the post from Khalid and that talks about the possibility of a “change of guard” was under way.

    National Council of Professors’ head of politics, security and international affairs cluster professor Datuk Dr Mohamed Mustafa Ishak opined that Anwar is making such hints to “send a signal” to those against the idea of him becoming the Mentri Besar should he win in Kajang.

    “He wants to show those in the state Pakatan who do not support the Kajang move that he is focused on becoming Mentri Besar,” said Dr Mustafa.

    Khalid has over a month to whack and shit everybody in PKR and in Selangor before his power disappears.

    Sad. Very sad. Azmin Ali clapping his hands loudly – in his heart and mind.

  23. . says:

    Now another Opposition portal, Malaysia Kini, also publishes an anti-Anwar opinion piece. Are they all now ganging up on Anwar? Interesting.

    The piece says Anwar has now admitted that not only is he running for the Kajang state assembly seat, but he is also in talks to replace Khalid.

    In coming clean, Anwar has exposed his opportunistic and scheming ways to the rakyat in what is an affront to Malaysian democracy.

    After not even nine months on the job, PKR assemblyperson Lee Chin Cheh quitted his mandate without providing his constituents or those who voted for him an adequate reason. The reason is now crystal clear. Anwar wanted Lee’s job so as to steal Abdul Khalid’s job. And all for the sole purpose of using Selangor to showcase himself for another run at Putrajaya.

    “This is the richest state, the most effective state, the most popular state and we will showcase how we run through good governance and transparent governance.” It is Putrajaya that Anwar cares about. Not democracy, not the rakyat, and not even his own party allies.

    The choice of Selangor is outrageous. Choosing one of the richest states will expose Anwar as an opportunistic freeloader. If he really wanted to showcase his pedigree, why not choose Kelantan, where he would face tougher challenges of poverty reduction and development?

    Proving himself the old fashioned way, by helping the rakyat rather than furthering his own dying political career, would do a lot more for his stated goal of obtaining the keys to Putrajaya.

    Instead, Anwar is intent on bolstering his CV by swooping into Selangor and taking the credit for the work of Abdul Khalid and numerous others. One has to ask whether there is another motive.

    Anwar had previously promised to step down from politics if his coalition lost the 13th general election.

    He is now wildly justifying his run in Kajang based on economic and racial problems that have forced him to change his mind. But what economic problems is he referring to?

    The Malaysian economy is expected to grow at over five percent in 2014. Rating agency Moody’s said on Feb 6 that, “Good governance in Malaysia will support the economic outlook for the next 18 months”.

    And surely he cannot possibly be arrogant enough to think he and he alone can solve racial problems.

    It is an unquenchable thirst for power that is the driving force behind Anwar’s decision. The Kajang fiasco is setting off alarm bells all over Malaysia.

  24. Anon says:

    Now even Ambiga has gone gaga over Anwar standing as ADUN Kajang.

    She siad Pakatan Rakyat must be upfront about whether Anwar is aiming to be the next Selangor Mentri Besar. “To me, you don’t ask the leader of the Opposition to take such a huge risk to be an assemblyman,” she said.

    And she was speaking at a forum moderated by state Deputy Speaker Nik Nazmi, a PKR guy – another sign of bergaduh besar among PKR fellas.

    “People are also concerned that they’re not seeing a united front. The people of Selangor voted resoundingly for Pakatan and for change. We need to see you (Pakatan) speak with one voice,” said Ambiga. Hohoho.

    Earlier in the forum, PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli, credited as orchestrating the Kajang Move, attempted to justify it, saying it was necessary to change the status quo of Malaysia’s political climate.

    “Could it have been more consultative? Yes, but I admit that not everyone would be able to stomach the risk,” Rafizi admitted. “But if we were to go back and forth (in discussion), our plan could have been leaked,” he said. Clearly not trusting their own Pakatan colleagues.

    Ambiga, responding to DAP publicity secretary Tony Pua’s statement on how it will “be the end” of Anwar and Pakatan if the Kajang seat was not won, said: “I’m sure your party is stronger than that”. Wow, I missed that part where Tony Pua stating “the end of Anwar”. Good of you to say so, Ambiga.

    Aaaaaaaaa, this is a better one by Ambiga – she said, “It’s not often you can vote with the benefit of hindsight, this time you can … If you like what Barisan (Nasional) is doing, by all means vote for them. If you don’t like what Pakatan is doing, vote against them,” said Ambiga.

    If she says more like that, I might want to kiss her. Say only, not doing it. Forbidden by Islam.

    • Anon says:

      Ambiga said, ““People are also concerned that they’re not seeing a united front.”

      No united front both inside PKR and in Pakatan Rakyat – here is a news headline to show that –

      PAS Youth: Keep Khalid as MB.

      So Anwar, you’d lose PAS Youth votes in Kajang.

    • Anon says:

      Here is the report on what Tony Pua said:

      Suggesting the high stakes involved, DAP MP Tony Pua warned that losing the Kajang by-election would not just bury the political career of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim but likely Pakatan Rakyat (PR) along with it.

      The Petaling Jaya Utara MP also believed this would drive Barisan Nasional (BN) to devote its entire might on the by-election next month, since it allegedly predicts the same fate for PR should the opposition leader falter.

      “Kajang by-election is an extremely important election for Pakatan. [If] Anwar loses Kajang, Pakatan is finished … we’re done for,” Pua told a forum on the by-election in Subang Jaya.

      Pua was not alone in the prognosis. Rafizi Ramli, the PKR strategy director at the centre of the so-called “Kajang Move”, also acknowledged the gamble.

      “Not winning Kajang means perhaps a certain end to certain things,” Rafizi, who was also a panellist in the forum, said in agreement.

      Pua claimed that allowing a relatively long period before holding the by-election was a sign that BN will launch an all-out campaign against PR in Kajang.

      “My guess is, BN is putting every single ammunition they have over this period to attack Kajang, convince Kajang to defeat Anwar,” said Pua.

      “Because they know if Anwar falls in Kajang, that’s the end of Anwar and that’s the end of Pakatan.”

  25. Anonymous says:

    I like this one –

    Zahid: Cash reward for slapping Teresa Kok is not a threat

    KAJANG: Why should police investigate the Muslim NGOs who offered a cash reward for anyone who could slap Seputeh MP Teresa Kok? It wasn’t a threat, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

    “If they issued a death threat, then it would be a threat. Slapping is not,” Zahid told reporters Saturday morning.

    Zahid added that an investigation had been initiated against Kok for her controversial Chinese New Year video, with over 300 police reports being lodged against her.

    Protesters had on Thursday slammed “chauvinistic leaders” who were using current issues to fan hatred. They then slaughtered chickens and smeared their blood on a poster with the faces of Kok, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and Machang Bubuk MP Lee Khai Loon on them.

  26. GILA says:

    How can the failure of anwar to capture Kajang end pakatan. ?? It is utter rubbish from tony plus and Rafizi. These two fellows are using reverse psychology.

    If anwar wins, he will be MB. If he loses, he is still the opposition leader. Make no difference to pakatan. This Kajang move is all about anwar wanting power. Nothing more.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with the Pua fella. If Kajang voters reject him, it shows they are fed up with him and Pakatan. It will have an impact on voters elsewhere. I hope they reject him and Pakatan on March 23.

  27. linpehkong says:

    All I can do is shake my head in total disappointment if Kajang vote the rear admiral into Selangor state assembly. How can so many people be so stupid for so long
    Have they not got enough of hie lying and scheming ways. Anal Iborehim was supposed to step down and walk into the sunset if Pacartoon looses GE13. so what is this foul person still swaggering around town as if he is the Messiah.

  28. Hi Pleasant i included the school temporerly first and that I could add the big event later.Do you’ve any idea that in copyscape the code being shown by it in the bottom of Comments.

  29. Thank you Lindsay. I recall the night although it appears as though along way. Wishing your Mom and you well.

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