Blackout Style Rebellion Against Guan Eng?

Source: Tunku Aisha

How long can a person lie? Even a politician cannot lie forever. An idiot cannot pretend to be smart forever. One day everything will be exposed and the idiot cannot hide anything from anyone.

The same goes for evil, they can never play good forever. That is the case with Lim Guan Eng and his minions in the DAP.

After too long strutting their ego as they think they are better and much holier than UMNO or BN, DAP finally have to accept the fact that their party cannot even touch BN from any point or angle. Less than two terms, all their stupidity, evil, racist and incompetent nature has been exposed to the people of this country.

Lim Guan Eng arrogance has been the window of truth to show the people on the true nature of the DAP. Nicknamed as “Temple (tokong)” by DAP Chinese majority member, have alredy done a lot of damage to the party reputation. A wise man once said, you should not be arrogant standing in front of your enemy.

Today, we were informed that there are movement among the DAP member of more than 5 state that is Selangor, Malacca, Johor, Pulau Pinang and Perak to educate their grand temple through the re-election of the CEC. This news is also been reported by the Sin Chew Daily. According to the newspaper, DAP Ladang Paroi Division Leader; David Dass, have filed an injunction to stop the CEC as a reason that it does not follow the party constitution.

David Dass is one of the people who did not receive a notice of the meeting and was excluded in the special meeting for the re-election of the CEC. Thus, everyone suspects that the delegate from the Indian community will be excluded in the new election that will be held in the 29th September 2013.

What worst is that the DAP leadership also create story that they received letters from the members that they will not come to the meeting. This has made some of them really angry.

What confusing is that Guan Eng’s action that they are not sorry for what they did, and they did not even try to make amends with the Indian delegates. Guan Eng blames the ROS and pretends that it is not his fault.

The fact of the matter is, the DAP have to face the anger of its own members.

Even if they are facing attacks from the inside, Guan Eng will execute the CEC as what he had planned. The reason is, he had not received any injunction from the court that was filed by David Dass. He did not even state why he excludes David Dass in the special meeting.

It seems that after they failed to rebel with the blackout rally, Guan Eng have to face the rebellion of his own party member.

Thus, the DAP members have to do drastic changes with changing the leadership before Guan Eng’s position is stronger, from being just a temple to a god. DAP members is under the iron fist of dictatorship in its truest from.

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  1. Joe cool says:

    “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!”

  2. Joe cool says:

    I think after the announcement on the additional benefits for the Bumiputeras, UMNO/ government is going next for the Chinese school.

    Expect some changes on funding or sylabus for these schools soon i.e. before or during the UMNO AGM

    • Anonymous says:

      Look forward to it.

      Many still skeptical about Najib’s seriousness to see his Ekonomi Bumiputera plan through. Many saying that’s just UMNO party election ploy.

      I hope he or his replacement will see it through. Right to the end of time. Wanna see the tsunami Chinese pea on the chauvinistic and racist DAP.

    • tebing tinggi says:

      Joe cool

      Dont be too sure lah, what Najib trying to do just fooling the Malay perhimpunan is over ,cakap memang berapi but wait pelaksanaanya.
      What the Chinese see are , WANG BESAR ,WANG BESAR , WANG BESAR ! masuk masuk masuk , last-last Melayu still lopong.
      Dont forget the Chinese controlled everything .

      • Anonymous says:

        You a Chinese? Hopeful thinking, aren’t you?

        Perhimpunan or not Perhimpunan, the policies have been laid out and will be implemented, Mister. Whether you like it or not. If not, you have a choice – migrate.

        How “berkesan” it’ll be also depends on the Civil Service – Government Officers whose job for ages has been implementing policies. I’ll let you in a secret – after the Chinese tsunami, they are fired up on the Bumiputera Economic Policy.

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s right. No point in pining for the Chinese support who had dumped BN. So UMNO is moving forward carrying with it the Malay economic agenda focusing on 5 core areas. The setting up of a bumiputera debt unit in every govt Ministry , the inclusion of bumiputra participations in GLCs’ KPI, and the MEB being directly under the PM are indications that the agenda will be seriously steered. No flopped Pemandu to interfere with the MEB action plan. It is a renewed Affirmative Action Policy. If people say it is a reward for Malays and bumis who delivered 88 parliamentary seats to UMNO, they’re damn right. Najib offered the merit based policies at the start of his premiership in 2009 but the non Malays and the urban liberal Malays rejected BN, so realpolitik is now needed. No more kowtowing to those who rejected the BN govt. MEB is fair and equitable. And it is the right thing to do.

          • Anonymous says:

            Correction : * bumiputera development unit*

          • A says:

            I like the term realpolitik and agree with all that you said.

            Now we must do the necessary, interesting and entertaining job of walloping the bloke who writes his comment in the name box, below.

        • Sila G says:

          Yep, they are all fired up to skim off even more money into their own pockets while depriving those who need it most.

          NEP same old, same old.

          40 years and still getting cheated by Umngok.


          • A says:

            Run into you on the way to the half mad bloke below and you also deserve walloping, boy.

            Wild and unsubstantiated allegation again, eh? When are you buggers going to learn, eh? When you make only wild allegations, nobody will listen to you, will only shit you. That’s why DAP has existed for 47 years but managed to reach only Penang.

            Even that, got whacked back by BN last time. Will get shooed out again another time not too long from now.

          • Travis says:

            Sila G, my advice to you:

            Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does.

            You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

            Make peace with your past so it won’t spoil the present.

            Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what
            their journey is all about.


        Back to the whacking board, guys.

        I’ll be back when he comes out again.

        What he can do, I can do better.

      • A says:

        Not only loyal Malaysians won’t accept your wishes as they come from what appears to be the frequently quoted phrase “non-respecting and non-abiding by the Constitution” blokes like you, they also want to shit you for your anarchistic behaviour of writing your comments in the name box, leading others to respond in kind.

        How do like my long sentence so far, eh?

        Having shitted you that much, I’ll attend to some other matter now and will be back here later.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” – William Shakespeare.

    “Many of his evil will live after Guan Eng has gone kapputz. The “good” will only be interred with Rainbow’s bones.” – Me.

  4. Joe cool says:

    Selamat pagi, Anonymous.

    Ada baik?

    • Anonymous says:

      Selamat pagi, bro.

      Baik, except selalu nampak the ungrateful ingrates (the usual double whammy against the non-Constitution respecting blokes).

      Asyik nak halau depa yang tak hormatkan dan tak mahu hidup dengan Perlembagaan negara kita lah.

      Loyalty must be based on the Constitution of the country, don’t you think so? If they don’t respect the Constitution, they are not loyal, so boleh halau, betul tak? After all, ada orang orang terkenal pun say that using words like Berhijrah lah etc.

    • Anonymas says:

      Remember to celebrate tomorrow. The 5th Anniversary of Anwar Ibrahim becoming the President of the Republic of Malaysia!

      Let’s all wear clown make up, red noses and multicolored afro wigs to commemorate the occasion.

  5. Joe cool says:


    These disloyal, kiasu, always trying to take advantage of the Malays, derhaka and kurang ajar Chinese should be made to migrate as much as possible.

    Withdrawing their Malaysian citizenship would probably be too difficult but making as uncomfortable for them to stay is within UMNO and the Malays control.

    There are many things that UMNO and the Malays can do to get them to migrate. Use government money to give to the Bumiputeras i.e. essentially taxing them more, close the Chinese school, close churches esp. those that ferment anti-government thoughts and teaching, reduce or eleiminate scholarship for the Chinese students etc

    We gotta stop pussy footing on this stuff. I think DS Najib is getting the message form TS Muhyddin, Dr M and other senior UMNO members that working with these derhaka and kurang ajat Chinese is pointless. I think he is going to implement these shooing away of Chinese policies soon

    • . says:

      I think withdrawing their Malaysian citizenship would not be too difficult. The Director General of the Registration Department has the power to do so. Only needs the clearance from the political masters who decides on policies.

      But if Najib will go for Single Stream Education as a next course of action, I think that’ll do for the time being. He has said in his 1Malaysia blog in the early stages of his PMship that “Single Stream schooling will be implemented when the rakyat wants it.” The rakyat wants it years ago.

    • Voluntary Migration Plan for Chinese says:

      Finally some common sense. The Chinese didnt came to malaya to be citizens to all the nincompoop out there. They came to trade and do business and go back to China. They are backed by China capitalists so some fools saying the chinese are good at business just dont know what they are talking about.
      The Chinese attack can be contained by reducing their numbers. They are getting more dangerous because they have colluded witht the Chrisitans colonisers into attacking the natives.
      Helping the chinese to migrate is a win win solution. They do not want to swear allegiance to the Supreme Malay Agung. They would rather migrate.
      So what is wrong if UMNO setup a tabung perpindahan?

      • Anonymous says:

        Hah, I like that idea, mate. Tabung Pemindahan. For those loud-mouthed ones who don’t have the funds to vamoose on their own.

        Where’s Coomaraswamy or whoever is the UN Rapporteur, rapport this to UN will ya?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, let them have it, Joe, these damn selfish pendatang blokes. Whether it’s party elections posturing or not, I wish the announced pro-Malay and Bumiputera policies will be continued for as long as UMNO exists, as looking after the rights and the interests of the Malays are what the party was formed for some 60 years ago.

      The British had allowed political parties be formed along racial lines, so be it. The Chinese don’t want to continue the practice of kongsi kuasa, so be it. UMNO can go it alone with the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

      I wish Anwar will be imprisoned after the Appeal on his Sodomy II case. His imprisonment will seal the fate of the Malays – PKR will cease to attract the deviant Malays and PAS will not likely think just they and DAP can ever reach Putrajaya and will abandon DAP.

      The break up of Fuckatan Rakyat alone will make many Chinese abscond the country. But before any break up happens, UMNO should do everything possible to shoo them away. The loyal Chinese will stay but the useless ones, those who have no roots in this country in terms of having substantial business and wealth will run away. Those include the loud-mouthed and seditious ones.

      • Sila G says:

        “UMNO can go it alone with the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. ”


        Umngok has done jack shit for the “Bumiputeras” of Sabah and Sarawak. Their own form of perverse intra-Bumi racism. And the Sabah and Sarawak folk are beginning to realise it. Can you hear the rumblings across the water this Malaysia Day? Or you prefer not to read around?

        Maybe you can get them to emigrate too?

        • Anonymas says:

          “Umngok has done jack shit for the “Bumiputeras” of Sabah and Sarawak. Their own form of perverse intra-Bumi racism.”

          So funny, once there was this Peninsular guy from an opposition party who wanted to open a branch over at Sabah and Sarawak. But he did not use the local people, instead he used his underling from Peninsular to be their strongman over there. It made the local branch mad and boycotted the top brass.

          I can’t remember who was that guy…ahhh…from ‘eye’ party or something

        • Gila H says:

          Nope, the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak do not have to go anywhere. They belong there, they were the original settlers of Sabah and Sarawak, unlike the pendatang who try to validate their presence by marrying the local, irrespective of the basis of the marriage, love or the prospect of getting customary land right, whatever.

          Read the often recommended books “The Malay Civilization” and “Tamadun Alam Melayu” to know the origins of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

          But, Gila G (did I spell your name correctly?), Sabah has been ruled by an UMNO man for a long time now and are you blind not to see what the Bumiputeras there have been getting since that happened, or even earlier, by parties within the BN coalition? You dunno CM Musa is an UMNO man? You buried your head in Anwar’s or Lim Kit Siang’s arse hole all the time?

          And the Bumiputeras of Sarawak are dong fine, having been given all sorts of facilities, electric power in the long houses in the interior even. And every elections they returned Tan Sri Taib to power, didn’t you realize that?

          Get your head out of Anwar’s and Kit Siang’s arse hole, will you?

  6. . says:

    “they think they are better and much holier than UMNO or BN” –

    They can never be better. Gosh, Lim Guan Eng is called “the failed accountant”. They can’t even count 1,800 at the CEC Election in Dec 2012. Blamed the computer instead.

    Now shivering having to hold another CEC Election on 29 Sept. At the risk of the party being de-registered. But a sacked DAP leader has brought a case to court, asking that they be disallowed to hold that CEC Election because of inadequate notice period.

    I would like to see DAP de-registered. At a time when their thugs and gangsters are being hounded by the Police to the end of the earth. Malaysia’s earth, at least.

  7. Anonymas says:

    “Why should I apologize, it’s Microsoft Excel’s fault. Ask Bill Gates. Ha??? What do you mean Bill Gates is no longer with Microsoft?” – Tokong Lim

  8. Joe cool says:

    I think the Chinese/ DAP members are going very soon to be asking Guan Eng where is the better times, more equitable governent policies that the DAP promised them if they votes for PR before the last GE.

    They might kick him out of the top post since obviously the situaation is worse off now for them.

    He might not be to dissapointed if he get kick out of DAP top post and CM of Penang since if that happen he probably will drop Betty, migrate to Singapore and take rainbow with him.

    Because the path to true love are never smooth

    • Anonymous says:

      Wonder if the Johor DAP Head Dr Boo will boo Lim Guan Eng out. He was angry and wrote to the top leadership when they “interfered in the affairs of Johor DAP” by parachuting Lim Kit Siang into Gelang Patah before PRU13.

      Imagine, they don’t even respect their own leaders. How to expect them to respect the Constitution. Dr Boo and his kind must be booed out of the country.

  9. Joe cool says:

    The DAP condemned Najib’s call saying it is another example of Putrajaya’s waste of taxpayers’ money and an attempt to bail out the paper.

    Its national organising secretary Tony Pua (pic) said the Umno president’s call showed that the paper had lost readers over its racist stand.

    He said the prime minister’s call showed that the Malay-language daily is no longer “commercially viable” and Najib was making a lame attempt to rescue the “racist and extremist mouthpiece”.

    “The blatant call by the prime minister himself for government agencies and companies to increase advertising in Utusan Malaysia is a poorly-disguised bailout attempt using taxpayers’ monies,” Pua said in a statement yesterday – September 15, 2013.

    The main objective of Utusan Malaysia is not commercial viability but to help UMNO win elections and to assist in ensuring success of the Malays agenda

    • Anonymous says:

      Aaaaah, Tony Pua, the bloke with the Bugs Bunny teeth. (I learnt from the Red Beans that to put people down, call them mamak and Cina Bukit, make fun of their teeth, call them Teresa Cock, etc).

      These cakap tak serupa bikin blokes will do the same things and more if they ever get power. 49 days into power in Perak in 2008, DAP cousins Nga and Ngeh already engaged in corruption – Tailorgate, and later were bribed by Nik Aziz with 10,000 acres of land in Kelantan for agreeing to Nizar becoming Perak MB Sakejap.

      Tony Pua must be hoping for the time when he can direct GLCs to advertise in the Rocket. Fat hopes, boy. (He does at times look youngish even like a boy, doesn’t he?)

  10. Joe cool says:

    DAP joins MCA in wanting direct new village funding – Malaysia Kini

    Malays join UMNO to tell DAP and MCA to go f*** yourselves

  11. Joe cool says:

    MCA to PM: GLCs don’t belong to just one race – Malaysia Kini

    But the Bumiputera control the government and thus the Government Linked Companies.

    Right is secondary, MCA. Power is what’s count.

    You have no power, no support so you guys don’t count. Inconsequential. Losers

    • Anonymous says:

      MCA has sounded like and become a member of the Opposition, eh? They are really in a quandary, not knowing what to do about losing support and becoming almost useless to the BN.

      Instead of pleading for support from the tsunami Chinese, they now want to join the DAP monkeys in shouting snide remarks. Then get told to migrate, too. Sad. Very sad.

  12. Joe cool says:

    I feel lucky today. I always feel lucky when TS Muhyddin is in government

    • Anonymous says:

      I like him, too. I hope he becomes PM soon. Even becomes UMNO President at the coming party elections in October. His making History compulsory in schools is a big contribution to this country.

      Now his Education Blueprint calls for more hours for BM. Fake PhD Yap Sin Tian of Dong Zong, the Chinese Schools administrators, gigil lutut already. Accusing the Blueprint is leading to Single Stream schooling. If so, I’ll be happy some more.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, if Chinese schools are merged with the Sekolah Kebangsaan, many Chinese will migrate. Out of fedapness. They are generally the not well to do ones. Likely to cabut to Singapore as it will not cost much.

      Those would be the DAP kind, who don’t respect the Constitution Article 152 on Bahasa Malaysia, the very blokes we don’t want in this country and should be shooed out.

      • Lim Lynn says:

        Well, don’t worry if traditional Chinese migrate to another country when they want to give up their business in Malaysia. Moreover, in Singapore it’s harder to get use to advance education there. Therefore, PSM DAP PKR PAS should be whack every single choice they made.

        • Lim Lynn says:

          From the past experience what I understand from my grandmother ancestor they weren’t used to being educated in English when they were in Malaysia yet they still learn the English language and being educated in Traditional Chinese after her father came to Malaysia after having family lineage in China.

          That’s the past where Chinese being educated in Chinese and now is the future where we had to understand Malay language that will enable us to understand each other.

          From my experience, last 2013 September 12 a tourist ask the wrong couple of Chinese people where is Central Market. They just gave a blank stare and replied, “Err we don’t know where it is?” I tried to help the couple by giving a hint in Malay Pasar Seni since I was running late to arrive home since the weather in Lot 10 was cloudy and kind of gloomy. Then, they answered me by saying,” I don’t what Malay word is that.” Later, signal from the red pedestrian light turn to green . I answered to the couple,” I sorry I wish I could help you but I running late to arrive home today.”
          If the tourist ask me I could have explain there is 3 ways to arrived to Pasar Seni. The most expensive fare is to get a taxi from Sungai Wang to Pasar Seni. Secondly, is to get on a bus that’s going to Pasar Seni. Lastly, is use the train from LRT Titiwangsa direction Hang Tuah to Masjid Jamek. Then, change to Putraline Kelana Jaya direction Masjid Jamek to Pasar Seni .

          • Anon says:

            Well done Lim Lynn.

            You have the right attitude as a Malaysian. Let’s keep on trying to educate the others. If they continue to refuse to be really Malaysian in spirit, we’ll follow what the others in here say to them.

  13. Joe cool says:

    Sunday, 15 September 2013 19:45, Najib’s bumi plan ILLEGAL, IMMORAL & RACIST –
    Written by N Surendran

    I refer to the Bumiputra Economic Empowerment plan announced by PM Najib on 14th Sept 2013 at UITM. Among the benefits announced are contracts worth billions from Petronas; a new Amanah Saham Bumiputra scheme; Mara, Tekun, Ikhtiar, Superb funds; race-based housing; GLC participation etc.

    All these benefits are solely for bumiputras! This new racial economic plan is unreasonable, unlawful, unconstitutional and racist. Article 153 of the Federal Constitution which allows very specific and limited quotas for Bumiputras, does not permit wide-ranging race-based economic discrimination as set out in this new plan.

    The Bumiputra Economic Empowerment plan thus falls foul of Article 8 of the Federal Constitution and is blatantly discriminatory. Nothing in the Constitution allows the government to set up massive funds, share schemes, housing developments and contracts, for the benefit of one race only.

    Such racial discrimination is not only in breach of our laws and Constitution, but also international human rights standards. It also reeks of massive immorality. Further, the PM states that object of the setting up of the plan is to reward Malay support for UMNO in the recent GE-13.

    This is nothing short of punishment of non-Malays for voting opposition, and an attempt at large-scale political bribery of the Malay community. The object of the Bumiputra Economic Empowerment plan is thus completely illegal,racist and criminal in nature.

    Economic improvement plans must be on the basis of need, and not on the basis of the race of the recipient. Najib and UMNO/BN are once again threatening to set back the development of this country and are deliberately encouraging racial division and disharmony.

    Najib and UMNO/BN have become a positive danger to the unity, peace and prosperity of this country. And they have recklessly embarked on this plan for the narrow political agenda of UMNO/BN. This disgraceful new plan is the worst ever Malaysia Day present for this country and its people

    You and DAP can rant and shout Surendran, babe but you can’t do a thing to stop it.

    It takes power to get anything done and DAP and PR has Zilch power to stop this

    • Anonymas says:

      Well, what Surendran didn’t know is the existence of opportunistic, racetraitor Malays / bumiputeras who ‘alibaba’ their economic perks to the Chinese. I once went to a supposedly Malaya-owned sawmill in Lojing Kelantan to see the boss. But when I went to the boss’ office, there was a golden buddha on the table. Hmmm?
      So then I was briefed that the real ‘owner’ just provided his name so that it’ll get through the Bumiputera quota while the Penangborn Chinese towkay was the one running the business. This happens in the whole Peninsula to the Tanah Wakaf, and govt contracts too.

      I’m not saying that my race is lazy, there are a lot of hardworking people who don’t even get a chance to get any aid. Yet there are these people who uses that racial perk to become ‘sleeping partners’ in a business. These people should not be given any aid at all, they don’t deserve that.

    • Pariaendan says:

      Dei Thambi,

      Many other things also specific in the Constitution. Citizenship right was subject to rules on the issue of citizenship certificates. Like language proficiency test. But Tengku Abedul Lahman allowed citizenship certificates issued without language tests.

      Tun Mahathir said about 1 million pendatang were given certificates not according to the rules. You wanna RCI on that? You wanna give up your citizenship because of that? Apa dei ………

  14. Joe cool says:

    This disgraceful new plan is the worst ever Malaysia Day present for this country and its people – Surendren

    You must remember Surendren that UMNO/ Government don’t consider Chinese/ DAP Malaysian citizen. Any Indian caught in the middle of this mother of a battle between the Bumiputera and the Chinese is fair target.

    • Pariaendan says:

      Because your grandfather got citizenship at Merdeka not according to rules on language proficiency test etc, your own citizenship may be questionable. Because you might not rightly be a citizen of this country, you have no right to complain about the politics of this country.

  15. Joe cool says:

    The DAP and the blogs like Malaysian Chronicle are saying that only the UMNOPutera and the senior politicians gain from the previious NEP and the additional benefits announced last Friday.

    They presumed that maybe 40% of the voting population say 6 million Bumiputera are so stupid and so easily fooled. If the distribution of the benefits from the NEP are so inequitable among the intended recipients, these Bumiputeras will not votes for BN.

    They are not stupid to think that the distribution will be spread equally but will be spread higher for those who lead and are active in leading the rest of the Bumiputeras and for the Bumiputeras that take risk in opening businesses.

    • Sila G says:

      “They are not stupid to think that the distribution will be spread equally but will be spread higher for those who lead and are active in leading the rest of the Bumiputeras and for the Bumiputeras that take risk in opening businesses.”

      My ass.

      Billions will be pocketed by UMNO cronies, just as they have for decades. If not, by now the Bumi would have easily exceeded 30% of the economic pie. Think about it.

      It’s why we are on the way to becoming a failed nation.

      • Anonymas says:

        “Billions will be pocketed by UMNO cronies, just as they have for decades. If not, by now the Bumi would have easily exceeded 30% of the economic pie. Think about it.”

        Yeah, same goes to PR cronies too. LGE has been doing underhanded business and conducting ‘under-the-table’ dealings with foreign investors. The money hasn’t been properly given to the rakyat. They boast about ‘saving money on the state budget’ but the perks haven’t been seen by the rakyat. Same goes to Selangor, a lot of illegal projects like sand dredging and stuff, the money goes straight to the MB’s cronies.

        Compare that to BN, even though you say ‘blah blah pocketing money blah blah’ people still continue to live in relative prosperity and stability. KR1M, BR1M, those micro-loans for small businesses, PTPTN, incentives for civil servants, free primary & secondary education, subsidised tertiary education…can PR do better?

        P.S. Psssttt…about pocketing money from projects, do you know that Anwar Ibrahim has been doing it since he was in BN which made him earn the title ‘Mr 10 Percent’? And do you know that he STILL does it now? His family owns banks, properties and construction firms…isn’t it a waste that the money is not used to lower the fuel price in PR states?

      • Gila H says:

        Who cares about your ass. It’s been sodomized so many times by Anwar Al Juburi, Lim Kit Siang etc.

        Whatever pocketed by UMNO cronies – if true – also goes to make the % of Bumi wealth, buntut tak? And last they counted it was only 20%, man.

        You are the one who needs to think about it, stupid. And what “30% of the economic pie” you talking about? At this stage people talking 30% only of corporate equity, lorr. Now after Chinese tsunami the Malays talking about other aspects of the economic cake, like commercial buildings, residential properties, etc.

        You don’t even know what economic cake is arr? No wonder you are causing the “on the way to becoming a failed nation.”

      • Joe cool says:

        If billion are being pocketed by UMNO cronies and thus the ordinary Bumiputera are losing out, why do these ordinary Bumiputeras still vote for UMNO/ BN?

        Are these ordinary Bumiputeras so stupid and so blind? Would UMNO leaders allow their cronies to pocket billions that will result in UMNO/ BN losing the support of the ordinary Bumiputeras and get voted out of office?

        Or are these billion also reaching the ordinary Bumiputeras thus keeping them still supporters of UMNO/ BN?

        And that these insinuation of billions being pocketed by UMNO cronies is just propaganda from the DAP/ Chinese for them to win votes from the Bumiputeras?

        Bottom line is that ordinary Bumiputeras still support UMNO/ BN. Therefore it is either these ordinary Bumiputera are stupid and blind or that these billions are reaching these ordinary Bumiputera and that they realised that these insinuation of billion being pocketed by UMNO cronies is just a DAP/ Chinese propaganda?

        • messi_832 says:

          “Therefore it is either these ordinary Bumiputera are stupid and blind or that these billions are reaching these ordinary Bumiputera and that they realised that these insinuation of billions being pocketed by UMNO cronies is just a DAP / Chinese propaganda?”

          You are brilliant! Yes, the infamous and documented history of Umngok cronyism, reaching all the way back many years to how Tajudin made billions off crooked MAS share deals to Shahrizat turning cattle feed into condos – all this is purely fictional.

          Umngok are the purest, cleanest and generally holy defenders of faith, race and country.

          That’s why at least 5 of the candidates going for the Umngok gold rush have been found guilty of money politics…errrr, by Umngok itself.

          And why Najibby himself famously said: “Siapa kasi, salah, siapa tak kasi, kalah.”

          Please don’t assume ordinary Bumiputera are dumb. There’s no way in hell you can get 51% of the vote unless the fog has lifted from a lot of Malay voters’ eyes. Much as you would love to pin it all on the cinababi, that’s the truth.

          “Dying old man”? Much respect, Tun Dr M. You got your prognosis of Umngok 100% correct, correct, correct.

          • Anon says:


            You making “wild and unsubstantiated allegation”?

            “Najibby himself famously said: “Siapa kasi, salah, siapa tak kasi, kalah.”? When, where, on what occasion, what was the source of that info?

            You don’t mention of the then DAP Selangor Chief Ronnie Liu complaining of DAP money politics at the Selangor DAP Convention where he lost his post to the Lim Dynasty loyalist Teresa Kok? Screwed up by the fuming Lim Dynasty by getting their loyalists to vote Ronnie out?

            Of course Malays also know of money politics in UMNO. But UMNO did take action and the UMNO Disciplinary Committee took action. Did DAP take action? No. They kicked the high-ranking whistle blower Ronnie Liu out, instead.

            Cakap tak serupa bikin, as usual.

  16. Mangkuk says:

    Referring to articles:

    LGE dreaming of power to be PM of Malaysia. He thinks he have all the capabalitites to lead and solved Malaysia problem along the way.

    Now it’s time to use your Chinese chauvinist mentality or your Chinese smart ass superiority brain to settle the small problems of your party. Take the challenge and come out clean.

    On the abolish of SRJK scheme I suggest government to pick only student from government schools and universities for scholarship and jobs too. It’s still within Malaysia Constitutions.

    Give more incentives on whatever types for students from government schools and universities plus Uitm. With these and with Chinese mentality who always take advantages of situations, Chinese are trap to send their children to government school due to more advantages. (Thinking of Chinese who carry whatever containers big and small to pack open house fooods)

    Must differentiate SPM form government school and SMJK when come to merit for government purposes. Give the reasons that this is for national unity ha ha ha.

  17. Joe cool says:

    There is very little celebration this year during Merdeka and Malaysia Day because we got the 47% not wanting to speak to the 51%. We don’t dialogue of any kind 51%ners. We just wanna f*** you guys up real good

  18. Movie man says:

    This STL website is full of hate opposition and hate Chinese talking.
    What did the Chinese do or not do to deserve this kind of condemnation? Tell me!one need to be fair and rationale. We are all educated. To have all these comments is unbecoming.

    The chinese in Malaysia deserve as much Citizenship as the Malays. Put it plainly, we are all pandatangs if you want to be accurate. Which of you can claim to be here for more than 100 years.? Most of the Malay friends I know came from places like Aceh, Sulawesi(bugis), Petani (southern Thailand ), Sumatera and even Java. Most are not real son of the soil. Only the orang asli are. At least the BABAS in malacca are here for more than 500 years and they are more deserved to be called bumi putra at any rate.

    Why so against the Chinese? It is because we voted for the opposition? I really cannot understand all the hatred. I’m saddened.

    • Samdol says:

      Movie man you wrote nothing. It can’t change whatever happen after GE13. Now is pay back time.

      • Sila G says:

        In all seriousness…is this website run by 18-year-olds? So little maturity, so much childishness. You baby racists should go to the grown-up racists’ blogs to learn how it’s done properly : )

        • Anonymas says:

          “grown-up racists’ blogs”

          You mean Ku Klux Klan who lynch people who are not white eh? You look up to them? Why are DAP calling BN racists when they have people like YOU supporting their cause? Do you know that this kind of thinking was the precursor of 13th May? The thinking that all natives are stupid, and the civilised immigrant is the true owner of the land?

          We kicked Portuguese, Majapahit, Siamese, Dutch, and British butts. We can kick yours too.

        • Shallow Minded Sila says:

          In double even treble seriousness, you are a pathetic, shallow minded boy, Gila G.

          You can’t even tell the difference between comments in STL which are substantiated with facts and rational arguments and those in the likes of Malaysiakuno, Malaysian Insider, Malaysian Chronic News that are full of wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified comments.

          You know the meaning of “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified comments”, boy?

          Tell us if you don’t.

          And do come in often, boy, we get lonely without stupid comments like yours to bash and trash. We get entertained by people like you who we use as punching bags to put out the facts and arguments, and the advice like that given to the Movie Man to read those historical books. Did you not read some comments even quoted William Shakespeare? Do you know who he is really?

          • Shallow Minded Sila says:

            Sila G,

            Joe Cool’s comment at 7:34 am quoted Machiavelli. Do you now who Machiavelli is?

            Nothing to do with Vell Pari, I can assure you.

            How about you Google that name and see.

            Try doing that and quote us some famous ancient names that have spoken wisdom – that’ll show you are a grown up making mature comments.

            But if we don’t agree with your line of thinking, we will still bash you. With facts and arguments, I can assure you. Not just wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified accusations like you people do.

    • Lim Lynn says:

      Movie Man you are just too immature to understand what it happening. You keep up barking hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate and hate. Chinese people didn’t realize where they place their support behind immature PSM DAP PKR PAS trying to influence more low information voters. Moreover, Red Bean Army keep on messing up with our peaceful commenting on Stopthelies. Keep on saying about being unfair and irrational when there aren’t anything wrong about this article.

    • Anonymas says:

      “Most of the Malay friends I know came from places like Aceh, Sulawesi(bugis), Petani (southern Thailand ), Sumatera and even Java.”

      So why isn’t this land named Tanah Aceh, Tanah Sulawesi, Tanah Petani or Tanah Java? Why is it Tanah Melayu when based on your thinking ‘Malays don’t exist’? Why did old Chinese records mention ‘Mok-Lok-Yu’ kingdom as a separate sovereign kingdom and not as its conquered kingdom?

      Malays have been here since the stone ages, millions of years ago. This Peninsula is fertile, hence a lot of immigrants set sail and settle here. And by ‘here’ I mean the whole freaking Nusantara. Back when the ice haven’t melted, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sulawesi and what have you is ONE HUGE LAND MASS. Malays in present Peninsular Malaysia was the ‘home’ land, and some tribes spread to the farther lands outwards and settled there. When the ice melted and sea levels rose, those lands became separated by seas and you have islands. What you identify as Banjar, Bugis, Jawa etc all originated from one ancestor, the Peninsular Malay.

    • Anonymas says:

      Also, the orang asli are genetically referred as ‘Proto-Malay’. They are of pure blood, and Modern Malays descend from them. Back then, the orang aslis did not want to migrate anywhere and stayed in the jungle while the Modern Malay and their tribal leaders stopped being nomads and brought up coastal towns which grew into kingdoms.

      Last time I went to an orang Asli encampment in Perak, I got confused and gave them the ‘Salam’. They were not muslim, but they look just like Malays. Their language is more simple yet pure and untainted. All the basic words and syllables are there.

      If you’re Han Chinese, are you going to disown the Miao or the Manchu?

    • Countering Movie Man says:

      I submitted the following comment under the name Prono Man but was shot down by the auto censor 3 times. Am trying the 4th time under a different name now:

      Aiseh, Movie Man, you are saddened by the wrong thing. And the points you put out now make you a Porno Man.

      Who said it’s Chinese hating? It’s only Chinese tsunami bashing. And walloping Chinese who dun respect and live by the Constitution lorr.

      So many times people write those you no unerstand arr? But you claim to be highly educated, so, what education mah? Chinese school education arr? Dat’s why you should send your children to Sekolah Kebangsaan. So that they can mix with other races, know their thinking, hopes and aspirations as Malaysians, have the same hope and aspirations based on the Constitution of the country, lorr.

    • Countering Movie Man says:

      Movie Man, now you are not only a Porno Man but also a Damn Stupid Man.

      How many times people have asked you to read the Historical Society of Malaysia books that tell about the Malays (the anthropoligists call Deutero Malays) and the Orang Asli (they call Proto Malays) being the same origin in this Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu or the Malay Archipelago.

      Heard those names before? At least you heard that this is Semenanjung Tanah Melayu, right? Heard about Langkasuka? A Malay kingdom with an established system of government under a King etc about 2,000 years ago in the northern part of the Semenanjung Tanah Melayu? Read those books, stu.

      The titles of the books are

      1. The Malay Civilization
      2. Tamadun Alam Melayu

      available at Wisma Sejarah, opposite IJN, Jalan Tun A Razak, KL.

      You have no money to buy arr? Give me your bank account number and I’ll send you some.

      Dun want to read cause you are ultra kiasu and might be ashamed to find out that you are bodoh? If so, you deserve to bashed also, meh. Then don’t complaint about bashing you non-History liking, non-Constitution respecting Chinese, lorr.

    • Joe cool says:

      Because the DAP/ Chinese conspired with UMNO biggest enemy and most hated person by UMNO AND tried to get the party that is supported by the majority of the Bumiputera kick out of the government.

      This by the majority of the Chinese who were before this a partner of the Bumiputeras in jointly develping the nation.

      That is derhaka Movie Man. That will be punished.

      As Machiavelli wrote in the Prince, “if you want to kill the Emperor, you better get a very big knife. Because if the Emperor survive, you are dead meat”

      • Lim Lynn says:

        Actually, Joe Cool today is a great day for the historical fact. Seems only tainted by Chin Peng death in Thailand where all the Communist: Bintang Tiga, PSM, DAP, PKR and PAS will be remembering that guy where he destroy Tanah Melayu the actual fact. Most Malays will fight if they know his ashes brought back to our Country Malaysia.

        • Anon says:

          DS Najib has said even his ashes not allowed to enter. Serve Chin Peng right. He konked out a few weeks before UMNO party elections. Even his kentut will not be allowed in Malaysian air space.

  19. Joe cool says:

    KUALA LUMPUR : The Malay Economic Action Council (MTEM) has voiced its appreciation to the government for its commitment to develop a dynamic Bumiputera business-class by 2020.

    Chief Executive Officer Mohd Nizam Mahshar praised the leadership of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to advance this agenda whose principal role of the Bumiputera Economic Council (MEB) is to implement the five main strategies unveiled by Najib today.

    “We’re happy to see the creation of the council as a high-level body headed by Najib and his deputy, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin,” he said in a statement. In announcing the well thought-out measures to empower the Bumiputera economy, Najib said he will be heading the council, which replaces the Bumiputera Agenda Action Council.

    The council will implement the five salient strategies as a continuation of the implementation of the Bumiputera economic empowerment agenda.

    However, MTEM wanted to see stronger outcome-based targets in the five strategies such as how many medium-sized Bumiputera companies will be created by 2020. Currently, there are only less than one per cent Bumiputera medium-sized enterprises.
    “We need to have a meaningful measurement of progress based on outcome,” he said.

    All Bumiputeras should thanks Guan Eng, Tony Pua, Teresa Kok, Kit Siang and Anthony Loke for this. Because without them convincing nearly all the Chinese to commit derhaka to the Bumiputeras, this New Bumiputera Economic Initiatives would not have materialised

    • Anonymous says:

      The Malays agreed to the pendatang be given citizenship right at Merdeka. The pendatang like the DAP buggers never say thank you and instead tried to question the quid pro quo or the consideration for the Malays agreeing to the citizenship – the Ketuanan Melayu and the Special Position of the Malays, which was extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak upon the formation of Malaysia.

      They caused the race riots of 1969. NEP was born. Then they caused the Chinese tsunami of 2013. NEP is enhanced.

      So don’t play play. Now they are saying those who don’t respect and live by the Constitution should migrate, scram, vamoose, get lost. Those who do can stay and are our fellow citizens.

      “Romans, countrymen and lovers … I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him,” said Mark Antony on the death of Emperor Julius Caesar nearly 2,000 years ago.

      “Malaysians, countrymen and non-Anwarul and Kit Siangul lovers … we want to shoo out those who don’t respect and are unwilling to live by the Constitution,” said STL commenters here and now.

  20. Joe cool says:

    UMNO/ government should start closing down the Chinese schools now. Do it now when there is anger and drive to punish the Chinese. Because by the time of the next GE, the Chinese will probably start supporting MCA and Gerakan again and try to get back into the government.

    Because closing these Chinese schools will wipe some of the arrogance from these DAP/ Chinese. It will augment their impotence in Malaysian politic. Because it will cause many Chinese to migrate and thus reduce further their impact on Malaysian politic and create opportunities for Bumiputera to fill the gap left by these migrating Chinese.

    • Anonymous says:

      They don’t even have to close the Chinese schools – they have only to merge them with the Sekolah Kebangsaan.

      No need to tell the children, teachers and staff not attend or change schools. Just arrange for changes –

      1. Use BM as medium of instruction
      2. Use SK syllabus fully
      3. Re-train the teachers gradually and merge them into the National Teaching Service, with pension etc, meanwhile gradually send SK school teachers to teach there
      4. The staff to continue, including the gardeners, guards and all
      5. The buildings and school facilities – negotiate with the government for sale to, compensation by the government etc
      6. The Board of Governors of the Schools – those who respect and abide by the Constitution, let them continue. Those who don’t, ask them to govern Chinese schools in China

      In that way, no one will lose anything, except only the fake PhD holder Yap Tien Sin, the Dong Zong Chinese Schools Association President and his stupid idea of “multi-nations within a nation” nonsense.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think if TS Muhyiddin becomes PM, sure that will happen. Maybe will happen under DS Najib also, because his Deputy and Education Minister has the Education Blueprint stating much increased BM hours for schools and the Yappy fella olely saying it may lead to structural changes in Chinese schools.

  21. Anonymous says:

    STL blog posts are worth reading. Usually wanking the Opposition, especially the DAP. So the Opposition blokes enter here, may not read in full, then start trying to hijack the discussion on the blog post by writing nonsense in here.

    Never the mind.

    1. We whack them back
    2. We use hard facts and good arguments
    3. We use Shakespeare, Machiavelli, Vell Pari etc to shake them down
    4. We tell those non-Constitution respecting and non-Constitution abiding ones to migrate, get lost etc

    Then the Oppo hippos might read the blog posts. But even if they still come straight into the Comment Section making wild accusations, let them. We will berate, burit and decapitate their statements. Naaaice ain’t it.

    Happy Malaysia Day, folks. But not to those non-Constitution respecting and non-Constitution abiding ones.

  22. Mangkuk says:

    No more cartel to monopolized business. Now even import pork meat were tendered. The cartel exist because of BN tolerate MCA. Now that MCA is failed and acknowledged the mainstream Chinese. BN are ready to govern Malaysia according to constitution or social contract.

    By sharing power a 1957 Malays agreed just to govern and be a consumer to Chinese businessmen.

    Now that Chinese is gila to govern it’s time to take all those facilities. Let us neutralised everything. No more cartel!

  23. Joe cool says:

    Sila G in one his early post said that we are on the way to becoming a failed nation.

    But who else said so? DAP, Mat Lembut Pondan MP, Tony Pua, Guan Eng? Ah Chong lembut who masuk DAP CEC by back door? The forgotten man from Permatang Pauh? The idiotic clown who lost PAS safe seat of Pendang.

    Apart from these people and the DAP, who else?

    Is there any UN organisation, World Bank, IMF or international rating agencies saying we are on the way to becoming a failed nation?

    Flitch raise concern on our public debt and government current account but S&P and others do raise any concern. Flitch I feel is linked to the Jew and US neocon and has an agenda to help Anuar.

    Are our sovereign bond at very high level? Aren’t we still getting high level of foreign investment? Aren’t our federal reserve at a high level?

    These failed nation and bankrupt projection are just DAP propagandas that got all the Chinese to vote en bloc for them at the last GE.

    But now the DAP are going to have to explain to all these Chinese why instead of getting into power and eliminating the NEP, the Chinese are now being punished economically (more government money to Bumiputeras) and soon in education

    • Anonymous says:


      I think there was no concerted and systematic attacking and counter-attacking by the so-called BN cyber troopers in blogs frequented by the Red Beans and their kind, especially in the Chinese language blogs. They got the Chinese tsunami because of that, I think.

      No organized, coordinated and specifically targeted whacking on them buggers.
      For example, there should be people who prepare answers and arguments, like yours on the so-called failed economy as above, and dish them out to all the pro-BN bloggers with reasonably high hit rates. At PRU13, BN bloggers ended up having responses that are not forceful or convincing enough, complete with all the facts and arguments, to dissuade the fence sitters from believing the Opposition’s wild and unsubstantiated allegations.

      Too many pro-BN-ners wanted to start their own blogs, hardly visited by the IT literate voters and their messages did not reach the target audience. They may not even know who they should be targeting.

      The well visited blogs like STL, Rocky’s Bru, Big Dog, Jebat Must Die etc did a good job, but again un-coordinated. They have a bloggers association, meet up for discussions etc but I did not get to feel that they have set answers for the important issues raised by the Opposition so that their visitors can pick up and use when countering anywhere, for example, accusations concerning the Budget, the Auditors’ Report etc.

      And credible, good writing pro-BN people are not the dishonest ones creating so-called news portals like M’siakuno, Msiaoutsider, Msiacronicnews, which hardly publish news or facts but mainly opinions, slants, twists and spins, catchy yet dishonest headings that attracted hits and got Google to place them often high in Google’s news headlines page, even higher than Bernama news.

      UMNO had meetings with groups of bloggers they picked from Facebook etc, maybe in one major town after another, leading to PRU13, but they just had the usual talks on issues frequently raised by the Opposition, no printed handouts that the average guy like me can use when countering economics-related accusations. I have no knowledge on economics, hardly know the criteria used in determining whether a nation is going bankrupt or not.

      I want to nominate you President of a blogging group to do all those above. Seriously. How about that? I promise to provide the chorus as and when relevant. But I’m not prepared to identify myself, don’t have any Facebook a/c, and want to be strictly anon. What say you, bro?

      • Joe cool says:

        Thanks for thinking of me for this effort/ blogt but I too have a business to run so don’t really have much spare time. I like to get into the thick of things with the arrogant Chinese and DAP when free and if there is interesting thing to post and read.

        More important and in concert with the rest of what UMNO and the government is doing is for us to ignore or minimize engagement with the Chinese/ DAP. And also the loser Anuar and the idiotic clown.

        We can have some fun debating and deliberating in this open forum with or without them but the most frustrating thing for them I feel is if nobody talk or listen to them.

        We the Malays, UMNO, other Bumiputera parties and the government should just do whatever we like and are good for us and like them mellow in their own arrogance and self important. Esp. the shok sendiri superman of Penang

        What is happening now I feel is really good for us and appropriate i.e. UMNO/ government ignoring them and starting to really do things to take advantage of them not being in the cabinet. By giving better deals for the Bumiputeras and taking away their most treasured Chinese school

        Selamat Hari Malaysia

        • Anonymous says:

          Txs for the response, bro.

          And I must commend you that despite running a business, you take time to contribute in making the errant, arrogant and “unloyal” Chinese at least read our views if not get a knocking on their heads on the need to respect and abide by the Constitution, otherwise get lost.

          That respect for and abide by the Constitution has been and will continue to be the theme of my comments here, there, everywhere, irrespective of anyone getting enough of them. I think the need to do so will continue to exist until the generation that, starting from this year, is compelled to study History in schools become adults and perhaps change the political landscape of our country somewhat.

          Yes, ignoring the Chinese politically by those in power, but the ordinary guy like me will engage them only where necessary but will generally just whack them back when they come out with seditious, hate mongering and anti-Malay and anti-Islam remarks. Must confess that I subscribe to the “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” doctrine – whoever started that in the history of mankind.

          Have a good day and see you around here when we are free.

          • Joe cool says:

            I think it was in the bible, Anonymous. I too suscribe to it.

            But lets make hay while the sun shine. Work on getting UMNO/ government to make use of the current anger of teh Chinese by UMNO members and by the absence of any real Chinese leaders in the cabinet.

            Now is the time therefore to stop the Chinese school. Wipe some of that arrogance from Guan Eng and the rest of the DAP/ Chinese

  24. Joe cool says:

    Latest Update: September 15, 2013 03:52 am

    To Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin it was “a very lucky day” and “a new chapter” for Bumiputeras. The Deputy Prime Minister was giving full backing to the new measures and strategies unveiled today by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to empower Bumiputeras economically.

    “We are not apologetic or worried if the non-Bumiputeras or even the international communities were to see this as something concerning only a certain group,” he said

    Calling it “a new chapter in Barisan Nasional’s (BN) struggle, especially for Bumiputeras”, he said, “For me, today is a very lucky day and indeed the most-awaited event.

  25. Joe cool says:

    Putrajaya’s new Bumiputera plan shows Najib’s lack of political will, says Kit Siang

    September 16, 2013
    Latest Update: September 16, 2013 09:15 pm

    Putrajaya’s new plan to empower Malays appears to show that it has ditched the National Economic Model (NEM) designed to get Malaysia out of the middle income trap, said DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang.

    “Najib should publicly state whether he has finally given up on the ghost of the NEM. It seems he lacks the political will and leadership to defend the NEM,” the Gelang Patah Member of Parliament said in a statement today

    Bro, the NEM was only if the Chinese had not voted overwhelmingly for PR. Since the Chinese had thrown the gauntlet to the Malays for a winner take all contest in the last GE and lost, the UMNO/ BN is gonna take all

    Don’t go pissing on flag post now

  26. Anonymous says:

    Alamak, Chin Peng, the Malayan Communist Party leader and terrorist of ultimate proportions, is now dead. Blew his last breath in Bangkok at 90 years old this morning.

    Now less modal to hit Lim Kit Siang who some time back had asked that the bloody terrorist be allowed to enter Malaysia to die and be buried in the family graveyard in Sitiawan.

    One last hit at at LKS – don’t you now ask for the terrorist’s body be allowed to be brought back to Sitiawan. The same goes to his nephews, Perak DAP cousins Nga and Ngeh, and Perak Menteri Besar Sekejap, Mohamad Nizar of PAS (related by his mother’s side).

    He was not allowed to return to Malaysia before. In 2008, Malaysia’s Court of Appeal stymied his bid to return to the country when it demanded that he show identification papers to prove his citizenship. A live Chin Peng was not allowed, a dead Chin Peng must also not be allowed.

    Cruel? No, absolutely not. The bloody communist terrorist had caused many thousands of lives lost, property destroyed, the economy slowed down for decades. He was not remorseful, never repentant, never apologetic, remained a communist as of a 2012 news report (presumably till his last breath this morning). Good riddance. May you go to Hell.

    • Anonymous says:

      What is this the still publishing articles asking “Chin Peng: Freedom fighter or foe” nonsense.

      The article says “Some consider him a hero, others say he was an enemy of the state.” Who the bloody hell says he is a hero. Only PAS Mat Sabu and the likes of him say so. Look what has happened to Mat Sabu – the voters discarded him at PRU13, he lost, and is now no longer YB.

      The bloke Lim Kit Siang said if Chin Peng’s last wishes were for his ashes to be brought back home, it should be allowed. But good of Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali saying that his ashes shouldn’t be allowed back into the country.

      Malaysian government leaders have consistently insisted that Chin Peng’s return would upset many Malaysians who lost their loved ones during the communist insurgency. Some 10,000 people are believed to have been killed in the communist insurgency.

      He shouldn’t be allowed into the country alive or dead. Body or ashes. IGP has said there is no more issue about Chin Peng now that he is dead in Thailand and thinks that the communist terrorist would be happy to be buried in the country where he spent most of his life.

    • Anonymous says:

      Published: Monday September 16, 2013 MYT 6:52:00 PM
      Updated: Monday September 16, 2013 MYT 7:24:40 PM

      Chin Peng to be cremated at Tat Thong temple in Bangkok on Saturday.

      End of the bloody communist terrorist story.

      I’m bloody sore at them commies because I lost a relative fighting the damn bastards.

    • Lim Lynn says:

      Communist Bintang Tiga, PSM, DAP, PKR, PAS and gangsters are not welcome. Chin Peng never been repented in his entire life since he killed many people when using guerrilla technique to destroy public property and never get to be a Malaysian citizen for his own selfish reasons. Just dream on PSM DAP PKR PAS since you can’t lie to me that you love him. Life, dead, corpse or ashes after being incinerated Communist will not be tolerated since I saw my grandfather documentation and heard from my grandfather about Communist Emergency time.

  27. Joe cool says:

    On Tuesday, international observer Mark Trowell QC and eminent jurist Justice Elizabeth Evatt AC are among those who will be following the ‘machinations’ of controversial Umno lawyer Shafee Abdullah, who has been appointed to lead the prosecution.

    “Yes, Shafee and Umno had better not shame the country with their antics and destroy the already weak reputation of our judiciary with their circus and contrived framing of a political rival,” PKR vice president Chua Jui Meng told Malaysia Chronicle.

    “Top-notch experts from top international bodies will be watching the proceedings first hand, so let’s all hope Najib & Co won’t make fools of themselves and an international laughing stock of our courts with nonsensical and thick-skinned arguments disguised as ‘justice’.”

    I think Umno, the government, Bumiputeras, Shafee and DS Najib can live with being thoughts as fool and international laughing stock with our nonsensical and thick-skinned arguments.

    No skin of our a**es.

    Bet Obama is not going to cancel his trip to Malaysia because of the nonsensical and thick-skinned arguments.

    • Anonymous says:

      Chua Jui Meng,

      You better get your bitter enemy in Johore, the DAP Chief Dr Boo who booed you as Johor PKR Chief like crazy on seat allocation issues prior to Pru13, and you, too, not to shame the country with your antics of spitting and spatting at one another among PR component parties in public.

      Then you did that circus of absconding from public view when suddenly DAP unilaterally, or at least without anyone telling you, parachuted Lim Kit Siang into Gelang Patah as a candidate.

      “with (your) circus and contrived framing of a political rival”, eh?

  28. Joe cool says:

    Najib’s Bumi agenda is unconstitutional, says law professor BY LEE SHI-IAN

    The new measures and strategies to empower the bumiputera economy are a violation of the Federal Constitution which promises equality, said Universiti Malaya associate professor Dr Azmi Sharom.

    He said the Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Agenda announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak on Saturday is not supported by law.

    “These provisions are not mentioned in the constitution but no one is coming out to say this,” said Azmi at a forum in Bangsar Baru today titled “50 years of democracy: Has it weakened or strengthened our Federal Constitution”, presented by the Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR).

    The other speakers were lawyer Tommy Thomas and Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs chief executive Wan Saiful Wan Jan. The forum was moderated by Bersih 2.0 co-chairperson Datuk S. Ambiga.

    Azmi said if these new measures were challenged in court, the constitutionality and legality of Najib’s announcement would be in grave doubt.

    Whoop, big mistake by DS Najib. Thanks Azmi, Tommy and Ambiga for pointing it out. I am sure DS Najib will cancel the Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Agenda tomorrow.

  29. The Mahavishnu John McLaughlin says:

    Selamat Hari Malaysia – A Love Supreme

  30. Joe cool says:

    Umno’s fear tactic controls rural Malays BY LEE SHI-IAN

    Rural Malays have been fed the same propaganda for the past 56 years – without Umno, you will die as all your possessions will be taken by the Chinese and Indians, said academician Dr Azmi Sharom.

    “Basically, it is ‘vote for us or lose everything’. Alternative choices and views are blocked due to the machinery which Umno has put in place over the past 50 years,” said Azmi, an associate professor at the faculty of law in Universiti Malaya

    It couldn’t be, could it, Azmi that these rural Malays voted for UMNO because they think that it would be better for their best interest.

    Ah yes, they are only kampong, rural Malays. What do they know? Off course they cannot think for themselves.

    If they had any brain and can think, they surely will vote for DAP, PKR and PAS.

    Look at all the smart rural Malays that voted for PAS. They are certainly much smarter than the rural Malays who voted for UMNO/ BN. Look at how they bring their kids to the Bersih street demonstrations.

    Real smart people, these rural Malays who voted for PAS

    • Joe cool says:

      Yo Azmi,

      How many percent of the 51% who voted for PR are liberal and analyzing Malays voters. Not big I think.

      If you take out say the 26% Chinese who wanted the NEP to end, 20% PAS supporters who wanted an Islamic State, 4% PKR supporters who believe that petrol price should be more heavily subsidised, PTPL should be free and forgiven, I don’t think you are left with too many.

      There’s youself, Zaid, Ambiga, maybe half of the lawyers in Malaysia. That’s about it Azmi, babe.

      • Joe cool says:

        Ah yes, there is Mat Lembut Rafizi, the Nazri or something that is PKR Publicity chief. Who else?

        I don’t know what drive Mat Sabu? Probably just someone giving him an opportunity to go on stage to clown around and maybe once in a while telling him that he is a brilliant thinker and float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, Deputy President of PAS.

        Nurul Izzah, like her father, probably believe that she should be Prime Minister of Malaysia one day in the future, she love to hear herself speak and want to be the coolest of cool politician. But analysing, oom, I can’t see it.

        Come to think of it, Rafizi maybe more driven by wanting too be dominated by strong men and women than by his analyses.

        Not many Azmi. Piss poor in fact.

      • . says:

        I learnt going personal from the Red Beans –

        I read somewhere that the pseudo-liberal Azmi Universiti Malaya bloke got his PhD/ Asst Professor title thru sleeping with the female Head of Department.

        Any one has read that, too?

  31. Movie Man says:

    Most of you miss the point that I’m am thoroughly for Malaysia and love Malaysia at the bottom of my heart. I will not leave Malaysia, my homeland not for the billion anyone can offer me. I’m truly a Malaysian at heart and I have many Malay friends although I am a Chinese. Some of my best friend are Malays and if that disturb all of you I’m appalled. But that is the naked truth.

    Chin Pend died on Malaysia today. I have no pity for a terrorist like him. If you visit Malaysia chronicles, there are full of praises for him. That I don’t agree with all these comments because these people are not qualified to make such comments. My uncle, very owned uncle died in the hands innocently under the communist terrorist. They killed point blank one night when he was watching TV in those days when it was still back and white. My uncle’s children was still toddler then. Four toddlers. Do you think I can accept a terrorist like this to be a hero of our country. ? That incident happebed in front of my eyes ,was in the 1970s. My uncle was executed in front of me. Point blank. These people , CPM, are cruel people and cannot be made a national patroit for any reason.

    Back to my fellow bloggers, any form of extremism, being that of a Malay extremist, or Chinese extremism, is not good for our country if we are to move forward. The new economic bumi empowerment policies, for example is not good because it empasise the help of one race. What need to be done is to help all that is poor and needy.

    I myself was not given the opportunity to further my studies although I did well in my HSC . I felt unfair when some of my Malay friends were given university placement when I was not given such placement when I have better results. Instead, like my many friends, we were given offer in NUS. Although I did not go, some of my friends went. Do you blame me now for being bitter against the government? In the final desperation to better myself, I have to work and study for professional accounting exams . Those were the long and lonely and dark and uncertain days . Finally after many years, 7 years to be exact, I finish my professional studies.

    I could have been a brilliant doctor, or scientist or an engineer if the government allows me. Why not? If NUS was willing to take me why our public university can’t? If the government can spend so much money on building so much white elephant like putra jaya, dayabumi EYc, why not build more uni versify and hospitals?

    • Anonymous says:

      “any form of extremism, being that of a Malay extremist, or Chinese extremism, is not good for our country ..”

      That’s why you should be telling those who started the extremism – the DAP buggers and supporters. Read the White Paper on the race riots of 1969, surely you’ll get to feel their extremism from there. Especially when you said you mix with Malays as well and know their thinking, the mild mannered and always accomodating Malays, except when they are provoked and start to mengamok. Go say those in Malaysiakini, MChronicle etc, Mister.

      But when you start saying the economic bumi empowerment policies .. not good, you are thinking bloody DAP-ish, man. What one race-ism is it if not DAP when it is practically a Chinese party, no Malay is voted into the CEC, until Guan Eng had to tipu the vote counting to get the “non-Malay” Sharil (watever his name is) “appears” to have been voted.

      Didn’t read all the arguments about Chinese being the richest community having a system of helping your poor and needy thru your clans and sub-clans associations and all sorts of business guilds, and UTAR even refused a RM30 million donation for scholarships etc by a Chinese engineer millionaire? Or you don’t want to read them? Or you read, agreed, but are ultra kiasu, wanting everything, without regard for the Constitution saying the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak have a Special Position written in the Constitution?

      And don’t say you have no contacts in the Chinese clans, sub-clans associations and business guilds therefore could not get help. Did not try arr, yet DAP blokes accuse Malays of being lazy, although so many lazy Chinese working as prostitutes, massage girls, Ah Longs, collecting protection money, thugs and gangsters etc.

      You keep repeating your predicament, I’ll repeat the above arguments into your face. Shit about “I was not given such placement when I have better results” when you can’t even prove what you claim – I claim to be smarter than the PM, do you know that? Yes, I blame you for being bitter against the government. Do you know how many Malays in the kampongs not having the opportunity to study, having to walk 4-5 miles to schools that provide only primary education, unlike you buggers having all the educational facilities in the towns where most of you are, during the 80 years of British colonial rule and even after that?

      Do you know how many Malays before and even after the NEP was implemented did not have the opportunity to pass well to get into University, no money etc, worked as sailors in the merchant navy, got to UK, studied there until they got professional qualifications? You, a member of the richest community in the country yet blaming the government helping the less fortunate race, shit you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Movie man, you are wasting your time. They give you jack shit.

        he says many Malay rulal folks still poor. Well, firstly there are also many poor Chinese & Indians. Secondly, how come 50+ yrs of dumno only enriched a few (very rich) Malays?

        • . says:

          Yeah, you also wasting your time, shit fella.

          Commenters here already saying don’t give a damn about you buggers’ wild allegations.

          But I’d like to have fun poking at you people’s arse holes from time to time.

  32. Joe cool says:

    The race card is here to stay – Trinity Chua and Kok Fai Loke

    We were not planning on writing anything today until we read “Changing face of Malaysia” by veteran journalist, Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai. It is sobering, to say the least, to hear his words echo a certain harsh reality of the home we love.

    The Malaysian dream of unity, equality and freedom, including a good mengemaskan parlimen, has been soundly argued for by the online media, fuelled by the media savvy Malaysians and deeply antagonised by the constantly-repackaged pro-Bumiputera policies.

    But Wong’s thoughts, crafted somewhat from observations made by Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew, warns the voting public not to get too hung-on to our dreams of unity while disregarding the powerful pull of race-based politics.

    The race card is here to stay (with the latest spanner in the works just announced today).

    Emerging from the ruminations of Singapore’s former Prime Minister (who happens to celebrate his own birthday today) is something that many of us try so hard to forget.

    “As much as many of us want to see the future of Malaysia from a more Malaysian prism, the reality is that ethnicity will continue to be a factor with the Malay population growing bigger while the Chinese population continues to plunge,” Wong says.

    The truth is, the Malaysia we know is not the Malaysia we want.

    Wong, basing off Merdeka Centre’s latest study on GE13, concludes that “the majority of first-time Malay and young Malay voters gave their support to Barisan, suggesting that the Opposition has not done enough to convince young Malays that their future was secure with PAS, PKR and DAP.”

    He continues, saying “not many were prepared to accept the reality that there were only 45 Chinese-majority seats in the 222-seat Parliament and even if every single Chinese had voted for the Opposition, there was no way the Barisan could be removed – unless the Malays decide to vote out the ruling coalition.”

    The idea that a community would vote against getting privileges benefiting them is a nice one to have, but considering human nature, almost entirely illogical. It is only natural to support a group that one owes one’s allegiance, success and way of life to. Egalitarianism be damned.

    According to Merdeka Cantre data, Malays will form an even larger proportion of voters, over and above the current 64.17% of newly registered voters this year. Merdeka Centre latest study on GE-13 shows that of the 2.7 million new voters, the youngest group of under 30s was 64.17% Malays. With the Chinese population dwindling due to emigration and smaller family sizes, the proportion of Chinese voters is set to decrease even further.

    Wong’s numbers-based argument is slightly flawed here. Using the figures he cited, out of the the 83.22% of the 2.7 million new voters who turned up at the polling station last May, almost 53% voted for Pakatan. These numbers do indicate that the Opposition has done a decent job in getting half of the young voters to throw their lot with them, Malay or otherwise.

    However, he isn’t wrong in stating an obvious truth in our own backyard. Almost half of all voters are not in the Opposition camp and these are people – real people, real Malaysians, with real democratically-recognised voices. We cannot pretend they are “un-Malaysian” and still call ourselves Malaysian when the other half can do likewise.

    It’s time we eat some humble pie and learn what matters to the people who are not in our camp.

    As the Merdeka Centre states, the Opposition needs to refine its position on Malay rights and concerns in order to cobble together a plan with an emphasis on more employment and wealth opportunities, if they wish to attract the necessary Malay vote. “The Pakatan, especially the PKR, will have to stand up to fight for Malay rights and positions if it wants to win the Malay votes. It has to compete with Umno, in other words,” says Wong.

    Quoting Lee Kuan Yew’s words, he says “eventually, the Chinese and Indians will exert little influence at the polling booths. When that day comes, with no votes to bargain with, the Chinese and Indians cannot hope to bring about a fair and equal society for themselves”.

    We can fight for electoral reform, accuse each other of gerrymandering and pork barrel politics till the cows come home but Wong does have a point that it’s time we face the harsh reality of our future polls.

    By current population trends, the projection is that the non-Malay population will continue to drop further, with some saying that by 2050 the Bumiputras would make up to 80% of Malaysia’s population, with the Chinese shrinking to just 15% and the Indians about 5%.

    Thus, Wong suggests that it is only common sense for any aspiring politician of any country to take into consideration the interests of the predominant race of the country. It is, after all, the essence of democracy – one individual, one vote, one voice. Any government formed at the end of the day needs to represent the voice of the majority, whoever they may be. No majority will willingly choose to give up their privileges for a minority, either.

    Yet to embrace Bumiputera interests to win a larger Malay vote and government, PR risks contradicting the very message of racial equality it purports and alienating its traditional supporters.

    “When it comes to the crunch, however, PR will not be able to do away with Malay supremacy. The moment the bluff is called and it is handed the full power to push ahead, it will either be torn apart from within or be paralysed by indecision,” quotes Wong. He is absolutely correct.

    If PR competes square-in-the-face with Umno for the Malay votes with the promise of protecting their interests, does it not risk losing its identity and becoming BN-lite? If it remains as it is and somehow rallies the votes necessary to form government, how stable will it be if a growing majority feels neglected?

    Even if one argues that PR’s policies are good enough and somehow most of us are going to benefit from it, we have to realise that the voices of hard-core Umno supporters are also Malaysian voices.

    Let us not wait till we are stuck between a rock and a hard place before we realise that that we cannot hide behind a simplistically idealistic “Malaysians’ Malaysia” dream and not address the fundamental problems with race-based politics, or the sentiments and concerns that have kept it alive for so long.

    The race card is here to stay, and will only grow more powerful as a political factor. No amount of antagonistic Facebook status updates, Dataran Merdeka protests or KLSCAH forums will make it go away.

    It is time we take off our blindfolds and face up to the harsh future reality of the country we love perhaps with the simplest gesture of empathising and speaking- not preaching- to an Umno-loving Rakyat, and vice versa. Yet PR is at a disadvantage here, and cannot afford to rest on the laurels of its electoral gains while hoping that it grows. It’s time to reach out to that 49%. –, September 16, 2013.

    Look like the end of the Chinese School System is near

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahaha, Merdeka Centre has been the joke of the town for a long time. Run byan Anwar Al Juburi crony, did polls and surveys tailored to Al Juburi’s needs, not respected by the business community at all.

      Could not get clients from the business community, one time complained of not enough funds to sustain and may have to close down. And the Neocons, Jews and Zionists friends of Anwar Al Juburi must have sent money (the Centre or some one has admitted them receiving foreign remittances, if I remember correctly) and they survived until to day.

      So, who will believe what Merdeka Centre says? Only supporters of Anwar Al Juburi and the Fuckatan crowd.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d like to repeat the following, which is among the few things I occasionally find good about the Merdeka Center findings:

      “According to Merdeka Cantre data, Malays will form an even larger proportion of voters, over and above the current 64.17% of newly registered voters this year. Merdeka Centre latest study on GE-13 shows that of the 2.7 million new voters, the youngest group of under 30s was 64.17% Malays. With the Chinese population dwindling due to emigration and smaller family sizes, the proportion of Chinese voters is set to decrease even further.”

      Let’s hope it’s not an attempt to lull the Malays and UMNO to take it easy, perhaps in line with their “finding” well before PRU13 that 60% of the voters favour Najib, said by many people was Anwar’s attempt at getting Najib to declare the election date early, Anwar being anxious about his Sodomy 2 trial etc.

    • Race Carder says:

      The race card is here to stay because

      1. DAP continues to be racist, anti-Malay and anti-Islam, having caused the race riots of 1969, did not admit it but tried to deflect responsibility for it on others, continue trying to question the Ketuanan Melayu concept and the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak

      2. DAP supports the Chinese schools using Mandarin as medium of instruction although in south China, where their ancestors came from, they don’t want to use Mandarin, when Beijing tightened the rule on use of Mandarin, they demonstrated in Canton, Hong Kong, etc a few years ago

      3. They shouted loudly their anti-Malay and anti-Islam stand, thereby being anti-Constitution, not respecting the Articles of the Constitution which cannot be amended/protected by the Sedition Act, then they shouted for that Act to be thrown out

      Many more reasons why the race card is here to stay due to the Chinese attitude, made clear by the Chinese tsunami at PRU13. So, as has been said here, they are fair game now, no longer interested in kongsi kuasa, so no reps in the Cabinet, the Gomen can do as it pleases, it’s a democratically elected Gomen, anyway.

      And we say: those who don’t like it, don’t respect the Constitution, should migrate, get lost, etc.

    • anon says:

      actualy hah

      chinese school issue

      all races children do not mix together
      they should start at young, be exposed to different races culture and thinking, have best of friends from other races

      thats why its showing now
      after 20 years of this isolation since young
      another 20 plus years may make it worse

      its most important to socialise children to be the best of friends

      politicians just feed on isolations and division

  33. Joe cool says:

    The idea that a community would vote against getting privileges benefiting them is a nice one to have, but considering human nature, almost entirely illogical. It is only natural to support a group that one owes one’s allegiance, success and way of life to. Egalitarianism be damned. – Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai.

  34. Joe cool says:

    Another stupid Chinese this Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai.

    First it was Lee Kuan Yew now this Chinese nobody.

    Guan Eng, Tony Pua, Tian Chia and the whole DAP said that it would be grand to get behind Anuar and fight all out against UMNO. How can all these smart guys be wrong?

    So Datuk Seri Wong and Lee Kuan Yew, appreciate if you guys just shut up. You are nobody. Nobody compared to these DAP stalwards

    • . says:

      Kee Kuan Yew dah nak mampuih dah. Patut dia mampuih dulu dari Chin Peng.

      But I like LKY whacking PR and DAP in his book. Maybe instigating, seditious and bad neighbour kind. But Lim Kit Siang pun dah lama tak pakai all white, short sleeve and no ties like LKY and PAP dulu pakai as party uniform.

      Kot the old man dah fedap dengan the dekat mampuih older man.

  35. Joe cool says:

    What’s happening with that Haris ABU and Chegu Bard who were going to bring down the BN government by street demonstrations?

    • Anonymous says:

      The Haris bloke maybe busy preparing his defence after being hauled into court on illegal rally charge, and wasn’t he also hauled in on sedition charge with Tian Chua regarding the Lahad Datu incursion.

      I wish he gets hauled in under ISA – indefinite detention until he repents and all, the so-called liberal Melayu who is only a pseudo-liberal or liberal olok olok. Alas, ISA is no more. And many people have called Najib to be replaced for removing ISA etc.

  36. Joe cool says:

    The other guy who has gone really quiet is that PKR Deputy President caught on camera getting a BJ in the toilet. Azam or Azmil, can’t recall his name?

    • Anonymous says:

      That was Azmin Ali, Joe. His sister, Ummi Hafilda Ali, has had pretty “nice” things to say about him, his wife Shamsidar, Anwar Al Juburi etc. She went round campaigning against them during the PRU13 election campaign.

      The Azmin fler must be frust like mad, could not become MB Selangor. Tried, hoped for it, expected it in 2008, but Anwar finally gave it to Khalid Ibrahim. Tried again, hit Khalid verbally quite badly here and there, but Anwar still gave it to Khalid, especially when PKR didn’t win the most numbmer of seats among Fuckatan component parties at PRU13.

      Maybe Anwar had to give it to Khalid because, if not, Khalid would be dragged to bankruptcy over the RM66 mill defaulted bank loan that the bank already got a Court Order, but did not enforce, had to give some consideration to a sitting MB. He should be thanking his lucky stars for not being a sitting duck.

  37. Joe cool says:

    To me, it is clear the govt is NOT INTERESTED IN UNITY – Ambiga slams Najib’s bumi plan – Written by Malaysia Chronicle

    What does it take to make it clear to you, Ambiga that the Malays, UMNO and DS Najib are not at all interested in unity, national reconciliation, dialogues, 1Malaysia etc?

    To me, it would it would take a very stupid person to think that DS Najib, UMNO and the Malays are interested to be nice nice with the derhaka and kurang ajar Chinese.

    • Anonymous says:

      Been trying to understand this Biga woman, her motive(s) for the hoo haa under Bersih, now talking about unity don’t know under what. Yet not wanting to register Bersih as a political party (is it registered under whatever yet?) or she herself join PKR or whatever.

      Clearly Bersih’s original 4 EC issues had increased to include Fucktan Rakyat issues. Is she prostituting Bersih for Anwar Al Juburi et all, is she obligated to Al Juburi for the foreign remittances the previous IGP had said were proven to have entered 1-2 of her personal accounts, believed to have come from the Neocons, Jews and Zionists arranged by the Al Juburi bloke.

      Is her law practice thriving such that she does not need “outside income”? Or just making ends meet that when occupied with “extra-curricular activities”, the funds run out and need replenishment from Al Juburi sources? Is she in love with Al Juburi, excited by the ideals she thinks Al Juburi is committed to? Is she “that way inclined” or is capable of love the normal kind?

      I’ll be glad if any one offers views on the above. I think those are fair questions, especially considering she takes considerable risks being a lawyer – and a former President of the Bar Council at that – yet breaking laws and are charged in court at least twice, and are within the right of the public to know her as she has become a public personality.

      I’ll be away incommunicado for a few days but hope to hear some views when communicable – not in Papua New Guinea Highlands Plateau where cannibals still exist, not in the Sahara Desert where fierce Tuaregs with purple coloured dresses lurk in every oasis, but somewhere that even Biga would not be around. See you next time, guys.

  38. Joe cool says:

    We disagree with Chin Peng but we also had a PEACE TREATY – Anwar says to let bygones be bygones – Malaysian Chronicle

    The forgotten man speaks

  39. Joe cool says:

    KUALA LUMPUR: Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the party is prepared to work with any quarters including Pas to strengthen unity among Muslims in the country.

    Muhyiddin, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister, stressed that the cooperation must have a common bond for the benefit of the ummah”

    With Nik Aziz getting weaker and weaker, I think this will soon be a reality.

    • Anonymous says:

      Until I take off, wanna say whatever needs to be said –

      Here’s another one of the “right things” TS Muhyiddin has been saying and doing, especially a few weeks from the party elections in October. Yes, work with PAS.

      Very timely considering that Hadi Awang has said in Kuala Trengganu last week that if PKR and DAP injure the interests of Malays and Islam, PAS would certainly leave Fuckatan.

      How I wish PAS would work together with UMNO at PRU14. Maybe begin by offering the 2 Cabinet posts meant for MCA to PAS? No? Too drastic an action at this stage? Why not? The tsunami Chinese been rejecting the concept of konsi kuasa with the Malays anyway. Apa mau tunggu lagi?

  40. Joe cool says:

    10 billion more ASB mean about a 400 million ringgit extra money to Bumiputera per year based on differential marginal interest/ dividend rate of 4%. i.e. between 8% ASB rate and 4% marginal saving rate.

    If there are 4 million Bumiputera families, that translate to about 100MR per family per year. Assuming 50% are not able or not keen to take it, then that imply about MR200 per year.

    400 mil ringgit per year from the 0.8 million Chinese families mean about 500 ringgit per year per Chinese family.

    Keep on with the Chinese Tsunami DAP. The Malays love it

  41. Mempercayai Apasaja Cakap Anwar Ibrahim (MACAI) says:

    Pukimak punya nie sorang Cina. Aku gaduh dengan dia kat kedai kopi. Dia cakap Polis Melayu banyak corrupted. Aku tanya dia apa pasai dia cakap gitu?

    Dia jawab kita Cina bagi duit, mereka terima.

    Aku cakap tak semua terima eh sorry sikit. Dan lagipun kalau kau cakap korang Cina ada kasi duit mereka terima, maknanya mereka Cina pun corrupted.

    Dia tanya apahal lu ciakap gitu maciam?

    Yelah polis tu (tak semua polis) terima duit mmg rasuah. Tapi kalau kau bagi pun rasuah jugak as in giving bribery os an offense!!

    Dia ciakap mana ada!! Ini Malaysia lah!! Semua boleh!! Malaysia boleh mah!!

    Abeh macam sial!! Cakap Melayu tak faham apa-apa. Aku terus cakap dengan dia supaya baik dia berambus dari Malaysia. Dia pulak ckp dia banyak duit dan tgl Australia.

    Then aku cakap bagus, pergi mampus lagi bagus. Hahahahaha!!!

    Aku rasa dia tak faham yang fia pun kasi rasuah jugak and that is considered an offence. Fuck himlah!!! Bitch!!!

  42. Sindiket Anak Kroni Anwar Ibrahim (SAKAI says:

    Cina sekarang kebanyakkan memang macam sial bro. Dulu penakut. Skrg 90% kurang ajar, 10% aje baik. And mereka memang bangsa yang tak pernah sedar diri. Ini tanah Melayu, jadi syukurlah mereka ada di Malaysia yang aman ini.

    And memang setuju apa kau cakap bro. It takes two hands to clap. Hence the one yang kasi the bribe should be arrested as its an offence to do so as well as the person receiving the bribe as rasuah.

    But by being Cina mereka suka berlagak mereka paling baik, kaya dan bersih di dunia. Kan tak sedar diri? Sedangkan puak pemakan babi najis haram nie lah yang paling kotor, dengki, kurang ajar dan miskin di dunia!!!

    Pukimak ada rumah kat Australia tapi tak nak buang citizenship Malaysia. Kerana apa? Kerana masih nak undi. Undi pun DAP Cina chauvunis. Dah jadi Australian PR sudahlah. Undi sana pulak. Puak tamak kiasu babi nie.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, this may support the argument!
      The word “Malay” was adopted into English via the Dutch word “Malayo”, itself from Portuguese “Malaio”, which originates from the Malay word “Melayu”. According to one popular theory, the word Melayu means “migrating” or “fleeing”, which might refer to the high mobility of these people across the region.

      MIGRATING?? Hah hah

  43. Janji tak ditepati says:

    KUALA LUMPUR: Below is a letter from comrades of former Communist Party of Malaya leader Chin Peng, who passed away yesterday after prolonged illness.

    With the greatest pain and deepest sorrow, we announce the passing of our beloved leader and our dear comrade Chin Peng @ Ong Boon Hua who departed peacefully at the age of 89 on 16th September, 2013 at 6:20 a.m. (Malaysian time 7:20 a.m.) in Bangkok, after a long struggle with illness.

    He has thus ended a glorious life in combat and finally left all his compatriots of all races, comrades-in-arms, relatives and friends as well as the people’s cause, for which he devoted his entire life, and his beloved Motherland.

    His battle against illness depicts his strong character, just as in his life, fighting against all odds, against the inevitable. He fought with such determination and courage; and most of all with serenity imbued with great wisdom, without which he would have lost the “battle” long ago.

    And yet, the inevitable has come: he has left us forever. Perhaps, it is like after a long drawn fight, he needed a rest.

    So be it, REST IN PEACE, our dear comrade.

    He may have left us, but his spirit is with us, embedded in the heart of every one of us.

    Nothing could replace the comradeship that has bounded us together. We fought to death to defend our country against foreign aggressors. Together we mustered the courage to fight against evil forces and injustices in society.

    Together we dared all our adversaries to continue bullying the weak and the oppressed.

    We share the same ideals, the same political beliefs that hold us together for a life time. We dream together for a better world. We show to future generations that the road for change is long and tortuous.

    We were a bunch of people who dare to fight and dare to sacrifice for the betterment of mankind.

    We fully understand his last wish to return his body to his children whom he had never been able to care for. Their sufferings and his could perhaps never be understood or felt by others. In this, he has shown to the world that he is but a human being, full of humility and humanistic values and sensitivities.

    We salute him. We salute his children and family, to whom we convey our deepest condolences.

    He had loved very much his country- his place of birth. He had the wisdom and courage to bring peace to our country.

    He had done his part and yet he had been denied return to his beloved Motherland. History will point the finger of indictment at those who break the promises. Let it be, the people are not blind.

    Farewell, Comrade Chin Peng – our beloved leader, our comrade, the courageous freedom fighter!

    Jointly issued by:

    Abdulah C.D., close comrade-in-arms of Comrade Chin Peng,

    Chulabhorn Village 9 (Banglang Peace Village)

    Chulabhorn Village 10 (Betong Peace Village)

    Chulabhorn Village 11 (Yaha Peace Village)

    Chulabhorn Village 12 (Sukhirin Peace Village)

    Twenty-First Century Friendship Association Malaysia

    Hatyai Peace Association

    Banglang Peace Village Association

    The funeral wake for comrade Chin Peng shall be held at the วัดธาตุทอง เอกมัย สุขุมวิท — Wat That Thong temple (Court No. 11) on 20th September, 2013 and open for public mourning from 20th – 22nd September, 2013 (the temple is closed after 8:30 p.m. each day); Buddhist ceremony will start at 10 a.m. on 23rd September and there will be a public funeral ceremony at 3:00 – 3:30 a.m. and cremation will take place at 5:00 p.m. on the same day.

    Contact numbers:

    66-(0)81-832-4602 (English)

    66-(0)90-960-9802 (Malay)



    (Wat That Thong temple is on Sukumvit Road, Bangkok and located right next to Ekkamai BTS station. Road traffic around the area may be congested and travelling by BTS Skytrain is recommended.)

  44. Joe cool says:

    A most inspiring and entertaining speech for me. One of my favourite

  45. Lim Lynn says:
    Bapak Borek Anak Rintik. Lim Kit Siang had 100% involve in 1969 Mei 13. Moreover, we have a bigger problem since Anwar Ibrahim going to see Pope in Vatican no different shown with Jesuit Freemason Bankers.

  46. anonymous says:

    Not right to focus on bumiputera alone, says PAS President
    He says PAS subscribes to the welfare state ideology in which all races get equal aid depending on the necessity

  47. Joe cool says:

    To Datuk Seri Najib and Tan Sri Muhyiddin

    Datuk Seri and Tan Sri

    I feel that now is an opportune time to close or fully integrate the Chinese primary and secondary school into the national school system for the reasons stated below:

    1. Wipe the arrogance from the Chinese and the DAP
    2. Remind the Chinese of the social contract and the penalty if that contract is not adhered to
    3. Improve integration among the races
    4. Reduce the Chinese/ non-Chinese and rural/ urban disparity in education and economic
    5. Four and half years from the next general election
    6. No strong Chinese members in the cabinet
    7. High degree of anger by the Malays now toward the Chinese for trying to kick UMNO out of the government.
    8. This will increase Chinese migration out that will allow more friendly, less less kiasu migrating to Malaysia such as from Indonesia, Myammar, Africa and Bangladesh
    9. Reduce political polarisation among the Malays/ Muslim
    10. Proven that UMNO/ BN do not need the Chinese votes to win the parliament

    We hope that this proposal will be passionately debated at the next UMNO General Meeting

  48. Anon says:

    This is a good simple read – written by Sabri Zain

    …read the 3rd para, last line!

    hmm…i wonder if its wise cursing your ancestors.

  49. Joe cool says:

    The Court of Appeal has allowed lawyer Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah (pic) to lead the prosecution team to reverse the sodomy acquittal of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

    Judge Datuk Ramly Ali ruled that Shafee’s appointment was correct under the Federal Constitution and Criminal Procedure Code. – Malaysian Insider

  50. linpehkong says:

    The Indian community must now come out and show DAPiss what they showed the BN government in 2008 – that they cannot be sidelined and treated like they are nothing.
    Turn the CEC list upside down so that die hard DAPiss supporters will know that they had been taken for a ride in December last year.



  52. Joe cool says:

    SUARAM to expose BN govt’s human rights violations to UN

    Human rights group Suaram has said it plans to highlight recent instances of rights violation in the country at the United Nations later this month.

    Suaram executive director Nalini Elumalai said the group will bring-up recent infringements on freedom of assembly, association and expression, when it addresses the 24th session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva.

    “We will show that Malaysia’s human rights record has deteriorated since 2009, despite the government’s pledge to protect human rights for all,” Nalini said.

    She said Suaram would speak on behalf of human rights activists harassed by the Barisan Nasional government, the police and the immigration department. – Malaysian Chronicles

    What do you think the UNHRC is going to do about it?

    • Lim Lynn says:
      Though SUARAM Jesuit Bankers Freemasonry want to our Country Malaysia to sign International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights [ICCPR] after writing COMANGO report…Switzerland they themselves never show their Human Rights towards Africans for instance the Youtube owner channels giureh and chatzefratz. Don’t worry about them since they never ask Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Libya to sign their paper.

  53. Joe cool says:

    Students want Taib Mahmud’s name removed from university building – Malaysian Insiders

    Five months ago, PR were fighting for EC to declare them as winner of the last GE.

    Now they are down to asking for a dialogue and getting name change from building

    It is hard ain’t it boys when you are being ignored.

  54. Sama says:

    A.Samad Said :”It’s Tandus (barren) Putera for me as I’m concerned. The movie is not healthy and doesn’t help. Art should help instead of destroying,”

  55. Charlie says:

    Why don’t you cool it, Joe cool. You have made your point. This is not your personal blog. Good night

    • messi_832 says:

      I honestly thought it was his blog – isn’t he the admin?

      Suggestion: look at how better and more-respected blogs like OTB, Rocky etc. are run. You guys sound like…Facebook, frankly. And thus, you are about as persuasive and highly-regarded as a bunch of teenage girls online. Unless you are, of course – which is just about possible.

      Not much clout, ladies. Sowwy.

      • Anon says:

        STL is a respectable blog, Messy boy. Until you blokes come and talk like Red Beans.

        Just look at your own comment above. And stupid Charlie’s comment above yours. No substance at all. No contribution one bit to the blog post discussion.

        You Red Bean-type blokes always try to hijack discussion on the blog post. We know that. And we shit you back. Every time you come in.

  56. Joe cool says:

    Ambiga, Tian Chua, Haris ABU, old poet, Chegu Bard, Tony Pua, Mat Sabu, Mat Lembut

    Isn’t it time you guys and gals organise another Bersih? The government and UMNO is doing so many nasty things now and you guys gotta mobilise a million Malaysian to get on the street and protest it.

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